Nigerian military working to capture Boko Haram leader, Shekau, alive

Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram leader

Following successes recorded in the war against Boko Haram in Nigeria’s North-East zone, the Armed Forces have intensified efforts to capture alive, the leader of the insurgent group, Abubakar Shekau.

Already, troops have been placed on alert to apprehend Mr. Shekau, who is said to be desperately trying to escape the warzone.

Military formations engaged in the war have been ordered to do everything in their power to capture Mr. Shekau alive in order for him to face justice; PR Nigeria, an agency that circulates press statements for Nigerian security agencies, quoted a senior military source as saying.

The order to capture the leader of insurgent group alive, PR Nigeria said, is borne out of the fact that on at least two different occasions, the military laid claims to killing Mr. Shekau and even flaunted videos just for the man to resurface and debunk the reports.

Mr. Shekau is, therefore, ordered to be taken alive to ensure that the military is no longer fooled by the gimmick of the insurgents.

Sources also told PR Nigeria that the rumour about Mr. Shekau’s invincibility is one of the factors that have made troops afraid to confront the terrorists.

But with the arrival of sophisticated armaments and the decision of top military brass to lead the onslaught against the terrorists, the troops’ morale has been greatly boosted.

Intelligence sources told PR Nigeria that the reclaiming of key towns in the North-East was due to deployment of new strategies, new equipment, improved discipline, and sincerity of the force fighting the insurgents.

In the past, colonels were said to have led direct attacks in accordance with military tradition but because of the large scale desertions recorded, generals decided to directly lead the war.

“It was even learnt that many of the troops that earlier deserted have returned while others have expressed desire to return to the front,” a source told PR Nigeria.

“With acquisition of new equipment from various sources and the specialized training of the troops on guerrilla warfare, the military indirectly called the bluff of some deceptive western countries who are now trying to save face by claiming to work with our neighbours.

“The effective collaboration and mutual relationship with our neighbours is paying off as they now realise that inactions can pose disasters to their countries too,” the source was quoted as saying.

President Goodluck Jonathan had on Saturday vowed that the Federal Government would regain parts of the country seized by the Boko Haram terror group.

Mr. Jonathan gave the assurance when he paid a courtesy visit to traditional rulers in Epe, near Lagos.

“I have made all the tools and machineries available to fight Boko Haram. I want to ensure that Boko Haram will not disturb or cause any violence during the forthcoming elections,’’ Mr. Jonathan told the monarchs.

PREMIUM TIMES had reported Saturday how a large number of terrorists drowned in the Lake Chad as they fled the heavy bombardment by Nigerian Air Force heralding the advance of Nigerian troops on a mission to flush them out of Baga.

“Not even the strategy of mining over 1500 spots with land mines on the routes leading to the town could save the terrorists from the aggressive move of advancing troops,” the Director of Defence Information, Chris Olukolade, a Major General, said in a statement.

He added, “All the land mines were skillfully cleared one after the other. Eventually, the resistance of the terrorists collapsed and the land forces finally stormed the town in the early hours of Friday.

“Many of the terrorists died while an unknown but substantial number of them fled with various degrees of injury, in the series of encounter along the routes of advance as troops headed for Baga.

“Apart from the 5 anti aircraft guns and the rifles captured from the terrorists, over 34 motorcycles and 5 vehicles including trucks being used for operations by the terrorists were destroyed in the course of the fighting as troops headed for Baga. The troops finally began clearing the terrorists from Baga on arrival in the town early Saturday morning.

“A comprehensive cordon and search phase of military operation has now commenced to enable troops mop up arms and ammunition and also apprehend any terrorist who might be hiding in the vicinity.

“The exercise will also determine details of the casualties inflicted or incurred in the course of the operations to clear Baga and environ of terrorists.

“Similar exercise is being carried out in over 12 locations namely Gajigana, Ngaze, Ngenzai, Marte Junction, Mile 90, Yoyo, Kekeno, Kukawa, Cross Kauwa, Kangarwa, Amirari and other localities where troops have flushed out the terrorists in the operations preceding the entry to Baga. The troops are now dominating and conducting aggressive patrols in the locations. The morale of troops remains high.”


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  • progress

    Do Nigerians a favour and capture him alive, so that he can name his sponsors. Pls no yusuf style o.

    • Kamal Bayo Knight

      you are right my brother

    • sani

      yes, the truth can be gotten from him of his sponsors

      • Philip Gokir Musa

        yes… so he can effectively name buhari/APC!

        • progress

          Jonathan said boko garam sponsors were in his cabinet, was Buhari in that cabinet? Mumu pikin.

  • Ha

    Mr Jona after over 13,000 lives and destruction of properties now this is coming because you need people’s votes.

    • Philip Gokir Musa

      No… this is coming because he got rid of your hausa brothers who are saboteurs in the army. That’s why everything changed for the better!

      • Ha

        No. That was not what we heard from the horse’s mouth. In yesterday’s papers Jonathan said it was because he had been “underestimating” boko haram for the past six years that was why they became what they are now. Are we to reject what he himself claimed and accept yours? Or was he lying to say that? Tell us. Have you read few weeks ago that after dozens of our poorly-equipped military foot soldiers were sentenced to death, Jonathan asked the military leadership to “REDEPLOY” the saboteurs who were found to be in the top hierarchy? “Redeploy” and not “prosecute” like other innocent soldiers. Who is the real saboteur please? My Hausa brothers or your Jonathan? Who is the president? Who is in charge? If the head gets damaged, the body is useless. It is curious to know that most at times people’s behaviours reflect their professions. A Psychiatric doctor sometimes behaves like his patients, a Zoologist sometimes behaves like his colleague (animals) in the zoo.

      • Ahmad

        Swine. Continue eating shit. Your minority complex is innate.

  • Khadijah D.

    If the Nigerian Army is capable of present onslaught against Boko Haram, what was done in the last 4 years, GEJ waited for citizens to die?

    • BTT

      Surely Nigerian military we knew had never been cowards. What we are seeing now should have been done 4 years ago if the issue was taken seriously. This is the damage politics could do to a nation military. Everything was politicized and BH was under-estimated until the group almost made PDP become an history.

  • murtala bg

    Jonathan is killing his errand boys out of fear of buhari’s take over.they are destroying evidences by killing the boys so as to escape punishment.Buhari will rediscover those evidences and all of you the BH sponsors I.e sheriff,GEJ,minimah e.t.c will be brought before the law.

  • Abdullah

    Where was the C in C all these years ? How could the soldiers have excellent morale when the C in C never bothered to visit and encourage them unlike our smaller neighbors. A C in C who never bothered to provide them with the right equipment until he realized he was being swept out of power. Or is the C in C complicit? Both Biya and Iusoufou visited their troops although they only joined the war recently. Ours has been busy under estimating BH.
    Please bring Shekau alive and dont kill him so that he can tell us who his real sponsors are.

  • Guguru

    After 13,000 lives lost. Jonathan takes us to be fools. Let him keep his friend Shekau whom he sponsors to create insecurity in Nigeria.

  • BTT

    One thing Nigeria is known for is the ability to put an to anything if the willingness is there. BH had thrived for years because there was no genuine willingness to put an end to the insurgency in the part of the govt. Why I will reserve my praise for this govt is the delay that has caused a lot of innocent lives to be murdered in cold blood. A great lesson to Nigeria: no party benefits from terrorism; it’s a two-edged sword. My praise goes to the soldiers in battle, and my prayers go to the family of all the dead during the 5-year insurgency. Nigerians took their destinies in their hands and publicly voiced support for the opposition mainly because of BH issue. Good to know that the only thing that could wake up Nigerian politicians is the fear of losing power. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • the truth

    Boko haram sympathizers spewing bs pn this forum.people reason with their anus and this shows most supporters of no certificate are terrorists hiding behind their we are winning the war they are asking y now, so lets bokp haram continue the killing.since we didnt end it in 4 years so they should continue.

  • Richard

    Bravo to our soldiers. This is the Nigerian military we used to know. If this unserious President had done the needful Boko Haram would have been a thing of the past. He thought he could use the issue of Boko Haram to attract sympathy and discredit his opponents. Thank God it blew up
    In his face and Nigerians are ready for a new direction .

  • sammyctu ode

    We have been told by this government that shekau died three or four times, the recent successes of our military is surprising and the question on everybody’s lips is WHY NOW, WHY DID JONATHAN LET NIGERIANS DIE BEFORE NOW AND IS IT POLITICS THAT HAS BEEN DRIVING HIS BH POLICY? Nigerian blood is very important to all of us, people have lost their lives, families have been reduced to nothing and my own conclusion is that this government is a wicked one who has waited for this long to tackle bh. We still need CHANGE.

    • Uzoma

      You could have started like many others here with a “Bravo to our soldiers”.

    • sani

      you are right

    • Ahmad

      You have spoken the minds of all reasonable Nigerian minds. Dumbo thinks he can deceive us again. It’s toooo late.

      • larry


  • otuuchi nwanneka

    Bravo to our soldiers. This is the Nigerian military we used to know. If
    this unserious President had done the needful Boko Haram would have
    been a thing of the past. He thought he could use the issue of Boko
    Haram to attract sympathy and discredit his opponents. Thank God it blew
    In his face and Nigerians are ready for a new direction #YESPDP.

    • Ibidapo Ibikunle

      Your comments give you away easily as one of those brainless vampires who thought it could use terrorism to scare a Niger Deltan. But una jam rock. Keep the lamentations on. Tell Duncee to bring his certificate when coming back.

  • Bentely

    “With acquisition of new equipment from various sources and the specialized training of the troops on guerrilla warfare, the military indirectly called the bluff of some deceptive western countries who are now trying to save face by claiming to work with our neighbours…”

    John Big Nose will be miserable reading this story. His plan and that of Barrack has failed. Like I said before, these so called Western nations only have their own interest at heart and never that of any African nation. If they ever loved Africa, then there wudn’t have been slavery. There wudn’t have been colonization. In fact, colonization was a subtle form of terrorism. They have not changed. They parade themselves as donors, but all they do is give you $10 in the morning only to collect $25 back from you in the afternoon…and if you are not careful, by evening they are extracting your resources to service the useless loan they advanced.

    Even if you get the mad man alive, it would not change the leopard’s skin. We need RESTRUCTURING. Those who no longer want to be part of Nigeria like the South (Niger Delta) and the East should be allowed to go. One Nigeria is not by force.

    • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

      I admire your comments. Not many people in the developing world knows that the so called superpower countries are part of our problems in the developing world. If one come to think of it, where do the terrorists get their weapons and logistics. The answer is, from the countries who are manufacturing these arms. Yet, these countries often claim that they are with us in our fight with terriorists. Dig deep these countries are the engineers of most of what is going on in our today’s world. According to Mrs Hillary Clinton, CIA created Al-Qaeda equiped and funded Al-Qaeda to achieve their objective. The latest achievement by our armed forces is a plus for all Nigerians.

    • Dan maikoko

      Dont blame the white people they only protect their interest and that is what everybody should do. It is Nigeria’s responsibility to take care of its security problems with or without foreign help.

  • sani

    he has so many explanations to give Nigerians, he should roth in jail or better still be killed inthe public.evil man

    • shalom

      Eeyaah! Are you sure the arrested boko boys will not mention your name and role you played so far? Sani??? Remove monkey hand for soup b4 it turns out to be human being hand o.

  • Thank you Nigerian Army. Hope you can do in 6 weeks what Jonathan refused for you to do in 6 years.

    • Philip Gokir Musa

      As long as you acknowledge the Nigerian Army, led by the commander in chief then that is very fine with me/us/PDP. Your other comment is just you being who you should be — Yoruba (double tongue) Hehehehehehe!!!

  • dd

    APC still silent. Still no single congratulation. Obviously you are angry for the death of your boys. Afterall Buhari won’t let you as he said the death of boko haram is injustices to northerners.

    • Philip Gokir Musa

      That is what is expected of them now. The hand writing is now on the wall… GEJ ’til 2019!

    • Wilson Esate

      APC can not rush to affirm what is merely news. Remember the lies about the rescue of Chibok girls and the killing of Shekau several times over by this same DMI.

      • dd

        Same APC had believe that there was genocide in Baga and so many false new. If only this “false” new of Nigeria victory they don’t want to ear. If it is army running away and terrorist taking over more villages they easily believe these new. I will be crazy if I am in the army and allow APC to enter Aso Rock.

        • Abdullah

          You are crazy to support this lying inept incompetent heartless thieving government

          • shalom

            Eeyaah, Abdullah sorry your name is synanimus to what is disturbing you. I mean(Dull brain syndrum).you can not understand why the moribund railway system is now working like never before? Remodel airport and safe airspace that makes your sponsors to fly any how to abroad and evil against the man did the magic.And I am sure you no steal fertilizer again like b4 Gej came are also jealous of the young almejeris who now sabi book pass you, bcos, Gej insists they must be knowledgeble alround.sorry you no sabi book a for say make u go join u- win program. Abdullah go start primary one b4 march 28th o.

      • inno

        It is merely news because apc campaign key point has been punctured. noise makers.

    • tom

      why dont you tell your president to safe his energy, and begin the process of peace transition, trying to show us he can tackle boko haram by canceling an important election is useless, and since he is now showing that he is the president of the Nigerian state he should declare his asset now, as far as am concern no amount of postponement can flip the resolve of the good people of this country to vote this government of deceit out, period.

      • dd

        I can see pain and anger in you concerning this recent success. You just wish he hadn’t happened. Oyara!!!

    • martins

      This election is more precious than the life of the ordinary
      Nigerian…why did they have to wait until now before they give the
      military all they need including motivation? This is not supposed to be

      • shalom

        Gej refused to sign let man marry his fellow man and woman to do same, so you guys trys to frustrate him. Exodus 14:28! No escape!! Asiwaju private companies beware!!!

  • favourtalk

    We wish the GEJ administration well and nothing can stop the coming election that we all have been waiting for to prove our desire to change the inept government, we can’t just continue to live like this, we need a serious and dedicated leaders. We need change now to better the military

    • shalom

      I can see you are totally blind, you no see change in the remodel air ports, the moribund railway system working again like never before, you no longer steal farmer’s fertilizer and you became and your foreign cohurt s sabotages our security but shame don catch Una now. No be the same Una the sabotaged power projects around the country? But shame don catch Una electricity has never see Benin- ore highway, Abuja lokoja highway, Lagos Ibadan nko? Receive your sight now! Gej all the way till 2019.

  • Guguru

    First, Shekau was a ghost to Jonathan,

    Second, Jonathan and the military decided that Shekau had been killed two or three times

    Third, Jonathan and the military decided to ceasefire with a ghost.

    Fourth, Jonathan now wants a ghost to be captured.

    Now, if this does not sound like an episode of madness on the part of the criminal Jonathan administration, then i wonder what is. How anyone can capture a ghost and a person who has been killed two or three times over, is unbelievable.

    So, who is Jonathan and the military capturing alive—the ghost Shekau or the dead Shekau? These people are nothing but jokers.

    • paul preston

      at issue my friend is the decimation of your apc wing ie BH I understand why apc people are worried soon there will be no campaign lies to tell,as per missing 20bn,insecurity etc.oh what a loss to apc they are in mourning mood,meanwhile where is Buhari, Buhari are alive?

      • Guguru

        Did you lose your memo lately on Reno Omokri? He has been fired. You now have a new pay master. Check your inbox again. I get the feeling you will soon be disappointed once you see this news i have provided to you, in print.


    Well…..if election can be so precious than any nigerian life…..I wonder when nigeria will move forward. No drastic move on bokoharam all this while…is now they know they will fight bokoharam. ..because they want our vote….we say no clueless government.

    • I_Speak_Straight

      I think they have just solved a capital issue on APC’s manifesto. Making the the work easier for you should you win. Everyone stands to benefit. It’s you that have just shown disrespect for human lives. You want the insurgency to continue so you can have a campaign agenda.

  • Benedict

    Sorry, thought the DHQ said he has been killed? How do you want to capture a dead man alive?

  • MC

    Come on APC, make una commend us na. Your Buhari and Osinbanjo promised to eradicate Boko Haram and now Boko Haram is being eradicated. They also promised to ‘stabilize oil price’! Lol,,,We’ll only vote APC if they promise to control rain fall and sunshine!

    • martins

      This election is more precious than the life of the ordinary Nigerian…why did they have to wait until now before they give the military all they need including motivation?

      • MC

        Martins, I used to share your sentiments but as you can see, we were unable to acquire weapons all these while all just recently; they wouldn’t sell to us. Secondly we now have International Joint Task Force who are assisting us. I don’t think the delay is political anymore.

        • shalom

          Because Gej refused to sign let man marry his fellow man or woman to marry her fellow woman, Asiwaju private company (APC) and their foreign cohort’s refused to sell arms for ur. Despite Nigeria’s. Significant contribution in the international peace keeping operations.I weep for my country, power tussle has blinded a black man to the extent of conniving with some white evil men to frustrate the development of their motherland.l bet you guys, Exodus 14:28. As it happen to Pharaoh you and your cronies will never escape.

          • shadow

            What a wonderful message for the wise>>>For the first time i have seen what has made to write a post. May God bless you and your family. The military will not rest until they are all brought to book that i assure you.

  • ceweeco projects

    Hmmmm PR writing this? That the change we are talking about not APC change to loot! You twerps in APC have not seen anything yet!! By the time the President finish dealing with your foot soldiers nobody will tell you scallywags to withdraw from the 2015 raze!

  • objective

    The matter is, if Boko Haram is only being fought because President Jonathan wants to win a second term, and not because of patrotism and the desire to fulfil the function of his office, then what happens after the election? And we all know there will be no third election to make him do his work again. So after the election Boko Haram can come back and kill with impunity because there will be no election to make the president act or do his work? We should vote out this inept leadership of Jonathan.

    • erto

      You want to vote out Jonathan and bring in Buhari the boko haram kingpin and founder

    • I_Speak_Straight

      Hate has blinded your thoughts. At least congratulate or encourage our gallant forces.

  • thusspokez

    “Sources also told PR Nigeria that the rumour about
    Mr. Shekau’s invincibility is one of the factors that have
    made troops afraid to confront the terrorists.”

    What does this mean? The army is afraid of him because
    he possesses juju?

  • thusspokez

    “Not even the strategy of mining over 1500 spots”

    This is nonsense; there is no way the Nigerian military
    would have known how many mines were planted by
    boko haram.

    It would take weeks, if not months of painstaking work
    to clear that many mines. I think that the Nigerian army
    spokesperson exaggerated.

    • martins

      hahaha…you are indeed intelligent to notice that

      • I_Speak_Straight

        Or u r a hater.

    • August January

      Exaggerated? He lied. Simple

      • Osemen

        All we want is to see that the Leader is captured alive.

  • Oskirin

    i pray ds turn out 2 b true,coz ds man we don kill many times still cums back 2 hunt us.@ d end of d day,he will cum n tell us dos people dt are supportin him.

    • bib

      Those not supporting him, you mean?

  • Matthew Oye

    I have always know that the Nigeria army is among the finest in the world. They are disciplined and well trained. It was just the low motivation that have kept not performing up to satisfaction. Now that morale has been boosted with enough weapon and personel, it is a matter of time before the misguided miscreants will be blotted out. Please galant men, capture that nuisance called shekau alive. Just cut a little bit of his penis which he has been using to define innocent children and let him suffer maximum pains for the rest of his life. Please dont kill him, let shekau live in pains for so many years and dont allow him to kill himself. Focus on capturing him alive and so that he can be taken to Hague for trial so that whole world will see the face of this young man who has caused so much pain to Nigerians and humanility

  • Wissy

    This is the same man they claimed to have killed twice, Reason!! now election is approaching and they want to capture him ALIVE, where was he kept before? where?

    • bib

      In the situation room fighting ‘against’ Nigeria. It is now time for him to ‘fight’ the last battle.

  • Bobby Omoaghe

    I have never seen a bunch of clueless haters as the opposition we have in nigeria. Na waooo. Nice one my president, i wish you Goodluck, Jonathan in the forthcoming election. I cant wait for the 29th of march to laugh hard at these A.P.C pple.
    Sai Jonathan, Kai BuhariBuhari.


      BH will capture Jonathan first before FAT and shapeless Nigerian Army leader capture BH leader

      • Buhari_the_Certficate_FORGER

        have you not drowned with your colleagues?

        • BABUYANMA

          I thought we got you with the other biaffrians in 1970. You better check yourself before you get smoked

  • Don Joe

    Catch him or not, we will vote you out. What about the damage you and him made? Clueless, shoeless people!!!

  • bello audu

    Following successes recorded in the war against Boko Haram in Nigeria’s North-East zone, the Armed Forces have intensified efforts to capture alive, the leader of the insurgent group, Abubakar Shekau.#GEJNaija

  • bello audu

    may God Almighty give them that grace and wisdom to do so,so that all these killing and trouble will come to an end.AMEN.#GEJNajja

  • James Kanai

    Nigeria need to vote jonathan out he just stood by and watched thousands been killed these so called successes are politically motivated after elections he will simply relax as thousands more get killed kenya crossed into somalia after abductions of aid workers now alshaabab are a fleeing militia thats how serious the kenya govt is serious in fighting terrorism compare that with nigeria