Don’t shift elections again, UN tells Nigerian govt.

Ban- Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General

The United Nations has urged the Nigerian government to ensure the sanctity of new dates for its general elections, amid increasing concerns the government may yet again move the crucial polls from March 28 and April 11.

The general elections were shifted from February 14 and 28 by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, over security fears.

Many Nigerians and the international community have urged the government to ensure the polls are not shifted the second time. The main opposition, All Progressives Congress, APC, says the government instigated the first shift to avoid the defeat of President Goodluck Jonathan at the polls.

In a statement Friday, the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, “strongly” urged the Nigerian government and the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to respect the new dates and ensure there are no further shifts.

“Following the postponement of general elections in Nigeria to 28 March and 11 April, the Secretary-General strongly urges the Government and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure these new dates are maintained, in accordance with the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution,” a statement by the world body said.

Mr. Ban’s statement came days after the head of INEC, Attahiru Jega, told Nigerian Senators he could not commit to the sanctity of the new dates for the elections, saying that was outside the powers of the electoral body.

Speaking Thursday, President Goodluck Jonathan said the elections will hold as scheduled by INEC.

The United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban, welcomed the president’s commitment to the new calendar.

He commended the progress made by INEC in the preparation for the elections, including the distribution of Permanent Voter Cards.

He urged all relevant national institutions to continue to work with INEC to ensure all voters can exercise their constitutional right to participate in the elections freely and without intimidation.

The Secretary-General expressed strong concern over reports of election-related violence.

He urged all political leaders to adhere to their commitments under the Abuja Accord, to refrain from inflammatory statements and to immediately condemn any statements from their supporters that amount to an incitement to violence or subversion of the electoral process.

The Secretary-General reiterated to Nigerians that the United Nations will be closely following developments and is offering its full support to Nigeria at this important moment.


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  • amazing2012

    Jonathan no more excuse !

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    If situation so demands, the elections will be shifted again. The Constitution of Nigeria permits elections to hold 30 days before May 29. UN, US, UK and all other busy bodies should mind their business. In a situation where INEC has not yet produced 1m cards with millions of PVCs yet to be distributed should tell any sensible person that INEC was not ready as at Feb. 14 and is still not prepared to conduct elections without denying many Nigerians of their right to vote. Jega is working towards installing his fellow mallam, Buhari. Nigeria will not be stampeded into enthroning a certificate-less Buhari by default.

    • SO

      Sometimes it is a waste of time to respond to impostors like you. Are you truly an Omooba? True Princes are known for working towards building a lasting legacy as you may know if you are truly one. It was rhis same Jega who conducted the 2011 election for which everyone commended him. Now it is the same Jega that is now working towards installing his fellow mallam! Rather than focus on how to convince the electorates that Jonathan has actually improved their lives over the past 4 years (yes I know this was a very difficult task to do since he has unfortunately not done that) you are over the internet trying to demonize Jega. Face the realities on the ground and face the elections and lose gallantly!

      • Ibitoye Fadahunsi

        He has collapsed again and gone into coma. Details soon…—

    • eddy

      E be like say with all ur noise u dey fear say Jonathan go lose? Face reality my friend… uncle Jo is a goner!!!

      • alhaji


        • eddy

          Na ur papa, ur great grand father, ur children and children’s children yet unborn be pigs! May thunder fire u where u dey now. Born throwey like u.

          • alhaji


          • eddy

            Scanning ur all ur many fathers brain! Bas**tard

    • alhaji


    • tundemash

      Omo Ole Orafidiya,

      This was how you encouraged Abacha into the grave and left him there, this ime you will go down with Dumbo !

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè Ile-Ifẹ.

    • Guguru


      Are you not a hypocrite? You want the US to mind its business when you are told to do the right thing but you are the same ones who will go, cap in hand, begging the US to give you weapons to fight Boko Haram, correct?

  • Peace

    Someone shud help me tell this yeye Banking Star to shut up his mouth. Over 37 countries are fighting in Syria & Iraq but Europe & America wud even refuse to SELL weapons to Nigeria to help it defeat Terrorists. What has UN said about it?

    ——[IRAQ & SYRIA] ———
    Total………(Size = 622,252km2 ) (Population = 53,956,191)

    NIGERIA — (Size = 923,768 km2 ) (Population = 174,507,539)

    1. So far, 37 countries of the world are in Iraq & Syria fighting ISIS Isl Population Islamic Terrorists with Jets, Cobra Helicopters, Drones, Rockets, Missiles, Tanks etc etc etc and ISIS is yet to be defeated…..
    BUT only Nigerian soldiers are left to fight Boko haram Islamic terrorists and the whole world, including the opposition party APC , expects Nigerian soldiers to defeat Boko haram in one day where 37 countries are yet to defeat ISIS .

    2. Syria & Iraq put together is just 67% of the size of Nigeria in terms of PHYSICAL Land mass. …
    Why then is Europe & America fighting ISIS in middle East but leaving Nigeria alone to carry its cross? Is this racism or apartheid?—– and where has Banking Star been while all these diplomatic ojoro are going on? —- Where was he when the busy body refused to sell Corbra choppers to Nigeria to help fight the Northern terrorists?

    Gaskia, something dey work this man I am convinced he took something . …He should leave Nigeria alone. America’s UN must not interfere with our democratic processes.

    • burning spear

      My brother the thing tire me——————————oooooooooooooooooooooooh————-the-next directive from bankless moon will be that Jonathan should be by the bedside of Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohari———–and nurse him till after the elections———–anyway its APC that often writes these afticles for PT———————-ARMED WITH AN EDITORIAL TEAM–THAT HARDLY EVER USES HER EDITORIAL JUDGEMENT—ON SOME OF THESE JANJAWEED—-STORIES————–APC SPONSORED

      • Umar Dendi

        Is their any news agency that isn’t serving APC?
        …don’t mention the trent or Reno Omokri’s blog!!

    • Umar Dendi

      Blah Blah Blah!
      Your govt injected trillions into the war effort and they still have nothing to show for it!
      If Chad and Niger could fend off BH why can’t the “Giant of Africa” ?
      …..I don’t know why they refused to sell those choppers, but maybe its because they know that some pot bellied lunatic would inflate the whole thing and send more dollars to a tax heaven? or maybe its because they are afraid the choppers would simply be handed over to BH. hai, the Army has literally been abandoning all their weapons for BH to carry and use on civilians!

      • Peace

        This is we have been asking unproductive parasitic regions like your to take their hands off my resources and get their own country. Go go goooooooooooooooooooooooooo, the South & East love peace. Goooooooooooooooooo away – you who love confusion & violence. Go away! Now!

        • Umar Dendi

          Oh, Thats why you have Dokumbo, Timpolo and the rest of them criminals Kidnapping and killing innocent folks right?
          Going is not our problem!

          Tell the sucker* you have in Abj to LET US GO!

        • Uzoma John

          Please, keep your South East and South South story. South East can never and will never be part of your South South. This is all politics, trying to join South East and South South as joint partners fighting same cause. Because it’s your Jonathan, you people now know where South East is. All in a bid to survive his imminent election defeat. Please, don’t let me recall all the stories I heard about the Nigerian civil war where you South South, especially the now Rivers and Bayelsa states, betrayed the South East by passing information and giving passage of way to the Nigerian forces. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry is talking about breaking away. Even if Nigeria breaks up, South East cannot live in peace with you lazy South South extraction from Ijaw and rivers. So, to tell hell with your sermon. We aint buying it. Nigeria will not and will never disintegrate. We must remain as one. Those who paid the price have already done so and not all these riff-raffs who have not seen war. All we need is a purposeful government, not these criminals (GEJ and co) we have at the moment.

    • tundemash

      So where has all the $billion Dumbo said they spent on Defence gone to ?

      • emmanuel

        Did u read his beautiful comment at all? Why is ur life like this?

  • Oleku

    UN should keep off our affairs. We say no imperial colonialism in this 21st century. What nonsense

    • tundemash

      And yet your Dumbo keeps moaning about US at every opportunity ?

      • Oleku

        Look Mr man, I won’t tolerate that dumbo from you again. And be reminded that you are not under any obligation to respond to every comment. Please be guided okay

        • tundemash

          Is this the new line from your new oga who replace Reno ?

          And yet your Dumbo keeps moaning about US at every opportunity. If you are hurting for me saying the truth so loudly , go hang , i have repeated it .

        • CY

          The best form of defense is attack. They parade a Duncee with not even a primary scho cert, and whose English is as spastic as acid rain, and so bcos they want to obscure this stark deficiency, they orchestrate mischief here and there. Even so, choosing between a Dumbo & and a Duncee is no hard task anywhere. The difference is clear.So, leave them to continue to console themselves.

          • Oleku


        • abelxandercel

          lol….oleku don vex for the first time… i cant believe this.

    • emmanuel


    • Lemmuel Odjay

      Yet u are a member of the UN and signed all of their membership charters. U cannot belong in a cult yet refuse to abide by its rules. U know it’s suicidal…

  • Umar Dendi

    UN! UN! UN! UN! UN!
    Yeah, tell the rascals to let us vote or leave the stage!

    • DS

      Voting for the bedridden?

  • tundemash

    In a statement Friday, the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, “strongly” urged the Nigerian government and the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to respect the new dates and ensure there are no further shifts.

    Just prepare the ICC for Dumbo and his boys’ scout Generals !

  • David Adeniran

    No matter how much you shout and how loud, a man destined for destruction will still go the wrong way and he will never listen not until he keeps a date with his destruction.

  • dd

    When did UN start having interest in Nigeria. You have not send single help to fight Boko Haram and you are telling the government what to do. If the government found the date not feasible due to security of lives, who is UN to tell us what to do?

    • Harry

      U are a moron, u are just another illiterate to your community.

      • Barry

        From the comments from both of you, it is clear who the moron is.

    • Nwa _ Africa

      Low life….Never comment because you see others doing it..

      • taiwo

        that advise applies to you definitely,go smoke more and come back maybe your brain will start functioning properly

  • Justina Ikemefuna

    Is this Moon not aware that elections are conducted where the candidates are not bedridden?

    Is he unaware that one debate allergic aspirant is missing?

    Is he unaware of these facts?

    I hope the Moon can see. He should shine his eyes. I hope his man has not been infected by the big nosed John? Maybe they threatened to put him on ‘Choke-hold’ if he doesn’t make this statement. Na their way be that….to meddle in other countries’ business and run away when things get bad.

  • Nwa _ Africa

    The election might not hold and Jonathan will give us interim Government headed by who?

    • trippi

      By my Humble self.. With ur accursed self holding sway as the toilet cleaner in the servants quarters..

  • Harry

    Nigeria president is a drunkard and clueless, he has lost sense of direction, all he can remember now is to be shifting the election until nobody is interested in the election again. But I know, If he tried it again to shift the election, The US and European Union will effect a sanction immediately on his cabinet, they will be handed life travel ban.

    • taiwo

      is that all you can say?so you are planted by Liar Mohammed to curse our amiable president abi?dia is god ooooo

  • Conscience

    What will UN do if the election date is shifted again?

    • taiwo

      i wonder ooo

    • humm

      Well lets wait till then. You dont expect UN to tip its hand do u?

  • Sanmi Falae

    What a disgrace. The international community still treating a country of Nigeria’s potential like a colony. May God please give us a leadership that knows and exploits the true worth of Nigeria and her great people, for the good of humanity. Jonathan Goodluck is the worst thing that could ever happen to Nigeria.

  • Ibitoye

    Where is Duncee? How is the treatment going?

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Like cult membership, you signed to become a bona fide member, enjoying all the benefits there are. Now you want run away because your skin is affected. E no possible…

  • taiwo

    I wonder how that becomes the problem of these meddlesome international communities and organisations

  • ahmadu

    Nonsense! The UN has no moral or legal authority to tell any African nation what to do. They were there when genocide took place in Rwanda, but did absolutely nothing. The UN secretary general was physically present in the Congo (early 60s) when their first indigenous prime minister, Lumumba was arrested by the Belgians on orders from the US, but did nothing. Lumumba was later shot in a remote forest at night, and his body cut in pieces and dissolved in acid, to make sure future generations of Congolese don’t revere his grave. God judged that secretary general, as he died in a plane crash while returning from that Congo trip. Atrocities continue in the Congo today, but UN does nothing. See what’s going on in the Central African Republic, Boko Haram, etc. and UN simply ignores Africa. What did they do during the Nigerian Civil War? Nothing. Only Carritas international tried to provide humanitarian help. All black African nations should pull out of the UN.

    • Sunny Omoragbon

      My friend, don’t you think it’s better late than never? If, as you alleged, the UN was nonchalant or complicit in previous unsavoury events that occurred all over the African continent, and now they seem sufficiently concerned to intervene so as to prevent a bigger catastrophe should Nigeria implode (GOD forbid) by issuing their advise, don’t you think we should heed that advise?

  • warry

    Please beg Jega to release the cards still with him.

  • humm

    The intl community should not recognize the GEJ adminstration If he dares shift it again. Then throw sanctions his way and refuse them visas and hurt them where it hursts. The masses are hurting its the looters that will not be able to handle the hardship.

  • bernarddoro

    Grow up PT! The UN cannot ‘tell’ Nigeria, it can only advise Nigeria. Nigeria is a sovereign country that cannot be dictated to by the UN. Do not subjugate our territorial sovereignty because of your dislike of the Jonathan’s government.

    • Original_Raskal

      premium times have so many illiterate journalists! very very poor journalism!

    • Guguru


      What territorial sovereignty are you talking about? Is it the territorial sovereignty which has already been violated by Boko Haram or the one violated by MEND?

      • bernarddoro

        The fact that we have challenges as a nation does not diminish our standing. You show me a country in this world without one challenge or the other? Yes we can do things better to improve the lots of our people – unfortunately the current political actors have failed. However, it is no reason for us to join the international community in running down our country. We must be proud of ours irrespective – my honest opinion.

        • Guguru

          Stop dismissing the questions i asked you with your deflections and red-herrings which have no basis in sound logic or facts. Do you know how many indices that Nigeria has been failing in? if you can do things better in Nigeria then why don’t you just go ahead and do things better? What is holding you in Nigeria back—-USA, martians, aliens, etc? The country is already run down and hopeless. It is considered a very poor and corrupt nation. The country is in the trash can of nations. Proud of what? Proud that Chad and Cameroon came into Nigeria to save Nigeria from Boko Haram or proud that Nigerian soldiers run from Boko Haram? What are you really proud of in Nigeria?

          • bernarddoro

            Here lies the problem! You see, it takes great citizens to make a great country. If Nigeria is failing in all developmental indices as suggested then perhaps the citizens share in the blame. If you’re Nigerian then it starts with you! It starts by being civil and respecting other fellow citizens’ opinion, then we can discuss issues and agree to disagree – the hallmark of decent and civilized nations. It starts by not just being negative but celebrating success also. Fighting Boko Haram is more complex than you may think. I ask again, show me a country in the world without problems? Would one disown and run down theirs because of problems? I’m a proud Nigerian – I will criticize when the country is derailing and offer sound alternatives. Since I don’t live in Nigeria, I contribute regularly by writing and speaking to leaders.

          • Guguru


            You assertions are at best hyperbolic. You blow things out of proportion. What good has Nigeria done lately that is worth celebrating? I asked a series of possible questions and you “negatively” evaluated them as being in civil? So, who is “negative” now? You fought Boko Haram to know that it is a complex thing or what is your basis for making such an assertion? Problems is a natural aspect of humanity. Using that as an excuse is a red–herring and an attempt to evade the real questions I have asked you. If Nigeria was solving its problems like most credible nations do then it would not be at the4 bottom of some of th4e most progressive indices used in measuring credible nations across the globe. So, your argument is a very weak one designed to avoid taking responsibility. The country is already off the tracks. It has already gone past derailing. Are you in denial or what?

          • bernarddoro

            Here we go again. I can see you’re bitter about this, shame! Ok I agree with you – let us join others to run down Nigeria then? Just being sarcastic. Nigeria is my country of birth and I’m very proud of it. Come let’s celebrate our positives and work to find solutions toward a more virile & prosperous country.

  • True Nigerian

    Squalid hypocrites couldn’t be more saddened with this news! They say UN should keep off from Nigerian affairs because they have asked our silly manipulative president to keep off his satanic agenda to plunge Nigeria into crisis. But when the hypocrites want to discuss injustice against the Niger Delta, you will hear them calling for the intervention of the UN; you will hear them quoting the rights of Niger Deltans under the UN covenants or conventions. And each time you hear them mention their clamour for a Niger Delta republic, you would see them citing “the right to self determination” which is a creation of the UN Charter.

    When Ebola hits you, you will moan and whinge about how the UN and US have not given you the drugs that would save you. But when they ask you to respect the independence of INEC, you would warn them to mind themselves and stop colonising Nigeria.

    When the UN announced the imposition of sanctions on boko haram, you hailed it, and Jonathan hailed it as the beginning of the end of boko haram. But when the UN reminded our narrow-minded emperors that they must respect the spirit of democratic freedom, the narrow-minded bigoted fans of our manipulative emperor started warning the UN to keep off from our “domestic affairs”.

    The fulls do not know the new meaning of domestic affairs in contemporary world affairs. When local emperors start perpetrating impunity that will soon fester humanitarian crisis and dangerously spread refugees across many countries that are already grappling with many other challenges, it is no longer considered a domestic affair for a world that is learning to be preventive rather than reactive to the fomenting of trouble.

    Let the hypocrites keep on deceiving themselves. We have just received the clearest signal yet that ICC is looking closely at Jona and his gang of desperate usurpers. If Charles Taylor’s fate is what he wants for himself and some of his desperate praise-singers, we will help them to seal their own fate.

    • Guguru

      True Nigerian,

      Such beautiful words have never been said. Well done.

    • BoT

      Great show, my brother

  • ceweeco projects

    Alarmist People Congress, APC is at it again they would do anything to disparage the Presidency they seek what a calamity of people. The same people run down the president and the same twerps says OBJ as a former president should be respected ok o. Where in the world has UN ever given order on an internal affairs of a nation? This aggrieved people congregation APC and their e-rats should please think a little before they act as we beg them if we hurt your feelings in any way we just want to know from the bottom of our heart that we don’t care. APC, You wouldn’t care what people thought about you, if you knew how little they did. I’d insult you right now… But I was raised NOT to make fun of the mentally challenged aggrieved people congregation… You’re lucky! Awww!!! That is so cute… Do you really think I care about all this your fake stories?

  • endingNaija

    I ask these questions because methinks this fellow called Goodluck Jonathan said he changed his New Media Adviser Reno Wendel Omorki. I thought with that change of New Media Adiviser, Goodluck Jonathan’s message and style will change from the crudity, baseness, uncouth language and stark lack of intelligence his -Goodluck Jonathan’s-posts have displayed from 2012 till date. These are EXACTLY the same kind of posts that made Goodluck Jonathan lose a 2015 election from 2012/2013. No decent Nigerian, no citizen of the world will read the posts Goodluck Jonathan made then and makes here and will want Goodluck Jonathan as a head of state. Not even the most un-developed African country. I mean Goodluck Jonathan-with his posts here-represents the worst form of crudity in governance. He represents a most heinous form of lack of intelliegence in governance. I mean how can anyone read Goodluck Jonathan’s -as CURRENT president- post here and want him to continue as president? It is just not possible because Nigeria is not just some small village tucked somewhere where what reigns is some tribal village support network. Goodluck Jonathan, you are dealing with a highly plural, cosmopolitan, multinational, multi-religious, highly sophisticated country-Nigeria. Yet you make these kinds of silly posts. Again, Goodluck Jonathan, you said you changed your New Media Adviser-Reno Wendel Omokri. Did you change or have you changed your message and messaging? Cant you learn from your oppoent Buhari and APC? Cant you just study their message, style and messaging? Goodluck Jonathan, cant you for once study the civility and high culture in your opponents-Buhari/Osinbajo and the high culture in their message and messaging? Goodluck Jonathan, they say and you say you have a “Phd”-right? But with your “Phd” DO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHEN THE RAIN STARTED BEATING YOU? Goodluck Jonathan when will you change your message? ARE YOU SO UN-INTELLIGENT NOT TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE IT? Haba Jonathan! Change a bit, Change a little. You need it.

  • Guguru

    Ban Ki Moon,

    Know ye that Jonathan’s ears are decoration on his head. He does not listen and he sure dies not care about learning. Jonathan is block head.

  • richkid

    Please we don’t need your cooperation again. Your among the sabotage we are suffering in GEJ’s regime. Nigeria will postpone election till when comfortable, JEGA should not let this influence his decision at all.

    • Bayonle

      You mean postpone till when Goodluck Jonathan thinks he can rig successfully? Just asking.

  • trippi

    Ban Ki’ whatever you call yourself, Kindly go tell that to Kim Jong Un…

    • Truthometer

      Stop tripping over this coming presidential election. The verdict is going to be one way ticket to Otuoke for Dumbo.

      • Tunsj

        What about a police van to Kirikiri?

  • DD

    Mumu Jonathan has reduced Nigeria to a nation of goats where every Tom, Dick and Harry comes to warn about basic things taken for granted elsewhere.

  • Titi

    ‘The difference between me and the other aspirants is that UN Secretary call me regularly’-Jona, Mumu PhD; this is the kind of regular calls

  • Ekwekwe

    Prompted by the US, puppet Ban Ki-moon, the worst secretary-general ever, under whom UN has had -1 influence on crises in the world, must be seen to have said something on everyone’s favourite and pet topic.