Jega tells Senators he can’t guarantee elections will hold March 28

INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega

The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Attahiru Jega, has told Nigerian federal lawmakers he could not guarantee the 2015 general elections will hold on rescheduled dates in March and April.

At a meeting with Senators Wednesday, Mr. Jega said he could not commit himself to the “sanctity” of March 28 and April 11 – dates for the rescheduled Nigeria’s general elections.

He said the electoral commission could not guarantee aspects of the poll that are beyond its control.

Mr. Jega met with the lawmakers to review the decision to postpone the polls from February.

Under the Nigerian law, a further six-week extension of the elections is possible, a prospect opposed by many Nigerians, the main opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, and the international community.

INEC had said the postponement were necessary for security reasons, as military chiefs had warned against going on with the vote to allow it focus on fighting the terror group, Boko Haram.

But the APC said the delay was instigated by President Goodluck Jonathan, to save him and ruling party from losing the elections to the APC candidate, Muhammadu Buhari.

Since announcing the new dates nearly two weeks ago, the commission has declined to clearly confirm that there will be no further delay beyond March 28 and April 11, for presidential, National Assembly, governorship and state assembly polls.

Responding to a question by George Akume, Senate Minority Leader, on the sanctity of the new dates, on Wednesday, Mr. Jega said it was difficult for him to respond, saying he could only give assurances over aspects within the control of INEC.

“That’s a very difficult question to answer. I have said not everything that has to do with the conduct of successful election is within the control of INEC,” Mr. Jega said.

Use of card readers

Mr. Jega also said the commission will go forward with its plan to deploy card readers for the elections.

There have been some concerns, mainly from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, about the plan as Nigerian law prohibits electronic voting.

On Wednesday, while PDP Senators opposed the plan, their APC counterparts welcomed it.

Heineken Lokpobri, a PDP Senator from Bayelsa State and Odion Ugbesa, from Edo State, argued against the use of card readers for the elections, saying it would be illegal.

In his response, Mr. Jega said card readers would only be used for accreditation not actual voting.

He said there was no law forbidding the use of electronic devices for accreditation.

“Card reader is used for accreditation not voting. Voting his defined as dropping of ballot paper into ballot box. Accreditation is essential for integrity of the election,” he said.

“Nothing in the constitution says we should not use electronic device in the process of accreditation. Anybody that is not satisfied can go to court. We have solid ground on that,” he said.

He added that the card readers would curb electoral malpractices, as cloned cards would be detected.

Mr. Jega said INEC will perform a mock test on the card readers.

He said some tests had already been taken in the United States, and will now be tested in the six geopolitical zones.

“The card reader has passed in all the 13 test categories conducted in terms of its durability and versatility,” he said.

Mr. Jega said the postponement of the general elections will enable INEC to have a flawless, near-perfect elections.

INEC National Commissioners are to visit state offices to conduct evaluation and comprehensively determine the level of preparation in the election.

He said after the visit, the commission will meet with the heads of departments and directorates of units to conduct a comprehensive assessment, to figure out additional things to be done before March 28.

Mr Jega said a meeting with the inter-agency committee on security will hold a meeting to discuss security on the Election Day.


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  • hummm

    In short these idiots are going to postpone this election? Hell will freeze over this time around

  • Abufata Gumi

    PDP is ready for election any time any day

    • Tunsj

      Prove it.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      Tell that to your party of cowards now jittery over card readers and be assured that PDP days of infamy is slowly, but surely approaching the end.

    • godswill Ibe

      Who told you? pdp had long being rejected by 75% of voting Nigerians. What you have now is splinter groups in Anambra APGA, and Ondo LP. Jonathan is now embattled and he is fast running out of gas. But he must go. Buhari is President – elect waiting to be officially sworn in May 29, 2015.

  • DD

    Thank you Prof Jega.

    Use of the card reader is not a form of electronic voting. It’s only used to verify voters’ identity during accreditation, same way the laptop (an electronic device) was used to register us way back in 2010.

    Registration, accreditation & voting are separate things.

  • MathewBabs

    Nigeria will boil if they try to postpone this election indefinitely, IBB a soldier cant even withstand the heat not to talk of Jona

    • Tunsj


  • Sword of Damocles

    No He said he can only guarantee what INEC is responsible for!! in order words if the Military & or security agencies & or their CINC(president PHD) decides that he cant win the election & wants to postpone LIKE HE did on 2/14/15, He Jega cannot guarantee that this will not happen. He is only repeating what is known. IF GEJ wants to postpone “the election he is destined to LOSE”, Let him light that FUSE on his own. The NASS has already said yesterday that “ING” is alien to the 1999 Constitution.Basically, all escape exits are been SHUT one by one for PDP. They will have to OPENLY ENGAGE IN TREASON THIS TIME. We dont want your type of “patriotism” ANYMORE!! Why is it so hard to get it through their thick skulls???

  • Freeman

    Jagajaga Election in Nigeria

    It’s okay, it’s okay, i have heard you, no problem, you hear? Professor Jega, now please tell me.
    Will there be election this year – latest December 31st, can you guarantee us December 31st?
    That is the only thing i want to know now. No turenchi, just go straight to the point. I’m in a hurry.

  • bib

    Jega is right. The forces that armtwisted him to postpone it before can still do it. The senate must call the security chiefs to get their assurance.

  • harry

    jegga if they ask u about the election,tell them u dont know if election will hold next month or not,if u go there and say election will hold,we will twist your hand again and this time it is going to be harder so u feel the pain for years

  • Ikechi Ngwube

    Hahaha PDP no want card readers? So they can stuff in the fake cards they have cloned? Gradually, the scales are falling and every thing will reveal PDP as a criminal cult that steals every election with fake figures and proceed to cleanse the treasury. Headless thieves. Card readers will be used in this election. Gbam!

    • Nnewi Man

      Nwanem you are on point!!!


    Bye-bye to the zoo called nigeria!

  • anneedu

    No hell will freeze if the election is postpone, jega still come back to what jona is saying about insecurity if the election should hold then and APC is busy blaming PDP as if anything goes wrong they will be able to protect the mass.

  • Wähala

    “I don’t see how anybody can contemplate any extension beyond these six weeks because there is no constitutional grounds on which you can do that… new government must be sworn in. Every Nigerian knows we want elections to hold within a constitutional timeframe… The security agencies are (made up of) patriotic Nigerians. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.” He also added that a further delay, “will only have to be unconstitutional and I don’t see how anybody can contemplate unconstitutional things” – Prof. Jega

    @Premium Times…
    I don’t know which Prof. Jega your reporters listened to, but the above is what he told lawmakers today. Election must, will hold on appointed new dates as Nigerians (and the world) can no longer tolerate Dr. Dumbo’s paranoia, he has been rejected at home and abroad and there’s no need giving him the wrong impression Jega has a lifeline for him not to return to Otuoke on May 29th, 2015. Card readers will also be deployed to checkmate PDP’s last hope of rigging the elections… Shikena!


      As if you do not know the mischief of APC controlled media. The caption is a fraud but it has a purpose… make Jega appear as an agent of the executive and create more hate !!

  • Otuoke-Clown

    What is Jonathan scared of? I hope he is not trying to make poor Jega the scapegoat for his failures.

  • Maria

    Jonathan knows all the PVCs they have stolen or cloned will be useless should card reader be used for accreditation. These folks are criminals.

    • Guguru

      Well stated.


      Card readers may be manipulated to mal-function,that is why the constitution does not encourage the use of electronics,even in the US,there were obvious malfunctions of computers in the last election. The APC does not have the monopoly of saying what must be used in the electoral process,we have electoral laws and Jega is trying to circumvent the existing laws by defining “accreditation” of voters in isolation. Accreditation and voting cannot be independently defined and he will learn that through the courts of law . VOTING IS A PROCESS WHICH INCLUDES,REGISTRATION,ACCREDITATION AND CASTING OF BALLOT,THE CONSTITUTION FORBIDS ELECTRONICS IN THE PROCESS !!

      • Tayo Ayodele

        So it was illegal then to use computer to register or print the list of registered voters. It should have been in long hand since use of electronic process is forbidden! Very curious logic!


          Registration was recurrent in nature hence the PVC which was legally introduced but accreditation happens on polling day.

          • Tayo Ayodele

            But you included registration in what you forbid in the write up above.


            Well the PVC has legal backing !!

          • UNAFFECTED

            Hit him again!!

          • Maria

            We heard you have been sidelined….I dey laugh oooo!

      • TrueNja

        Tawanda you must be an “olodo.” turning facts to fictions. I doubt if you have a school cert.

      • SAM .A

        So your voters list was handwritten, & the registration was done manually ? When will u think straight ?


          The way data is stored is immaterial,we are talking about the aspects relating to the physical act of voting . You must understand that in some countries ID cards are used to vote,we are talking about machines directly involved in the physical act of voting….you are not thinking properly !!

  • Chris1408

    Election or no election. GEJ administration ends May 29, 2015.

  • Enemona

    Teacher: What is voting?

    PDP: “Voting his defined as dropping of ballot paper into ballot box.”

    Where in the world do these guys come from. Oh my God, we have it all wrong. Can someone decide to be dumb for whatever reason? Or is this person just naturally st*pid.

    • progress

      You are the dumb one here, Jega is right on that.

  • sammyctu ode

    jonathan and pdp cannot plunge the lives of almost 200 million Nigerians into war and turn us to refugees in our own country and other countries. Is it a sin that we gave you an overwhelming mandate in 2011, why do you want this power at all cost, why do you want to ruin Nigeria mr. jonathan and pdp, why can’t you surrender your fate to God and the Nigerian electorate, why does jonathan and pdp want to cause bloodshed in Nigeria, why can’t you take a cue from Ghana who voted out an incumbent president and party and maturity prevailed? If jonathan and pdp think they can take us for a ride, they will see that its we Nigerians that owns Nigeria and not these evil people parading themselves in aso villa. ELECTION WILL HOLD WHETHER jonathan and pdp likes it or not.

    • Chris1408

      They’re wicked people. They don’t see themselves as public servants, but lords upon the people. They see themselves above Nigeria.


      The born-to-rule mentality is with tyrant Buhari and his fanatics who are apostles of violence. Buhari has never accepted defeat in good faith,he takes lives each time he is defeated but Nigerians are ready to throw him out once more despite his uncivilised threats of violence and blood-bath.

      Direct your tantrum to Buhari and his band of extremists,they are the ones who constitute a threat to peace !!

      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        Suddenly the PDP is afraid of Card Readers, but its Pretender-in Chief is campaigning to use ICT to tackle corruption! What a bunch of irresponsible combo in tandem with rotten enablers like you.


          The voting process involves registration,accreditation and casting of ballots. The constitution forbids the use of electronics because malfunctions,hacking etc are possibilities,the attempt by Jega to define “accreditation” in isolation will only culminate in legal quagmire which might render the process null and void .

          This must be viewed from the legal angle instead of a narrow minded partisan angle.

          • Dumbasdumbojona

            This man does not know the difference between ‘voting’ and ‘voting process’, please somebody should help him.


            There will be a legal loophole for litigation,mark my words . Jega can go ahead and bend the constitution to suit his Fulani mafia but the courts will give the real interpretation at the end of the day !!

      • Abdulrahman Mohammed Abdulmali

        He said he was with out shoe, he was give shoe, now he is with the feeling that an average Nigerian does not deserves to put on shoe, is that fair enough.

    • burning spear

      Is yr brain functioning properly?-was it Jonathan or JEGA who is talking about——-not being ready—–?—-rATHER THAN HAVE U CALL ON YR CLIENT BUHARI—–TO SHOW US HIS CERTIFICATE U ARE BLAMING JONATHAN—–FOR TINUBU——–again———Jega had 4 solid years to prepare for the elections————-not days—or weeks———but because he wanted to make money via the award of contracts————–he decided to introduce this useless PVC-The national ID card would have done the trick———————————-instead they went into coining–some silly names to cover for the award of the contract–In lieu his terminal leave —In 2011———-Jonathan gave Jega 80b to conduct the elections—Now its 95b——for the conduct of the 2015————-elections——————-even the backers of APC the USA is saying———-JEGA IS NOT READY–leave Jonathan out of the mess——in INEC

      • Candido

        The so called born to rule had handed power to those who were not born to rule but within about 6 yrs just see the waste and the man who was not born to rule doesn’t do the right thing but time will tell. Those who are using the born to rule phobia are suffering from inferiority complex.from history prove that every child born in niger can rise and hold any office including presidential.

        • burning spear

          not even the Niger delta–the transformative agenda of jonathan means the fulanis in the north should give way to the talakwas———–the almajris—also–Nigeria was not created for the fulanis in buhari –to control——————–power should be taken away from the hands of the fulanis like jega—and handed over to the real native northerners

    • blackdove

      Jonathan is afraid to go to prison because of the humongous stealing of public funds. Jonathan has 3 options and none is favorable to him. 1. Buhari is sworn in on may 29th 2015 and Jonathan surrenders all his ill gotten wealth and ask Obasanjo to plead with Buhari for mercy. 2. Jonathan refuses to conduct the election or losses the election but refuses to hand over. He ends up at the international criminal court. 3. A progressive military coup takes place and both Jonathan and the entire political military brass are completely wiped out. His pick.

    • candido

      Mr. Sammyctu Ode you have said it all. Jonathan should prove that He is a good Christian by conducting a free and fair election then hands over to the winner the Holy Bible says “There is more pleasure in giving than in receiving” but if He fails to do the right thing then the right thing will disgrace Him.I believe our president will not allow history to badly judge Him. Justice and hypocrisy cannot be obscenely joined . Obasanjo want you to be just those who want you to clinch to power by hook or by crook are hypocrites they want you to be there for theire selfish gain. Please Mr. President We love you do justice for your Motherland anybody who tells that you will any election your animy. Those old people who want you to do it by hook or by crook will only put you to shame. The same people insists that you must not negotiate with boko haram are now telling you not hand over power to a winner. If you fail again they will all run away. And you will lose being an elder but a crook.

    • Abdullahi Bello Sadiq

      God bless you dear!

      • burning spear


  • Lanus

    Hmmm card reader ohhh!!!

  • taewo

    Premium Times should re-examine the correctness of this report. Reporting n the same event, Vanguard says “Any further vote delay ‘unconstitutional’: Jega’. I don’t know which one is true.


      The mischief of the APC controlled media knows no boundary,the motive of the fraudulent caption is to make Jega appear as working in cahoots with the executive to scuttle elections and create more distrust for the government !!

      • August January

        You’ve always demonstrated that God mistakenly turned your brain upside down!


          Does “God” make such mistake ? Beware blasphemy !!!

          • MENGISTU

            Clearly you are one example of such a mistake
            . It can happen and indeed did happen in your case.


            You certainly hold extremely strong and negative views about an innocent,harmless fellow .

            Now,why are you hounding me about ? Go and take a nap maybe it will make you feel better.

          • August January

            I think your case is an exception, because your posts don’t show you have anything call brain in your skull! Your logic is always upside down! Or maybe it’s PDP that has completely drained you of logical reasoning!


        “That’s a very difficult question to answer. I have said not everything that has to do with the conduct of successful election is within the control of INEC,” Mr. Jega said. Read before you comment. It is just a simple advice. I think your supervisor is writing things and you just copy and paste. As if you can cover an event and report the news.

      • MENGISTU

        I hop PDP pays you enough to write your trademark rubbish. You are full of it.

        • MENGISTU

          Meant to say “I HOPE”.

      • burning spear

        Jega’s INEC Fraud Condemned By Gov Mimiko.

        “Look at Lagos State and Ogun State. Lagos State was 38 per cent, Ogun was 36 per cent and some other states in Nigeria, in this same country are higher. Adamawa was 80 per cent, Yobe was 74 per cent, Sokoto was 81 per cent when Lagos was just 38 per cent…

        “Yet if anybody claims he can protect the interest of the South-west and would prefer that we go into that election with only 38 per cent of registered voters ready and with the PVC, then I leave the judgement to you.
        So Obasanjo’s postulation falls flat on the face of evidence before us’’—- Dr Olusegun MIMIKO, Ondo state.

  • excel

    This has always being the scheme of pdp for a long time. If they can’t win the polls, they can use other available means to stop the election from happening and this is what Jega see and talks about. Gej/pdp all the evil plan will fail.


    Hello webmaster. Top of the morning. Here I come again.


    Webmaster, remain calm this fine day
    . I promise not to rock the boat if only you’ll stop annoying the heck out of me.
    Now this is a promise from the heart. Will you go along?

  • burning spear

    Jega’s INEC Fraud Condemned By Gov Mimiko.

    “Look at Lagos State and Ogun State. Lagos State was 38 per cent, Ogun was 36 per cent and some other states in Nigeria, in this same country are higher. Adamawa was 80 per cent, Yobe was 74 per cent, Sokoto was 81 per cent when Lagos was just 38 per cent.

    “Yet if anybody claims he can protect the interest of the South-west and would prefer that we go into that election with only 38 per cent of registered voters ready and with the PVC, then I leave the judgement to you.
    So Obasanjo’s postulation falls flat on the face of evidence before us’’—- Dr Olusegun MIMIKO, Ondo state.

    • Abdulrahman Mohammed Abdulmali

      Go and get your PVC and stop complaining, Ha

      • Tope Alabi R

        your plans to rig will fall flat and blow up on your faces go and mark that.If your navigator in chief and Thief Nubu are sure of the southwest why then are they dis enfranschising the people. APC CROOKS

    • Yusuf

      u are changing the topic of your lies, what PDP relied on was security not PVC; if they have relied on PVC to force down INEC then we could ague in than direction.. A dumb guy will never pass his exams no matter how long the exam is postponed unless he eventually find some external help; in this case his only option is to burn down the school

  • burning spear

    Lest we have forgotten, the 2011 elections were shifted, by one week, on the day the elections were to commence.

    Organising an election is a different ball game and we cannot muddle through. Typical of us, we have left the important issues and focused on the mundane. We have concentrated on violence-free elections as if the absence of violence in an election is what makes elections credible.

    Every day, especially in Abuja and Lagos, seminars, workshops and symposium are organised by foreign-funded NGOs; yet, the sporadic violence that erupted after the announcement of the result of the 2011 presidential election took place not in Lagos or Abuja, but in Kano, Kaduna, Katsina and Bauchi, I believe.

    The credibility of an election begins and ends with the process, not with the absence of violence. I learnt that many years ago when I was involved as part of the international observer team that monitored Namibia’s pre-independence elections.

    After the results were announced, and the South West African Peoples Organisation (SWAPO) won, I had gone to see the leader of the opposition party — the DTA — and was surprised to find him at peace with himself. This was against the backdrop of the posturing of the party, an ally of the then apartheid regime in South Africa.

    He and his party were satisfied with the election, which SWAPO won — he said because the processes leading to the elections were credible and the elections, in all its ramifications, were free, fair and transparent.

    In Nigeria, an election is deemed to be credible or not credible based on the perception of the winners and losers. If my party wins, it’s credible; if we lose, it is not credible. That should not be so.

    We must stop ridiculing our country and ourselves and play by the global standard of what is credible, free, fair and transparent.

    Only a week to the February date, less than 60% per cent of the registered voters had collected their PVCs and some reports maintained that some PVCs were still being printed abroad and expected in the country; presiding officers for the elections not trained; training manual not ready; about 700,000 ad-hoc staff needed for the elections not yet recruited or trained; voting registers yet to be displayed, as stipulated by law; no one can vouch that the card readers are all in perfect working conditions.

    The list is long and INEC has been subtly admitting its failures. Yet, we all believed we were heading towards credible elections.

    Let’s just focus on the PVS, given that this is, perhaps, the most important in the chain. If 15 per cent or 20 per cent of eligible voters failed due to no fault of theirs to collect their PVCs, the credibility of that election is doubtful.

    I voted in 2011 — in all the elections. Today, my name is not on any INEC’s list in the three centres I have been directed to in search of my PVC. ambassador Keshi

  • Yusuf

    this law makers are never serious with anything, they should summon the president to understand what he is up to not some innocent INEC boss

  • Tope Alabi R

    Mr. Jega said INEC will perform a mock test on the card readers.

    He said some tests had already been taken in the United States, and will now be tested in the six geopolitical zones.>>>>by the time the Americans are through with our country i really hope we will still have a country called Nigeria

    • Ha

      Just like the way Jonathan had sold out Nigerians by contracting American MasterCard company to put their chip on our National ID Card with every bodies’ information at their finger tips. Did Jega do the worse by mere testing the gadget in the US? Above all, are you even sure the Card readers were not manufactured in the US? If this doesn’t go well with you, please produce your own machines.

  • Interrogator


  • burning spear

    Amosun Raises Alarm Over 600,000 PVCs In His State That belongs to Other States.

    **only 40 per cent of the registered voters in the state had collected their PVCs.

    The Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, has raised the alarm over about 600,000 Permanent Voter Cards, brought to the state by the Independent National Electoral Commission, which the governor says do not belong to people in the state.

    The Governor who belongs to Nigerian first Islamic party, APC, raised the alarm on today after he visited the state Resident Electoral Commissioner, Chief Timothy Ibitoye, in his office at Magbon, Abeokuta.

    The governor also lamented that only 40 per cent of the registered voters in the state had collected their PVCs, stressing that this was far from being encouraging.

    Amosun said, “As we speak today, the cards (PVCs) they brought originally, we have two or three issues now.

    “The first one is that the 1.1 million cards they brought in November, on my honour, about 600,000 of those cards do no belong to Ogun State, and that is the problem.—–WHAT A SHAME FOR jEGA —YET APC DOES NOT WANT THE MATTER INVESTIGATED

    “They don’t belong to Ogun State, you will see them quoting the polling units, the cards are not our own in Ogun State, which means, somebody somewhere doesn’t want us to vote in Ogun State.”

    “In Ogun State, we’ve just managed to collect about 40 per cent; it was about 36 per cent before and as of today, only about 40 per cent has been distributed.

    “I have been interfacing with INEC and I have had cause to write a letter to the Chairman of INEC on December 19, 2014, and I enumerated all that have been happening as Ogun State is concerned in the run off to this election.

    “Unfortunately, I have been here since morning and they still have no good story to tell us. Let me tell you, somebody somewhere, I don’t know know, probably do not want us to vote in Ogun State, they want to make sure that at least, 40 per cent or more than that, do not vote.”

    Amosun said during the 2011 elections, the state had about 1.8 million registered voters and they later removed 500,000, alleging double registration through post AVIS.

    • malik shaibu



    Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is an unmitigated “badluck” infection for Nigeria: Vote him out on March 28, 2015

    His Name is Goodluck Jonathan but his presidency has been an unmitigated badluck infection for Nigeria – Law 10 of the 48 Laws of Power: Infection: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky

    According to Law 10 of the 48 laws of Power:

    “The infector possesses an inward instability that radiates outward drawing disaster to all that they touch. How to Recognize an Infector:

    1. They draw misfortune upon themselves.
    2. They have a turbulent past.
    3. They have a long line of broken relationships.
    4. They have an unstable career.
    5. They have a forceful character that sweeps you up and makes you lose reason.
    6. They have a desire to destroy and unsettle and is chronically dissatisfied.
    7. Look at the effect that they have on the world around them.”

    Although his name is Goodluck but as Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka said “everything that GEJ touches turns to badluck.”

    When he was Bayelsa State Governor his badluck enveloped the Bayelsa state government in a cloud of corruption that cost the Governor of the state his job and led to GEJ taking over as Bayelsa State Governor. When he was the Vice President to President Umaru Musa Yar Ardua his unlucky aura led to the death of his boss and he became President.

    Before he commenced the privatization exercise of PHCN most parts of Nigeria used to enjoy 12 hours of power supply. After his badluck enveloped PHCN after the privatization exercise PHCN can now barely supply 30 minutes of electricity per week. Now Power Generators have become the only source of power supply in Nigeria.

    When GEJ’s unlucky aura hit the education sector strikes by lecturers and non-academic staff became the order of the day. When GEJ’s unlucky aura hit our petroleum sector crude oil prices plummeted. A multi-billion dollar Petrol and kerosene subsidy scam became a permanent feature of the oil sector. When GEJ’s badluck infection hit our daily crude oil sales, Nigeria began to lose 500,000 barrels per day to oil theft perpetrated by his greedy wife, Dame Patience and their ex-militant mentors who he awarded multi-million dollar contracts for the supply of war ships, military hardware for the military and pipeline protection. These were the same militants that stole around 700,000 barrels per day of Nigerian crude oil during the MEND insurgency.

    This translates to a loss of over N19 trillion over a five year period to Nigeria. GEJ’s badluck infection also led to the loss of over $20b that is yet to be accounted for by the GEJ administration which led to the sack of whistle blower and CBN Governor at the time Sanusi Lamido Sanusi who is now the Emir of Kano.

    When GEJ’s badluck wrecked havoc on Nigeria’s Excess Crude or Rainy Day Account and our Foreign reserves it took the former from a whooping $36 billion to just $1 billion and took the latter from over $60 billion to just $32b. In the last 30 days alone the foreign reserves were reduced by $2 billion.

    When GEJ’s unlucky infection hit the job market the number of unemployed graduates under his administration quadrupled, with less than 10% of graduates of higher institutions getting hired 4 years after graduation.

    When GEJ’s unlucky infection hit the Nigerian stock market it recorded unprecedented losses the kind that Nigeria has never seen before. This has led to huge divestment by foreign investors in Nigeria’s stock market.

    Because GEJ’s badluck hit the sovereign credit rating of Nigeria, Nigeria has been notified of an impending reduction of her sovereign credit rating to junk credit rating. A combination factors are responsible for this, including rising internal and external debt burden of Nigeria, failure of the United States to buy Nigerian crude since mid-2014, a non-diversified economy, plummeting value of the naira, political risks occasioned by uncertainty about the outcome of the election which was worsened by GEJ’s postponement of the election via the instrumentality of the service chiefs who were GEJ’s alter ego in a move that one can call a civilian coup d’etat against the will of the Nigerian people.

    When GEJ’s badluck descended on and infected Nigeria’s national infrastructure its ranking plummeted and Nigeria became affixed to the bottom of all known development ranking league tables including those put together by the United States’ State Department, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the United Nations, the African Union and various globally recognized research institutes and foundations.

    GEJ’s PR merchants have fabricated statistics indicating that he GEJ’s administration has rehabilitated 25,000 kilometers of Nigerian roads when in reality they have not rehabilitated up to 1,000 kilometers of Federal Roads. GEJ’s Special Adviser on media was so badly in need of projects to claim for his boss that he had to steal pictures of projects or Federal roads completed by state governments with state government monies that the Federal government has refused to refund. A case in point is one involving a picture of the Northwest University temporary site multi-storey building which GEJ’s Special Adviser passed off on Twitter and Facebook as a University built by the GEJ administration when in fact it was built by the APC Government in Kano state led and powered by Mr. Capital Projects, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso who has turned Kano state into a mini-Dubai in just 4 years.

    When GEJ’s unlucky aura hit the foreign exchange market the naira plummeted and is now trading at N215 to $1. The pounds sterling is trading at N315 to 1 British pound.

    When GEJ’s badluck aura hit the health sector, regular strikes by medical doctors and nurses became a normal occurrence.

    When GEJ’s badluck infection his the car dealership business the cost of buying imported new and used cars shot up to between 50 and 70% of the purchase value of the cars thereby putting the ability to own a car beyond the reach of many Nigerians who could afford to buy them in the past. Those people are now confined to a transport sector that is comatose and which GEJ lied that he would resuscitate with thousands of buses for an elaborate mass transit program which is one of the reasons he set up SURE-P. The buses GEJ promised are no where to be found.

    When GEJ’s unlucky aura hit the aviation sector air crashes started occurring again and unbridled corruption took over the whole sector. The aviation sector in Nigeria is ranked as one of the worst in the world despite the aviation ministry budgeting over $1b for the sector. Almost all the monies were stolen and substandard airport rehabilitation projects were carried out with most of the structures constructed falling apart within weeks of their construction. A case in point are the rest rooms at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos as well as the roads leading to the airport which has become a source of shame to Nigeria’s national pride. GEJ’s badluck has brought shame on Nigeria.

    When GEJ became the National Leader of the PDP his unlucky aura overwhelmed the PDP and the once formidable political party began to fall apart with many of its governors and ex-Presidents dumping the party for other parties and other tasks.

    When GEJ’s unlucky aura hit Nigeria’s war on corruption it died a natural death. The EFCC and ICPC have become a laughing stock among Nigerians who now see it as an appendage of GEJ’s presidency for the sole purpose of relentlessly hounding the political opponents of GEJ to submission. It is under GEJ’s badluck aura that drug barons and cross border criminals wanted for their crimes abroad are regional campaign mobilizers for his reelection campaign.

    When GEJ’s badluck hit the Pension Funds in Nigeria as well as the UBEC Funds it left in its trail a massive corruption stench stinking to high heavens and running into billions of naira. When the culprits are taken to court the badluck aura of corruption perpetrated by GEJ arranges a slap on the wrist judgment for them where the judge imposes a fine of N250,000 on them and tells them to go and sin no more. GEJ’s badluck aura also makes him pardon criminals convicted of stealing government funds and making them front line candidates for top elective posts.

    A case in point is that of the former governor of Bayelsa State who was convicted of stealing government funds but was pardoned by GEJ and is now running for a Senate seat. In his campaign posters he wrote: “tested and trusted.” Of course all discerning minds know what he means. He means that he has been tested and trusted by the corrupt cabal in Nigeria headed by the champion of the badluck aura, GEJ.

    When GEJ’s unlucky infection swept through the House of Representatives, the PDP lost its majority to the APC.

    When GEJ’s bad luck aura hit the security sector unprecedented national insecurity, the kind that this nation has never witnessed took over the country’s Northeast geopolitical zone.

    When GEJ’s unlucky infection hit the armed forces the once feared and respected Nigerian armed forced became a shadow of itself to the extent that 14 Local Government areas and 5% of the territory of Nigeria has been lost to a rag tag army of extremists. Nigeria that once rescued Liberia and Sierra Leone from civil wars that appeared intractable and is known to be a leader in global peace keeping missions now relies on poor African countries like Chad and Niger Republic to help safeguard her territorial integrity.

    GEJ’s badluck infection has reduced the Nigerian armed forces to an appendage of the PDP and an enforcer of rigging plans as witnessed in the Ekiti audio tapes in which one Brigadier General Momoh was recorded secretly by one of his subordinates and in which he indicted himself as being complicit in the rigging of the Ekiti Governorship election along with GEJ’s dream team of election riggers including Adesiyan, Minister of Police Affairs, Obanikoro, Minister of Defense, Senator Omisore and Ayodele Fayose, returnee Ekiti State Governor.

    GEJ’s badluck aura enveloped the armed forces to the extent that he manipulated them to force INEC to shift the date of the Presidential election originally scheduled to hold on February 14, 2015.

    Because of the GEJ’s badluck infection, the army broke from its rich tradition of respect for its retired Generals who fought to keep Nigeria one by issuing a press statement calling one of the most respected and celebrated Nigerian retired Generals, Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo an embarrassment to the armed forces.
    GEJ’s badluck infection also hit the Nigerian police force taking it to the deepest abbys of indignity and shame when it invaded the hallowed premises of the House of Representatives late last year because it wanted to help GEJ execute a script that would have led to the impeachment of the Speaker of the House of Representative Aminu Tambuwal.

    GEJ’s badluck also infected the way politics is played in Nigeria by introducing religious and tribal bigotry to a level or degree this nation has never witnessed before.

    GEJ’s unluck aura hit the umbrella bodies of Christians, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and tore these umbrella bodies apart to the extent that these once highly respected bodies have become divided from within and without. Most Christians no longer see these Christian bodies as representing them.

    There are so many other sectors that GEJ’s badluck or unlucky aura has destroyed but all the readers of this opinion piece will be able to identify the other sectors not covered in this piece if they look back at the failed presidency of GEJ critically and objectively.

    GEJ has all the features of a badluck infector:

    1. GEJ draws misfortune upon himself.

    2. GEJ has a turbulent past.

    3. GEJ has a long line of broken relationships exemplified by his broken relationship with those who tell him the truth like General Olusegun Obasanjo and a long list of ex-stalwarts of the PDP.

    4. GEJ has an unstable career.

    5. GEJ has a forceful character backed by filthy lucre that sweeps the greedy and pauperized off their feet and makes them lose reasoning .

    6. GEJ has a desire to destroy and unsettle and is chronically dissatisfied.

    7. GEJ has had a cataclysmic effect on the world around him.”

    As Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka recommended in his watch night service of 31st December 2014, Nigerians should avoid the unlucky Goodluck Jonathan so that the infection he has infected Nigeria with does not increase in geometric proportions. BUHARI/OSINBAJO is the antidote to GEJ’s badluck infection of Nigeria. On March 28th, 2015 vote out badluck and the unlucky aura of GEJ so that a new course of prosperity, law, order and national pride can be charted for Nigeria.

    Let us use our votes to reset Nigeria!



      SAI GEJ !!!!!!!!!!!!
      SAI SAMBO !!!!!!!!



        • malik shaibu

          SAI JONATHAN




          Wow!! no different from a hyena in the Sambisa,so wild and uncouth !!




            More facts appear to be emerging on the allegation by Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, that President Goodluck Jonathan gave pastors across the country N6bn to vote against the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Maj-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari(retd.), in the presidential election.

            A Borno-based Pastor, Kallamu Musa-Dikwa, said on Thursday that the money that was given to pastors by the President was actually N7bn and not N6bn as alleged by Amaechi, who doubles as the Director-General of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation.

            Amaechi had alleged that unnamed leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party paid N6bn to Christian clerics to campaign against Buhari and the APC.

            The governor’s allegation caused a stir among the Christian clerics, with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria and the Northern State Christian Elders Forum asking Amaechi to name the church leaders, who collected the huge bribe.

            But Musa-Dikwa, who is the Executive Director of the Voice of Northern Christian Movement, told journalists in Kaduna on Thursday that the said money was channelled through the Christian Association of Nigeria.

            He said the CAN got the said money(N7bn) on January 26, 2015 and disbursed N3m to each State Chairmen of the CAN across the country.

            Musa-Dikwa, who was an Associate Pastor with the E. Y. N. Church, Farm Centre, Dikwa Road, Maiduguri, Borno State, under Rev. Emmanuel Kwajihe between 2002 and 2004, said the CAN had started threatening Christians in the state (Borno) that they must re-elect Jonathan in the rescheduled election.

            He said, “It was N7bn that was given to the CAN leadership by President Goodluck Jonathan. They(CAN) later disbursed N3m to the State Chairmen of the CAN.

            “The money was handed over to the CAN Leadership on 26th January, 2015.”

            “Actually, President Jonathan is using CAN President, and it was the CAN President who collected the monies and shared N3m to the CAN executives in each state.

            “And some Pentecostal Bishops also collected their share. Actually, the money is not N6bn, it is N7bn. This is what I know. One of the CAN officials from Abuja told me that they have collected the money. The corruption in CAN is terrible. They are corrupting the body of Christ because of money.

            “They are now threatening Christians in Borno State that they will deal with anybody, who refuses to vote for Jonathan. And the CAN officials are now campaigning that if Buhari emerges President, he will Islamise Nigeria; and that Osinbajo collected monies from Islamic world; and that the same Osinbajo will resign soon after Buhari wins to give way for Tinubu to emerge Vice President.”

            Musa-Dikwa named some high-profile clerics, who had benefitted from the controversial largesse to actualise the re-election bid of Jonathan.

  • Ceejay

    Why test the Card Readers in United State where Obama and David Axelrod is working for the opposition? Jega is trying to be deceptively smart. The card reader can be manipulated. INEC is not ready for this election, Jega admitted that about one million PVCs have not been printed, yet he told us 2 weeks ago that INEC was ready.

  • Poverty of the Mind

    Hear PT: “Under the Nigerian law, a further six-week extension of the elections is possible, a prospect opposed by many Nigerians, the main opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, and the international community…”

    So the APC & the ‘international community’ have become lovers of democracy? Interesting! Sometimes I wonder what these media houses think of Nigerians…So you think we do not know the antecedents of APC members & the so called ‘international community’?

    Are the APC members of today not the same parasitic elements who supported Yar Adua and encouraged him to refuse to transmit a letter to his Vice President knowing quite well that he was going to die? What did Buhari say while Yar Adua was missing in action? …and he claims to love due process. Nonsense!

    …as it is today, any country that allows certain countries who pride themselves as world leaders to interfere in their internal affairs, does so at its own peril. The elections are free and fair if a stooge wins. But it is fraud when the one who speaks his mind wins. So, to the ‘international community’, Communism is evil and corrupt, but China & Russia remain economic & industrial powers. Mugabe never wins fairly but Kagame is a good man despite the brutality of his govt & poor human rights record….and you come here to speak of the opinion of the ‘international community’? …It has no other name. It is called 21st century enslavement….I had thought the media houses would be immune.

  • Area

    When will the parasitic regions of Nigeria leave my resources alone? Go and look for your resources and get a Duncee with F in Arithmetic to lead you. In my Niger Delta nation, the blind does not lead the sighted.

    • Sorates

      Which one is your resource? You mean the Oil well in your father’s backyard abi? What about off-shore resources or you want to lay claim to the seven seas too? When did the Niger-Delta become a homogenous political entity? It seems to me, the only thing uniting people like you is pure Greed!

  • richkid

    Why is america Too concerned with our election? It’s obvious they don’t want GEJ return because we don’t give them our oil, we don’t want gay marriage, and am sure these are the things Buhari agreed to. But by the grace of GOD we will win them all. GEJ all the way

  • richkid

    Why can’t people vote from anywhere they are? They feel igbos and people from the south will be displaced from voting? Yes it’s true because they trvl alot. But I tell you in that north hausas will vote GEJ in forget this noise apc is making

  • favourtalk

    It is because they corned him and he had said it several times that his commission are ready for the poll just that he can’t speak for the security chief but his people are ready for the election comes March. We all need change are ready for it

  • David Adeniran

    Jega is wiser now. He cannot guarantee any election date; it is only Jonathan and his security chiefs that can do that. When Nigerians are tired of this yoke, they will revolt against the MANIPULATIVE Government. They did it against Abacha and certainly, Jonathan will go the way of Abacha except he retraces his step very very urgently.

  • Brandon Landry

    This Senate hearing stage managed by David Mark is merely the first
    round of the early stages of PDP’s orchestrated plot to bamboozle
    Nigerians yet again and scuttle the postponed elections. Watch them
    closely. Their carefully woven plot will be unfolding over the next few
    weeks. Nigerians start to prepare yourselves to confront this despotic
    cabal of thieves and brigands!!

  • Rico

    Nigerians are at the topmost of the most difficult people in the whole world, our politicians are also one of the most difficult to work with, Nigerians don’t know how to say ‘sorry’ and can’t accept defeat in ‘good faith’ , with such attitudes, how will you ever be bold enough to conduct any election, this is not 1993, this is 2015 where Each Nigeria’s law maker earns more than the British prime minister and president of the USA or both combined together.
    Instead of the lawmakers to do the required job, they looked the other way when the issue of fuel subsidy scandal and fraud hit the nation, well, today it has now come to hunt them.
    Those behind election postponement and interim government are the same people that hugely benefited from the fraudulent subsidy, using Nigeria’s resources against Nigerians to oppress and hold Nigerians to ransom just because they are not sure whom the winner if this election will be, i bet that they are really afraid of their inability to control the usual poor Nigerians this time.
    Unfortunately Mr President is just a tool of the cabals, just like all other presidents around the world in many nations, there are always cabals who are even more powerful than the president, but make no mistake, Edwin Clark is not one of them, he is just another opportunist Ethnic /Clan leader , the real Cabals are actually TY Danjuma and Dasuki – the NSA, and both represents some interests in this country
    These guys controls Jonathan, with Jonathan, it’s always the hand of these guys but the voice of Jonathan, mark my word today, Jonathan -just like every other Nigerian leader can never be prosecuted after leaving office, unless we elect leaders with independent minds, all the leaders from 1999 till date were selected.
    Of course we went to the polls, it was free and fair, and likewise in the offices where the results were manipulated, if you are tired of APC and PDP wahala, try other parties.
    One thing that is certain Nigeria really need is a fresh start. We missed it big time from the beginning of this democratic dispensation because of our desperation, the same desperation that has made us a difficult nation to work with.
    Meanwhile, there is no easy way out, not even ‘succession’ Nigeria’s unity is non negotiable, we are far too much and have passed that stage. we have to make it work.


    The most dunce president Nigeria ever produced is Jonathan. He is a failure in all ramifications which is known by sane Nigerians. PDP that used to be the most giant party in Africa become shattered due to Jonathan levity. The strong empire of PDP has fallen because of lackadaisical attitude of a naive president. Honestly Jonathan is not fit intellectually to govern this nation.

    • Remigius Ihe

      So you think Buhari is fit right. … give me a break.

  • “Oluwole” Isaac J. Boro

    How on earth do you want Duncee to come for a debate? That is, illiterate vs literate…It will only amount to a ‘Fido Dido’.

    …and this underscores the fact that we are a doomed ‘Nation’ . How can a Presidential candidate be running away from a simple debate? It means Duncee has a lot to hide. His sins include but not limited to:
    —–Certificate Forgery
    —–False imprisonment of Journalists
    —–Murder by firing squad
    —–Participating in a govt that murdered 9 Ogoni activists known as the Ogoni 9
    —–False imprisonment + beating of musicians e,g. Fela Kuti
    —–Incessant threats of bloodletting
    —–Introduction of Kidnapping to Nigeria by abducting Umaru Dikko
    —–Hatred for Free Education by re-introducing school fees in UPN states and jailing the Governors-Ajasin, Alli, Ige etc
    —–Sacking a democracy with AK47 at midnight
    —–Asking for amnesty for Islamic terrorists etc
    —–etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,

    So you can see that the sins of Duncee are legion. How will a man with this repugnant CV face a PhD holder? Him wan die? There is no way Duncee will survive it. He knows it …and that is why the gbana major has advised him never to attend. The reason for their evasion of the debate is what Fela would have summed up as due to ‘the underground system in their lives’…. Crooks! …and they tell us they have integrity. Nonsense!

    • malik shaibu

      the claim that Buhari is a man of integrity is merely a media creation,pure and simple.How can a presidential candidate of a party that has succeeded in collecting all the corrupt and irresponsible politicians that gave PDP a bad name in the past say he is fighting corruption.What is the nature of the agreement he signed with the person that placed a private jet at his disposal always fueled and ready to go to any part of the country on campaigns.We are no fools in this country and we will resoundingly say a loud no no to these evil chalartans

    • emmanuel

      The word ‘integrity’ should not by any means be associated with apc party or any of its members. What’s integrity to a party that leaps in the air in celebration each time a drowning non performer is joins its fold after been booted out of PDP or after noticing the handwriting on the wall. What integrity do we speak of when a former gov of Ekiti in its fold, slept on a bed that cost N50m only, or is it Tinubu who is reported to have cornered state resources as huge pensions accrue to him every month. Do we forget the Northern apc Govs whose children are constantly caught with US Dollars on Dubia or UaE bound flights as they ferry stolen raw cash? One of them has been arrested.

      So forget about integrity. That word does not exist in Nigeria. The population figures gave hundreds of thousands as the population of the villages and towns of the North East states. Boko haram has exposed all of them. Where are the millions recorded in those villages? Where is the population of the North East as fraudulently peddled by the Northern politicians?

  • malik shaibu


  • taiwo








  • taiwo

    we are grateful to our amiable president for creating the enabling environment for Inec to conduct free fair and credible elections,it is highly imperative however for our people to take note of the evil manipulations of the APC and their nefarious activities,that two staff of INEC were sacked in lagos state for conniving with the APC to disenfranchise non indigenes from voting shows that this islamic party has no good intention for our country

    • Eberechi Ezeh

      my dear but God will expose them all. #GEJ4naija

  • Victor Gee

    I think Jega should leave the security chiefs alone and concentrate on correcting INEC flaws such as PVC distribution, testing of card readers, training of ad hoc staff among others.

    Up till date many states like Ogun, Cross River are battling with shabby distribution of PVCs. It is unfortunate that Jega is chasing shadows while his core responsibilities have many challenges. It is shameful.


  • inuwa kate

    Jega should own up to his inability to hold elections as scheduled. He is not truthful. He should be monitored. I learnt the card readers will use GSM internet service, what if the network fails? What is the network got sabotaged?

    I hope his insistence on this card reader will not plunge Nigeria into crisis.

  • danjuma

    This time around the security chiefs will disappoint Jega and nigerians will see that he is a failure. The logistics are not yet ready. But he is busy pushing blames to service chiefs.

    • Eberechi Ezeh

      He will be so surprised by what will happen to him. bcos this time all what Nigerians needs are sincere people and if he decide to take bribe @ the expense of the innocent one God almighty will fight him.#GEJ4NAIJA

    • Maitama Tambari

      Oh yes Danjuma. Danjuma, you are already a failure because you have no direction but being a dog of Femi and Doyin because all your contributions are negatively against INEC and Jega without adding value to the discussion. What a shame? Stomach rehabilitation infrastructure. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • MushinSpeaks

    On March 28 we stand…our vote must be counted that day and CHANGE we want.

    • Eberechi Ezeh

      my dear, do you want to cast your vote all by yourself? the people in charge of election said they don’t know if the day is visible and you said “your vote must count that day” is that how you make your “change”. everything and anything most not end in fight. sure your vote will count @ the right time I stand for peace. and I kn PDP stand for peace too#GEJ4naija

      • Lemmuel Odjay

        Out of a total of 774 local government councils, only in 14 of them are uncertainties about elections holding. So 760 LGAs cannot vote? We had instances in the recent past when elections could not hold in a whole state like Bayelsa. Yet elections held as scheduled in Nigeria without Bayelsa State and heaven did not fall. You can run but cannot hide. He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day, Amen.

      • Saidu Spirit

        @Eberechi Ezeh You said GEJ is the real man who can restore peace in this country right… We are all Nigeria citizen we should all said the true forget about Christianity or Islam ….. @Eberechi Ezeh again why can’t you think before saying a word, look at what happens to the northeastern state bombing and killing of people like we are animal.. I guest it because is not yes happen to your states that why you open that your mount and said GEJ4NAIJA… Come to think of it, if those BOKO HARAM are really northerner Muslim how do you think there will be killing there brother’s and sister… Come to think of it again there said there are fighting agains Islam Yet there are killing the muslim if those people are real muslim defnatetly there will enter the east and start killing the Christianity because if there kill all there brother’s in the north who do there have to support them as a muslim member’s do you get think it carefully… GEJ said i buy harms for the military for is administration that what BUHARY buy for the military, fine let take it like that BUHARI did not why we all do he did…. Has GEJ distribute the harms to the army to drive of the terrors ? Can you drop answer for this question i ask you please. The bastard Jonathan said when BUHARI was a minister of the petroleum that $2.8 Billion Dollars where missing where did he take the money… Make a research at that period of time when Buhari was the minister of the petroleum in the all world which of the county have much and better petroleum in the world you will see it Saudi Arabia and there are the number one of among the country who earn much profit on petroleum…. Saudi those not make a profit of $1 billions Dollar at that particular stage not talk of Nigeria take make up to $2.8 Billions Dollar… During Yaradua time he die and left 67 billions Dollar in the Federal account now where are all money now… Is what we all know that…. The bastard Jonathan again said Buhari those not qualify to be a candidate of the 2015 presidential election that is another one…. Buhari join the Military Academy… I hope among you guys there will be one among you who have been to the Army Force Selection Bord Interview in NDA Kaduna and see how there disqualify people for the credential screening… So there is no way Buhari will not have SSCE qualification to be admitted into the military Academy.. Let me tell you one more thing Jonathan those not have PHD when he was elected to the president office.. Let me tell you if i should start listing what the eastern people or let me said Chriten people how there betray the northerner you will be shock that your people are not good… My Grand Father is a retire General also follow among those who faith the biafran war with Buhari obasanjo IBB E.T.C and let me tell you one thing Yakubu Gawon betray the northerner’s… So don’t say what you don’t know Jonathan those not wish the northerner peace over six years he can stop the boko haram how do you wish to support him?

        • Eberechi Ezeh

          and who’s problem is it? my dear

  • Eberechi Ezeh

    i think jega have some mosquito in his net wit the APC. he should stop or it by fire on his#GEJ4NAIJA

    • Maitama Tambari

      Ezeh, you are the one with a mighty mosquitoes in your bed room because of your effort to rig and mar the election with your demise PDP and its followers seeing that African Oyibo has now borrowed the Oyibo’s magic rules in perfecting election. No more woru woru by PDP. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.