Jonathan writes Senate, nominates Obanikoro, 7 others as ministers

Former Minister Musiliu Obanikoro
Former Minister Musiliu Obanikoro

The Nigerian Senate has received a correspondence from President Goodluck Jonathan listing seven nominees for ministerial appointments.

Among the nominees are a former Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro, Kenneth Kobani, a former National Treasurer of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN], who recently defected to the Peoples Democratic Party, and a former Senator from Nasarawa, Patricia Akwashiki.

Others are Professor Nicholas Akise Ada (Benue); Augustine Akobundu (Abia), Zonal Chairman, South-East PDP; Engr. Fidelia Nwankwo (Ebonyi), Hauwa Lawan (Jigawa) and Senator Joel Danlami Ikenya (Taraba).

The President of the Senate, David Mark, read the correspondence from Mr. President on the floor as the upper legislative chamber resumes deliberation after weeks of recess.

Mr. Obanikoro was one of the biggest casualties of the gubernatorial primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], after resigning his ministerial position on October 15 to vie for the party’s ticket in Lagos for the 2015 election.

He lost to Jimi Agbaje, a relatively less known candidate, who had the backing of the party’s most powerful leaders in Lagos.

Alongside Mr. Obanikoro, former ministers Emeka Wogu, Labaran Maku, Onyebuchi Chukwu, and Samuel Ortom, also lost their bids after leaving their posts to contest in their respective states.

Mr. Obanikoro rejected the Lagos results and filed a legal challenge against the declaration of Mr. Agbaje as winner, kicking off a row that has the potential to ruin any chances the party may have in snatching Lagos from All Progressives Congress, APC in 2015.

The logjam was finally been resolved amicably after President Goodluck Jonathan assured Mr. Obanikoro he would reappoint him to cabinet as part of a deal personally brokered by the President to get him to discontinue his legal challenge of the PDP governorship primary result for Lagos State.

Mr. Obanikoro later withdrew his court case, at the same time promising to fully support Mr. Agbaje as the PDP candidate.

The former minister is currently enmeshed in a huge controversy after he was heard in a leaked tape plotting the rigging of last year’s governorship election in Ekiti state.


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  • Guguru

    I don’t know why i get the feeling that this Obanikoro guy will see prison at some point in his life time.

    • dave jacob

      Oh yes, the gulag is where Obanikoro really belongs.

      • Guguru

        I think he will get there.

    • eddy

      Cos he will my brother… HE SURELY WILL!

      • Guguru


  • Amir

    If Jonathan likes he can nominate his house boy as minister, the clock is ticking. I have never seen a leader who is in a hurry to set a world record in cluelessness.

    • dave jacob

      Yes, he is biding time. Very soon, he will be thrown into the cesspool of history.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Same Obanikoro that riiged the Ekiti election with the help of soldiers….we hope not!

    • Guguru

      Jonathan enjoys the company and comfort of criminals.

      • dave jacob

        Simply because GEJ himself IS A CRIMINAL!!!

        • Guguru


  • Moses Musa

    Obanikoro must answer questions on Ekiti governorship election.

  • Gideon Orkar

    Premium Terrorists you say Jimi Agbaje is relatively less known in Lagos? Na Satan dey write una articles?

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      It wasn’t an article; it was a news report, to answer your ignorance.

      • dudu


      • Philex

        In his neck of the woods, everything sounds and looks like an article; like what they are paid to do on social media….

      • Gideon Orkar

        amala brain please who were they quoting here? “He lost to Jimi Agbaje, a relatively less known candidate, who had the backing of the party’s most powerful leaders in Lagos”. That was the opinion of the PT writer and not a direct quote. Akuya

  • favourtalk

    What did he do during the tenure he had first, he failed the country and he didn’t achieve the sincerity. We need change in nigeria, we can’t just continue with them. They used his power to rig ekiti election and yet he is still there

  • sammyctu ode

    Premium Times, why should this be a breaking news? I love PT but please, don’t annoy your followers by putting this kind of news item as a worthy news. david mark was said to have read the so called letter. This is the kind of things that useless mark will latch on. One expects the so called senate president to tackle burning issues like Naira slide, the poor economy, the stock market loosing billions on a weekly basis, the senate to debate and put an amendment in place to prevent any postponement of election, etc to be his legislative agendas but not dm who has been punishing Nigerians since his military days till now.

  • raabs06

    Bird of the same Feather…… Chai ‘I am not here for a tea party’ but for an assignment from Oga at the top.

    • Faruk Al-amin

      lol,very funny, i just they imagine his voice and face when he was making that statement

  • GEJ and his brides should just approach OBJ to help structure a deal with Buhari to refund all our stolen funds so that the exchange rate can improve at least back to N165 to the USD. The Nigerian masses must not suffer economically due to the fraudulent rascality of a few leaders. Trust Chief Anenih the greatest double agent. His luggage are packed and ready for the US using his usual health reasons, as excuse.

  • Rommel

    Obanikoro that will soon end in kirikiri

  • Advocate

    gej does not give a damn!

    • Philex

      Whatever anybody says….

      • Advocate

        even though election is in 5 weeks, we need the all hands on board to rig it.

  • Debekeme

    GEJ na gangster. He still nominated Obanikoro! Going for broke.

  • djay

    I wait to see how the National Assembly will handle the issue of Obanikoro.

  • Faruk Al-amin

    So one of the mastermind of the ekiti state rigging is being nominated for minister, is this also one of the transformational agenda of Jonathan, appointing corrupt politicians, drug barons, ex-convicts and criminals to power

  • ComradeDnZ

    Bastard Dumbo wants to recruit his last legion of election riggers to hold on to power at all cost. Nigerians resist, protect your mandate. GMB all the way.

  • abelxandercel

    Now i think GEJ is a sadist….even while opposition is using stuff like this, e.g ekitigate….why should he still go ahead and nominate someone at the middle of controversy? he doesn’t listen to peoples yanning , whatever befall him in this coming election, he should take it with good faith.

  • Juokorow

    The nomination of Obanikoro, a man nakedly drenched in the stench of Ekiti election rigging scandal, is the latest illustration of almighty Jonathan’s warped sense of personal integrity and moral compass. It is actually an insult to the entire nation and should not be confined by the legislature. I deeply weep for our beloved country where mumu rulers are hailed leaders!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      The NASS would be totally irresponsible to allow Obanikoro to become a Minister again, even if Jonothing is too insensate and irresponsible to have nominated him.

      Let us wait and see.

      • Juokorow

        Senate confirmation hearings on cabinet nominees have traditionally been perfunctory, inept, rubber-stamping exercises. I pray that, amidst current increasing winds of positive change, NASS will reject or stall Obanikoro and any alike nominee of questionable character!

  • Juokorow

    The nomination of Obanikoro, a man nakedly drenched in the stench of Ekiti election rigging scandal, is the latest illustration of almighty Jonathan’s warped sense of personal integrity and moral compass. It is actually an insult to the entire nation and should not be confirmed by the legislature. I deeply weep for our beloved country where mumu rulers are hailed leaders!

  • amzat kola

    Congrats, Distinguished Senator Musiliu Obanikoro as President Goodluck Jonathan has found you worthy of Federal Executive Member once again. Aawe oh!

  • dude

    This is one of the numerous examples of why I prefer a different president for the next four years.
    1. Do I want APC to win the presidency? Yes!
    2. Do I think GEJ understands what enlightened Nigerians expect of the president? No!
    3. Do I think OBANIKORO is guilty of election malpractices based on the audio clip? I don’t know!
    4. Should GEJ put OBANIKORO forward for a ministerial appointment? No! Not until an investigation has been conducted to prove that he is innocent

  • Philex

    Honestly, I am now finally convinced that this our president is certainly beyond redemption. So he could not even try to be politically correct at least for once and just leave Obanikoro’s name out of that least? At least until he clears his name from the Ekiti election rigging (as alleged) controversy? Has our president even bothered to listen to that tape at all (assuming he was not aware of what transpired in Ekiti)? Did he hear that Obanikoro specifically mentioned him in that tape? That he was doing what he was doing on the orders of the president? Is he even aware that His minister for police affairs has come out to confirm that that meeting took place? Is he aware that Obanikoro threatened to sit on the promotion of a serving general if it turned out he was not “happy” with the outcome of the Ekiti elections? and our president still went ahead to nominate the man to serve in his cabinet? This is simply unbelievable!!!

    • KG

      I think it is safe to conclude that Obanikoro did all this stuff with the acknowledgment of the President, that’s why he is quick to dismiss the tape as a fabrication even though the actors have admitted the meeting took place. Shame on GEJ.

    • overwhelmed nigerian

      Honestly, if this isn’t taken us for granted, I don’t know what is. Does this man even care about public opinion? How did we get here. Lord help us. He has just has to go. Haba!!!

    • bib

      He has cleared him just like he cleared MEND. Don’t be surprised if he turns around to accuse Koro by the time Logos State is lost!

  • FellowNigerians

    Let the music play on…. He’s probably just said “to hell with y’all”. And seeing they’ve got the keys to it…. Nigerians don jam one chance. God save us!

  • Hassan Lawal

    Oooh,what a president!!!

  • KG

    How can Jonathan continue with making Koro a minister, when he is currently enmeshed in the Ekiti rigging scandal. The problem with GEJ is that he behaves as if he dosent have an iota of sense in his head, when he appoint a corrupt rigging man as minister what does he expect, that koro will change overnight. It is such a pity that PDP by their actions and inactions continue to campaign directly or indirectly for the APC. GEJ is just so clueless, inept and confused, and he wonders why we continue to abuse and call him names.

    • chukwu smart

      While will some who sucked her mother breast probably for one whole year will come on a social media and begin to attack Mr president saying his clueless for appointing obanikoro as a minister dat he is involved in d rigging of ekiti election, now aboki wey no get anything for him brain, can u substantiate this very allegation dat u re nt sure of, follow follow citizen like u, GEJ all d way till 2019.

      • shegxy

        Chukwu dullard what kind of proof do you need again after the audio tape

    • Progress

      Don’t forget he appointed Fani Kayode with a case pending as well as his Publicity Secretary. The man Jona is crude and you know that the worst of arrogant people are the crude one with no family name to preserve. With such a terrible upbringing and very backward environ to grow in, he now see power as something to prove his mettle as a man afterall. Gbagbo will be better than him very soon. He may even Charles Taylored himself if care is not taken.

  • KG

    Hopefully the senate will not confirm Obanikoro as a minister. GEJ is just a disaster

  • Omo Owu

    Koro should be sent to jail for rigging in Ekiti state

  • ConScience

    Quid pro quo!!! Koro you definitely play for keeps

  • SAM .A

    Senators in America go to any extent to confirm President’s nominee for a post. Let us hope their Nigeria
    counterparts ,really have their balls to do the same job. Play the Ekiti Tape and ask Musiliu Koro to confirm if that is his voice or not? The response will be very interesting & will show some integrity in the moral fibre of the Senate that have been known as Rubber Stamp Senators.

  • Ette

    The entire list should be thrown out as their intention is further looting of the treasury in the few months remaining to the end of this wicked regime. We already have an unacceptable level of recurrent budget of 75% of annual budget and this jaundiced government is still bent on further looting. Very sad and we urge senate to throw it out if they mind the interest of this great nation. God bless Nigeria.

  • Comfortkay

    Appointing Criminals as a Minister show Nigerian from the rise of an authoritarian government in a democracy

  • BK

    Must GEJ bungle?! Nominating someone that hasn’t cleared his name in the Ekiti state audio recording is just silly. I mean!

  • Arrest Warrant

    The truth will surfaced one day..but for its clear that GEJ is aware of the Ekiti election rigging..this is probably a way of saying well done,thank u and try again to Obanikoro by GEJ…its really shameful.


    First of all I don’t understand the rush in nominating anyone right now , can’t they be nominated after the election. Secondly in any civilised society, Obanikoro will never be consider for any political appointment right now with regards to the Ekitigate

  • Progress

    Let’s see what the Senate will do.

  • Yusuf

    the senators should pls ask Obanikoko to clarify on his Ekiti rigging so that he would not use our federal government to rig again, i think it is the only reason why he is coming back at the injury time

  • Nelson David

    We don’t want Change from frying pan to fire we want transformation, PDP is now transformed. All political criminals are now in APC .#GEJ2015

  • Bassey

    For a start……being in the impartial stand..GEJ who is still in administration can change a much ministers as he wants, cause that has nothing to do with the upcoming elections…to opt out of ignorance….we Nigerians need to exercise patience and look forward to a violent free and fair elections.

  • Divine West

    GEJ is the best. we love you sir, never listerning to aboki advice because 92% are fools, their old fools like Buhari have used them for 38years without any benefit and they are here making noise, GEJ till 2019

  • Zuleika

    Let’s wait and see, the essence of the Senate screening is to address issues such as this allegation. Let’s believe the Senate will raise these questions, if they deem fit to do so. After all there are a lot of APC members in the Senate as well.

  • chinwe davis

    There is no need fighting against something that has already been done. GEJ all the way.

  • What ever jonathan Decisions are its for the general good and benefit of the people, carry on sir we are with you

  • Mr president continue your good works, I’d rather destroy my PVC the way OBJ shredded his PDP card than to vote for any other person. GEJ I salute you

  • Tunde philips

    This isn’t about party disputes, congrats to those nominated by the way.

  • kemi

    To all those nominated congrats and continue in the transformation agenda of our dear president

  • uduak akpan

    let the transformation agenda continue

  • Emeka215

    I trust the decision of our able President.

  • emmanuel

    let the good work continue

  • nwaeke

    If these men are not tested and trusted i don’t see any reason why Mr President should appoint them as ministers. As for Obanikoro, his popularity swells daily so people have decided to hate a young man that is out to make a difference.

  • uko bassey

    by the time GEJ steps down in 2019 our great country will be totally transformed to a new beautiful Nigeria…

  • geraldine jaja

    i trust Mr presidents sense of judgement…he has decided#we will support the transformation of Nigeria till 2019

  • ahmed

    GEJ’s decision is always on point…he remains Nigeria’s president till 2019

  • nafisat

    Mr president knows whats good for Nigeria, he has never failed us! #GEJtill2019

  • Advocate

    pests!. if the senate clear the list, it is the reputation of the senate that is tatters

  • Ukpono

    I don’t seem to see why people won’t hate and kick against you if you’re not doing well. If nobody talks about you then you’re nobody, Jonathan and his team has managed this country excellently well so far. All i can say is RIDE ON!

  • Etega

    Jonathan na u we know ooo.. the rest na counterfeit.

  • otunga

    journalists and journalism are our biggest problem, they’d never stand for the truth, when you say the blunt reality they refuse to publish it, they give us what they want us to see and hear, anyone following American politics since the Trump administration came in would know that journalism has gone to the dogs, same here @ premiumtimes..publish my comment if you got the balls hypocrites! I know you’d publish this to make yourselves seem like the victims, we know your tactics… Serpents!