58 Nigerians killed in 2015 pre-election violence so far – Rights Commission

Members of APC attacked after the presidential campaign in Port Harcourt.

At least 58 Nigerians have so far died in election-related violence ahead of general polls that have been rescheduled for March 28 and April 11, a report released by Nigeria’s human rights body said Friday.

The report on pre-election violence, compiled by the National Human Rights Commission, said that in the past 50 days, 61 incidences of election violence occurred in 22 states with 58 people killed.

The incidences of violence, the commission said, were captured from all the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

“The world believes that Nigeria is going to eat itself up because we are going for an election, we must show we can do things differently. We don’t want our election administrators killed, we don’t want our voters killed, and we don’t want our politicians killed,” said Chidi Odinkalu, the chairman of the human rights body, at the presentation of the report Friday.

Mr. Odinkalu said the scale of the 2015 pre-election violence is alarming because Nigeria has never experienced such. He said all electoral officers, security operatives and everyone who would be participating at the elections must be insured.

Presenting the 80-page document, the human rights chief said the footprints of possible election violence are already visible in three states across Nigeria.

The three states are Lagos, with 11 incidences and 22 persons killed; Kaduna with three incidences and nine people killed; and Rivers with one incidence and at least six deaths.

The report will be distributed to the lawmakers, past leaders, party chairpersons, and the Attorney General of the Federation, Mr. Odinkalu said.

The report came a day before the previous schedule of the presidential election. The polls were moved to March by the Independent National Electoral Commission, amid security concerns.

Mr. Odinkalu said the commission will reach out to the two leading presidential candidates — President Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu of the All Progressive Congress – to do an audio recording preaching peace during the election.

“This election is between brothers and sisters; it is not a war. We want to hear the voice of President Jonathan, we want to hear the voice of General Buhari together and this recording will be launched before the elections,” Mr. Odinkalu said.

He said the political leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the APC, Adamu Muazu, and John Oyegun, must give commitments to peace on television stations, social media and through telephones.

Mr. Odinkalu called on politicians, civil society organizations and all Nigerians to support the Independent National Electoral Commission in the discharge of its duties. He said any recommendation should be forwarded to the team in the most professional manner.

Mr. Odinkalu said Nigerians, political leaders and their candidates must learn to disagree and manage their disagreements, adding that by doing so, the people who lost their lives in election violence, will be honoured.

He said the commission through its Election Violence Incidence Centre will be monitoring hate speeches through the election period, calling out parties or candidates who get involved in hate speeches, calling out candidates who do not indulge in sending out messages against violence and also making a report available after the general elections to the general public.

“We want to be fair, but we cannot abdicate; we have no other country except Nigeria. I don’t want on my watch as chair of the NHRC for any Nigerian to end up in the Hague,” he said.


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  • burning spear

    In 8 years, Obasanjo and Atiku built 2 universities for themselves AND THEMSELVES ALONE————-BUT, in 4 years GEJ and Sambo gave Nigerians 14 brand new universities.–OVER 100 ALMAJIRI SCHOOLS-ROAD-NETWORK-AND RAILWAYS-
    Vote for the Truth, Let your conscience judge you as you go to the polling booth…. Your vote is for the destiny of your generation..people who were Devils and became Saints overnight because they try to confuse you with lies….

    If they had done better you will not be where you are now….

    • Festuso

      I wonder why all these Igbo irredentists are crying more than the bereaved. Did GEJ promise the Igbo nation something after completing his eight years? If so, you guys are living in cookoo land. GEJ cannot deliver what he does not own. He will only end up disappointing you all. Better to be on good terms with all the tribes that make up Nigeria…it is the only way the Igbo people will get their due. A word is enough for the wise!

      • Anthony Eze

        Are you kidding yourself or what? Igbos get along with everyone, but to trust Yoruba ke?! Yoruba wey get triple tongue — the most crooked humans on this planet? How can anyone lounge with the Yorubas? Abeg wake up! The world is well aware of the Yoruba gambits that for sure.

        • Festuso

          Igbos DO NOT get along with everyone. Stop being in denial. The Hausas do not trust you and neither do the South Southerners. They will show you the door and keep their oil when the time comes. As for your pathological hatred of the Yoruba, I think that will be your greatest undoing. You can NEVER have an Igbo President without the support of the Yoruba….if you do, he would not be able to sleep with both eyes closed while he is there. The Yoruba are the people the Igbo should cultivate and have as friends ….they are closer in terms of intellectual acuity, business acumen and religious inclination. You ignore them to your own peril. Put your thinking cap on, my friend!

  • burning spear

    Buhari And HIS Wicked Wife.

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhari Borrowed N27Million for APC nomination form, while Billionaire Wife announced donating N130Million to Adamawa IDP. That IS NIGERIA FOR U
    Who are the Buharis’ deceiving? The most dubious couple of the 21 1st century. We don’t want dubious people as our leaders.
    Muhammadu or Mohamed Buhari is the presidential candidate of the Nigerian first Islamic Party of 9ja, APC.

    Say No to Fraudsters, Say No to Booooooooooooooooooooooooohari and his wife. SOON THEY WILL TELL US THE MONEY CAME FROM TINUBU COCAINE FOUNDATION IN THE USA

    • Binta

      It happens only in continent Nigeria where a Lawyer is second fiddle to someone with only 3 credit passes in Wace and an F9 (6%) score in Mathematics.

      Somehow they think Nigerians have cow brains. Bokohari borrowed 27m and goes about with bullet proof and Bomb proof BMW…and his kidnapee wife is donating 139m. This is possible only in Nigeria….and you will soon find an Oluwole come here to defend the terrorist loving 79yr old.

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      If you call Buhari’s wife wicked, then what is patience Jonathan? A saint abi? Ijaw Moron!!

  • burning spear

    “The Killing Of 11 NYSC Members By Buhari Supporters Are Normal”. – Buhari On CNN.

    According to the Presidential candidate of the Nigerian first Islamic Party, the APC, Pa Muhammadu Buhari described the gruesome murder of 11 NYSC members after he lost the 2011 election a normal thing in his interview with CNN Christiane Amanpour on CNN.

    The former Military dictator and supporter of the Islamic terror group Boko Haram, Muhammadu or Mohamed Buhari added that they were killed because they were involved in the election rigging, a position he has maintained in the last 4 years.

    Buhari has already promised Nigerians that Baboons and Dogs will mix in Blood if he loses the election in 2015, as he did in 2011. To be 4 warned to be 4 armed——–

    • Ukpaka

      Take this garbage to your nearest moto-park. You’re in the wrong forum, you don’t belong here.

    • Eniriches

      I really believe you were high on weed and Ogogoro, while the CNN interview was on.

  • korona melvin


  • grace folarin

    GEJ campaign moves against such act of killing innocent nigerians because of power. GMB is yet to comment or even condemn such acts. people dying for the course of election violence is a bad stain on this great country. nigerians open your eyes and see that the GEJ train of transformation is out for the good will of the smallest nigerian to the biggest. #GEJ4NAIJA NO2buhari

    • Olu

      What a condemnation! Action speaks louder than voice. By their fruits we shall them.

  • Olayinka Fijabi

    But how long will it take Duncee to produce a certificate? How long?
    Hear Gani Adams, the OPC leader:…

    “…In Yoruba land I remember when I became leader of OPC, people say I did not have enough education to be a leader. Therefore, I went to school, I trained myself and I went to school. I went to even write WAEC, I went to write NECO, I wrote WAEC again. I went to Ghana to get a diploma, I got a diploma in Lagos State University onward to receiving a degree, but now Buhari is being alleged of not having a School Certificate…”

    “… I just got my PVC on Friday and in my house almost all the 35 people that registered, it is only me and two others that got theirs, 32 other are yet to receive theirs, and you now say the election should hold, and you are blaming Jonathan…”

    • Festuso

      You can send the comments below to your OPC leader for his information. I don’t know who made him a Yoruba leader but he is not my leader if he is supporting Jonathan. I’m a full-blooded Yorubaman!

      Check this out:
      The Independent National Electoral Commission has said that it has achieved 69.68 per cent distribution of permanent voter cards as of February 10.

      The Deputy Director, Voter Education and Publicity, INEC, Nick Dazang, said this in an interview in Abuja on Friday adding that as at February 13, the commission had surpassed 69. 68 per cent distribution. He, however, did not give precise figures.

      He said “Since we are speaking of three days ago, that means we have surpassed that bench-mark,” he said.

      Mr. Dazang advised politicians to invest their time and resources in positive strategies of winning elections rather than buying Permanent Voter Cards from prospective voters.

      He gave the advice following a claim that politicians were buying cards and collecting their numbers.

      Mr. Dazang said it was also advisable for politicians to judiciously use their time in other endeavours that would help the political process instead of collecting Voter Identification Number of registered voters.

      He said buying people’s PVCs would be of no help as the cards could not be used by another person other than the original owners.

      “Politicians should encourage those who have not collected to go and collect their PVCs.

      • warry

        I am telling you that my name was removed from the register byJega .He initially said it was those that did double registration that he removed. Now the truth has come out and he is saying there was loss of data If so why not start PVC distribution earlier, so that those whose data is lost like me will re register and get their PVC. So many people who re registered in December are still awaiting their PVC from INEC. It is not a case of not collecting, but INEC cannot bring their PVC’s

    • Omooodua




  • tundemash

    Duncee, Where is your certificate? Duncee, come for presidential debate

  • Election Watch 2015

    Attahiru’s Jagajaga election of 2015

    Violence follows a flux since a good election process must be orderly
    As at today, INEC’s Jaga jaga man achieved under 70% PVC distribution
    on the night before the first scheduled election of February 14th –
    and that means if election were not postponed, 30%+ of Nigerians
    would be disenfranchised outright by this Professor Attahiru Jega,
    since ‘distribution’ is not the same thing as ‘delivery’ of PVC to voters
    So, what has ‘national insecurity’ got to do with Attahiru Jega’s palpable incompetence?

    • Titi

      PDP no get sense walahi; jega don turn enemy of the state overnight

  • Cramjones

    For those that support GEJ, I pray God blesses your kids with the kind of brain GEJ has! Can I hear an Amen to wishing for the lowest IQ brain for a President.

    Can’t wait. March4Buhari!

    • Yusuf

      loooool, pls give them small smal

  • basil edoma

    The only violent party here is apc. A few days after signing a peace pact, our president’s convoy was attacked by those pea-brained abokis up north. Why??? Because their useless and mumu cult leader buhari instigated them against the issue of elections with the ideology of born to rule doctrine. Nonsense… GEJ assured of a peaceful election and will adhere to the promise… I just hope that the tyrant buhari will accept defeat in good faith and act the gentleman he potrays he is rather than gather his armies of clueless zombies to maim and kill in the name of patriotism….

    • Yusuf

      loooool… i pity una, if your party was to be peaceful it wont have paid someone who has lost interest in his own country, to incite hate and violence based on regional incivility

  • Olu

    Name callings or no name calling, Buhari is Nigeria president come March. Distractions have failed.

  • aminuabdulwahab

    It’s really sad that Nigerians most especially the youths derive joy in violence and disunity rather than dedicating ourselves to our Dear country Nigeria with our abundant talents, ideas, competencies and values to drive the change that will help transform our country to even greater heights……..In spite of our diversity, Lets work together and promote a sense of peace and unity in our country. #GEJ4NAIJA.

  • RenoOmokiri

    Guys you just need to know we have alibaba and the 40 thieves deployed to this topic, we have doubled our online team for the next 6 weeks transformation on all newspapers, Facebook, nairaland, Twitter …. You cannot escape us, we have all types of names ……. Lalala GEJ till I finish my house soon

    • Bibi

      Mr. Reno Omokri-New Media adviser to President Jonathan- how much per post? I need to spread the word. A lot of people want to make money. So how much are you paying per post?

      • RenoOmokiri


      • RenoOmokiri


        • Bibi

          Reno Omokri, which one now? I beg give me the details. President Jonathan has a lot of oil money-the 20 billion naira Campaign Chop is even the tip of the iceberg. See Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke-Jonathan’s oil minister just gave 70 million naira to President Jonathan for his rally in Bayelsa sate just like that. So give us the details so that we spread the word and people make their money too as you are making coooly. So how much do you people in Aso Rock pay per post?

  • Depreiye Adrian

    Violence is not the way forward Fellow Nigerians a free and fair credible election will emerge. Let there be peace and harmony in our campaigns how many lives will continue to go, Power is not by force its by grace. Thuggery violence will not add an impact to life just destroys. We need both transformation and change how well it impacts is what matters. Lives and property are important these are the eligible voters.

  • August January

    Too bad