INEC didn’t consult me before shifting elections — Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has stated that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, did not consult with him before it decided to reschedule the general elections in Nigeria.

The INEC chairman, Attahiru Jega, last Sunday announced that elections billed for February 14 and 28 would now hold on March 28 and April 11. He said the service chiefs had warned that the military will not be available to provide security during the election.

Many Nigerians, opposition politicians and most recently former President Olusegun Obasanjo have accused Mr. Jonathan and his party, the PDP of being behind the shift.

Speaking on Wednesday on a live media chat, Mr. Jonathan said he was not consulted by INEC.

“I was not consulted and I don’t want to be consulted,” he said in response to a question by one of the journalists.

The President said it was within the powers of INEC to postpone the polls, even as he argued that beyond the security concerns raised by the relevant security organs, the electoral umpire themselves were unable to distribute enough permanent voters cards to eligible Nigerian voters.

“In Lagos for example only 38 per cent of voters have their PVCs, so if you hold elections there 62 per cent will not be able to vote,” he said.

Asked whether there will be another shift if the military are unable to defeat Boko haram in six weeks, Mr. Jonathan said the focus of the government is not to wipe out Boko Haram completely, but to “reclaim lost territories”.

He said the government simply wants to create a situation whereby all Nigerians displaced from their homes will be able to return and elections hold there.

He said the military is already making progress especially with renewed cooperation from Nigeria’s neighbours.
“Nobody is saying Boko Haram must be wiped out completely before they conduct elections,” he said. “In the next four weeks Nigerians will see the difference in the security intervention in the North.”

The President also reassured that elections would hold within the stipulated time and a new president would be sworn in by May 29.


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  • Walter

    What does he mean “not to wipe out Boko Haram completely, but to “reclaim lost territories”? Does this man even think before he speaks?

    • Tope

      and what is bad on that statement?, you do you think before you comment?. anyway let me clear the air for you, the man was simply saying that boko haram does not need to be wiped out completely before election must hold. all they intend to do is to bring a little sanity in the troubled areas because if we wait for boko haram to be wiped out completely that means that will never be any election this year, the whole world is battling terrorism, even america is not free from it. please my brother we should stop analyzing whatever this man says out of hatred or envy. let us be logical and take things easy with him. he is normal person like you and me so you do not expect him to perform magic over night.

      • TC

        Elementary rebuttal…….

      • Walter

        Nope, that’s not what it means…

        He said: Mr. Jonathan said the focus of the government is not to wipe out Boko Haram completely, but to “reclaim lost territories”. His focus is not to wipe out Boko Haram. People will read different meaning to it. His words should be said carefully then. Our current focus is to bla bla bla, and if we are able to defeat and wipe them out then bla bla bla…! it shows how his thinking is? He is focused on only reclaiming???? That’s not PRESIDENTIAL.

        • Tope

          I disagree with you on that understanding. read directly from what he said as quoted… “Nobody is saying Boko Haram must be wiped out completely before they conduct elections,” he said. “In the next four weeks Nigerians will see the difference in the security intervention in the North.”

          • Walter

            Bullshit if you ask me. For 6 years nothing. Somebody will think this next few weeks will be used to finish Boko Haram completely however why not wait till after the elections? Did the elections in 2011 cover the whole of Nigeria’s LGA?

          • nnadoris

            Tope only a wise man will understand what his saying forget dose selfish people.GEj we support

          • amazing2012

            Why his statements always needs someone to explain further ? Why his speach give room to interpretation ?

          • John West

            because most Nigerians (80%) are neither wise nor properly educated that is why they can’t understand GEJ.Nigerians need uneducated tyrant that will brutally handles them with horse whip

          • amazing2012

            JOHN if 80% cannot understand or enjoy your government then is better to have the one that will be understood, what ever you may call it. If with PhD still 80% of the people Uncle Jona is ruling are not happy with his system, can you rate his government as successful ?
            My concern is not on duration to tidy Boko mess but why should president statement be Misunderstood always ? Why after he made every statement someone has to explain to people what he mean ?

        • amazing2012

          Another well meaning point, thank you !

          • John West

            Another well meaning what?, see what you have done to yourself, you guys are the reason they said that more than 70% percent of Nigerian graduates are not employable. how can your focus be to wipe out bokoharam within six weeks when you have not been able to do that for years. you want Mr president to give you an over sized promise only for you to start castigating him when is not actualized. BLOCK HEADS go back to primary school

      • Osebe

        Tope u need not explain anything to them.That has always been their game.Distorting statements just to make useless points.Leave them to say whatever they want.English is not for everybody…#GEJtill2019

        • Walter

          I understand what Tope is trying to say, however, note that yes this is your focus, what happens if you have the means to stop them completely? Does it mean he won’t? I think his focus is too MYOPIC if you ask me. Hopefully you understand why I’m worried about him talking like this.

          • Tope

            It’s all good brother, but what I am saying again is that we should not be judgmental about certain issues always maybe due to hatred for the person in question. all these fighting and biting will end in few weeks from now. One thing I am sure is that winning comes from God. weather we like it or not,whoever he has ordained to be there must be there and there is nothing we can do about it. If he has ordained jonathan, our collective hatred on him will not stop him, if he has ordained buhari, there nothing we and even pdp put together can do that will stop him. we should take things easy, nigeria is a very difficult place to govern because we have very difficult people here.

          • amazing2012

            Excellent !

        • amazing2012

          Your suffering continue till 2019. !

      • Maitama Tambari

        Tope, you sound to be an insider, close to Doyin. It is not the whole of Borno State that Boko Haram operates. The Southern Borno where Biu is situated is free from Boko Haram, and there are close to seven local government areas. Beneshik, Ngamdu on the Western Borno State is also free of them. When you come to Yobe State, Fika, Potiskum, Nguru, Gaidam, Gashua, North West and West of Yobe is also free from them. In Adamawa State, Yola, Jimeta, Bayo Moila, Numan, Southern part of Adamawa State is free of Boko Haram. Without the postponement of the election, it could have been possible to hold the election. Postponement of the election cannot change the minds of Nigerians who dearly are looking for a change in Administration, come rains or shine, change will come. Ask Doyin after his last outing, I believe he is feeling it in his vein, the flow of change in his blood. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

        • Tope

          One thing I am sure is that winning comes from God. weather we like it or not,whoever he has ordained to be there must be there and there is nothing we can do about it. If he has ordained jonathan, our collective hatred on him will not stop him, if he has ordained buhari, there nothing we and even pdp put together can do that will stop him. we should take things easy, nigeria is a very difficult place to govern because we have very difficult people here.

      • amazing2012

        You are putting words to his mouth ! Is he a baby ? Or why anytime he speaks someone has to interpret the meaning of his statement ?

        • Otile

          Don’t defend the dan iska, ka jiko?

      • John West

        @Tope GOD bless you, they think it is easy, must of them criticizing can never control their families not to talk of a whole country.

    • Wähala

      It simply means to reclaim lost territories so displaced citizens can return to their enclaves and participate in the elections. Wiping out Boko Haram completely is simply not possible now since the terrorists also live in Sambisa Forest… and operate from neighboring countries as well, not just Nigeria. So, like ISIS, the Bokos are in more than one countries thus, impossible to wipe out in 6weeks… that’s the meaning of his keywords “focus”. Kapisch?

      • Walter

        Yea, but my question then is is the focus to little? I believe the focus is to displace Boko Haram and make sure they don’t come back. A leader will always make sure no matter what “heading to battle to COMPLETELY finish the enemy” Art of War!

        • Wähala

          Yeah, right!
          But again, read the question he was asked again and you’ll see his immediate focus is reclaiming lost territories…

          • Otile

            Okotuna nini?

        • amazing2012

          Excellent !

      • Otile

        Kolobaka bosoto mingi ti.

    • John West

      @walter, my friend no body can ;pay for your lack of understanding okay. now let me correct you only this one time, the president says that boko haram may not be wiped out within this six weeks before election but they can be able to reclaim lost territory within the six weeks to enable inec hold election their. please don;t confuse yourself. And let me use this opportunity to ask all of you that are calling our president clueless, is he clueless and he made his moves from deputy governor to governor to vice president and to president, even if he did not work it out himself but at least something is doing it for him which we don’t KNOW and that is why he is awesomely not ordinary. SO STEER CLEAR AND WATCH

  • Contact Point

    Well, thank God he said it himself that a new president will be sworn in, of course that can’t be him

  • Hassan Lawal

    I watched the interview live,nothing of substance to hold,it was all but a trash! They are obviously bereaved of antics to use to rig the election.The interview was never planned for,it was a last minute dash,after the “ekiti tape” strategy.What a president! so moronic,

    • Yusuf

      the normal Jona stufff, stealing is not corruption

    • Sword of Damocles

      yes sir, very moronic indeed, but i would also blame the so-called journalists who participated in this charade. Some “people” must be “brushing their mouths” to remove the stench of defecation from so much butt-licking during this charade. Where was the simple question asking the President if he had listened to the ‘ekitigate” recording, and if he authorised Obanikoro to go on that mission HEARD on the tape? where was the question if he prompted the military to write INEC or approved of his NSA writing/accosting Jega just before council of State meeting? where was the question asking whether the President knew the % of voters receiving their voting registration(equivalent of PVC) in 2011 compared to 2015 (much lower in 2011) he stated that INEC was obviously not ready to conduct the elections on Feb 14th due to in his word low distribution of PVC(yet this very same man has not seen fit to declare public holiday for PVC distribution). Very lazy journalism in my book. i am not a journalist & I am thinking up these questions as i type. why must Nigeria always settle for mediocrity?

      • Okikiola Beckley

        You think this was a genuine interview session,it was chereographed with all questions supplied before hand. This angle that he knows nothing about the poll shift is an insult to our intelligence and the the dumbest political observer in our midst won’t believe that crap.

  • Wähala

    “Asked whether there will be another shift if the military are unable to defeat Boko haram in six weeks, Mr. Jonathan said the focus of the government is not to wipe out Boko Haram completely, but to “reclaim lost territories””. – PT

    @Premium Times… So, why did your man, Somebody Ibanga, not specifically ask Dr. Dumbo if March 28th is sacrosanct date for holding the general elections? What happened to his nerves? Look, it’s common sense logic to say the elections will again be postponed and your man is now party to the subversion of democracy in Nigeria… he was a fcuk-up! I was thoroughly disappointed with him at that press chit-chat. In fact, he was the least articulate and the most nervous in front of authority figure. Needless to say it was a “programmed” press interaction, so I will reiterate my earlier comment…

    Choreographed nonsense. The sheer number of Gejitoes who have thus far commented proves the man is desperate to win lost sympathies. The moderator with her nappy hair kept putting words into his mouth and the lengthy answers is clear evidence the mumu got “expo” before the chat. The most disappointing of the journalists present was Ibanga of Premium Times, he just didn’t cut it and was not articulate with his few follow-up questions, he looked nervous. The sharpest there was Deji Badmus but his aggression was curtailed by the nappy-haired lady and her rudeness in interjecting in-between peoples’ sentences including the so-called President’s remarks. She was a mess just as the whole chat was unimpressive. The amount seized in SA is $15million not $9.5million, when Dumbo said, “the case is in court”…even my dog would have barked, ‘which court?’ Nigerian or South Africa court as in the “due process” requisite to recover our seized money. None of those stooge journalists asked about the forensic report and our missing $20bn at the NNPC. None asked why a Govt. that claimed they know where the Chibok girls were has till date not rescued them… and the most annoying, when Dumbo said May 29th is sacrosanct, none of those clown journalists asked about March 28th being sacrosanct. In all, it stank to high heavens that this was a programmed chit-chat. Online mosquitoes (gejitoes) can buzz all they like, the crook from Marijuana Creeks is going back to his enclave as Nigerians are discerning people who have grown wiser than TV pep talks.

    • Osebe

      stop spilling trash all in a bid to make a comment.

      • Wähala

        Defeatist… I bet you can’t impeach me on points. Answer any of the unasked questions if you dare. Olosi. Drunkard!

    • amazing2012

      Well said !

      • Otile

        What is well said about the rubbish your partner is spitting every now and then? Nonsense

    • Otile


    • D1

      @Wahala, Kudos! For a clear objective analysis.
      Every objective eyes knows, the inclusion of the rude nappy-haired lady was a deal breaker for Jona, to calm the waves of inconvenient and aggressive questions, and help Mr President out in his incomprehensible fumbling.

      Won’t be surprised if her appearance was vetted by Okugbe! You can never take anything beyond this ‘Sheople’, very dangerous sets.

      I concur with your observation of the PT man, he needs to be whipped, what a let down!

  • Yusuf

    didnt your officers consult u before issuing security boycott????

  • Chris1408

    With this, May the best candidate that can move Nigeria forward win.



  • Sword of Damocles

    INEC didn’t consult me before shifting elections”

    this is my problem with this President. The above is not the question. The question is: did you MR President, influence(by word or deed) the DECISION of YOUR national security adviser & the military to write INEC, insisting that security CANNOT be guaranteed for the elections if held on Feb 14th? And did you authorise Obanikoro to go on the mission on which he was caught on tape using YOUR NAME? These are the questions we want a YES or NO answer to. Why? so that in the future we can prosecute your behind if you are LYING. Why is this so complicated? Chai, O’boy na only GOD go save us

    PS why was that lady(moderator) always finishing off the president’s sentence, almost as if she were his wife?

    • Denis_NG

      That one was a surprise to me too. The woman was not professional, she consistently tried to put words in Jonathan’s mouth, finishing and rephrasing sentences for him. Such unprofessional behavior ought to be condemned. You do not patronize your guest, allow him be and let him answer questions thrown at him, all by himself.

  • John

    Liar! Liar!, Liar!,, Even after your NSA went to London to call for postponement? And even after you chaired the National Council of State in which you requested six weeks postponement? Liar! Liar!! Liar!!!

  • Salisu Halima

    they didnt contact him so he couldnt influence the shifting of the polls #Simple #GEJ4NAIJA

  • taewo

    This man is a liar.

  • Advocate

    this man is not going anywhere, there will be no election.



    • D1

      catastrophic you mean!



  • D1

    Jona is being clever by half! If you claimed that, you weren’t consulted, What was the reason for the security council meeting? Why did your sycophants, Clark, Okunrounmu et al called a press conference while the meeting was in process and called for postponement, making all sorts of allegations? Why did your party quick to accept the postponement?
    INEC, the umpire, keep saying they are ready for the elections, Jona and his goons keep saying they are not. Who do we believe?
    All these drama is obviously being orchestrated by PDP and the Military. The recent accusation and character assassination of Jega by Fani Werepe, Ahmadu Ali and Okugbe points to it all. Jona is noted to talk from both side of his mouth, no one trust his word anymore.
    This postponement is definitely Jonny and his goons doing! The only reason, they are in denial is because they have been caught and we’ve seen through the whole shenanigans.

  • Rataya Tambai

    Assuming we should believe you on what you say, AGAIN; would you have told Jega not to postpone the elections? Hahaha….

  • Sorry about that sir, but don’t worry Sir, I promise they will consult you before the next postponement. But Sir, is the lady besides you your lawyer or something, she is just answering the whole questions for you.

  • Lekan

    jona mr. liar liar. the ogogoro that you are drinking does not make you know what you are saying again. Please whenever you are drunk, don’t partake in any media chat. So also, when you are partaking in a media chat, kindly don’t drink ogogoro because you are always confused yourself.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    Ideally, JEGA needs not to consult him as this would make the postponement sounds influenced by him. Besides, INEC is an independent body that does not need to consult the president. Meanwhile, NSA would definatley consult him being an office directly under his supervision before writing INEC that they could not provide security.

    So, which consultation is he expecting from INEC. He is not just being sincere.

    • Funso Ogunsanya

      As usual.

  • Omo naija.

    Liar Liar pants on fire. The postponement is sacrosanct and it is your brainchild. You however confirmed you will sack Jega just like you did with Sanusi.

    • kingsley obi

      i wonder if you have the brains of a fish, because it is the duty of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to conduct the elections at times it sees fit and not GEJ

  • Ette

    How can Nigerians trust this blatant liar. He used the military and the blood of innocent Nigerians killed by boko haram to coerce Jega to submit to his draconian demand to shift election, and he is shamelessly telling the world that he was not consulted. Is he not the person who canvassed the postponement at the council of states meeting, and when JEGA refused all his PVC and lack of preparation pressures, he resorted to stage a coup against NIGERIAN collective will which is having very terrifying effects on our economic, social and political developments. Let us vote him out before he completely destroys our country.

  • Comfortkay

    We do not know how many Nigerian lives in Nigeria and how come did we know that 38 percent have a voting card when there is no censurs.

  • Johnson Omale

    Jo-Nothing be sincere for once

  • Oladele

    shameless liar! Why then did you call a council of state to deliberate state of preparedness of INEC for over 7hrs. Presidents ought to be responsible people.

    • Peter

      See the way you address your president. Would you have dared address OBJ in this way when he was in power. An irresponsible fellow.

      • Oladele

        It is nothing to do with how I address anyone, what was said is simply a LIE. A president does not tell brazen lies if indeed that person is a president. You know in Nigeria they are rigged in so it is difficult for them to get the respect. However, presidents get this anywhere in the world. Check what Americans call their president and you will come back and thank me for just telling the truth. Mr Jonathan would have LIED if he said INEC did not consult with him. The Military requested six weeks, who approves of their operation, Mr Jonathan! which he didn’t deny, so he simply lied.

        • John West

          so you no get fear to insult a president like that, but for your information a yoruba man has not being the president of Nigeria before, because the two times obasanjo ruled that opportunity and empowerment was given to him by the hausas

    • nafisat

      He said that JEGA didnt consult him before shifting the date and that it wasnt nessasary fom him to be consulted, he didnt say he never deliberated on their state of preparedness#go and remove some ear wax.

  • kingsley obi

    GEJ will remain the man of the people and for the people, and opposition should wake up to reality that he has done more than noble for this entire country….UP GEJ

    • dave jacob

      Paid net rogue, all your arrangee net invasion will end whenever the presidential election takes place. Just keep deceiving yourselves!

    • dave jacob

      The man of bandits GEJ is!!!

  • faith adams

    President Goodluck has spoken well,they did not and should not consult him because it is an independent body………#GEJITE

    • sofia williams


    • dave jacob

      Paid jaguda you are!!!

  • nafisat

    Kisses Mr. president, You are loved by true Nigerians#GEJ till 2019

    • dave jacob

      Only few paid thieves like you love the larcenous GEJ!

      • Uko akwa ibom

        Only fools like u can call someone a thief

    • Uko akwa ibom

      This president is loved by all

  • uko bassey

    enough of the presidential chat, we know he did well as usual….did buhari not hold an interview with cnn? after watching him i asked is any nigerian voting this guy? Buhari is a joker#GEJ till 2019

    • dave jacob

      If u like, continue with ur net fake paid support, GEJ has lost!

      • ahmed

        I know how you feel my brother, defeat can be very painful,Man up, dont cry, Buhari will never be the president of nigeria…

        • Uko akwa ibom

          Nigeria is at least 30 years ahead of Buhari.30 years ago he could shoot anybody he damn wanted to without my opinion but today has to,in fact must get my opinion before he can be president.and guess wat?i say NO!which part of NO!does Buhari not understand?i believe that english is simpler than nomadic grammar.

      • Uko akwa ibom

        U wish but God pass u

    • Uko akwa ibom

      That guy was nothing but international disgrace.

  • Etimbuk’showy Okpudo

    is anyone still doubting that GEJ is sweeping the polls to remain as president till 2019? no one?, yeah thats what i thought.GEJ till 2019

    • dave jacob

      GEJ will only sweep clean the floor of the Presidential palace in readiness for the new tenant, GMB, or else “physical desecration of the villa” will be added to charges against him (GEJ) after vacating the presidency.THE CHANGE FORCE IS INDOMITABLE, INVINCIBLE AND IRREPRESSIBLE IN JESUS’ NAME AMEN!!!

  • Haywhy

    Well done Mr President. Sir agreed that the INEC chairman skipped consultation with you probably due to the Agency’s independence status, it was however widely reported that the NSA actually consulted with your NSA. My question is; on whose behalf did the NSA do that?

  • Uko akwa ibom

    The logic behind INEC’s much purported independence must be reexamined

  • Change4nigeria

    Even an illiterate won’t make such a comment, **i was not consulted and i don’t want to be Consulted** Even when all of you deliberated in the council of state meeting. Another one out of many lies . Our PVC is clean and dusted till March, no amount of money will make me to sell it… I dey laugh oooo

  • Depreiye Adrian

    INEC is doing their job you need not be consulted Mr. President for an efficient credible elction which they handled before they know their major hassles and i believe INEC has good reason for shifting the election dates

  • Ibukun Tosin

    When u watched the media chat with a prejudiced mind, how then can you objectively analyse it? Exactly what most people do when they listen to the first lady speak – instead of the message, they listen out for grammatical errors consequently missing the point of any message she tries to pass. The President was only saying; A thief should be called a thief. Calling someone a thief and handling such as a thief is more disgraceful and degrading than covering such as being corrupt – which is a much milder term. For me, this is the best dissection and cannibalization of stealing…