Niger parliament approves sending troops to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram

Niger Army; Photo credits: Wikipedia

Niger’s parliament has given an unanimous approval for the deployment of the country’s troops to Nigeria to join a multinational force taking on the jihadist group, Boko Haram.

The Nigerien forces will join their Chadian counterparts who are already fighting on Nigerian soil in north-eastern Borno State where Boko Haram has killed thousands and displaced many more.

Ahead of the vote in Niamey Monday, Boko Haram launched an overnight raid Sunday on the border town on Diffa, and followed that up with a bomb attack Monday.

Chad and Niger- by far smaller than Nigeria- have grown into military relevance in stopping Boko Haram, after Nigeria for five years failed to crush the group and instead lost towns, key military facilities and weapons to the group.

Boko Haram vowed in a new video released Monday to defeat the coalition that also has Cameroon, Nigeria’s neighbour to the east.

The four countries, as well as Benin, have agreed to send a joint force of 7,500 troops to battle the militant group.

Before Niger’s parliamentary vote, the country massed more than 3,000 troops in its southern region of Diffa on the border with Nigeria, awaiting approval to cross into Nigeria.

“The pooling of the efforts and resources of concerned countries will contribute without doubt to crushing this group which shows scorn, through its barbaric acts, for the Muslim religion,” Niger’s parliamentary speaker Adamou Salifou said after the vote late on Monday, Reuters news agency reported.

“Our country has never failed it its solidarity with its neighbours,” he said.

The vote was supported by all 102 deputies present, Reuters reported.

On Friday, French army official said in Paris that a detachment of 10 military personnel had been stationed in Diffa at the request of Niger, its former colony.

“The detachment is there to coordinate the armies on the ground in the fight against Boko Haram,” he said.

The African Union (AU) has authorised a force of 7,500 troops from Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin to fight the militants.

It is expected to seek a UN Security Council mandate, which could also include logistical support from other countries.

President Francois Hollande said Paris was also providing logistical and operation support, including delivering fuel and munitions to countries fighting Boko Haram.

He said France could not be expected to get involved in every crisis around the world and accused other major powers of inaction in Africa.

“This is a message to the international community and the biggest countries. Do your work and stop giving lessons and take action!” he said.

“In Africa, we have to help the Africans a lot more to fight terrorism, because if we do not, then other countries will be destabilised,” he added.


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  • Omo Owu

    Are these the type of weapons our soldiers still use ? No wonder Boko haram is looking like a local champion

    • Chris1408

      LOL. That’s what our military is buying for trillion Naira

  • Ogom

    Oh, thank God for big brother Niger!

    • G4

      Don’t make me feel even more sick, thats too much to take.

      • Dazmillion

        Unfortunately we have a nincompoop PHD holder at the steering

  • Advocate

    we can defeat ebola in lagos and rivers states because the primary responsibility rested on the state government especially its state governor. we cannot defeat the insurgent because the primary responsibility is the federal government. it shows the incompetency of the current leadership of the federal government especially the president of nigeria.

    • Dazmillion

      To think we have a PHD holder at the federal level

      • absam777

        What Ph.d,? When they accused Buhari, he requested that his alma matter release his certificate. The poor Otueko man can not do the same when his presumed Ph.d is in question.

  • Bishop

    Is Nigeria still the Giant of Africa?

    • Chris1408

      The right question is, “is Nigeria still an independent country?”

    • Nostory

      Giant of corruption

      • warry

        i understand your frustration that if Boko haram is pushed back you will have nothing to campaign with.When the US went to fight terrorists in Iraq,has iraq become part of USA or even when Nigeria went to fight in Liberia,has it become part of Nigeria?Enough of your lies and deceit.

        • Concerned

          Normally the stronger country goes to the aid of the weaker. The Nigerian army is so ineffectual as a result of brazen corruption it with ‘the biggest economy in Africa is reliant on smaller economies to protect its citizens

          What a disgrace!

  • Chris1408

    Cameroon took Bakassi, Niger and Chad will soon take northeast. PDP is a curse on Nigeria

    • Concerned

      It’s part of their disintegration agenda – leaving only the oil producing states in their hands!

  • Huseen

    I think it is better to live under the occupation of Chad, cameroun, and Niger than under the brutality of BH. May be Nigeria will reclaim its territories in the Hague later. What a useless government we have.

    • DanielOsazuwa

      O boy take am easy. You want tear my ribs?

  • DanielOsazuwa

    Obasanjo in his new book “My Watch” Volume 3 chapter 56 Quoted President Jonathan as saying ” if Nigeria want to break, let it break”.

    The is the mind set of a President we are dealing with. Nigerians must be very careful with this man called Jonathan.

    He has already carved out a portion of Nigeria to Niger and Chad.

    • onenigerian2014

      It’s not that you are weird…it’s just that everyone else is normal. You don’t have to disrespect and insult others simply to hold your own ground. If you do, that shows how shaky your own position is. If the stuff that comes out of my mouth upsets you, just think of all the things I keep to myself without writing it now!!!

      • DanielOsazuwa

        Pure out your putrid bile. My dear, I don’t want to be in an environment where “everyone else is normal” but will be very happy to die is a society with values.

        • onenigerian2014

          Keep talking/writing, someday you’ll say something intelligent, like on the 28th of March 2015. No need to insult you anymore, your presence in this world has done it all.

      • Concerned

        Who did he insult – he just expressed a very valid opinion , it’s called freedom of speech!

  • warry

    In a civilized country,nobody will give a single vote to a Buhari who claims that he can stop Boko Haram in 2 weeks but will not do or suggest anything even if everybody is killed until he is made president.Meanwhile we thank the global community for coming to the aid of Nigeria,though some Nigerians are not happy about that as it will affect their campaign plans for the election.

  • Dr. Cooper

    Editor Premium Times,

    Nigerians led by the nose en route genocide

    Nigerians right now need a few thinking caps before they burst open their own balls –
    whilst angrily trying to swat off some rasping mosquitoes buzzing around their scrotums.
    President Jonathan’s obvious incompetence can be resolved with a variety of political tools.
    By contrast, there is no peaceful solution to an Islamic state in all of world history – none!
    It’s even delusive that Islamism of the APC is bandied as cure of Jonathan’s incompetence.
    I give this advice in earnest before Nigeria’s daft intellectuals mislead the people into genocide.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    That you Niger for the helping hand you wish to led our nation.

  • the truth

    Premium times with the caption is trying to castigate the good people of nigeria. I guess they would rather prefer boko haram parading freely than a friendly nation. fighting this bh group is not easy, they are being funded by some oligarchs and foreign nations.

  • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

    After receiving this much needed help will you delusional fools still lay claim to being the giant of Africa. You must learn to crawl before even attempting to walk. You just ain’t there yet. Tell me how it is that when Nigerien and Cameroonian troops engage Boko Haram the latter loses badly. However, when NigeriAn troops engage Boko Haram the reverse is the case as NigeriAn troops are quick to run across the border for safety? Cowards and a nation of loudmouth idiots. Shame on you. Niger Republic should send their troops quickly after which they can lay claim to being the true giant of African, not this discombobulated Banana Republic which currently lays claim to that title.Jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Danda

      @Etomi, Why do you write with so much anger and venom? Let civility prevail, biko!!!

    • Gwazy

      They can only plan coups, steal money and harass Helpless civilians!

  • love.t

    Hopeless mr Jonathan Goodluck…who cannot protect Nigerian for two days election with over 32b dollar spend on defence in last just 5years…..he is now looking for help from the poorest country in world for help…shioooooooo …all your pepper soup general and all your security chief will be purge soon as gmb sworn inn….you have brought Nigeria down with shame…..I bet you be the first Nigeria president to end up in ICC in the HAGUE soon as you know all eyes of the world is on Nigeria……..

  • Concerned

    Apparently Sambo Dasuki was one of 4 officers who arrested GMB under the instructions of IBB who subsequently imprisoned him for 40 months.

    Their war is to prevent GMB getting back into power at any cost rather than the welfare of the Nigerian citizens