Nigerian Military Chiefs pledged support for elections days before prompting shift — APC

John Oyegun

Nigerian military chiefs gave a clear commitment to provide security for elections earlier billed for February 14 and 28, just three days before issuing a warning to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to shift the polls or risk losing security cover, the chairman of the main opposition party, All Progressives Congress, APC, said Monday.

The APC accused the military of insincerity and bias in its decision to instigate INEC to postpone the elections on claim of insecurity.

The APC National Chairman, John Oyegun, who addressed a press conference at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja, said the top leadership of Nigeria’s armed forces had assured political parties of their readiness to provide security for the general elections on their original dates.

The military hierarchy made the pledge at a meeting with the political parties just three days before writing to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to warn that they cannot guarantee security if polls go ahead as planned, Mr. Oyegun said.

“At the occasion, the Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, an Air Chief Marshal, gave assurances of the Armed Forces’ preparedness for the elections. According to him “even though we are busy in the North East, we also have capabilities across the nation.”

Mr. Oyegun said Mr. Badeh also admitted that the role of the military is merely to support the police in providing security during elections.

Mr. Oyegun quoted the Chief of Army Staff, Kenneth Minimah, a Major General, as saying “we are aware of the need for security, before, during and after the elections. We will deploy across the states of the federation in areas we discover that have capacity for violence. We are prepared to ensure we have peaceful elections.”

The APC leader also quoted the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Adesola Amosun as saying “we have commenced the air lift of the materials needed for the elections, starting from Abuja. We will continue with the elections.”

While announcing the shift of the elections last Saturday, INEC chairman, Attahiru Jega, said the commission was forced to reschedule the election after receiving correspondence from the office of the National Security Adviser and the same military chiefs that they cannot guarantee security at the original dates.

Mr. Oyegun asked why security information changed 72 hours after the Service Chiefs announced readiness to provide security for the elections on February 2.

“However, only 3 days later on Friday February 6, these same Service Chiefs wrote to INEC, in a letter, which by all practical purposes could be described as blackmail, saying that they would no longer be able to provide security for the elections? What happened in those 72 hours that brought about this complete volte-face?” he asked.

Military in alliance with PDP

Mr. Oyegun recalled that at the National Council of States meeting last Thursday, INEC reaffirmed its readiness and commitment to hold the elections as scheduled.

He added that although the Service Chiefs briefed the Council that they had security concerns, the consensus of opinion at the meeting was that elections should go ahead nationwide except in the 14 local government areas identified as problematic by the security chiefs.

“After all, it was recalled that in 1999, elections were not held in Bayelsa State because of the activities of militants at the time, but it held all over the country.

“The activities of Boko Haram were clearly limited to 14 Local Governments in three States out of 774 Local Governments in 36 States and FCT. How would this then warrant the blanket postponement of elections in the entire country?

“Considering all factors building up to this postponement, it is difficult not to come to the obvious conclusion that the Military High Command is in an unholy and dangerous alliance with the ruling party, the PDP, to subvert the democratic will of the people.

“We have no doubts that the letter sent to the INEC, warning it not to proceed with the elections, emanated from the Service Chiefs’ hands of Esau and President Jonathan’s voice of Jacob,” Mr. Oyegun said.

He also wondered why only the PDP and its supporters are celebrating the postponement.

Mr. Oyegun said at the Council of State meeting, all the former Heads of State in attendance spoke against the postponement except in the 14 LGAs and all the former Chief Justices’ also concurred.

He added that every non-PDP Governor present in the meeting spoke against postponement.

The APC Chairman said the greatest threat to Nigeria’s democracy at present is the way the ruling party has compromised the leadership of the Nigerian military to serve the personal agenda of Mr. Jonathan.

“This is a dangerous game,” he said.

He also recalled a recent court judgment in Sokoto, which ruled that the military had no role in the electoral process.

“What happened with this postponement is that Service Chiefs simply vetoed a democratic process on the directive of President Jonathan. We know what politicization is doing to our once proud military institution.

“We are aware that the Presidency has forwarded a secret memo to all commanders of divisions and battalions of Nigerian Army for a 3-day strategy meeting in Kaduna from today on how to use the military to intimidate voters in APC States to rig election in favour of President Jonathan,” he said.

Mr. Oyegun also said recent revelations about the role of the military in Ekiti elections is demonstrable proof of how far the President Goodluck Jonathan’s government will go to compromise the military as an institution.

Postponement, a booby trap

The National Chairman of the APC said the Service Chiefs’ letter to INEC demanding a postponement for “at least” six weeks is a “booby trap”. He said embedded in that phrase “at least” is a window to push for another postponement.

“It is clear however, that any further postponement can only lead to a constitutional crisis. The constitution demands at least 30 days before the handover date of May 29th.

“We have strong suspicions but hope this postponement is not part of an agenda to create a constitutional crisis in the country. We are just recently recovering from the crisis precipitated by the political crisis of 1993. We cannot afford another,” he said.

Mr. Oyegun said that beyond the postponement and intimidation of INEC, the government is planning other schemes.
“We are aware of plans for worse intimidation in the days ahead. We are aware of plans to intimidate and orchestrate arrest of our leaders across the country on frivolous grounds.

“We are now aware of how PDP used intimidation and arrest to rig the last Governorship election in Ekiti State. We are aware that this is the plan of the PDP.

“But we have no doubt that Nigerians will stand up to this. We have no doubt that the international community is watching,” he said.


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  • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

    Totally baseless and unfounded allegation. Do not politicize the military so as to allow them remain focused on the task before them.
    How will the army benefit from this alleged collusion? I don’t see it at all. Stop peddling useless rumours designed to incite uprising.
    Should that happen then I assure you that you will definitely be the first victim.

    • The Nigerian quagmire

      Moron. Another brain washed ignoramus. Everything is unfounded until it becomes open to everyone. It was unfounded when APC said this incompetent govt was trying to postpone the election. Everything is unfounded allegation yet they are all proven to be facts at the end of the day.

      • Tunsj

        We have a military that cannot fight Boko Haram but they are good in protecting and rigging elections for Jonathan. What a country!

      • Elections are your priorities when there is little or no security in some states. Election is your priority when teens and pre-teens in the north are fully equipped with PVCs and the South is battling for 30%of theirs. What kind of unreasonable bigot are you. The change you blindly cry for won’t happen until you change yourself. Start by having a bath and putting on new clothes

    • Patriot

      You are just not honest and you know it. The Milla try rank and file may not directly benefit but the top echelon made up of our once revered service chiefs who out of greed have soiled their hands in the Chocolate pie are the beneficiaries. Are you not amazed that with the huge budget for the MillItaly you still see officers complain about lack of adequate equipment? Look at the militaries of Ghana. Southafrica etc before you sing the tune of your pay masters

    • Wähala

      Bush Col…
      I’m still alive despite your threats with your ugly monkey, @D DON. Told you clowns I’m super-human, ask your parrot, @TAWANDA. The “osu” from Anam River has run out of incantations to sing at his Okija Oracle but all na empty words against Hurricane Höly… add Wähala biko! Chump, didn’t I tell you that you ain’t seen Army Boots in your life? Well, let me borrow your brain for a second to think for you so as to help you “see it” well, well…
      A one-time Maj. Sambo Dasuki was the junior army officer coup plotter IBB, sent to arrest a one-time Head of State, Gen. Buhari. Dasuki later became ADC to IBB and is currently married to the daughter of another member of their criminal gang, Gen. Aliyu Gusau (ret) who happens to be the current Defense Minister. Needless to ask you to connect the dots. Goes like this… A Buhari presidency will trample on a lot of leprous toes, find our missing billoja at the NNPC, unravel the roles of Ali Modu Sheriff ati Gen. Ihejirka (Gospel according to Dr. Davis) and above all, fight took-n-nail against corruption which in Nigeria is like MTN: Everywhere you look! Now, hope you will remember this pro bono lecture bcos next time, I will really stick my foot deep into your fake anus… KAPISCH?

  • patriot

    Colonel mariama or watever is ur name this is wat has hapened. It is d facts, d chief of defence badeh said d military is ready so why d sudden change of mind? U are here talking about inciting, with ur phantom name colonel, we knw it is ol wendell simlin’s work. We are aware. Faceless ppl

  • Chris1408

    What do you expect from a military that’s be politicized. They have anesthesia. Add that to their corrupt minds and weakness. Pot belly generals. Na to drink odeku, eat pepper and carry women dem sabi and be generals.

    • Tunsj

      Nothing is left for me to add, you said it all. Big pot belly and corrupt generals indeed.

    • King Carlos

      Lol. Pepper soup generals.

  • Progress

    Jega is the saboteur here. There is no proof that Badeh or Minimah wrote him any letter. Sambo Dasuki that wrote that letter has no authority to do so and should have been disregarded by Jega. It is a clever legally sound move by Badeh and the service chiefs. Dasuki and Jega will be jailed for a long time, if the case is pursued.

    • tyson

      did the army ever know that over 45m Nigerians have been disenfranchised by INEC?————-APC just keep on going round in circles with a view to scoring cheap political points with without holding unto any clear point–the usual way Night soil men operate-

  • Major Mukoro

    Attitude to Terrorists elsewhere
    In France the terrorists who attacked Carlie Hebdo were hunted down and taken out.
    In Belgium, the police only learnt of a plan. They went straight into action and shot all dead.
    In America, almost ALL terrorists who aided 9/11 in one way or the other have been shot dead. The few remaining are being hunted day & night with only one mission – to kill them

    In Syria & Iraq, practically all Europe & America are fighting and killing the terrorists, with airplanes, drones etc
    In Jordan, few days ago shot dead terrorists who were awaiting trial, including a woman suicide bomber
    In Israel,… I need not tell you how they handle terrorists

    …But one common denominator in all countries above is: Whole citizenry (including the opposition) unite to fight the Islamic terrorists —-The Presidents from F. Hollande to N. Benjamin, are given moral support.

    How Terrorists are treated in Nigeria
    1. A current Presidential aspirant says they should be treated fairly and granted amnesty like the Niger Deltan Revolutionary fighters fighting for resources control
    2. A serving Northern governor called the fight against Boko haram a genocide against the North
    3. Another Northern politician said it is a ploy to reduce Northern population
    4. Mostly Northern Soldiers refuse to fight but drop their weapons and flee at the sight of Boko haram leaving their weapons & tanks
    5. The citizenry is divided (The opposition refuses to support the incumbent govt, instead says it will stop terror which it, the opposition, comes to power )—– The President is to blame.

    Are we really a country?—aren’t we better off separated in peace than seemingly united in pieces? Does oil and/or gas money cause glaucoma? All Nigerians should rise up and engage in a mother of all protests so that we can RESTRUCTURE Nigeria or break up…So that elections will become issue based in those countries or new Republics—We can’t continue to listen to this kind of useless comments by an Oyegun who does not know his left from right.

    • Advocate

      and gej was with modi sheriff

    • emmanuel

      @Major Mukororo,
      U said it all. There is nothing else to add or subtract.

      • Concerned

        Except its a load of garbage and lies!

        • Igho

          lies? then we must redefine truth.

          • Concerned

            No need the truth is immutable it’s only lies like the above that chop and change!

    • tyson

      RUBBISH———–VERY SENSELESS—WAY OF THINKING–NO WONDER U SUPPORT BUHARI————–In France, those who went after the Jihadist had no tribal Marks-In France and Belguim did not not have a quota system general to say thus——–Muhammadu Buhari has asked the Federal Government to stop the clampdown of Boko Haram insurgents, saying Niger Delta Militants were never killed or properties belonging to them destroyed.

      Buhari who spoke on Sunday on a Liberty Radio programme, Guest of the Week monitored said accused the government of killing and destroying houses belonging to Boko Haram members while the Niger Delta militants get special treatment.

      The former dictator said that unlike the special treatment given to the Niger Delta militants by the federal government, the Boko Haram members were being killed and their houses demolished by government.

      While accusing President Jonathan of failing from the beginning to address the security situation in the country, Buhari said he has never been in support of the state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa state.

      According to Buhari “what is responsible for the security situation in the country is caused by the activities of Niger Delta militants. Every Nigerian that is familiar with what is happening knows this. The Niger Delta militants started it all.

      “What happened is that the governors of the Niger Delta region at that time wanted to win their elections. So they recruited the youths and gave them guns and bullets and used them against their opponents to win elections by force.

      “After the elections were over, they asked the boys to ret

      • tyson

        the name (Mohammadu)–clearly shows that Buhari is not a Nigerian-must have strayed into the country via Niger Republic or Mali

        • Wähala

          Are the names: Goodluck, Jonathan, Clark, Briggs, Brown, GoDoWell, Lucky, Wythe, ThankGod… Native Nigerian names? They are Aborigine names from Papua New Guinea like I’ve been telling your ignorant drunk-ass. Your ancestors came carrying luggage for Lord Lugard that’s why their names reflect their gratitude to God that they made it ashore without getting eaten by dangerous reptiles… always remember my History lesson to you. Lugard cross-bred your women with Chimps from the Schebshi Mountain Range along Nigeria-Cameroon border jungle trails, that’s why all you drunks have wide noses like Dr. Dumbo, Syriaka Dickson, Timi Alaibe, Edwin Clark et al. Looking at Dumbo one would think he was painted with soot or that he rob grouns charcoal as powder every morning… only his red eyeballs from ogogoro identifies him as higher primate. Primitive kalaka clowns… ugly drunkards!

          • terry

            looool…i cant breath with laughter.

            u are truly wahala.

    • curious001

      Great comment. Now those e-rats who support the illiterate sheep shepherd will be lost forever. They may now bury their heads in the sand. But expect some of the highly unstable ones to bark a while. Continue with more like this.

    • Wähala

      You’re a freaking baztard and a career liar. Name one country in your litnany where “citizen information” and not security services led to the capture, murder or any of your above-listed instances. Do Nigerian citizens have a right to carry guns and go chasing after terrorists while the people paid to do so raid political party offices, National Assembly, or lodge in dingy hotel rooms plotting how to rig elections with bloody civilians. Mordafcuker! How I wish I can just wrap my hands around your neck right now, punk. Go-sitdon, this is exactly what Azazi told us, the PDP and your evil moron are behind this mass murder of innocent Nigerians that’s why they’re biting nail to make sure the truth never sees the light of day. Animals!

    • Bluefaith

      @Major Mukoro :

      “All Nigerians should rise up and engage in a mother of all protests so
      that we can RESTRUCTURE Nigeria or break up…So that elections will
      become issue based in those countries or new Republics—”

      Interesting. But will all regions be willing to protest for amicable break up? We have tried all options and I am beggining to consider this ur option.

    • Concerned

      Your argument is seriously flawed

      Your first paragraph refers to a single incident. France had a track record of paying of terrorists to secure the release of its citizens.

      Your second paragraph is not factual – not even America can truly ascertain all those involved in 9/11

      If all Europe and America were truly engaged as you say the insurgencies would have been ended – given the amount of fur power Europe and America command

      Your fourth paragraph is inaccurate – hundreds of European citizens have gone to join IS and other terrorists groups and thousands more support them tacitly

    • Chuks555

      The best comment I have seen in recent times.

    • Umar Dendi

      Firstly..He “Said”.. way way back before things got nasty,
      Secondly, there was genocide! UK’s Channel 4 has covered it!
      When soldiers reach a site of attack, they round up civilians and gun them down, thats how things got out of hand!
      Thirdly, the very fact that someone claimed they could crush BH in 6 weeks while they couldn’t or refused to do it in 6 years should raise an eye brow…just saying!!
      The videos are there, The evidence is there! So don’t try to deny it!!!

      • Channel 4

        UK’s channel 4? You couldn’t find a TV/Radio station in Nigeria or from Cape to Cairo or Dakar to Eritrea? and you found only UK station bcos anything UK station reports about your Nigeria is correct and made in heaven. I can now understand why they put chains and padlock around the necks and mouths of ur ancestors and shipped them from Badagry to West Indies. Mumulee! UK station!

        • Umar Dendi

          It was the British Empire that ended slave trade you…..Melanin Nationalist!!
          And it was your own Chiefs that colluded to sell you off! Just like the guy in Aso Villa is selling your as_ _ off!
          You Folks are stuck in the past!
          No wonder we are doomed

    • Frank Bassey

      True word. True word my brother

  • tyson

    The Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, has urged the Independent National

    Electoral Commission, INEC to utilize the six weeks postponement of the
    2015 elections to ensure adequate distributions of Personal Voters Card,
    PVC’s to eligible voters.

    NBA in a press statement signed by Augustine Alegeh, President of NBA,
    argued that while INEC cannot conduct elections in isolation of the
    Security agencies, the postponement falls within the constitution of

  • SAM .A

    These current service chiefs have become part of Nigeria problems rather than solution, they have lost the professionalism which is the life wire of any army .
    How do you trust a head( Badeh) who said last year within 4 months BH will be defeated or become a thin of past.
    BH under him ,became emboldened and captured his house in Vintrin in Adamawa.
    He went before Council of State, formal head of states and retired Chief Justice and told them that,they were ready security wise for election, only to Sambo to make him swallow his words and did a political somersault What is happening here?
    Nigerians should ask in loud voice, if they are unable to finish BH by March 21 what is going to happen on 28th.
    Nigeria should use police , Army has no direct role in Election . Election is a civil process. Which needs a civil police.
    Soldiers are called upon in crisis spots
    Let have Barde commit himself that election on March 28 is sacrosanct, just like his Boss has committed himself to May 29th before the whole World. Peace be unto a united Nigeria.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Extremely reckless and profoundly irresponsible statements from APC’s chairman. The military ought to round up all those present at the gathering (save journalists) and shoot them dead. There must be a limit to desperation.

    • Umar Dendi

      See.. Common BH mentality! Shoot, Kill…thats all you idio_ _ are ever good for!
      You are incapable of civilized living!

  • Khafilat Adeoye


    I hear grandpa Buhari is doing town hall meetings and would appreciate it if Premium Times would help me ask Grandpa this question in a very respectful manner.


    Grandpa how difficult is it for you to authorize Cambridge Assessment to publish your WASC if you have one ?

    • Umar Dendi

      How difficult is it for GEJ to show us his Phd thesis?
      …………oh he aint got one!!
      …….Dont blame me..Its OBJ that told us!!!

      • Umar Muttalab

        answering a question with a question? Did you complete or attempt your Waec exams at Katsina college too?

        • Umar Dendi

          Oh my my my!
          Now they are incapable of understanding simple English!
          Do you want me to write in pidgin?
          Or must you hear things like DresGod and Umbelela before you comprehend stuffs?


        Is Ph.D thesis an academic qualification as stipulated by the constitution ?

        • Is WASC an academic qualification as stipulated by the constitution ?

          • WASC is not constitutional required for Contesting the office of the Presidency….PDP is holding on to slippery Straws

        • Northerner

          GEJ claimed to have a fake PHD on zoology, I’m not surprise the animal is so dumb. GEJ must be return back to zoo!

        • Animals

          It wasn’t a requirement, the reason he shouldn’t have included it. Are you dumb or what? Remember Stella Oduah’s certificate saga?

        • Is WASC an academic qualification as stipulated by the constitution?

        • Umar Dendi

          When the C-inC lies and says that he has a Phd while he doesn’t then that becomes a thing of concern for the elections!!
          Abeg!! If he actually has one, then it should not be hard thing to just make it public.
          OBJ has categorically told us that the lad is a lier!

  • Wähala

    @Chief John Oyegun… Shine your eyes! You claim:
    “We are aware that the Presidency has forwarded a secret memo to all commanders of divisions and battalions of Nigerian Army for a 3-day strategy meeting in Kaduna from today on how to use the military to intimidate voters in APC States to rig election in favour of President Jonathan,”
    My Read:
    Based on the boisterous claim by one Ogbeni Adeyanju, an aide to Dr. Doyin Okupe, a Snr. Vuvuzela to Dr. Dumbo…
    After consulting my oracle and careful reflections, I suspect Dumbo is plotting a “civilian coup” to overthrow his own government. The gathering of goons in Kaduna is to fine-tune his handover to any of the corrupt Tombo Generals who also stand indicted on graft charges which is one of the reasons the US refused/blocks arms sells to Nigeria, they insist on investigation of our military hierarchy for swallowing billions of dollars meant to equip our bootlegs. That’s probably why Gen. Buhari tried to appease them by saying he will not investigate the military. Obviously, the Army is not buying his bait because an inevitable investigation of the Ministry of Defense under corrupt Koro, is tantamount to investigating the military. Conclusively, the sound bites emanating from Dumbo are nothing to run to the bank with, he says May 29th (not March 28th) is “sacrosanct” for handover. Believe that and you might as well believe that I am, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe!



    Aware that Nigerian voters have comprehensively rejected the All Progressive Congress (APC) and their veteran certificate forging 73 year old uneducated grandpa Buhari ……… the All Propaganda Congress (APC) are now desperately looking for what to put forward as reason for their failure in the 2015 General Elections.

    Nigerians must continue to ignore these duubious hooligans and anarchists who have demonstrated that they have nothing new to offer as evidenced by their presentation of Buhari as their presidential candidate.

    GEJ forever

    • Northerner

      GEJ forever in a psychotic prison cell!

    • Burbank

      “If I’m voted into power, within the next four years, the issue of power will become a thing of the past. Four years is enough for anyone in power to make a significant improvement and if I can’t improve on power within this period, it then means I cannot do anything.”
      Goodluck Jonathan
      UN-AU Conference
      Addis Ababa 2011

  • Umar Dendi

    I really don’t know why anyone cares to do these sort of detailed analysis when dealing with Jona and his gang. They are obviously incapable of comprehending these stuffs. The smartest one of them, madam Ngozi was shown to the gutters by Soludo, he proved her a mathematical catastrophe within a pair of exchanges!
    So Please…Save us from listening to another pathetic reply.
    APC, if you make Goodluck Embarrass himself — America Will Know


    Why is the extremist APC hounding the military with their propaganda press.?

    • Dominic Price

      Nigerians Vote PIG once, yet trying to turn them all in to PIGS!

      SEE ONE HERE!!!


    The Nigeria Police is the force unit traditionally burdened with supervision of elections. In fact, they were ready to supervise the cancelled February 14, 2015 elections as shown by this directive from IGP Suleiman Abba as of February
    3, 2015. So they must have been forced by some exterior element, could it be President Jonathan, to say they could not provide security for the cancelled elections because of Boko Haram. Read on.

    “Police To Provide Special Security For INEC And Officials During And After Election

    Published: 03 Feb, 2015

    *As IGP allays the fears of members of the public

    The Inspector General of Police, IGP Suleiman Abba CFR, NPOM, NPM, mni has directed Special Forces in the Police, which include officers and men of Special Protection Unit (SPU) and Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) to provide special security for INEC materials and officials as well as its Ad-hoc staff during and after February, 2015 general elections.

    The IGP stated this while appraising the preparations for general elections during a briefing with senior officers in Abuja. This directive further demonstrates the readiness and the resolve of Nigeria Police Force to protect our nascent democracy and to ensure hitch free and credible general elections.

    It was equally restated by the Police High Command that some of the strategies put in place to ensure free and fair Polls in February 2015 by Nigeria Police Force are already being implemented. It also allays the fears of the members of the Public before, during and after the general elections as they are enjoined to fully collaborate with the Police and report any suspicious movement in their areas to the nearest Police station.





  • Southerners,please come to terms with this.Northerners are more sophisticated than you guys politically. If only you can discern what is going on,you will hale GEJ.

  • Ene Okonkwo

    This commentary is coming to you live from the main bowl of Nigeria’s political arena.
    What a deft move by the easily underrated team – it has thrown the self-appointed unbeatables into disarray, into uncontrollable ranting.
    I am not sure they know what hit them.
    The score board reads: Accursed Propaganda Conmen 0 – 1 to The “Clueless One.” It is a vital away goal.
    Does the “Clueless One” have a few more surprises before the second leg on March 28?
    Till then, I am returning you to the main studio in Propaganda Times (PT) where our colleagues who support the losing team 100% are as stunned as the Accursed Propaganda Conmen players.
    From me, it’s goodnight.

    • Northerner

      There won’t be a second leg! The clueless is disqualified! He don’t deserve to be in the game! The game is too good for alcoholic psychopacs!

  • Northerner

    GEJ don’t deserve to be in Aso Rock! On 28th 11:59pm 2015 GEJ should be lock in a zoo! He’s an animal! No wonder he claimed to have a zoology PHD!
    It’s sad we don’t have a zoo full of animals in Abuja, GEJ should be move to Otueke, While Bayelsa government make money out of him in a zoo cage until the FG recover what he looted!

    • Atakata Agbupu

      Your medicine, your medicine! You did not take it again. You see, with Nigeria filled with animals like you, we need a zoologist as leader.

      • Northerner

        Truth hurt right! GEJ isn’t even a zoologist! Where is his thesis? I don’t think an animal can study himself! GEJ is a monkey wearing a human mask! Pull off that hat and those cultist clothes, u will see a hairy gorilla !

        • Rex

          Total knockout punch you’ve just delivered. Who can better that?

    • tyson

      tell us the SUBJECTS Buhari TOOK AT HIS WASC in school—before he joined the army—there is no way a man who failed maths can be enlisted into the Army–most especially the NDA–NEVER

      • Northerner

        Still he had achieved a lot better than ur entire zone! Speaking of zone, ur pidgy English contribute nothing to ur sad life! Not to talk about how deluded u are. Stealing is a natural thing for ur people! Alcohol is like a tap water to ur people. U feed on corruption! And u are too blinded to see that u are nothing less than a baby chimpanzee to us!

  • thusspokez

    Badeh (cough!) remember him telling a crowd that he knew where the Chibok girls are, but he could’t launch a rescue because he doesn’t want any of the girls to die in the rescue process. I wonder how many of them have died or been killed since those words. Also, his sit-down-and-wait for the boko haram attack strategy is not working and yet he wouldn’t change it.

    “At the occasion, the Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, an Air Chief Marshal, gave assurances of the Armed Forces’ preparedness for the elections. According to him “even though we are busy in the North East, we also have capabilities across the nation.”

    Gosh, Is this Generala Nigerian? He speaks with so much sense and logic. What a contrast to Badeh. I thing GEJ should replace Badeh with this Minimah guy. He sound more capable that Badeh.

    • tyson

      happily they are all from the fulani north–and not the niger delta

      • Minimah is from Fulani north and not niger delta?

  • dd

    You need to wait till 2019. There is no vacancy in Aso Rock for now.

    • OK-we-shall-see

      Aso Rock has an illegal occupant and needs to be flushed out Laurent Gbagbo’s style…..

    • Northerner

      Yh. But I am afraid there is a 10miles mansion in Yenegoa made only for prince GEJ! Unfortunately he won’t be living in on May 29th 2015! He will spend the rest of his miserable blood soaking life in a prison cell!

      • dd

        Unfortunately you don’t know who is feeding you in Nigeria. Until you respect the spoon, soon all of you in the north will turn to skeletons.

        • Northerner

          Not until there won’t be any soil! It’s with our rice that ur father get the strength to pumped his black p3nis into ur mother, 9months later, bhoooooom! Here is a tiny whiny retarded u!

          • dd

            Unfortunately you never knew that all your General’s oil block where they get cash to cook food for you come from someone backyard. You don’t even know that if your father rice had no buyer from us, your father won’t be able to marry 10 wives. The 10th woman that gave birth to you wouldn’t be able to carry you for nine month if there was no buyer. Thanks to God, most Nigeria rice comes from Thailand. We got the sea port. Just tell me where I will ever need you when we kick your ass soon. You should respect the finger that is feeding you, when you lose it, you will have only yourself to be blame.

          • Northerner

            Relax. U had already bitten the hand that’s feeding u! Too little too late. And the last time I check we don’t need a buyer of our rice to survive! We have everything that will take a human being to survive! But for u, what have u got? Burukutu? Dumbness?

          • dd

            If true, why do you still want me so much to be with you. Why do you still want Nigeria to be one? Why can you pack your load and go to Chad were you originated from and Cameroon where your father come from. Why do you still need me that stand to urinate and you that squat to pee from your uncircumcised blocus to be one?

          • Northerner

            U wish! Northerners own Nigeria! We built Nigeria! We fought for the independent! We py for the refineries ( from our agriculture hardwork) we are the eye of Nigeria! U are the ones who should vacate our land!

          • dd

            OK. Good talk. After 2019 we will vacant. But don’t follow us. Don’t cry you won’t survive. Don’t ask for Sadaka. Concentrate in your Koran. You can break your head while praying I don’t care. You can marry six your old daughter of your uncle, I don’t care. You can cut your lips and cut your hands, I don’t care. You can bomb yourself, I don’t care. You can ask Moha to come down I be your Amir, I don’t. After 2019 you can take over while we pitch our tent. Any move to eat what you did not sow, you see fire.

          • Northerner

            Grow up!!! Don’t bring religion into this! I respect Christianity and I don’t say sick things about Jesus (Prophet Isah A.S) because I know who he is better than u. So please don’t say anything about my Holy Book and My Prophet.
            I think u are not the type of guy I should be replying to. #safe

          • dd

            What is holy in sexual dysfunction prophet? Who married a 45 years old window while he was a teen and married six year old while he was 45 himself.

          • Northerner

            I pray to Allah, may u have a miserable life. A painful death. And whatever u put urself into, u will always be unsuccessful.

          • dd

            If I be a child of God. Your days be full with pains and sorrow. May your destiny be completely be in darkness. May your little kids be used as suicide bomber. May the rot of evil Koran found in your house. May lucifer never let you rest as you choose to follow his prophet. Whatever your hand finds to do end in failures. You are cursed on every side. Your generation is curse to next 10 generations. May your ruler kill your children. May your wife never find love in you. May your family never find help. Your days shall be full of anguish and misery. Your journey on earth has started with with bitterness. Your love one will turn to your enemy. Any man who see you will want to kill you. The only day all these will end is when you accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Until then your sorrow has began.

          • Northerner

            U are excused.

          • Dominic Price

            Nigerians Vote PIG once, yet trying to turn them all in to PIGS!

            So you see one here, If not a PIG who’ll say all these… Nonesense!

      • tyson


        • Northerner

          Hmmm. Those are ur drug dealers grandfathers! Buhari saved Nigeria! If not because of Buhari ur drugs grandfather could’ve destroy Nigeria! U should be thankful to Buhari!
          But I can see where u inherited this behaviours, from ur drugs addict father! Buhari will help u kiddo! Just wait until the 29th May 2015. #Prison

        • Wähala

          Duncee’s sins are much more…have you forgotten that he pioneered state terrorism and kidnapping in Nigeria? Instead of him to discuss with Maggie to see how U. Dikko could be extradited, or ask the UK govt to prosecute like Jonathan told them to do for Ibori, he decided to display his crude terrorist instincts and went for abduction that eventually backfired…all bcos his religion forbade him from discussing with a woman PM

          • Northerner

            Doofus! Keep spitting lies!

    • tyson


    • We only need to wait till May 2015. Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, March 28, Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko Haram as President of Nigeria.

  • tyson

    Sources close to INEC, has thrown more light into why APC Kicked Against Election Postponement. – from Olusoji Zion Oseni, Lagos comes the Report that, INEC has not given the go-ahead for contractors to print ballot papers, although they have been designed- and placed on stand-by

    But some unscrupulous INEC officails leaked the samples to APC through Amaechi and Tinubu who are sponsoring Buhari’s campaign.

    The supposedly smart APC backers of Buhari went ahead to print its own fake ballot papers and costing them millions of UK Pounds sterling. In readiness for their February 14 date, Already they are alleged to have started the process of thumbprinting the cloned Ballot papers.

    So good people Nigerian security intelligence got wind of this development and to ensure that this planned was destroyed quickly moved into action.
    Today new ballot papers are going to be designed, but the process must be teleguided to avoid the leakage by paid APC agents working in INEC.

    A sad news to APC leaders and their supporters, the New ballot papers will only be designed, approved and printed just few days to election.

    So it will be too late for APC to print its own janjaweed ballot papers

    So the fake ballot papers already printed by Apc are now useless.

    No wonderrrrr——-they cry blood, tears and sorrows for APC camp

    • terry

      nwa abakakili…this ur agboro work no get closing hour?

      • Northerner

        He must be tanked with an expired burukutu while he troll on the Internet!

        • tyson


          • Northerner

            Maybe try using ur tongue to lick the screen! Coz u are a low life bamboo!

      • tyson

        u nko-?-forgot sha sey u be night soil man for APC

        • terry

          this kind work for ungodly hours,them curse you?

  • Omo Akin

    APC, wake up and be smart. Invite CNN, BBC and other international news media for your briefing. That is the only language Jonathan understands. With Nigerian news media, he does not give a damn. Just look back at the Chibok girls affair. What did the President do until the international news media weighed in on the case? His wife went on NTA to tongue-lash everyone. But when the international news media took up the matter, the dynamics changed.
    This is a free advice for APC. If Jonathan can get someone to write an op-ed piece in the Washington Post for him, APC should find a way to get what is going on in Nigeria into the influential international media news media like New York Times, Wall Street Journal apart from the TV networks.

    • tyson

      Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari !!
      Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari !!
      Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari !!!..
      How many times did I call you?

      Kuje, Kirikiri or Yola Prison? Oluwole Certificate Rejected by System. “Data Invalid”. WHAT A SHAME

  • Kasarawa

    PDP is dead and no matter how long they delay or postpone the burial of its rotten corpse, it will never come back to life #March4Buhari.

    • Northerner

      Ko shakka babu danKasarawa! Awo!:)

    • tyson


  • tyson

    Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari !!
    Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari !!
    Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari !!!..
    How many times did I call you?

    Kuje, Kirikiri or Yola Prison? Oluwole Certificate Rejected by System. “Data Invalid”.

    • Northerner

      In 2011 I wanted to read GEJ thesis, I tweeted Okupe and he replied “it’s online, just google it”
      I googled Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan PHD thesis, baaaaaam! It shows “ERROR FOUND”. How deluded is our humble civilian dictator! Alcoholic! No wonder his fat wife is running the country! All his brain cells are damaged!

      Speaking of brain damaged, I forgot to Mention GEJ had promise to create UNEMPLOYMENT in Nigeria! Woooooow. All southerners must be proud of GEJ! I bet he is the best they have ever produce!

      Bunch of illiterates monkeys!

      March = GMB-Osinbajo

      • Otile

        Nah, you are lying. A PhD dissertation will be too difficult for you to understand. You bet, if a dissertation is handed to you, you will not .any clue what it is.

        I give you credit for having a little understanding of the Hadith. But Hadith is full of imaginary stories how a devout muslim will sleep with nice girls in aljinat. Don’t expect to see those deceptive allurements in a scientific dissertation, especially a PhD dissertation.

        • Northerner

          Please as I replied to @dd, please don’t bring up religion into this, I respect Bibble and other Christianity books, so I don’t say sick things about them, I expect u to grow up and give back the respect I had given u. We can talk politics and personal insults, but please not religion. Thanks

        • Funso

          Nah, ọmọ àlè.

  • Otile

    President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday expressed concern over the report
    that northern state governments did not sponsor Christian pilgrims
    during the 2014 pilgrimage… —Nigeria Master Web

    This is your united one Nigeria, united only for oil and parasitism. If the devil ever hands Nigeria to Imam Mohamed Buhari via rigging it will be, Help Us O God.

    • Northerner

      Where in hell did it said a Christian should be sponsored to go on pilgrim in Muslims States? I think the christians should go back to their states and fly off from there.
      Don’t be a blinded bamboo like GEJ! Can’t u see it!??! GEJ is diving the country!!!
      I thought a lot of people here are educated youths like me! Who are very reasonable! But I was wrong!

      • Otile

        Sure we are ready to go back to our states, can we keep our oil without sharing with you? How long can you survive without us? Who will pay the jumbo salaries of your lawmakers, emirs, and rank ya dedes?

        • Northerner

          It’s not ur oil!!! It’s our oil!!! I bet with the oil u are most benifitting with, u still have a sad life.! Maybe where u are, mosquito have been surviving from ur blood!!!
          Nigerian oil is ours and we will soon take the whole benefit!

          • Otile

            Sorry aboki I do not have a sad life. I thank Almighty and Merciful God for giving me a good life. Believe it or not there are no mosquitoes where I reside, especial during this kind of season. God is good to me. My help comes from God who made heaven and earth.

            You are a parasite depending on our oil for your survival, that’s why you are fighting tooth and nail to impose Imam Mohamed Buhari on us to steal every drop of our oil, but Beelzebub your deity cannot help him to win. He got no qualifying certificate

          • Northerner

            It’s good to see a religious u! God is great!
            But whether u like it or not, Buhari will win!! After he ruled for 8years, Pastor Osinbajo will take over and rule 8years, if he’s done I will like to be the youngest president Nigeria will ever had!
            May God almighty help Nigeria and me.

          • Otile

            Your selfish pray is nothing but destruction for Nigeria. We are done with Islamist rulers. You got a better chance of being the president of your Islamic Caliphate after Imam Abu Shekau.

            I am happy for you. Allahu akbar
            May Beelzebub your deity help you to become the president of your Islamic Caliphate. Amin

          • Northerner

            Haha. Funny! A northerner is the next president whether u like it or not! And it will be GMB!
            He will hunt down corrupt people like u! And he will bring discipline in Nigeria!
            U won’t get away stealing our oil money anymore!
            I bet u can’t show up ur dumbass face on 28th of March in here! #APC

          • Otile

            Who cares whether or not or when Imam Mohamed Buhari becomes the president of Islamic Caliphate, that’s a matter between you, him, and Imam Shekau. Ba ruwana.

            No hope for him on March 28th, he may be disqualified before then for forgery and perjury.

          • Northerner

            No wonder GEJ wasnt endorse by any organisation, a country or a well respected person!
            GEJ is just like u! Clueless!

          • Otile

            There is no need to call me names or attack me personally. I am not running for any office. I am happy where I am. Na gode Allah.

          • Northerner


          • Otile

            God is good.

          • Funso

            Yap, ọmọ àlè.

          • Funso

            yeah, ọmọ àlè.

          • Funso

            Oh, ọmọ àlè ni yi.

          • Funso

            Paid ọmọ àlè.

          • Funso

            hm ọmọ àlè ni ẹ.

        • Gaskiya

          I have been praying to see the day oil money will stop flowing to all those non-oil producing states so that we will witness Nigerians’ creativity for survival and that may lead to total independence from oil as the only srevenue source for Nigerians. Personally I hate the way Nigerians generally depends on oil, the money of which is always being squandered and looted instead of being utilised for National development. In fact, the oil money is even more squandered and looted in the oil producing states. So Otile and co have a lot of homework to do to ensure the leaders of oil producing states are accountable to their people.

    • Ogom

      Paid bigot

      • Otile

        I am not paid by GEJ or Imam Mohamed Buhari for that matter. You also know that I am not a bigot. I am a Christian.

        • Funso

          Otile ọmọ àlè ni ẹ.

        • Dominic Price

          Speak the TRUTH, A Christian ??? or A PIG ??? I know for sure Christian are not PIGS but you are one giant SWINE!

          • Otile

            You hear of Christians but you don’t know any for Nabi Mohammed commanded you to kill them off. So don’t call yourself Dominic. Dominic is taqiyya just to deceive people.

          • Dominic Price

            Who kill christians ??? Is GEJ & CAN President PASTOR AYO ORITSE-JAPOR… In fact nobody is killing christians but themselves in trying to kill MUSLIMS

        • Funso

          omo ale christian?

        • Ogom

          You are paid by PPD to push propaganda and hate.. to divide Nigerians along ethnic and religious lines and to push a hateful narrative. Day and night.

          I see you, I hear you. It is constant and relentless.
          All I need to do is scroll up. No point denying.

  • Dominic Price

    Nigerians Vote PIG once, yet trying to turn them all in to PIGS!

    • Otile

      Go and vote in your Islamic Caliphate, don’t worry about how the rest of us are voting.

      • Dominic Price

        Ok, I can see clearly from here that GEJ is working according to the teaching of Chritianity… Well good for them – GEJ & Pastor ORITSE-JAFOR

        • Otile

          Why must we waste our money on Muslims going on a free jamboree to Mecca to stone the devil, while the Northern govts deny Christians good worship in the holy land of Israel? That doesn’t bode well for one Nigeria.

          • Dominic Price

            Don’t be a DICK or FUCKStick! Muslims went to Mecca to perform Hajj Because Holy Qur’an said is mandatory And no where in all of your BIBLES say you should go to ISRAEL to perform anything… Why are you jealeous ??? Whatever muslims are doing you are trying to recreate your own… Why can’t you start praying 5x a day and be FASTING for entire month like muslims. #GEJFAIL #MARCH4BUHARI

          • Otile

            Set aside your insults and name calling and face facts. Every year crowds of zealous muslims gather and circle round the black stone in a superstitious ceremony where they claim to be throwing rocks at the devil. What do they gain from that? Do they believers ever succeed in stoning him to death?

            Why should they use our oil money to sponsor a fruitless jamboree of that magnitude? Think about it. The Qu-ran or Hadith may demand it but do you think it is real? The Saudis are the ones making a windfall for the jamboree.

            Common sense, please.

          • Northerner


          • Otile

            It is not a matter of insults and name calling. Apply common sense, and argue like a reasonable citizen.

          • Funso

            Ọmọ àlè ni ẹ.

          • Dominic Price

            Seems like you never went to school, you’re talking about OIL, OIL… Please can you tell me name of the farm where your father cultivate the beans and groundnut that pay for the Oil Rig Digging

          • Otile

            You are lying against you soul when you doubt that I went to school. Beans and groundnuts have nothing to do with oil drilling. All the pyramids of groundnuts in Africa cannot buy one good oil rig.

          • Dominic Price

            See this where you show us that you never went to school at all… Go and read about where Nigeria make money to dig for OIL RIGS… You poor bastards always talk about oil, if you don’t know we have both land for farming and oil

          • Otile

            What then is preventing you from farming and digging your oil? Don’t you see legions of hungry adults and yara begging on the streets? Do you want them to perish before you get to work?

            Stop talking about going to school, you and your people are no match to us when it comes to academia, we got command of it in abundance, and you can’t deny it.

          • Funso

            dakẹ, ọmọ àlè

          • Dominic Price

            Yes I can see one from here, A Giant FAKE Phd… Where is GEJ Phd Thesis ??? Prof. David-West said they already searched everywhere but not found, perhaps GEJ obtain Phd in Otueke

          • Otile

            The known giant fake certificate is the Oluwale paper Imam Buhari presented to qualify himself, and you know it.

          • Dominic Price

            If you doubt the result go and ask CAMBRIGE UNIVERSITY UK! or go to their website and see the result yourself

          • Funso

            Ọmọ àlè ni yi.

          • Dominic Price

            Going to ISRAEL is like going to JAMAICA to smoke a weed… Hence no BIBLE say so! Christians only went their because are jealous!

          • Otile

            Why can’t Christians enjoy same free ride to Israel for their own worship? Do your people work hard for the oil money? Is the money not thrown on your laps in the name of one Nigeria?

          • Funso

            Ọmọ àlè de.

          • Dominic Price

            Is either you don’t have a job or never went to school that why you always talk about OIL, If you went school why can’t graduate with first class and get a job in NNPC, so that can chop the oil money… I noticed something all those that talk about OIL are like ASARI DOKUBO a university dropout, those that cannot even graduate at local univerties and come out shouting OIL, OIL, OIL… See LOSERS!

          • Otile

            If you are still talking about getting a job from some one or entity you and I are not on the same level. I don’t have to brag like some you to show who I am, you need to see me and believe. Ka ji ko?

          • Dominic Price

            Hahahaha… I found this funny because am now 100% pure you’re a JOBLESS mod-fuka! We can smell mod-fukas like you from distance… GET RID OF GEJ IF YOU WANT LIVE FREE

          • Otile

            You are still talking about job/jobless/school. With good plans from your parents coupled with the mercy of God you will never worry about these things. You have a long way to go, man. Believe it or not you live in abundance, only laziness and lack of good guidance can make you miserable. Travel around, you will see that God gave you abundance.

            If you indulge in name calling, jealousy, vulgarity and insults you will continue to be lacking in the midst of abundance.

            Aboki, I have lectured you enough, and I hope you have learned facts they don’t reveal to you in the mosques. Be good and ask God to help you. Don’t lose hope. I thank God and I thank my parents for who I am today. Huta lafia.

          • Dominic Price

            Trust me if you where in my positon you’ll never talk about your shitty OIL; and Remember I went to school and currently am not living in Nigeria (am in U.S for 4 years now) if you think am lying check my IP; Talking about lectures I heard enough from my professors & I dont need yours since your mind need to be examine… And how can someone that never went school at all (living ghetto, below poverty line) lecture someone living modern… Dont try it, Go and read one your BiBBles Punk! Because there are too many and I dont know which one speak the TRUTH

          • Dominic Price

            Your Parent make you a PEGAN and you are still thanking them… What A PIG ???


          • otile

            Lol they are looking for easy money all they talk about is me me and me plus the useless thief Dumbo

          • Funso

            Ọmọ àlè.

          • otile

            Jaki banza barawo alade what has the oil done for you. We will deal with you guys

          • Funso

            ọmọ àlè na Otile.

          • otile

            But we shall stone Dunbo and all of you to death.

          • Gaskiya

            @ Otile!!

            You are a confused man. You complained that Christians are not sponsored to go to Israel to perform pilgrimage in the Muslims dominated states and an intelligent person asked you whether it is mandatory for Christians to go to pilgrimage and instead of answering him you are attacking the Muslims’ way of Pilgrimage. I expect you to intelligent, educated and consistent in your arguments. Your results to attacking Muslims is the result of your attempt to defence GEJ at every slight opportunity despite the fact that this man’s performance is a total failure by every standard.

          • Funso

            Otile na ọmọ àlè.

      • Funso

        Ọmọ àlè na Otile.

  • Dominic Price

    These PIGGYHEAD Bastards GEJ boys Runaway B’cos are afraid of me! It’s total shame to be supporting this PIG #GEJisPIG

    • Odogwu

      Gbaam, he is even dirtier than pig!

  • Dominic Price


  • Sword of Damocles

    i will urgently advise INEC to publish on its web site the alleged letter from the military urging the postponement of the elections for 6 weeks. There are now rumors that the military is surprised by Prof Jega’s words on saturday indicating that he was “blackmailed” into postponement. It appears that GEJ’s treasonous government is aware that the whole world now knows that the worthless market thief from Otuoke was behind the events of saturday, and that his “junta” is feeling the heat of a civilian-military putsch in 21st century Nigeria. i cannot see a peaceful end for Jonathan, THINKING carefully apparently is not his strong suit. For him to embarrass Nigeria the way a “mugabe” would embarrass Zimbabwe is an unforgivable slight on the people and honor of Nigeria. By the way NASS, we are watching you while all this wuru-wuru is going on, neither body has spoken on the postponement, Ekiti-gate, or the $20billion audit(yes they will reconvene on 2/17/15). Are you with the people & Nigeria, or are you with the traitors, the betrayers of trust? You cannot hide on this one,

    • Dominic Price

      SOLODO is Talking about $469 Billion, In fact you are left behind my friend!

  • evi

    Apc is trying to divert attention from the fact that their evil plan with Jega has been exposed, they planned to disenfranchise and reduce the voting strength of southern voters, that is why you have 80% pvc collection rate in the north and barely 30% pvc collection in the south, even children, chadians and nigeriens have collected pvc in the north

    • Gaskiya

      Na lie u dey talk.

    • Etomi

      God bless you!!!!!!
      That is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Jega was hell-bent on rigging the election for APC’s Buhari…
      1. Buhari is known not to be qualified to contest in this election going by strict provisions of law; yet Jega was willing to bend the rule for him; Buhari did not complete his filling of INEC form; yet Jega, who ought to be an impartial and forthright umpire, did nothing to approach him to do the needful, as required by the Electoral Act…
      2. Jega made sure that whereas there as nearly 100% PVC distribution in the north; in the south, the PVC distribution was barely 50%….and was hell-bent under the wanton discrepancy to hold election on Feb. 14…
      What else is rigging!?!?!
      If you think rigging only consist in ballot stuffing and snatching, then you are mistaken…
      Jega was hands-in-glove with northern elders and the APC to upstage GEJ through rigging…
      APC’s rigging machine primed and zeroed on INEC to do the dirty job, and no serious government would watch idly as the malfeasance is hatched to its own destruction!!!!!!!
      Good riddance to bad rubbish…

      • Ibraheem Aruna

        Mr Etomi, at your level you ought to be apolitical. I am amazed at your comments.

  • warry

    APC ideology is lies,manipulations,propaganda,and more lies. They have employed international liars to manage their lies to deceive Nigerians. The same Buhari that said Boko Haram has over run the entire North East and we must make him president so that he can ask Boko Haram to stop in 2 weeks, is now saying Boko Haram has not done much. Let Inec just give everybody their PVC and let’s vote.

  • excel

    Pdp are serial failure,the mouth of Jega, the words of jonathan. CHANGE is a must…. March4GMB

    • Etomi

      Those who say they are voting for CHANGE are only voting for empty sloganeering….
      The current 1999 Constitution can never allow for any positive change to take place in Nigeria…
      Nigeria has been existing as an independent nation since 1960 with a prime minister, presidents, heads of state coming and going yet Nigeria remains Peter Pan—ZERO PROGRESS!!!!
      Suddenly, it is ILLITERATE BUHARI that would effect the change which past Nigerian leaders could not bring about in 55 years…
      You are being manipulated like deft advertisers do; but obviously you don’t know it….
      “CHANGE” is a powerful campaign slogan…
      Read Robert Greens’ “48 Laws of Power,” and understand how it works like a narcotic or powerful campaign weapon…
      At best the CHANGE sloganeering of APC would only make you vote for their presidential candidate, ILLITERATE BUHARI…
      In the final analysis, however, it would mean and count for nothing if or when he gets into office, as it is CEREBRAL leadership, not campaign slogan that would be put to task when the difficult issues of governance stares him in the face…
      I believe radically that Nigeria is safer with GEJ than with ILLITERATE BUHARI!!!!!!!

      • Dominic Price

        ILLITERATE where ??? All I See is giant PIG with FAKE PhD.

        • Etomi

          Never knew time would come in our nation when we would have to cry dry for a man seeking to preside over the affairs of our country to show proof that he has the barest formal education…
          It is totally disconcerting!!!!!!!!!!!
          What value would a Buhari presidency promote, other than, “You don’t need to go to school in order to occupy the highest office in the land…”

  • tayo

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  • Ene Okonkwo

    This commentary is coming to you live from the main bowl of Nigeria’s national political arena.

    The cloud is gathering!

    What a deft move by the easily underrated team – it has thrown the self-appointed unbeatables into disarray – into uncontrollable screaming and ranting.

    I am not sure they know what hit them.

    The score board reads: Accursed Propaganda Conmen 0 – 1 to The so called “Clueless One.” It is a vital away goal.

    Does the “Clueless One” have a few more surprises before the second leg on March 28? What can I say?

    Till then, I am returning you to the main studio in Propaganda Times (PT) where our colleagues who support the losing team 100% are as stunned as the Accursed Propaganda Conmen players.

    From me, and the production team of the outside broadcast, it’s goodbye but watch. The so called “Clueless One” may not be without some Maradona skills as we were erroneously informed.

    • Etomi

      The cloud that is gathering is that Oduduwa Republic is about to be born!!!!
      And the Niger Delta (SS/SE) can’t wait to get back their land…
      And the Islamic Republic of northern Nigeria is set to burst forth!!!!!!

  • Brandon Landry


    Nigerians! Nigerians!! Nigerians!!! The time to boil is NOW, not later. The ruling cabal elites have just totally aborted Nigeria’s pregnancy of change by postponing the elections. Nigerians hear me well: FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS WILL NOT HOLD IN 6 WEEKS AS PROMISED. Any Nigerian that believes free and fair elections will hold is merely indulging in a pipe dream. It is an egregious lie by the ruling elites cabal. If elections ever hold, it will be a caricature, a compromised, phony and sham arrangement designed by the elite ruling cabal to suit their purpose. The elites will never allow free and fair elections that will end their reign of plunder and expose them to prison terms by an incoming administration. Postponing the elections is merely a prelude to a far more sinister and far reaching plot by a corrupt few to hijack and supplant the will of the entire nation for change. So Nigerians gear up for and begin this non violent struggle now.The long suffering long oppressed Nigerian electorate must fight back, viciously! This is not a fight to be fought with violence because the elites have calculated their options and are prepared to waste precious Nigerian lives to sustain their grip on the jugular of Nigeria. When AIG Mbu and other military commanders were redeployed recently, it was to prepare the ground for the unleashing of governmental instruments of violence on unarmed Nigerian masses. The elites have already calculated and prepared for these unfolding events. So Nigerians, this is a fight that must be fought by slow, protracted and sustained strangulation of the elites by overwhelming massive indefinite sit at home strikes by govt workers, internal insurrection within the security agencies by patriotic soldiers, patriotic policemen and security agents, coordinated massive demonstrations at ALL Nigeria’s embassies abroad, unrelenting mass media excoriation and condemnation of the elites and so forth. Nigerians hear me and hear me well: The problem of Nigeria is not ethnic separatism, religious or regional separatism. The problem of Nigeria is CORRUPT ELITES!!! The problem of Nigeria is the problem of class war being waged by corrupt elite class against the Nigerian masses using Boko Haram, ethnic, religious, lying propaganda, blackmail, bribery and violence weapons. The political, economic, religious and military elites in the North, South, East and West of Nigeria are only interested in the perpetuation of the class status quo that oppresses and plunders the common man in the North, South, East and West of Nigeria and they are deploying lies, smear campaigns, Boko Haram, regionalism and ethnic fears to divide and confuse the masses. Nigerians must resist the temptation to clamor for breaking up Nigeria into splinter units. It is not the panacea. For example, let us look at states creation. State government structures are a microcosm of regionalism. In short, state government structures are regional governments on a smaller scale. States creation represents Nigeria’s recurrent attempt at catering to ethnic self determination within the federal complex. But this has not solved Nigeria’s problems. Rather it has only exacerbated it by creating new classes of plundering, looting oppressive elites in those created states. Same failures obtains in carved out local governments. The institution of local govts is supposed to bring national resources and government even closer to the grassroots to cater to the common man’s social development needs. But what has emerged in the Nigerian case is that new elites have merely emerged within all those localized government structures to plunder and oppress the common man even the more. This shows that breaking up Nigeria into South-South, South-East and so forth will not address the fundamental question plaguing the Nigerian entity. The fundamental problem tormenting the Nigerian nation is the allocation of resources between the competing needs and interests of the elites vis a vis the interests and needs of the masses. The common man wants the wealth of Nigeria to be evenly distributed among all Nigerians. The elites of Nigeria want the wealth of Nigeria to be exclusively shared only among the elites. The solution? Get rid of the corrupt elites. Stamp out corruption and misappropriation of public resources. Then deploy the wealth of Nigeria towards the betterment of the ordinary Nigerian. Nigeria’s problem will be solved! Nigerians every where in the North, South, East and West are loving, peaceful, hardworking people. Solve their common problems of poverty, unemployment, infrastructure development, power and water supply, good roads, housing, healthcare, security, education and civil rights and there will no longer be need to resort to regional or ethnic agitations. The United States govt knew what the evil Nigerian elites were up to all along. That was why President Obama dispatched Secretary Kerry on short notice to Nigeria a few weeks ago. That was why America my Fatherland refused to sell arms to Nigeria my Motherland. The weapons will only be used to massacre and suppress the suffering Nigerian masses. The United States itself is the world’s largest and most diverse federal system democracy. Yet the federal structure functions so well it has made the US the world’s strongest and wealthiest nation in the world because the tenets of transparency, accountability, rule of law, fairness and equity are rigorously upheld! These tenets are what Nigeria is sorely lacking. Sectarian sentiments arise when corruption, inequality and lopsidedness at the central level characterize the allocation of resources, rights and opportunities among the nation’s component units and peoples. Once equity is deployed in solving the common problems common to all Nigerians in all regions, Nigeria’s problem is solved. Nigeria will thrive. Nigeria’s collective strength is better than her fractured strength. Nigeria is better together and stronger together as a unified entity, properly led and dynamically ruled by an altruistic minded champion of the common man. Not misled and mis-ruled by a clueless, corrupt, treacherous and callous simpleton who does not give a damn about the common Nigerian masses and had the temerity to bluntly tell them so to their faces! What an insult!


    Thus this should be the collective message of ordinary Nigerians to the ruling cabal……”Listen up you parasitic elites, you constitute only 1% of the total population. But you have held us 169 million Nigerians in bondage and squalor for too long. Your time is up. You can no longer succeed in manipulating, confusing and dividing us masses with your lies, divisiveness and distractions of inane, inconsequential and irrelevant issues of paper qualification, religious sentiments and ethnic divisiveness. Be wise while you have the chance to peacefully exit the corridors of power to go enjoy the stupendous wealth you have stolen from us the oppressed common Nigerians. Nigeria and we Nigerians can and will heal from the horrific wounds you have inflicted on us if you exit and a champion of the common Nigerian takes office. He will stamp out corruption. The elections must not be postponed, aborted nor cancelled. The elections must hold and the will of the common Nigerian must prevail. But you elites must exit or be consumed by the wrath of the masses.
    A word is enough for the wise”

  • Mr. Abdin

    change has come and nothing will stop that by the grace of God.

  • Afo

    Well said and Nigerians are together on this. NASS must pass a resolution banning the military from arresting anyone before, during and after election unless approved by INEC and getting to polling areas. They must take directives from INEC chairman on election matters, if their services are required. Any attempt to scuttle election or our democracy must be successfully resisted by simply asking everybody to stay at home and close down the country, and for a few days the people will win the battle. Let God Almighty deal with GEJ and all his supports the way they are dealing with Nigerians, and may the blood of the innocent Nigerians killed by boko haram be upon their heads and the heads of their family members. May God give us leaders who are embodiment of peace, righteousness, Justice and fairness. Amen.

  • Ekpefon

    Since the return to civil rule in 1999,the Nigerian Military especially the army has been aiding PDP in rigging every election. Go to rural areas and see how soldiers pack electoral materials to the house of a PDP chietain. You dare not get close to such a location, else you will be shot and killed. They will go ahead and cook up an allegation that you wanted to hijack election materials. But for open partisan role of the Nigerian army over the years,the PDP would long have been in opposition and struggling to come back to power. The PDP sees most rural aareas especially in the South East and South South parts of the country as places they can harvest votes using soldiers. With the help of technology, this time,they should be in for a surprise as they will be recorded live in this act and posted for the world to see their new role in subverting the will of the people. In other climes, election is pure civil duty, security for which is provided by Boys’ scouts and in very extreme cases of disturbances, the police are invited. In the second Republic, this ignoble role of aiding the ruling party to cart away election materials was performed by the Mobile Unit of Nigeria Police. Nigeria is a country where corrupt rulers make the military perform general duties, from mounting road blocks to arrest and detention of couples who are have marital issues. In this election, Soldiers who will escort election materials to the house of politicians, should start now to prepare how they will deny when the video of their act will go virile on the internet before they settle down to thumbprint

  • otunga

    “The mosques and Orthodox churches freely complied but the pentecostal churches….” The only way out for us is to stop giving to these churches, give to the poor, needy and sick, that’s what Jesus taught us, as for tithes, if you feel compelled by your faith, then appropriate to causes that’ll help humanity or better still invest in children who can’t afford to go to school, pay their school fees and you shall be truly blessed of the Lord…but giving to these hardened criminals called pastor is tantamount to aiding and abetting corruption…a contradiction to the teachings of Christ but Nigerians would never learn because in their minds they can bribe God…pastors, make una dey enjoy…

  • The truth will set you free

    oga stop wasting your time. an average Nigeria doesn’t care
    why do you think Politicians can get away with anything in Nigeria and most people don’t care