Why we can’t proceed with elections – Jega

The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Attahiru Jega, has concluded a briefing meeting with 25 civil society groups in Abuja Saturday informing them that all security agencies in the country have indicated to him, in writing, that they are not available to support the elections planned for February 14 and 28.

Mr. Jega, who had an earlier meeting with political parties, is rounding up another meeting with his 36 resident electoral commissioners now on what will amount to an INEC position on whether to postpone or go ahead with the elections.

Insiders at the meeting said “its pretty much a done deal at this point that the elections will be postponed” and many of the attendees told PREMIUM TIMES they were shell-shocked and depressed at what they characterize as “a clear case of political blackmail of the state against civil society”.

Jibrin Ibrahim, a leading African election expert and senior fellow at the Centre for Democracy and Development, CDD, in Abuja, who was at the meeting, said Mr. Jega told the meeting that security operatives from all the agencies told INEC that they were commencing a six weeks special operations against Boko Haram insurgents in the north eastern corridors of the country and would rather not be distracted by the elections.

Mr. Jega announced that the security forces also said the operations are due to commence on February 14, the date INEC had planned for the presidential and federal legislative elections.

This decision, by the security forces, successfully renders INEC’s hitherto insistence to go ahead with the elections a risky venture.

To even collect ballot papers from their storage in the Central Bank of Nigeria for the elections will require security escort, which apparently is now unavailable in the light of the move by the security forces.


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  • aabello

    GEJ is as good as gone no matter how long the election is going to take place #March4Buhari

    • progress

      With this singular act GEJ has just conceded defeat to Buhari whenever the election comes up. Meanwhile let’s all start matching to the streets, enough is enough.

      • wode

        Soldier and Police officers are already there on the streets to stop any protest. Everything is premeditated.

        • sirjoka

          Will they be there for ever? Lets wait till they have their gaurds down, lets wait till Feb 14 when they launch their attacks on BH and we all march demanding the resignation of this government

          • jude L/A USA

            All Nigerians and by extension the world over, should as a matter of urgency intensify their prayers, on the good health and safety of General Buhari, to survive this “election extension” by PDP. This is not a joke. Its SERIOUS!!!

    • Diamond James

      why do you all want the election so badly or re u guys running away from your girlfriends, bcos if u wud win now then you wud win anytime. but am not seeing that happening £GEJ4Naija

  • favourtalk

    This is a political call to deny people of doing the right thing comes febuary 14, even if they postpone the election for 12 months, GEJ cannot and will not impress the rope at all. We will vote for change not propaganda.

  • victo amadi

    This is a clear fall of PDP. If elections will be hold from now to 2020 you’ll be out we will vote you out.

  • SBA

    Jonathan will pay dearly for this poll postponement.

    • Sammy Charles

      up jonathan, we love him

      • jude L/A USA

        You are a Clown PERIOD!!!!

      • Olusola


      • Concerned

        Because you love evil.

  • Alfullati

    You can do anything you like,GEJ,but you will leave Aso Rock come May 29,2015.Take or leave it we will vote for change.

  • Wrath

    hmmn this pdp people can only be described as a child holding and licking a lollipop and who doesnt want it to finish, but they have all forgotten that everytin dat has a beginning must also av an end at the right time. PDP ur end hae come for now, accept it and lets all move on. No need to postpone what is obvious or what will happen weda one likes it or not. No wonder they refused to give a public holiday for PVC collection but they want to extend the date. Mtcheeew!

  • Giganto

    #March For Buhari; #MarchFebuhari; #MarchforBuhari; #GMB all the way!!!

    • Wrath

      listen 2 yr head

  • Mama Kay

    The National Assembly should now for once function and sack all the heads of security agencies for incompetence.

    This is the only way Nigeria can save face.

    The corrupt people are scared of Buhari presidency that they would go to any extent to stop it.

    The People have rejected Jonathan and whatever he does, by the special grace of God, he will fail.

    The Heavens will reject him and all those working with him against the people.

  • babakekere

    Bokoharam saga is a clear handiwork of Jonathan,I don’t blame Jonathan I blame Obasanjo,this is what happens when you’re clever manipulator,OBJ thanks for being the catalyst to Nigerian disintegration.

  • Hidar

    Obasanjo we Nigerians wouldn’t forget your wickedness…Jonathan is a monster you imposed on Nigerians. But God will see us through!!!

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      GEJ and ineptitude are two sides of a coin! No electricity, no jobs, comatose infrastructure, plenty corruption and now no election. What a curse on Nigeria!!

    • Atom Ant

      Obj did not impose Jona on Nigerians. No one can shave your hair in your absence, meaning without your consent. It is payback time for all of you who were taken in by the “shoelessness gimmick” and voted for Gej and not PDP.

  • Nkebueziokwu

    Let PDP continue their tricks. So security agencies want to commence the fight against the Boko Haram they have refused to fight fir six years on February 14 and will finally defeat Boko Haram in six weeks? This is really ridiculous. I think Nigerians must rise in as crescendo and sack this idiotic thieving Jonathan and his cohorts. Enough of these nonsense!

  • peirodam

    nigeria is scam.our democracy is a scam,a very few tiny top elite have the whole country in its GRIP,they have been holding the country hostage for close to three decade now.IBB and ABACHA 12 YRS PDP 16 YRS.

  • matthew

    the excuse was that security operatives wants to start an offensive against bokoharam which will start on February 14th. What if after 6wks and the offensive against the bokoharam is not successful what ‘ll then happen.

  • Lanre

    This is for the young ones who are apart to witness Nigerian Drama. I gave up on Nigeria, June 16 1993 when the freest and
    most transparent elections ever held were annulled by Ibrahim Babangida and the other sadists within the Nigerian Military.Until the day the forefathers of the rot in Nigeria are made to face the music, i.e. Obasanjo (The Political Father of Chris Uba, Baba Modaru), Ibrahim Babangida (one of the most devilish individuals to ever step this earth), Danjuma, Gusau, Abubakar, Shonekan and all those useless so-called fathers of Nigeria, Nigerians are going no where. When Dasuki (please go and research who Dasuki is), first flew the kite on election postponement, I knew Babangida was at work. May the souls of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu, Isaac Adaka Boro, Ken Saro Wiwa and other patriots who fought and died for the liberation of their people rest in peace.My ties to Nigeria are simply because it has the largest concentration of Yorubas, world wide. The day I die, I want to be able to tell my leader, Chief Awolowo, that we struggled and fought to liberate Yorubas from the slavery of Nigeria. And that we succeeded!

  • Hassan Lawal

    ooh! what a country,now i know why they cant defeat the boko boys.Its a shame.

  • nas

    I see Nigeria in Egypt’s shoe, god forbid

  • Alao Moses


  • ASuleiman

    Jega what are afraid for? Let just do the election weather we’ll or not. This shows us you follow the need of PDP

  • the truth

    The wish of nigerians have been answered.inec with their figures released last week shows 86 percent of pvcs distributed to the northern states and 57 percent to the 17 southern states.we cant disenfranchise our brothers and sisters everybody must vote.

  • DecodeDaRiddle

    GEJ is now cashing in on BH. I would resolve to vote GMB because any reasonable leader, who had the timetable since over a year ago would never choose the day that the election is billed to start to initiate a 6 weeks onslaught on BH.
    It means that they have a per-determined outcome in 6 weeks:
    1- the security situation persists and a further postponement will happen
    2- The security situation is toned down and he calls for ING to further stabilize things as it would take the format of declaration of emergency and the subsequent renewals.

    Jega and the country should cry out that if we have lived with insurgency for over 6 years with a greater intensity in the last 2 years, elections can hold in every other place and allow IDPs to vote since they have security cover at the present.

    No matter the outcome, God will ensure that we never experience this devil of leadership anymore.

  • Nuga A

    Nigerian being blackmail by its government for personal and selfish reason.Its nolonger PVC issue again.Which way Nigeria.

  • Strong System

    Hmmm…exploitation of Boko crisis


    Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly, once expressed his disapproval of Jonathan’s action. According to him: “Kneeling before Adeboye was a clear campaign tactic which also diminishes the president and his office. Jonathan has signalled the the commencement of his presidential campaign by going to kneel down before Pastor Adeboye. See, I am not saying that pastors should not pray for the president but Jonathan is a symbol of an institution known as the presidency. He cheapened the institution by prostrating before a man of God because of perceived political advantage he thinks he can get.

    “By going to kneel down in the open before the pastor, the man (Jonathan) did not even recognise the dignity of his office. If it were a private thing, it is okay for you to crawl or kneel but it is a whole nation. That office has been diminished by a man who does not know the worth of it and does not deserve to stay there for one more day”

    • OnPoint

      When we christians kneel in church, we kneel before our God not man (pastor). It’s as simple as that.





  • Wähala

    Election is no war, let the JTF go fight their war and allow Nigerians go exercise their civic rights. Since Jega has ignorantly bowed to this cheap blackmail, the security agencies will never finish conducting their “special operations” in the far North, something they could not do in 5yrs even with State of Emergencies extended 3-times. If Nigeria were not a country of cowards, the citizens would commence a siddon-look strike and wait until they exercise their civic rights before going back to work. At least, no soldiers would be sent door-to-door to pull striking workers out of their homes since they would be on duty conducting special operations. Attahiru Jega is a corrupt sell-out bcos of his dishonesty in awarding himself INEC contracts like I’ve been commenting, his past has simply caught up with him to the detriment of millions of Nigerians. Goes without saying, Always live a Clean Life! BARAWO!


    We Nigerians need to go to Aso Rock and drive Jonathan out of office just like the Egyptians.

    • Phillip Musa

      Yoruba; all talk.. no action!


        Why are losers postponing the election?. Useless Jonathans

        • Diamond James

          please stop pouring names on the number 1 man of this country so please repent and pray for him instead of calling him name. but before i go let me give u something to think about, you cry out for change, in your own capacity what have you done to make sure this change comes to pass?

          • BABUYANMA

            A loser will not be #1 in Nigeria. Jonathan is a worthless loser

          • Diamond James

            what can you say about your self? At least he has done something in anyway possible….what have you done? you cry for change, wat effort have you put in place so that the change you so cry out for start from your own environment? guest none, so bro if there is a loser, you might be that very person….

          • BABUYANMA

            I have done well for me. All those who know me respect me for my honesty, integrity and hardwork. Tell Jonathan to work on the street without security and see if he will not be stoned to death. Worthless human being.

          • Diamond James

            well even if he likes it or not, he cant walk alone now with aids but soon he will. i dont really believe you are thinking GEJ has not done anything but i know for sure that everyone has its own opinion. but please know that even well developed nations still have security challenges.

    • Nwaebule Akor

      You talk like a spineless imbecile. Your HATE for the best President Nigeria has ever had since 1970 is a double tragedy. You must prepare to proceed on Exile, GEJ will Win with a Landslide.


        You biafrian rogues want to postpone the election so that you can keep stealing our money. OMO JAGUDA

  • We can now begin to see why Jonathan has allowed boko haram to kill Nigerian while he looked the other way. We now know why he frustrated the international community that came to help find the Chibok girl. Jonathan is Joking. Postponing the election will not save him. He will lose whenever the elections are held. It is now time for Jonathan to eat his lies.

  • djay

    The fact is not about Gej losing the election but Gej holding on to power. He is not willing to go and elections might not likely hold again, he will use bokoharam as an excuse to stay beyond May 29.

  • Ette

    This confirms already known position that this wicked GEJ and PDP is the sponsor of boko haram for political advantage, and the military are smiling to the bank because of the huge security budget courtesy of boko haram. Azazi said so and was killed, and now Modi Sheriff, a known boko haram sponsor is a friend of Aso Rock. God Almighty will disgrace them, and that in a terrible way. God bless Nigeria.

    • campol

      Wicked Buhari is the sponsor of BokoHaram. He laments each time BokoHaram looses..

    • Diamond James

      please what are you saying? can you speak in pure english?

  • Concerned

    Let a multi – party civilian task force of volunteers be established alongside an army of camera crew to secure the conduct of the elections!

    • Phillip Musa

      …if you’re very concerned then you should enlist in the military and assist in the operations.

      • Concerned

        My concern is about the elections taking place not another futile skirmish against Boko Haram.

        I know that once an effective leader is voted in an effective response to Boko Haram will follow !

        That should be the order of priorities !

    • UYI111

      u must mean tinubu area boys i hope they are neutral ? ha ha ha o-ti o

      • Concerned

        If they are the multi- party civilian volunteers I stipulated then why not.
        Ha! Ha! yes ooo!

  • Abdul

    Jonathan demon, i know LL long that this BH thing is set up by you and PDP to exploited when the need arise. Shame on you, you can postpone the election for another 6months, we will vote you out anyway.

    • Wise Head

      Do you know that by saying Jonathan set up Boko Haram, you are calling all the Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri Muslims that make up the Boko Haram mumus.Yes, big mumus! If Jonathan has the power to hire these people to fight and die for him, then his little brain is much bigger than of all the entire Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri Muslims put together. He must be great to be able to compel and pay all your young men to blow themselves with bombs. He must be so great to get your tender beautiful girls to strap bombs on their bodies and blow themselves up after probably being sexually violated by your brothers in BH for several days. I never knew GEJ was that great.


        You just displayed intellectual superiority over the above Aboki. The power of positive logic !!

  • Yusuf

    i am speechless, the doom is almost inevitable, which ever way is chaos; I cry for my country…After six weeks the army will claim to be close to victory and will require another six weeks or so, within that time they will force Jega out of the way, God forbid the elimination of major actors withing this time, within small time the chaos will degenerate and they will call for interim govt or military take over—BACK TO SQUARE ZERO, 1983 or worst case 1966….

  • djay

    There’s an adage that says one can actually cook stone to be ready and served as meal if he is patient. Pdp won’t give up power without a fight just like that. We should refrain from any form of violence and be patient. We have waited for 4yrs so 6 wks is nothing. We should be vigilant and resolute to March GMB to Abuja.

    • Yusuf

      my broda six weeks is forever in this case, this ppl will never conduct an election. Violence should never be an option but we need alot of prayers at this moment. The God we worship is not a weak God, when he choses to act the devil will be ashamed

    • Sammy Charles

      APC members we are ready for you all.Blood for blood,stick for stick. APC members do your worst, cowards.

      • Concerned

        GEJ and his blood thirsty followers are crawling out of the cesspit from whence they came – carry go!

      • Diamond James

        we must never share blood for any thing but all we pray for Gods revelation for i know he would review it to us all but for me my vote count for mr president #GEJ4Naija

    • Diamond James

      its not about pdp fighting for power but its about you and me being able to walk home after the election without looking back or over our shoulders. if you happen to lose anyone close to your heart what will you do? for me i want all my friends and family to be safe so i support the postponment of the election. #GEJ4Naija

  • Ijeuwa

    The next stage in the plot will be to ask Jega to proceed on terminal leave. And just as they did with Salami, they’ll get a pliant INEC to install Jumbo as the president on 29 May. Whether they will succeed is another question.

  • Umar Dendi

    See, he told his Hench men to disavow their constitutional responsibility so that he could continue at all costs. Lets see

  • Omo Akin

    The International Community should not let Jonathan get away with this. This should also infuriate Nigerians so much that they should vote massively against Jonathan. We have another Babangida on our hands; no wonder Jonathan called Babangida his father. Nigerians, this a clarion call to take back your country.

    • Advocate

      Nobody wants him, not even the international community. which country has he visited lately, not even Ghana wants to be associated with crooked GEJ

      • Sammy Charles

        yOU APC members can go and commit suicide, who cares. UP jonathan, no shaking. Nigeria is a sovereign country, no country can dictate to us , not even the US

        • Concerned

          No but we can beg them and others to come and help us fight Boko Haram tabi!

    • Phillip Musa

      typical Yoruba response. always looking for someone to do something for you!

  • Umar Dendi

    Reports say that they deployed soldiers hours before the announcement to preempt any protests!

    • FortB

      So? We should allow breakdown of law and order because of you?

      • Concerned

        And we should allow oppression of the masses and disenfranchisement because of GEJ?

        • FortB

          I never knew shifting date of elections means disenfranchisement. Education is not an easy matter

          • Concerned

            You’re right it does require basic education to work out that the elections were postponed because PDP were facing defeat and need time to perfect their plan to cling on to power.

          • FortB

            Ignorance is a bad disease. It blinds one to reality

          • Concerned

            Then I suggest you get some glasses then!!

          • OnPoint

            So is there something APC supporters know that we don’t know? Is it possible that all APC supporters probably have their pvc? Is it true what I’ve been hearing dat jega has been sharing to buhari’s strong holds only?

  • campol

    Haha!.. cry me a river APC.. BokoHaram are loosing already and you want to win from the votes from the south alone?

  • Sammy Charles

    up jonathan. No shaking.All APC members can go and commit suicide. There will be no election this year. Sack Jega now he is working for the APC.

    • Mono

      Bastard, u will fall just like GEJ

    • Bankie

      You are lunatic

    • Concerned

      The enemies of democracy are showing their teeth like their master GEJ!

  • FortB

    Hahahaha. Where are all those promising fire and brimstone of elections is shifted? Hope you are on the streets with your family and Amechi?

    • tundemash

      PDP man , you generations unborn will suffer the consequences of your stomach infrastructure! No wonder you are busier online than at the war front, Dumbo has contracted the war with Boko Haram to Chad.

      • FortB

        Lily livered, I was expecting you would have moved with your family to the streets by now, hahaha

        • tundemash

          Yes same lily-livered that moved to the streets when Turai was molesting your Dumbo while he hid under the bed. Same lily-livered that fought Abacha till he dropped dead.
          You sycophants will also desert Dumbo once he meets his waterloo just as you did to Abacha. Don’t be in a hurry, it was just a few hours ago INEC made their summersault.
          And does all this explain your desert your duty at the North East and allow Chad to do what you failed to do in 6 years ?

  • manalone

    This is a very dangerous move by Jona. Though I am not in support of either Buhari or Jona, this is just too an awful a move by Jona. This could tear the country apart. This confirms he is truly dumbo, to think that it will have no consequence. Unbelievable.

    • Okey

      How ? I have just watched Channels Television, a media organ very friendly to APC, show on television the agony of citizens in Lagos who are struggling to get their PVC at this hour without success. It is only agents of darkness that will advocate election in the midst of that chaos.

      • Peter_Edo

        guy u need to just go and die somewhere!!!

        • Okey

          Those who hate to hear and see the truth will suffer blindness now and in the here-after.

      • abelxandercel

        shot the hell up….why repeating the same thing over and over again….

        • Okey

          Those who hate to hear and see the truth will have their lips sealed.

      • Concerned

        Okey – You miss out the fact that INEC had extended the deadline for collection until the 13th and that Lagis has now become one of the states with the highest levels of PVC distribution rates in the country.

        • Okey

          Guy my two of my younger brothers and a cousin have up till this hour not received their PVC in Lagos. Suddenly, PVCs bearing Igbo names developed wings and are now hovering in the air. I believe that now and February 13 will be insufficient for these PVCs that developed wings to be found or reprinted.

          Consider the stampede and consequent reactions that will follow an exercise that will end on the eve of February 14. Besides, if INEC used over one year to distribute 45 Million PVCs, when did acquire the supersonic expertise and speed that will enable it distribute 23 Million in a few days. That’s absolutely false.

          Finally, know that by INEC’s own account, Two (2) Million PVCs are yet to be printed. Whilst 1.3 Million are confirmed stolen. It is mischievous and evil to hold that 3.3 Million PVCs will not make a difference in election.

        • FortB

          Every Nigerian has the right to vote and be voted for. That’s the simple reason for the postponement that seems so difficult for some sentimental individual to come to terms with

          • Concerned

            You definitely do need some glasses – the reason given by INEC was the lack of security.
            They stated quite clearly at the Council of State that they were ready for the elections.

            It is GEJ’s decision to divert military resources to another failed skirmish against Boko Haram that has lead to the over 48 million Nigerians that have their PVC’s from not being able to vote as promised,

            What about their rights or is less than
            20 million also greater than 48 million?

    • FortB

      Is INEC not independent? Why blame the president. He as a responsible leader has laid the facts and ground and says he will not allow any part of the country to be disenfranchised and INEC made a decisionwhich will still see elections hold within the time allowed by the constitution. How is that a bad thing?

  • Lord Vader

    A select group of criminals in the security services are attempting to stage a coup against the constitution with the full connivance of the PDP government. Therefore, if the APC and the people of Nigeria decide to set up their own security services, and run a true government in the service of the republic, let no one protest. This is blackmail and treason by the security services. That a war was not won in 6 years will now be won in 6 weeks is an absurdity of the highest order. So now the constitutionality of the Nigerian state is hostage to a battle field plan orchestrated by a Joint Chiefs, NSA and security services that have known for months that elections are scheduled for Feb. 14. This is a coup d’etat pure and simple. We call upon patriotic officers of the republic’s security forces to reject this illegal order because it is what it is. It is an order designed to undermine the integrity of the state’s basic law and the continuity of the Nigerian state. Nigeria’s security forces must reject this illegal order and immediately take steps to remove the officers and their civilian overseers giving such an illegitimate order.

    • FortB

      You are very out of place. Please tell us the aspects of the constitution that has been breached and I will support your call

  • Isaac

    This is clearly a coup by the State against its people.

    • Okey

      Which coup ? I have just watched Channels Television, a media organ very friendly to APC, show on television the agony of citizens in Lagos who are struggling to get their PVC at this hour without success. It is only agents of darkness that will advocate election in the midst of that chaos.

      • Concerned

        You miss out the fact that INEC had extended the deadline for collection until the 13th and that Lagis has now become one of the states with the highest levels of PVC distribution rates in the country.

  • I quote from full SR article: “…heads of Nigeria’s security agencies, under direct instructions from the Presidency, categorically told Mr. Jega yesterday that they could not guarantee establishing a climate for free and fair elections to hold in February.” ….
    “Mr. Jonathan had struck a multibillion-dollar deal with Chadian President Idris Deby to outsource the fight against Boko Harm to Chad. With Chad now fighting Boko Haram on Nigerian territory, President Jonathan and his backers within the military would have enough troops to deploy to help rig the elections, said the source.”
    Chad and South African mercenaries are busy fight Nigeria’s inside war with Boko Haram, yet the Nigerian Army cannot find time and personnel to referee a crucial National Election. It’s amazing!!!!

    • FortB

      Why not join the army and do the job better? Arm Chair critic

      • Why join an incompetent, compromised, ethnocentric army? It is suicidal.

    • FortB

      And you take what SR says as fact abi? They were present when Mr President gave the instructions? Oh I have forgotten, SR are the Chiefs of Media present at the occasion when Mr President directed the service chiefs. Junk media

      • Oh, you are confirming that in an incompetent Jonathanian rule, his unruly chiefs of security services can just refuse to obey Jonathan’s constituted commission, INEC, without permission from the President.

    • Aniedi Ntukidem

      Do you know the capacity of Boko Haram? A terrorist group capable of launching attacks in four fronts is not a small one. They have grown so big that they can fight nigeria, Chard, Niger and Cameroun. I really appreciate the initiative of a coalition

      • Whatever it takes to crush Boko Haram. Question to Jonathan is why did he wait for them to grow that large?

        • Aniedi Ntukidem

          but we are aware he has had a couple of discussions with them. These things are not automatic.they have due process to follow.

          Do not forget we first thought US is going to help us. but they failed and that provoked Gowon alot – remember ?

          Next he tried to acquire a military jet from isreal but US frustrated the effort.

          In summary, this guy have been trying to solve this problem since but there have been a lot of frustrations.

          Clearly the effort did not start now

          • Aniedi, you are quite polite, but I cannot get your points on: discussions with them – Boko Haram? provoked Gowon, what year? A stitch in time saves nine, frustration follows negligence. When did the effort start?

          • Aniedi Ntukidem

            I meant discussion with the countries that makes up the coalition forces

          • Aniedi Ntukidem

            Also there was a lot of frustrations in the Nigerian military- from ICC accusing Nigerian forces of war-crimes, top ranking officers not remitting the daily stipends to the foot soldiers, mutiny, court-marshal. All this with a serious war at hand.
            Man… the president is human

          • Corruption leads to negligence, leads to frustration and unhappiness. GEJ’s government is guilty of all those charges you mentioned. His fighting an inside war against Boko Haram with Chadian and South African mercenaries shows he is on a wide goose chase, though.

          • Aniedi Ntukidem

            Are you saying that the Chadian and South African mercenaries are not helpful? please clarify

          • What stake do they have in the Nigerian state? Just to collect your money and sell you further to Boko Haram, so they can make more money.

          • Aniedi Ntukidem

            Well, I think it will be too early to judge. let us see how it plays out. From my understanding, the Boko Haram menace has led to high cost of of imported commodity in Chard. thereby affecting their economy adversely

          • It’s not too early to judge. Boko Haram’s base to attacking Nigeria had always been Chad. The botched cease fire was executed by and in Chad. How do you expect your enemies to fight against themselves because you give them money as mercenaries? Highly unlikely.

  • taewo

    Nigerians should begin to ask themselves why this evil has befallen them again.

    • Okey


  • terry

    what a disgrace for Nigeria.A shit hole of a country.

    • abelxandercel

      i’m so upset bro….Nigeria is actually been set back to the 90s…

      • Yusuf Mohammed Mohammadu

        I am more upset than you bro, this amalgamation is not working. Lets just break up so that elections in our respective countries will be ‘kwicker’. What do you think?…are you still there?

        • abelxandercel

          better idea bro…..i guess that will the best option since democracy is not working

  • UYI111

    APC are relly despirate in Lagos state another kind of fraud has been uncover which is the double printing of a pvc meaning that each name has 2 pvc printed in their names but one is giving out while the other is reserve for oloye tinubu /and fash these are some of the things they have been druming their chest for but now that is expose the master forgers crying blood all their evil plans will fail as they have so far been continue to be.say Amen every patriots Amen o . o

  • Wetin Naija

    It is time for Nigeria to break up. Jonathan has destroyed Nigeria. Let us break up. Ibo go your way, Yoruba, your way. Hause, your way. Nigeria can no more hold together. JONATHAN HAS DESTROYED NIGERIA

  • Lord Vader

    From: The People of Nigeria / Constitution Owners

    To: The Officers and Soldiers of the Nigerian Army, Navy, Airforce, Department of State Services, National Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Military Intelligence, Nigerian Police Force, Nigerian Civil Defence and other deep cover agencies

    Re: Order #1 of the Transitional Federal Government of Nigeria

    Date: Feb. 7, 2015

    You are hereby required under the terms of your oath of allegiance to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to disregard forthwith the illegal order issued by the heads of all military and security institutions. You are to stand down and remain in barracks until further orders are issued by the legitimate authority representing the people of Nigeria and the Constitution. You will under no circumstances deploy to Northeast Nigeria or participate in any other internal or external security operation. Should you choose to go AWOL, you will be excused as long as such status ends when the constitutional crisis is concluded or you are recalled by legitimate orders. You are no longer required to follow the orders issued by the former Commander in Chief who as of February 7, 2015 is no longer your C-in-C due to participation in acts of high treason. Orders issued to you are now considered illegal and only Order #1 to stand down is the legitimate order for all the security services to follow.

    • FortB

      And who are you to give the security agencies command?

  • Peter_Edo

    so it is now they want to fight boko haram?

    • Peter_Ondo

      Yes. E dey pain you?

      • Transformer Agent

        lol..u’re funny. But help me ask nigerians..how will the shift favour GEJ?????? it’s unbelievable how we think. smh

  • thusspokez

    Attahiru Jega is Professor Attahiru Jega. Nigerians like
    such titles and revere their holders, don’t they? “Dr” is another.

    A Professor can do anything and everything; any job. Wrong! Look
    at Professor Attahiru Jega CV and you would see that he
    had spend all his working life in academia and have not done a
    proper job except teach — excuse me teachers, no offence intended.

    How could such a person be fit to run an organisation the size of
    INEC? It is like appointing a person who has not run any business
    in their life to run a large organisation like MTN.

    Why are Nigerians surprised that Professor Attahiru Jega
    is found wanting? The postponement of the election is a clear proof
    that he is not up to to the job. After all, he has had four years to
    prepare the election but all to no avail.

    • Transformer Agent

      Why don’t we analyse situations constructively. He is saying he doesn’t have the support of the Security Agents and can’t allow a repeat of the 2011 elections. Imagine if in 2011 we had security operatives and the killings and destruction still happened to that extent, without them what would happen??? The man said he is ready, but can’t do it without adequate security for both the officials and citizenry. Spare the man, Election is not a do or die affair. You can’t conduct elections when the conditions are not conducive. Is it JEGA’s fault now??? You can blame it on the government and the security agents. We all know that’s one area this government has not done well, but there’re reasons for these shortcomings. Nigerians sha. God Help us!!!

      • thusspokez

        He has had 4 [repeat:4] years to think about the aforementioned problems.

        For months, on another Nigerian online newspapers, I have been suggesting that INEC brought forward the elections in the troubled states with the help of the police, army and security agencies, i.e., flood the states with them and conduct the election earlier than the 14th February. Then the rest of the country can go to the polls on the 14th. The will avoid the security services being over-stretched.

        Simple solution but I suppose INEC is run by people who cannot think.

        “Is it JEGA’s fault now???”

        Yes it is!

  • charles

    I have never seen such an incompetent, daft. Hollow, evil, callous and clueless government anywhere in the world…the earlier this nation get rid of this govt the better for all of us….shameful!!!

    • FortB

      Sorry not everyone agrees with you. Not everyone is blinded by sentiments. Not everyone is blind to the transformation we are witnessing currently

      • charles

        Pdp e- rats dat can sell their mum for pot of porridge…not worth a response

  • Ty

    Postpone till next year if you like ….it will still be OTUOKE BY ROAD !!!!!

    • FortB

      As long as everyone gets a chance to vote, that’s all that matters

  • Jasper Onanefe

    ARREST JEGA Now!!!

    Jega should be arrested for his criminal attempt to disenfranchise the peoples of the South & East. Haba! Prof Jagajaga! Wetin! I say wetin!… abi na bcos your village people use stone pursue you last year when you visit Sokoto? …How come you distribute PVC for West & North but here for Ughelli nobody don get? I have called somebody in Umunede, Abraka and Patani, but there is nobody there with PVC yet. Shoooooo…. Something dey do you? When you have elections in a place like Nigeria, all the Nations in it must be covered.

    Nigeria is the size & population of UK, France, Spain & Portugal put together, therefore the effort to conduct an election in Nigeria will mathematically require 3-4 times the effort in France or UK…It is the effect of the useless amalgamation by a useless Lord Luggard, and the whole world should know it.

    • Dazmillion

      Oga calm down, na only one vote you get na

      • Jasper Onanefe

        Which kind one vote? If na play stop am o!…Nigeria is a plc, and those who own preference shares in the company have more voting rights than those who have less shares or none at all. Ok? ..You can not tell me that my oily vote is same as a vote from Sambissa or the sahel.

    • FortB

      Why not go and arrest him yourself?


    When the old tyrant loses the election,he will remember that the NE did not vote,he will remember that PVCs did not reach some of his almajeris then he would probably unleash them on innocent folk as usual.

    The INEC boss must not be under any pressure,he has to make sure that everything is in place so that the old dictator will have no excuse to unleash mayhem on the masses !!

  • Wähala

    How did a Duncee get to become a presidential aspirant? It is quite bemusing…and sound education and knowledge is the bedrock of any working democracy and a necessary basis for positive developmental changes industrially or otherwise. How then do we bend the rules to accommodate those who eternally claim to be educationally disadvantaged? This is 21st century, anyone so blighted by the affliction of doubt of ability to contest elections at that level, even if a dunce, could have used the opportunity for a debate to prove that his critics erred. But alas!…he runs into the hole…and like a rabbit running away from rainwater, decides to ‘debate’ in a town hall meeting or if you like, ‘an arrangee’ meeting where prepared questions (which he wud have already rehearsed), will be asked. The blind shud not lead the sighted. This is never rocket science. It is ok to postpone the elections so that Duncee can have time to prepare for debate. Kaspirk!


      You are confused,you have eyes but cannot see due to hate. The INEC boss just allowed reason to triumph over sentiments . When the old tyrant loses ,he will remember that the NE did not vote,he will remember that PVCs did not reach his supporters then PRONTO!! HE WILL UNLEASH BLOODY MAYHEM .

      That’s not gonna happen ,the dictator will be defeated fair and square,he will have no option than go back to his farm and weep !

      • Transformer Agent

        Hey you don’t understand Wahala’s post. Read well again. lol


          That he is putting down stuff like that is what makes me think he is “confused”. He basically supported the Dictator when he declared he was going to dodge debates !!

      • FortB

        Exactly. We.just avoided a good constitutional loophole that any loser would have explioted

  • tayo

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  • BTT

    Yeah, it is becoming clearer now. The recent tie between GEJ and IBB is yielding fruits. GEJ has shown NG his color code. IBB and others don’t want Buhari. GEJ has become their tool to sabotage the electoral process. Whenever they are ready, we are waiting for them. Buhari is ever our candidate. I wonder where this path will lead the current govt to.

    • TeamObed

      Please can you enlighten me how a shift in the polls will give PDP any undue advantage over other parties.

      Will people like you whose mind is already made up change your mind on who to vote for?

      • wazobia

        It doesn’t matter if it gives them advantage or not, it is just plain wrong to postpone an election because you are losing.
        Do you honestly believe that if Jonathan knows that he will win the election next weekend, he will not put all resources to make the election happen?
        Do you believe that?
        If you know you are losing and push an election to buy time, is it not to your advantage?

        • FortB

          That’s an assumption that you cannot prove. But it is factual and common knowledge that a large number of voters are yet to get their PVC and we have 4 states where military operation are ongoing. To avoid disenfranchisement of a large number of Nigerians is good enough to shift the elections to a date that falls still within the specified timeline in law.

          • wazobia

            I am not proving any assumptions which is the reason I said it doesn’t matter whether it is an advantage or not.
            You cannot let the military blackmail INEC on when and how to do their jobs. This is setting a very dangerous precedent. It is wrong!

          • Aniedi Ntukidem

            They are trying to absolve themselves should INEC go ahead to hold the election

          • FortB

            I don’t see any blackmail here. The military stated how it is. It was left to INEC to make.a.decision which they have made. Let’s move on. I.am.sure most, commentators here do not bother to ask.what the people in the 4 states ravished by terrorists feel.Next, don’t you think we risk.a.constitutional problem if we only conduct elections in 32 states? Remember you must win in at least 27 states to be declared winner. That in itself support why we should make every effort to see that elections hold in all states. The country is too polarized now to.risk a.constitutional crisis

          • wazobia

            The question then is are we just realizing this after billions have been poured into these elections?
            We do not have a budget as speak because the national assembly is shut down because of the elections and now the elections are getting postponed for 6 weeks?

            The second question is what happens if the 4 states are still “ravished” after 6 weeks? Do we postpone again? Do we give up on the elections completely if we are still stuck in this Boko Haram war as we have been stuck in it for the last 4 years?

          • FortB

            We will cross that bridge when we.get there

        • Aniedi Ntukidem

          Are you aware that INEC would be responsible for any loss of life and property if he ignores security warnings.

          • wazobia

            The government is responsible for any loss of lives in Nigeria. the same way they are responsible for the loss of lives post 2011 election. The job of INEC is to schedule an election and run it. The job of the government is to provide security for all nigerians election day or not. You can’t blackmail INEC and say they are responsible when the police does not serve INEC.
            Should the army be involved in an election in the first place?

          • Aniedi Ntukidem

            If security chiefs say those areas are volatile but INEC decides to conduct election in those areas. I think INEC is responsible.

          • wazobia

            Correct. What then is the way out if the security situation remains the same after 6 weeks? completely cancel the elections?

          • Aniedi Ntukidem

            INEC will consult and make a decision

          • Aniedi Ntukidem

            Would the government still be responsible if INEC goes against it advice ?

          • wazobia

            Is this really a country if the government cannot guarantee its citizens security?
            Is the government now telling Nigerians that it is a failure in its most important responsibility which is guarantee security for its citizens?
            Should this be the government anybody should vote for?
            Election is coming up in a week and a government says we cannot guarantee security while at the same time saying they are the best in the history of this country. Does this even make any sense?
            THere was election even in Iraq. There were elections in Ukraine of all places.
            Where else will the government say we are the best and doing the best for our citizens while saying at the same exact time, that it will take them 6 weeks to guarantee security for an election.

        • TeamObed

          Are you aware of the innocent corpers & others that were brutally murdered after the last presidential elections even when it was generally adjudged to be credible?

          Can the elections be said to be fair if millions of eligible voters are disenfranchised either as a result of no PVC or being an IDP?

          Win or lose, GEJ will still be president until May 29, so shifting the polls will not buy him any time except it goes beyond May 29 which I doubt.

          I know some people have already won this election on social media, Anambra, Edo, Ondo, Ekiti & Osun were all won by APC in the social media.

          Nigerians know who won the real votes.

      • BTT

        A govt that fought BH for 4 years now knows how to overcome BH in 6 weeks; why now? It is obvious PDP has hidden agenda. It is not only about mind-made-up now, will our votes count?

        • TeamObed

          Please be specific, don’t just generalise. What hidden agenda does PDP harbour that they can’t use if the polls go as planned?

          If votes won’t count, whether the polls are shifted or not, it won’t change much if at all anything.

        • masud

          This is step one,expect the next step by next week,ibb and others will never let anyone pushed their refinery into redundancy

  • Yusuf

    since when did military begin to play vital role in conduct of pols, the last time i remembered it was duty of the Nigerian Police

  • ty

    Can someone tell me how we can ever progress in Nigerian? The unborn generation will suffer alot!

  • Ez

    It is playing out again…the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob….this our super-inefficient military etc should not collude with the presidency to derail our democracy. God is watching!

  • Ukpaka

    This country is finished!

    • FortB

      According to you?

  • FortB

    Let’s face reality, some parties would have approached the courts to annul the election if it did not hold in the 4 states where operations to root out Boko Haram are currently ongoing.

    No honest individual who has not had the chance to collect his or her PVC would be pleased not to have been given the constitutional guaranteed right to vote.

    No single party benefits more with the shift in date. It favours all the party because those who have not been opportuned to collect PVC cuts across party lines and those in the 4 troubled states belong to all the parties.

    Unlike what some people will have us believe here, no aspect of the Constitution of the Federal Republic has been breeched. Elections holding on March 28 falls within the time stipulated in the Constitution.

    So what is the problem here? Let’s be stampeded to hold elections that will disenfranchise people in 4 states and many others yet to collect PVC’s? When we still have a good 2 months allowance in the time specified by law? Common. Let’s stop being blinded by retogressive politics

    • BTT

      Jega never mentions that PVC distribution is the problem. Even if Election is postponed for 1 year, not every has interest to vote. Even if fed govt says BH has been overcome in the 4 troubled states, I can assure you people in the affected communities will still nurse fear to come out and vote because they have lost confidence in the current govt and security agencies to guarantee their protection.

      • dd

        Does he need to mention it. I have not collected my own.

    • 05GENERAL

      D military jst confirmed to Nigerians that they can’t execute their primary responsibility Wch is to defend the integrity of the Nigerian people and state.I call upon the CDS to honourably tender his resignation.

  • Peter Irene

    Black man!

  • Sanmi Falae


    • Aniedi Ntukidem

      Give them a date you will be able to get the four North Eastern states. and when you think you can make everyone receive the PVCs the jega will fix a date

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    APC and all the so-called Civil Society Groups should tell us why those dates are inviolable. What should be uppermost in every sane Nigerian’s mind is for INEC to conduct free fair and transparently credible elections. The Jonathan Administration will still bear the brunt if it gives in to the preposterous position of the elections-must-go-on-as-scheduled campaigners and delivers flawed polls. Government should ignore the rabble rousers and anarchists and postpone the elections. No matter what INEC might say to the contrary, it is clearly not ready to conduct hitch-free elections.

  • Aminu Baba

    This is a coup detat by the security agencies to forcefully iimpose PDP regime on Nigerians. It is happening just like Do yin Okupe’s aid said so confidently a few days ago; “it is better to have a coup than for Buhari to rule this country”

  • Gran puba

    The heavens did not fall when it was postponed to April in 2011. And they voted, didn’t they. The crop of the issues in Nigeria today is Boko Haram, either planned or insurgency types. For once Cameroon, Niger, Chad and now AU are now in real concerted efforts to root out the real insurgents, along side our galant Nigerian Army. People let us see Nigeria First, political parties and their candidates will come and go. PDP today, APC tomorrow, DTD and whoever someday.

  • Encore


    Everything considered i think the APC party stands to benefit more
    from postponement. Rather than sudden death next week, APC will
    get a golden chance to have a qualified candidate. With six weeks’
    postponement, APC can prepare its best defence in court starting from Monday.
    APC is now best placed to answer the ultimate question dogging the party, i.e;

    • drdenx

      @Encore, you get it wrong. The reasons for the postponement run deeper. It would begin to unfold in the coming days to weeks. You sound too logical, Nigeria is a travesty of logic

      • OND

        Ain’t that the truth!

  • Wähala

    Now that elections have been shifted, and there is enough time to prepare, will Duncee agree to attend the presidential debate? Nigerians want to see how smart their president can speak and answer questions in English not BBC Hausa.

  • richkid

    I know this is suppose to be. Many people have not collected there PVC, besides BH need to be dealt with before election so that they don’t launch attack that day

    • thusspokez

      “BH need to be dealt with before election so that they don’t launch attack that day”

      Don’t buy the nonsense. They have had 4 years from the last election to deal with BH, but where is Nigeria now?

      And how about if they come back to you in six weeks and use the same BH excuse to postpone the election again?

      Surely, if their argument is valid now, why wouldn’t it be valid in six weeks time if they are still unable to deal with BH?

  • ceweeco projects

    This is a story as told by APC big short in Kano. l thought a thought that i thought i had thought but the thought that i had thought wasnt the thought that i had thought i had thought so maybe if i had thought the thought that i thought i thought i wouldn’t of thought so much. Again, One bright morning…in the middle of the night, two dead boys came out to fight. They stood back to back and faced each other drew their swords and shot each other. The deaf policeman heard the noise and came to kill those two dead boys. If u don’t believe my story its true ask the blind man he saw it too!

  • Ogom

    “If what I’m reading in the papers is currently what is happening, then I think we were angels.”

    – IBB

  • UYI111

    Those who are saying the election should hold with or without pvc are the true enemies of Nigeria .Had it been that all the Southern states have collected 95 % of their pvc and the North 30 % it would have been another bargain because by now boko haram commander in chief would have been crying blue murder daily on Television endlessly .
    Jega should be sack for incompetense and relegation of duty or biasness

    • Progress

      You are sick! If its PVC declare 3 days holiday! If its insecurity, wait till 16 Feb!

      • masud

        They are too young and mentally lazy to understand,beside most of them are products of wasc special centres and graduates who can’t defend their certificate they being eaten from rots and want it stays forever God must definitely put an end to it before it becomes genetica

  • richkid

    Jega I accuse you of nepotism. Kaduna kano all have there pvc with multiple pulling units, do you think south people won’t vote?

  • the truth

    I will advise everyone to take this news as a work of God.dont go and protest because these politicians have their families all abroad.I will personally join the protest if I see gej or buharis children also matching with us.most nigerians support this postponement.

    • mike

      Stop posing like you are neutral.

    • Progress

      Keep your advice to yourself. Who are you fooling? The irony is that if not for Soyinka, Bakare, Falana, Melaye and co that PROTEST, this nuisance of a president would have been sent packing in disgrace to the creek.

  • ceweeco projects

    Lets put aside all this politicking and talk with Muh’d teacher!!!!

    A first-grade teacher, Mr. Adams, was having trouble with one of
    his students. The teacher asked, “Muh’d, what’s your problem?”

    Muh’d answered, “I’m too smart for the 1st grade. My brother is in the 3rd
    grade and I’m smarter than he is! I think I should be in the 3rd grade

    Mr. Adams had had enough. He took Muh’d to the principal’s office.

    While Muh’d waited in the outer office, the teacher explained to the principal
    what the situation was. The principal told Mr. Adams he would give the boy a
    test. If he failed to answer any of his questions he was to go back to the 1st
    grade and behave. He agreed.

    Muh’d was brought in and the conditions were explained to him and he agreed to
    take the test.

    Principal: “What is 3 x 3?”

    Muh’d: “9.”

    Principal: “What is 6 x 6?”

    Muh’d: “36.”

    And so it went with every question the principal thought a 3rd grader should

    The principal looks at Mr. Adams and tells him, “I think Muh’d can go to the 3rd grade”

    Mr. Adams says to the principal, “Let me ask him some questions.”

    The principal and Muh’d both agreed.

    Mr. Adams asks, “What does a cow have four of that I have only two

    Muh’d, after a moment: “Legs.”

    Mr. Adams: “What is in your pants that you have but I do not have?”

    The principal wondered why he would ask such a question!

    Muh’d replied: “Pockets.”

    Mr. Adams: “What does a dog do that a man steps into?”

    Muh’d: “Pants.”

    Mr. Adams: What starts with a C, ends with a T, is hairy, oval, delicious and
    contains thin, whitish liquid?”

    Muh’d: “Coconut.”

    The principal sat forward with his mouth hanging open.

    Mr. Adams: “What goes in hard and pink then comes out soft and

    The principal’s eyes opened really wide and before he could stop the answer, Muh’d
    replied, “Fura-d-nunu.”

    Mr. Adams: “What does a man do standing up, a woman does sitting down and
    a dog does on three legs?”

    Muh’d: “Shake hands.”

    The principal was trembling.

    Mr. Adams: “What word starts with an ‘F’ and ends in ‘K’ that means a lot
    of heat and excitement?”

    Muh’d: “Firetruck.”

    The principal breathed a sigh of relief and told the teacher, “Put Muh’d
    in the fifth-grade, I got the last seven questions wrong. See who want to be President ooooo.

    • GEO


  • olastock

    If sure postponed the election date is big mistake by jegga. Before six week end. Jegga will be sacked. Why jega not ready to stand and on the truth and stand still for 14 and 28 of February for election.
    I know almighty Allah know best.

  • muhd

    So all that the elders state men said or resolved can not b used 4 d betterment of this country? Very unfortunate wlhy

  • gift




    • masud

      Results of bad governance

  • Olayinka Ola

    Considering the ‘Ekiti election rigging audio’ in the public domain, it is becoming clear that the security forces will be required for an attempted manipulation of the process. Or why is it that the security forces controlled by the FGN have teamed together to enforce election postponement?

  • ucheJ

    Even with all the whole things Jega planned with the north to rig the election in favour of the northerners it still took the worning of the security Agencies bring Jega to start thinking of election posponment any way no plans fashioned against GEJ will prosper.

    • masud

      I pity your generation

  • Reality

    Jonathan is a “God sent”.

    • Tope

      Then God is against Nigeria then, that is why the Country has failed woefully.

      • Reality

        God is aware of every king on the throne, whether good or bad.

        • Tope

          You are this close from being classed as intellectually disabled. Go away with your fake preach about God. I am not interested.

      • masud

        For real

    • Tunsj

      For you.

  • mee

    useless people after 5 yrs you did nothing abt boko haram iz it in
    six weeks that u can do sumthing abt. clueless jega, clueless president
    clueless nigeria

    • korona melvin


  • Tope

    Which Military are we talking about? Is it the Nigerian Military that is riddled with corruption or the Nigerian Military with history of looting and stealing?

    • korona melvin


  • olastock

    Read below inec not decide or say anything on postpoment of election

    The Independent National Electoral Commission has said it is yet to take a decision to shift the general elections or hold them as scheduled.
    Kayode Idowu, the spokesperson to the INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega, disclosed this to PREMIUM TIMES a short while ago.
    The presidential and national assembly elections has been fixed for February 14 while those of the governorship and state houses of assembly are scheduled for February 28.
    The Nigerian government and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party have been pushing for the postponement of the polls citing the security challenge in the northeast zone of the country as well as INEC’s poor handling of the distribution of the Permanent Voters Cards as reasons.
    Although the electoral body has insisted it was ready for the elections, the Council of State rose from its meeting on Thursday asking it to go ahead, while also advising it to consult widely on the matter.
    This prompted INEC to commence a fresh round of consultation at the end of which it would address a press conference later today (Saturday) to announce the its decision on the matter.
    Mr. Idowu told this newspaper via a text message no decision had been reached on postponement contrary to a report by an international news agency.
    In fact when PREMIUM TIMES contacted Mr. Idowu, he spoke in low tone, saying his Commission was in a consultative meeting with the leadership of the 28 political parties.
    At the time of this report, members of the Civil Society Organisations, CSOs, were about to take their turn after which the Commission would meet with the 36 state Resident Electoral Commissioners and that of the Federal Capital Territory.
    Asked to confirm if the elections had been postponed as reported by some media organisation, Mr. Idowu said, “Nothing like that (has been) decided by INEC yet.”
    0 Edit Reply


  • Reality

    Where are those APC noise maker’s calling Jonathan the most clueless president? Jonathan is in charge. GEJtill2019.

  • Segun

    Please what is going on here? What sort of madness is this? I think I am slowly losing my mind
    I can’t even find the words to explain this self-imposed destructive stupidities all over the land.

  • Olayinka

    Duncee, now that there is six more weeks, why dont you come for a presidential debate?

  • Gold Force

    Good morning Nigeria… a nation that is FOREVER unready to her responsibilities. Also shift the Hand-over, Easter and Christmas dates. But let your Looting dates never change. Shame on you.

  • lucy-san

    So, what if the military are:
    1. Unable to commence the operation on 14/02/2015
    2. Unable to conclude the operation before the end of March, 2015
    3. Book Haram defeat the military

    • Suleiman Dikko

      Dear Lucy-san, to answer your questions, whether or not the military starts its operations on or after the 14th of February doesnt matter. whats really matters is that the actions of the military are aimed at making the North East region safer. if this action isnt taken, the lives of the dwellers in the north east wil b at stake. and evn the elections wont hold over there because according to sources. BH has planned to disrupt it.

    • Suleiman Dikko

      and more importantly, NIgeria has 1 of the best ground milatary forces in the world. BH cannot defeat the military

      • umar shehu

        Amen o my brother!!

    • umar shehu

      WHAT IF?….I have wondered too my dear, may God help us.

  • korona melvin

    the body responsible for conducting elections came out to tell Nigerians that it cant go on with the forth coming election due to the information it got from our security forces as regards operations to curb insecurity inn the country and some people here are busy pointing accussing fingers to the ruling party.. It is high time we wake up from this norm of blaming and wake up to the fact that Nigeria has an enemy (terrorism), that is bent on destroying the Nation.. We should help with useful information and prayers for our security forces to help restore peace to our beloved country.. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is working towards ensuring that there is a smooth election and that nobody is disenfranchised as a result of insecurity.. God bless Nigeria.. Together we can>> Enough of the name callings and insults.. We can do much more as citizens towards ensuring that the new date is a peaceful one..

    • Ibrahim M

      This is a very intelligent piece. Well said. It takes the collective of all to stop this enemy and threat to our democracy

  • korona melvin

    the body responsible for conducting elections came out to tell Nigerians that it cant go on with the forth coming election due to the information it got from our security forces as regards operations to curb insecurity inn the country and some people here are busy pointing accussing fingers to the ruling party.. It is high time we wake up from this norm of blaming and wake up to the fact that Nigeria has an enemy (terrorism), that is bent on destroying the Nation.. We should help with useful information and prayers for our security forces to help restore peace to our beloved country.. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is working towards ensuring that there is a smooth election and that nobody is disenfranchised as a result of insecurity.. God bless Nigeria.. Together we can>> Enough of the name callings and insults.. We can do much more as citizens towards ensuring that the new date is a peaceful one..#GEJ4NAIJA

  • The Decision by INEC to pospone the elections is a good one, bearing in mind that they value the lives of nigeria citizens the same way PDP does. If the Military says they need more time, then its wise to give them time, rather than put the lives of innocent nigerians at risk most especially the Youth Corp Members. A life is worth more than a million votes….GEJ4NAIJA

    • Ibrahim M

      Well said Mr Laremak.

    • catherina204

      I dont see why nigerians are so blinded that they will allow their fellow Nigerians go out and vote when their loives are not secured and under threat

    • bunmiowode

      Buhari and APC members are just so self-centred and selfish….they dont care about what might happent to their fellow neighbours… how can such person raise the level of security in the Land…When all they care about is themselves.. To bad….#GEJ4NAIJA

  • lekanbaraka

    All of us should accept the verdict of INEC the body responsible for conducting a free and fair elections,its not a one party idea as some selfish,and some backward oriented individual claims,INCE has spoken and we are all duty band to comply….. however, whenever INCE is set i know is #GEJ that will still win it #GEJ4NAIJA

  • Malam Crackerjack

    Anything worth doing is worth doing well. I think we as Nigerians should not always see negativity in everything that happens in our country. Now the Electorates and INEC now has time to improve on have a perfect or near perfect election exercise. PVC has to be distributed and to the everybody.
    The Military has to be on top of their games to ensure that Nigerians are secured esp on the day of Election.
    Election will come and go but we need everybody to remain alive after the election. Any life lost can not be regained again. Nigerians will get it right.
    The postponement is not GEJ’s call but rather the call was from 17 Political parties, major Security agencies, Stake Holders and 36 state RECs.
    GEJ was and is still the Preferred candidate to earn my vote.

  • jolie massin

    INEC has ensured by this decison that no one will be disenfranchised and will
    helpe to guarantee the safety and security of every single one of our
    citizens during the course of the elections. given the fact that no less than 34 percent of eligible voters have not
    been able to access their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) up till today-
    just few days before the original date of the election. A situation
    where such a large percentage of our people would have been
    disenfranchised and for the securty of our citizens. haba i think this is sure the right thing to do.#GEJ4Naja

  • Princess


    • Tanko Awul

      nice post. please us small letters in posting, it makes it more readable. #GEJ4Niaja

      • Princess


      • Princess


  • jolie massin

    The main reason for postponing the election is insecurity.the postponement was for the safety of Nigerians and re-engineering
    the electoral process to the benefit of all. All citizens of Nigerians
    are subject to the constitution, as an abiding citizens, I urged us all
    to accept the postponement and it will be well with us.#GEJ4Naija

  • jamesbourne

    The decision by INEC to postpone the elections is a good one, bearing in mind that they value the lives and securities of our citizens, if military says they need more time then it is wise to oblige to them because they guarantee our safety and country why God will protect us from any form of evil.#GEJ4NAIJA

  • maximus stanley

    The change of date of the presidential election has nothing to do with PDP it is for the betterment of every nigerian.
    It APC has nigerians at heart the would not be talking about protesting. GEJ means well for nigeria that is why he said that no blood of any nigerian is worth his ambition.

    • Ibrahim M

      Well said.

      • Sleekie Odogwu

        mature minds do not protest they dialogue to iron out issues properly.there is no need pointin accusing finger GEJ4NAIJA

  • Diamond James

    its better to be postponed than hold and people losing their lives and love ones. the security agencies knows the very need of protecting the citizens of the country so i fully support the decision of the chairman. It would also enable them prepare well for the election to enable it free and fair and bring out the proper result #GEJ4Naija

  • umar shehu

    It is well with naija, I pray that it is all for our good at the end. And I also pray that the enemy will be defeated. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • Ibrahim M

    The security and safety of lives comes above anything else. I’m glad Jega have realized this. It is time we as a Nation started putting the lives of our people first and above anything else, that is the beginning of a world class civilization. Having said that, we triumph still. #GEJ4Naija

  • Tanko Awul

    Fellow Nigerians i think we have to reasonable in this decision of INEC.
    1. Where life is at stake, do advise INEC to risk the lives of voters and their staff
    2. Do we expect the commission to go against the military and condemn innocent lives all in the name election
    3. when less than 60% of the PVC has been collected, what will happen to those Nigerians who wants to vote but have not collected theirs.
    4. Considering the mayhem being caused by Boko Haram in the north east of Nigeria, how many more lives do we accept to be lost all the name of politic?
    5. If APC is not willing to abide by the decisions of INEC, it all means they are not concerned about the lives of the masses and that’s too bad for them and for us
    6. America condenms the postponement of the election, yes, but do we Nigerians think USA wont stop the whole world just to save a life of individual?
    7. If the accusation of some sects, people that PDP is the brain behind the postponement is actually true, do we think that they are more concerned about the peoples welfare and safety than individual gain, remember PDP NEVER CRIED WOLF, just that lives will be a stake because of security intelligence they have gathered.
    8. Let us appreciate life and defend life first before personal gain. ……..#GEJ4Naija
    9. Do we want Boko Haram to defeat us in this battle. How many more lives are willing to lose to them?

  • esu123

    The safety of lives of the people is more important than any election. Jega is very brave and wise to have taken this decision. APC not wanting this election to be postponed shows that APC and it’s people does not have regard for the lives of Nigerians. #NO2Buhari #GEJ4Naija

  • collins martins

    Nice one ,its okay since election was postponed to secure the lives and properties of Nigerians and they should put in their best to make sure lives and properties are not lost as they stated.whatever happens with or without the postponement of election I have a strong believe that president GEJ is ready.

  • umar shehu

    Jega and the others did not consider that so many people have travelled, made plans and many many other activities have been suspended because of this election, what sort of confusion is this? It is well in the name of Jesus, Amen! #GEJ4NAIJA

  • Suleiman Dikko

    What’s more important than life and it’s safety dear Nigerians? nothing atal!!! not money, not fame, not even this Election. Even if INEC decided to postpone the elections based on false plans to carry out operations in the North Eastern part of the country, we shouldnt argue with it. the only time we cry foul is when we confirm that no meaningful operations were carried out. then we would probe Jega himself.

  • chi boss

    The elections were postponed, due to the fact that security measures have to be put in place because the Military are in control of our safety and security in the country, so it is fair to push the elections. We are patient and ready for 27th March 2015.#GEJ4NAIJA..

  • Hadiza Labaran

    It is great to hear this news of the change in date of the election, this is because the major concern of our great leaders GEJ is to ensure that no life is lost during this upcoming elections, He has made this known in the Statements made earlier, the presidents said that His political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian.
    It is therefore expedient that we work out our security challenges and get ourselves prepared to sustain the desired peace

  • Rekiya Hassan

    This has nothing to do with PDP, Jega has a good enough reason to postpone the election. Besides not many people have gotten their PVC’s and everyone should been given equal right to vote. Again, security is everyone’s issue, no one will want to go and vote if they are not certain that their lives are secured. So quit the blaming game.

  • mart tins

    prof.attahiru jega has pointed and stated out clearly why d sopposed feb 14th has been postponed,..@least we shud gv him our support bcos he needs it..he didn’t single handedly changed d date..he consulted stake-holders ranching from service chiefs,nysc personnels,senate,reps and his RECs……so y panick?..this confusion is d handwork of the opposition #GEJ4Naija

  • Tanko Awul

    The decision of INEC is welcomed by good people of Nigeria. A party that is concerned about lives of the people should voted. PDP has shown their maturity over those agitating for the election to go on. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • akpan@

    This is the right decision ever. up Jega. GEJNaija#

  • zainab atiku

    why do people confuse independent institutions for government institutions. Inec is an independent body and can do what ever they dim fit for the country. With the lapses in the distribution of PVCs,it was eminent the elections be moved so that everybody has a say in the polls

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    • korona melvin


  • habibmohamood

    Anything worth doing is worth doing well. I think we as Nigerians should not always see negativity in everything that happens in our country, INEC now has time to improve and perfect election exercise.
    PVC has to be distributed to everybody.
    The Military has to be on top of their game to ensure that Nigerians are secured esp on the day of Election.
    Election will come and go but we need everybody to remain alive after the election. Any life lost can not be regained again. Nigerians will get it right.
    The postponement is not GEJ’s call but rather the call of all the various Political parties(17), major Security agencies, Stake Holders and 36 state RECs.
    GEJ was and is still the Preferred candidate to earn my vote.

    #GEJ4NAIJAwhatever happens with or without the postponement of election I have a strong believe that president GEJ is ready.What’s more important than life and it’s safety dear Nigerians. #GEJ4NAIJA…

  • Maimunat Tambuwal

    This has nothing to do with PDP or JONATHAN. Mr JEGA knows what his doing and I believe he also have a very good reason to postpone the election. Besides the tension in this election is a enough reason to postpone the election, so many groups threatening from every sides. And also not many people have collected their PVC”s and I believe everyone has equal right to vote. #GEJ4Naija

    • korona melvin


  • Sleekie Odogwu

    the safety of Nigerians matter,it should be the top priority n if the security agents are engaged nw, the idea is good to go. #GEJ4Naija

    • korona melvin


  • amazinggerrard4@gmail.com

    GEJ not in their mouth, will give them toothache. when you re great people must talk bout you and blame u for everything in their life! now they would say GEJ/PDP have influenced the military. hmmmm wonders will never end. well where re all those APC bad mouthers? hope you shut your mouth now. i prefer to have a peaceful election than bloodshed. as long as the army has given reasons then the writing is on the wall. its better to be safe than sorry. when the army is ready, we would be happy because i rather go to a polling unit and come back in one piece than stay home. scared to my bone of attack. nigeria must survive #GEJ4NAIJA

    • korona melvin


  • Ibrahim M

    When it comes to security, there is no party, no religion and no tribe… we are all in it together. The security and safety of lives is everybody’s business, besides it also gives INEC the chance to put their house in order. Honestly I respect PDP for their support of protection of lives and property. Lets continue to support transformation and emergence of youth in State affairs. #TransformationContinuity #GEJ4Naija

    • korona melvin


  • alex obi

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the corruptions devils have finally gotten what they want,apc members are feeling like they are the only political party in nigeria. postponed or no postponed PDP will still win, in GEJ wetrust and stand. our dynamic president carry goooooo and continue your good work for nigeria.#GEJ4NAIJA#NO2BUHARI

  • The decision to postpone the forth coming election is a wise one. The lives and safety of the Nigerian citizen is a paramount. We should give Prof Jega some kudos for his foresights in the bid to conduct a free and credible election, ensuring we all get to vote in peace and tranquillity. #GEJ4Naija

    • korona melvin



  • nellyjoe

    The postponement of the elections could be a good sign. No one knows what is ahead and as such, we should accept the outcome in good faith. But remember, our choice is GEJ and come March 28, we’ll give him our full supports.#GEJ4Nija

  • alex obi


  • Rekiya Hassan

    Whether this election is postponed or not, we should keep abreast with the achievements of President Goodluck. This is a man with a humble beginning and who has the interest of Nigerians at heart, an intellect, learned and conservative. He has achieved a lot and he is still in the business of making life better for Nigerians
    Vote President Goodluck


    Boko haram is now blogging for GMB. Their popular slogan is “A vote for GMB or Your blood” is this the kind of leader we are expecting? WE have the right to make our choices. Nobody has the right to force another. BOKO HARAM ARE SUPPORTTING BUHARI. That means that Buhari is also B K H. #GEJ4Naija. #no2buhari

  • alex obi


  • Atinuke

    between following the status quo and protecting the lives of nigerian citizens, i prefer protection and security. besides, the hand over date hasn’t been affected. what i do not understand is why people are causing much racus about the shift. I see no way inwhich shifting the election would cause violence and throw the country into chaos except those stating this are just justifying and making excuses for the violence they have already planned to instigate

  • esu123


    March 1-M

    March 2-U

    March 3-H

    March 4-A

    March 5-M

    March 6-M

    March 7-A

    March 8-D

    March 9-U



















    March28- ‪#‎BUHARI DEFEATED #GEJ4Naija

  • alex obi


  • akpan@

    Any body that is against Election postponment did not love Nigeria

  • akpan@

    This has nothing to do with PDP, Jega has a good enough reason to postpone the election. Besides not many people have gotten their PVC’s and everyone should been given equal right to vote. Again, security is everyone’s issue, no one will want to go and vote if they are not certain that their lives are secured. So quit the blaming game

  • fatime faruq

    A working administration breeds a democratic stewards. The main essence of state creation in the first instance, is security, is about the protection of life and property of its citizens, that to me supersedes election itself, a country that can protect itself internally cant boost of a fair, free and successful election, is on these hill, I accept and support the stand of the INEC chairman to postponed the election,,,,,,,,Is for the well being of the electorates……….vote continuity, #GEJ4Naija #NO2Buhari

  • adaezeclare

    Security is paramount in every society. A conducive environment is desirable for elections to be totally free and fair. If Mr.Jega says security agents needs to be beefed up before the commencement of elections,why cant we all be patient?what is important is the safety of lives and properties.once we have tight security we can now conduct a credible election.this has nothing to do with PDP,it has to do with ”NIGERIA FIRST” which has always been PRESIDENT GOODLUCK”S major concern from the first day he assumed the position of a President in Nigeria..lets join hands and bring him back for a second term for continuity…#GEJ4Naija

  • Atinuke

    some people in taken over by their lust for power, have refused to be comcerned about the safety and security of the people. this makes me wonder if they are really aspiring to make a change in the lives of the citizens or are just seeking power for their own selfish interests #GEJ4Naija

  • fatime faruq

    The main essence of state creation in the first instance, is security, is about the protection of life and property of its citizens, that to me supersedes election itself, a country that can protect itself internally cant boost of a fair, free and successful election, is on these hill, I accept and support the stand of the INEC chairman to postponed the election,,,,,,,,Is for the well being of the electorates……….vote continuity, #GEJ4Naija #NO2Buhari

  • lekanbaraka

    The protection of lives and property is a key in nation building those against President Goodluck Jonathan are haters of Democracy and besides Goodluck is not the INEC boss and INEC has so decide that the nation is not ready to conduct a free, fair election then so be it.

  • alex obi


  • Suleiman Dikko

    “I want to assure all Nigerians that this decision to postpone the election by six weeks,
    until March 28th, is entirely that of the Independent National Electoral Commission,
    and to inform Nigerians that there was no coercion on INEC to postpone the election.

    If the security of personnel, voters, election observers and election material cannot
    be guaranteed, the lives of innocent young men and women and the prospect of free,
    fair and credible elections will be greatly jeopardised”

    ……………Professor Attahiru Jega
    (Chairman INEC)

    (February 7th, 2015)

  • Alagbara M Sule

    Of cause, the reasons behind the election shifting is highly justified because of the reasons which are at the benefit of the masses. The choice of the aspirants, the securities guarantee, chances of the many to take part in the election just to mention but few.
    Professor Jega should be commended and give a supportive hand by the Nigerians

  • lekanbaraka

    thumps for Goodluck Jonathan led administration the postponement of election is a welcome development which is good for our democracy. however its not a party decision #GEJFOREVER

    • Tope

      Was it Goodluck that postpone it or INEC. You are really dumb!!!

  • ahmedzainab50

    the reason why the election was porushstponed .was because most people have not collected their votercard. pls rush and collect urs so we can voter. pls remember to voter for GEJ

    • Tope

      You could even spell the word “postponed” and you probably got a degree from one of the yeye universities in Nigeria.


    • Tope


  • Eberechi Ezeh

    whatever anybdy wnt to say let them tlk they have their mouth and their buzz all I kn is dat GEJ is the win #GEJ4naija#

  • egonpatrick

    it is just fear that the election was postpone by INEC because i personally will not allow any of my family member to go out that election day if security issue is not addressed.#GEJ4NAIJA

    • nellyjoe

      you are very correct my brother. I wouldn’t either.

  • esu123

    #MarchBuhari #GEJ4Naija

  • aminuabdulwahab

    Postponing the election from feb 14 to march 28 and 11th April is a very good decision because it is paramount to put security structures in place so as to ensure the maximum safety of lives and properties of this great nation.

  • aminuabdulwahab

    Postponing the election from feb 14 to march 28 and 11th April is a very good decision because it is paramount to put security structures in place so as to ensure the maximum safety of lives and properties of this great nation…….#GEJ4NAIJA

  • joshua

    we never experience this before in GEJ time we are seen this prospone of election

  • jolie massin

    Whether this election is postponed or not, we should keep abreast with the achievements of President Goodluck. This is a man with a humble beginning and who has the interest of Nigerians at heart, an intellect, learned and conservative. He has achieved a lot and he is still in the business of making life better for Nigerians
    Vote President Goodluck