Anxiety across Nigeria over alleged plot to use judge to scuttle general elections

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

There is widespread apprehension across Nigeria over suspicion that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was plotting to procure a judge of the Federal High Court to scuttle February’s general elections.

On Wednesday, a pro-democracy group, Movement for the Advancement of Democratic Progress, raised the alarm that certain anti-democratic forces were working to get a last-minute injunction to either postpone the polls or get the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, disqualified on flimsy grounds.

The group, in a release made available to PREMIUM TIMES, alleged that “agents loyal to the corridors of power have hatched a plan to use an Abuja Federal High Court under Justice Niyi Ademola to perpetrate the perfidious act”.

The group also alleged that the sum of N20bn has been budgeted to fund this anti-democratic project.

“The surreptitious act is akin to the event of 22 years ago when an anti-democratic group, the Association for Better Nigeria, ABN, aligned with the military junta of the day and an Abuja high court judge, Justice Bassey Ikpeme, to halt the June 12, 1993 poll barely 48 hours to the election,” the group said.

“A scenario similar to that of 1993 is being played up by agents of the federal government in Abuja, using anti-democratic forces that are now going to the courts under different names and guise to attempt to either get the election postponed on the grounds that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is not ready or to get General Buhari disqualified “on flimsy excuses that can truncate our hard-earned democracy.”

The group’s statement came a day after the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, warned about a gathering of individuals with the sole objective of truncating the general elections, particularly the February 14 presidential poll.

“We want to call the attention of Nigerians and the International community to the repeated calls for the postponement of the forthcoming presidential election,” Garba Shehu, Director of the APC Presidential Campaign Organization, said on Tuesday.

“We do not have any difficulty to discern that these groups are working out the script of some agents in the ruling party.”

According to the pro-democracy group, the anti-democratic forces have perfected their plans to scuttle the election, as was done in 1993.

“Like they did 22 years ago, the anti-democratic forces have identified a judge of an Abuja high court, Justice Niyi Ademola, through whom they plan to grant the perfidious injunction,” the group said.

“Like Abimbola Davies of the inglorious ABN was used, another Yoruba man is being used this time around, who unfortunately is an ‘honourable’ member of the Bench. They have perfected yet another last-minute ambush on our democracy, just like they did in 1993, simply because the handwriting of an impending change in the country is crystal clear on the wall.”

The group claimed that Justice Ademola has become something of an easy target in the hands of those who do not appear to wish Nigeria well.

It alleged that the cases that sought to frustrate the defection of many of the federal lawmakers from the ruling party to the APC were taken to Mr. Ademola’s court, where agents of government and the ruling party had utmost confidence that their bidding would be done.

The release however added that the desperation of those who are afraid of losing the forthcoming elections had beclouded their judgement from appreciating the fact that things have changed significantly in Nigeria from what obtained in 1993.

“It is important to raise the alarm and sound a note of warning to those who are either afraid of free and fair elections or are blinded by filthy lucre that political awareness in the country has increased tremendously and the international community is watching.

“The already compromised judiciary cannot afford to have its name further dragged in the mud through the actions of one suspicious judge. He must be prevailed upon not to allow himself to be used to plunge Nigeria into unimaginable crises,” it stated.

The group, which insists that the mood of the country at the moment is unwavering about the need to proceed with the elections slated for February 14th and 28th, added that it was in possession of information about the reward being dangled at Justice Ademola if he does the bidding of his Abuja-based paymasters.

It claimed that it would, at the appropriate time, further expose the suspected judge by revealing the details of his illicit deal with “the agents of destabilization.”

The group urged every well-meaning Nigerian to raise their voices in lawful agitation against election postponement and to encourage INEC not to cave in under the enormous pressure of postponement that may not just further tarnish the image of the country but could also injure the peaceful coexistence of the federating units in Nigeria.

Judiciary under test

Close to 50 leading lawyers in the country, many of them in the velvet rank of the bar, have offered their services as volunteers to defend Muhammadu Buhari, the candidate of the APC, against whom a suit seeking his disqualification in the presidential election comes up on February 9 at the Federal High Court in Abuja.

There are two other suits against the former Head of State – a fresh suit, which is yet to be assigned to a judge, seeking an order declaring Mr. Buhari ineligible to contest the presidential election and a criminal suit before an Abuja Magistrate Court for allegedly claiming under oath that he possessed a certificate he did not obtain.

Director of Legal Services for the APC, Muiz Banire, confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES Wednesday that the call of volunteers is growing by the day many of whom include past presidents of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA.

Mr. Banire, himself a law professor, would not open up on the legal strategy of the party but claimed that the current mood in the country today is “benumbing and mystifying, demanding of all citizens to watch and pray, but requiring of APC partisans to exercise extreme caution and restraint because forces determined to derail democracy are out in full throttle.”

The cases put the Nigerian judiciary again through a stress test, the type that, 22 years ago, led to the annulment of a popular presidential election of June 12 1993, from which the judiciary suffered its worse reputation as a partisan body in the history of the country.

In the case of June 1993, Justice Ikpeme, now late, on the eve of the June 12 elections, granted a controversial injunction, at the instance of a pro-military administration body, the Association of Better Nigeria, led by famous businessman, Arthur Nzeribe, and Mr. Davies, restraining the then electoral management body, National Electoral Commission, NEC, led by Humphrey Nwosu, from conducting the election.

The then military president, General Ibrahim Babangida, latched on to the court order as a ground for annulling the election, even though the election was conducted due to popular uproar against the order.

General Babangida had argued that there was a subsisting order restraining the holding of the election when it was held.
The current case against Mr. Buhari comes up next Monday for mention before the courts of Justice Ademola, making him the man with an unusually challenging task of determining the course of democratic consolidation in Nigeria today.
Last Tuesday, the judge granted an order for court documents to be served on Mr. Buhari through newspaper publications.

A judge and his cases

Mr. Ademola, a judge at the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court, is a man who has traversed a checkered landscape of praise and contention in his judicial pronouncements, and the Buhari case is going to elicit even wider commentary on his career.

He practiced in Lagos as a lawyer before his elevation to the Bench some years back, at a point, serving as the Secretary-General of the Lagos Branch of the NBA.

The third line in three generations of judges, Mr. Ademola’s grandfather, Adetokunbo Ademola, was appointed Chief Justice of Nigeria, by the departing British administration in 1958, and served in that position until his retirement in 1972. His father, Hon. Justice Adenekan Ademola, rose to the Federal Court of Appeal, as it was then called before his retirement.

Those who are informed about his rise to the Bench said that Mr. Ademola fought very hard to be appointed a Judge in the Lagos State Judiciary, in 2001, under the Bola Tinubu Administration, but his application failed on presumed “integrity issues.”

At that time, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, now the Vice Presidential candidate of the APC, was the Attorney General of Lagos State.

Many familiar with his story claimed shock when, eventually, he was made a Judge of the Federal High Court some years later.

Legal and judicial minds are intrigued that Justices Adeniyi Ademola and Abdul Kafarati – the latter of whom various groups have called for his investigation by the NJC – are two recurring decimals whenever Administration cases come up for consideration. They both also appear to enjoy the trust and confidence of the leadership of the Federal High Court system.

If the orders to put the election on hold, restrain INEC from putting the APC candidate on the ballot, on ground of alleged non-production of certificate or otherwise truncate the pools are made, Justice Ademola will be swimming into the very eye of the emerging political storm in the country which many commentators have suggested is an agenda of the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

A case review of Justice Ademola’s ouvre reveals a mixed bag of strong libertarian tenor and a mainstream conservative predilection.

Last year alone, he ruled against INEC’s power to ban political parties and in that process freeing the bandwidth of political choices available to citizens through political associations. Yet he was also the judge who determined that 37 defecting PDP legislators had to first vacate their seats, a ruling that was pooh-poohed because he was thought to have gone beyond his brief in his ruling.

The case before the judge was whether the opposition APC with a new numerical advantage in parliament had the right to effect changes in the House leadership.

Last October, lawyers to the acting governor of Adamawa state, asked the National Judicial Council to investigate Justice Ademola for refusing to furnish them with copies of his judgement, and in June of 2014, he was thought to have handled a controversial bail judgement for Dr. Sani Shaibu, the Director of Pension Accounts in the Office of the Head of the Civil Service.

Dr. Shaibu who was on trial over missing N5.7 billion pension funds, accused the judge of serial bribe solicitations through proxies as a condition to sign the bail papers. The judge later told the National Mirror newspaper in an interview that he had answered the query.

Whatever way he rules on the Buhari case however, echoes of a family history will also ring again because his family pedigree is not alien to controversy and accusation of partisanship.

In his book, My March Through Prison, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, erstwhile Premier of Western Nigeria, recounted the role played by CJN (Chief Justice of Nigeria) Ademola in fighting him politically, even as a Judicial Officer, and in the manipulation of the Judiciary, including the reshuffling the Lagos Judiciary, in order to ensure that a Judge that was sympathetic to the NPC and NCNC Coalition was appointed to preside over his treasonable felony trial, all to ensure that he was jailed at all costs.


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  • Frank Bassey

    No judge can disqualify a presidential candidate on “flimsy grounds”. budgeting N20 billion for this illegal project is actionable. Premium Times, be careful what you push out for public consumption. Nigeria does not belong to any group, including the one you represent.

    • koyan

      Stop all these propaganda. Why afraid? Let Buhari show his result/certificate simple!!!. If Buhari have his genuine certificate, let him defence himself in court. That is simple as A, B, C, D

      • koyan

        No judge can rule against Buhari, if he have is certificate. Let him present his Certificate in Count, to defence himself.

        • Ha

          What do you mean by “if he have is certificate”? and “in Count”? Is it English you write? As dumb as Jonathan.

    • Okey

      Contesting a presidential election with “oluwole” is not a “flimsy” affair. It is such a serious matter.

  • Gaskiya

    Heads will roll this time around. Nigerians have suffered too much under these rogues.

    • ogbuefiakajiaku

      Nothing will happen. The days of thinking that the north has monopoly of violence are over. What will happen will be every one to your tent Isreal

  • Spoken word

    quite sad. will this country ever grow up as a country.I thought we had learnt our lessons after june 12 but obviously not. It did not end well for all the actors involved in June 12 and so shall it not end well for all those pushing for the postponement of the Febuari elections.

  • sirbrwnjr

    Please let him be a Judas.We shall ensure neither him nor his family spend the money in this world. He will spend it in heaven.

    • Okey

      How ? If he asks Buhari to produce his records with UNCLES, will that make him a Judas ?

  • SAM .A

    Mr Judge Ademola should be very careful with the handling of this super plug , carelessness,greed & partisanship may set the country ablaze , the heat and the fire will not exempt him. Nigeria need peace now more than ever.

    • ogbuefiakajiaku

      What happened after June 12? Nothing and nothing will happen now except the north and south separate

      • Dan Arewa

        And that is when you will begin to understand the REALITY.

        • Etomi

          Give us a scenario of the reality, dude

  • Mr. Abdin

    The postponement is not going to be welcomes as it will be resisted. Change carry on.

    • Okey

      The only way to resist it by Buhari asking Cambridge “Please, confirm or disprove my claim with you for the Nigerian public to see.”

  • koyan

    Buhari your certificate to defence yourself in Court?

    • Gaskiya

      You are one of enemies of Nigerians. You have sold your right for very little coin.

  • koyan

    The truth must come out. Buhari show your certificate!!! Take your certificate to Court.

    • Gaskiya

      Keep you stinky mouth shut!! Very unpatriotic person. You have no conscience that is why you are supporting your own killers. May they strangulate you once and for all.

    • Maitama Tambari.

      What a shame. Was it certificate that was required or evidence of attaining that level of education which you and I have if you went to school, secondary level, copy of evidence which result slips carry satisfy the requirement. If you feel so strong, modern technology has made things less complicated, email Cambridge University, or shut up. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

      • Etomi

        He said he has WASC..
        Nobody put words in his mouth…
        And the electoral Act says he must have both his academic credentials and his affidavit attached to his INEC form..
        1. He has yet to attach any of his academic credentials to his INEC form…
        2. Even the claims he made in the affidavit that he swore to has been flatly denied….
        And s.31(6) of the Electoral Act, 2010, provides that any candidate that has this kind of unfortunate history like APC’S MESSIAH GENERAL stands disqualified!!!!
        Just pray that GMB would become Nigeria’s president by another coup, fiat or by maggick!!!!!

  • Okey

    Nobody should attempt to blackmail this judge. If he decides to hold that: Buhari, you have an obligation to request UNCLES to confirm or deny your claim with them,” in order to be a candidate according law, the judge will be in order to do so. Rather that blackmailing this judge, Buhari’s supporters should appeal to him to do the needful.

  • Gaskiya

    Nigerians must act decisively now. We should not leave the struggle to
    the opposition parties. Every Nigerians who wants Nigerians to compete
    with the rest of the world must act now. We can not leave Nigeria in the
    hands of a few who have nothing to offer. I regard these people as the
    greatest enemies of Nigerians who should be retired from the helm of
    affairs. PDP is full of thugs who do not mean good for Nigerians. After
    16 years of misrule Nigerians have realised that they must look for a
    way out by chosing leaders they believe can salvage them. Time will tell
    who will triumph. It is either Nigerians continue to languish in abject
    poverty while a few hooligans hold Nigeria to ransome.

    • Etomi

      Very presumptuous thing…
      Who are the “Every Nigerian” you are talking about??
      Perhaps “Every Nigerian” in your malaria dream…”
      Wake up, man, and smell the coffee!!!!

    • Wetin Naija

      Etomi, if you support evil, evil will befall you.

  • taewo

    Nigeria is blessed with evil people. IBB who truncated the June 12 election is now one of those to decide whether election should hold or not.

  • djay

    He, Gej is only make his situation looking more likely to what happened to Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast. His hidden agenda could be summarised in Nyako’s memo. Gej has completely lost his trust and whatever little support he might have been enjoying. Nigerians will resist any attempt to truncate their hard fought democracy.

  • Etomi

    What a report..
    The sort you won’t get anywhere but in Premium Times….
    Partisanship masquerading as journalism!!!
    It’s unfortunate that it is only in Nigeria that a man who has bluntly refused to comply with our country’s electoral laws, who stand criminally liable for perjury and forgery, would still be parading himself as a presidential candidate and canvassing for votes, when indeed he ought to be cooling his heels in jail!!!!
    Buhari said he bagged WASC, but till date has bluntly refused to go fetch it from Cambridge University, the examiner for WASC in 1961….
    My question is why?
    He swore that his academic credentials are with the military, which has come out however to deny his affidavit averrment…
    Till date he has yet to attach his certificate to his INEC form, a statutory requirement…
    So on what basis does he hope to contest in this election?
    He’s taken to court for the bare-faced infractions, and APC says it is democracy that is under attack; and PT in this story would go on a career and pedigree audit of Justice Adeniyi Ademola with a campaign of calumny against the judge intended…
    If you believe that the courts are courts of justice why the jitters???
    APC: a debauched horde of pathetic scumbags!!!

    • Wetin Naija

      Etomi, if you support evil, evil will befall you. Buhari run the presidency three times, and no asked for his certificate and now you want to make it an issue. Please do not destroy Nigeria with your selfish purpose

      • Etomi

        In what way am I in support of evil??
        Are you by any means suggesting that non-support for Buhari is evil???
        You mean if we justifiably, as enlightened citizens, raise questions about a man who wants to govern us having issues of perjury and forgery besmearing his honor, then we are supporting evil??
        Then you seem to me as having the barest appreciation of what democracy means…
        Democracy means government by popular consent…
        Do you want me to consent to a man being my ruler, who does not measure up to the values I hold dear, such as learning, honesty, uprightness…etc
        The question of Buhari’s volatile certificate remains for me a a huger question mark on the integrity of the APC laundered Mr. Integrity….

  • Dan Arewa

    No matter what, the desperadoes MUST leave Aso Villa by God’s grace.

  • Wähala

    PT should tell Duncee to produce his certificate withand go for a Debate with the Fisherman Scholar from Otuoke

    • Wähala

      @Otile Oleku…
      You are a fucking baztard for using my handle to post rubbish…
      Elections must hold as scheduled and I’m never a party to Dumbo’s evil plot…
      Shiiooo… e don reach una like dat? Better pay me my own egunje and wait for my endorsement if I’m such a pinch on your nerves. Reno Omokri must have thought you pfools new tricks about Wendel Simlin. Prodigal Punks!

      • Change for the Worse

        This other Wahala has made a million more sense than you, the dullard who has used the name to write loads of cow dung.

        • Guguru

          Be quiet!

          • Change for the Worse

            Home training prescribed.

          • Guguru


      • Otile

        May Shango your deity fire your stinking ass. May Beelzebub fu*k your mother facial. May you became totally bind in your hopeless life. Ass_hole.

  • ilesanmi

    The Election Guidelines mandates the INEC to display candidates’ list for public view and if an eligible Nigerian discovers that a candidate has either failed to comply with the requirements of the guidelines or could not provide documentary evidence to support his claims of being qualified to contest for such office, the only place to go is the court since the INEC lack the power to question qualification or genuineness of candidates’ claims.
    When this happens it should not be seen as attempt to truncate electoral process – it is truly a process in development of democracy.

    • Reality

      You don’t need to explain this to the gullible APC supporters. But i thought APC was shouting go to court go to court, now we’re in court they’re shouting again that we want to truncate our democracy. Which way APC?

  • Olusola

    If Ebele try this nonsense enh! He go know say Nigeria no be Togo where dem de rule them for 30yrs.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Our voice remains one! We say no to any form of misrule and bending of the constituion to favour a particular candidate. We stand firm as we all demand CHANGE.

    • Tufiakwa

      Yes! There should be no bending of the constitution and the 2010 Electoral Law as amended. Bokohari should have attached a copy of his certificate as evidence of meeting the requirement for academic qualification. He did not. Also, someone who has sworn to a false affidavit like Bokohari did, according to the laws of Nigeria, must be disqualified and jailed. We are united. So, we demand CHANGE from quota system major generals and quota system presidential candidates.

  • Wetin Naija

    PDP want to remain in power by all means. They would prefer to die to cover their dirty corruption

  • Wetin Naija

    If you support evil, evil will befall you. In a country where corruption is a way of life, Nigerian judges have joined the game and no one is save. Buhari run for the
    presidency three times, and no asked for his certificate and now you
    want to make it an issue. Please do not destroy Nigeria with your
    selfish purpose

    • Okey

      You stole 99 times and was not caught, does serve as defence and justification when you are caught at the 100th time ?

  • dd

    This writeup is just a noise and barking to make the judge not to do the right thing. Buhari has been asked to prove before the court about the claim of WASC which he said now with INEC using fake affidavit from onset. The Judge is going to decide using the law of Nigeria. Now that APC is afraid and know what i ahead of them, they are now using news media to bark to scare the judge from doing the right thing. The law will definitely take its course.

  • dd

    If Buhari cannot show court that WASC result, he will surely be disqualified. President is not quota system. One must be qualify to contest.

    • Remigius Ihe

      Is not a question of showing the court his certificate, we have passed that. The problem is that he missed the dateline to summit his credentials. Nobody is above the law and no single individual should be except from these of the land.

  • Truthometer

    I trust Dumbo, as clueless as he is, he won’t use broken bottle to clean his bum bum. This election must go on as scheduled. Vote for GMB!

  • I go die O!


  • Okey

    Buhari must show his Certificate. He made the claim, let him present it and put this matter to rest.

  • Ekwekwe

    Banning Bokohari for committing perjury (done at his own freewill) is not a plot to scuttle an election. In fact, if we believe Bokohari who told us that in previous elections he made similar claims that the Defence Secretary had his certificate, he should be treated as a repeat/habitual offender and should be in jail. Secondly, it is not a plan to scuttle an election if people answered the call by APC on anyone dissatisfied with Bokohari’s inability to attach evidence of academic qualification to his INEC form or the contraption of a certificate thereafter rushed in from Katsina. Upholding the rule of law is what Bokohari has pledged. He should face it and stop crying wolf.

    In fact, it is APC, Propaganda Times and sundry merchants of confusion that are ganging up against the law of the land – and fomenting trouble! I hope this time, they will not run away – go on exile – and leave their foot soldiers to die again.

    • progress

      Mumu ,he served as the secretary to the military board for years , he knows he file still holds copies of his certs and that was why he gut an affidavit to that effect, Obasanjo confirmed that in 2007 the matter came up and they found out that his certificates are with the military , Now btw then and now ,who stole ,remove ,borrowed or misplaced buhari’s certificate ? i guess we all know the anwer to that.

      • Change for the Worse

        “There was no evidence in our record to show that the WASC was seen in 1961,” said the Army spokesman. The last time I checked, individuals under any type of employment, including the Army, had custody of their original certificates – not their employers. That’s unless you’re a quota system, illiterate major general (who also confessed to have had nine (9) years of education in his life.

      • Remigius Ihe

        Progress is the Nigeria military Buhari’s file cabinet, sometimes it seems like people have lost control of common sense. He knew along that he didn’t have his certificate. Just like he have been doing all his life get bye by favoritism; however this one backfired big time ,he didn’t see it coming.

  • Yusuf

    so this is a judge whose generation has already been cursed, we are waiting.. weather with Buhari or not Jonathan can not and will not be Nigerian president beyond 2015

  • Guguru

    Jonathan is great at dividing people. He divided the Nigerian Governors Forum. He divided the PDP Governors and Senators. He divided Nigerians along the lines of religion.

  • Mrs benita akpan

    I’m not surprised because talk is cheap but let me refresh your residual memories ,it is under the Goodluck Jonathan administration, tha Nigeria rebased it’s GDP for
    the first time in over a decade to become the largest economy in Africa,
    overtaking South Africa and Egypt in the process

    • Jeremy PR

      So you think you have made a ground breaking statement right? What that simple means is that GEJ had absolutely nothing to do with Nigeria becoming top African leader. In fact, if it was done during the last term of OBJ or during Yar Adua’s time, it would have still shown that Nigeria was ahead.

    • Samadani

      How did translate to bread and butter on the common man’s table?

  • uduak akpan

    buhari show ur certificate

  • uzo

    buhari proves us wrong by showing your certificate

    • Remigius Ihe

      Uzo what certificate.


    APC, Muhammadu Buhari, disqualified on flimsy grounds- useless people. What is flimsy in false oath and forged cert?

  • emmanuel

    Goodluck is good for nigeria

    • Tunsj

      Badluck is not good for Otueke and Nigeria.

  • kemi

    Goodluck for all of us

  • sofia williams

    Leaders are chosen by God to bring Goodluck to his people……….so vote rightly by voting for GEJ

  • ubong ekanem

    Buhari time has passed

  • kingsley obi

    GEJ’s administration initiated the YOUWIN program in 2011. The Youth Enterprise
    with Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN) program aims to generate over 100,000 jobs
    for innovative unemployed youths across the country in the course of three
    years. It is currently in its third year….so much more achievements has he placed on the table…….its GEJ all the way

  • Reality

    Is Buhari guilty of perjury? Did Buhari meet the pre-requisite for this forthcoming presidential election? Does Buhari have his waec certificate? Please APC members I need an answer to the above questions… thanks

  • Divine West

    Jega has assured Nigerians about this, the date of the election will cannot be shifted for any reason. There is no cause for alarm. GEJ all the way…….

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    There no plan for INEC to shift this election,even our President is not even thinking about that but this APC guys are just using it to cause confusion.

    • Tunsj

      Please prove it that the APC guys are just using it to cause confusion.

  • ahmed

    Story for the gods… another APC propoganda…watchout for part two.

  • Nelson David

    There is no PP for this election because we have fixed date and after that we will know the result of it. #TeamGEJ2015

  • sammyctu ode

    Most of these comments are too sickening for any reasonable person to assimilate because the jonathan fools writing them are gods people who do not want Nigeria to grow at all. The point is they are not addressing the issue which showed all of the writers are stark illiterates who can never tell the truth to their own children in life.
    As for niyi ademola, I am not surprised because his father or uncle did the same thing to THE GREAT CHIEF AWOLOWO but if niyi try the 1993 ikpeme joker on Nigerians this time around, the wrath of God Almighty will visit him and his family forever.

  • uko bassey

    you guys tried but#stillnoGMB2015

  • nwaeke

    Isn’t it obvious that the opposition will use any little thing to ridicule GEJ’s credibility?. If he goes to the loo, the’ll suspect him, if he coughs they’ll suspect, if he frowns they’ll still point fingers. Olou ma je! for this MUGUharists

  • Etega

    Buhari #BringBackYourCertificate

  • Gafar Adekunle

    Only thing that is constant is CHANGE.

  • concerned