AU asks Jonathan, other African leaders to publicly declare their assets

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

Worried by the high rate at which resource-rich African countries lose huge revenues through corruption, illegal transfers of profits and money laundering abroad, the African Union, AU, has asked President Goodluck Jonathan and other African leaders to openly declare their assets and subject their wealth to public scrutiny.

A report on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa, compiled by an AU panel led by former South African President Thabo Mbeki, said Africa loses an estimated $60billion (about N10.08trillion) annually through such transfers. The report was presented Sunday at a summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The report has stirred massive concerns in Nigerian, which is said to account for over $40.9billion (about N6.87trillion), or 68 per cent of the total figure.

Cumulatively, Nigeria also topped the list of ten African countries with highest incidence of illicit financial transfers between 1970 and 2008, recording about $217.7billion (about N36.57trillion), or 30.5% of the total in the continent.

The issue of accountability and probity by top government officials has always been a source of serious concern in Nigeria, particularly with President Goodluck Jonathan repeatedly refusing to publicly declare their assets.

When the issue surfaced during his third Presidential media chat in 2014, Mr. Jonathan criticised those calling for the declaration, and said leaders should be allowed to determine whether or not the decision to make their assets public agreed with their personal principles.

The president emphasised his disapproval by infamously declaring that he did not give “a damn” about publicly declaring his assets.

“The issue of public asset declaration is a matter of personal principle. That is the way I see it, and I don’t give a damn about it, even if you criticise me from heaven,” the president said.

However, concerned by the findings in the report about the role of senior government officials, politicians and state executives in facilitating corruption and laundering of scarce public funds in the continent, the African Union reminded all African presidents that they must submit their wealth to public scrutiny in line with global standards.

“Global standards in anti-corruption and anti–money laundering require financial institutions to subject accounts held by certain persons to greater scrutiny and monitoring, including senior government officials, leaders of political parties, executives at state-owned enterprises and others with access to a large amounts of state assets and the power to direct them (often called politically exposed persons, or PEPs),” the AU said in its report.

“African Governments can greatly assist financial institutions in this task by publishing lists of PEPs, as well as any asset declarations filed by PEPs and information about whether the country’s laws prohibit or restrict the ability of their PEPs to hold financial accounts abroad,” the AU added.

In addition, the AU said the continent’s governments could demand foreign financial institutions to provide details of accounts held by their listed PEPs, preferably as part of the new system of automatic exchange of financial information being created under the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD.

The AU also proposed the integration of illegal financial transfers as a specific component of its Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption, adding that its member states should allow the public access to national and subnational budget information, as well as processes and procedures for budget development and auditing in an open and transparent manner.

To eliminate the opportunity for illicit financial flows from national and local government treasuries, it noted: “Non-transparent government procurement and supply chains could provide opportunities for corruption-related IFFs. African Governments, therefore, should adopt best practices in open contracting to reduce IFFs through government procurement processes.

The panel in its recommendations asked the Bank for International Settlements to publish the data in its possession on international banking assets by country of origin and destination in a matrix format, along the lines of data published by the International Monetary Fund, IMF, for bilateral trade data, foreign direct investment and portfolio investment.

Again, the Panel asked that the global community in all of its institutions, including parliaments, take all necessary steps to eliminate secrecy jurisdictions, introduce transparency in financial transfers and crack down on money laundering.

The Panel also called for stronger collaboration and consistent engagement between Africa and global players like the G8, European Union, EU and G20 to help ensure greater transparency in the international banking system, with banks being required to ascertain the identity, source of wealth and country of origin of their depositors and their deposits.

All countries, the report, said should require beneficial ownership information to be provided when companies are being incorporated, for that information to be updated on a regular basis, and for that information to be of public record.

Beneficial ownership declarations should also be required for all government contracts with third parties. False declarations should result in robust financial penalties.

The Panel was set up after illegal transfers were identified in 2011 as one of the threats to most resource rich countries in Africa to meet their millennium development goals, MDGs, the AU at its 4th Joint African Union Commission/United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, AUC/ECA, Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development constituted the Mbeki Panel to review the underlying issues stalling Africa’s accelerated and sustained development objective.


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  • Omoba1

    I think AU should come up with sanctions on corrupt African countries. Probably withdrawal of membership for corrupt countries

  • Dan Arewa

    I hope the shoeless canoe boy will comply.

  • olotito

    Do you think the #GEJ led administration that refuses to fight corruption and insurgency declare it assets?CHANGE IS ALL WE WANT

  • Halwa

    Well, AU has spoken and gave an order. We expect nothing but full compliance to boost our leader’s integrity despite his earlier stated stand on asset declaration by public officers as quoted in this article.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    At this jucture, all Presidential candidates should be made to declear their assests while a law should be promulgated requiring all political office holders to declear thier assests

  • King Carlos

    so…. is FK GOING to attack the AU the way he mouthed Soludo? One has to know that this is the same problem Sanusi cried about, the one Soludo is bringing our attention to, the same problem Obasanjo warned Jonathan to tackle “before it’s too late”.

    Jonathan is powerless in Nigeria now, he is obviously not in control of the country.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, wahala dey o!

      AU want pour sand for Jonothing garri o!!

      How man for do?

      • King Carlos

        Jonathan should declare his assets if he wants Buhari to debate.

  • tundemash

    Where are the usual e-rats to accuse AU of supporting APC????? No hiding lace for the looters; Jona must go to jail !

    • lorlar


    • debbeljo

      PGEJ is a president of a sovereign country. Nigeria has its laws and doesn’t need AU to tell her do & do not.

      • sirbrwnjr

        Your country does not even exist on world map.Stop commenting on issue that you have no interest. STATELESS TROLL!

      • tundemash

        But when Dumbo was accusing the US of ot helping with Boko haram, you didn’t remind Dumbo then Nigeria is overeign country. Nigeria has its laws.
        No wonder Nigerians are treated as dirt outside when you worship your looters. I have got news for you; the world is a global village now and looters shuld be treated as criminals anywhere in the world !

  • Eze1

    Lobatan…..King Nebu over to you. Declare your Asset now.

  • Onike24

    AU? With Mugabe as it’s President? Leadership, leadership, the biggest problem that challenges Africa

  • abimbola

    Jonathan can never declare his assets. He can never.

  • sirbrwnjr

    Nigerian should go after his friend and crony, like Tunde Ayeni that donated billions towards his re-election to know his true worth. He is buying everything on his behalf.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    As for me, Nigerian Masses will on Feb., 14, 2015, make it difficult if
    not impossible for such a dictator to coast home to easy electoral
    victory – “Aso Rock”. Nigerians have always learnt to reject failures,
    abuse of due process, and dictators.
    Ofcourse, Nigerians had stopped
    him(Buhari) three times consecutively in 2003, 2007 and 2011, therefore,
    nothing will stop Nigerians from rejecting him again in Feb., 14,
    Presidential Election. Nothing has changed in the life of Buhari. Once a
    soldier, is always a soldier.

    GEJ till 2019.

    • Alabama

      wait & see

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        You are to wait not me, ok. 100% sure of our supports from Nigerians.

    • Funso

      The AU said African heads of state should PUBLICLY declare their assets. Please ask your candidate-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan to do so and SHOW HIS CerPtificate (or did you guys call this thing sabitifikate?) of asset declaration. Without a cerPitificate or sabitifigate of asset declaration Mr. Jonathan should start packing his load from Aso Rock.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Buhari is already into the state of sorry. He is unpopular in the South, has no certificate, dictatorial and will be disqualified based on Perjury offence.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      You’re basically an illiterate for always out of line whenever you pen your silly comments. Why can’t you just grow up?

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Address the point raised rather than making sour comments.

        GEJ till 2019

    • Ossy

      who are the masses you are refering to? may you, your family & your generation be ruled the way Jonothign ruled Nigeria. say amen if you are sincere mtcheeew

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Do you need further tutor on the meanings and compositions of
        Nigerian Masses? Please, if you dont know, feel free to let me know. Sorry!

        GEJ till 2019

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Declaration of Assets, please!

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Out of point.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Declaration of Assets, please!

          • Shuaibu Bola Victor

            Not a big deal. Who is afraid of Declaration of Assets?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Glad we can agree it is not a big deal.

            President Jonathan, please declare your assets now if you want a debate with GMB.

          • Shuaibu Bola Victor

            Is that the qualification to a debate according to you or the organiser of the debate?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            There is no Constitutional requirement for a debate.

            If your man is begging for one, we have a right to impose Conditionalities, but if Asset Declarationis a bridge too far to cross, we shall lower the bar in that case; let him give uninterruptd powersupply for 24 hours across Nigeria and we shall give him a debate.


          • Shuaibu Bola Victor

            Bok Haram(APC) is set to bring down transformers and poles.
            How realisable under the power greed of APC?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            Mr. Militant, yarn anoda tori, abeg!

          • Shuaibu Bola Victor


    • truth is bitter

      i presume the masses compose of you and your immediate family members

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Do you need further tutor on the meanings and compositions of Nigerian Masses? Please, if you dont know, feel free to let me know.

        GEJ till 2019

    • concerned9ja

      If we stop a dictator, what do we do to someone who shields and back those who steal our commonwealth, someone who says there is no corruption in Nigeria, someone who declared ‘stealing is not corruption’ and affirmed he does not give a damn to asset declaration. We shall not only reject him, we would also spit him out

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        That is to say, you are calling for the return of military into power? If that is your individual wish, Nigerians are not with you. We Nigerians are more comfortable with the freedom of speech we enjoy under democratic leader unlike under a dictator.
        You cannot prove your allegations against GEJ.

  • ODOFIN, Lagos

    gej said and I quote “I will not declare my assets to anybody, even if you like go on Channels TV and other Stations, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN”. Later he said STEALING IS NOT CORRUPTION. For such a man, he will never declare his assets because he steals our common resource with immunity and he does not give a damn

    • truth

      Please my brother why should people ask gej to declare his assest,if so then lets start from obj and the co

      • PureNigerian

        Is OBJ contesting?

    • uko bassey

      wow, your thinking is so shallow.

    • warry

      What GEJ said was we sometimes call ‘outright stealing of public funds corruption ‘.Meanwhile our corruption allegations stop at perceptions,fabricstions and lies. We should support them with evidence for prosecution of offenders. Anybody can approach the courts,EFCC,and ICPC for prosecution of corrupt persons. This is not an autocratic military regime.

      • ODOFIN, Lagos

        Why has gej not prosecuted those that diverted N664B subsidy money? Why did he prevent National Assembly from probing Diezani on N10b looted and used for her private jets? why did he shield Maina that stole Police pension – N320B from prosecution and even took him to Brazil for official trips? No evidence right? you are only fooling yourself and not me. You are now defending gej that publicly acknowledged that stealing is not corruption. I think one of the looters under gej…

  • Ossy

    see guys, this man is too corrupt to declare his assets but wether he doese or not, change is what we want & change we shall get com FEB-14-2015. by God’s grace. GOD bless Nigeria

  • Enemona

    Can someone say “I don’t give a damn”?


    Nothing could be more dangerous to the existence of this
    Republic than to introduce religion into politics’’

    –Robert Green Ingersoll

    These are dangerous times to be a Nigerian. As a people,
    we should all be alarmed at how the line between religion
    and politics has been blurred by our leaders in gross
    violation of the status of our country as a multi-religious
    society where leaders are forbidden by the constitution to
    promote one religion at the expense of another. But since
    the inception of the President Goodluck Jonathan
    administration, we have seen how our leaders have openly,
    with disregard for our constitution used their official
    positions to promote religion while allowing religious leaders to meddle in the political affairs of our country. I consider the trend harmful and dangerous for our peaceful co-existence as a nation.

    For example, the President has spent the better part of his
    administration hopping from one religious place of worship
    to the other not minding how his dalliance with religion
    offends the sensibilities of Nigerians and violates the
    constitution. Our leaders have widened Nigeria’s religious
    fault lines, polarised and caused unhealthy rivalry among the faiths and their leaders. There is no doubt that there is a link between the dangerous trend of mixing religion with
    politics and the toxic political climate that has characterised politics in this administration.

    Really, every Nigerian should be scared by the dangerous
    and toxic religious and ethnic rhetoric that has dominated
    political discourse. The intolerance that has characterised
    the political environment, if not checked, will throw our
    country into chaos and may consume us all. What is
    happening in our country today reminds one of the hate
    campaigns that led to the Rwanda genocide and the
    religious clashes between Muslim and Christian rebels which have caused the death of thousands of people in CentralbAfrican Republic.

    It must scare us that our politicians, in their bid to retain or
    take power, are throwing caution to the wind. They are
    invoking hate campaigns and setting up religion or their
    leaders against themselves. They simply do not care if the
    country is set ablaze. One notable politician was recently
    criticised for wishing another politician dead. That is how
    low political discourse has sunk in our country. At political
    campaigns, politicians beat war drums through rhetoric that creates divisions along ethnic and religious lines. It is reallynscary to see our politicians carry on without any thought asnto how their words and actions may signal an end to the corporate existence of Nigeria.

    Our democracy can certainly not grow in an atmosphere
    dominated by primordial ethnic and religious sentiments
    fuelled by those who aspire to lead us. A situation where
    politicians resort to ethnicity and religion sentiments to whip up support portends grave danger for our country. Rather than engage on issue-based campaign, politicians focus on.personal abuse. Not even during former President Olusegun Obasanjo tenure did we openly display intolerance based on religion. It should worry Nigerians that for the first time, we have seen how the choice for leadership by political parties is being determined along religious considerations. In this administration, we now talk of Catholic-Anglican ticket or Pentecostal-Protestant-Animist ticket. What is happening in our country today is ridiculous and dangerous.

    But I must say that this dangerous trend began in the lifetime of this administration. That is why I deplore the role of President Jonathan in the way he has been carrying on his role as the number one citizen of the country. Since he assumed office as the President in 2011, Jonathan seems to have completely forgotten that he is presiding over a multi-religious society. The President ought to lead by example.

    During the struggle by Nigerians to actualise his presidency as a vice-president at the time of the demise of his principal, the late President Umaru Yar’Adua, and the 2011 elections; Nigerians from all ethnic and religious creeds mobilised for him to become the first minority president. Unfortunately as his presidency has shown in the last six years, Jonathan has been behaving more like an ethnic and Christian president.

    In his six-year as the number one citizen of the country, the
    president has been pandering to ethnicity and religion to
    either whip up sympathy or shore up support for dwindling
    presidential fortunes. But the president must know he is
    neither a Christian nor ethnic president. He is a Nigerian
    president. As our country’s number one citizen, he must
    know that he cannot afford to alienate any part of the
    country based on religion as he has been doing. He cannot
    afford to pander to one religious or ethnic group at the
    expense of the other. That is why Nigerians from all creeds
    voted for him. But the pan-Nigerian mandate that was briefly attained at the inception of his presidency has been frittered by Jonathan.

    The President has no excuse. It is his duty to unite
    Nigerians. But he has done more to polarise the country
    along religious lines than any previous leader did. In the
    years Obasanjo presided over the affairs of the country, he
    never allowed religious leaders have so much influence on
    his administration. With his many faults, Obasanjo could not be accused of promoting or fraternizing openly with
    religious leaders as President Jonathan has been doing.
    During his time, Obasanjo only worshipped at the National
    Christian Centre. He was mindful of his position as the
    President of all Nigerians no matter their faith. He never
    allowed religion or religious leaders have a hold on his

    What do we find today?
    We now have a President who mixes politics with religion to whip up sympathy. President Jonathan seems not to care the harm he is doing to the delicate fault lines that have kept our country on the brink and led to countless sectarian and religious violence. Let me be clear, I do not have issues with the President’s faith. He is free to practise his religion and worship in any church of his choice. But as the President he must do it privately. The President must stop his overt romance with every church and pastor.

    A situation where the President frequents churches, mounts the pulpit to make policy statements or campaigns is not acceptable. For the past six years, the President has
    attended churches that one wonders how he has had time
    for governance. A situation where the churches all over the
    country jostle to invite the President to be a guest is
    distractive and polarising. What is even alarming is how the
    President uses every visit to a church to castigate his
    opponents or make policy statements.

    Already the President’s unbridled dalliance with religion has polarised the church and embarrassed his presidency—the cash-for-arms scandal involving the Christian Association of Nigeria President, Ayo Oritsejafor, the Rev. Father Mbaka controversy and Bishop Oyedepo’s ‘gate of hell’ outburst are few of the embarrassments the President has caused.the country on account of his mixing his religion withnpolitics. It’s time to tell Mr. President to lead by example and stop mixing religion with politics.

  • Truthometer

    Ahhhh! This is going to be a tall order for thieving Dumbo. He doesn’t give a damn about his stealing habit, when Nigerians asked him to declare his assets. This president’s penchant for reckless digging deep into the nation’s treasury, is both legendary and historic. How is he going to account for his $ billion assets? From fishing in otuoke polluted river? Building canoes? Tendering to animals in zoo? Deputy governor? Governor? Vice President? President? None of these will ever give anybody such stupendous wealth! AU might be wasting its time, when it comes to our president declaring his assets. In fact, I can imagine his partners in and out of government telling him to threaten, to pull Nigeria out of African Union. For Nigerians, help is on the way. Vote for GMB,!

    • uko bassey

      Stay off Marijuana, its not good for you.

  • Garden-City Boy

    When did it become AU’s duty to monitor Nigeria’s moral code? We have had islamic menace in this country running up to a decade, but Au looks the other way and says nothing. Nigerian citizens have been massacred and brutalized by Nigerians who fund AU and OAU. The Nigerian state has committed a horrendous genocide against Igbo people in which over 3 million were murdered. The perpetrators were islamic people whose ilk dominate the AU.
    With a Christian as President, the raging islamic hare-kiri now catches the full attention of the moslem-dominated AU. The President must declare his assets to the AU mullahs. In their mullah skulls, the thinking is that this President has pocketed the money that should have gone into the appeasement of islamic rage they engineered. Everybody knows the role played by the Sudanese mullah, Mo Ibrahim, who has used his wealth to promote islamic hegemony across Sub-Saharan Africa. This President must be circumspect about this Muslim-dominated AU.

    • PureNigerian

      You should be ashamed of yourself

    • Wetin Naija

      Because corruption has reached a new height

    • Strong System

      Hmmm…listen to how you are struggling to drive haterate.
      You have mentioned Islamic/Mullah/Moslem about ten times just to defend a thief.
      For your information, Good Christians are not in support of Jonathan’s refusal to publicly declare his assets.

      • uko bassey

        is it your asset? moreover if you think he stole anything drag him to court as no human is above the law.
        supporting buhari is the worst thing you’ve done to yourself. i’m sorry to break your heart Buhari cant win any election, he’s a renowned failure don’t you understand? as in he fails for a living. Don’t cry, i’m sorry i broke your heart. and please Mr. strong system its hatred not haterate, use pidgin if your english is bad.thanks.

        • Strong System

          Thanks for the correction..I was in a hurry to reply you….lol

        • Emmie

          if he did not stole why cant he show is asset …. if ppl accuse you of stealing at the bus-stop and they gather you with stick and stone to show your pocket , what will you do ? you go one show them say you get power and mouth … no b so ? or if police hold you say you carry cartridge for bag , u no go start to dey narate the story of your life ? stop been a learner o !

      • Garden-City Boy

        I am not alone in the hate for mullahs. You mullahs brought it on yourselves. By the time “it is done”, I will love to see you utter profanities like allah and mohamed ever again. Perhaps, yo are in denial of the ISLAMAPHOBIA fever spreading across the entire plant. You may soon want to pretend that ISLAMAPOHOBIA is phantom……,or is it?

        • chucks

          you bigotry is out dated. and it will not help Jonathan win the election. you and your likes are the reason swing voters are gravitating towards buhari

        • Emmie

          u should grow up .. those this sounds like Islam or religious issue, all you are trying to do is create crisis between both Christians and Muslims and you ppl refuse to remember the way Christians got killed , burnt in churches and almost everybody show sign of pity and mourn those that lost their life !

          The question now is what are you ppl doing to avert such deadly act to occur PDP has been promoting the “he is an ISLAMIST” thing right from when Buhari start his campaign and deceived ppl in the last election that Buhari said Muslim should vote Muslim and Christians to Christians .. whats the reason he is not promoting religious war ?

    • Maxwell

      They hear English well, Not Nigeria, Africa, that’s what makes Nigeria Include, if Jona no dey fear, make he decleare am now, at least before he assume the post of the president, he don first declare he assets, abeg make he declare am again

  • tyson

    The story was rewritten by Premium Times to suit the needs of APC–period–This is election period and they must do all in their power to satisfy the apatite for negative news–for their paymasters in Sokoto and Lagos –Is Thabo Mbeki now the spokesperson for the African Union? Was he not accused of corruption himself-?–The issue of corruption does not only concern the trillions of Naira stolen from the Oil revenue base of the South-South by the custodians of our collective interest in the Niger Delta–it equally concerns the use of forged certificates to enlist into the Defence Academy of African Nations such as the current certificate scandal involving Buhari–If Buhari had been a South African he would have thrown in the towel long b4 now-Walked into prison all by himself–But in Nigeria with his Fulani background–nothing will happen–the same way Abiola and his wife Kudirat were killed and nothing happened———————-Rather the family members are being coerced by Tinubu to spit on the face of Jonathan-

  • Wisdom-Ivo Gideon Ifeanacho O.

    Information reaching us now clearly states that the camp of the opposition party[APC] is jittery over reports gathered by their foot soldiers that the PDP still has majority of Nigerians on their side and victory is still in the camp of PDP..the information has therefore conditioned APC to resort to using INEC’s purported postponement and other sundry issues as a guise to buy sympathies of Nigerians and of course further enhance their blackmailing and senseless propaganda campaign strategies as a tool to clinch to ‘dream’ power which will not materialize in order to pillage our country and distort our developmental strides as well as take us to the dark ages where mediocrity reign supreme.

    • hummm

      You are at the “denial and bargaining” stages of grief and loss that our guy will win. Mental health services will be available for you after GEJ gets a beat down at the polls comes Feb 14.

      • Wisdom-Ivo Gideon Ifeanacho O.

        am sorry for u hummm. it will do u vam when GEJ wil b returned elected

        • Maxwell

          so that more 30 trillion we go missing?

      • The GMB I know does not loose sleep over trivial matters like the state of health of a human being. After all he single handedly rendered some families parentless and others he took a sibling or child. Not tilting conscience towards gender or age. If you and I are both referring to one and the same person, then I think you’ve got another thing coming. Stick to your drugs now that you can afford them. That GMB is not worth your time

    • Emmie

      u have been in the dark age you kept yourself and refuse to let urself out …. why not cool down …Nigerians are not that daft but smarter !

  • Chineke


    Mr. Goodluck Jonathan has yet proved to be an intelligent person.
    He takes self-defeating, panicky steps like a policeman who ends up,
    tables-turned, as the accused person before a fleeing felon he’d been
    chasing after. That’s not what should happen to an intelligent man.

    This $20 billion NNPC probe was purely an after-thought accusation.
    It arose in tit-for tat when Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria laid a
    clear case of 650 billion Naira fraudulence against the then Governor of
    Central Bank, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi (who is now the Emir of Kano).

    • Chineke


      Whilst Mr. Goodluck Jonathan typically dilly-dallied for the next 15 months
      after receiving that fraud alert from the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria,
      Sanusi Lamido had time on his hands to hire spies to NNPC crude oil exports,
      and finesse his purported findings into a salacious scandal for global audience.

      Sanusi Lamido Sanusi then issued a shocking but patently false report that $47
      billion or thereabouts were stolen at NNPC under Mr. Goodluck Jonathan’s watch.

      From the on Mr. Jonathan totally lost focus of the original complaint filed by the
      Financial Reporting Council, as Jonathan failed to authorize the audits of
      Central Bank of Nigeria. In effect and by himself Mr. Jonathan became a defendant
      on Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s revised and alleged case of $12billion theft at the NNPC
      In effect, a thief may have caught a policeman in one of the tragedies of thought
      occurring serially and without end under President Goodluck Jonathan who has,
      as yet, proved to be an intelligent person.

  • Wetin Naija

    Declare your asset publicly if you are not a thief uncle Jona. Clear conscience fears no accusation.

    • nafisat

      He will my dear then he will move on and win the coming elections.

  • Tunsj

    He will never declare his assets because he is not a man of integrity. This clown is a joke. Never saw a politician change with the wind so much.

    • Uncle Charlie

      I suppose your man of integrity GMB declared all the assets and funds he made away with from the Petroleum Development Trust fund. Blind man who exactly is leading you down this perilous path?

      • Emmie

        you have not been reading and making research … u only stop at the nearest bus stop to your house and read newspapers headlines and off you go to quickly drop bias comment !

  • concernednigerian

    Is AU the National Assembly of Nigeria?

    • Been asking myself the same question all morning.

  • nafisat

    It doesnt stop him from winning the next election

    • uchenna Chukwuma

      Gone already

  • uko bassey

    We’ll just let these APC dudes run their mouth like jealous girlfriends, as for GEJ he’ll be doing what he knows how to do best and thats winning.

    • uchenna Chukwuma

      Stealing right?.

  • favourtalk

    even it is too late, they will eventually fail, nigeria is bigger than the so called looters of our money, we cant continue like this, we need a change and a better country. we cant just fold our hands and allow them to finish this country, we need buhari now


    Olusegun A. Obasanjo‏@SegunObasanjo 8h8 hours ago

    By the way, I don’t remember Nigerians making a fuss the last time GEJ refused to appear in a debate. So why the drama over GMB refusal?


  • warry

    Our law does not say public declaration. You declare to code of conduct bureau. Anybody who needs a copy can request for it,the FOI nill has been signed by GEJ. Let’s forget lies.

  • Wähala

    AU should mind their business. When Barrack beckoned on them with just one finger, all the disillusioned so called AU leaders jumped into their jets and off to Washington they all flew like errand boys to see Uncle B in White House…Shame! …They exploited you and took your best as slaves, they came back and colonized you and in many cases forced a country on you what should have in most cases been many countries…and in some other cases they shared what would have been one homogeneous country into several…but you so called Leaders accept that nonsense…and you run to borrow from Paris, Washington & London clubs which they call IMF or ‘World Bank’ with interests your great grand children will never be able to pay…and they tell you that it is macro economics…and you believe them. Only few African presidents like Robert stand out and seem to understand this new form of colonialism. The others are just sleeping.

    Why bother about the assets of President Jonathan? Nonsense!

    • Ahmed

      Wahala! You are doing a good job, defending corruption, corrupt leaders and corrupt practices as you are corruptly paid. Unfortunately very soon you will be out of job as there will not be corruption to feed on!!

  • Arewabetter

    Corruption is a key threat to good governance, democratic processes and fair business competition. Fighting corruption and promoting good public governance should be among the main priorities of the Nigerian government, but is not happening. In addressing corruption and good governance, organizations involved should take a multidisciplinary approach whichmay include fighting bribery of foreign public officials, combating corruption in fiscal policy, public and private sector governance and development aid and export credits. Asset declaration is one of the best ways of combating corruption, especially among politicians. The main aims of asset declarations may include the following: a) to increase transparency and the trust of citizens in public administration, by disclosing information about assets of politicians and civil servants that shows they have nothing to hide; b) to help heads of public institutions prevent conflicts of interest among their employees and to resolve such situations when they arise, in order to promote integrity within their institutions; c) to monitor wealth variations of individual politicians and civil servants, in order to dissuade them from misconduct and protect them from false accusations, and to help clarify the full scope of illicit enrichment or other illegal activity by providing additional evidence. It is necessary to consider preconditions and opportunities, including supportive actors, such as responsible managers, honest civil servants, active media, already existing legal frameworks, like tax collection system, property registry and other public registers, effective law enforcement, and limitations (shortage of public funds, lack of political will to fight corruption and poor discipline in public administration), and to determine optimal workable framework in terms of legal, financial, personnel and other conditions for the declarations system. Asset declarations are one among many tools that can help prevent corruption, but they cannot deliver alone, especially in countries where democracies are not yet mature, corruption is widespread, tax systems are dysfunctional and law enforcement is weak. However, a well-designed and operational system of asset declarations can be an important element in the overall anti-corruption and integrity system of a country.

  • abeem

    I Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan hereby says I don’t give a damn to public declaration of assets.

  • Olumide

    Duncee, where is your certificate?

  • Lekan

    A corrupt person like jonathan ebele will never in their life declare their assets. All their assets will be taken over by the Nigerian government very soon. OLE JAGUDA, because you don’t have shoe and that is why you loot so much like this.

  • jfk

    This calls for serious concern from Africans and indeed Nigerians where people are living in abject poverty. But why are we so wicked to ourselves? Well, stealing is not corruption as they said, if i can steal government’s $20b, and get N10,000 from corruption, then i am not that bad, abi? God save Africa and Africans. So what do we do to corrupt leaders o?

  • Ette

    GEJ should disqualify himself as he does not give any damn about public declaration of his assets. Shame on him for taking Nigerians for a ride. Nigerians must tell him that he is too wicked to continue in power by massively voting him out. God bless Nigeria.

  • George Jinn

    I love this piece.I hope R.Ameachi takes time to read this.Good read.Welldone Majeed

  • Nelson Cole

    I hope Amechi will listen to the voice of reason. He has proved his point time to think more strategically.

  • Mosley

    Nonsense, Amaechi lose of his home base means political failure. Nigerian politics is fought from the home front, so Amaechi’s destruction of his home front has gradually pushed him into national political relevance. Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Zik, even Buhari had solid home base from where they launched to national level. Amaechi is like a MSN who destroyed his house with a promise to go squat with a friend when the rain comes. Amaechi is now like a vagabond, just as Yoruba saying that it is a bastsrf child that points to his father’s house with his left hand. Amaechi maybe s here in Dsurs and Lsgos, but a villain in the Delta.