Inside details of Boko Haram’s 3-pronged attack on Maiduguri, Konduga, Monguno

FILE PHOTO: Nigerian troops with captured ammunition from a past operation in Konduga

Nigerian soldiers on Sunday faced three separate and daring raids by Boko Haram insurgents on three major towns of Borno State and successfully repelled two of them, the Defence Headquarters has said.

Chris Olukolade, the Director of Defence Information, said the daring attacks on Maiduguri and neighbouring Konduga by insurgents were successfully repelled by soldiers.

While confirming earlier reports by PREMIUM TIMES, the Major General also stated that soldiers securing Monguno, including a “Brigade Commander and some of the troops”, were wounded and had to retreat from the town.

He said an “exclusive coordinated air campaign have taken over from ground forces in Monguno, as troops had to retreat from the location after the Brigade Commander and some of the troops were wounded while repelling terrorists attack on the town today”.

The three-pronged attack by the Boko Haram sect is one of the most daring in recent times as the insurgents, who already control a large part of Borno State, tighten the noose on Maiduguri, the state capital.

The Maiduguri attack

Security sources said the terrorists launched a massive onslaught on the Borno State capital by first attacking an army formation in the town, 243 Battalion, some distance away from the Air Force base.

The troop, our sources said, fought back gallantly, repelling the insurgents and capturing some tanks and other weapons from them.

The fighting continued, deep into the night and extending to Sunday morning, until the insurgents began to retreat. The Commanding Officer of the Battalion, a Colonel Shuaibu, was reportedly shot in the arm.

Our sources said a large number of the terrorists were killed.

In his statement on Sunday evening, Mr. Olukolade said “an extensive cordon and search is ongoing as part of the mopping up operation to determine details of the heavy casualties suffered by the terrorists”.

He added that “scores of the terrorists died in the course of the attack, while many of them were also captured with wounds”.

According to the spokesperson, items recovered from the fleeing insurgents include a Cobra Armoured Vehicle, heavy artillery guns, as well as some machine guns.

“Three Gulf cars loaded with explosives were also destroyed,” he said.

PREMIUM TIMES had reported the attack on Borno as soldiers spoke privately about the operation.

“We had a sleepless night till this (Sunday) morning because these elements tried to enter Maiduguri from Dalwa and Limanti axis but our soldiers were able to repel them,” a senior soldier had said.

“They retreated and took another flank around Njimtilo this morning and our troops have been engaging them there too.”

As the battle between soldiers and insurgents raged, residents of Maiduguri’s 1000 Unit Housing Estate, near Njimtilo, fled their homes towards the city centre. Njimtilo is about 20 kilometres from Maiduguri city centre.

Witnesses said soldiers and members of the local vigilante, called Civilian-JTF, confronted the insurgents as fighter jets of the Nigeria Air Force were  deployed.

About 200 people, including insurgents and soldiers, are estimated to have died in the battle.

The Konduga battle

While the Maiduguri battle was on, another group of insurgents stormed Konduga, a town 35km from Maiduguri.

Mr. Olukolade said troops also successfully repelled the insurgents from Konduga “twice” on Sunday, although with some casualties.

“Some of the troops however lost their lives in the series of operations to repel the terrorists today,” he said. “Those that were wounded have been evacuated for appropriate medical treatment.”

Fall of Monguno

Of the three-pronged attacks by the insurgents, the military lost the one at Monguno to the insurgents.

Military insiders said the insurgents arrived at about 2 am on Sunday, parking their Hilux vans deep into the bush, with their headlights on.

Soldiers of the 5 Brigade, who saw the unusual lights, began to shoot in the direction of the vans without knowing that the insurgents had left the vans and advanced close to the Brigade headquarters.

Suddenly, the insurgents began to shoot sporadically. The troop of the Brigade, including those of the Multinational Joint Task Force [MJTF], who were camped at a school inside the barracks after they were dislodged from Baga, engaged the terrorists in a long exchange of gunfire.

The biggest fighting tank owned by the Brigade, known as Shika, killed several insurgents, and wounded several others.

But it was such a long battle that the equipment, which provided cover for ground troops, suddenly ran out of ammunition and begun to withdraw.

As it withdrew, the rifle men behind also retreated, as the insurgents followed in pursuit. In the process, the commander of the Brigade, a Brigadier General Yekini, and a few other soldiers were wounded. It is not clear the number of soldiers and insurgents killed in the attack.

“We could have overpowered the insurgents, but there was no enough ammunition,”  an officer, who participated in the battle, told PREMIUM TIMES.

The troop, who retreated from Monguno, are now gathered at the entrance of the headquarters of 7 Division in Maiduguri.

The General Officer Commanding of the Division, Brigadier General M.Y. Ibrahim, is said to have left instruction that the soldiers and officers, including the Commander of the MJTF, dislodged from Baga, Brigadier General E.A. Ransome-Kuti, should be denied entry into the barracks.

“We arrived here since 3 p.m. but they are not allowing us to gain access to the barracks,” an officer said. “We don’t know what is going on.”

PREMIUM TIMES had earlier reported the fall of Monguno after a military source in Maiduguri said on Sunday morning that “we have decimated the idiots (from Maiduguri) but Monguno has fallen”.

Mr. Olukolade, however, said the air operations on Monguno would continue. He also said calm has been restored in Maiduguri and Konduga as operation continues with patrols and surveillance.

The spokesperson also confirmed an earlier statement by an army spokesperson that the 24-hour curfew imposed on Maiduguri during the attacks will end by 6:00 a.m. on Monday.


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  • Finitri

    We could have repelled the terrorist but there was no enough ammunition.

    The problem with the Nigerian army.. How won’t there be enough ammunition while fighting a war.

    • Sunny Omoragbon

      Exactly my point too. Col. Sambo Dasuki, the so – called NSA shd be deployed to the war front to fight the BH ppl, since he has said that Nigeria doesn’t need international help to fight this growing insurgency.

    • Baba

      Asked GEJ who claim his transformation agenda is working

  • Stomach Infrastructure

    We need a new Commander In Chief, that would not be stealing soldiers money and be sharing it with his pot bellied corrupt generals. Help is on the way. Vote GMB for President.

    • tyson


    • Otile

      You got strong commanders already, you got General Mohamed/Mohammadu Buhari, Marshal Murtala Nyako, Imam Abu Shekau, what else do you need? Don’t be too greedy.

  • tyson


  • tyson

    B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G News!!!
    Yoruba People Won’t Vote Buhari Because We Don’t Trust Fulani People. – OPC’s Ganiyu Adams.

    Ganiyu Adams, factional leader of the Yoruba self-determination group, Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), says Muhammadu Buhari should not expect to win the south-west in the February 14 presidential election.

    With Buhari, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) expected to win most votes in the north-east and north-west and President Goodluck Jonathan projected to enjoy support in the south-south, south-east and north-central, most analysts have predicted that south-west votes will decide the winner.
    But Adams does not agree with the projections that Buhari will make a clean-up in the south-west based on the dominance of APC in the geo-political zone.

    “Don’t think that south-west is APC states. South-west is a place that you cannot use the media to deceive. We are highly exposed and highly educated,” he told Nigeria Today newspaper in its latest edition due for the market on Monday, January 26.
    “For you to say we should go one way, it is impossible. I don’t think that the south-west will vote for Buhari en mass. Don’t forget the pain caused by the June 12 annulment, it is still fresh in the mind of our people many died in the cause of June 12 struggle, many lost a lot of properties. I don’t think our people will trust a Hausa/Fulani man from the north this time around.”

    Frederick Faseun, leader of another faction of OPC and founder of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), has already thrown his weight behind Jonathan, with UPN adopting the president as its candidate. ‘
    Adams, meanwhile, refused to blame Jonathan for Nigeria’s woes, maintaining that governors and lawmakers also have their role to play.
    Below are excerpts from the interview. Nigeria Today:
    Some people criticised the conduct of National Conference last year while others regard it as one of the major achievement of President Goodluck Jonathan. As a member of that conference, do you see the conference as a major achievement of this government?

    Ganiyu Adams: In the actual fact, those who criticised soft-pedaled before we got to the middle of our deliberations and got convinced of what we were doing and started having a re-think. Majority of those who started the criticism came from the opposition parties because they believe if the conference succeeds; it would be a major achievement of President Goodluck Jonathan’s government but thank God at the end of the day, it was one of the best conferences Nigeria ever had in the country.

    The conference had about 630 recommendations out of the 20 committees. There was no committee that does not have new recommendations, even the recommendation for restructuring of the country was exactly like that of the U.S. We borrowed this presidential system of government from America but when we started operating it, we twisted it to our own selfish interest. But the conference afforded us the opportunity to put thing right both in structure, security, intelligence, human rights, religion, environment, derivation formula and judiciary to the extent that it recommended the setting up of Supreme Court in every state of the federation, the conference also recommends that every state should have its own constitution as practised in America.

    The conference also recommended for the establishment of state police, creation of local government based on available resources to its state, the local government before existed as a third tier of government where state governors starve them of funds by sitting or embezzling their allocations from the federation account. But under the new arrangement, as recommended by the conference, they exist under the state control where state government share money to the existing councils, if the governor like he can create or reduce the number of the existing local governments in the state. So by and large the conference was one of the best achievements of Jonathan since he became the president of this country in 2011.

    The 2015 general election is few weeks away from now, many people are afraid that the present democracy could be truncated as a result of violence. Do you have that kind of fear?
    I don’t have fear that the 2015 will degenerate into violence. In the beginning I have that kind of fear but when I started monitoring the campaigns of the two main presidential candidates, I realised that there should be little of such fears that we should allow to exist in our heart. I said this because the two main presidential candidates have held rallies in more than five states now and we have not heard of violence in the camp of the two major parties even when Buhari went to south-south, the base of the incumbent president, there was no crisis and Jonathan came to the south-west where we have about four APC sitting governors and there was no crisis. The way things have started and moving, my fear is being reduced with every passing day and we are growing through holding democratic elections.

    I just watched a workshop held in Abuja where all the presidential candidates were called to sign undertaking that there would be no violence after the general elections. This is a new thing in our democracy, day by day we are learning on how to conduct a violence free election in the country. I don’t have fear that crisis or violence will erupt after the general elections in February.
    In your assessment of the present administration, do you think Jonathan deserves a second term in office?

    I will not agree with that. Those who are saying that Jonathan does not merit second term are those who are eager to take over power from him, if Jonathan can survive with the presence of Boko Haram and the attack from MEND at the beginning of the government, and in 2009, we witnessed an economic crunch which in grammar you can call it economic meltdown and for him to survive and at the end of the day our GDP is the first in Africa, definitely if we can have him in second term without much problem. He can do more than we expected, and I saw him as a detribalised president who does not have the mind of tyranny. He is the only president that people will abuse and he will not ask the security agents to arrest and try you. What members of the opposition did to Jonathan with the mind of maturity he absolved it, they cannot do 10 per cent of it to former President Olusegun Obasanjo when he was in power. His simplicity cannot be compared, his humility is something to write for others to emulate. So, he is a president that can build a strong foundation for Nigeria’s nascent democracy.

    If we continue with the way President Obasanjo governed the country for eight years where we have democracy with a nucleus of a dictatorship our democracy would have suffered greatly, but if we have the opportunity to continue with the way President Jonathan has been running the affairs of the country, we will be able to stabilise and look for a reliable person to take over from him.

    So, I believe he merit second term, no matter the way you abuse him, he would laugh and not even respond. Kinsley Kuku told me that when he responds to some of the president’s critics and members of the opposition group, the president had to caution him that those people are elder statesmen. So Jonathan is highly matured to the extent that the opposition will say that he is too soft to be president of the country, and if he changes his character, they will call him a dictator. I believe he is a president that believes in a peaceful society.
    Do you think Jonathan stands a better chance of getting support in the south-west?

    Don’t think that south-west is APC states. South-west is a place that you cannot use the media to deceive. We are highly exposed and highly educated. For you to say we should go one way, it is impossible, I don’t think that the south-west will vote for Buhari en masse. Don’t forget the pain caused by the June 12 annulment, it is still fresh in the mind of our people many died in the cause of June 12 struggle, many lost a lot of properties. I don’t think our people will trust a Hausa/Fulani man from the north this time around.
    What is your assessment of our elected politicians in terms of delivering dividends of democracy?

    People are blaming Jonathan for hardship in the country, they cannot blame state governors and law makers in the country who are being given constituency allowances but everybody is blaming Mr. President when I talk about politicians I speak without exception. Many governors and local government chairmen could not give account of what they collect every month from the allocation account.
    Before the current fall in the prices of crude oil, some were collecting about N6 -7 billion every month and all they do is to embark on elitist projects that have no direct impact on the lives of common people only to come and accuse Mr. President that he is not performing.

    One thing I respect Jonathan for is despite pressures from the ruling PDP, he refused to influence the result of elections as we have witnessed from the result of Anambra, Edo, Ekiti, Ondo and Osun states governorship elections. We were surprised when a large number of security agents were sent to Ekiti and Osun states during the last elections, it was later we got to know that some members of the party gave him a wrong assessment of the situation that there will be crisis during the elections.



      • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

        Rest in in piece amen.

      • richkid

        Religious bigot like your buhari, for you to insult JESUS. JESUS will make a way for himself. GEJ all the way



          • richkid

            You e-rat paid to come here and campaign is now going out of contest. My God will fight for himself. If God be am not joking. You will see the result of this in yourself. Bye topic closed



          • richkid

            How you will become a christian you won’t know. But my God will arrest you.



          • richkid

            God cannever put me in the hands of people like you and buhari. GEJ is still winning the polls stop the noise


            DAY DREAM!

          • the truth

            Rasmami infar kuba atresh ibn yanuz,dani faril slazi slazi

      • richkid

        Your not even a yoruba!! Your a fulani


          I BE IGBO PIG!

          • richkid

            God forbid. We don’t have illiterates and Muslims abi religious bigots like you and Buhari as igbos. You a stack fulani



          • richkid

            Yes ur not, just a. Castrated fulani goat, that’s you


            BFO, BFP.


        Every day ,you come to PT to denigrate Christianity and Jesus. Are you not ashamed of yourself ? I wonder why PT is looking the other way while you do this ? If a Christian controlled media did the same,it would suffer like Charlie Hebdo..

        Thank heavens Christians are wise enough to ignore !!


          Ineptly shows



      • Otile

        All along I thought you were a Fulani Mohammedan. Now that I know that you are a Yoruba Moslem I will greet you well.

        Ore mi e je ka so Ifa Orunmila a gbe yin oo.

    • bayo

      He signed gej contract since the last failed national conference. So what do u expect.

    • Ha

      The tireless tyson. FEBuhari 14th will make you extremely tired and depressed. Please don’t commit suicide.

      • Otile

        FailBuhari 14th is going to prove him right to your dismay.

        Sometimes, when he is sober he makes sense. His problem comes from his hatred of other ethnic groups. If you don’t know, he is Deri Orbuka from Nembe, Bayelsa deep in the Bight of Biafra.

  • Sword of Damocles

    Our Dear soldiers, please know that we are praying for you all and your families. We appreciate what you do for our Nigeria. We honor you for it. May God Bless all of you and your Family. God save the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  • richkid

    do u have a soldier as a friend. If you do, u will know that no president has ever funded Nigerian soldiers like GEJ did. Bought ammunitions like no other. Not buhari who never gave them anything as a gcfr. Buhari can never smell it. GEJ continues!!!

  • chukzee

    Well done t our gallant soldiers. May those that died whilst defending their father land RIP.

  • richkid

    We will meet again. They are the real heroes. It’s unfortunate they have to die this way, I wonder what buhari is gaining from this blood he sponsored BH to shed.

    • Sword of Damocles

      You do know that politics is supposed to STOP at the water’s edge, dont you? This is somber, try to HONOR the few Heroes that we have ok?

  • richkid

    Just because of power and religion.

    • Otile

      No, we are not going to succumb to power shift to the North and Islamization for the sake of peace. We must have peace with dignity in this land. Yorubas are not going to collaborate with Fulanis to subjugate our people anymore. Enough of that nonsense.

      Freedom for all
      Death to born-to-rule mentality

  • richkid

    They are the real heroes

  • the truth

    When boko haram were being roundly dislodged buhari,elrufai and the sultan complained about northerners being killed.buhari was named as chief negotiator for boko haram and called for amnesty for them,elrufai complained of northerners being killed and called for prosecution of ihejiraka.shine ur eyes the enemy is within

    • Sword of Damocles

      My friend you have just entered a SECTIONAL comment on a story that should be dedicated to honoring Nigeria’s Heroes. Is something wrong with you? Is your political situation that desperate that you cannot stop to honor even the dead & injured?

      • the truth

        My brother those killed are our brothers and those killing them are being sponsored by the high and mighty.all I said are backed up and it doesnt need a soothsayer to tell u the people mentioned are somewhat culpable either by sponsoring or moral support.remember apc fighting the un from naming boko haram a terrorist organization.

        • Sword of Damocles

          So according to “@the truth” logic: “buhari,elrufai and the sultan complained about northerners being killed”= “somewhat culpable either by sponsoring or moral support”. Really? In your warped, ethno-hatred filled mind, this is a reasonable assumption by a well functioning brain? If yes, then, there is nothing I can add, but goodluck….

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Let us join hands with the FG to send these idiots packing. This is not the time to make the insecurity problem a campaign issue, it is evil to count it against the FG. It is a fight for us all to fight and not for FG alone. These idiots do not take prisoners

    • kingbaabu

      Why? It is no longer Buhari’s fault? Ok.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Has he denied, is he not their navigator. We will chase them out of town Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • tundemash

          hmmmmm ….. here u are again, a leopard cannot change its skin obviously …. can u tell us when Buhari claimed he’s the Boko Haram Navigator.
          And why would Abati be apologising and settling out of court for the libel case ?????

      • Otile

        Buhari is part and parcel of terrorism in Nigeria, people know it.

        • kingbaabu

          Because you say so? Empty claims don’t prove guilt.

          • Otile

            His records circa 1983 -1985 speaks for him. He introduced kidnapping in Najeriya by capturing Dikko. He abolished free education frustrating bright students all over. He terrorized journalists. He clamped down Africa’s most beloved musician, Fela Ransome Kuti, and you know the rest of the story.

          • masud

            yeah he kidnapped him 4 ransom,nd may fela b role model 4 ur children if u ever ve any

          • Otile

            You are a hater. Imam clamped Fela down for free speech, not for children.

  • Wähala

    Nigeria can and will beat back those insurgents with proper equipment and dedicated leadership. Kudos! to the military that held off the thugs, you win some and lose some… hopefully, Monguno and other cities will be liberated before the elections.

  • Osebe

    To our gallant soldiers we say well done.RIP to those who have given their lives for us to remain one and have a better future.#GEJtill2019

  • pheliciti

    The real heroes of the country are the ordinary people like these soldiers putting their lives on the line for each inch of our land. They fight whether or not the politicians give them weapons or reward them by sentencing their colleagues instead of addressing their needs. Let’s remember them always in our prayers and perhaps honor them by respecting all soldiers.

  • Onyedikachi122014

    The politicians who raised these terrorists in order to win elections know what to do. These same politicians are freely moving about without being prosecuted. It was reported in the past how some known politicians have been financing them, sending supplies/food by choppers; have they been prosecuted? These terrorists will be defeated the day those who are using them decide to end their activities. The Western world are also not free in the racket because the weapons the insurgents are using primarily came from them and they know those that came to purchase them. So, how to overcome the insurgents is not rocket science. But one day these so called leaders will be caught up by nemesis.

  • Guguru

    Wow, under Jonathan Boko Haram has strengthened its capacity to fight the Nigerian government very effectively. This should be a source of grave concern to everyone including those in the south because one day, Boko Haram might be at your door steps.

    • Boye

      Yes you are right. You give quick treatments to cuts and not allowing the cuts to delay. Jonathan once admitted there are Boko haram in his cabinet, they are in the armed forces and the police. Boko haram are in the both house of parliaments. Tacitly he has agreed the lost of control of his government. He had an opportunity during the confab, he lost it again.

  • oracle of God

    Kudos to these soldiers who gave their lives for us. Having said this can any one explain to me why the Nigerian military is defending instead of going after this boko Aram in their enclave. The easiest way to loose a battle is for you to continue to defend and it will only be a matter of time before you buckle. Mean while these boko aram are not spirits, they travel long distances in large convoys and why is it that our intelligence cannot pick these movements. Na wa o. may God help our clueless government.

    • Otile

      Bullshit. Any offensive with provoke Sultan, Buhari and many Muslims, who will threaten to drag the government to the Hague for violation of human rights of Boko Haram Muslims. This war calls for sensitivity because the war is a ploy to return power to the North.

      Buhari has boasted that if he is elected the war will come to an end. He means he will call his fellow Muslims to cease fire, and he will begin to implement sharia in all the rest of the states as he promised. Unfortunately for him and his Muslim fighters we east of the Niger will resist their plans. No more domination by the North, or islamization from anywhere.

      This election will make or brake Nigeria.

      • oracle of God

        cut this scrap of yours. can you provide proof that it is buhari sponsoring book haram. please be cerebral when discussing.

        • Otile

          Can you disprove my comments with facts?


    It’s all too depressing when soldiers loose their lives…….There is something fundamentally wrong with the way Shekau was indoctrinated and we have thousands of Shekaus in the north . I DEMAND A CONFEDERACY,THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO WHATEVER THEY LIKE IN THEIR OWN POLITICAL ENCLAVE. THE UNITARY SYSTEM HAS FAILED IN NIGERIA !!

  • Gideon Orkar

    APC say Sheik Buhari will get rid of BH in 1 month. How? By instructing them to stop? Waving a magic wand? Bringing some invisible army with super sophisticated weapons? Picking up a gun and doing a Rambo on BH?

    I don’t see how the Sheik can use this same army and finish BH in 1 month. He is talking mumu here like he did when he said he will stabilise the oil market


      Could it be that the Mullah Buhari will just pass a Fatwa down to his Sambisa HQ ?

    • Otile

      He does not know anything about economics.

    • Peter

      You forget that Buhari is the creator of Boko Haram. Once he achieves his ultimate ambition of returning political powers to the north including islamization of that region, they will stop. He knows the language to use.

    • Hamsa

      Of course Buhari can stop BH in one week, since they receive funding from him and take instructions from him. All he has to do is call Shekau’s cellphone, and say “Ya isa, shikena!”.

  • shamsudeen sadiq

    Allah will surely expose and punish all the people that are behind this insurgency and their plan to grab power by force will be roundly resisted and rejected

    • Otile


    • Etomi


  • boliatepa

    How did they even get close to Maiduguri? Nigeria has space technology, right? How can they not see the movement of the Islamists? Why are they being caught by surprise with all the technology that is available? Nigeria is modern, yet medieval!

  • Boye

    The army are just waking up. That is good. But you are fighting on the ground and the enemies are advancing towards you, what is the commanding officer doing? Has he not being provided a radio calling for aircraft backup, after all the army said they have night vision war helicopter gunship. This battles cannot be won based on the grounds, it has to be a combinations of both ground and air using helicopter gunship.

    • Otile

      My friend, this war is sensitive. You cannot use fighters, helicopters or even bazookas lest many Muslims will be killed. Remember all the Boko Haram fighters are Muslims. Buhari, Sultan and many Muslim elites will cry blue murder if the army uses heavy weapons.

      Besides, what are they fighting for? It is not like Biafran war where the Federal troops were fighting for oil. Please a little understanding is needed.

      • Peter

        They are fighting for political powers to be returned to the north. They have said over and over again. Above all, they want the country to be islamided. That is the more reason they want Buhari.

      • Boye

        I am not your friend, Otile. The army should use everything in their possession to fight and win this ugly war that has brought the image of the Nigeria army to disrepute. I am talking as an expect in the Law of War. Biafran war did not haapen during Tafawa Balewa’s regime, but rather during Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtr.) tenure as a military ruler. I remember during Shagari regime when such an ugly situations happened in the north, while Shagari behaving just like Jonathan, Buhari refused to get order from Shagari before going into actions. He drove the invaders straight into Chad republic. They never came back again. This is not politics, nigeria army please go into action, if possible set all the bushes in that areas on fire so that you can see clear vision of the areas and it’s environs’.

        • Sammy…

          Boye, if you read through the reports with an open mind you might noticed where it was mentioned that the insurgents came at 2:00AM and because our military are not fools they understand the implication of using certain weaponry in such instance so as not to endanger the lives of the civilians….and i am sure if any civilian lives were lost as a result of any form of neglect by our military, you will still end up crying wolf…

          • Boye

            You are one of the boko Haram associate, l quest. Military tactics involves night attacks, and that’s why they execute coups between 2:00am to 5:00am. Where the army notice and enemy location or walk into their camps at night during their patrol, all they need do in such instance is to radio the base for air attack and back up, but not without shooting a warning shoots and quickly retract untill the arrival of night vision aircraft weaponry. The military need further training in the use of aircraft seal. You said something about civilian casualty, yes somebody must die, like you heard the army sustained casualties including a Brigadier General from the hands of Boko Haram. I don’t live in Nigeria, but in England. Your problem in Nigeria on this ugly war is nothing but pride. Nigeria army should be sent to afghanistan to be supervised by British or American soldiers on how to deal with insurgents.



  • Peter

    God must punish Buhari for the insurgency that he foisted on the good
    people of the North East. He is blood thirsty and evil. The soul of
    the dead in the hands of his Boko Haram will continue to hunt him for
    the rest of his miserable years on earth There is no place for the wicked in the Kingdom of God. His ambition for political
    power is an illusion. It is only a dream and may he not get there, in
    Jesus Name, Amen

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    “God willing, by 2015, something will happen.
    They(PDP & INEC)

    either conduct a free and fair election or they go a very disgraceful way. If
    what happened in 2011 (alleged rigging)

    should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would
    all be soaked

    in blood.’’…General Muhammadu Buhari (May 15, 2012).

    GMB has continued to make real his threats against Nigerians.

  • Ping

    Why dont will just allow this northerners to go like south and north sudan. Even in colonial era the british could not even rule them directly. We dont need to loose 1m people before we do

    • Bayero

      Yes. The British could not rule direct for reason but you need to go to school and find out why. But while you are at it try and find out why nobody from the south south was ever taking into slavery, this would give a better understanding of the indirect rule issue.

  • fm

    Jonathan sends men of God to pastor Adeboye today to persuade him to call prof osinbajo to order,they want him to step down as buhari’s running mate

    • Shuaibu Bola Victor

      Fake and non- issue. Osinbajo cannot in any form measure up GEJ’s popularity. GEJ till 2019.

  • LindaO

    Some fake reports are circulating claiming that the army was not protecting the city of Monguno. This is a pile of shameful lies to try and debase GEJ’s credibility as an army leader. Not only a such political tactics revolting, but it is the most disrespectful attitude towards the families of the soldiers who have given their lives trying to protect the city and it’s inhabitants.

  • Akinfenwa Mikel

    Do you still believe Buhari and APC when they say they will eliminate Boko Haram in two months if elected? We see the problem is much more complicated than that. The military wins one town, but loses another. They repel one siege (in Maidaguri) and suffer more casualties in another state. Boko Haram is sophisticated and even with the thousands of soldiers we have there, it will be a long struggle. Come Feb 14 only one candidate is prepared for patience, and it is not the former militry dictator

  • j4p

    Brave soldiers. However may I ask why Maiduguri is being defended in Maiduguri? Shouldn’t the line of defence for the State Capital be some thirty kilometres away? Am just asking because I don’t know.

    • Yisabella Ekwealor

      The thing is that, it is very hard to stop motor vehicles’ advance in a plane field, whereas when they try to enter a city you can block roads and see the attack coming from a distance. Plus, the city provides a shelter, cover and a good sight of the surroundings. And in addition, as those multiple attacks show, BH are very mobile, and could easily avoid our troops and slip through the defensive net and directly reach civilians. The GEJ strategy of defending major cities has proven fairly effective, however it leaves small villages very vulnerable for the scorched earth tactics of BH. Whenever the lose a battle, they make sure to destroy everything on their retreat so that people still fear them despite their defeat.

  • Emmanuel Gbadamosi

    While Boko Haram has proved to be a growing threat in our country, I’m glad our soldiers are able to shut down the accusations of Buhari, that they are not ready to fight these terorrists, with a demonstration of their courage in repelling most of their offensive. We will defend our country at all cost and neither terrorism nor dictatorship shall pass!

  • FadeelahO

    In these troubled times where Islamic terrorists movement attempt to carve caliphates with blood in several countries’ skin and where former dictators are able to present themselves for presidential elections, these victories should provide our people with hope. We can overcome with difficulties together, but we will have to fight for the first and vote responsibly for the second.