UPDATE: Nigerian soldiers repel Boko Haram attack on Maiduguri as Monguno falls to insurgents


The attack by suspected members of the Boko Haram on Maiduguri has been foiled by soldiers, PREMIUM TIMES has learnt.

However, the neighbouring town of Monguno appears to have been taken over by the insurgents who are also said to have taken over the military barracks there, a senior soldier in the state capital told PREMIUM TIMES.

As if attacking from various fronts, soldiers were also battling the rampaging insurgents in Konduga, a town 35km from Maiduguri.

The military is expected to release details of the attacks after the battles are completed.

Our source said scores of people including soldiers and insurgents have been killed on the outskirts of Maiduguri since the current battles started late Saturday night.

Confirming the fall of Monguno to the insurgents, our source said “we have decimated the idiots (from Maiduguri) but Monguno has fallen”.

He said the military casualty from the Maiduguri and Monguno battles had been recorded, but would not provide details.

Already, the Army has imposed a curfew on Maiduguri.

The 7th Division of the Nigerian Army in Maiduguri on Sunday announced the 24-hour curfew following the attacks.

The Spokesperson of the Division, Sani Usman, said this in a statement he signed and issued in Maiduguri.

“Be informed of the imposition of a curfew on Maiduguri immediately,” the spokesperson said as quoted by the News Agency of Nigeria.

“The curfew will remain till further notice.”

Read our earlier story here.[liveblog]


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  • Umar Dendi

    Réveiller Nord ! Le Nord est en baisse.
    Temps de reprendre ce qui est la nôtre

    • adekenny

      Donc ckest votre intention est de reprendre ce qui est le votre!! En bon!!!qu’est qui est le votre? Repond moi?le bon DIEU vous punira!sachez vous que, vous ne tuez que vos propre families!! Vous persecutez,tuez,violez. Au lieu de precher aux gens,vous les tuez! Qui va rester encore pour devenir musulmans??ALLAH vous punira pour les degats commit

      • BongoMan

        Merci beaucoup Ade, le monsieur est vraiment malade.

        • Umar Dendi

          Savez-vous même ce que je veux dire quand je dis ,” reprends ce qui est la nôtre”
          Baga est la nôtre!
          Bama est la notre!
          Ainsi en est munguno
          Mais , imbécile .
          Je ne avez même pas votre temps

      • Umar Dendi

        tromper ! connard!, Imbecile!
        Je ne vais pas invoquer les cieux contre vous !
        Vous et vos personnes avez déjà fait que

        • adekenny

          Tueur,voleur,terroriste,violeur des enfants,buveur de sang,feticheur,illetré! Tu parle des cieux!!les cieux ne te connait pas! Toi Tueur,! L’enfer est ton destin.. ne t’enfait, par l’amour de DIEU,tes jours sont comptés! Vous serez detruir,on vous tuera tousses! Toi dingue,indigo, soulard!

    • chukzee

      Le Nord ne peut pas reveiller sans ils arretent ton support de l’islamists. Je pense donc je suis.

      • Umar Dendi

        Vous ne pensez pas , mon ami .
        Pour vous êtes perdu dans le désert -ce est GEJ

  • Chris1408

    Trillion Naira budget military is losing territories to ragtag Shekau. We need change badly. GEJ MUST GO! GEJ MUST GO!

    • Ade

      The change we need is for the idiots to educate their children about Islamic fanatism

  • emmy

    The rag tags strategy seems to be working. To confront our gallant soldiers on multiple fronts simultaneously so as to reduce their capabilities. Biko, NA should recruit and train willing men into the military to tackle this imbeciles and put a lasting solution to this aberration. Lots of people are out there willing to be recruited and will be dedicated.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Monguno fell despite Intelligence reports 3 days ago that boko haram were massing to attack it and Maiduguri.

    Intelligence reportedly also asked for aerial bombardment of vehicles as they came out of Sambisa but were told the Nigeria Air Force were busy protecting Jonothing as he campaigned in Maiduguri.

    Equally confirmed that the weapons used against Monguno and Maiduguri were new ones captured in Baga.

    Question is this: Is the President’s re-election campaign more important than defending our territory?

    • djay

      I only wish Buhari could be sworn in immediately we wins cos we don’t know what major damage BH will do if Gej losses and has to be in power till May.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Same here, bruv.

        But more importantly, “what major damages GEJ will do in that same period”. The bh problem is minor compared to what GEJ can do in that period.

    • Shehu Monguno

      Kayode, first I am told that the army cannot fight Boko Haram because the army is ill equiped and the weapons obsolete. Now i am been told that the weapons Boko Haram is using to wage war are seized from the Nigerian Army at Baga. Do the weapons that the Nigerians soldiers call obsolete suddenly become good, modern and deadly when they are captured by Boko Haram or are Nigerian Soldiers just cowards as the NSA said?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Seems there are also cowards in the military as the NSA stated, but that confirms there is a problem with the recruitment because these cowards did not recruit themselves.

        And granted that no one is a born soldier or killer, this also confirms there is a problem with the training of the soldiers.

        Boko haram are using mainly conscripts and boy soldiers, so why should “trained” soldiers suddenly become cowards?

        • Shehu Monguno

          Over the last 30 years, only people who are connected got into the army now that there is a war to fight they run away and blame their weapon.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            That is so VERY UNTRUE.

            I have brothers who got in and have been to wars. We did not know ANYBODY before they got in either.

          • Shehu Monguno

            Really? then you and your brothers must be living in dream land

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            @Mr. Monguno,

            I felt I was discussing with someone more reasonable than this.

            I do apologise for my mistake.

            You are no different from the other retards.

            Have a good day, if you can.

          • D1

            Sorry o Kay, his response to you made no sense!

            Sometimes you tend to wonder what’s the driving force behind some people’s reasoning.

            Some comments just get you riled up.

            You should have seen where his response was going, I saw it a mile afar. He is one of those that reasons like creek monkeys.

            And you were very nice to him, if it was me…..ehm!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, D1.

            Thanks for that.

            I must confess that I fell for that one. One moment you feel you are discussing with a sane person and then, they are baring rotten fangs in the next minute.

            There won’t be a next time, bruv.

          • Koji

            Nigeria’s future as a nation with the boundary she is having will be gone soon.
            The corrupt so called leaders seem don’t care about it.

          • True Nigerian

            Just this morning, I was told of a soldier who was brought by his brother to his own hometown to come and intimidate their kinsmen over a piece of land. This is a young army recruit who was also sponsored into the army as a way of amassing family power “in a village sense”, just in order to intimidate people. That is just an example of what being in the army is to the minds of many Nigerians for the last few decades.

            I remember someone telling me to come and join the army because, according to him, I would climb the ranks very quickly and our family would have a powerful person in the army. Hahahahahaha! Of course, the army is a prestigious institution that I love very much as a person. But then if I had joined on the basis of the reasons people were giving me for joining, do you think I would countenance the idea of going to the frontlines at the risk of death, regardless of the kind of weapon that is given to me?

            And now, petty Jona has cancelled the training programme that the US offered us. Jonathan the tiny-minded petulant Commander-in-Chief is angry with everyone else for not solving the problem he allowed to fester.

          • Koji

            Where is the Nigerian so called strong and professional army?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            I wanted to join, but just wasn’t good enough, but my younger brothers were better and were accepted.

            In our locality, they only visit in mufti and no one who didn’t know them as youngsters have an idea what they do.

            It is all about service for a good number of military men, but I realise from close interaction with a lot of officers that it is mainly “other rank” that are ‘giddy’ or intoxicated with the power of the uniform.

            I spoke with a group of non coms sometime last year and you could see how demoralised they were because of the situation of things in the military, but they were still upbeat about going to fight bh!

            One of them was accused of deserting after coming from an overseas Peace Keeping duty and posted directly to fight boko haram for another year immediately after and was then told he is to be posted to another unit outside Maiduguri, disarmed and told to wait for his posting. Naturally, he travelled back to his old unit and family after 3 weeks of doing nothing and being unarmed in Maiduguri (a Yoruba Soldier) and was then declared AWOL.

            Is that how to treat our soldiers?

          • Solomon

            You said it all. This is the result we as a nation will get when we continue to be bias and play ethino-religious with things that should be done properly. Over the years, who get more quota into the military(North or South?), How are the recruitment done both for the South And the North? Why it is almost impossible for the South to get recruitment into the military, the North throws it open for their own, almost begging them to join while the ones from the South are thrown out for lack of this or that. Now, control has left them, they are doing everything possible to get it back.

        • staaaaaaaaaaa

          it is a problem of leadership. Lt Col Wende already said the army is led by corrupt senbior officers who never showed up at the front lines, but feed fat on money meant for the men at war. Supervising them as C-in-C is Jona who you know better now than for me to waste my time describing him again

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Bruv, there is this thing about Jonothing attractingand retaining the worst of Nigerians like flies to dead bodies!

      • Fairgame

        Don’t mind the evil ones among the Muslim Hausa Fulani north who have orchestrated attempts to disgrace the Nigerian army. The day the Nigerian army will teach the evil men a lesson is coming. They have insulted the army long enough. They have their people in the army stage all manner of drama just to disparage the army. They will be taught a lesson soon. Evil people. Because the military is no longer under their control for staging coups they want to tear the army down. But they will be taught a lesson.

        • Only Jonathan is not a Northerner out of the first eight most powerful government people in Nigeria. The Chief of Army Staff is a Northerner yet Boko Haram sacked his town and home. Something is happening that is unusual.

    • arewethishopeless

      But is it only one aircraft the’ve got? This must certainly go much more than logistics. Just a few hours ago, Alex was telling us about the final onslaught (wandered why inform the insurgents). So, while puffing about their readiness, Boko Haram was amassing troops and equipment from Sambisa all they way to Maiduguri. If they knew about it, did they expect the terrorists where out for sight-seeing?! Jets could have been scrambled from anywhere in the country to blast their convoys…

      Everything just seems so convenient for the terrorists. Some troops may be cowards but then, there may now also be crowd mentality about not giving a damn as well since no one gives a damn about them. Remember, it the one wearing the shoes that knows where it is pinching… I mean, do we really expect them to be brave and courageous with no weapons, no amenities, no equipment, no allowances, court-marshaled at the the slightest provocation and importantly no back up.

      • Fairgame

        Because the army has enemy within it. The army is no longer in the hands of the Muslim Hausa Fulani north as a tool for political control so they are working with their branch Boko Haram to destroy the army. But the victory is assured. The Nigerian army will triumph over them in the end.

      • What about the new arms, ammunition and communication equipment the NA dashes to Boko Haram? Didn’t they think they would need those to fight?

    • Aren’t these enough reasons to think Jonathan is using Boko Haram as an ethnic cleansing genocidal force?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Good question, bruv.

        I truly don’t see why GEJ should not end up at The Hague after serving time in Kirikiri for fraud and corruption..

  • Umar Dendi

    When the Chadians invaded, they taught them a lesson. When Maitatsine came, they wiped them out!
    Personally, I am tired of asking the Lord why he made me a Nigerian!

  • Ananas_yolawa.

    GEJ have given his siblings more arms than ever so as to used it during the election in the Northeast. There’s God ooooo!

  • John Mike O


    • Fairgame

      What I see is a correlation between the president’s successor visit to maids guru yesterday and this attack. God will judge the Islamists that have been shedding innocent blood because they want to win power.

      • Femi omoagunba

        The President also successfully visited the troops last week and Maiduguri was not attacked then. There have been attacks on villages surrounding Maiduguri for sometime now. In my opinion, I don’t think it had to do with the President’s successful visit of yesterday or any election postponement. It is just their continuation of madness. They should just be crushed. All of you should stop being sentimental.

        • Fairgame

          How people can insinuate that it is the president sponsoring Boko Haram is repulsive. In Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, India , and the list goes on Is it also president Jonathan sponsoring the Islamic religious and ethnic cleansing there? Anytime the present administration makes an announcement or a move, Boko haram attacks and yet someone will insinuate it is the president. Sentiments apart, it is those who have lost military power which was their tool for perpetuating their political control over Nigeria that are behind Boko haram. They own oil wells in the Nigerdelta and have enough cash to raise armies. In all Boko Haram’s attacks, the GRA Maiduguri has never once been attacked. Why? But God will avenge the blood they have spilled even as our soldiers, the real ones not the saboteurs, continue to do their best.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    No, not Monguno. Please do all to recapture that town from these terrorists. The town must be mostly deserted by now, so no excuses of collateral damage. Do it now or Maiduguri’d be gone soon. And when that happens, Nigeria would be short by one state.

    • Abdul

      No thanks to JonaDumbo

      • maco


  • Fairgame

    I pray for the Nigerian army and their families. May God grant you wisdom as you fight these Islamic fundamentalists who have been unleashed in the country by evil islamist politicians. I remember the islamist that was caught with two Iranians importing arms into the country and the Lebanese islamist armory discovered in Kano. Our soldiers well meaning Nigerians support you all the way.

  • Intelligent Observation

    BREAKING NEWS!!!…World’s Richest Black Woman

    Oprah Winfrey is no longer the world’s richest black woman. That distinction now belongs to Nigerian oil baroness Folorunsho Alakija…Alakija is worth at least $3.3 billion — about $300 million more than American television personality Oprah — Ventures Africa reports.
    The 62-year-old started her career as a secretary… a significant proportion of Alakija’s fortune comes from an oil-exploration license granted to her company Famfa Ltd. in 1993. The 617,000-acre oil block would go on to become the highly lucrative OML 127, in which Alakija’s family retains a 60% stake… her assets include a real estate portfolio worth over $100 million and a $46 million private jet.
    ——Source: Time….com

    This is why they want ‘one Nigeria’ at all costs…This is what may never be publicized thinking that Niger Deltans don’t know…This is why Boko haram continues to kill. This woman’s wealth is only known bcos she documented. IBB, Tinubu etc dont document their wealth, they use proxies.

    How did someone from outside the Niger Delta get such an oil license? From a Northern military president…and the communities from where she gets that money to buy a jet worth $46m still drink water mixed with kerosene…bathe in rivers laden with oil spills … And you are saying the Militants should be calm. Come on! Wetin. Calm for where? It just doesn’t make sense! No! No sense at all. Nigeria must break up. The cheating and injustice is too glaring.

    • Femi omoagunba

      Does a Nigerian President has the power to repeal an oil exploration licence or not?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      All the more reason Jonothing needs to move on.

      There is nothing equitable about a President that has not benefitted his people but only his criminal cronies.

      • maco


    • Umar Dendi

      I feel your pain!
      But rest assured, No One, Not in the North or the South West is enjoying the thrift!
      Will it be ok if the block belonged to someone from the Niger Delta??
      Has the 6 years of GEJ truly made things different in the Niger Delta??
      Will four more years of what has been happening truly make a difference?
      Be Honest!!

    • tyson

      she is Yoruba-fine–and we thank God for here–But-name one woman from the oil producing states in the South south who can afford the type of luxury that she has—that is the trouble with Nigeria—-Jonathans tribe men will continue to be hewers of wood and drawer of water for the tripod——

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Please can somebody tell me the functions of the National security adviser and the Minister of defence ? Or they have thrown in the towel

    • Dan maikoko

      They are “lucky” to have a clueless and dumb C-in-C otherwise they would have been fired long ago if they did not throw in the towel.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Don’t allow APC to hear it
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • Abdul

      His function? campaigning for election postponement

  • Wähala

    Why won’t Monguno fall? I expect Maiduguri and the other state capitals where the BH insurgency is active to fall well before the coming elections, that’s Dumbo’s plan to cancel elections there now that his last card, postponement by Dasuki, has failed. The cities will fall because Dumbo alone is moving about with a phalanx of 500 security personnel; another 2 battalions deployed to occupy Amasiemaka Stadium… while others roam about with Fayose, Uba thug-bros and with ND militants to secure Bayelsa for Lady Hippo’s visit. Boko Haram thugs have the weapons Modu Sheriff bought for them, NA simply need to shut-up because whenever they announce a “final offensive” against the ragheads… the BH thugs go crazier and their attacks deadlier.

    • PROF

      Your are a terrorist! So your hate for GEJ is this bad? Just cos you dont like someone , you rather see the north fal to BH. You are an epitome of beastality .

      • Wähala

        Your moron Dumbo by all his actions is the terrorist, and I’m not just raising dust. As Dep. Gov to Alams, he was involved in gunrunning to MEND terrorists. As Substantive-President, he commissioned Henry Okah and MEND to bomb Nigeria on Independence Day killing tens of security personnel; As President, he told OBJ…”I don’t care about the war against terrorism because they (BH) are his enemies kidnapping and killing off themselves”. So, as you can see, intellectual dialogue is not all about name-calling, you must back up your theories with facts gleaned from track records. Now that I’ve proven your Dr. Dumbo’s complicity in terrorism, can you prove to the world why you think I am the terrorist who hates your client? Talk is free, indeed!


      • Wähala

        Of course he is. This whole election debacle is not about continuity of power, Dumbo has stolen enough and doesn’t care about power remaining in his SS. The man is fighting for his life along with thugs like Fayose, Buruji, FFK etc, who have high stakes in this presidential race. Dumbo wants to avoid The Hague due to his crimes against humanity with the BH insurgents; Buruji is wanted by the FBI, Fayose ati Fani-Kayode are simply fighting to avoid KiriKiri… it’s all convoluted but, it’s all connected to power that’s why PDP are doing everything to scuttle the elections, and the reason John Kerry was there to warn them. Boring? Sorry!

  • Musa Abdul

    Please lets join hands in helping those that refused to base their contributions on issues. They were reminded time without numbers, if they have personal problems, court of law is their point of call. They have the right to approve the court for redress. They refused to heed our advice.

    In view of this, I am suggesting that we come up with a befitting response on comments that that are not issue based.
    I am recommending one these as befitting response:
    1. We pray for your healing
    2. You need to grow up
    3. We cannot join issues with you
    4. Take your case to the court of law

    Please lets come up with an appropriate response. Your views will be appreciated. We have the duty correct ourselves. Please reply

  • Guguru

    Throw your green passports away. Every time you show that passport at an airport, you are seen as a member of diseased nation. It is so shameful carrying around an !diotic green passport. Nobody teaches Nigerians how to loot the nation. They loot with excellence. But when it comes to doing real work, we struggle. Nigerians now have a President whose performance is no different than that of a monkey. We could hire chimp and they might perform better than he does.

    • Oluranti Babatunde

      I thank God everyday that I’m an American!

      • A Nigerian-born naturalized American, bah?

      • emmanuel

        So why you dey busy yourself with anoda man mata.

      • maco


  • Dumbo

    It is all an orchestrated and deliberate plan by GEJ to postpone the elections. You cannot hold elections without all the states in a federation participating because the result will be inconclusive. GEJ is a confirmed imbecile. Believe it or not you an never be the president of Nigeria come May 29, 2015.

    • Fairgame

      Those who defend evil are evil. You are as evil as Boko haram . your fellow Islamic fundamentalists are causing mayhem the world over – Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Iraq, Syria, France, and the list goes on. Evil people.

      • Dumbo

        Try to blame your irresponsible, dumb, clueless and wicked president. It is his responsibility to defend Nigeria from rag tag criminals, but all he is doing is deceit, lies and playing games. He has no plan to protect them and lacks the political will to do so because the situation favours him. May God punish people like you and his other evil brothers that defend his evil action and massacre of the innocent. May the same evil happening up north befall your criminal minds. If GEJ is not fit to tackle the issue, he should hand over to someone more competent. We can’t continue to rely on a clueless president that is not interested in the life of people. The president that dances while his citizens are killed. No sane person can ever support and vote for a wicked leader like GEJ. His dark face portrays his intentions and actions.

  • Ali



  • Faruk Al-amin

    May Allah the almighty decimate bokoharam, their sponsors and all those who commit atrrocities using his name.

    • Abdul

      AMEN O

  • Richard Imeh

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  • Observer

    BREAKING!!!! – The Grave Danger In Voting Buhari – (By Pa Ayo Adebanjo), Says His Certificate Not tenable

    POINTBLANK NEWS : So INEC should just allow Buhari to run the election and forget about the certificate?

    I don’t know. Don’t put words into my mouth, that is left for INEC to prove if indeed he has the certificate; otherwise he is not qualified.

    POINTBLANK NEWS : He is not qualified?

    That is what the law says. It is not me. You journalists must be honest to this nation. You are not doing me any favour neither are you doing the country any good by trying to plaster what should not be plastered. What the law says is this: You must have a school certificate before you can qualify.

    POINTBLANK NEWS : But the school has presented that now?

    This is not the kind of certificate I have. I don’t think this one is tenable. If they can be fooled, I cannot. That is why I think Jega should come in. Though Jega doesn’t want to be seen as supporting anybody, from the law that he is expected to implement, Buhari has not satisfied the Constitution. Jega is only trying to shift responsibility by saying people opposed to Buhari’s qualification for the polls should go to court.
    I heard the APC saying Buhari has been contesting election for the past 12 years and nobody said anything about it, why now? And my answer in form of question is, if someone has been committing robbery and getting away with it, the day he is caught, you are now asking, why has not been caught all this while?

    POINTBLANK NEWS : Are you saying it is as good as INEC disqualifying the man based on what is on ground?

    Except you are saying the law should not be obeyed. The law is not made for fun. We should not be sentimental about this thing. That is why we say there are two standards, one for Ayo Adebanjo and one for Buhari…That is what is happening in the secondary schools. When they say examination cut-off mark is this but lower cut-off mark for those in the North, that is the kind of thing we have been going through since amalgamation and we have been shouting that let us educate the people of the North, but they don’t want to be educated as we are, yet they want to be qualified as we are.
    ———- Pointblanknews…com

    • Abdul

      The one conducting the interview and the one being interview need brain examination simple.


  • Fairgame

    Two reasons why Boko Haram struck today
    Jonathan’s visit to Bornu yesterday
    John Kerry’s visit today
    So the papers are splashed with the news about insecurity. I just hope John Kerry knows he just met face to face with the spiritual leader of Boko Haram called Buhari.

    • Abdul

      Mum* so they waited till Jonathan left Bornu before they started attacking? of what benefit is it to them, wouldnt it have made sense if they had attacked yesterday? Verily verily i say unto you “your brain is in your ass”.

      They waited for their grand master Jonathan the BH to leave Bornu before this attack, Jonathan is indeed a warlord.

    • tyson

      Same old APC lies——————————when would u get over these fabulous lies—–why should the army ever tell the world that they were going to launch an attack on boko haram-?-I have never heard of such move by any military formation in any part of the world-But that is what our Army headquarters often does– The Nigerians Armed Forces often gives boko haram advance notice b4 launching an attack–if that is not madness then tell me what it is-?-The ongoing fight in Borno has nothing to do with the visit of Jonathan–time APC is told to stop peddling these rumours–its humans that are being killed-not Buhari or tinubu cows

      • The fact that the Nigerian Army gives advance warning of their activities to Boko Haram and accompanies it with arms and ammunition donation to Boko Haram shows that BH is Jonathan’s army for ethnic genocidal cleansing. Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, February 2015 Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko haram, as President of Nigeria.

    • Stop your campaign of calumny, defamation.and slander against Buhari, else you will be the next defendant of a libel case. Buhari has never been connected to Boko Haram. Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, February 2015 Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko haram, as President of Nigeria.

      • emmanuel

        Failbuhari is consumated the merger and acquisition of Boko Haram from Mallam Yusuf boys for the CPC before the APC came to be.

        Tinubu and Fashola used to condemn BH before the APC and have since then taken to the path of their Sharia handman – silence


      • maco


  • Stomach infrastructure

    Nigeria is in need of incorruptible and competent Commander In Chief. Help is on the way. Vote for GMB!

  • sanetalk

    The plot thickens but they are doomed, we shall have the elections as scheduled and freely elect our leaders

  • The Truth

    POINTBLANK NEWS : Are you saying it is as good as INEC disqualifying the man based on what is on ground?

    Except you are saying the law should not be obeyed. The law is not made for fun. We should not be sentimental about this thing. That is why we say there are two standards, one for Ayo Adebanjo and one for Buhari…That is what is happening in the secondary schools. When they say examination cut-off mark is this but lower cut-off mark for those in the North, that is the kind of thing we have been going through since amalgamation and we have been shouting that let us educate the people of the North, but they don’t want to be educated as we are, yet they want to be qualified as we are.

    ———- Pointblanknews…com

    • emmanuel

      Baba na sooo. Ebola nor wan hear o.

      Somebody enters FGC with two marks in an exams, moves on to Higher institution with or without relevant credits, graduate and is spirited to any MDA. Before long he behaves superior to his southern counterparts and awarded a Director before long with chains of wives to create more problems of looting and stealing to catch up with life.
      Why will they not have the presidency by all means?

      Nigeria will take good or bad shape from February 15 or 16 when the result is out. We will decide once and for all to define the real Nigeria.
      It is only a wishful thinker that would think of peace this time. We have gone beyond seeking peace.

      Not even in the remotest part of India will children enter model colleges with scores for only attending an exam without answering a question.

      Anyway, the people never had any education, so what the BH guys have asked for is not out of place. Just let them write Sharia/quranic exams and become DG’s and Perm. Secs

  • Control of the Nigerian Army is still with the Northerners. Only Jonathan is not a Northerner out of about the first eight most powerful government people in Nigeria. The Chief of Army Staff is a Northerner. The fact that Boko Haram is whipping their butts means that the mostly Northerners’ Nigerian Army is weaker than Boko Haram. Boko haram will not easily relinquish its hold of the captured towns to the Northern elites. It will take a strong General like Buhari to wrench the territories from Boko Haram. Hence Buhari must be voted President to defeat Boko Haram. Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, February 2015 Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko haram, as President of Nigeria. A word is enough for the wise.

  • Estate land









    if u have lost hope of owning a house in abuja, this is ur opportunity