Zaki Biam Massacre: Jonathan, Suswam under fire for diverting N8bn victims’ settlement funds

FILE PHOTO: Gabriel Suswan, former governor of Benue state, in red t-shirt and flanked by wife at the Makurdi Government House Polling Unit during the 2011 general elections. Photo: Emmanuel Ogala

President Goodluck Jonathan has come under attack for diverting N8billion settlement funds for victims of the 2001 massacre in Zaki Biam, Benue State, North-central Nigeria.

A member of the legal team representing victims of the killings, Sebastine Hon, on Wednesday blamed Mr. Jonathan for diverting the funds meant for the settlement of the massacre victims to the Benue State Governor, Gabriel Suswam.

In a petition to the president dated January 14, and signed by Mr. Hon, Ocha Ulegede and Chris Alashi, all members of the legal consortium for the massacre victims, the lawyers described Mr. Jonathan’s action as “most embarrassing and shocking.”

The lawyers also described as embarrassing, claims by the Attorney General for the Federation and Minister of Justice, Bello Adoki, that Alexander Gaadi, the lead plaintiff gave a mandate to Mr. Suswam to collect the judgment debt.

They insisted that no such mandate was given by Mr. Gaadi and never did such an issue presented at the various discussion held between the legal team and the government.

“Since the matter is before the Court of Appeal awaiting out-of-court settlement, we wonder whether it is Mr. Suswam who would be signatory to the settlement terms to be adopted as consent judgment of the court,” a part of the petition reads.

“In law, it is never heard of that strangers to a court judgment would be permitted to enforce the judgment of the court.”

PREMIUM TIMES investigation showed that neither Mr. Suswam nor the Benue State Government was a party toor supported the long-drawn legal battle between the massacre victims and the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Fiery Tiv activist, Mr. Gaadi led 13 others and a consortium of lawyers including Messrs Hon, Ulegede and Alashi, to sue former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Nigerian Army after the killings.

After six years of legal battle, a Federal High Court in Enugu on July 5, 2007, ruled in favour of the massacre victims and awarded N41.8billion damages against the government.

After the ruling, the judgment creditors secured an absolute order to compel the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, to release the funds to victims of the massacre.

A Federal High Court in Enugu, headed by Justice Lewis Allagua, issued the order on October 27, 2007.

But when the government failed to honour the court ruling and the order to pay the judgment debt, counsels to the massacre victims entered contempt proceedings against the CBN.

The government went ahead to secure a restraining order from the Appeal Court to stop the committal proceedings on October 25, 2007.

Again on March 3, 2009, the government through its counsels, D.D. Dodo, Adoke Bello, Senior Advocates of Nigeria, SAN, and Innocent Daagba secured another restraining order against the payment of the judgment debt.

It was at this point that the judgment creditors filed an appeal to the Supreme Court challenging the second restraining order secured by the government.

The Supreme Court did not hear the appeal but directed the legal team to approach the Appeal Court to set aside the restraining order.

While the parties were exploring out of court settlement processes, Mr. Gaadi, the lead judgment creditor, died on September 15, 2011.

Mr. Gaadi’s demise came barely a month after the government agreed to a compromise deal of N8 billion and shortly after Mr. Adoki, formerly one of the government’s counsels was appointed Attorney General for the Federation and Minister of Justice.

Following Mr. Gaadi’s death, Mr. Suswam reportedly initiated moves to collect the judgment debt.

At a press conference on March 4, 2013, the governor had reportedly told journalists how the state government sued the Federal Government over the Zaki Biam killings and how the Appeal Court awarded it N40 billion in compensation.

Mr. Suswam also indicated meeting Mr. Jonathan and the Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who he claimed complained of paucity of funds but agreed to pay N8 billion after all.

“We are almost being paid. We took the Federal Government to court and we got judgment of N40 billion,” Mr. Suswam is quoted to have said.

Cletus Akwaya, the chief press secretary to Mr. Suswam told PREMIU TIMES the state government has constitutional duty to ensure the wellbeing of the people of the state.

“Whether the state government was involved in the litigation or not, since the resources are coming to Benue citizens the government must be involved,” he said.

He argued that the government was not embezzling the funds but was interested in ensuring the real victims benefitted from it.

Mr. Akwaya said the federal government did not pay the compromise funds because of the court ruling but because of Mr. Suswam’s intervention.

He said, “The money is not being paid because of the litigation. It is being paid because the governor engaged the president and told got him to pay the money.

“This has happened in many other places. There are several parts of the country where such killings took place but government has not done anything.

When reminded that similar payments were made in Odi, Bayelsa State, he said, “Zaki Biam is different from Odi.”

Asked why the state government failed to take the Federal Government to court but waited for private citizens to win a case before stepping in, he said, “It was a matter of strategy. The state government had representatives and in this case Dr. Gaadi and other litigants.

“Again, this is a legal issue. If the people feel that the state government should not be involved, the attorney general for the federation will determine who collects the money based on his interpretation of the law.

“This is a legal issue. People should not bring their own whims and caprices into this matter. The legality of the matter will be based on interpretation of the law.

“If the state government is justified by law to take custody of the funds, the Federal Government cannot be said to have done anything illegal. Anybody who feels aggrieved can seek legal redress. If anybody feels that Benue Government should not be involved, there are many legal avenues to seek redress.”

Peter Akper, one of the aides to the attorney general for the federation and minister of justice refused to speak on the issue when PREMIUM TIMES contacted him.

Calls made to the minister’s telephone failed to connect and a text message sent to him was not responded to.


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  • Garden-City Boy

    That is not the question. Question is: who ordered the genocidal massacre of an entire community? Why is he shielded , rather than indicted and punished?

  • victo amadi

    No matter who ordered but what matters is who chop the money, who thief the money.

    • Garden-City Boy

      You may want to prove what amount of “victims’ compensation” makes up for the barbaric genocide that took the lives of hundreds of innocent citizens of this country. The rason you express your idiotic view is because you are not in any way impacted by the brazen impunity of people like Buhari and Obasanjo.

  • Ayelala

    Why are these people just heartless

  • Truthometer

    How do we define stealing and corruption here? Over to you, otuoke Ph.d genius. All these vices are in PDP’s DNA.

  • Umar Dendi

    As they used to say in 70’s Nigeria,
    Lets wipe out the dead dogs!

    • Otile

      Dendi boy, are you referring to those dogs and baboon?


    The people of the Middle Belt said they regretted voting for President Goodluck Jonathn during the 2011 general elections.

    They said that in spite of their support for the President, they had nothing to show for it.

    The Middle Belt people, however, said despite their disappointment, they would still vote for him again in the February 14 general elections.

    In a communiqué issued after a summit of the Middle Belt Dialogue in Jos which drew delegates from the Federal Capital Territory, Adamawa, Bauchi, Benue, Borno, Gombe, Kaduna, Kebbi, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Taraba and Yobe states, the region said, “There is general anger and disappointment in our communities against the Jonathan-led Federal Government as a result of the sad reality that despite the huge political investment by our people for the purpose of electing him in 2011, there has been no commensurate political patronage in terms of projects and appointments.”

    The communiqué, which was signed by the facilitators of the summit – Messrs Aminu Zang, Lanre Obafemi, Rima Shawulu and Mark Jacob – read, “It is obvious that as a result of the huge political investment of our communities in 2011, our communities have been exposed to unimaginable genocide and consequent untold hardship, while governments at the state and federal levels have appeared indifferent to the suffering of our people.

    “As a result of the genocide, agriculture which has been the mainstay of the Middle Belt and a major source of economic stability of our people, has been disrupted thereby laying the foundation for food insecurity in the country at large.”

    • orkah

      The crisis in the North Central was not created by Jonathan-get that into yr head–The LGA was established by IBB for the fulanis in Jos—Its like OBJ creating an LGA for the Ibos in Lagos-such a move is not acceptable-but IBB established it
      for the Fulanis in–Jos-If they want Fulanis to lead them via Buhari–they are free to do so———–Now the Fulanis in Jos like the ones in Kwara have refused to allow the natives take control of their land—what was their achievements under Obj—including those who ruled them for over 38 years—————separation is the only answer to these crisis–the citizens of
      that region have been deceived by the fulanis for centuries——–long b4 Jonathan became president


        BASTARRD SHUT UP!!!!

  • Strong System

    Thieves… Their days are numbered!
    Buhari must built more prisons within the first few months after swearing -in.

    • orkah

      A prison that will house those he smuggled 53 suitcase for abi–the only person buhari want to imprison is Jonathan

    • fresh15

      Buhari will never get near that seat,not to talk of building prisons.He will be defeated again for the fourth time,what a shame.

      • Abdul

        Just wait and see

      • Wähala

        Then why is your moron scared silly of holding elections… didn’t you hear Sambo in London? Didinrin!

  • wahala

    Jonathan will win in 2015 February 14.just like ekiti where fayemi won the election online,fayose won with a landslide offline.

    • Otile

      It is FailBuhari 14.

      • endingNaija

        Otile Reno Omokri na Doyin Okugbe na Femi Fanikayode Are you literate? I doubt. Why? You FAILED common and ordinary spelling, just the way your candidate-Mr. Jonathan FAILED Nigerians for SIX years. The first two letters of the month of FEbuhari start with FE and not FA. See what I mean? Yet you have a “Phd” CerPtificate/Safitikate in Piggery Dog and Pig. Too bad! Learn how to spell FEbuhari! for the first letters of that historic month start with FE and not FE as you FAILED to spell.

        • Wähala

          I thought you even noticed the idyiot plagiarizing my name failed with the (ä) in my iconic handle. It’s not me, I hate Dumbo till death of either of us… I will never post any such rubbish as posted by the pfools at the presidency, not for all the money they stole at our NNPC… Never!

          • Nigerian Boy( Banjo )

            I noticed that 2 days ago, that is what they are good at stealing

          • Wähala

            Biko. alert others wherever you see the frustrated pfools doing that, in case I’m not on the thread…
            Thanks for ignoring him. Na desperation make them dey seek endorsements from ordinary bloggers. Shameless lot. Monley dey work, Baboon dey chop… as if they can afford me. We all no be like Reuben Abati ati Oloja Fani-Kayode… Clowns!

    • Wähala

      Baztard Reno Omokri…
      Not for all the tea in China, nor all the monies stolen by your crumbs-giver will I support your thieving moron. Hia me so? As long as I’m alive and writing online, he’s pork. Verboten Fleisch… you will need to learn 9 languages to match my lyrics otherwise, you can only pfool a few. Mordafcuker! Bisexual faggot like you… na Lake Meritt you go end up! Aschloch. Echter péna… Voll-idiot!

    • SAM .A

      Wahala we know, who are u? People Deceiving Party pig, an e -rat who has no shame , always disguising to deceive people . Writing under 20 monikers. You have to stop it , your mind is corrupt do not corrupt Original Wahala .

  • aa

    I read this story of your story very well but didn’t see how Jonathan divert any fund here all this happen before he take over the power
    So why did you leave the anus that pullute and hit the head, you people should be mindful on what you publicize not because we have torrant President

  • Giganto

    I can easily figure out why they would never like somebody like Buhari to become the president of this country. I consider these guys (Suswan, Adoki, and even Jonathan) to be just like escaped prisoners that are on the run, constantly watching their backs. I am sure we’ll get to know in three weeks time whether they would be sent back to where they rightly belong (Prison) or not.

    • fresh15

      Buhari should be the one to go to prison because of his ineptitude.

  • orkah

    How did President Jonathan divert the funds concerning the murder of Citizens of Benue by Obasanjo-The caption of the story is very misleading to say the least–Lawyers are the beneficiaries of these compensations–paid by government and oil firms–in Nigeria—Most
    especially as it affects oil spills in the Niger delta-The money often———goes into the pocket of Lawyers—The communities affected by the oil spills
    hardly get anything out of it—so the lawyers involved in this matter are fighting for their own pocket—And its time the FGN sets up an agency–that would be charged with the job of handling such matters—Often its the lawyers who milk the victims dry–In the case of Odi the former governor of CBN Sanusi appealed against the judgment–and went on to waste more than the amount which would have been used to settle the people as legal fees—Finally when the money was released as it affects Odi d bulk of the money went to the lawyers-

  • Otile

    What is the Zaki Biam Massacre all about?



      • Otile

        How can I ask him, is he from Benue Plateau state?




    OBJ who directed and presided over the massacre is still walking around igniting mayhem as we speak .

    • Bibi

      Can you speak to the collaboration between President Jonathan and Gov Suswam to divert -meaning to steal-people’s money? Thank you.

      • Otile

        Last night you were Benson Idahosa, now you are Bibi.

        You are typical tí kíì ṣe òtítọ́.

        • Abdul

          Answer the question

          • Otile

            Answer what, answer a dummy question? Tufiakwa

        • Bibi

          This post appears under the name Otile? My post was a response to Tawanda who is claiming that he-Tawanda – is not interested in the LOOTING of the treasury of our country by his candidate in the 2015 election- Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. I ask because I want to know who to respond to. Clarify that. Is Tawanda the same person as Otile? If you make that clarification then I can come back with my hammer of words on you and your candidate-Mr. Jonathan who is the most corrupt head of state ever in the history of our unfortunate country. So kindly identify yourself properly. Is Otile the same person as Tawanda? This will help. Thanks.

          • Otile

            Being a chameleon will not help you. Soon it will be over for you and your god Imam Buhari. After FailBuhari 14 go and form your Islamic Caliphate and leave us a lone.

          • Bibi

            Just as your Ijaw candidate-Goodluck Jonathan- who has been an Ijaw president for SIX years, you cannot even be honest. Haba! Pretend to be “honest” for once. So? Do not run away. I need to answer you properly. Answer me. Is Otile the same person as Tawanda? I want to know who to direct my hammer of words on. Answer, Otile you be Tawanda? Na wa o!!! Jonathan people are inherently dishonest.

          • Otile

            Your question is baseless, serves no purpose for the national discussion. The right question every sensible Nigeria is asking is: Where is Buhari’s genuine certificate.

          • Bibi

            Shut up Eedyot! You fuuulish eddyiot Jonathan Ijaw people using money to buy bastaaad people all over the place talk about “national”-You “national” ? Which “national” for Jonathan when Goodluck EBELO Jonathan ruled Nigeria as Ijaw President for SIX years. What “national” when Goodluck Jonathan an Ijaw President gave money and license to Tompolo an Ijaw man to buy SIX WAR SHIPS (symbolising Jonathan’s SIX WASTED years) for the Ijaws to start terrorism from the creeks when and after he loses the election in Feb. Is an Ijaw President-Jonathan-giving Nigerian money to an Ijaw terrorist -Tompolo to buy WARSHIPS a “national” act or an Ijaw tribal act in defense of Ijaw interest? Otile or Tawanda eedyiot have you forgotten the slogan of your Goodluck Jonathan group?-‘Amalgamation Ends on…. Forward Onto the Republic of SS and SE … It is the SWEET OIL in my backyard”. I know why you allude to “national” on behalf of disgraced Ijaw man Goodluck Jonathan. Seeing that it is going to be difficult to rig again in Feb 2015 as PDPig normally does, you are looking for non-Ijaw votes in the Feb 2015 election for the Ijaw candidate Goodluck Jonathan-my friend-this is not possible. The whale has a LOOONNNG memory. We will remind you at the appropriate time what this means “Forward Onto Republic of SS and SE … It is the sweet oil in our backyard…” Ijaw candidate Goodluck Jonathan , excuse me what is national in that? Goodluck Jonathan is GONE inspite of your stolen 20billion Naira Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Stolen Fund which you use to buy baaaaastad from other tribal groups. Which “national” for Goodluck’s mouth?


        “First things first”,At the moment,the whole country is fixated on persuading the old dictator Buhari to tender his Cambridge originals or photocopies,1962 is a long time,the deception has to end.

        • Bibi

          So Stealing IS NOT CORRUPTION a la Mr. Goodluck Jonathan a la Tawanda !!!! eh eh eh eh !!!

        • SAM .A

          Why do you want to commit suicide with Cambridge/ WAEC certificate?


            No amount of intimidation will close this issue unless Buhari does the needful ie produce his certificate for scrutiny !

          • Bibi

            My friend, this is not Ijaw Republic or Otuoke Republic with Otuoke creek ethics . Move to the court if you have any issue to raise and not rant online. The court is the language of a modern democracy. Ranting and blackmailing (and we have caught your strategy and we will IGNORE you from now on) is the language of Otuoke Republic. Your blackmail is DEAD-let us go to Febuhari 14 and face one another peacefully and democratically at the polls!!! Or wait a minute, who gave the NSA of the Ijaw president-Dasuki the cerPtifikate/safrikate to ask for the postponement of the FeBUHARI 14 election? Please tell us. Are you afraid of the peoples votes?

        • Wähala

          Cambridge has foreclosed that with “only Buhari can apply for his copies of his certificate”… Meanwhile, Baba Iyabo has said Dumbo did not finish his doctorate degree program, no wonder there is no Thesis Paper. Sha, you can always sue… Go to court!


            Cambridge cannot “foreclose” our internal political matter,it has always been Buhari’s obligation to produce his certificates as required by INEC.

            Nigerians will not be intimidated into docility, the matter has not even began,trust me !!

          • Bibi

            Which “internal matter”? You think this is an Ijaw country? This is Nigeria, and NOT Ijaw Republic.

          • Wähala

            I expect only an Osu without human guidance to think like you do…
            Academic records are like medical records, only those directly involved can authorize their release… or, a court of law. Sue Cambridge under your yeye FoI and see if they care. Didinrin!


            I have never insisted that anyone else produce Buhari’s certificate,he has to produce it because he is applying for a job .Stop your moronic distractions and accept that he has added forgery to his CV

          • Bibi

            This is a modern democracy and NOT an Ijaw democracy. Go to court mumu. The court is the language of civility and not some yahoo yahoo online ranting on behalf of an OUTGONE Ijaw president-Goodluck JonaTANNED.


            Your comments are riddled with a characteristic lack of logic and bad English !

          • Bibi

            You meant Ijaw logic and Ijaw Mr. Government Jonathan Tompolo English?

        • Bibi

          So according to you and the Ijaw President-Goodluck Jonathan- “STEALING OF NATIONAL TREASURY IS NOT CORRUPTION” Is that an Otuoke creek ethics?


            It is not my fault that you cannot decipher a common English sentence in it’s right context !

          • Bibi

            So? in the Ijaw Republic you have clamored for endlessly thru giving Nigerian money to the Ijaw terrorist Tompolo to BUY SIX WASHIPs(signifying the Ijaw President’s SIX WASTED YEARS) , you can teach your children every sunday in your Ijaw sunday schools that STEALING OF GOVERNMENT MONEY IS NOT CORRUPTION” I am sure the Ijaw president Goodluck Jonathan “has” a “Phd” cerPtificate on the basis of that Fraud!


            You know from history that I do not usually go down that route with you.

          • Bibi

            Which Corrupt and terrorist history? A defender of a corrupt Jonathan legacy like you is corrupt. A defender of a financier(Goodluck Jonathan) of Ijaw terrorism like you is pro-Ijaw terrorism. So what history are you talking about?

          • olu_kay

            Goodluck Jonathan PHD is in stealing and corruption

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    If i were GEJ I would have set Nigeria ablaze they blame him for everything

    • SAM .A


    • Bibi

      Sorry o, please wait until you have your own ‘republic” . You can then set it ablaze.

    • Ngbede Umoru


  • Wähala

    No wonder Suswas refused to confirm OBJ’s emphatic statement that Dumbo promised to serve only one term in front of him in Govt House… he’s being blackmailed to keep mum. Cross-eyed baztard, stealing from the dead is “crimes against inhumanity”. JoDumbo is a very greedy Ali Baba, he’s appealing the Odi Settlement till date at the Appeals Court, don’t mind this report, Dumbo ati Adoke also “died” that monie as well, nobody has seen shishi from that award. Dumbo’s first heist was aided by Adoke and it is the OPL-245 aka, Malabu, which was diverted with the aide of Dumbo’s business cronies and friends. The heartless Ijaw President continued to rake up illegal wealth via fuel-subsidy scams by his pals, pension funds, pipeline patrol contracts and the hammer: mega heist of unprecedented $20bn from our NNPC and till date, has refused to public the findings of a forensic exam because the real amount stolen is close to $59bn under his drunken gaze. Ole! A creek crook who does not consider stealing corruption would see nothing wrong Gabriel Suswan swallowing meager N8bn… afterall, that’s exactly how much he dished out to Peter Obi from our Ecological Fund to renovate ol’ Niger Bridge in Nov. 2013, till date how far? Stonehead used the dough to build himself the largest Mall in Abuja with a crafty name, “Anambra Mall”…as if that’s what he was sent to nuild as Gov. of Anambra. Thieves. They will all end in local jails while their Oga@TheTop heads to The Hague to face charges of crimes against humanity for his role in using the Boko Haram to murder 30,000 Nigerians… Sadist!
    Ps… Omo Reno is back using my handle to post pro-Dumbo comments, biko ignore the clown…

    • olu_kay

      Mohammed Adoke is Goodluck Jonathan corrupt enabler and accomplice. We still remember about the Malubu Oil scam, he arranged for the proceeds to be shared and split the day the money was received from Shell and Eni in the Federal Account. Mohammed Adoke is even more corrupt than Michael Aondoakaa the former Attorner General that is banned from the United States due to his massive corruption


      As per the addendum to your comment, I noticed that too but, somehow, I knew it can’t be you.

      Keep up the good work here, bro!

  • Remi

    This PDP party are just impossible. All they know is just collecting citizens’ money even if they did not do anything in the citizens’ struggle to enforce their fundamental human right.


    No of yrs in Presidency from 1960 – 2015 by Regional Distribution
    North = 39 yrs (9 presidents = Balewa,Gowon, Muritala,Shagari,Buhari,Babangida,Abacha,Abdulsalam,YarAdua,)
    West = 11 yrs (2 Presidents = Obasanjo, Shonekan)
    East = 0 yrs (Nil)
    South = 4 yrs (1 President = Jonathan)

    “…Our history is replete with numerous and uncontrollable instances of callous and insensitive dominatory repressive intrigues by those who think it is their birthright to dominate till eternity the political and economic privileges of this great country to the exclusion of the people of the Middle Belt and the south….”

    “…They have almost succeeded in subjugating the Middle Belt and making them voiceless and now extending same to the south. It is our unflinching belief that this quest for domination, …and marginalization, is against the wish of God and therefore, must be resisted with the vehemence….”

    “…This clique has an unabated penchant for domination and unrivalled fostering of mediocrity and outright detest for accountability,…all put together have been our undoing as a nation…”

    —– Gideon Orkar (April 22, 1990 Revolutionary Speech)

    **************Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of JUSTICE & EQUITY. ************

  • SAM .A

    This is a tip of iceberg . When Dumbo said stealing is not corruption , he had all these scams in mind , Nigerians you aren’t seen nothing yet , the father and grandfather of all financial crime committed by this dying regime on the way.
    Those who took money of the dead knows perdition awaits them . Suswan ,Adoki and his cohorts will not enjoy the money that belong to the dead , their days with judgement is on the way , where the dead will be witness in the Court where Karma/ Nemesis will be the presiding Judge .There will be no escape.

  • Maria

    Can anything good come from thief Jonathan?

  • Johnson Omale

    The 8bn paid, has that been given to the people of Zaki Abiam? Can anybody tell me please?

  • Okey

    Please, investigate Jonathan now on this, if he is connection to any fraudulent diversion we must call for his immediate resgination and prosecution. Given our chequered experience in this country, every leader or prospective leader come out thoroughly clean. That is the very reason I have joined in demanding that Buhari takes up Cambridge University’s challenge that he, Buhari, should authorize Cambridge University to publish his result for the Nigerian public to set his academic records straight. This is very imperative given that Buhari is campaigning on anti-corruption, honesty and discipline.

  • Murtala

    I think this money is being used by APC for campaign. After all “stealing isn’t corruption” Hahaahahaahaahah!

  • concerned9ja

    Zaki Biam a la Malabu. This was the same way they shared the Malabu money among themselves. Don’t know why if they want to take these billions with them when they die

  • GEJmustgo!

    Is it that Jona , Suswan and PDP share the money 33% each or it’s just a deal between Jona and Suswan? A PDP family affair! But it’s ok, I don’t know wether the Benue people are among those middle belt states who said that they will still vote For Jonathan .

  • chukwu smart

    Mr president keep on doing d good work

  • yinka77

    …Hnnn another Jona’s scandal. 10B, 20B and now 8billion! Jona no go finish this country before going back to otuoke. And one Asari Mumu is saying a thief must continue as if Nigeria can not survive without the now worthless oil that all the ijaw leaders have cheated their wards on. Despite the billions that GEJ administration has spent (claimed to have spent) the region is still not up to the standard of ajegunle in Lagos. Asari and other thieves spending oil money are now calling for war when Jonathan looses! The rest of Nigeria will be waiting for u guys o. It’s personal now cos we are stake holders in this country and one illiterate can not come and start blabbing war songs to us. Jona is Out already.

  • Hardtruth

    That is why his boy Tarzoor must be governor by all means. The people are so poor having not be paid for months. If you give Benue people any notes of naira they will still vote Tarzoor who is Suswan/Tompolo and Patience Jonathan’s candidate. Benue people need help.

  • Estate land









  • Change4nigeria

    Let them continue to share the BLOOD MONEY, PENSION SCAM, NNPC MISSING FUND… Later the first lady,Patience Jonathan will start to cry there is God oo when your husband rot in Jail.

  • Funso Famuyiwa

    Well said Ogbeni Rauf. Kudos for clearly articulated Policy positions.
    Now, like in the Nike Commercial, let All APC Governments at both the Federal and State levels : “JUST DO IT” . By so doing, you will truly translate Words into Action. That is what Nigerians want to see.