Nigerian military set for “final onslaught” against Boko Haram — Source

The Nigerian military is set for a final, and comprehensive onslaught against the extremist Boko Haram group, in an operation expected to end by before February election, a website that distributes press statements for the Nigerian military, has reported.

PRNigeria quoted a military source as saying that government forces have finalized plans to conduct a “once and for all comprehensive operations” towards the elimination of Boko Haram terrorists in parts of North East.

The news came a day after President Goodluck Jonathan’s National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, said the fighting has been undermined by “cowardly soldiers” who prefer giving every excuse in the world to fighting the extremists.

PRNigeria said the new military plan came as the Jonathan administration became so worried by the activities of Boko Haram, especially after viewing the latest video from the terror group, in which its leader, Abubakar Shekau, claimed they have enough weapons to overrun Nigeria and its neighbours.

The report said the military plan has been approved by the federal government, and has also received the assurance of cooperation and support of Cameroun, Niger and Chad, who now appear to have realised the danger posed by continuing to allow terrorists free movement across the borders.

“Nigerian military is reviewing strategy in the combat against terrorists to accommodate joint and combined operations with neighbouring military organisations,” the source was quoted as saying.

Massive deployment of air and amphibious assets are expected to feature in the operation.

Preparatory to the mission, the Defence Headquarters has changed the General Officer Commanding the 7 Division which is the leading formation in the counter-terrorism campaign, the source was quoted as saying.

The source said the deployment for the mission will facilitate the elimination of safe haven and escape routes of Boko Haram terrorists within Nigeria and neighbouring countries.

PRNigeria also reported that innocent citizens living in terrorist-infested areas are expected to vacate temporarily to safer towns.

Speaking to PRNigeria, Defence spokesperson, Chris Olukolade declined comment on details of the operation, he however, said the military would not relent in its efforts to restore peace to every part of the country.

He also admitted that all the countries bordering Nigeria are willing to compliment the efforts in Nigeria as terrorism has remained a menace or threat to all in the region.


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  • D1

    Hehehehe…..I laughed!
    How many times has this fat man promised? We will wait and see o!
    We still haven’t gotten any explanation on the cease fire debacle!

  • King Carlos

    Let’s hope they get it right this time. But can we trust the army again? After the fake ceasefire, the buhari certificate saga, not to talk of the killing of Shekau about 75 times. This army is not reliable.

    • Cristus

      Pray for them that is all and not insult.

      • King Carlos

        Pray? Pastors that are meant to pray for them are engaging in propaganda.

    • Wähala

      This is their 10th “final onslaught” since the fake State of Emergency rule was imposed… 2nd Base jare!

  • boliatepa

    So, he didn’t think the Boko Haram problem was serious enough until now that he watched a video. Where has he been?

    • Cristus

      It’s our prayers that as we are going for all out masserca of the terrorist, some idiots will not accuse us that we are committing genocide against the north. Ihejrika brutaly dealt with Boko haram they accuse him of genocide and that he is avenging the death of his brothers during civil war

  • Otile

    By killing Boko Haram fighters we hope Sultan of Sokoto and Imam Buhari will not accuse the military of committing genocide on Muslims again.

    • u s man

      The FG negotiator, Rev.Dr Davis actually revealed those behind BH, but what did Gej did? But rather he was hobnobbing with the sponsor’s of BH, imagine……

  • Eze1

    Always coming out to tell us that it is a final onslaught……I pray it is true this time…..Wipe BH off…No Excuse

  • Wise Head

    Boko Haram has endured till now because it is a tool for the NORTHERN MUSLIMS/APC to get “their” power (which they will lose in February any way). The are callously and wickedly sacrificing brainwashed almajiris so that Buhar can continue to promise he will end the bloodshed in one month, which he probably hopes to do by just asking Boko Haram to stop the mass slaughter since their power has returned. The blood you are shedding will haunt you and your generation for ever.

    • u s man

      @ wise head, it was a conspiracy against the north, where were u when Rev.Dr Davis the Australian negotiator revealed those behind BH (ihejirika and sheriff) , there was a time when the arrested a large cache of arms from the SE to the north, who do you think is supplying these weapons? Please answer me,

      • Wise Head

        If the SE is able to get Hausa Fulani Muslims to blow themselves up every now and then; and make your people join Boko Haram and die in their numbers during combats, and cause your beautiful little girls to strap bombs on their bodies and blow themselves up probably after being brutally disvirgined and sexually abused for countless times and days by the Hausa Fulani Boko Haram miiltants, then you should be ashamed of your people. Imagine how you insult your own people just because you want to shift blame from your savage crimes

  • Debekeme

    These guys are on drugs of some kind.

    Is it not these same clowns that came on TV and announced a Cease Fire with Boko Haram?

    You are planning a final onslaught and you are advertising it worldwide for Boko Haram to know.

    Please, spare us your rubbish.Thats why people dont trust ad respect this government.

    Full of such crap and very insensitive!

  • Ha

    Jonathan has now realised that the deliberate and calculated efforts of the FG to allow Boko Haram kill and destabilize the North and the country so that there will be no election for endless years, is no longer working in his favour. Instead, it further convinced Nigerians of his weakness, cruelty and inability to lead the country. Those he used to call ghosts have suddenly became humans now and he is planning to eliminate them. We are not sure whether he now uses microscope to see the ghosts.

    • u s man

      @ ha, God bless you my brother, u have said it all.

  • Preco01

    Na today?

    • Wähala

      …2nd Base jare!

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    The panic button is blinking ..election day is ringing …a humbling defeat is looming …suffering masses are winning!

    • Yusuf

      we pray this suffering masses will not eventually be denied their right to life

  • Did anyone see the massive number of arms cases seized by Boko Haram from the Nigerian Army in Baga? They must have been worth trillions of naira, all gone not just down the drain but to over-equip the enemy. With such massive stockpile of arms and ammunition ceded to Boko Haram by Jonathan’s army, can Jonathan claim he is not deliberately arming Boko Haram. He can at least secure these arms and ammunition even if he can’t mobilize a brave army.

    • Yusuf

      it has become very obvious that the man very much complicit, the fact that he could not otter a word after the incident is enough reason

  • victo amadi

    I know is a political movement to say they are moving there in a newspaper, is it not sound like classified to say you are on such operations with gorillas on national dailies? Why can’t you just go and wipe them out operations PDP. All the chiefs of Nigerian soldiers can’t do 5 press ups.

  • Yusuf

    We pray dearly for their success and hope this is not yet another false hope

  • Adoki Achine

    You want to do ‘final onslaught’ and you are announcing it in advance so that the insurgents can hear you and hide, abi? Or worse still prepare to face you isn’t it? This people must be the biggest clowns I have ever seen.
    Or maybe they are planning to do a ‘finale onslaught’ on the treasury before they leave, so that they can use it as excuse to say that they used it for the phantom final operation on Boko Haram.

  • Bigzy

    Why did it take so long to come to this point?

  • growthengine

    What is the name of the operation. Use everything you got, especially intelligence.



    • Okey

      Ooooh, bros I am thinking somewhat along that line. My worry is: Any onslaught against these youths, now or any time, is definitely an attack against the North. What these innocent youths need is monetary compensation the way Niger Delat militants were compensated. If no one does so now, I will do it if I win the election.



  • Abdullah Muhammad


  • Okey

    If you kill these youths, that will amount to an attack against the North. They are merely innocent boys advocating the practice and observance of Sharia just as the Christian law styled as Nigerian Constitution governs those who believe in and observe it. Is is it not Muslims whose hands or limbs will be cut ? The arne will not be affected, definitely, so why go against these boys ? Attack on them is definitely attack against the North !

    • Akindolamu

      Okey na Reno Omokri at least we are back on the issues of this campaign after the FAILED and shipwrecked attempt the fraudulent Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Fraud invented a non- existent cerPtificate/safitikate non- issue!!! So to your post my questions are: Is what you are saying here the reason why our outgoing Commander in Chief-Mr. Jonathan NEGOTIATED with a Fake Boko Haram and even paid the fake Boko Haram Nigerian Govt money thru third party like Dokubo-asari? Is this the reason our outgoing President and Commander in Chief gave money and license to fellow Ijaw man Mr. GOVERNMENT Tompolo to buy SIX WARSHIP privately? Please answer the questions as we Nigerian voters move to effect the desired change peacefully and democratically and post Mr. Jonathan back to his village in Otuoke

  • shegxy

    When you heard of news like this. normally what should have come to a normal Nigerian mind, should be victory and nothing less than victory for the Nigerian army once and for all, and one started to have this feelings of safety and security once again. during this feelings, during this discussions..the Almighty Nigerian army will disappoint with a news like, CEASE FIRE WITH THE TERRORIST,THE LEADER OF THE TERRORIST HAS BEEN KILLED but resurfaced again, and all those bullshit that will make one started to wonder if this people are really a Nigerian army. in a nutshell what we are saying is Nigerian army should put a stop to this nonsense called Boko haram once and for all


    Jonathan and the PDP have perfected plans to shift the February polls for another six months. The Monitors gathered from a reliable source that due to daily security reports received by President Jonathan that he will lose the forthcoming election woefully, the only option left is to shift the elections for three months in the first instance and for another three months in the second instance.

    The security reports which are not favourable to Jonathan are daily getting worse for the President as the Buhari tsunami rages daily. With what is on ground now, it is clear that Jonathan will lose to Buhari with a wide margin! This is why the PDP hawks came up with series of plans to stop the election and push for an interim government.

    The first of the plans is to hide under insurgency and the fact that Nigeria is at war to shift the elections. But INEC did not agree with this position as it told Nigerians about its readiness to conduct the elections. According to INEC, both sensitive and non – sensitive materials are ready. Also about 70% of voters have collected their PVCs.

    The second plan is the DSS unwarranted invasion of the APC Data centre with the allegation that APC has hacked into INEC database but later told Nigerians that APC was trying to clone Permanent Voters Cards (PVC cards) without evidence to back up the accusation. The actual plan of the DSS which failed was to accuse APC of hacking into INEC database and that this had destroyed the database as a result of which elections shall be postponed. This option also failed as INEC did not complain that its database was hacked into by the APC or any other organisation!

    The third option is to start aggressive campaign about the “Buhari’s no certificate issue”. The PDP started shouting on the rooftops that Buhari has no certificate but INEC did not agree with them. When the PDP would not stop pestering INEC over the certificate issue, PDP was advised to go to court but up till today, the PDP has not gone to court! Meanwhile, the Military institution which Buhari attended in tthe USA (United States War College) confirmed in writing that the certificate Buhari obtained from them is equivalent to Masters Degree. That put paid to the “Buhari no certificate campaign”. So the third plan also failed.

    Fourthly, they moved to the fake health record and false report of Buhari’s ill health. A notorious aide of the Governor of Ekiti State, one Lere Olayinka circulated a forged health report that Buhari has prostrate cancer and that he has been flown out to the USA for an undisclosed ailment. Buhari himself debunked this report and continued with his campaign in two states that he was scheduled to visit on that day,

    The fifth and the latest plot to shift the elections is by using certain TV Houses to invite speakers to their stations to start arguing in favour of election postponement. In this plot, AIT owned by PDP chieftain Dokpesi), NTA, Silverbird and (STV, owned by Ben Bruce, PDP Senatorial Candidate in Bayelsa State) got N1billion each for this purpose. The Monitors got this information two days ago and it was confirmed on AIT Kakaaki this morning when four guests were invited to the station to start arguing in favour of election postponement. The guests were, former Labour Party Chairman, Dan Anyanwu, Tanko Yinusa from Kaduna State, Alhaj. Shehu Musa former Chief of Staff to Bauchi Governor and Mr. Yinka Odumakin. They argued in favour of election postponement as predicted.

  • Chris1408

    How many times have we heard this story. The military doesn’t need to tell Nigerians about the onslaught, show us. Give Nigerians the victory over Boko Haram and free those innocent girls kidnapped almost a year ago

  • peirodam

    for the uptenth times nigerians are tired of all these MEDIORITY pdp has failed nigerians they should just let the people decide who will be running the affairs of the country,strong oppostion make good june12 hope they dont trample on the peoples will these time

  • Guguru

    Close to the election Jonathan suddenly becomes “so worried of the activities of Boko Haram” as the article put it? LOL! Jonathan is the best film director of the most deadly drama ever made in West Africa.

  • Ukpaka

    I don’t think it’s necessary to make an announcement before any military offensive. In essence, you’re giving the insurgents information they don’t need to have. Just do it and talk about it later. Just want to see Boko Haram gone forever.


    The Igbo Internet thugs who campaign for Goodluck Jonathan are an utter disgrace to humankind. They are, indeed, a strange species of homo sapiens. Maybe, they are a hybrid of homo erectus and home sapiens! Their actions are hardly compatible with those of people who have what the French call l’amour propre, self esteem or self worth.

    A little over a year ago, Femi Fani-Kayode wrote a series of horrible articles well circulated in the media against the Igbo. Falling short of calling for Igbo extermination, Femi confessed his great admiration for Adolf Hitler’s Mien kempf, probably the most racist book in world history. All manner of people who called themselves Igbo Internet warriors were calling for his head. You would naturally expect them to kick against Jonathan’s recent appointment of Femi Fani-Kayode as the director of media and publicity of his reelection campaign, thus becoming the face and voice of the president, an Ijaw who has strangely been portrayed as an Igbo. But far from taking exception to this sacrilege, the self-styled Internet warriors, whom Oby Ezekwesili memorably calls Internet thugs, are rather now in cahoots with Femi! They quote him approvingly every minute. Why? Femi has a huge propaganda budget! Most of these Internet warriors are on his payroll, and their principal duty is to besmirch the integrity of Muhammadu Buhari, apart from raising cudgels, knives, daggers and guns against thoughtful Igbo people who raise questions about the propriety of their action. The Great Zik of Africa was fond of describing such irresponsible characters as knaves.

    The knaves enthusiastically circulated a forged hospital document alleging that Buhari has prostate cancer. Just before this forgery, they reported online that Buhari had fainted at a campaign rally and was rushed to a hospital even when the same characters were commenting on Buhari’s ongoing campaign stumps in different parts of the country!

    As Jonathan was about to visit Onitsha last week, they circulated a picture of a bridge under construction somewhere but mischievously claimed that it is the so-called Second Niger Bridge which becomes relevant to the president only during electioneering campaigns. The essence of circulating the false picture was to deceive their own Igbo people into believing that work on the mythical bridge had taken off in earnest. How some Igbo Internet fraudsters could have the courage to “419” or swindle their own people in broad daylight in order to please an Ijaw president and turn round to claim that they are the champions of Igbo interests remains one of the greatest mysteries of our time. It is revealing of the kind of ethics of the government in Abuja and their supporters all over Nigeria. It is also revealing of why some people in Nigeria and elsewhere think that the Igbo have too many Judas Iscariots, too many people eager to kill even their own family members for a mess of porridge.

    On a personal note, I am deeply worried about the enthusiasm of a couple of professionals and Pentecostal pastors in this forum to indulge in this fraud in the name of politics. They need be reminded in public that certain actions of theirs do cause tremendous and eternal violence to their personal and professional reputations, to say nothing about their supposed religious callings. They are advised to read up the idea of the scandal of perception in Catholic theology. Put succinctly, their utterances and actions as ordained ministers of God or equivalent could cause some believers to lose faith in God

  • Olusola

    Alex stop counting your chicks before they are hatched.

  • Umar Dendi

    How many times have we heard it before!
    They said “BH’s days were numbered” that they will be “finished by May”- thats 2013, then July then November
    Make us proud for once, end the scourge.

  • saidu Aliero

    So boko haram conscripted enough northern boys to be killed and cease fire for the new onscription ba? #wemustchange”

  • Message66

    When a Nigerian media outlet uses a photo of the army of Niger Republic as that of the Nigerian army, then there is a high level of illiteracy and ignorance among journalists in that media house. I’m referring to you Premium Times!

    • Message66

      Thanks for changing that photo. But you guys need to get educated!

  • Tom Phillnard

    whatever action to be taken against boko haram must be done with transition of govt in mind and must not disturb the election in anyway, and under no circumstance must this government postpone this election on the basis of escalating boko haram fight because i dont understand this sudden action plan 3wks to National election , can you just believe this government, why are they tinkering with our intelligence for God sake, the president is not worried when 200 children were sized and boko haram boasted to have married them off and he proved that by dancing azonto at a rally, everybody knows boko haram cannot be eliminated with a so called action plan at 99 hours, from buhari fake certificate to election extension now action plan for boko haram the ultimate trouble that will all but guarantee trouble —- this is really what you get when some one is running out of strategy to stop the tsunami of change that will happen come feb14.


    With opponents of presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, still questioning the authenticity of a secondary school certificate that was released a few days ago, the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES), now known as Cambridge Assessment, has confirmed that Hausa language was one of the set subjects offered in 1961.

    Cambridge Assessment made the disclosure in response to an email inquiry asking the agency to authenticate the secondary school certificate result for Mr. Buhari that was released by Government College Katsina. In an email to our correspondent, Cambridge Assessment declined to disclose the APC candidate’s personal records, stating that the agency responds only to requests that emanate directly from exam candidates. “This is in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000,” the agency explained.

    Cambridge Assessment was responsible for conducting secondary school leaving certificate exams in the 1960s. The agency was the precursor of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) that today awards the General Certificate of Education to students who pass their secondary school certificate exams.

    SaharaReporters had written to Cambridge Assessment amid allegations and insinuations by hordes of Mr. Buhari’s critics, including officials of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party and online commentators, that the certificate results released by the APC presidential candidate were questionable. Since Mr. Buhari asked his secondary school to release his results to the public early this week, several persons, including one A.A. Adeyinka, a professor of educational foundations at the University of Ilorin, had claimed that Hausa was not offered as a subject in WASC exams until the 1970s.

    In their email to SaharaReporters, Cambridge Assessment made it clear that “Hausa” was offered as a subject in their exams in 1961. The agency’s statement “confirmed that, according to the Regulations for 1961, African language papers, including those for Hausa, were set for the West African School Certificate.”

  • SAM .A

    What is the faith of Chibok girls in this plan . Army know it and keep it to yourself .
    In the first place no body should have known anything about this Massive operation until is underway or completed . Learn from Isreal. Surprise is the best ammo for your enemy.

  • Okey

    If you kill these youths, that will amount to an attack against the North. They are merely innocent boys advocating the practice and observance of Sharia just as the Christian law styled as Nigerian Constitution governs those who believe in and observe it. Is is it not Muslims whose hands or limbs will be cut ? The arne will not be affected, definitely, so why go against these boys ? Attack on them is definitely attack against the North ! What these innocent youths need is monetary compensation the way Niger Delta militants were compensated. If no one does so now, I will do it if I win the election.

    • Akindolamu

      Reno Omokri/Okey based on what you said here therefore I have the following questions for you : (i) Is that why our outgoing Commander in Chief-Mr. Jonathan-negotiated with Fake Boko Haram as Commander in Chief? (ii) Is that why our out going president -Mr. Jonathan gave money to third parties like Dokubo-Asari to pass on to the Fake Boko Haram during the fake negotiation? (iii) Is that why our outgoing -President gave money and license to Mr. “Government” Tompolo, fellow Ijaw man to buy privately for private use SIX WARSHIPS?

    • Bestvoice123

      Speaking on behalf of Buhari and Shekau.

      • mahmudu

        No on behalf of GEJ and his co.

    • Baba kadi21

      Shut up. No excuse for the failed commander in chief. GEJ should just go and give way to a competent C in C that can salvage the army GEJ succeeded in reducing to paper tiger.

      • Okey

        I must resist this attack against the North. After all, that’s why I am in this race !

  • Bestvoice123

    Coward Nigerian Army go and sit down we are tired of all these stories. Nigerian Army is like Nigerian Police. The Nigerian Police is nothing to write home about. Only in Nigeria, one arm of the military will be in war front the rest two will go hibernating. Army will be fighting, Navy will be sleeping, Air force will be playing. Do you people have weapons and ammunition to fight now? Or you want to go and give the remaining ones to Boko Haram now?

  • Oluwaseyi

    An all-out war is the only solution to Boko Haram’s declared genocide.
    The Islamism Boko Haram espouses is an existential threat to Nigeria.

  • Dumbo

    Story. This is a propaganda against the visit of GEJ to Borno tomorrow. It is just a ploy to deceive the people of the state into thinking they have plan. GEJ has never been interested in ending the war because he and the service chiefs are benefiting highly from it. There was never a will.

    • bugwu

      stop this words of hate. Support Nigerian Army, support GEJ.

      • mahmudu

        U are not aware of what is happening in the conspiracy that is going on in the northeast that is why u are talking rubbish.they have been saying this for over 5 years now and thing have been worsened to this stage.

        • bugwu

          I have a colleague in the office from Edo state and her mother is from Borno, he said that his anti about 60+yrs came down during the exams specifically to tell them that GEJ is sponsoring BH so that they cannot vote in 2015. My colleague was able to re-orientate the woman that it is not true but a political propaganda by elements that are out to destroy GEJ, So I know what is happening, human life is nothing to those hausa Fulani they can go to any length because they want power. So I ask you is that not hate in highest order by Hausa-Fulani. pls let us preach the truth and love. Nigerian Army is doing their best, give them information and they will work better.

    • Blunt

      The “will”has been there for people with good eye site and pure mind to see, not obscure ones. GEJ,we can’t stop the flight,we are on cruise control, nothing stops the movers.

  • ICC Hague

    This pot belly political general and their clueless C-in-C should bury them selve with shame, only just three weeks to election you want to crush BokoHaram, nobody will take you serious, this confirm to nigerians that you are using this war for political gains and to feed fat from the security budget. what have you been doing since? why do you announce a fake cease fire and allow Bokoharam to regroup and acquired more weapon to start capturing territories?

    • arewethishopeless

      Isn’t it strange that this so called onslaught which should be part of the military tactic is being announced so widely. Are they wittingly or otherwise informing Boko boys in advance?!

  • warry

    Gej tried a ceasefire deal to end the crisis the same persons who said he must dialogue with BH turned around to say the timing was wrong and moved against it.Even his plan to re equip the Army through a loan arrangement was resisted by Buhari and APC.Now the Army is planning to launch an offensive some persons are saying it is too close to the election again.Some people would do anything for the sake of power.

    • Dan maikoko

      Your comment is a double edged sword, indeed ” Some people would do anything for the sake of power.”

    • tyson

      Only a mad man will say its too close to elections so the army must fold their hands and watch boko haram slaughter Nigerians—-but its not too close to the people buharis men in boko haram have ben killing in the fulani north-for the past 5 yrs abi

      • Deltans




  • Rommel

    Boko Haram was always a plan for president Jonathan to use to get the national assembly to extend his tenure by two years instead of seeking re election,it is a PDP created crisis which has now spiraled out of control and needs to be rheined in since all cards have now failed,the plan failed immediately Tambuwal decamped to APC thereby making it difficult for president to bring it to the national assembly,having outlived its usefulness,it is now time to shut down project Boko Haram.

    • Blunt

      Rommel the Nazist, if mind of yours was what the original Rommel had,during Nazi conquest, history will never beckon on them.



  • Jide

    3 weeks to elections they want to do once and for all attack..what were they waiting for all these weeks?

    • Blunt

      It doesn’t matter the time, what matters most is the result. Which ever way,let it be way. GEJ ain’t no stopping us.

      • Psalm 35

        The time matters, time always matters. If like Jide insinuated they did this so called once and for all attack 1 year, 2 years or 3 years ago over 5 thousand Nigerians will still be alive, over 200 Chibok girls will still be around and actually preparing for their first years in University. Time always matters and result is largely dependent on time.

  • Dankasa

    Project at completion level, no more lies ooO! Plans A, B, C, D, E and F all failed so the only one that is remaining and about to fail is Project BH. Imagine, just on Wednesday Shikau or na “Reno Kubwa” (IP address don show na Kubwa hin de shoot the Video ooO) they called him released a Video calling Buhari an infidel, same Buhari “Reno Kubwa” and Abati claimed to have been sponsoring Project BH, what a big gimmick??? Are These PDPig planing to attack Buhari under this presence when he move his campaign thing to Northeast and blame same BH as the next plan since election postponement failed? (May be thats why they stage-managed a Nollywood-like script of this Katsina attack on Jona convoy just to pave way for the attack on the perceived infidel) Or are they tired of killing innocent souls all in the name Project BH? What I know for sure is; these guys are going to end up in Gonto after they confese at Hegue comes June 1st.

  • Blunt

    Let it be, what so ever or how ever. Don’t ever bother on what people say about your final onslaught, which ever way,smoke them out. No mercy for merciless mercenary. GEJ all the way. Let keep it 100.

    • Tim Turner

      most of the fighting is going to be done by chad and cameroon

      it has been this way the whole time

    • kick ’em out

      Hope they will go to Sambisa and rescue the Chibok girls.

  • Truthometer

    Let’s see actions. No story. I hope this is the last chance for the service chiefs.

  • tyson

    what is the sense in alerting the boko haram fighters to the plans of the army? Is the army now filled with Buhari like quota system Generals or what–Yes the sacrife is great but go get rid of these animals–backing buhari

    • Brandon Landry

      tyson haram

      • Deltans


  • abdulrazak

    I think it is a good development and I pray God will give them the power to over come.

  • tyson

    Muhammadu Buhari: Born TO LIE.

    Once someone starts lying, there will be no stopping and this is the case of Pa Muhammadu Buhari, since his 4th Missionary journey, sorry, 4th time contesting the Presidential election.
    For those that are not in the ‘know’, the name Buhari mean lies.

    1] Muhammadu Buhari, Lied that he has Master Degree in Strategic Studies from US War college.

    2] The lying General, changed the story and lied that he was awarded International Fellowship (whatever that means).

    3] Pa Buhari continued his lies, by presenting a FAKE email address purported to have being a reply from the US War Army College to a Hotmail account claiming that Buhari was awarded a Diploma by the same U.S. Army War College.

    4] Buhari lied under oath to a Nigerian Court that his School Certificate are with the Secretary of Nigerian Military Board (a position or office that Never existed).

    5] Military Chiefs confirmed that Buhari lied to Nigerians and revealed that Buhari entered the army with a three line recommendation letter from a school Principal claiming that he will sit and pass some subjects with credit grades.

    6] Buhari’s party lied that Buhari’s certificates were Destroyed during the IBB coup.

    7] Pressure on the 73years old Buhari lead to commit political and moral suicide and requested that a Certificate for an Examination he NEVER sat should be produced for him and forwarded to the press.

    8] The embattled retired Major General presented a Toronto certificate containing a course (Hausa Language) that was not on the list of the 13 cambridge University approved WAEC subjects.

    9] Since 27th of December, 2014, Buhari have modified his Wikipedia page over 834 times.

    Buhari have started lying and Hope For Nigeria is rest assured that he will continue, even through his journey in Prison.
    Nigerians will not be surprised in couple of days, if Buhari or Lia Mohammed comes up with a new story, that Buhari is not aware of the Toronto certificate being circulated online by APC and their online tigers.

    Buhari sadly joined a group of liars and is now a bigger liar. He campaign is funded by Nigeria most corrupt Politicians, as weak man, he has sold his right to ask reasonable question.
    Pa Buhari has destroyed his military prestige and political career in less than 3 months in his desperation to be President.

    • emmanuel

      This is a very sorry scheme that we are witnessing.

      This is the last stage of the destruction of our National values which the world is watching.

      How can a public figure desiring to lead a nation in this century go all the hug in shifting his certificate fraud scheme by the hours and all have fallen through.
      I always thought my Certificates where with military authorities.

      I am sure Buhari has shares in companies and has a Will. He certainly would know where those documents are but does not know the whereabout of his certificates.

      Like you said, the next line of action will be that the PDP possibly produced that statement of result to discredit him, then he will bring the one with all the failures, remove Hausa and the APC will grand stand on Nigerians not understanding that getting to a bridge and not crossing it are the same action

      Anyone who graduate with a 2:2 from a university is not shorlisted for a 2:1 interview

  • Tunde

    In as much as I pray that this planned “onslaught” by the army is productive, but it is painfully obvious that our military commanders have never read the art of war. Why would you broadcast your intentions to the whole world? Is this meant to impress us? What kind of morons do we have in charge of the armed forces? Bloody Hell!!!!!!.
    I would recommend that the CDS read the book. It might come in handy next time.

    • emmanuel

      Tunde which is better?

      Put up your secret strategy, while putting finishing touch to it, to spring surprises at your enemies, suddenly a Premium Times tells the World that they authoritatively leak out the information. Of course disclosed by a Fulani General whose desire is to see the FG rubbished while his Fulani kinsmen inch closer to redeeming the Presidency which is their birthright.

      These same cowards are put in for court marshal and people say all manner of things.

      Nigeria will remain backward as long as unbridled sentiments form the basis of our existence


    Is anybody seeing this lousy Abia State leaky government’s blunder on the right of the screen here? Please can some tell them to stop disgracing us since they are so blinded with PDP corruption and impunity mechanism that they cannot even spell ‘LEGACY’ in their advert anymore. It is now LRGACY because they were in a hurry to go pick the millions in cheque to further launder T.A. Orji’s image. That’s how their poisoned fingers will enter their mouth very soon. Lairs who think they can take us for a ride endlessly… We will see how they can go free.
    The copycats cannot even be original, lacking so much in poise and class. ‘From Lagos/Fashola is working’ it’s now Abia is working copy-copy… just click the link and see the load of uncompleted buildings they are shamelessly brandishing as achievement for Abia people after 8 good years plus the initial 8 years he served under Orji Kalu… God will judge them all.

  • sadiq

    hope these soldiers will not go with fighter jet because the next thing u will here is the jet has been seize by boko boys. Pls Nigerian army stop playing politics with peoples life.

  • King Carlos

    Pot bellied sluggish generals, 72 yr old Buhari is smarter than all of them.

  • Bio

    What matters most is to smoke them out completely.

  • Bio

    GEJ all the way

    • Deltans


  • No Comment

    Breaking News:

    Naira Falls to 208 to one U.S dollar

    The Naira, on Friday, depreciated against the dollar,
    as it traded at N208 from the N191.50 it sold for on Monday,
    January 19. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that
    the new rate had made the Naira to lose N16.50 in 5 days.

  • solozo

    Why? Because security has become a major issue in the elections? All these years, they did not have any final onslaught. Now that the PDP government is taking the heat for insecurity ahead of elections, the military suddenly remembers how to fight? Does it mean they have been taking Nigerians for a ride all this while?

    • emmanuel

      Please speak with facts if yiu need Nigeria to survive. For me I do not need the nation Nigeria, but I try to be patriotic for the days it survives.

      Jonathan did say the Army had been ill equipped for over three decades and that was very true.

      Major military hardwares imported arrived the country in December, I saw number of Armoured Tanks strewn to Trailers transported from Lagos port area and headed North. That told me the FG was preparing for a massive onslaught.

      Recall how long it took for the NASS to approve the $1billion request for military hardwares. If the process matures in january 2015, should the military not go ahead?

      Those who prepared the nation for failures are those pretending to be saviours.

      Imagine a useless Obasanjo say a General is always a General – they all used military budgets to loot our treasury and never equipped them.

      The police and army look decent today unlike eight years ago when the mumu called Obasanjo held sway.

      Imagine the cache of weapons captured from soldiers. For me, all soldiets in that unit where the arms were should be tried and immediately excuted, because whoever run from battle with such arms in possesion is not fit to leave!

      • bib

        You are either uninformed or being nepotic. This matter has been laid to rest by the revelation of expenditure made by each govt on military equipment imports from regimes of Gen. Murtala up to end of 2013. From the revelations GMB operated one full year budget against GEJ’s three so far. This translates to1:3 GMB : GEJ ratio. But in this full years budget GMB spent $369m on military to GEJ’s $99m. This translates to 3.72:1 GMB:GEJ ratio!GMB operated three years budgets including those he shared with Shag and IBB against GEJ’s seven including those he shared with obj and UMYA. This to translates to 1:2.33 GMB:GEJ ratio. GMB in this respect spent on military $989m to GEJ’s $418m. This translates to 2.37:1 GMB:GEJ ratio.While GMB operated very tight budgets GEJ operated bumper budgets. Who among these two thus refused to spend on military?That GEJ had the gut to publicly asked GMB to say if he bought a rifle to the military proofs the following.1. His education is questioned. For education makes one inquisitive.2. He has surrounded himself with his likes3. He didnt have the wherewithal to have smelt Aso Rock Villa and should be voted out of it.

  • Final assault for the UMPTEENTH TIME!!!

  • Ojo

    Nonsense. What could not be achieved in three years will now take only three weeks, because elections are coming up? Anyone old enough during the Nigerian civil war may recall that General Gowon had said the fight against Biafra was a “police action”, and expected to last only two weeks. Well, two weeks turned to 30 months with heavy loss of life.