Drama as Northern group seeks ICC prosecution of Buhari over 2011 election violence

A group, the Northern Coalition for Democracy and Justice, has called for the prosecution of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, at the International Criminal Court, ICC, The Hague for “orchestrating” the 2011 post-election violence in some parts of Northern of Nigeria.

The group, said to be a consortium of 17 non-governmental organisations, operating primarily in the Northern states of Nigeria, made the charge Thursday at a press briefing in Abuja at the Transcorps Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

In a statement read by its secretary for research and documentation, Ibrahim Baba, the group said it was compelled to “sustain the process for the prosecution of Mr. Buhari” which it claimed to have been instituted at the The Hague in May 2011, “for his role that orchestrated the 2011 post-election violence in some parts of the North.”

Claiming national interest “devoid of partisanship and political colouration”, the group said it was important that “those responsible for the premeditated arson, killings and destruction of properties” be brought to justice.

The group explained that recent provocative and inciting statements by politicians ahead of the 2015 general elections had influenced the renewed request for the ICC to urgently launch criminal investigations against Mr. Buhari in order to checkmate a reoccurrence of political violence.

While establishing grounds for its call for the prosecution of Buhari, it said: “Similarly, we recall that just before the 2011 general elections, the then presidential candidate of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari had categorically directed crowds in Hausa (language) at his campaign rallies in the north but particularly Minna, Kaduna and Maiduguri to protect their votes at all cost including killing and elimination of others.

“Like a nightmare, the spirit of victims of 2011 post-election violence is resurrecting today at this venue to re-echo the calls for justice and immediate prosecution of those responsible for imposing tears, sorrow, blood and violence on Nigerians in 2011.

“Another reason for institution of the case is to compel the political class to imbibe the culture of winning election through the sanctity of the ballot box devoid of intimidation, threat, intolerance, hate messages, resorting to self-help and violence. We remained concerned about gut-wrenching situation of people being intimidated on account of exercising their political liberty, choices and preferences. In the North, now, they attack supporters of a particular party and candidate.”

In his address, Goran Sluiter, a Dutch professor of Law at ICC, who attended the briefing, said: “Based on available evidence, there are compelling reasons to believe that crimes against humanity – including murder, torture, rape, forcible population transfer, persecution, and other inhumane acts – were committed in the context of the politically-motivated sectarian violence that immediately followed Nigerian presidential elections of April 2011.”

Mr. Sluitter said given the seriousness of the crimes, “the prosecutor at the ICC will be asked to conduct investigations into the alleged acts and their perpetrators, in particular former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari.

“The evidence collected to date strongly suggests that the highly inflammatory public comments made by General Buhari – prior to, during and immediately following 2011 elections – led directly to the deaths of over 88 people and the displacement of more than 65,000 individuals in April 2011.”

He added that the northern group represented the aspirations of all Nigerians.

However the programme did not end without drama.

As Ibrahim Baba was ending the press address, some attendees and members of the coalition, who claimed to have been invited purportedly to campaign for peaceful elections, started jeering. They said they did not know the press conference was meant to discredit Mr. Buhari, accusing the conveners of promoting PDP agenda.

The dissident members were forcibly sent out of the conference room but they continued shouting, “This is unfair; we were not told to come for this!”

They were prevented from speaking with journalists but one of them, the most outspoken, said, while being pushed away, “Heh! Journalist, my name is Hassan from Borno State. They are deceiving us!”


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  • Wähala

    Dumbo is trying to arrest opposition politicians by paying fringe groups to come up with spurious charges against his main rival in the upcoming elections, raising polity tensions by provking sh*t in order to actually postpone or cancel the elections entirely… Charles Taylor or Gbabo will be his cell mate at the ICC not GMB, dog wey wann die indeed…
    Hahaha chei !!!



    • Amir

      Fani Kayode is scamming Dumbo to pieces. You know he loves gbana and his white collaborators are always here to partake. Who will dare ask him to account for his share from the N21 billion PDP free fund?

  • D1

    This is laughable really. All manner of propaganda to bring Buhari down! This shows the act of desperation of PDP and GEJ apologists, what exactly are they afraid of?
    Mr. Goran Sluiter, you better head back to Holland, before they use ya head break coconut!

    • Wähala

      Before dem turn im nyash to suya in Aboki North… Hahaha chei o!

  • Dumbo

    From certificate to this “Pdp paid agents”.. Which ever way, you shall fail. Never seen such desperate and shamless party as “Pdp” .

  • Maria

    Jonathan hahahahahahahahaha… there is nothing you can do to stop the train of GMB… keep spending the looted money… your days are numbered.

    • Wähala

      No mind’m jare… he didn’t act on Dr. Davis of Australia’s information but now running to Den Haag and the ICC on warped claims from 2011, far-far backi eee. Hahahahahaa chei, indeed!!!

    • Mariana

      a slave who loves his chains remains a slave forever!

    • tundemash

      My prayer is the Buhari ignores this, silence is the best answer for f00ls !

  • Ola Onanugaola

    ICC prosecution of Buhari.

    Jonathan millions at work, thinking wish of the sinking ship !!!!

    Next Buhari is not a Nigerian

    Buhari is not a Man

    Naija dey make me laugh ooooo

  • progress

    The way and manner this president is carrying on will only lead to his disgrace out of office and making Buhari more popular than ever. Sai Buhari!

  • Dumbo

    The so-called Prof. from ICC is actually the Isreali or Lebanese that attempted to launder our money with Oritsejafor’s jet via SA in the pretence of scouting for arms



  • Femi omoagunba

    The thieves, business as usual will stop at nothing to stop GMB from contesting this election. By the Lord’s own will, he shall contest and win. Why wasting time, resources and money on this instead of campaigning on your records and what you intend doing for the next four years to improve the lots of Nigerians. Yesterday it’s age, today it’s illness, tomorrow it’s WASC, 2011 post election unrest. Haba. All these are making GMB support base to swell. Concentrate on issues Nigerians want changes on please.



  • Abu- Fatima

    I have never heard or seen a confused human like this Jonathan. But wether you like it or not sooner you later you must leave that office for somebody to occupy hence it is not father’s piece of land and had it been you must leave it for the other sons OK.

    • dan

      Why bringing Jona to your troubles. Whether you like it or not ICC will do its work and jail Buhari to serve as a lesson that people like him, don’t think they own the world. There is documented evidence he committed the crime and will not go free. The next to follow is OBJ for destroying Zakibiam and Odi.

      • I Hate Sycophant Truly

        Remember that ICC is not Nigerian Supreme court. ICC dig in to cases before giving verdict and who has that total conviction that he instigated the killing. Did he seized the machinery and apparatus of security agency to perpetrate the killing? The ICC will dig in and if no concrete evidence, the accused may after gain compensation for defamation of character. I just they laugh people that think it’s just one Chukwu from High court that is to give the judgement. This case reminds me the case of Kenya’s president that was taken to the same ICC but they could not find any wrong against him after thousands were extra judiciary killed by his government. I remember GEJ was among state government to condemn his suing at the ICC.

  • Enemona

    The last kicks of a dying horse…..

    • Onike24

      But this is not funny O! We are condoning this sort of idiocy! Is there really a country called Nigeria?

  • Kola Adekola

    APC and its violent, uneducated, problem candidate.
    ICC please, speed up the job.

    • thomas ayan

      Pdpigs should by now understand that electorate are by today wiser than ever before.

  • Richard

    That group should not forget to include Jonathan for instigating the bombing of APC offices in River State.

  • dan

    Buhari, the monkey and the bamboo will not be soaked in blood this time, the game is up, ICC please hasten up.

  • DG

    One so accustomed to violence deserves no place in governance. Those who live by violence and hope to ride to power through it can only be sure of one thing…that that fate which befell others will inextricably be their lot. It is a natural law

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    The PDP cowards are running scared and now hiding under “woman rapper” tactics to launch sneak attacks at Buhari. Suddenly a party which has misgoverned for sixteen years is afraid of life after power. Nigeria’s last day of clueless leadership in Valentine’s day, 2015.

    • Mohstone

      Yes o!!! My brother we shall show Nigerians LOVE on that day.

      • Otile

        Mule Mohstone, do you meal FailBuhari 14?

  • Olatunde Arowolo

    Look at it-The looted Nigerian money GEJ is using to campaign against GMB and APC is of course ironically pulling more crowd and supporters for the APC/GMB in the short term.Honestly,Nigerians can’t wait for feBUHARI14 to come and vote out JEG disgracefully.For sure,wind of CHANGE is whirling STRONGER and BIGGER day-by-day!

  • dan

    Finally, Buhari is going to were he should have been four years ago if Nigeria was a true nation that cherished life – LIFE IMPRISONMENT. Thank God for the brave northern youth, the souls of the youth corpers and others who Buhari instructed his killers to cut short in 2011 will finally get justice. The next on the line is OBJ. You cannot kill or instigate people to kill for you and be free.

    • tundemash

      cl0wn ….. na so ICC dey respond to every f00l all over the world ???

      • dan

        You just keep watching, unfortunately for you, there is documented evidence of Buari’s hate speeches that will nail him and is already before ICC.

        • tundemash

          yeah right ….. documented evidence that had to wait for 4 yrs …. keep cl0wning ….. see u after the elections !

      • Kola Adekola

        You think the ICC professor was there to come and exchange stup!d jokes with you?

        • tundemash

          he probably came to watch u and other e-rats f00l yourselves ! Remind me abt this ICC rubbish aftre FeBuhari 14th.

          • Kola Adekola

            First google the name “Goran Sluiter”, to convince yourself that the ILLITERATE, fake “general” and serial murderer Buhari is going DOWN.
            …Then jump up and slap the stup!d!ty out of your head that has only gbegiri and cement in it.

          • tundemash

            keep hallucinating ….. see you on FeBuhari 15th !

          • deji

            Election is 14th my dear friend…

          • tundemash

            I know it is 14th. By the morning of 15th, reality would have overtaking their fantasy when the results start trickling in.

          • emmanuel

            We are almost there.

            Elections are not won on the pages of Newspapers and fake online mediums.

            Awolowo would have been Nigeria President before he died – he knew this path better than Tinubu and Liar Mohammed.

  • tundemash

    Another dice thrown by Dumbo’s camp. This one too shall fail ! ICC ko, Supreme court ni !

  • Observer


    PDP tenders evidence. Says Buhari’s results are forged.

    “…But addressing news men on Thursday, the PDP Presidential Campaign spokesman, Femi Fani Kayode, said, “The results sheet which was attributed to the Cambridge examination body is clearly a super-imposition of one document on another as you will shortly see in the enlarged image of the result sheet as published. The column lines on the part where names are printed do not align with the blank columns while there is an introduction of extraneous lines on some other columns.”

    —–Femi Fani Kayode (Thisdaylive)

    • tundemash

      Fraudster…… from same Thisdaylive …. you ,didn’t add this :

      But the Principal of Government Collage, Katsina, Alhaji Isiyaku Bello Bello, in a swift reaction, told THISDAY: “If they are doubting the result, then they should come and see the authentic copy and not the photocopy sent to us by the Cambridge West Africa School. We are here waiting for anybody doubting what we have sent out.”

    • Tunde

      This Fani-kayode guy is unbelievable. Really? He has time to carry out forensic examination of a document?
      I thought his principal is always saying he is the champion of Rule of Law, so why don’t they just go to court if they are so sure of themselves? Is that what they should be focusing on? What king of campaign is this? Is this going to make us have more confidence in the current government? The chibok girls are still missing, $20billion is still missing, Baga was massacred, nothing has been said about those, but they have time to be chasing this nonsense that has been settled? Just goes to show what a bunch of senseless and issue-less idiots they are.
      GO TO COURT, if you’re so sure, otherwise shut the hell up. The change is coming, deal with it.

      • emmanuel

        You guys kept the Chibok girls to create disaffection t elections, unfortunately Nigerians got dissolutioned about the whole saga and decided not to attach electoral values to the Chibok girls.

        • Tunde

          That just shows what a low life you are. You can come here and say that about the abduction of girls and that by inference THEY DO NOT MATTER, so no need to discuss it in the election?.
          Obviously you do not have children, or if you do, you do not care about them, otherwise you would not have made such a callous, insensitive and reprehensible statement.

          • emmanuel

            Nigerians know that the abduction of the girls was done for political reasons and the sponsors thought they could leverage on it for political gains.

            No one will throw that issue away, but Nigerians have refused to attach electoral values to it – period.

            If you like blackmail me, nothing dey happen!

  • Kola Adekola

    Video of Buhari waving a spear and urging his hordes of almajiri’s to KILL.

    Enjoy –


  • tyson

    The documents sent to Nigerian Online platforms by the APC presidential candidate, Pa Muhammadu Buhari has being authoritatively confirmed to Fake and described as an unintelligently produced papers, called school certificate.

    The nearly two months pressure on Buhari to produce his school certificate, has finally lead the 73 years old former Nigerian military dictator and his foreign Public Relation firm, cooking up a “certificate”, that have no link with WAEC or the Cambridge University, the organiser of the 1961 examination.

    From records recovered from the United Kingdom elite University, Hausa Language is not among the examinable Cambridge University subjects in 1961. Yoruba is the only Nigerian language that Nigerian students can sit in the Cambridge examination and Buhari’s adding Hausa Language as one the subjects that he passed, is another case of worry to Nigerians.

    Muhammadu Buhari has been proved to be lying to Nigerians about his certificate issue. He lied on the Affidavit he declared in the court that his certificates are with the Nigerian Military. The army chiefs have revealed that Buhari was lying.
    It is only in Nigeria, that Employers are custodian of their employee’s certificates.

    Buhari have no school certificate to present to INEC and Nigerians and that made him short of meeting the minimum requirement for contesting for the position of the President of Nigeria as in the Electoral act, amended in 2011. This requirement was not present in 2003, 2007 and 2011 Presidential election and that was the reason no one bothered about Buhari’s credentials.

    Buhari as at now should know the best action to take save his already damaged personal or integrity. For Buhari’s supporters, the GAME is over. Buhari have no other lie to tell to Nigerians. He have lied to Nigerians for Nearly 50 years and his cup overflowed yesterday.
    The Nigerian army should as a matter of urgency, start the process of retrieving the Major General rank from him and forcing him to refund all the Salaries and Pension, he has received from the government for his period in serve and Pension era.

    God Have Saved Nigerians

  • Guguru

    Wow, they waited 5 years to get this going? ICC would easily throw this out since this was one incidence and not a series of election incidences. There is no pattern here. ICC needs to see a pattern which the PDP will fail to present. But we do have a pattern of Jonathan refusing to properly equip the military, while treating Boko Haram with “kid gloves”. His case will one day show up at the ICC.

    • tundemash

      it’s desperate times for a desperate party ! My prayer is the Buhari ignores this, silence is the best answer for f00ls !

      • Guguru



    • emmanuel

      Check how long it took for Uhuru Kenyata’s misdemeanor to be tried at the ICC

      • Guguru


        Uhuru had no Boko Haram and he barely registered deaths as much as Jonathan. Jonathan’s case is now closer to the Darfur case with President Bashir of Sudan who is also wanted at the ICC. Jonathan refused to arrest Bashir on his last trip to Nigeria.

  • HassanAbdullahi

    Hahahahahahah Election must hold in February period !!!

  • Jack

    Sluiter is a professor of law at university of amsterdam, sluiter is a right wing dutch professor that want to destabilise nigeria for some small change. Nigeria is wasting money that should have been used to take care of the masses on this guy. Where was he when people were massacred in the north? These groups will fail,the Chief Prosecutor of ICC is Gambian, she attended University of Ife, Nigeria. She knows Nigerian politics very well and all these idiots sponsored by this government with Sluiter collecting heavy euros from them will fail,he s just in Nigeria to make more money for his law firm Prakkenolivera in Amsterdam. Nigerians wisen up, Gej is squandering our money!

    • Kola Adekola

      Just get the fake CERTIFICATE wielding Buhari a defence lawyer, cos he’s going down.

      The blood of our fallen Youth Corpers is calling… Calling… Calling… Calling… Calling… Calling… Calling… Calling…

      Calling Buhari to the grave of dastardy.

      • tundemash

        LAMENTATIONS OF A LOSER: part 1.

        • Jack


        • emmanuel

          Tunde you guys are in a mess.

          Oluwole boys don mess una up with fake result.

          Cambrodge will respind to inquiries in the next few hours.

          Osi ati agbaya baba yi! Awon omo Oluwole.

          • tundemash

            Cambrodge will respind to inquiries ?????

            What r u smoking ?

          • emmanuel

            Nor mind me jare, sleep dey worry me, but I donn talk the truth.

            I enrolled six subjects and cleared them for WAEC with a C5 for English, so nor think say I forge o. I used my own for BSC, NYSC, Jobs and MBA and for the Boards wen I dey today -no affidavits

            My wife and Children can tell you in less then five seconds where my certificates are.

          • tundemash

            You may go to school but unfortunately u have failed to prove u are schooled. Prove that by doing the right thing an educated person should do: ,approach a court of law go get Buhari disqualified. If not u are not different from the amnesty camp mobs getting excited by a career drug addict Femi Fani.

          • emmanuel

            I have never liked Femi’s style and engaged him on this forum while he was in the APC but he is on point in this matter.

            Him eye clear for this and some others well well.afterall na im cry about Muslim/Muslim ticket and what the APC have today is a Muslim/Muslim ticket (Osinbajo is a member of Alfa Beta Board ( a very covetous company owned by the Jagaban) the implication is that he is holding the APC candidate slot in proxy for Tinubu until they get to the bridge, which could mean anything

          • tundemash

            Apparently i was right , you education is a waste as you learnt nothing.

            You never liked Femi and engaged him when he was planted in APC but once he crossed over to the PDP, have you ever engaged him ???

            Osibajo is a muslim because he’s a member of a company ! What a d@ft statement from a so called MBA graduate ? Jeezzz ….. was this also from Uniport or one of those outposts that dots Oshodi ?

            You are a sorry case …..does sycophancy make u lose your sense of reasoning ….. get lost !

          • emmanuel

            Your tantrums betray your learning must be from a Bus Stop Univeristy – Distant learning centre in a building where Iya Basirat fries Akara Down Stairs, an Obese music shop next door and University studies going on upstairs.

            What i wrote was in chronological order. Did you read my comment to the end? over sabi wen sabi nothing

            My secondary education would certainly match your degree.

            I never said Femi did not make some sense whilst in the APC.

          • tundemash

            until u can think like someone properly schooled, u are a waste of time !

          • Tunde

            One question for you, when Cambridge (not Cambrodge) come out and confirm that the records are indeed correct, what will you do then?
            You need to grow up and stop talking nonsense.

          • emmanuel

            We will know when we cross the bridge.

            We know say na Jagaban boys hold Oluwole, but they sure did a bad job this time

          • Babs

            Cambridge has come out this morning and said they did not offer Hausa Language as a subject..

          • emmanuel

            We know what Oluwole certificates are like.

            I have spoken to several guys who tried getting visas with forged documents and I pick out holes all the time.

            People bring doctored business document and you need swift and sensitove mind to unearth them.

            That is exactly what happened with the newly forged toronto cambridge.

            Must the Buharis forge documents?

            Hausa for cambridge in 1961 when quota system never take shape.

            Shameless Tinubu the Oloye in charge of Oluwole – bad job!

      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        Are you sure you’re not bipolar? Looks like you are inhabiting a world of extreme hallucination.

  • Jack


    • Nigerian Boy( Banjo )

      words of a true patriot. one Nigeria

    • Save Nigeria Father

      The conclusion you want any logical man to draw from this outraged is that some set are already bent in bringing more sufferings to Nigerians unless they win the election. GEJ is still the commander in chief of armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria. Any other voice such as yours is trying to instigate anarchy. Are you beckoning on OBJ for the aborted third term? Deep calls unto deep.

  • deji

    PDP Has Run Out Of Lies, Says Oshiomhole

    January 22, 2015:

    Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole says the Peoples’ Democratic Party has run out of lies and is fishing for new ones having failed with the School Certificate lie they tried to pin on the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari,.

    Speaking during an inspection of road projects which culminated in a campaign at the Egor market in Upper Siluko area of the state capital, Oshiomhole said: “I’m happy that you people are following what is happening and one young man said even Buhari doesn’t have a school certificate, if it’s just a NEPA bill he presents as certificate it’s enough and the people will vote for him. Another said the other man has a doctorate in Zoology, but we can’t even get fish on our table.

    The truth is that everybody is tired. Today in this market, I’m sure you don’t have light. We have provided the electric poles and the transformer but they will not give us light. So the only solution is, after sixteen years of PDP, they have exhausted their lies. We have to bring General Buhari because we want a leader with courage, when he says I will do, he will do it. Not a leader that will promise during campaigns but will disappear after the campaigns.

    “Today in Edo, they have enriched a few individuals, and they are telling us they are going to bring a lot of money to buy our votes. When they bring the money collect it, it’s the money they stole from you, but we will not vote for them.”

    He urged the people who have not collected their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) to do so by going to the nearest INEC office at the Local Government Area so as to be able to vote for APC candidates at all levels.

    Spokesman of Egor Market, Mr. Egbon Edowonyi, said “When PDP was in power, they could not fix this road. They referred to it as waterside and blamed it on what they called mermaid. But you came, we do not know how you removed the mermaid and got the road fixed.

    On his part, Mr. Elvis Osamede said, “What the PDP is trying to do even at the Federal level in relation to Buhari certificate, if at the end of the day, it is only NEPA bill that General Buhari has, Egor people are ready to vote for APC. All we are clamoring for is change.

    “The people of Egor want to restate their commitment to vote for APC because since you came, we have been able to know the difference between light and darkness. We do not need to be told, it is quite obvious that those people that need change will support change in the political space of Nigeria.

    Osamede further stated that what is happening in Edo today is unprecedented as the people of Egor have been liberated from the shackles of the previous PDP government. “Right from Ring Road to Egor, you can see that the road is at the point of completion. This is the handwork of Governor Oshiomhole.

    “Despite the manipulation of the agents of darkness, the people of Egor remain resolute to support the government of Comrade Oshiomhole”, he stressed.

    Governor Oshiomholetold them, “the truth is that PDP never wanted to work so they find excuse to take the money without doing the job and today you have seen by yourselves what is happening and very soon, the road will be asphalted with street light. This will enable those who want to trade at night to carry out their trading activities”.

    • emmanuel

      Has Oshomole sorted out his certificate forgery scam? Why is this party full of fake humans with tainted records.

      • deji

        Which certificate scam? Are you writing about Jonothing?

        We would like to see a copy of Jonadaft WAEC result and Ph.D thesis. Have you seen his WAEC Results? How many subjects did he atempt and what did he score in each?

        What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

        Trouble dey sleep yanga go wake am up.



        Please Note:

        World Education Service does not evaluate academic records from the University of Port Harcourt due to Fraud.

        World Education Services
        64 Beaver St, #146
        New York, NY 10004


        • emmanuel

          Forget, Buhari has messed up big time make, una solve im problem. 2015 is not 2002 when he refised to attend Oputa panel and the PTF probe panel. The world has evolvee and we must hold him responsibpe for 1. Perjury 2. Forgery.

          You see wetin who know man dey cause? The man use long leg enter army and the leg don cut off – the wind of change, fraudulent change.

          Obasanjo said he could not be in a party where a a suspected drug dealer is a regional leader, but now works for a party whose National leader is a know Drug user and confirm ex-drug lord.

          • deji

            Why are you not in court already?

          • emmanuel

            The courts are on strike with health workers on the orders of your saboteur masters.

            It became so bad that pepper sellers also planned a nationwide strike too to make the nation ungovernable.

            But God pass una.

          • deji

            That shows you how unpopular your group are. The whole nation is against you.

          • emmanuel

            Was there a strike in the UK last week? So David Cameroun is not accepted?

            Yeye fowl!

          • deji

            You are already hallucinating. It is not only David Cameroun, you will soon see David Libya. Ode. If the whole country is against your paymaster, is that not a sign that your odious Jonathan is not wanted? Oloshi

          • Save Nigeria Father

            Must any body that voice out the truth be accused of this same thing of having a paymaster? At least let common sense guide us.

          • emmanuel

            Osi ni e.

            A won ole, ole buruku, omo jati jati, awon fraudsters, forgers and violent gang.

      • Tunde

        And your PDP isnt tainted with forgery and dishonesty? Remember Ms Odua, did she not lie and doctor her CV? Or is it one rule for PDP and another for every one else? Abeg remove the log in your eye before you blow the spec out of another person’s eye. That’s the problem with PDP, impunity, recklessness, ,isuse of power, that’s what they do best.

        • emmanuel

          Forgers are everywhere, but na this thief we know now. This evil will not go like that.

          Turaki Adamawa, I beg warm up to campaign jare. Na you be APC candidate nor be this Toronto baba!

          • Tunde

            So you don’t know Stella Odua is a thief?
            And your logic is, it’s ok that Odua is a forger and a thief, but it doe not matter.
            Stop exposing your stupidity bro.

          • emmanuel

            I do not know anything about Stella Oduah’s certificate, but I know she was involved in a sleeze and was sent packing on that account. What do you call 1 kilometer of aterial road for N1 billion? By the way, try comparing it with Oduahs aviation cash for cars and you would conclude the PDP is a jest of saints againts you structured fraudsters Tinubu, Fashola amd Ambode.

            No case for all the lootings. Tinubu suddenly became the richest man in SouthWest Nigeria for no known business. Useless people!

            Osinbajo the Pastor a member of Alfa Beta board is a saint, yet seat over the most covetous company in Nigeria today.

            If Oduah was on the hot pan for two months for some hundreds of million amd you refuse to talk about Afromedia Road at Okokomaiko and Yaya Abatan Roads, then I conclude you are a satanic agent.

            Recall that Odumakin took Akala to court for 1 kilometre road for N91 million

        • New Jersey

          Also check GEJ Phd. certificate. Did he finished? Food for thought.

  • Law

    Dokubo Asari is a Fugitive. He’s not a Nigerian. He is naturalized citizen of Benin (Dahomey) Republic. Marilyn Ogar DSS ought to have arrested this known and confessed state sponsored terrorist. Well na so we see am.

    Moreso, Ayodele Fayose the Ekiti Governor of DOOM, DESTRUCTION AND DEATH; First started this nonsense.


    Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Kenneth Minimah was born on 27 July 1959 in Opobo Kingdom, Rivers State, Nigeria. Please, Don’t turn the Nigerian Army to Niger Delta Army. Stop the incitements and sectionalism going on in the Nigerian Army and made worse by your tribalism and nepotism against a Retired General and Former Head of State GMB.

    Don’t start another ‘Why we struck of 1966’. A General is a General, Army is One and Esprit DE Corp, Ahuwah.

  • Nic2929

    KI said this 2 weeks ago, based on my discussion with my uncle who is a power broker in Nigerian politics, there will not be an election come February. Even if there is one, it will be inconclusive. A lot of the so called “big men” in Nigeria have moved to Abuja to work on this. Pls no one should attack me, I am just sharing a real certified info with u all. The first phase has started with the NSA speech today….it is to taste the waters to see how Niger people will take it…,.,second phase is: prominent Nigerians and pastors bankrolled by GEJ team. Buhari will never rule Nigeria, which is a shame! I am just interested to see how all these play out.

  • solozo

    Clearly, the PDP MUST RULE NIGERIA TILL CHRIST COMES. How convenient it is for all sorts to wait until they see that the elections may not go the way of the PDP, then suddenly 2011 election violence becomes an issue. What were they doing since 2011? Good riddance to bad rubbish I beg

    • kkk

      They were suddently woken up by Typhoon Buhari which is currently ravaging their inept administration.

  • Uzoma John

    On what basis are they taking our GMB to ICC. The same GEJ set up a Committee to investigate the real and remote cause of the post-election violence. The Report of the Committee fully exonerated GMB. GEJ should make that Report public. We are not afraid of ICC. All we know is that GMB is our President come February 15, and will be sworn in by May. Who is afraid of ICC. GEJ himself will end up there for relinquishing his primary responsibility of securing lives and properties of Nigerians- giving Boko Haram free reign to distabilize the country due to his inactions, wickedness and incompetence. Let’s swear in GMB first. We will answer ICC when they come calling. It happened in Kenya where Kenyan President submitted himself to ICC but the case was dropped. PDP, nothing can stop Nigerians from actualizing this change coming our way. I also hear you guys are planning to call the election off that is barely 3 weeks away. Your rejection as a Party and her membership is so overwhelming that GEJ is not even sure of winning in Otuoke. Who is afraid?

  • annasuku

    Our amiable GMB should not allow all these PDP-orchestrated attacks to distract him from his campaigns. All these will soon fade away after his victory come February 14. The report of Sheikh Lemu-led committee on 2011 post election crisis is there for the uninformed. It was a Fed Govt constituted committee. GMB was exonerated. PDP should be preparing to vacate the seat of power. GMB will surely win with a land slide come Feb 14.

    • kkk


  • emmanuel

    Uhuru Kenyanta was sent to the ICC on this same account and his case started shortly after five years when he won election.

    Buharis case is not late in coming.

    ICC do your work.

    His mew threat is not even about the electorates, but on the president.

  • marc umeh

    They are now waking up to a 2011 incident just a few weeks before an election ? What a shameless group of political neophytes trying to influence an election.

    • petersen

      The issue of 2011 ve to be revisited because signs of voilence is already being displayed by politicians. it doesnt stop buhari from contesting. it will help reduce voilence.

  • emmanuel

    Which one be FailBuhari again? We know February and not FailBuhari biko!

  • nnadoris

    APC. Are shameless party who dnt believe in truth

  • abbadd

    All this groups sponsored by Goodwill Akpabio to discredit Buhari will not work and the so called Northern youths who are members of the groups let them go to the North and see what the real northern youth will say to their proposal. BUHARI said AKATSA ATSARE AJIRA ARAKA in the hausa language it means vote and protect your vote and wait let the electoral officers count it to prevent rigging. How those this now manifest into BUHARI said people should kill those that oppose him? People should at least have the decency to say the truth and represent the truth not always sell their dignity for couple of NAIRAs kai.

    • Otile

      How does an illiterate man with a forged certificate expect to rule over millions of educated youths without challenge? This is not a military junta.

      Buhari show a genuine certificate.

      • Garba

        We already saw that with Jonathan.
        Buhari can not be more illiterate.

        UNIPORT how did it happen?

      • tamedu 777

        What do u call a man without PhD thesis , yet calls himself Dr. Dubious characters.

      • Babs

        Thank u sir

      • Sophia Ukpere

        Ur obviously highly misinformed. Please sit down And study Co’s I’m pretty sure you And the youths you speak for just went to school, But school didn’t go into them.

  • richkid

    I don’t know why on earth buhari should be qualified to contest, a man without certificate!! We need leadership by example. People who know the value of life not somebody who will be inciting religious and tribal differences all the time, not one who believes that western Education is a sin!!! Vote for GEJ continuity let this fresh air continue

    • Dr. Kay

      Lol, your bitterness go kill you oh rich kid soon to be poor kid when all the corrupt money flowing to you via your equally corrupt papa stops.
      Continue lamenting , your PDP is not INEC, the handwriting is on the wall, your goose had been cooked, GMB is the next president of Nigeria , continuity ko , continuity ni, GEJ is a failure, a corrupt ,clueless clown and to cap it all he is a fraud, no PhD ,all a ruse , and he’s so aggressive asking for another person’s WASC certificate.
      He who is a thief ,always suspect others of stealing when he’s the one highly guilty of deception.
      You guys had lost on all fronts in this campaign , just see the crowds following GMB’s campaign train, keep on dreaming Biko, your Jona is a goner!

  • richkid

    We don’t need a government by force this is no military!! We need a government of proper sensitization and development of individuals. An illiterate can’t preside over gurus. Thumbs up GEJ Bravo ur right man for Nigeria

  • richkid

    All this groups APC paid to campaign aren’t even going to vote for them just want the money from them and put up violence. Even people try to win APC primaries so they can start eating APC money. They still vote GEJ on that day. GEJ the Crown fits you Pls continue

    • Dr. Kay

      So why are you all pissing in your pants hatching a plot to postpone the election then ? The proof of the pudding is in the eating .
      Let’s all meet at ground zero Febuhari 14 and we’ll see.
      Please pass to your bosses , we are ready to translate our support to massive outpouring of votes, be afraid my friend ,be seriously afraid , it will be an avalanche , unprecedented in naijas history

      • Etomi

        If the Feb 14 date is sacrosanct for the general election to hold, it would be the earliest that elections would be held in Nigeria since the dawn of the Fourth Republic…
        And even if the election date is shifted by a month, say, to hold in March 14, it would still be the earliest that elections would be held in Nigeria since 1999..
        So I ask: Is there any thing legally, morally or fundamentally wrong with adjusting, for practical reasons, the election date by just a month???
        Aside from the obvious that many eligible voters have yet to collect their PVCs, which makes suggestion for extension of time to accomplish at least 80% coverage tenable, I hope you are aware that the courts are currently not sitting because of judicial workers’ strike, and this development holds grave implication for the polity ahead and beyond the elections….
        Grave implication, I repeat!!!!!
        There are many politicians, including Buhari I dare say, with baggage, who are currently under investigation, or of whom investigations have established sleaze and criminality against them, that ought to have been nailed by the courts before the election..
        Right now, however, you just can’t file any application challenging them, let alone have the courts sit for hearing applications, because of the current lock down, whose end-date no-one really knows!!!!
        Do you have any idea of the grave injustice you would have done to persons with genuine reasons, and with locus standi, to contest their ambition?
        Take the solemnization of marriage for example…
        Even convention recognizes the justice or justness of pronouncing the bans of marriage before the priest declares a couple man and wife….
        To that extent, I ask: Do you have any idea of what in judicial parlance is referred to as pre-election matters???
        How do we go into an election with all the courts in Nigeria not in sitting, not hearing the genuine arguments of claimants against politicians seeking elective offices?
        What then happens to pre-election matters?
        You mean they would cease to exist during this period, given that the courts are in a lock down owing to the strike action by judicial workers?
        Do you know what grave injustice you would have done to those who have genuine reasons to challenge the ambition of politicians with questionable characters going into this election???
        Do you know that if you cannot at least file (not hear) a pre-election matter before an election, the courts cannot sit to hear them even after the election???
        So, what we would have are politicians with shady character coasting home unchallenged and unchallengeable…
        Is that good for justice or the health and integrity of our fledgling democracy????
        I strongly believe that the call for the election date to be adjusted by at least a month is healthy, practical and patriotic….
        The doors of our courts must be flung open now!!!
        The machinations of shadowy politicians, who apparently are the puppet masters of the strike, furtive as the are, must be frustrated now!!!!
        For superior patriotic reasons, the so-called judicial workers must sheath their swords, call off the strike, and save our democracy!!!!!
        Otherwise, there is no basis going into this election with the untoward development…

  • richkid

    Fail buhari and his jihads

    • tamedu 777

      Make some sense pls…..

  • Nwokolo

    PDP should be held responsible for any breakdown of law and order and should get ready to face the real ICC if anything evil happens to this country. Fani Kayode has been on TV abusing Buhari. A former Head of State and an elder. They have concocted and forged all sorts of lies ands documents to tarnish his image. The camapaign has been quite smooth until the PDP panic set in this week. All the pelting of the President which is condemable is a direct offshoot of these abuses from FFK and the inhuman advert from Fayose, a siiting governor for that matter. Finally the NSA is suggesting shifting the elections. Nigerians be vigilant

  • David Adeniran

    “However the programme did not end without drama.As Ibrahim Baba was ending the press address, some attendees and members of the coalition, who claimed to have been invited purportedly to campaign for peaceful elections, started jeering. They said they did not know the press conference was meant to discredit Mr. Buhari, accusing the conveners of promoting PDP agenda. The dissident members were forcibly sent out of the conference room but they continued shouting, This is unfair; we were not told to come for this!”
    You can see the hand of the Chief Manipulator Jonathan in all this.
    Why is this man so scared of a Buhari Presidency?
    When will this King Saul of our generation know that God has already taken the Kingdom away from him and given it to another who will do His will?
    How long will this man run away from the defeat that is already in his domain?
    What is wrong in going to Otuoke to enjoy your retirement? Or would you rather prefer you spend it in Kirikiri?

  • Fillip

    Even the North is turning against GMB. Despite gross media manipulation and exploitation of the heartache caused by BH, he true nature can’t be hidden. He will have Nigeria burn on the altar of his own success if he has to. He should be locked in jail for the few years ha has left alive.

  • odogwu

    The more reason why Fail buhari will be rejected at the poll come failbuhari 14 2015,The presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, (APC), who yesterday, had his statement of result released by his secondary school in Katsina has been busted by a new revelation. This revelation, which has come less than 24 hours later, shows the said result is fake. Amongst others is the damning revelation that Hausa was not offered as a subject in WASC until after 1974.

    Yoruba was the only Nigerian language that was offered as a course in 1961. Live News investigation obtained a document showing the curriculum of Nigerian secondary education as far back as 1842. follow this link…http://www(dot)livenewsng(Dot)com/2015/01/buhari-busted-waeccambridge-did-not.html?m=1

  • odogwu

    The more reason why Fail buhari will be rejected at the poll come failbuhari 14 2015,The presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, (APC), who yesterday, had his statement of result released by his secondary school in Katsina has been busted by a new revelation. This revelation, which has come less than 24 hours later, shows the said result is fake. Amongst others is the damning revelation that Hausa was not offered as a subject in WASC until after 1974.

    Yoruba was the only Nigerian language that was offered as a course in 1961. Live News investigation obtained a document showing the curriculum of Nigerian secondary education as far back as 1842. follow this link…http://www(dot)livenewsng(Dot)com/2015/01/buhari-busted-waeccambridge-did-not.html?m=1.

  • Hamza Shaba

    That’s a good one… Nobody should go unpunished, there should be a spirit of partisanship in politics and so Buhari should not be charged for the crisis he caused during the last election that claimed the lives of corp members and other individuals.

  • Etomi


    “I remember in 1985 in Africa Hall that he was for
    confirmation of Dr Peter Onu of Nigeria, who was acting Secretary
    General but Nigeria’s Head of State Gen Muhammadu Buhary was adamant in
    his support of Niger’s candidate, Idi Omaro, a Fulani Muslim. In a
    meeting, a handful of Presidents led by Nyerere met with Gen Buhary and
    Nwalimu begged him: ‘Please give us Peter!’ Buhary refused and forgot
    even to be courteous to his old peers. What was astonishing, when the
    vote was in favour of Niger’s candidate, the Nigerian Head rejoiced to
    such a degree that he was unable to control his emotions. That was a
    moment I witnessed and was convinced that General Buhary would not last
    long as a leader.” – The OAU: Reality Or Fiction by Ibrahim Daggash,
    former Head of Information and Communication, Organization of African
    Unity (OAU); pg 69; ISBN 1-9044722- 25-3

    • tyson

      he did same between late Fela and PS Ministry of finance—-alhaji alhaji–when two of them arrived MM airport with foreign currencies sent Fela to prison and left Alhaji off he hook

      • Etomi

        Maybe that is why he cuts the image of a god among northern plebeians, his instrument and cannon fodder for bloodletting and blackmail!!!!

  • tyson

    I said it long b4 now that BUHARI was not electable–some said na lie—cow wey no get tail na God dey drive fly commot for him body——————–that is Jonathan for u

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    BUHARI has many hurdles and dirties

  • kenny

    Looking at the caliber of people running after Buhari and others saying he is the best that can lead Nigeria, I doubt it if the country can ever make any progress. They told us the same thing in 1999 and here we are, still looking for the right man.

  • UYI111

    Buhari must pay for the blood of those innocent youth corpers and other including women and children

    • Mohstone

      Then Jonathan must pay for more than 30,000 lives under his watch. Just ask him to answer the question Obj asked him infrom of two MoGs.

      • UYI111

        dont forget how boko haram started? so ask the polls ringer and those that empower them in their zones to starts killing all their indegenous Christians for voting against them had it not been for the bumerang effect have you heard buhari conderming the fulani plunderings and killings in the middle-belt nor boko haram nop untill he started eyeing the apc ticketsome few months ago. buhari is a retrogresive go and check his past economic policies like trade by barter etc while his friends in the bureau de changes were trafficking in foreing currencies i.e emir of guandu excorted briefcases on buhari.s order or is it the buhai that thinks he is above the law that he made also in the case of hajj?
        or is it the buhari that refuse to follow a democratic set down rules that a copy of his certificate should included on his application or the buhari that actually join the army without the basic requirements ?
        or the buhari that went and forge a certificate in the name of power by all means ? or the buhari that never went to the oputa panel set up by his newest friend OBJ in the of we past general or expired general whose only war fought was the killings of fellow Nigerians civilians and buhari war of ittimidation boot kicking and cane wiping of ladies wearing trousers ? the list is endless buhari has expired long ago he should not be a problem the apc are using him to bargain for their pocket because they think they have some brainwash kids who has been promise all manners of things after telling not vote an infidel which is his only igredient to set the stage for a repeat of 2011 killing spree but this time he will be suprise where he will land his sorry ass Nigeria is greater than anyone.

      • ani

        please keep shut if you have nothing to say. I have read your past three re-active comments and they are blind.

  • Chuckwuebuka Alavavite

    GMB’s backing is starting to crumble. Many APC members are realizing he is not the best candidate for them after all, while many northerners know he hasn’t their instrest in mind – merely his own greed. No one can campaign on lies forever.

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      u are the lier. Buhari fans continue to multiply everyday. sit down there, Jona is gone with all his lies. We have Chosen Change this 2015.

      • Chuckwuebuka Alavavite

        It’s a nice fairytale you’re telling. APC will fail because of GMB – which is somewhat of a shame if you want my opinion. He is the biggest fraud out there. Change? Do you know anything about this man? He seeked help from Burson Marsteller, but even them can hide such a blatant fact.

  • truth

    Buhari is long overdue for Jail. Something like 1,500 yrs in jail will be a mild sentence considering the number of people who have been blown up, maimed or psychologically destabilized as a result of his actions. into

  • richkid

    Buhari and his violence is not is not qualified to compete with GEJ. He is not a rival! Gej all the way

  • richkid

    Association of past criminals (APC) headed by fail bUhari!!

  • richkid

    This thieves because table turned around and couldn’t accommodate them and there greed, they now form apc to fight back. He just feel like Nigeria should catch cold if he sneezes. A man without school certificate.

  • richkid

    He formed boko haram. Killing innocent people because they are christians. BUHARI the blood you are shading , there is GOD oo. Your killing people just to cause unrest in JONATHANS Govt. But the just shall live by faith. God will fight for us

    • Mohstone

      richthief, this one na old propaganda na !!! E don obsolete tay tay. try something new abeg.

  • Akinfenwa Mikel

    Maybe with this prosecution the APC will be more friendly to moving the election date later than February 14, as many in the country want so that everyone can vote. Something needs to happen to help BUhari and APC come to senses about the fact that postponing the election is not a bad thing, or an advantage for Jonathan. It will just allow more people to vote. Or maybe Buhari is worried that the longer people wait to vote, the more supporters he will lose over these controversies — does he want the presidency before they can uncover more dirt from his past, the dictator?…

  • tbt

    But why do Nigerians like prisoners to be ruling them? Buhari was a prisoner for 36months so also Obasanjo was a convicted criminal sent to prison. it is like this nation and Nigerian’s don’t see anything wrong to be a prisoner.

    • Mohstone

      Mental blindness dey worry you thats why you cant see that you are in prison under PDP for 16 years. Buhari is here to help you out of the prison.

      • Adebowale

        Mr. Akinfenwa or whatever ur name is…you are a disgrace to Yoruba race and betrayal of Yoruba pride.

        • Yusuf Abdulrahman

          Why can’t you PDP supporters just make your points without insulting, hating or going violent? This is democracy and there shouldn’t be sentiments attached. Grow up folks.

  • ceweeco projects

    Oh Buhari, there was HOPE at the beginning, later it finally turned to PARTY of certificate forgers! No wonder OLUWALE is sited in your domain and has bluntly refused to demolish it till now! APC shame!

  • Ayodele Ohakim

    What drama is there in prosecuting the person responsible for the death of a thousand persons over his loss at democratic elections? A call for post-election violence has absolutely no place in modern Nigeria and its perpetrator should be prosecuted by any legal mean available.

  • Emmanuel Gbadamosi

    Well now this is getting interesting. Ihope for Buhari that his team of forgers can live up to their names because it will no longer be about presenting forged school certificates now.

    Furthermore, it is in Nigeria’s interest to get rid by legal and political means of this former dictator that clinch to power by every branch he can hold onto.

  • richkid

    Some clueless idiots without ideas that can change lives wants to effect change. Have u changed yourselves first. For over how many years no result and ur not bordered. Somebody who doesn’t want to accept development!! He will tell his people that polio vaccine is not right because he doesn’t know anything

  • richkid

    GEJ is changing lives. Buhari wat did u forget in aso rock. Tell Jona to give u, because u can’t smell they again!!!!

  • James Ogunbiyi

    Abeg who sponsored this ‘tales by moon light’ to ICC?.

  • His in the same league with Omar of Sudan