Boko Haram leader, Shekau, brands Nigerian soldiers cowards; says Baga weapons enough to win war

The controversial leader of the Boko Haram terror group Abubakar Shekau on Tuesday declared the duo of President Goodluck Jonathan and his 2015 arch-rival, Muhammadu Buhari as infidels who cannot rule Nigeria.

He declared that the war he is waging would soon bring democracy to an end.

Mr. Shekau who spoke in a 36 minutes video released via youtube also warned that more killings and attacks would be recorded in the days to come as he boasted that the quantum of ammunition his group has so far seized from the Nigerian army especially in Baga would be enough to prosecute a war against Nigeria.

The man whom Nigeria military authority had declared dead on three occasions in the last two years said his group would soon bring Nigeria to its knees and warned the governments of the neighbouring countries, comprising of Chad, Cameroon and Niger of similar attacks.

Mr. Shekau who appeared in the video standing in front of three patrol jeeps mounted with anti-air assault guns was dressed in his usual military khaki with an AK47 hanging from his shoulder across his chest. He delivered his long speech, first in Arabic which lasted for 17 minutes and then in Hausa for about seven minutes.BBK 3

He ended his speech by burning a Nigerian flag, and replacing it with his group’s flag that had a black background and white inscription.

The full translation of his speech reads: “We thank God for making us enter Baga and Doro-Baga in victory. We have today declared Baga as part of our territory and one of our operational base”.

“Jonathan you are in trouble. All governors of Nigeria are in trouble. All these war equipment that you see being displayed in the screen are gotten from Baga and Doro. Your army kept deceiving the world that you can’t fight us because you have no arms. Liars! You have all that it takes; you are just coward soldiers. You forgot that it is God that arms. Is it not amazing that we, who started with sticks and machetes, are today the biggest headache to the almighty Nigerian soldiers? What a shame!!

“Jonathan is it not shameful that now even your supporters are insulting and causing you? This should be a sermon to the world that you should not trust in humans. Any one that trusts a man will end up regretting. This is just the beginning of the killings; what you’ve just witnessed is a tip of the iceberg; more deaths are coming. This will mark the end of politics and democracy in Nigeria. This is to confirm to you that we carried out the Baga massacre, and we are going to do more.

“Nigerians are busy with politics, hailing Buhari! Buhari, Jonathan! Jonathan! Do you think the two of them are spared? Do you think even Buhari is a good Muslim? Buhari is not a Muslim as far as we are concerned – He is nothing but an infidel and our enemy.

“Muhammed Yusuf, the president of Niger, so you too have the temerity of coming out to pay sympathy visit to the Francois Holland the President of France. Is this your true character? Muhammed Yusuf, you have amazed us. You shall soon see our wrath, very soon.

“And you, Paul Biya, the president of Cameroon. Now you are asking for foreign assistance; please don’t waste your time because God is more than all the help you will get.BBK 4

“And even you Idris Debby, you are not spared. You guys have acted too late, very late.

“Before I end my speech; I want to react to a radio broadcast from France where the French said they are enemies of Islam and the prophet of Islam. I am going to read the France statement (he tried reading a French statement) In that broadcast the French government and people after insulting the holy prophet of Islam said a war against terrorisms is the same as fighting muslims.

“After this I will be setting ablaze the Nigerian flag just like we always do in all the places that we have conquered. It is a useless flag and its relevance would soon be a thing of the past. We are now showing the world all the arms and ammunition that we got from the Nigeria army barracks in Baga, Doron-Baga, Mile-4 and this barrack. What we have in our armoury now, plus all that we had before is enough to execute a victorious war against the whole Nigeria.

Shekau was later shown in the video setting a Nigerian flag on fire, and hoisting a Boko Haram flag. He then lifted a black flag with Arabic inscription as he recited an altered version of the first few lines of the Nigeria National Anthem, speaking in English:
Boko Haram

“I pledge to Allah, my God. To be Faithful Loyal and Honest. To serve Allah with all my strength. To defend his Islam… Allahu Akbar!! Nigeria is dead; her constitution is dead!! Islam and Islam; war by war upon the Kafir who is the unbeliever”.

The concluding parts of the video showed a footage of some Boko Haram members setting flags of Nigeria on fire as one of them was heard saying; “and say the truth has come and falsehood has disappeared; verily falsehoods are bound to disappear”.

One of the Boko Haram members who was dressed in a kaftan with a belt on his waste and a turban around his head conducted the camera around a large a cache of arms and ammunitions, as he gave details on each weapon and how they were obtained.

“All these arms and ammunition you see in their thousands are gotten from Baga. We thank God for making this possible because he says we should always thank him for every good thing he does and he shall give us more. Words cannot express our gratitude to him. It is his mercy for us that is why we got them so easily. God says he would test us with all that he gives us; so we know God will be waiting to see what we would do with these things. Insha Allahu we are going to do his work with these arms at our disposal. We are going to sacrifice our lives in doing God’s work.

“As you can see we have thousands of AK 47 rifles, we have so much that we are still conveying them to our camp here. We have AA, we have different kind of them that can be mounted on vehicles. We have Shell Car; we have RPGs; We have mag and so on. We cannot just mention them. We have dozens of vehicles and thanks to God that has given us”.


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  • Ome

    Wars have traditionally been fought and won by Generals,

    Where are the Generals of the Nigerian Army. So far their only input into this war is in court martial, and the release of press statements from Abuja.

    Which General is in Charge of Prosecuting this war.

    • Chris1408

      Unfortunately Nigerian generals didn’t earn their stars. You can’t teach what you don’t know, hence, Nigeria is losing to ragtag Shekau in their own backyard because the generals are worthless. Corruption and who know man syndrome

      • sunday

        This is not about GEJ failing, its d nig army with so many BH members in their midst

    • PureWater1985

      Don’t mind them, they are busy promoting themselves. Fools and cowards, pot belly pepper soup generals them.

  • DD

    And some fools tell me to vote 4 more years under this inept president and his gang of pot-bellied generals.

  • Richard

    In the State of the Union speech delivered by President Obama , he said his number one job is to protect America . That is a President who knows what he is doing and cares about his job and his people.

    • Chris1408

      Security is not in GEJ job description. The worst president on earth

      • Folahan

        I dont think he read the Job Description…..

        • Aliyu

          Afterall he told us that god gives him things he never sought for. So how could he be prepared for the job. Presidency by luck, governor by luck, dupty governor by luck. Even Luck runs out at some point, abi??

      • D1

        GEJ’s job description is enjoy the pecks of office to the fullest.

  • Chris1408

    It’s utterly shameful. Ragtag group like Boko Haram is taking our trillion Naira budget military to the cleaners. This is what happens when the generals earned their stars in beer parlor and are experts in corruption and civilians brutality

  • mohammed nur

    what a shame? the nigerian army need to be overhauled.

    • paul eneke

      They are busy cooking lies against Buhari,my dear,heads shall roll in the army.

  • abc

    Where are those brainless Nigerians including the DSS, who are always asking for sponsors of BH. For gods sake see the weapons this guys got easily as freebies, and that is the trend for the past 5yrs. And instate of the govt to act immediately to get this weapons out of their hands by any means b4 it’s put into terrorising Nigerians, all we heard from the CinC is they are on top of the situation. How will a reasonable CinC will sleep without seeing this weapons recovered or destroyed from this terrorist.

  • PROF

    Islam has let the world down .

    • Eniolataiwo

      How prof, since u know better, retard. Do u ow many brilliant minds that lost their lyf at the inquisition. Ow many lives were lost to the crusaders pretending as colonial, are they Muslims.

    • D1

      Your President has let the country down!

  • Captano

    Fellow citizens, Nigerian Army will defeat Boko Haram decisively and very soon.
    Make no mistake about that, the opportunistic raid on Baga town notwithstanding.

    • Jumoke

      Your soon is 10 years, wake up PDP dreamer. When the military have become politicians?

    • mbaba

      A copy and paste statement from the defence HQ. u no try

  • Jumoke

    They Nigerian military are busy chasing Buhari’s certificate on behalf of PDP while Boko Haram overun their barracks with relative ease. Shame on the the incompetent presidency.

  • passing by

    let the GEJ apologetics talk now, have they gone into hiding?

  • adekenny

    Jonathan does not have the IQ of military strategy! He is a novice in defence military circle! Again jonathan is an ethnic bigot, a pretender! These characters make him fail and can never win the war against Boko haram! This group has declared war against the whole country! It will take a fighting spirit leader, a commander,to crush Boko haram! Not a weak and religion fanatic like jonathan,!! May GOD help us and bless nigeria

  • Goodguy

    And some Northern muslim soldiers said they were not well equipped ?.

    • Chris1408

      Your president said it. Shameless president and generals

    • Eniolataiwo

      U are complete moron,what has northern Muslim soldiers got to do with this. How many of our service chiefs. Idiots.

    • Otile

      Taqiyya, comrade, taqiyya.

  • shegxy

    shekau has won the war; Because in a war, there are always winner and conqueror looser as well and even enemy weapons and slaves will be taking over by the winner so all of these shekau has achieved.. and we dont need anymore story from Nigeria army have failed in this mission they only have 2 options left. firstly accept the defeat and ask for foreign help to take back the lost territory or accept to let the lost territory go. SHAME TO NIGERIAN ARMY and the so called Otuoke clown running the show.

  • Rommel

    The army is busy tearing up Buhari’s certificates on the orders of this buffon that calls himself commander in chief of Nigeria’s armed forces,the western world refused to do more because they are all convinced that Nigeria has what it takes to defeat Boko Haram but somehow is refusing to do it because someone somewhere is not doing his Job.Today a rag tag group is threatening Nigeria,see how low we have sunk,must we die because one of us is the president? the army could not even confirm to that they have barracks in baga,they were silent over the attack as it it never happened which is the hallmark of the Jonathan administration,deny if possible,its a shame.

    • D1

      You have said it all in few words! Jonathan’s administration silence is sickening and speaks volume, shows how inept he is. He thinks denying or pretending it never happens, will makes him look bad and the situation to go away, but forgotten that addressing the issue and taking it heads on, will show him as being on top of the situation (competent) regardless of it’s outcome.
      It’s only in Nigeria that the President doing his JOB is an ‘achievement’, not knowing that is what they are voted in for, that show how low our expectations are.
      They have turned the election campaign into a caricature, from issue-based to character assassination and ‘awada kerikeri’ (entertainment). Of course, trust Nigerians, they’ve tuned in, waiting for ‘school certificates, birth certificates, medical certificates and all sorts’, forgotten what we want as a people, what our goals are, and which direction we want the country to go.
      It’s really disappointing that even GROWN MEN are being entertained as well, (check Thisday articles). Every institution has turned partisan, of course, they want a leader that will turn a blind eye to their corruption and impunity, by allowing it to fester and continue unabated. It’s really painful.

  • sonia

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  • Don Jeremy

    Kai !, Nigeria in a mess ! only God can save us. Imagine the irony which has turned into reality; just a single
    impertinent-illiterate-bush-rate is celebrating a victory for capturing major towns and seizing guns and tanks from the Nigerian government, from a bunch soldiers , from the army barracks !! just a SINGLE impertinent-illiterate-bush-rate !! someone who started with machetes and cutlasses !!!??

    • Aliyu

      Yes, thats what happens when a government continues to live in denial. A government surrounded by praise singers and selfish advisers.

    • PureWater1985

      That individual named Abubakar Shekau is not an illiterate eh, the guy is well educated, he also speaks many languages fluently. Search for one of his vids on you tube where he sent a message in English, that alone will you determine his literacy level.

  • Yasin

    Shekau, common criminal and terrorist, has the audacity to boast that ….
    “…Is it not amazing that we, who started with sticks and machetes, are today the biggest headache to the almighty Nigerian soldiers? What a shame!!
    …….That is the most difficult to read part of his Rant.
    That is also enough reason to classify the Commander-in-Chief and his top security advisers as well as Service Chiefs incompetent.
    Nigerians vote for a change on 14 Febuhari 2015.

  • Mbaba

    Late Gaddafi has said it once while addressing his soldiers that “…if you want to be a major general then go 2 d nigerian army, if u want to be a general then go to the nigerian army…”. 20 years after we are beginning to decode what Gaddafi meant. In Nigeria today we have “GENRALS” who cannot measure up to ordinary sergeants from elsewhere. Security is politicized and agencies now headed by cowards, fraudsters, roughs, quarrks, etc. Nemesis will very soon catch up with them God’s willing.

    • Chris1408

      Well said!!

    • Otile

      How can you have efficient illiterate generals. It doesn’t make good sense.

  • the truth

    This news and video brought now to divert attention from buharis certificate scandal.nigerians don’t be deceived

    • Ukpaka

      mumu… need to concentrate on what’s important. Your coward president and commander in chief is being disgraced. Do you think it’s a mere coincident the American’s government has totaled ignored Nigeria?
      By God’s will, we’ll have a very capable and proven leader, GMB, in less than 2 months.
      Don’t think for a second you’re safe in the creeks of SS under your uncle GEJ. He is the first president in our history to cede parts of Nigeria to a bunch of unorganized and untrained youth. He has no shame and you have none either. Can’t figure out why he wants to remain president when he keeps crying his enemies are doing this or that and his dumb ass can’t do a thing about it.

    • One moment

      The Certificate is ready search you will see it. it is available for u to see

    • SAM .A

      Mr liar , preoccupy yourself with certificate when Shekau is killing those Jonathan promised to secure and same time taunting him.

  • ODOFIN, Lagos

    By God’s grace, Nigeria will rise and shine again after Buhari has been sworn-in by May 29, 2015…

    • One moment

      Thank u Odofin may God continue to bless you

  • growthengine

    I thought they said our soldiers had no weapons or equipment. At least Shekau has answered APC. The weapons are enough to win the war, but our soldiers are not brave enough, or there are rats among them selling them out to Shekau.

    • Onike24

      Wow! Can you spin a yarn!

  • Ukpaka

    The president and all his generals are cowards……….no better way to put it. These Boko Haram fools are in the open and our commander in chief and his generals have no way to engage them. They’re are too busy embezzling money and building mansions. Some of the generals have already lost their mansions and more will follow. They argue they don’t have weapons and yet we’re seeing lots of weapons. I guess the will to fight is not there because the generals are enriching themselves with whatever was budgeted for the welfare of the soldiers. The president who is neck-deep in corruption himself, lacks the courage to do the right thing.
    This guy has got to be the worst president ever in the history of Nigeria. His supporters are blinded by religious and ethnic hatred. I’m not sure who’s worse off…..the president or his mumu supporters.
    We have a great opportunity next month to change this curse and elect a capable president in the person of GMB. He will discipline corrupt generals and re-train and motivate the soldiers to reclaim our land and provide succor to our brothers&sisters in the North East who have suffered and lost way too much. Only those with no conscience will vote for Johnathan who is inept at leading this country.

    • One moment

      Good observation God bless u

  • Gaskiya

    These Boko Haram will soon be history. Just be patient for another month, since Jonathan and our general have turned a blind eye on their primary responsibilities. GEJ will do the job. Just make sure you Vote for GEJ and Osinbanjo…

    • Otile

      Good advice. Maybe because of the certificate scandal you APC former supporters are no campaigning for GEJ. This is good development.

  • Gaskiya

    These Boko Haram will soon be history. Just be patient for another month, since Jonathan and our general have turned a blind eye on their primary responsibilities. GEJ will do the job. Just make sure you Vote for GEJ and Osinbanjo..

    • obamajack2

      Confused mind.

      • Kitunde

        lol..Or what else?

  • Otile

    Imam Shakau is not bragging for nothing. He knows he can always count on his fellow Muslims officers in the Nigerian Army.

    • HistoryisGood

      You just campaigned in Kano today. You guys need muslims to win the election. You even need them to rig the elections. Yet you abuse them non stop, these arrogance is maddening.

  • Allayes

    “Is it not amazing that we, who started with sticks and machetes, are today the biggest headache to the almighty Nigerian soldiers? What a shame!!”

    Shekau, it is not your fault; we know who to blame for this.

    • Mamapikin

      At least he spoke the truth there

      • Otile

        Say amen to your fellow islamist.

        • Mamapikin

          At every turn, you talk crap. Crap is in your head, your head is crap.

      • Allayes

        You are very right.

  • Stomach Infrastrucrure

    Nigeria is in need of Commander-In-Chief. Not Commander-In-Thief with Ph.d in Nonsense, from otuoke university of corruption and cluelessness. GMB all the way!

    • paul preston

      your gmb started the war but you just wait you will sing a different tune soon.As for the election GEJ will win no matter what,violent men will not assume power in this country

      • Emancipation

        Excuses and blames as usual from Jonathan Patience supporters, I don’t think she is a he, he is a she?

        • paul preston

          facts are sacred,quota general is well known for violent tendencies

        • paul preston

          read your post and see whether it conveys any sense

          • Emancipation

            You will never comprehend even when it’s a trivial fact that the Nigerian economy is been sucked dry by Deziani through GEJ underneath pipe, PwC auditing said that the missing trillions are for kerosene subsidy. The big question is where is the #kerosene?? Was the product supplied? To whom? And sold to whom at what price?? The SHE is Jonathan and the HE are the female unelected presiding the Nigerian economical affair in a corrupt manner under the pants of a drunk

  • Guest

    I guess no one will say govt did NT provide ammunition to soldiers

    • Truthometer

      Yes. Dumbo/PDP provided ammunitions to Shekau and his co-killers.

      • Bio

        Those ammunitions are craps,even David’s catapult has a more destructive impart than Shekau’s weapons display. Liarbiometer, your armoured personnel carrier (APC)party has no change to offer than what we had in previous past. Boko-Haram and cohorts have failed.

  • kday

    So now you see why the U.S refuse to sell Nigeria Any weapons. They already know that Dumbo is incapable of leading Nigeria out of this quagmire. Imagine This Shekau getting his hand on the Apache Helicopter compliment of Dumbo. say what you want about the U.S, but they are not as dumb and clueless as this government and its blind supporters. The wind has blown and the fowl ass is in the open. Afefe tife ati ri furo adiye.

    • Emancipation

      Perfectly put. thanks.

  • Kekedu

    Transformation agenda!

  • New Jersey

    It is a shame. In civilized country, all the service chiefs will vacate thier positions for this shame. All those useless generals should put down their uniforms. Shame.

    • Truthometer

      Service chiefs in Nigeria are not only corrupt, but equally shameless. Don’t expect them to vacate their positions, because they know that their boss, Dumbo, is spineless.

  • Guguru

    Boko Haram is a reflection of Jonathan’s desires and failures. Jonathan will be tried at the ICC for his complicity in the growth of Boko Haram.

  • obamajack2

    I said it before that Buhari can not stop Boko harams, even sultan of Sokoto or chief imam of mecca can not stop them. Once you are not their member or believe in their ideology you are an infidel, the enemy of Allah and islam you lives are valueless to them.

    • Emancipation

      Just a little propaganda, you’re afraid already. Boko haram can’t do nothing just a matter of time and with a man with the heart on the throne then US will release the weapon, if needed and AU armies wouldn’t be needed anymore, the Chadians will be chased back to their holes. Remember this, we might be having suicide attacks but not this kind of war tactics seen now. Be patient.

  • wahala

    After much reflection I now strongly believe jonathan is the right candidate. I will explain futher later

    • Guguru

      I doubt you have reflected enough. Either you were not sure of what you believed the first time or your reflections are now emotional rather than based on facts.

      • wahala

        Shut are still been fo0led.I have seen the light now.u are an aborigine and as such a f00l.I will disclose my findings soon.Jonathan is the right candidate

        • Guguru

          Impersonator, are you done hacking into Wahala’s account? Your statements do not have the quality and finesse of those of Wahala because you lack the mental capacity to write like Wahala. You are a hacker.

          • Wähala

            Just noticed the clown, but I’m rather disappointed in you for not realizing the pfoool is an imposter from the presidency or one of Renorats trying to be me. They tried the same on Sahara Reporters several years ago and I upped the ante by using stronger lyrics and the German (ä) which is not common or in every keyboard. That’s how much nightmare my comments gives them, just ignore the thugs and be more careful next time…

          • Guguru

            Real Wahala,

            Now, that sounds more like you. it took me a while to figure out that the fake wahala was an impostor. I took sometime to study the quality of his thoughts before i reached my conclusion.

            Real Wahala, kudos for being a real thorn in the behinds of Jonathan’s monkeys. I guess you give them enough wahala for them to consider impersonating you. That my friend, is a real badge of honor. Well done.

          • progress

            Ol boy ,ur name is giving Dumbo and his dummies nightmares,they are grouping and planning to hack ur account and steal ur style ,but i know God is always with the truthsayers. Peace bruv.

          • Kitunde

            @ real wahala Lol…Who is now trying to stress you?
            I have been following, waiting for your response-This is serious business..i’m enjoying it.

    • Stone

      Explain now

      • Wähala

        You’ve been pfooled, can’t you tell the difference between pork and beef?

  • Guguru

    Under Jonathan, Nigeria now shares its territory with a terror group called Boko Haram. Now, why would a President be okay sharing the land of the nation with terrorists? One way or another, Jonathan will be arrested and tried for the many evil things he has done in Nigeria.

    • wahala

      My brother this is an inside job carried out by few northern oligarchs to fight gej.I can see the light now,I will explain later on my findings to this forum.gej is the best candidate for this job

      • Guguru

        All my research says otherwise. I have looked at so many international data that points to Jonathan as a problem. He is a liar. Northern oligarchs have NOTHING to do with the poor economic data bedeviling Nigeria today. Produce your facts so that we can start having that discussion. Your sudden change is a little troubling.

        • D1

          He is not the real ‘Wähala’!

          • Guguru


            Yes, I eventually figured it out. I cannot believe these Jonathanian critters are even willing to impersonate another person.

      • Wähala

        You blew it with your first sentence, I never write (gej) but Dumbo since I gave him that name in a comment directed to @Deri on Sahara Reporters 4yrs ago… and my ‘a’ comes with ümlat (ä) which obviously, your keyboard lacks. Reno, when are you goig t stop stealing people’s names to cause mischief? I know give all of you sleepless nights from the Presidency to the Yellow House, I was there last summer yet, none of you coud identify me. Give up, live a clean life. God is with me and my mission like I told @Deri is to topple his moron with crisp analysis no pfool in Nigeria can match. Stop making an ahss of yourself bcos minds are like fingerprints: unique! Not even Siamese twins think alike… DIDINRIN !!!

    • greens

      u all r busy abusing Islam when they r doing what they are known for, as christians… do what u are known for. to fight Boko haram is the only bad thing u see GEJ’s government…..the unity is gone so the horse n the eagle leaves the coat of arm wit no arm……think!

  • Rick Eson

    Is our Nation so cripple militarily. It is quite frightening and shameful that a group call BOKO can occupy sizeable part of the Nation
    and use that as a launching Pad attacking Nigerian. What is wrong with our National security apparatus to bring these shame to the Nation.
    I nation incapable of defending it soil and the Citizen is doom. Who is responsible for these gigantic monumental failure?

  • FortB

    When I stated on this media that Boko Haram is not as well armed as the Nigerian military, people were insulting me here. When soldiers are being courtmarshalled for cowardice, some Mumu were shouting that they were not not given enough ammunition and weapons to fight. That they were sent on suicide mission, so they have a right to mutiny. Now hope we call see the quantum of weapons and ammunition abandoned for Boko Haram? Go to YouTube and see for yourself the amount of weapons and ammunition abandoned for Boko Haram in Baga. I don’t blame this terrorist who is boasting now. If only ignorant Nigerians and unpatriotic politicians were not inciting the unpatriotic soldiers, we won’t be having it this bad. Let the military continue to courtmarshall and sentence to death all sabotaging soldiers as per the law. Our country cannot be allowed to be treated this way. We are basically the ones arming the terrorists.

    • D1

      You think so! What made the soldiers abandon all this weapons in the 1st place? Boko Haram didn’t arrive empty handed, did they? The Soldiers position is, you are damn if you stay to engage or damn if you run!
      You claimed to be an Officer, maybe you need to take over the whole operation with a new strategy!

      • FortB

        Appoint me if you are the President then.

  • Bestvoice123

    Coward soldiers indeed. How can a soldier with the amount of ammunition and weapons that boko haram displayed abandon it and run away. It looks like a well planned mission. I seems this soldiers are supporting boko Abram. Even if they want to run, can’t they destroy those ammunition instead of equipping boko hamah with more weapons. This is very disgraceful.. those weapons will take boko haram time to move them. Where is the Nigerian Air force? Can’t they use Air force chopper to destroy those weapon if they run and leave weapons behind. The soldiers will tell us that no weapon to fight boko haram. What are all these? Stones abil!!!!

    • FortB

      My friend, you got it right. When some imposters were featured on CNN and some of us said it is propaganda, it was insults we received. The narrative that has been put out all these while is that ‘we do not have enough ammunition, or we ran pout of ammunition. We only had 60 rounds that is why we ran. Boko Haram videos continue to expose these lies that some gullible Nigerians chose to believe. The fact is that there are lots of saboteurs in the army today who has no business being there. They will surely be weeded out. Shame on unscrupulous Nigerians and foreign and local media that has been painting the government and military hierarchy black for not giving adequate arms and ammunition to the soldiers to fight. we can clearly see through that lie now, abi?

  • Otile

    Israel bus attack: Tel Aviv passengers stabbed

    This is what you can always expect with Islamists around you. Leave Imam Shakau to consolidate his Caliphate, that way Mohammedans can knife themselves all they like, ba ruwana.

    For those clamouring for Imam Buhari be ready to embrace: muggings, stabbings, amputations, beheading, stoning to death, forced rapes, and forceful conversions. It’s gonna be God help us.

    • Bibi

      So it means the “non-Islamist” couple-Mr. Jonathan and his mistress Madam DAM Oil should continue their illicit romance in Aso Rock? is that what you are saying otile?

    • Innah Marte

      Bastard!you are not a good christian, if you are you should have know that no one on earth can make follow his doctrines apart from that of christian faith as practicing Muslim I don’t think shekau or anyone can make me be his follower even at gun point.idiot understand your faith before you talk crab

  • jahbless

    some personalities are just saying Gej, Ge,j Gej, what have you done on your own to stop this killing or you guys think that is Gej that will carry gun and face Gboko Haram,, half of your so call Army are members of Gboko Haram, so stop all this noise, and think of better things to talk about.

  • okpe

    @Jahless Do u realy kwn the duty of a president?

  • Emancipation

    And they want arms from US, they think US are fools to give you arms so as you will surrender to terrorists.

  • Akib Abiola

    The only reason the likes of former President Obasanjo are attacking President Jonathan is because they know deep down that he has out performed them in the office. President Jonathan has built more universities, more schools, more roads, revamped our railroad systems, built more airports, more stadiums and expanded our economy in his six years in office than all presidents from 1960 to 2009. He has decentralized the oil and gas industry whereby any Nigerian can lift and export oil and gas unlike the old days when only cronies of the military junta were given lifting permits. We know there is corruption and President Jonathan has vowed to tackle that disease that has infected our country since independence. Do you really believes General Buhari who has surrounded himself with the likes of Tinubu and Atiku and who knew that the delegates who voted for him at the convention were bribed $5,000 each and who lied under oath will do a better job than the most humble and respectable President we have ever had in history. Boko Haram insurgency and Chibok kidnapping were parts of the strategies of the opposition to force a change of government at the center. Once the election is over and they realized their strategy of intimidation has failed, they will work with our President to end insurgency and release the Chibok girls. Nigerians and the world will not succumb to terrorists

    • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

      please name the stadium Jonathan built.

      • bilyaminu ibrahim

        Alade dnt waste ur tym, dis guy s either paid or out of touch wit d reality

      • Mike udi

        Ask him to mention the universities?

    • Phil

      Stop living in fools paradise. Be sincere to yourself and assess Nigeria’s situation at the moment beyond sentiment. We all voted GEJ in with an unprecedented hope and excitement that he’ll give Nigeria and Nigerians a facelift, but unfortunately he has disappointed most of us who made individual sacrifices and went the extra mile just to cast our votes for him. He has put us in shame before those who opposed him in 2011. GEJ may have done his best, but his best is not enough to deserve a second term, because I don’t see him making any difference if voted in. We truly need change. Although Buhari may not be the best we need for this change, but he’s the only option we have.

    • Kitunde

      Are you kidding?

    • bilyaminu ibrahim

      Hw much ve dey paid u? Or ur uncle s a minister?

    • Ojay


  • Okwuchukwu

    Maybe now GMB will stop his mindless boasts about crushing them, and we can all sit at the same table and start talking. The country has been se violently divided when we ought to stand together against BH. They are a very serious threat to our nation. and GMB should stop using them as a means to undermine GEJ. Such political opportunism is foul.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      The president who sends the Police, Army, DSS and the paramilitary forces after opposition figures and imaginary enemies is running scared of a ragtag army and you have the guts to justify his ineptitude by blaming the better man who is going to replace him? Your middle name is “coward”.

      • Okwuchukwu

        I don’t know if you are or a paid propagandist or a wilful ignorant, all I know is insulting your elders will not make you right, young man. Another internet tough guy eh? Rather than talking nonsense and propaganda designed by Burson Marsteller (the American firm responsible for GMB’s new packaging, go read and inform yourself) think about how antagonizing people the way you do is will only breed hatred in and eventually trigger more violence.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    The Jonathan government is clearly overwhelmed by the demands of the presidency and clearly not up to snuff in tackling any of the issues. In the face of this taunts of Boko-Haram, why can’t Jonathan just resign and and save the nation from this humiliation?

  • Stomach Infrastructure

    Emperor Dumbo is having fun, while Nigerians are dying.

    Emperor Dumbo is having fun, while Nigerians are dying.

  • Ayinde

    Boko Haram leader and the Islamist Blood thirsty Caliphate seeking Buhari can hear what Shekau says it tell all right thinking Nigerians the war is not about Jonathan. Its about the desperation of the Hausa oligarchy to get and acquire power at all cost. They are using their adherent in the Military to tactically surrender weapons to their co-conspirators -Boko Haram. The weapons GMB says the Military is not well equipped is what is being used against them.

    • Adebisi J. A.

      Boda Ayinde, e beru Olorun pelu oro enu yin, ki Olorun ma ba gbayin lenu ti yoo yi si eyin. Se ohun ti e ka ni e tun bayi. Olodo patapata ni yi, aguntan ti ko lo ile iwe gan ko gbodo tu bayii.

  • Dayo

    The real problems is not who the leader is but how corrupt our army is. Most of the budget has been diverted by army oligarchs. As a result our troops are unable to properly win this war (let’s call it as it is). They are not cowards but
    their morale has been wrecked after loosing time and time again. We have to seek assistance of the African union, our neighbours and possibly NATO. Otherwise the BH cancer will live on way too long, killing, raping and abducting. And
    don’t even get me started on GMB who said we should stop killing them in his atrocious Liberty Radio speech. They will not stop killing us.

  • Umar Dendi

    What this confirms is that those soldiers going about and claiming that they were given 10 or 5 bullets, are simply lying.
    It absolves GEJ. Now lets face the truth; our Army is a shadow of its former self!!
    Those soldiers do not want to die for Nigeria,
    H*ll, I doubt if their is a Nigerian that would like to die for this Nigeria.
    Lets swallow what ever pride we have spewing, go to the UN and ask for HELP!!
    An international force would wipe them out in weeks!

  • Ayodele Ohakim

    I hope people won’t fall for the Buhari propaganda trap of him being able to get rid of Boko Haram in a couple of month. One thing is sure though, in that Abubakar Shekau surely grew quite nervous since Chad, Niger and Cameroon have turned their attention toward Boko Haram. We’ll see the end of Boko Haram soon enough with a coalition, and we can retain our democracy by voting GEJ.

  • Emmanuel Gbadamosi

    I find regrettable that GMB would cowardly refuse to be part of the negotiation with the Federal Government after being nominated as a negotiator by Boko Haram. Instead he spent his time criticizing the government and GEJ and now these kind of statements are made while the whole situation could maybe have been avoided with negotiations. I wouldn’t trust Buhari’s divisive figure as President.

  • Akinfenwa Mikel

    Disgusting. If anything this brash speech should show Nigeria that Boko Haram are not to be taken lightly, that the country needs international assistance and strong, consistent governance to root out this problem. It will not happen in two months, as Buhari idiotically claims, and anyone who thinks so is deceiving themselves and the people of Nigeria. The country needs a strong, patient leader to tackle this grave threat, and I worry that Buhari, at 72 and thirsty for power but with no idea how to lead Nigeria, is the exact wrong man to take the presidency. I would rather see Jonathan — at least he is the devil I know.

    • ICC Hague

      The best person to dealt with this issue is Buhari being a military general himself and fully understand war strategy, he once crushed Maitatsine permanently a group with the same idealogy. and he is serious about fighting corruption, but GEJ has already failed he has no strategy on how to handle the issue, his pot belly political general are only interest in their pocket.

      • Blunt

        Maitatsine then was mere boys scout Like,any one could have defeated them merciless,closing one eyes. The maitatsine was fought in unionism with virtually all the northerners seen it as a distortion to government which one of their own was in the helm of affairs of the country. Sabotage was never the case then, unlike now the military is divided along ethnic and religious lines, the pros and antis.
        GEJ,keep on keeping on.
        No susu dey sisi.

        • david olurin

          Boko Haram also started like boys scout and metastasized to Boko Hara.Jonathan was unable to conquer them. If Jonathan is given another four years, These animals would take over the whole of the country.