Outrage over Gov. Fayose’s newspaper ad suggesting Buhari will die in office like Abacha, Yar’Adua

Ayo Fayose, Ekiti state governor.

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has come under intense criticism for placing an advert on the front page of the Punch newspaper suggesting that the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, will die in office if elected president.

The advert, which has the pictures of, Murtala Muhammed, Sani Abacha, and Umaru Yar’Adua – past Nigerian leaders who died in office – is accompanied by excerpt from the Bible book of Deuteronomy 30 verse 19.

“Nigerians be warned! Nigeria…I have set before thee Life and death. Therefore, choose life that both thee and thy seed may live,” it said, suggesting that Mr. Buhari represents death while his rival, President Goodluck Jonathan represents life.

The advert put a huge question mark over the picture of Mr. Buhari, which was placed beside the pictures of the late leaders.

The advert then asked its readers: “Will you allow history to repeat itself? Enough of State burials.”

Mr. Fayose then spurred ethnic controversy that is one of the divisive issues in the run-up to the election saying, “Northern presidency should wait till 2019”.

Many Nigerians have expressed outrage at Mr. Fayose and the Punch newspaper for publishing the advert with one social media commentator describing the ad as “crazy and imbecilic”.

On Twitter, the advert was condemned by both supporters of Mr. Buhari and President Goodluck Jonathan, with many people asking the president to dissociate himself from the advert. Others have also criticised the Punch newspaper for running the advert saying it is a display of poor judgement even if not illegal.

“In the spirit of the peace accord signed by presidential candidates, I plead with President Jonathan to distance himself from Fayose’s hocus-locus,” said Publisher of Ovation Magazine, Dele Momodu.

“That Fayose newspaper ad is up there with the infamous #BringBackJonathan … mindless, cruel and insensitive drivel,” says a former member of House of Representative Patrick Obahiagon.

“You win elections by campaigning not by wishing death on an opponent. This ad by Gov. Fayose is unacceptable and ludicrous,” says Toyosi Akerele, a social worker and a member of Mr. Jonathan’s campaign team.

“Fayose utterances are regrettable. The platform that showcased same are equally to blame. You cannot in one breath crucify Fayose for his despicable thoughts while deliberately closing your eyes to the silliness of @mobilepunch,” said Blossom Nnodim, a social media expert and supporter of President Jonathan.

“My beef with this isn’t with Fayose but with Punch. Even if legal, this is unethical. It shouldn’t be all about cash. Shame,” said Kadaria Ahmed, the former Managing Editor of the suspended NEXT newspapers.

There have been speculations over the health of Mr. Buhari, 72, following unverified claims that he slumped while campaigning in Cross River State, and that his speech sounded slurred during the APC rally in Owerri, Imo State.

Last week, a diagnostic report purportedly issued by the Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital indicated that the former military head of State has advanced prostate cancer. The hospital authorities have since denied issuing any such report.

On Sunday, Mr. Buhari refuted the claim he has cancer, saying he only had cold.

He said the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is sponsoring the reports about his health and that it indicates how desperate they are getting in the run-up to the election.

More Condemnations

A former acting National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and now an APC chieftain, Kawu Baraje, described Mr. Fayose’s ad as “distasteful”.

Mr. Baraje said in a statement that the advertorial was capable of inducing anarchy in the country.

He said he had expected that Mr. Fayose would be more careful and outgrow “his carelessness and irresponsible motor park attitude which is not expected of a governor”.

Mr. Baraje lamented that “the failure of President Goodluck Jonathan and the leadership of the PDP to distance themselves from such comments and call Mr. Fayose to order is a direct indication that they were in support of Mr. Fayose making a mockery of the dead and trying to play God as only Allah is the one that knows the time of the passing of any individual.”

Mr. Fayose defended his decision to place the advert, saying it was all about politics.

“The governor is a Nigerian. He has expressed his opinion. Other people are also free to express theirs,” his spokesperson, Lere Olyainka, told PREMIUM TIMES.

When told the advert could further polarize Nigeria, he said: “Between the APC and the PDP, who has been stoking religious and ethnic division? I’m just reading the Vanguard and there is a story of the APC complaining that the PDP is making Nigerians hate Buhari. Are they not also making Nigerians hate President Jonathan?

“It is politics. You market your own product and you also try to pull the opposing product down. That is how it is done. It is politics. Let everybody play his own game. What I don’t support in politics is violence.

“Some of these things you are now talking about. Do you know people have done worse on social media against the president? And has the president said anything?”

Mr. Olayinka said the governor will soon come up with more contentious views.

“So, the governor has expressed his opinion and people should express theirs. He will soon express other opinions stronger than this. So people should be prepared.

The Managing Director of Punch Newspaper, Ademola Osinubi, did not respond to calls and a message to his telephone.

Editor’s Note: This report was updated to reflect comments by Governor Fayose’s spokesperson.


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  • Comfortkay

    Governor Ayo Fayose talks like Agbero boys and it is a pity that this kind of person is elected governor. It will be nice for the President Jonathan who has lost already this election to distant himself from Fayose Statement.

    • Kola Oladapo

      That’s if GEJ is not in the picture.

  • Fulani Nomad

    Should Buhari die (death is inevitable) , Nigerians will be more than happy to have the VP Osinbajo as President than these crop of PDP leadership who thinks with their stomach only

    • TrueNja

      GMB is not dying. He will finish his 8 years mandate as C&C and spend the rest of his life with his family. Whoever wishing him dead will die before him.

      • Fulani Nomad


  • Worried Mother

    Can Fayose please tell us if God has guaranteed his life for the next four years or even one month?

  • bikky

    Fayose is a bastard and I never believe he has been to any church all his life or understand the Bible he quotes,how can a sensible person think that another person will die,when we have seen a situation when somebody that is taken care of the sick person died and the sick did not die after all, anybody can die at anytime and nobody has power over death,either you are healthy or sick.

  • endingNaija

    The only thing I am interested in here is the view of Goodluck Jonathan Campaign. The media wing of that campaign is coordinated by druggist Femi Fanikayode, Reuben Abati, Doyin Okugbe, Reno Wendel Omokri. Now they use the following names online-the “truth”/redeem/oleku/otile/Tawanda/BlackieUmukoro/Okey/Orkar/Gideon Orkar/Goodluck-Nigeria/Nwa Aba Biafra/Peter2000/mpitikwelu/Mani_kay/Deacon/ etc. I want them to come out and defend what they asked the Thugnor Ayo Fayose to do on behalf of their candidate-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. Also, I am interested in the view of the woman at the SSS, Marilyn Orgar who threatened that any politician who disturbed the peace will be arrested. Madam Orgar of SSS, what do you think? Dont you think SSS should arrest the Thugnor Ayo Fayose? if the SSS does not arrest Thugnor Ayo Fayose, then Ms. Marilyn Orgar LIED, then SSS/DSS has become a campaign unit of Goodluck Jonathan Campaign. Over to you SSS or DSS.

  • Omo Akin

    The supporters of President Jonathan are his worst enemies and it confirms the President’s cluelessness as he fails to reign in these supporters who are doing so much to cost him votes. The sons of Abacha and Murtala are in the PDP. How will the families and associates of these late Heads of State take the “mocking” of the death of their beloved ones?
    The other day, it was Dokubo who was saying that the Northerners are parasites and ingrates. How then do you expect the “parasites and ingrates” to vote for your candidate?
    Fayose got a rare second chance but he has blown it big time. It appears that God gave him this second chance for his cup to really run over and get a full judgment on his past deeds.

  • TrueNja

    Fellow Nigerians, this ad of jadunku governor Fayose now confirm what baba Iyabo (OBJ) said mid last year that badluck Jonathan is training snipers to assassinate some prominent Nigerians whom he considered his enemies. Age is just a number. Only God is the one that knows when each human being will die. Mr. governor Fayose, pls stop playing God b’os you are not God. Today may be yours, remember tomorrow. Abo oro la so fun omoluwabi!!!

  • Stomach Infrastructure

    Is like after the expired 2lbs rice and baby chicken distributed to Ekiti people by Fayose, the remaining state allocation is being wasted on useless political advertisement. Nemesis seems to be catching up so fast with the people. Fayose is simply afraid of his shadow. Febuhari 14th is around the corner. GMB all the way!

  • Arewabetter

    Governor Fayose has committed enormous and gargatuan mistake by asking The Punch to publish such a dirty and nasty advertisement about the death of former Nigerian Heads of States and the wishful thinking calling for the speedy death of GMB. I hope this time around Nigerians are wiser, smarter and more intelligent to vote in the forthcoming elections for people, who are incorruptible, respectable and full of honour and integrity. How I wish Governor Fayose could read my joke about politicians. Enjoy the joke!!!

    Four surgeons were sitting around discussing whom they like to operate on.
    The first surgeon said, “I like operating on librarians. When you open them up everything is in
    alphabetical order”.
    The second surgeon said, “I like operating on accountants. When you open them up everything is in numerical order”.
    The third surgeon said, “I like operating on electricians. When you open them up everything is colour-coded.
    The fourth surgeon said, “I like operating on politicians.”
    The other three surgeons looked at each other in disbelief. One of them asked why. The fourth surgeon replied, “Because they are heartless, gutless, spineless, and their ass and head are interchangeable.”

    • Y-man

      GOOD ONE! I’m going to lay down now: before I die of laughter!

    • Olu Ade

      What a nice metaphor! Can I have your permission to spread this on social media?

      • Arewabetter

        Go ahead Olu Ade with sharing this joke with others on the social media!

        • Olu Ade


  • Maria

    His wife claims she is a deeper life member… I was a deeper life member for 15 years… deeper life does not condone thuggery… this is callous…wishing another man dead in the name of politics on the pages of nation dailies is an advert taken to the extreme. This is very dangerous for Nigeria. Why was Aguiyi Ironsi picture not there or was he also not head of state when he died? Jonathan and PDP are taking Nigeria into another dangerous era… may God help us.

    • justice

      Am sure if another woman should run away with your husband you will essentialy blame Jonah. Fayose, a grown man, ati Punch boobed here, PERIOD.

      • Maria

        Keep urinating with your mouth… face the reality.



    • Tunsj

      I couldn’t agree more.







  • fld8778

    The point PDP is missing is the fact that even if Buhari dies as president Prof Osinbanjo is competent to carry on. APC are wise enough to choose a capable Vice President not someone like GEJ chosen for Yaradua and Sambo for GEJ whose qualifications are nothing but the fact that they are both (GEJ & Sambo) believed to be docile to challenge their presidents. It is the PDP selfish style of doing things started by IBB choosing OBJ and OBJ choosing Yaradua and GEJ and GEJ choosing Sambo. By the Grace of the Almighty God the end of PDP has come.

    • TrueNja

      Death is not GMB portion now. By the Special Grace of God, Mohammadu Buhari will finish his 8 years term as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and enjoy the rest of his life with his family in Jesus name, Amen!!! Whoever wishes him dead will die before him.

  • Arogbo

    I am definitely sure that Fayose would spend quality time in Kirikiri before the end of 2015.

  • Caleb Abelo

    Who is Fayose to wish a fellow human being death? He forgot that he (fayose) is nothing but a mortal man. Who has told him that he can not even die before the man he was wishing death.It is better for fayose to apologise publicly to GMB and Nigerian. I know all along that nothing good can come out of an agbero fayose.

  • Prof. Wole Soyinka


    I remember Mamman Jiya Vatsa who said that “when a man decides to insult himself ….. others will join him”

    Robert Mugabe Mohammed Morsi Buhari who is 73+years, unschooled and suffering sicknesses that especially come with old age decided to insult himself by allowing himself to be abusively used as a Presidential Candidate of the APC.

    What does Buhari who cannot confidently say that he has primary six school certificate want ?

    Buhari ought to be thankful to Nigeria that with his less than primary six certificate …. he fraudulently joined the Army and even rose to the position of a General plus Head of State.

    Does Buhari want to use his suspicious primary six certificate to rule over millions of modern and updated minds who are very accomplished in all fields of human endeavor including education.

    To put it midly, Buhari is too selfish, too self centered, too fooolish and of course too sick unto death.

  • Abiodun Olayinka

    Why are we all blaming Fayose and not the people of Ekiti that can’t differentiate between right and wrong or good and evil because of small bags of rice and vegetable oil? Very soon they will start priding themselves as the state with the highest number of Professors. Electing a tout to govern their state.

  • Wale

    The first Nigerian Head of State to die (or got killed) while in office was an Igbo man, by the name Aguiyi Ironsi.
    His picture is not included in the advert. What’s up with that.
    These guys are very dangerous for Nigeria, Ayo Fayose should have kept his mouth shut and enjoy his second chance, but now, it’s all free fights, I also have feeling that HE AIN’T GONNA WIN THIS FIGHT.

  • Backward_Nigeria


    I am very convinced that the advert by Governor Ayo Fayose is a nothing but a patriotic and wake up call to the North who are unmindful of the plot by OBJ & TINUBU to return power to the South West at the expense of the North.

    The truth is that Buhari is unfit and not well.

    OBJ and Tinubu are working to take advantage of Buhari’s health to return power to the South West

    Governor Ayo Fayose, a gallant and patrotic Nigerian who cannot stand injustice has taking it upon himself to expose the devilish plot by OBJ & Tinubu and to sound off the alarm to the North …… Fayose must be commended for the advert.

    My expectation is that following the advert …… the APC must call an emergency National Executive meeting to review the candidacy of Buhari and possibility of replacing him with Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso who came second or Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who came third.

    Buhari must be replaced now ……. or the North will suffer the consequences while the Yorubas will reap from the North’s misfortune.

    Eko o ni ba je ooooo !!!

    • Babandum

      I would rather have power in the hands of Pastor Osinbajo 1 million times than have it a second longer in the hands of the directionless GEJ!

  • wode

    To Fayose, death doesn’t come according to age. If God wills, He takes the older ones earlier and if He wishes, the younger one goes sooner. Fayose is playing God. Buhari may die before him (Fayose) or Fayose himself may even go before GMB. That’s a very bitter reality! It’s He, God Almighty, that designs and defines whose turn it’s.

    For GEJ, a piece of advice for him is to distance himself from this type of destructive campaign. It kills his fortune and chances in the next election. He, and his team, should rather get involved in constructive campaign system using the power of incumbency, like this recently drop in the pump price of PMS, his visit to Borno and so on and not this type of crazy, heartless and regrettably repugnant style. It’s God Who gives power and it’s He alone Who takes it away from whomsoever He wills. No amount of destructive campaign would stop GMB if that’s God’s wish and no amount of condemnation will stop GEJ from getting the second term if that’s the wish of the Almighty God.

    As a result of this, there is a need for decorum among the politicians and their supporters. Everybody, most especially the politicians, should be careful of acts and utterances that can lead to dis-stabilization of the nation. The current security challenge in the country is more than enough a problem. A word is enough for the wise.

  • Stone

    GEJ and his PDP dummies are cruising on reverse with neither rear nor side mirrors; their imminent fatal crash would headline all TV; Radio and Print media by 14th February 2015. Change is here

    • Backward_Nigeria

      Bros ….. just go and drink fura de nono ………. the 2015 Presidential Election will never return Buhari as the winner.

      Even if Buhari is returned as the winner (God forbid) ….. the Supreme Court will disqualify him for falsely stating in the form that he submitted to INEC that he has WASC.

      I can tell you authoritatively that Buhari does not have WASC …… that is why the military sent him to Aldershot instead of Sandhurst.

      Please don’t waste your vote on Buhari …. it is no use.

      • Stone

        You will live to experience a new Nigeria under GMB from 14th February. Your plan B and C shows that you have conceded defeat weeks before the poll. I love your spirit of sportsmanship and confusion. From fanatic to certificate; from Cancer to Death sentence by your illusionist Fayose. Guess what; PDP is fast transforming into a much hilarious version of Stand Up Nigeria, Produced by Bunmi Davies. We are waiting for your next episode of rib cracking JOKES. Let me suggest a good line for your fellow comedians; “Buhari is a man” just tell any of those clowns to start another national debate on this clue. Sorry ass

      • VOTEoutGEJ!

        God has already rejected GEJ!!! Pastors will not save him from his hypocrisy, divisiveness and failure. I am surprised that you have not seen the handwriting on the wall.. The tide has turned and it is real!!

      • Factual

        Mr. “authority”, you are too late. The wind of change is blowing. BUHARI all the way!!!

  • thusspokez

    Why do these grown up Nigerian politicians continue to behave like juvenile?

    • Tunsj

      Well said. Who are the people that voted for this clown? He is a Psychopath.

  • the truth

    I see nothing wrong with what fayose did. It is 50-50, if we are been neutral and fair apc has been playing dirty politics like this for ages. How many lies and propaganda have come out from apc which we found to be derogatory or untrue? uncountable

    • tundemash

      Mr. Career Liar, I guess nothing wrong with these ones too.

      • segun

        Is this the same Femi Fanikayode the head of the media unit of Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Team? Oh my God! This stinks!Please take this away!!! It is ugly and it stinks-Femi stinks! hence his candidate…

        • tundemash

          yeah … same druggie the e-rats are celebrating.

          • Otile

            Abubakar tundemash, each time a serious issues comes up you try to poopoo it with noise and distraction. Why not listen to the voice of reason from Gov Fayose, is it because the Governor is not a member of your islamic APC?

          • endingNaija

            Ole, you mean Thugnor Ayo Fayose? How can a Thugnor raise serious issue? The only things a Thugnor knows are lies and thuggery. if you say Thugnor Ayo Fayose is raising serious issue then you cannot be a serious person as we know on this platform that you are not a serious person Ole!

          • Deltans

            “You will regret calling me a tout” – OBJ

          • endingNaija

            Deltans, this pictures are a hit! How did you get them? God Bless you and your family plenty! Sai Change, Sai Buhari!

          • Wähala

            Hahahahahahaaaa… dis one pass crocodile tears o. Dis na de real thing. Calling his “father” a motor park tout is worse than biting the fingers that feed you, it’s spitting into the hole you crawled out of. Hahaha chei, well done pal… Respect!

          • segun

            Wow! Thanks tundemash-this druggie Femi Fanikayode has a past. he is finished and he has finished the campaign of his pay master the oil man-Goodluck Jonathan. The Goodluck Jonathan Campaign is dead. Who will associate with this? Too bad. Thanks tundemash- Your post is a hit!God Bless!

      • the truth

        U are a enemy of nigeria.y would ukeep supporting an evil agenda

        • checkmate

          Which one? PDP??????????? 16 years of evil agenda. We need CHANGE!!!

          • the truth

            change with former pdp members who put u in this same mess? so since they changed parties they are forgiven. u see your line of reasoning. When americans needed change they didnt elect former republicans who joined the democratic party. they elected new breed of democrats, not political prostitutes also known as any where belle face politicians

          • endingNaija

            CHANGE headed by Buhari/Osinbajo-Full stop! Does that help you?

          • the truth

            so in your head only buhari and osinbanjo or is it onibanjo(according to buhari) can make change to a country alone, with corrupt politicians around him. or do u think this is the military era where buhari can just point fingers and getg people shot at or thrown in jail like he did earlier?

          • endingNaija

            The buck STOPS on the tables of the President and his deputy. Do you understand? Hope this helped? Wake up my friend and join the wind of CHANGE!

          • the truth

            so the buck stops with the president when an apc lga councilor or chairman mismanages the lga funds for ikorodu lga, so buhari should leave his job to pursue lga chairmen and councillors too. What sycophants like you fail to realise is for corruption to be fought the mentality of the average nigerian must change, go see how succesful countries fought the scorge of corruption. That will be too complex for your skull

          • Leslie

            You’re one sick self delusionary goat.How do you expect anyone to take you seriously.Initially hiding under the cloak of neutrality. But now we see you clearly.You have no confidence.You’re not a man at all.Go f..k yourself.

          • tundemash

            A guy not bold enough to declare for his paymasters publicly but hide under some fake “neutrality” is nothing but a wimp !!!

          • endingNaija

            From where does the fish start to rot? The universal ethics is that the fish starts to rot from the head. This is why Nigeria has rotten completely under your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan. The buck stops on the table of the President. This is why we will vote out your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan- PEACEFULLY on Febuhari 14. The momentum is on-Please join the train of CHANGE so that you are not left behind on Febuhari 14.

          • checkmate

            So what’s your line of reasoning? Continue with the 16 year old evil agenda or try another agenda?

        • endingNaija

          Which Nigeria are yu talking about? The corrupt Nigeria under your candidate-Mr. Jonathan? Oh yes count me in too, I am an enemy of a corrupt regime , a corrupt Nigeria under the corrupt watch of Goodluck Jonathan. This is why we want to change it and usher in a new dawn in Nigeria-yu hear? And patriot should be an enemy of a corrupt Nigeria under the corrupt fingers of Goodluck Jonathan.

        • tundemash

          Cl0wn .. is my name Fani Kayode ??????
          Fani Kayode says Dumbo has no balls, i didn’t say it ….. what is your take on that ????

        • factual

          You mean PDP, I guess

      • Tayelolu

        Given these two pics and the content, Femi Fanikayode the head of media of Goodluck Jonathan Campaign IS A DISGRACE. He is a dishonorable person. This has wrecked the Goodluck Jonathan campaign. With these pics and the content, I will never believe anything the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign puts out again. This is dishonorable!

    • Nigerian

      My “the truth” are you still on your “Neutrality” ? I think it is ripe enough to give it up. What do you think?

      • the truth

        50-50 my brother. What is good for adamu is good for aremu

        • Nigerian

          You mean 50 for Buhari and 50 for Jona?

  • Lediju

    Wait o, what did Fayose say that is wrong? That a 72-year-old man can die anytime is a fact.

    • segun

      That he said OPENLY with his mouth in a most dishonorable manner that he has intimitate relationship with B O!!! Can you say that Lediju? Too bad of the wretched mind called femi Fanikayode.

    • kick ’em out

      The only thing he didn’t say was that he too can die any time. But it’s unexpected of him to say so because he is ………

    • total

      Anyone can die anytime. Nobody knows tomorrow. A friend of mine that looked healthy to us , just suddenly die of Heart attack, She was 45yrs old.

    • tundemash

      So a 40-something yr old Fayose can’t die anytime or what r u struggling to say ?

  • Preco01

    What do you expect from a low life?

    • Omoagunmate

      and a crackhead…

      • endingNaija

        Thuggery, corruption and lies. hence we must with our votes endNaija their corrupt and thuggish way.

  • Lawal Clement

    Don’t blame Fayose ,Olayinka is the culprit in this matter.He is the man behind the scene.But the buck stopped at Gov Fayose table.Let’s get our fingers crossed as he Olayinka has promised more of this stupidity in future. But be careful what you wish for others ,that may soon be your portion.Do unto other as you would want them to do unto you.Politics or no politics.

  • the truth

    Only enemies of d state want nigerians to fail.most of these miscreants stay outside nigeria and are fed lies and propaganda.come February 14 nigerians will triumph over medieval thinking.please no reply from saboteurs,only patriots

    • Factual

      You are one of the miscreants that live outside Nigeria. Have you forgotten that you said you live in America. Are you saying the truth?

      • the truth

        are u a patriot? if no then we dont need to talk

        • endingNaija

          the “truth” is actually the Falsehood. This one? he can NEVER redeem the real truth. the “truth” is a liar of the most horrible type.

        • Factual

          Are you one? If you are, then you need to say the truth and stop being hypocritical.

      • tundemash

        don’t beleive anything that career liar say .. he could as well be holed up in one of the amnesty camps in Bayelsa with a laptop !

      • TrueNja

        Stop minding him, nothing good can come out of the Dead sea.

  • buhari pickin

    Is unfortunate.those wishing buhari dead are going to die before him.i said it and it will surely come to pass.

    • tundemash

      amen !

      • Otile

        See what I am talking about. See your kind of prayer. Always wishing Allah to kill your enemies off. Why do you say the grate amen to this death prayer?

        • tundemash

          cross-bred Chimp… for same reason of Fayose’s advert !

          • Otile

            What does cross-bred chimp mean in this context?

  • Uwadiegwu

    Let me not comment on the mediocre reporting but I will say to Mr Buhari, welcome to democracy, say goodbye to military rule and Decree 4. This is just the beginning! Jonathan has seen worse. You better start getting used to it: criticism, abuse and all that. As for ordering newspapers to “revoke the adverts,” you can perish the thought of speaking in such terms or thinking people will be ordered around by you ever again. This is not 1984. If your are not happy with any newspaper content, go to court.

    • endingNaija

      so please wish for yourself and family the content (Fayose’s wish for Buhari)of Fayose’s advertisement, and say Amen. It is a wish.

  • victo amadi

    God willing fayose will die on Saturday.

  • objective

    The summary of the entire issue was appropriately put by Rev. Fr. Mbaka “Jonathan surrounds himself with hooligans”.
    As for “The Punch”, it has now been conclusively proven, that when their former chairman left, wisdom departed. The people there now reason at par with the likes of Fayose. It is unfortunate. “The Punch” is now punching it’s own reputation. I wish them luck.

  • Chika

    This al speculation and weak beleave



  • mk

    You are a bastard at birth FAYOSE. You don’t know 2moro…you are as good as dead like them as time counts,no body will leave for ever..GEJ has done nothing compare to murtala ,Abacha and yaradua RIP..Wait for your time and see how useless and disastrous your end will be..for BUHARI LEARN TO LIVE BY EXAMPLE LIKE HIM..


    Another exaggerated and alarmist reporting by the APC-Janjaweed controlled media. Fayose actually deserves praises for alerting the nation on the dangers which the APC are exposing the country to. The potential scenario of another Yaradua drama is unthinkable.
    Fayose ought to be applauded for being brave enough to take the bull by it’s horns, this advert confronts the issue of Buhari’s health head-on,it brings it to the front burner. This is a very patriotic act !!

    • Wähala

      Mumu, Fayose has just dug the political grave of your crumbs-giver. Give-up! Dumbo may not even come out of his Northern campaign rallies with his balls intact… the dust hasn’t settled yet, just stay tuned!

    • TrueNja

      Fayose confirmed bear parlor gossips that your dumbo clueless president is a divider. Nigeria has never had this mal-administration since independence. Badluck Ebele Jonathan is the worst president Nigeria has ever had.

  • Bbb

    How on earth we someone wish his fellow dealth in the Name of politics?

  • Wähala

    “If you insult my mother, I will punch you” – Pope Francis
    Fayose committed a crime of moral turpitude with his vile ad, but Punch is equally culpable and irresponsible. Mocking the dead from a particular section of the country is simply outrageous, despicable and reprehensible. This has been my major grouse with Dumbo’s Govt. from Day-One when regional jingoist led by Edwin Clark took to insulting any and everybody who proffered an idea in the affairs of Nigeria. It has culminated in this and bookmark this comment, this distasteful ad is the final nail in Dumbo’s political coffin. Desperation has a fine line no sane person must cross, and Freedom of Speech ends with insults even to the dead. Dumbo honored even the late Abacha and Ya’Ardua, to now turn around and condone a disparaging of the dead is proof of his mean & deceitfulness. He must condemn the advertisement because he’s the sole beneficiary to it. This is a continuation of his divisive disposition to governance which has seen Nigeria demarcated along ethno-religious seams. As for Ayo Fayose, I’m certain he will not come up with further viral comments regardless what his vuvuzela is says, Ayo Fayose will be impeached and tossed back to prison when a New Nigeria gets rolling on four cylinders…

    • _Proudly Niger Deltan

      Keep your stinking mouth shut when people are discussing serious issues. People like you are the ones who go to Church to give testimony that you have a US or European visa. Shallow minded but making noise over internet media like a paid prostitute.—The same Yardua blighted by that same hate for the rich peoples of the South deliberately refused to transmit a letter to his then VP for reasons we all know. A man who was conscious enough to sign the Budget could have also signed a letter to transmit power. He who could give a 7 minute broadcast on BBC could certainly have written and signed a letter to transmit power as any half-sane person would have done.

      But the ediiiiiiiots who kept mute then, and/or supported that criminality openly or covertly have now assembled in APC to wrestle power…and you come here to vomit rubbish. The same Buhari was an employee of Abacha who was ruthless beyond description…bombing Nigerians on the streets. I was lucky to escape from one at Ojuelegba those days. Abacha it was who hanged 9 environmental activists and Buhari was an active member of that killer regime which, more than anytime in the history of continent Nigeria, forced scores of the citizenry into exile. If Buhari had any iota of humanity, he could have elected to resign in protest. But he stayed on until the man died. Yet, such a misfit is who you come here to praise.

      Let it be known, that making the whole of Nigeria ungovernable is not the exclusive preserve of any region or group of regions. Get that sunk deeply into your head. Nonsense!

      • Wähala

        If a lowlife like you thinks getting a visa is something to testify about, what do you think of us who have triple nationalities? I don’t need any visas to visit any country in the world, hia me so? If Dumbo is lucky he will be voted out of office, but if he insists on any mago-mago, he will leave in a body bag… tell him that’s what I said. Mumu like you. some people can make the country ungovernable while others just make noise about it. After your ignorant creek moron has been sent to The Hague, nada… nix and absolutely nothing will shele. Aborigines will not so much as spit into the air. Drunkards. Olosi.


          Blowing hot air and issuing threats is typical of the APC and their bozo supporters like you but Igbo man talk say……….ka ima nka , ima nke ozo ? If you know this,do you know that ?

          • Wähala

            Same clown as above… a deportee from Europe wishing for a return visa. Mumu, Indonesia just executed a Nigerian drug peddler in case you’re thinking of your old habits after Dumbo gets dumped. Osu Anam!


            Those who issue threats at others who they do not know are either deranged or cowardly. I have never been deported from anywhere and your low self esteem is mind-boggling.
            At your age you do not have a block in your father land and you are all over the internet content with visa this visa that. I own homes at Abuja,Enugu,London and Zurich. I am also proud to have served my country and put my life on the line for more than ten years before private life.
            You better stop issuing threats to the powers that be in Nigeria,it is an uncivilised act which exposes how half baked your education must have been.

            I pity you,it is too cold in Europe,I just left there for the elections !

          • TrueNja

            Thank you for trashing these drug peddlers. Not only in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia just executed one of them.

          • Otile

            Who knows, you may be one of the peddlers fleeing capture from IndoChina, and Arabia. Show your passport let the world see your frequent trips from the Brazilian Amazon Basin, Arabia and IndoChina. I believe immigration officers around your trade routes know you by your body odor. Odale

        • _Proudly Niger Deltan

          True true na small pikin dey worry you. Triple nationality! ..and that’s worth being proud of? Well, na as pikin know reach na so him dey do or talk reach.

          Nigeria in its present state will not exist in the very near future, possibly weeks or moths or years…and when that time does come, it is those who have that innate drive, vision and self worth who will survive and not those who do not even know who they are. Orhue!

          • Wähala

            You raised the issue with visas, didn’t you? People who have the capabilities are moving their families out of Nigeria but miscreants whose blood will be wasted are here mouthing off… I live in Germany and work in Switzerland, you’re stuck in 3rd. World wishing for death. Make the country ungovernable make I see you dies first. Idyiot.

          • Otile

            Do you ever contemplate that racist German police can set you up, beat you up, and deport you in handcuffs? Don’t rest you oars in the hands of neo-nazi, sleeping sound, and laughing at people in your homeland.

          • Wähala

            Germany is the freest country in the world! Forget that Ango-American propaganda of 50yrs, it has run thin. I studied in the US and have family in the UK. Proof: look at the German National Team and I can count immigrant players from 9 different countries. Today, a live German baby is automatic pali for the paraents once s/he clocks 3yrs. How many times have you read about terrorist attacks by foerigners on German soil? Nada! Safer than p*ssy and the powerhouse of the €uro… Go siddon!

          • Otile

            Well I have seen a Nigerian carrying German passport who was hand cuffed, beaten up and deported to Lagos. The guy eventually went back to the land of his enemies but he suffered broken neck and ankles. He also suffered embarrassment.

          • Wähala

            Does your comment make sense even to you? How do you deport a person with legitimate papers muchless German passport? Tawanda Incommunicado was deported from Switzerland for running drugs, maybe, that’s the chap you saw being humiliated… and, he damn sure won’t show his rusty face in any Germanic country: Luxumburg, Austria, Switzerland, Lituen and Bundesrepublic Deutschland!

          • Otile

            Don’t ask how a person with right papers can be deported. Neo-nazi police can be mischievous. Remember I told you the guy eventually went back to Germany but with bruises.

            There was another incident where a black American man born in Tennessee was captured in Jamaica New York and deported to Lagos. Despite all his protests the police accused him of being an illegal immigrant from Nigeria.

            Man keep the law, and pray to God to protect you from evil. Evil things to happen to immigrants like you in old Europe.


            Man of little faith, my first son 23 lives on my property in Zurich as we speak and his mum is Suisse,just open up a Email and I will really make you understand whom you deal with.At least I visit that place once a year.



            Shut up,I was attacked once in Leipzieg ,just outside the university gate when my then girlfriend was there and I went to visit her……..there are a lot of bigots out there !
            The free civilised world is the Anglo-American world……..as simple as that,take it or leave it.

          • Wähala

            Attacked yet, you’re alive to tell about it… in the US, the KKK would’ve roasted you upside down anywhere in the South. See how even their plice are strangling blacks in broad daylight. Ever read of German police shooting any blacks to death? Dey dia, stup*d clown.

          • _Proudly Niger Deltan

            You live in Germany & Work in Switzerland …of what relevance is that to the issues raised here? But I said so in my earlier post, that you are that type – complete mugu that has been bred with this colonial mentality of inferiority complex that has become inextricably part of you and your comments. Small time dem go begin throw you banana.
            Triple nationality. German, Swiss, Canadian …and you hide your Nigerian passport, only to come here shouting for a semi illiterate jihadist who has been idle for the better part of the past 30yrs when he was sacked from office. .. and you talk about 3rd world bcos there are no people living in your 3rd world who can pay your bills…and you are living in 1st world. It has no other name, it is called miserable IGNORANCE.

          • Wähala

            I said I didn’t read the rest of your rubbish after reading about visas and testimonies… Again, I’ve not read the rest now so, Go to Hell!


            Are you not ashamed that you are afraid of landing at the airport,I will do a banana peel on you now ! why on earth should a man of your age gallivant around the snow when you can enjoy isi-ewu and palm wine at home .
            I am sorry but you are clearly suffering, open an Email and I will make clear who I am,you are nothing to me !

        • Franklin

          Could you just attempt to respond to the facts raised by @ _Proudly Niger Deltan?

          • Wähala

            You’re the same baztard. Didn’t waste my time reading your gibberish after that visa crap. Go to Hell!

    • TrueNja

      @ Wahala – I really admire this your comment this time around and ‘am proud of you. Surely, Fayose will end his life in kirikiri prison before end of this year 2015, God willing. He has committed an unforgiveable sin in the eyes of God. Whoever wishes GMB dead, he or she will die before GMB.

  • No Vacancy in ASO Rock


    I no fit laugh. Just imagine the nonsense write up by a news media. How can Premium Times condescend to this level where it has thrown ethics to the pigs? My dear Premium Times bad belle journalism no be work o!

    Hear them,..”Many Nigerians have expressed outrage at Mr. Fayose and the Punch newspaper for publishing the advert with one social media commentator describing the ad as “crazy and imbecilic”.

    If I may ask, who are the ‘many’ Nigerians? In any case, why should Premium Times arrive at that inference from the advert when there is no statement directly issued to suggest such. That the advert placed Bokohari’s photo along other past useless Presidents is not sufficient to reach the ‘personal’ conclusion which Premium Times has reached from its parochial perception. Continent Nigerians should be left to do the thinking by themselves and reach a decision by themselves and not this nonsense inference by an overly partisan media house. Even the caption of the report is misleading. Pure nonsense!

    No be person wey win election dey die for prison? Bokohari can not rule again. Never. If apc says it will spill blood and form a parralel govt if they lose, then do they expect PDP to clap for them if apc wins? Nonsense!

    • jihadist

      ‘What i will do as President from 2015’…….General Buhari

      “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria. I will continue to show openly
      and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping
      all over Nigeria. God willing, we will NOT stop the agitation for the total implementation
      of the Sharia in the country. It is a legal responsibility which God has given us,
      within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia
      wholeheartedly. What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to
      re-double their efforts and educate Muslims on the need to promote
      the full implementation of Sharia law.”

      …….General Muhammadu Buhari

      (August 27, 2001)

  • Curious777

    The North should wait till 2095 when the South, East & West would have equaled the 39yrs which the North spent in power mismanaging the resources of the South & East. Period.

    • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

      enough of state burial……..

  • Danladi danladi

    With deep sense of humour, and very pathetic for someone like Fayose to put up this…amongst all no single human being can say who will leave this motherly earth before one another even though God Almighty Himself says:- “every soul shall surely taste death…” I am of the firm belief that the so called Fayose is not spared in this saying…I know of people that have been sick with one type of ailment or the other and still last much longer than the physically and mentally fit person…Fayose should have it at the back of his mind that even His mentor (GEJ) will never make such a remark to a fellow human being all in the name of what we call fake politics that we all shall never appear before God with…

    Fayose should also know that death is surely and truly hanging on every living soul and it’s inevitable….cos it’s just a matter of seconds….yes Buhari is sick or whatever he calls it…but only God can take one’s life including Fayose who believes he will live much longer than Buhari….let’s wait and see the magic Fayose will perform by the time ANGELS OF DEATH will come knocking on his soul….


    • Otile

      It is encouraging to have a state governor in the person of Governor Fayose who is bold enough to say the truth. There is no gainsaying that Imam Buhari right now has one foot in the grave. Have you seen his appearance lately? You people better rush him to the United State where he can get the good care he needs.

      He failed to improve health care in 9ja, now hes has to suffer jet lag to get good medical attention in US.

      • Danladi danladi

        otile…i am surprised at your comment…may be you know better and can tell who is more healthier between Fayose, Buhari, you and myself….men of true faith don’t judge people by what God ordained….i refer you and the so called fayose to Corinthians 4:5, mathew 7:1and John 21:22…and finally James 5:9….i believe we all are learning from our mistakes

  • tyson

    History Remembers Maj Gen Muhammadu Buhari Today.

    Muhammadu Buhari as a former Military head of state should always be remembered by history, although most Nigerian young people are not aware of what his achievement are and those that refused to admire him, do not see him in good light, whatever their reasons may be.

    We Present to Nigerians both young and old the Summary of Buhari’s administration archives, as recorded by Reuters, UK, on the the 28th August, 1985.
    1] Inflation: moved to between 30% to 35% {today 8%}
    2] Federal character neglected in appointments into important positions.
    3] Wage increase banned.
    4] 55,000 Civil Servants sacked in his 1st 6months in office.
    5] 2 million school leavers and graduates per year are not employed.
    6] Graduate jobs was not available across the country.
    7] Nigerian commercial and Financial sector was at its lowest level.
    8] Nigeria lst its relationship with the international community.
    9] Nigerian foreign debt increased to $22 billion {$9Billion today}.
    10] Nearly Zero figure was left in foreign Reserve {$36.5Billion}
    11] 6 Months in Office, Nigerians became tired of Buhari’s Govt, as his promises turned to hardship and tears.

    Those that Honestly know Buhari, will NEVER Vote for him.

    • tundemash

      can u give us a link to that Reuters’ story please ???
      Or is this another propaganda manufactured at the amnesty camp ?

      • Ekwekwe

        Do you need a link to Reuters story to recall all the grand achievements listed by Tyson above? Add to that list add his ability to bring back Trade by Barter forgotten centuries before. Trade by barter and counter trading became Bokohari’s preferred economic policy – a move admired by scholars and students of Economic History.

        • tundemash

          fraudster …. this was tyson wrote “We Present to Nigerians both young and old the Summary of Buhari’s administration archives, as recorded by Reuters, UK, on the the 28th August, 1985.”

          So where is that Reuters’ record tyson referenced ? If the Reuters’ link wasn’t important, why was it referenced? This is not your amnesty camp where you just hallucinate and come up with some fantasies without any challenge. Come up with the Reuters’ record or quietly crawl back into the hole you came from before you cause more damage to the campaign of your Dumbo. You don’t peddle falsehood trying to sell the undecided voters a damaged good (Dumbo); you are just creating more problems for Dumbo.

    • Truthometer

      Another Ph.d in history without thesis from otuoke college of corruption and cluelessness. GMB all the way!

  • Psalm 35

    Such advertorial if true is idiotic and further reconfirms the average Nigerian politician like Fayose as obtuse and acutely thick in the head

  • Otile

    Femi Fani-Kayode, head of Media of Mr. Jonathan’s campaign organization.

    It is disingenuous for Buhari to say that he contested previous elections and that the issue of his qualifications did not arise. Had
    INEC not complied with the Electoral Act this year, which requires that they paste the academic credentials of all the Presidential candidates, Nigerians would have remained ignorant of the fact that Buhari has probably been submitting affidavits for the past elections.

    • Yola

      INEC said go to court if you are not satisfied. PDP should go to court or shut up.

      • Otile

        I am not going to any court. But you and I know that it is corrupt and unjust to demand certificate from one man but waive the same for another. Don’t you see that such a privileged Fulani man when he comes to power can do anything he likes with impunity? He can loot under public gaze, he can employ another uneducated Fulani to mess up a ministry. He can see an innocent non-northerner on the street and break his arms with no repercussion whatsoever.

        In short what you people are doing to us is like sleeping with a man’s wife and showing him your dick.

        • TrueNja

          You can’t go court b’cos you are all liars and treasury looters. Your clueless president is on his way to Otueke. Before is too late, you better start ordering ogogoros and paragas for his send off party as We the people of Federal Republic of Nigeria are coming to Abuja on May 28, 2015 with our brooms and vacuum cleaners to cleanse Aso Rock.

          • Otile

            Who is a liar, a person who tells the world that he passed school cert, but did not, or people asking for proof of the claimed certificate? APC don’t have a genuine presidential candidate, maybe most APC minions don’t know that they got no real candidate.

      • Tufiakwa

        Ever heard of the last minute shock and back breaker?

        Note: The electoral law demands that he “attach” evidence of qualification up to school certificate level or equivalent when filing the nomination. Along with the nomination form. His inability to comply with the law made his nomination invalid and because the deadline for replacement of presidential candidates was on December 30, 2014, that was when the presidential election was literally decided. All the shouting and “jogging” around the country are just a waste of his and everyone’s time. Never mind, that shock will happen when you do not expect it.

    • Profy

      Section 131(d) of the 1999 constitution stipulates that a person shall be eligible to contest for the office of President if “he has been educated up to at least school certificate level or its equivalent.
      The important word here is “EQUIVALENT” the question here is does buhari has an equivalent of school cert? What determine equivalent? And what is the purpose of the certificate….
      What determine equivalent is the experience and the training you have gathered in your employment.
      I DONT even care about his primary and secondary education…A man who rose to the position of general in the army, who has been train in some of the best Military School in the World and who is a former Head of state can not be said not to have School cert equivalent. Infact what buhari currently has is PHD equivalent going by his training and experience. In accounting once you are Fellow of Chartered Accountant FCA…it is an equivalent of PHD. If you are employed in any University you will be given a status of PhD holder.
      Now you DONT acquire FCA by writing exam. You acquired it by number of years you have spent on the job. That is called experience.
      Now the law governing election does not say BUhari should produce any certificate whether original or photocopy. What buhari done by saying copy of his certificate whether original or photocopy is with the army is within the law. Buhari has done what the law requires..QED.
      In any case PDP can go to court if they are not satisfy instead of ranting on internet.

      • Otile

        I enjoyed reading your comment so much. It is very entertaining. I wish you understood many of the terms you were throwing around. I wish what you said here concerning certificates were true, many of us would not have spent a lot of time, money and labor acquiring the certificates to qualify for what we practice.

        In any case, I can’t argue with you because you know not what you are talking about.

      • Onyebuchi

        Long story. The electoral law says the evidence of qualification should be “attached” to the nomination form. Your lord, Bokohari, did not attach evidence of qualification. Your lord claimed, according to the list of presidential candidates issued by INEC, that he had WASC (he has not told us his division/grade as WASC was graded then). The expectation was that your lord would have “attached” WASC certificate as he claimed, but he failed, making his nomination form invalid. Attaching a sworn oat, which by your long story appears he was being economical with the truth before the law, is another major, major WAHALA.

  • Gideon Orkar

    Health and school certipicates

  • Citizen

    I and Buhari will die one day, Fayose should try and live forever; weather Buhari or Osinbanjo our prayer to God is for a better and united Nigeria

  • Dr. Adegbite

    Editor Premium Times,

    Professor Itse Sagay needs legal advice

    I feel irritated and annoyed enough to write this open comment on your website for the first time ever.
    You ought to feel concerned, as i do, that besides the collapsing institutions across Nigeria’s 36 states,
    those who ought to help the decadent Nigeria’s society are themselves degrading and in need of repairs.
    When human beings degrade in clarity of thought, there is no known solution, hence, i write this comment.

    In the January 19, 2015 edition of THE PUNCH newspaper, Itse Sagay – a professor of law – was at his worst.
    “Buhari attended secondary school and we hear he was even the head boy. He has been to the Cadet School
    in Mons, he attended the War College in the US and was given a certificate which is equivalent to a master’s degree,”
    Professor Sagay said verbatim.

    It is a thing of shame that no clause in all he said above is relevant or logically presented as good reasoning.
    The War College course Buhari attended is a 10-month military training course with some discussions on tactics.
    The U.S War College never claimed it was offering academic program in the 10-month period Buhari attended.
    How a professor of law can, all by himself, convert military training to academic Master’s degree is disgraceful.

    No matter what Professor Sagay receives to howl for APC party for a fee, this mark he’s fallen is just too low.
    It is advised that Professor Itse Sagay seeks legal advice next time before making a mess of himself in public.
    If he had sought advice, he would have been told that it offends logic to base a presumption on a presumption.
    Professor Sagay assumes (wrongly) that Buhari needed WASC to attend purely military courses – he is wrong.

    • Achu Ejiofor

      @ Dr Adegbite,

      I beg, break this thing down small. In simple English, Professor Sagay lied. Shikena!
      This Buhari school cert matter is now looking somehow. Do we have to call Sovereign

      National Conference to see it? Haba, just show copy, just copy alone, Buhari show copy.

      • Sholoko


        • Ude

          Sholoko:See am above. Na wa ! General Buhari wrote WASC as his qualification,
          so, how come Professor Sagay, like an agbero, is now crying more than the bereaved?
          Buhari never said he has any degree. Why is Professor Sagay lying in public like this?
          I think this poverty thing has affected too many Nigerians to tell many lies just to survive.

          • Ed

            Professor Sagay has family to feed, i beg. Just roll with his lies, no vex, bros!

      • concernednigerian

        How can Buhari show what he does not have? This idea of referring to Buhari as being honest and a man of integrity is misplaced and embarrassing.

      • TrueNja

        Whether you creek e-erats like it or not, Buhari will be sworn in as the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria on May 28, 2015. No amount of media propanda can stop this. It has been ordained by God and no human being can change the will of God. If all you e-rats are still in denial, why can’t you go court, losers!.

  • Umar Dendi

    Death or Life, lets brave the rising storm!
    The alternative is damnation! Extinction!


      You are so right so let’s make sure Buhari is sent back to his farm after the election because the old tyrant represents the stone-age and possible “Extinction”

      • Umar Dendi

        And Baga, Chibok, Gwoza does not?
        You folks and your boss represent the very worse in Nigerians.
        You are an aberration of History! Everyone that had a hand in making you is living (or dying) to regret it .
        When Nigerians tell their children and grand children about his reign, they’ll be telling them about the 7 years in hell spent under blah blah blah.
        Your very own decedents will one day be talking about the time when people named their children Good-L and P, before the crisis, before BH, before bad-luck..before everyone lost patience and finally ended the myth of incumbency


          You are a huge joke !! Those soldiers who destroyed,mismanaged,misruled and plundered our oil wealth like Gowon,Murtala Mohammed,OBJ,Danjuma,IBB Abdulsallam,Abacha,BUHARI etc are the ones who have the worst records and must never be allowed another chance !

          • Umar Dendi

            I do not recall any of them loosing Nigeria’s God giving land to a bunch of no good bare foot walking psychos. Do you??
            Your Boss Did!
            Abacha..blah, blah,.. those folks managed Nigeria when oil was 8 dollars per barrel!!
            How much are they stealing these days….More than every thing Nigeria has earned in those people’s presidency.
            Face it! your man is impotent!

          • Otile

            Oh yes, Col Yakubu Gowon lost Bakassi in the Bight of Biafra to Cameroon. Later, Obasanjo looking for Nobel Prize signed the territory away for ever.

            Dendi boy, are you suffering from amnesia?


            They sure gave away Bakassi complete with Nigerians to Cameroon on a permanent basis and they sure lost Biafra land for more than 3 years..
            They also set up all the factors which helped foster extremism and Islamic fundamentalism in the north which today manifests as Islamic terrorism !

          • Umar Dendi

            Factors Like???
            And For your Info.. Nigeria lost bakassi due to a colonial border agreement between the then German administered Southern Cameroons and the British!!
            Biafra? They Made sure that for 40 years, no man would dare challenge the sovereignty of the Nigerian State!


            MASSOB and MEND and OPC are sure doing that as we speak because they have a right to self determination……..NIGERIA IS NOT A MUST !!

            Bakassi people are my brothers and sisters but they were sacrificed by Gowon in other to secure the genocidal blockade against Biafra…we know the truth so stop your rubbish talk about maps !!

          • Umar Dendi

            Wow! I was actually beginning to take you seriously.
            Your another one of those self delusional morons!
            Then why the F___ are you even concerned about Nigeria?
            Why don’t you simply raise your own banners and declare your miserable state again.. No one will stop you this time. 50 years from now you’ll be under the control of a lone dictator like Cameroon, Gambia and Angola….If an internal civil war does not ravage your phantom republic that is!

          • Otile

            Dendi boy, you are a liar. Arna Gowon sold Bakassi to Cameroon to buy cooperation to starve Biafran children.

            We are waiting for your Boko Haram boys to soften the ground then Biafra will go her way. Sorry, parasites, we are tired of your dependency on us.

    • Otile

      Tufiakwa. Imam Buhari brings nothing but damnation and extinction.

      Dendi boy, are you ok?

  • Tonye


    Nigerians are hypocrites. That Muhammadu Buhari does not have WAEC school certificate,
    is more outrageous than Governor Ayo Fayose’s audacious but factual statement that any
    old man could die at anytime. For me, i cannot with my thumb vote for Islamic State of Nigeria.
    I went to school to learn how to analyse and weigh things. Islamic State is much worse scourge.
    Somalia, Egypt, Iraq, Syria (and before now, Mali) are in turmoil today over Islamic State’s Jihad.
    I cannot vote for Buhari for that sole reason because nationwide Sharia Law defines Islamic State.

    • Al Jihadi

      “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria. I will continue to show openly
      and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping
      all over Nigeria. God willing, we will NOT stop the agitation for the total implementation
      of the Sharia in the country. It is a legal responsibility which God has given us,
      within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia
      wholeheartedly. What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to
      re-double their efforts and educate Muslims on the need to promote
      the full implementation of Sharia law.”

      …….General Muhammadu Buhari

      (August 27, 2001)

      • Uncle Garry (Atlanta)


        Nigerians are not so much hypocrites as useful idiots educated for nothings.


      Buhari still displays his trademark dictatorial arrogance and disdain for the common Nigerian,he has refused to display statemanship and democratic decency by concealing the following documents.

      1. Birth certificate

      2. Medical certificate.

      3. First school leaving certificate.

      4. O’ level certificate,

      The continual concealment of the above mentioned documents by the Buhari campaign amounts to democratic fraud. It will pay the ex-tyrant to dump the habit of affidavits,Nigerians are fed up with them !!

      • Deltans

        That is why we see him getting more support from the masses all over Nigeria. Keep on deceiving yourself with bigotry, boy. The wind of change is blowing!!!

    • Denis_NG

      And you have been brainwashed enough to believe that nonsense about Buhari? You will rather die in penury and ignorance succumbing to your basest animalistic bigotry, even though you called yourself a Christian? I am a Christian, but I reason with my head first and not with my heart. By voting Jonathan, you are voting against your very own interest and that is the fact. What Jonathan and his handlers are doing is leveraging the ethnic and religious divides in this country, nevertheless, those who are educated enough and are deep in faith (not just going by the “Pseudonym” “Christian or Moslem) are adequately discerning to see through the shenanigans of the current administration. You have to ask yourself whether your life has been any better since Jonathan has been in power. If you answer that question objectively and in Christian truth, then vote for Jonathan, but if you have a problem answering that question affirmatively, voting Jonathan would be the greatest sin you would be committing against yourself, your family, your generation, your religion and against Christ himself. Think very well!!

  • Guguru

    PDP is fighting hard to maintain a culture of evil and destruction. Fayose is just doing what he has been instructed to do—to be evil and destructive. Evil will not succeed in 2015.

  • Otile

    Good news, comrades! Next time when somebody asks you to show proof of certificate show a good sworn affidavit, if he refuses the affidavit tell him to go to court. Meanwhile, grab what you want whether you are qualified for it or not.

    That is fair, that is Buhari style.

    • uche

      you are such a hateful big0t.and not intelligent

      • Otile

        No. What is good for Buhari is good for any other Nigerian. Do you have any sense of justice at all?


        Is it possible for you as Igbo to get a job in Nigeria based on affidavits ? You are completely ignorant of what the likes of Buhari think of you . @Otile is always on the level,he is a warrior !!

        • Otile

          The creep is Yoruba posing as Igbo. Just ignore the impostor battling with identity crisis.

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Nigerians need to know if Islamic fundamentalist Buhari is above the laws of the land. If INEC rules require candidates to attach proof of their academic and birth records to their Nomination Forms and Buhari has failed/refused/neglected to comply, he is ineligible. INEC not ought to have accepted Buhari’s nomination on this account. It is Buhari who ought to have gone to court to prove his eligibility, not the other way round. Nigerian institutions are weak and compromised and INEC is a testament to that.

      • endingNaija

        The unemployment rate in Nigeria under President Jonathan fell to a record low of 60% of our population. Under President Jonathan, Nigeria became the THIRD POOREST country in the world! These two social and economic conditions are clear recipe and conditions for destitution, armed robbery, terrorism. President Jonathan swore ON OATH to prevent these-but he failed.Therefore in the interest of Nigerian youths, President Jonathan DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE RE-ELECTED.

        • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

          Buhari is simply ineligible and must not be allowed to run, come Feb. 14.

          • Truthometer

            In your wildest dream? The train is unstoppable now. Enough of institutionalized wild corruption, audacious stealing, failed promises, failed policies and unprecedented insecurity been coordinated and perpetrated by Dumbo/PDP. GMB all the way!

  • endingNaija

    I have just read a story on the dirty campaign of PDP and Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Team on Yahoo news. Fortunately the story is written by someone whose name does not sound Nigerian. The name is Phil Hazlewood. And the News platform under which the news is written is AFP-AFP is an international News Agency-like our NAN. This is the summary of the news/story “…the APC has fallen into a PDP trap by responding to the claims (PDP’s negative campaign) instead
    of rebutting the allegations by continually questioning the government’s
    achievements….” AFP is NOT a Nigerian News Platform. And the name Phil Hazlewood does not sound Nigerian. So? It is OBJECTIVE at least no one will accuse it of Nigerian partisanship even when such allegation is wrong. The Lesson? (1) The International Community knows the PDP is GONE and President Jonathan is GONE. (2) They know the negative campaign -certificate/age/health is nothing but a negative campaign of a dying horse which is still kicking hoping that it could come back. (3) But unfortunately APC and Buhari handlers FELL into the PDP/Jonathan trap by responding. In other words they are saying that in developed democracies negative campaign is a standard though morally wrong strategy. And the best way to respond to that is to return the campaign to ISSUES and ACHIEVEMENTS of Mr. Jonathan. The International Community knows that Mr. Jonathan cannot run on achievements because Jonathan wasted six years playing politics with the fate of the country. Hence Jonathan and his handlers have to fall back on dirty tactics. That is the lesson from those who have run democracy for a longer time than us. This is my advice to all of us CHANGE AGENTS. This campaign is a referendum on the achievements and lack of it of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan in Six years. This campaign has two themes-Corruption and Security -if we have the two Nigeria will improve on economy/education/employment etc. So we CHANGE AGENTS are running a campaign on an anti-corruption platform-in order to begin to address our economy against after we exit the most corrupt regime ever in the history of Africa-that of Mr. Jonathan. Yes we can humor the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Team once in a while when we respond to their names-otile/oleku/deacon/Tawanda/the “truth”/orkar/okey/Gideon Orkar/Nwa Aba Biafran/ proudly Niger delta/ikenna/mani_kay./mpitikwelu and others. But we should ask them serious questions about the achievements of their candidate-Goodluck Jonathan. Since these guys are EMPTY, we should force them to show their EMPTINESS. Their platform is negative campaign. DO not help them to realise that. Let them show us how Goodluck Jonathan has fought corruption in six years. Jonathan should tell us how many jobs he created in six years. Jonathan should tell us why Nigerian youths are running to Ghana and other west Afircan countries for their education. And once in a while, we can also throw jab at them and humor them like we all do. But let us ask them HARD questions on the lack of performance of their candidate-Goodluck Jonathan. The global community knows hat Goodluck Jonathan is GONE. But we must finish the job and push him out through issue based campaign and exit him to Otuoke. God Bless you all. Eternal and Divine Change forever-Sai Buhari, Sai Change oyoyo!!!-so that nobody will say I am abusing him/her “oyoyo” means “now now”!!!

    • endingNaija

      I need to also add this. Mr. Ayo Fayose is a firm believer in lies as a tool of campaign. He has used his mouth to say it. He used lies and lying very well in his campaign against Dr. Fayemi in the Ekiti elections. Look some of know Fayose very well. He does not have a single shame in him-nothing-very crude and primitive. Ayo Fayose is a thug and he knows he is a thug. He does not care about civility, culture, finesse. These fine issues of contemporary civilization are not part of Ayo Fayose-for he is just some stone age person-primitive. So he knows what he is doing. He knows he has LIED, but he does not care. So? Focus on the lack of achievement of his candidate-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan-for SIX years. Focus on the issues-Corruption and Security. Do not be distracted because Ayo Fayose knows he is GONE too when Goodluck Jonathan loses. That is, when we send Goodluck Jonathan back to Otuoke, Ayo Fayose automatically loses the state power that backs up his criminality. He will become NAKED. Hence, Ayo Fayose is fighting a battle of his life. But leave the thug in the ditch and focus on the lack of achievment of his candidate-Goodluck Jonathan and the issues. That is the lesson from the global community for every watcher of Nigerian politics knows that Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is an outgoing president-he is GONE. So? We CHANGE AGENTS should not play dirty with them. We should Stay focused on the issues.


      The international community can come later,elections are an internal matter and the votes of Nigerians is the fixation at the moment. It is clear that the APC have been running around Saudi Arabia,Iran,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Yemen to garner support from extremist allies but Nigerians will reject them en toto

      • Kay-Kay

        How much did they pay you to buy your common sense? Sad….

      • endingNaija

        This election is about the following (i) the lack of achievements of the incumbent who is running on incumbency- So? the score card is that President Jonathan,the incumbent failed (ii) Corruption-the scored card of President Jonathan is failure-let me just give just ONE example-President Jonathan and Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke should produce the 20billion dollars NNPC money which the two of them cannot account for- (iii) Security- President Jonathan has been the Commander in Chief for SIX years. As Commander in Chief President Jonathan swore on OATH to defend Nigerian territories. Under President Jonathan we lost territories to evil minded terrorists-called Boko haram. It means President Jonathan again failed. That is the score card from OBJECTIVE judges both local and International. President Jonathan is a bad political, social and moral product. No sensible and rational person can sell this bad and rotten product. Hence to save our country from continuous disgrace locally, within African and globally, the culprit-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan has to leave. But we CHANGE AGENTS AND CHANGE VESSELS will do this with our votes peacefully and democratically. We CHANGE AGENTS AND CHANGE VESSELS will not be provoked and we will not provoke-Sai Buhari, Sai Change oyoyo!!! Febuhari 14th 2015 IS IT!!!

        • akyn

          Why do people like you give audience to fools like TAWAKALITU’S. Please save your fingers and reasoning for better usage.

      • endingNaija

        Nigeria is not a local and tribal enclave. Nigeria is a member of African Union, United Nations, ECOWAS etc. Nigeria SIGNED many international laws and conventions. We Nigerians of the 21st century looking to build a modern, cosmopolitan Nigeria will not allow President Jonathan and his team turn Nigeria into a local, tribal stone age enclave. This is our political, social, historical and moral duty. So? Sai Buhari. Sai Change oyoyo!!! Febuhari 14th 2015-please protect your PVC. And do NOT leave the polling areas until they finish counting the votes and until they announce the result. Sai Change oyoyo, Sai Buhari oyoyo!!!. We will not provoke. We shall not be provoked.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    I am not going to read the story but I am at one with Fayose on whatever negative comments he has on the certificate-less fraud called Buhari. INEC’s Nomination Form requires candidates to submit proof of their academic attainments with the form. Why did illiterate Buhari not comply? Is he above the laws of the land? The dying dinosaur called Buhari should just drop dead.

    • endingNaija

      The incumbent-Mr. Jonathan is running on the power of incumbency. So? This election is about the score card of the incumbent. The score card is on (i) employment-Under President Jonathan unemployment fell to 60% of our population -this is politically, socially and morally unacceptable because such high unemployment is a social condition for armed robbery, terrorism and destitution in our society-we do not want this. (ii) poverty-Under President Jonathan Nigeria became the THIRD POOREST country in the world. (iii) Corruption-President Jonathan and Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke must produce our 20billion dollars of NNPC which the two of them cannot account for before we can even talk. (iv) Security-Mr. Jonathan SWORE on OATH to defend Nigerian territories. We have lost half of the North East of our country to evil minded terrorists. Judgment: President Jonathan the present President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria IS POLITICALLY, SOCIALLY, MORALLY ADMINISTRATIVELY, MILITARILY UNFIT TO CONTINUE as the President of Nigeria. President Goodluck Jonathan a native of Otuoke, Bayelsa state in the Federal Republic of Nigeria does not deserve to re-elected as Nigerian president and he should not be re-elected in the interest of Nigerians, West Africans, Africans, peoples of African descent, and the global world. Sai Buhari oyoyo. Sai Change oyoyo!!!

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        #buhariisafraud #buharihasnocertificates #buhariisanislamicfundamentalist #buhariisineligible #buhariisadinosaur #apcisapartyofcertificatefrauds

        • endingNaija

          Under President Goodluck Jonathan 60% of Nigerians are hungry and homeless because they are unemployed. Under President Jonathan a high and record number of Nigerian youths are receiving education in Ghana, Benin Republic, Togo, Gambia thereby frittering away hard earned foreign exchange on education they can get locally in Nigeria. Under President Jonathan Nigeria is being divided into two by terrorists. But President Jonathan swore ON OATH to prevent all these. He has not. President Jonathan FAILED. Therefore in the interest of Nigerian progress President Jonathan DOES NOT deserve to be re-elected, and he should not be re-elected.

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            Well…..A certificate-less Buhari is ineligible.

        • clinton

          Omo-eru parading himself as omooba. which oba? which kingdom? Animal kingdom? or then get oba among the mentally derailed fellows in Aro?

    • clinton

      Osondi ewendi. sorry o.

    • david

      OMISORE BOY BOY, what has ur mumu PhD done for Nigeria? go to court if u have any complain. U will see that it is u, Omisore and Fayose dat will drop dead

    • Truthometer

      Ask Fayose to show you his fake polytechnic certificate.

    • Bishop

      Had GEJ declared his asset? Buhari has even given an affidavit,means he respects the law,GEJ when asked about asset declaration he clearly said ‘I don’t give a damn’.


    Buhari, where is your BIRTH CERTIFICATE ?…………………………………AFFIDAVIT !!

    Buhari,where is your MEDICAL CERTIFICATE ?………………………………AFFIDAVIT !!


    Buhari,where is your O’LEVEL CERTIFICATE ?……………………………………AFFIDAVIT !!

    Can someone please speak in Fulani to the old dictator that Nigerians are fed up with Affidavits .

    • Factual


    • clinton

      The imbecile that is parading a PhD certificate, what reasonable step or action has he taken concerning the country? Even if buhari present nepa bill, we are ready to vote for him. we are tired of GEJ, Fayose and your likes.

  • sammyctu ode

    fayose has never been a human being but a lower animal who was brought back to political limelight by jonathan and pdp even while he was standing trial for corruption and money laundering. By placing that kind of advert, he has offended the families and supporters of those former heads of states and won more Nigerian converts to GMB Presidency. God has said fayose will go the same way he did during his first term because as soon as GMB wins on Feb. 14th, his impeachment will commence. fayose is a gutter boy, a thug, an imbecile, an armed robber and pen robber, a total illiterate and a person who should not live among decent human beings. Why are people criticizing Punch? Nigeria operates under FREE SPEECH, PUNCH is right to publish it because they establish their company not for charity but to make profit. We should even be praising Punch for letting us know the lower animal who fayose is.

    • clinton

      You are right my brother

    • moses


    • Cattle Rancher

      Well said…

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor


    • checkmate

      WHICH TRUTH?????????? PDP’s CONCOCTED LIES???????

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Look at him well.It is all over him. Truth is not same as a lie.

        • checkmate


          • Shuaibu Bola Victor

            “You have beaten some of us in proving Gen. Douglas Macarthur’s theory that old soldiers never die but fade away gradually. But you have refused to fade away” —IBB told Buahri in Minna yesterday

          • checkmate


          • Shuaibu Bola Victor

            Buhari has faded publicly.

          • Aku

            sorry to let you know that the power of peoples’ vote can never be under estimated. Dumbo has faded and he will remain like that by God grace.

          • Shuaibu Bola Victor

            You sound agreeive. Sorry.

    • rhad

      yes he is sick of corruption, insecurity, impunity and so am I. If you and Fayose are so much in a hurry to die. I will be nice just lock yourself in door drink acid, make sure you are not shouting. Buhari will meet you guys at God’s appointed time. moron!!!

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Medically sick of cancer and old age. He belongs to declining age.

    • Aku

      Non has immunity against death which only comes on God’s appointed period, so relax Mugabe is still alive in case you don’t now.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        What about the histories of advance democracies like US & UK

  • Raqruq

    A plane was about to crash and there were only four parachutes in the
    plane. Meanwhile there were five passengers in it. The first passenger
    was Cristiano Ronaldo and he said: I’m the best footballer, I cant die
    now”. So he took one parachute and jumped out of the plane.The second
    passenger was Aliko Dangote and he said “I’m the richest man in Africa
    and I’m too young to die”. So he took the second parachute and jumped
    out of the plane.The third passenger was President Jonathan and he said: ”
    I’m the smartest president in the world so I can’t die now, my people
    still need me”. So he took one and jumped out of the plane.Then the
    remaining two passengers left were Pope Francis and a little school
    girl.The Pope said to the little girl “take the last parachute, I’ll
    sacrifice my life for you”. The little girl replied “No need for that.
    There are two parachutes left”. The Pope asked “How come?”The little girl
    replied; “The Nigerian president took my school bag”.

    • clinton

      Not funny and obviously not for this platform

      • ijawman

        Please you have not dampen by laughter at all. Hahahaha!!!!!

    • Ebele

      Hahaha, That’s the Dumbo for you, Pal

    • Ndu

      Plagiarism. When you copied this so called “joke” about David Cameron of UK, you should have given credit to the source. Perhaps, you have your own sworn affidavit to have obtained a WASC at Govt College Ibadan or Katsina College, or have authorship of your first degree research project when you actually copied another person’s work. Not funny if you stole someone else’s work.

  • KAL

    I took time to review the sadistic and invidious advertisement in The Punch and will want us to note that the front page advert in any newspaper cost between N6m-N10m according to industry source I sought out. So, Ayo Fayose is spending Ekiti people’s money on such senseless and insensitive advert? What value has this has on the welfare of Ekiti people? Well, he is empowering their stomach and can rubbish them anyhow. Eyin agbagba Ekiti, e jade si oro Ayo Fayose ooo … You elders of Ekiti, seek for cure for Ayo Fayose’s sickness o! Gbam!

    • James Bond

      My friend sharap there. A full advertorial in any Nigerian news paper in color will set you back 500k, front cover is about 1m.

      • KAL

        James Bond, decent, cultured, cout, responsible and polished people anywhere in the world don’t tell another person ‘sharap’ even if they disagree with them. You can disagree decently and express your own opinion. After all, opinion is the cheapest commodity in the world because it is free and we all have them.

        Be that as it may, you are extremely ignorant and I could see that you never had a look at the advertisement in review here. Ayo Fayose the gangster prophet who predicted Buhari will die in office, place the advert in the front cover of The Punch. I just confirmed again from Advertisement Practitioners of Nigeria contact that the front page any newspaper cost that much I quoted depending on the quality and circulation of the paper. In case you do not know, Punch is a respected and widely circulated paper in Nigeria of today.

        So, you may want to review your stand and gutter language and offer an apology.

        Thank you.

        • James Bond

          Don’t worry madam……….your apology will be offered you on February 15th, until then keep dreaming, you have earned it.

          • Truthometer

            James Bond is a fictitious character. You are the dreamer, bro. Febuhari 14th is just around the corner. Your running from pillar to post has just started. Start contacting your realtor for 1 bedroom apartment in otuoke.

    • Truthometer

      Fayose is incurable now. His madness has reached the market square.

  • he had better be out with it, its obvious he’s not well. that seat isnt for ill people history has proven that

    • Bishop

      But sick Yaradua is stil rated above GEJ till date

  • buhari dont go and form superman and die there oh..no be childs play.go and treat yourself

  • Encore

    Editor Premium Times,

    Professor Itse Sagay needs legal advice

    I feel irritated and annoyed enough to write this open comment on your website for the first time ever.
    You ought to feel concerned, as i do, that besides the collapsing institutions across Nigeria’s 36 states,
    those who ought to help the decadent Nigeria’s society are themselves degrading and in need of repairs.
    When human beings degrade in clarity of thought, there is no known solution, hence, i write this comment.

    In the January 19, 2015 edition of THE PUNCH newspaper, Itse Sagay – a professor of law – was at his worst.
    “Buhari attended secondary school and we hear he was even the head boy. He has been to the Cadet School
    in Mons, he attended the War College in the US and was given a certificate which is equivalent to a master’s degree,” Professor Sagay said verbatim.

    It is a thing of shame that no clause in all he said above is relevant or logically presented as good reasoning.
    The War College course Buhari attended is a 10-month military training course with some discussions on tactics.
    The U.S War College never claimed it was offering academic program in the 10-month period Buhari attended.
    How a professor of law can, all by himself, convert military training to academic Master’s degree is disgraceful.

    No matter what Professor Sagay receives to howl for APC party for a fee, this mark he’s fallen is just too low.
    It is advised that Professor Itse Sagay seeks legal advice next time before making a mess of himself in public.
    If he had sought advice, he would have been told that it offends logic to base a presumption on a presumption.
    Professor Sagay assumes (wrongly) that Buhari needed WASC to attend purely military courses – he is wrong.

    • dododanwa


      • Ricky

        @ Dodondawa

        I was wondering. You almost lost me here, sir!
        Yes, Buhari never claimed that he has a degree.
        But he claimed he has WASC, didn’t he state so?
        That is what he claims on INEC Form posted above.

        But later i got the nuanced logic in your comment.
        A person who claims to have WASC and does not
        show a copy of it,, as required by law is deemed to
        actually be admitting to NOT having obtained WASC.

        • Denis_NG

          Well, the law requires that a President declares his asset and Jonathan doesn’t give a damn. You guys in PDP are hypocrites of the highest order. Jonathan declared his PhD, what has that amounted to in his almost 6 years of ruling the country, safe for corruption, ineptitude and insecurity all over the land?

          • Olu. Oluwadare

            Hmm… PhD without thesis. Was it not just to equate himself with a known Lacturer from Unimaid then Katsina turned governor and the president?. PhD is not supposed to be paper but skill. “Leadership si an act, management is a skill. If you DO NOT have the skill you CANNOT play the act”

  • chinwe davis

    All those APC people are just prodigal sons of PDP, they have refused the umbrella and now say ill. but buhari still remain that same person who overthrew the civilian rule. and now they wana support him? please!!!!

    • Words on Marble

      “No matter what Professor Itse Sagay receives to howl for APC party for a fee,
      this mark he’s fallen is just too low. It is advised that Professor Itse Sagay
      seeks legal advice next time before making a mess of himself in public.
      If he had sought advice, he would have been told that it offends logic
      to base a presumption on a presumption. Professor Sagay assumes,
      (wrongly) that Buhari needed WASC to attend purely military courses –
      he is wrong.”

      ………..Dr. Adegbite

      [January 19th, 2015]

      • Alvinkay

        My man na were you copy this your opinion ? Truth the thing fine well,well. I like am. The system wey type am make sense.

  • favourtalk

    That is why they say that yoruba boy will always be a sane man when he talks but this one is well known that he is a retard and bad egg from her tribe, he missed everything about life and reality and it will fail him, he act like a kids and he will fail by his grace. Nigeria needs a change and whether he likes it or not, we will get that change

  • ODOFIN, Lagos

    If not for our poor legal system & some Ekiti people that voted for him, this guy should be in prison by now

  • A 72 year old cancerous patient for president. Smells like a recipe for disaster to me

  • Emerald

    Punch is indeed an irresponsible media house!!!!

  • Uncle Charlie

    A man slumps during a campaign and blames it on his clothes. (agbada or danshiki, I dont care to know which one right now). if this lies can start this early, only God knows what this country will become if he assumes the seat of the president. By that time, if he tells you good morning, you’ll have to draw the curtains to verify if it truly is morning.

  • Amaka

    If one talk now dem go say e don come. Wetin some people see for this man wey dem dey vote for am. Dem vote for de dog , he dey vomit everywhere. Dose who vote for am be like am. And dem go de say dem be fountain of knowledge. Shame. Na among the Yoruba you go see all kind. leave dem jare . Na dem dem!

  • Strong System

    If he dies in office there is a capable VP.
    The northerners can’t vote for Jonathan because of this cheap rubbish.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    As Nigerians, we have decided to cast our votes to our amiable President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. GEJ till 2019.

    • Obinna

      My concern here is, PDP is busy claiming the man of GMB did not attend
      any school, is going to islamize Nigeria and He (GMB) will even die
      before the election. How can some one reconciles these statements. If
      GMB die, who takes over? Ans: A professor, A Reverend Father, anti
      Corruption Crusader with so many other qualities better than the
      current dumbo, criminal and a Phd holder does not know corruption is a
      crime. Anyway, Fayose has nothing but ensure people like Jona continue
      to rule Nigeria. Otherwise, people like him will finish their lives in
      prison. Any responsible youth should hope to see a corruption free
      Nigeria for his future to be bright. Useless bunch of criminals. Change
      we need come Feb 2015.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        They are all grounds pointing in one direction — GMB is not a good candidate

      • Olu. Oluwadare

        This is why GMB picked the man out of the 3 candidates in the first place. And this is what the likes of Fayose do not want.

  • Buhari please go and rest. Being a dead man in office will do you no good. I don’t think your grand kids will be happy about this

    • Emeka

      And you will live forever? Such shameful statement to be coming from any sane human being, all for what, POLITICS?

  • David Adeniran

    I have said it that all the Newspapers which published the Advert were IRRESPONSIBLE. Fayose is a professional Thug that will soon be shown the way out of that sacred post in the process of time. At any rate he is used to having an aborted tenure as Governor. Ekiti, the Fountain of Knowledge, this guy being their Number One Citizen is an aberration, a misnomer and a big shame!!!

  • Kufere

    But it’s the TRUTH naaa. The man go die oo

    • Olu. Oluwadare

      As per you are god ba? Will it be right to say that your father will die because of politics or that you will die because of something you are pursuing?

    • freethinker.org

      yes its the truth, we will all die, but mr fayose sounds like he can guarantee his own tomorrow likewise you…old age or bad health is not equal to automatic death mind you…. but all this are cheap ways to counter an old haggard opponent, age, certificate n what…they are just making him more popular compare to few months back. i expect the GEJ team to be blowing their trumpet of achievement in Agriculture, infrastructure, employment, power, economy… rather than acting/crying like they are already defeated….

      • Olu. Oluwadare

        The trumpet will actually not sound loud because the achievements were all commissionings of Obasanjo’s projects. – Power (NIPP projects by Obasanjo), Agriculture based on revised OBJ’s reforms, Rail based on contracts signed by OBJ 2004 etc. So was best to say your opponent is bad than say what you can achieve.


    No of yrs in Presidency from 1960 – 2015 by Regional Distribution
    North = 39 yrs (9 presidents = Balewa,Gowon, Muritala,Shagari,Buhari,Babangida,Abacha,Abdulsalam,YarAdua,)
    West = 11 yrs (2 Presidents = Obasanjo, Shonekan)
    East = 0 yrs (Nil)
    South = 4 yrs (1 President = Jonathan)

    • Taiwo

      dont bother urself,they will continue to rule…

    • Aliyu

      I do sympathize with the East. However i do have to say that only 3 out of the 9 mentioned were democratic. The rest were military Juntas with a different set of cabals all together.

    • Olu. Oluwadare

      So 4 (6) : 39 (37) years of presidency is the reason why Buhari should die. Does that make sence? How will you feel if a fellow contestant wishes your father death in the farm/fishermen club/cooperative society or place of work?

  • Emeka215

    The stubborn fly that doesn’t listen, will only end up in the grave with corpses.

  • Ayo Familoni

    Governor Fayose should know better as a yoruba man, that is not ideal to be wishing your fellow human being death. and death is not by age, is not even by sickness and nobody have control over death.
    anyway there is nobody to advise him, he has sent all Ekiti elites to exile and sideline all his cabinet members. the deputy governor and others are there as figure heads.campaign against your opponent based on age, race, religion is even discrimination.
    finally, sir, change your way of thinking and learn to give respect to elders. politics should not be a do or die affair.

  • Mr. Abdin

    The desperation shown by the PDP is dangerous and that cannot be tolerated and the call by the APC campaign organization for an independent probe is a welcome development as the life of Buhari is very important and cannot be joked with. Change is we are calling for and Nigerians are ready for that. God bless Nigeria.

  • Sholoko

    Breaking News:

    3,000 Protesters storm Abuja streets over Buhari’s certificates

    “Youths, including men and women numbering over 3,000 have
    given one week ultimatum to the Presidential candidate of the All Progressive
    Congress (APC), Gen. Mohammadu Bhuari (rtd) to table his certificates before
    the Independent National Electoral Commission or they will go to court.

    They were led by the National Coordinator of Coalition of
    Nigerian Youth for Good Governance, Godwin Meliga and a female activist,
    Princess Amarachi Nlumanze. The protesters, who carried placard with various
    inscriptions; ‘Nigeria is bigger than one man’, ‘Mr Integrity show your
    certificate’, ‘Obey the law’, urged Bhuari to comply with the electoral laws.”

    …..Reported by A. Peterson (Abuja)

    • Benson


      • F. Macaulay

        @ Benson:

        General Muhammadu Buhari is goaded by a plea-bargained drugs-running criminal on U.S court records, but Bola Ahmed Tinubu who’d himself sworn a false affidavit that he attended (a) University of Chicago, (b) Government College, Ibadan, (c) Aroloya Primary School, is not the sort of person General Buhari needs at this defining moment. Or, does he need Barrister Tunji Abayomi who imputed in public that Buhari is comparable to a bright student expelled from school before WAEC examinations for raping the daughter of the English teacher. General Buhari needs to be alone. He is the only one who can best advise himself. A WASC certificate of 1962 is impossible to invent after tendering affidavit that the certificate is in 3rd party’s custody – thus creating evidentiary chain which Muhammadu Buhari can no longer deny.

      • Olu. Oluwadare

        How does this address the fact that your principals are now wishing him death? Think about the future of your children. You get paid today and you will not be able to feed tomorrow. They run away and use their stollen wealth to create companies. If you are lucky, you get employed again to do dirty jobs for their children. Think mu brother.

    • Olu. Oluwadare

      You guys are trying to play smart again. The issue here is that your principals have taken theri despiration too far by wishing an innocent person death. Perhaps they have tried all occultic means that all failed. So you guys are here to do the clean up by simply distracting people’s minds by changing the topic. What does PDP sponsored placcard carrying youth wing have to do with your principals wishing the innocent man death? Do or die politics. Please remember, the little you earn today doing this dirty job will not be enough to feed your children tomorrow when these people kill this country. You cannot even go to them for help. They will tell you they have paid you for your work.

  • FortB

    Stupidity of the highest order. All candidates must reign in their supporters from such despicable and evil statements. This is not how to play politics. The electorate can demand for the health status of all candidates without recourse to such barbaric strategies


    What do you expect from a ruffian and a motor park tout? Fayose is everything awful about PDP. He is indeed the face of PDP. How is Fayose sure, he will not die in office? God will have mercy on him.

  • Don Vito

    At least, by his own admittance, Fayose says GMB will win and ascend the seat of the President. It is better to have a State burial than to bury the State

  • Aliyu

    Only God is the owner of life and every soul shall taste the pain of death!! Who knows, maybe the governor might check out before Buhari.


    It is very very unfortunate. I am sure the founder of PUNCH Newspaper will be very sad about this because PUNCH at her inception was never known to be interested in money spinning adverts let alone this Nonsense called paid advert. Gov. Fayose and some other Nigerians desperate for political power have taken their quest too far to the extreme and at the expense of our national interest. They must be called to order now and be reminded that Nigeria is far far bigger and more important than any individual or group of individuals and their selfish interest the pursue.