Kaduna Governor, Yero, caught on tape threatening violence against APC, El-Rufai

Mukhtar Yero, Former Governor of Kaduna

The Governor of Kaduna state, Ramalan Yero, has threatened to call out his supporters to inflict damage on the opposition All Progressives Congress [APC] if his team is ever attacked while campaigning.

Speaking in Hausa language to his supporters at the opening of his campaign on Monday, Mr. Yero vowed swift “revenge” if ever attacked by any one “born of woman”.

“If you are born of a woman, please pelt us with stones, when we go out for campaigns. We dare you to destroy or burn our vehicles. Burn our House,” the governor said. “I swear by Allah, anyone who does any of these things, we will revenge.”

The remarks came as an escalation of an already tense electioneering ahead of February polls, seen in Kaduna State as a contest mainly between the governor and a former Minister, Nasir El Rufai, of the APC.

In the last two weeks, there have been incidents of political violence in Rivers, Plateau and Gombe States, where supporters of different political parties launched gun attacks on opponents, bombed party offices and torched campaign vehicles.

Mr. Yero spoke days after all presidential candidates for the February elections committed to non-violence before, during and after the polls.

Addressing his supporters, a furious Mr. Yero threatened to stop Mr. El-Rufai from entering Kaduna State henceforth.

PREMIUM TIMES obtained an audio recording of the governor apparently addressing his supporters and threatening violence against Mr. El-Rufai.

He said as governor, he has the power to stop the former minister from even leaving his house.

“If I say you should not come to Kaduna, I swear you cannot come. If I say you should not leave your house, I swear you cannot leave,” Mr. Yero said.

Despite being the home state of Vice President Namadi Sambo, Kaduna, the former capital of the northern part of Nigeria, also has a strong APC base, giving Mr. El Rufai wide support too.

As Minister of the FCT, Mr. El-Rufai’s administration demolished several homes and other structures the government said were illegal or built in contravention of Abuja’s master plan.

In his address, Mr. Yero said he also has the power to demolish the former Minister’s house if he wishes to.

“If I say they should demolish your House, I swear by Allah, they would demolish it immediately,” he said. “If you think we cannot do it, try us and see, continue with what you are doing, by God’s grace we will show you,” Mr. Yero said.

Mr. Yero also threatened to deal with APC supporters if they dare attack the campaign trail of the PDP.


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  • Nkebueziokwu

    Frustration is sure dealing badly with these fading PDP henchmen and I wonder if they will survive their eventual rustication next month. As Fr Mbaka said, the glory has far departed from these cultists in PDP and all they can do us to issue threats and rattle their saber but these will not deter the change that is surely coming.

  • checkmate

    Yero, the frustrated goon. Your days are numbered as governor.

  • igbuwai

    Which Law gives you the power to prevent a citizen from leaving hos house? You’re still living in the past Mr. Governor. No man can stop the impending Tsunami which appears to have been ordained!

  • md

    Can dis gov listen to him self?

    • Otile

      What did you do when Ebola proclaimed: rig and roast?

      • endingNaija

        Oleee face the issue. Ole ah ah ah! Sorry Otile face the issue. So you are justifying Yero after Mr. Jonathan signed the Peace Accord. Ole is that right?

  • amazing2012

    No wonder no peace in Kaduna, please vote him out !

    • Otile

      Yeah, vote him out and bring in APC looting vandals to pillage, rape young girls and violet married women. You have been warned.

      • endingNaija

        Ole, why are you diverting? Other readers are discussing issues, yet you divert. I will call on your Oga, wahala now to deal with you and make you shut up! Na your master wahala fit handle you well well. Me? I go laafu taya for ole!!!

  • Truthometer

    Another PDP governor threatening genocide caught on tape, after Ibrahim Shehu Shema, PDP governor of Katsina State, promised the opposition the same. I hope International Court of Justice, Hague is taking note.

  • endingNaija

    And Kaduna state Governor Yero of PDP said this just a few days after President Jonathan of PDP signed an Abuja Peace Accord along other contestants for the presidency in the February elections? So why did the PDP sign a peace accord? Why did President Jonathan sign a peace accord? Did President Jonathan sign the accord for fun just for signing sake? Does it mean that PDP and by extension President Jonathan do not believe in the Abuja peace accord President Jonathan himself SIGNED?

    • absam777

      He has no respect for the president. They just use him like a vehicle. Another motor park tout.!

    • Dan Arewa

      Mr jonah might be under the influence of ogogoro the time he signed the accord. You know someone is always HIGH.

  • Spoken word

    Yero the failure.

  • Rommel

    These are the sponsors of Boko Haram and the Jihad that is ravaging northern Nigeria with full support of DSS

    • Chris1408

      They control the armed forces to destroy opposition, but can’t tame Boko Haram. Where’s DSS, security wing of PDP

  • Chris1408

    Our money don make these lazy politicians craze oooooo. Dey wan destroy everything, but their own family dem dey obodo oyinbo. Nigerian youths don’t be used by these worthless politicians

  • mk

    I can stop you from entering your house, I can stop you from sleeping with your wife’s, i can demolish your house, I can stop your from entering kaduna,I can stop you from campaigning to become gov-nor of kaduna..try me and see…ONLY A JUNIOR BROTHER O COMMISSIONER TO VP SAMBO OF PDP HAS THE POWER TO DO THAT…REMEMBER TOMORROW MAYED BE ELRUFAI TURN.WHAT DO U EXPECT…TAKE IT EASY.

    • Bosco

      Point of correction, He is not Sambo’s brother rather Sambo’s ***

  • musa aliyu

    this opportunist is playing with fire. let him try preventing anyone leaving his house and, as Sociologist, I shall watch who will run to hide outside his claimed protective state.

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    Frustrated, Depressed and desperate.The Dog eat my homework mentality, nothing to show for four years. What planet is the governor living in. Mr Yero you are lucky that the Nigerian judiciary is a disgrace, your utterances is enough to land you in jail after that your lacklustre delivery as an accountant turned governor. Go and ask the former governor of Illinois who his cooling his heels in a prison in Illinois for a lesser offence.

    • Dan Arewa

      I blame the DSS not Nigerian judiciary. Although DSS appeared to be an extension of the PDP, utterances like this lead to prosecution, but only in a country with SANE leaders.

  • True Nigerian

    Just look at our politics; look at the idyotic violent mentality of those who are at the helms of our political leadership. And people still wonder why this country has a problem called boko haram violence. Our country is rotten. These politicians are not better than boko haram. That’s how rotten we are. Just look at a governor talking like Hitler in a country that calls itself a democracy. Many of our politicians could easily be a replacement for boko haram.

  • TrueNja

    Drowning governor like his clueless president. We are not coming with the brooms only on May 28, so also with the vacuum cleaners.

    • Guguru


  • Otile

    The Honorable Governor is right. This is the way it should be, APC does not have monopoly of violence. Do me I do you, ba magana. Henceforth no other party should let APC thugs intimidate them. Enough of their arrogance.

    • endingNaija

      So why did President Jonathan SIGN the Abuja Peace Accord? Was President Jonathan signing the paper a mere photo ops especially given that Tomopolo an Ijaw supporter of President Jonathan already has SIX WARSHIPS which President Jonathan gave him money and license to buy and use against Nigeria in terrorist acts if Mr. Jonathan loses the February election? Ole, this is a simple question. Answer if you can but do not abuse or distract-okay Ole?

  • Muktsa

    Heard it on radio. He further said ; we have power at the centre and at the state . We have the police, the army and all other security outfits !

    • Ali

      zai ci uwatar ai, kwana nawa ya rage

  • Guguru

    Yero, one of the zoo creatures released into the Nigerian wild by Jonathan and his handlers. Jonathan needs to tranquilize this Yero creature and take him back to the PDP zoo before he is poached down.

  • Thepeople

    You can do this, You can do, these people think they are God. Yero look around you and see what has happened to others who play God.

  • lala

    I dey laugh

  • the truth

    There is nothing wrong eith this comment.if they are attacked they have the right to defend themselves.only hypocrites will find a fault in this

    • endingNaija

      Mr. “the falsehood”, and your candidate, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan of PDP SIGNED the Abuja Peace Accord? Mr. “the falsehood”, is there truth in the Peace Accord anymore then if your candidate Mr. Jonathan signed the document and his party is engaged in violence and you Mr. the falsehood justify such violence.

      • the truth

        Neutrality even in the light of persecution.ur likes want to eliminate the truth.what good is a peace deal when the other party is attacking.the governor said if attacked they will retaliate,what is bad in that statement

        • endingNaija

          Mr. the Falsehood, can you kindly REDEEM the genuine truth? Why did your candidate-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan SIGN the Abuja Peace accord when he knew that his party PDP IS NOT committed to a peaceful pre and post election in Nigeria? Can you Mr. FALSEHOOD REDEEM the genuine truth.


      Everything is wrong with a Governor threatening violence in his own state. Everything is wrong with a Governor becoming uncouth and acting like a motor park tout, to use the immortal words of President Jonathan. Yero should be ashamed of himself for this kind of incendiary speech.

      • the truth

        Dont twist the governors words.he said if they are attacked they will retaliate.are u planning to attack or cause trouble.we know el rufai oqns premium times and as such they are his paid goons

        • Bosco

          The governor want to cause trouble so that He can declare curfew in order to rigg the election. No matter the provocation, you are a gonna. Tell us your achievements.

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Even threatening conditional violence at all is unbecoming of a state chief executive, so don’t give me platitudes!

    • Aku

      What is the role of security agencies then? I think you are blind of the truth.

  • Adoki Achine

    All these chief executhieves who became one thing or the other because something happened to their oga at the top,now it is time for them to look for their own mandate they are panicky. Somebody should advise this man how to contest and win elections and stop clowning about and threatening actions that he is not properly informed about the consequence.


    And this from the Governor of a state? Really, folks like Yero are not fit to occupy the high post of Governor. They lack the temperament to hold a state together. They are not leaders. They are rabble-rousers

  • Yusuf

    This she-governor that is only good at make-up and photograph is the one threatening violence, na wa for Kd, ‘kun shiga hannun dan daudu’

  • Baka Broke

    Leaders should know how to talk, Marilyn ogar see customer woo.take notice of this man statement.

    • Nwa _ Africa

      He is in PDP…..

  • tambaya Kafinsoli

    Leaders making such statement then truly world is coming to an end and even if world is not coming to the end then surely Nigeria is coming to the end

    • Dan Arewa

      I don’t agree with you.

  • Naira

    Yero na fight? Pls campaign if you can, otherwise keep mute.

    • Nwa _ Africa

      How can he campaign when he is down and out already? APC might win 28 States in Nigeria including the Presidency….

      • Naira

        Yes oh!

  • Umar Dendi

    Peoples Democratic Party
    Rise and fall of the largest political party in Africa!

    • Otile

      Ba gaskiya. Yaro, ina kwana?

      • Nwa _ Africa

        I talk am for you bah…………………..

  • Umar Dendi

    This is what happens when they know that all is lost.
    Personally, I’ll miss the Dame’s antics- Chai, DeresGod and Umblellala
    and who can forget the good one from the chief- America Will Know!

    Who will make us laugh after May 29th? Chai. Nigerians…… You just had to do it!

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Oh my beloved Kaduna State! Who made such a fellow governor over you? Why is he fanning the embers of war and not displaying any quality of a mature leader? With this guy at the helms, Kaduna State must be a shambles. Now I know why people are clamouring for change. Wow…

  • Uturu Mgbagbu

    The way to go Mr Gubnor. If Fashola (SAN) was able to deport non-natives from Lagos State, I do not see why Yero cannot stop hell-Rufia, a non-native of Kaduna State from entering Kaduna.

  • muhammad

    The guy is power drunk.

  • AboubakarAlahmad

    Stop bragging my friend,you can not.Tafidan Dogon Daji.

  • tyson


    • Bosco

      Are you out of your senses like the governor? This is the worst governor Kaduna has ever produced. He is drowning, I don’t really blame him, His god father would not allow him. He should start preparing his hand over note. No matter the threat, APC will win Kaduna State.

      • Aku

        By God grace PDP is gone in Kaduna.

  • tyson

    Regardless of the issue of Cancer Buhari is a curse onto the nation state of Nigeria–He is being haunted by the spirit of those he HELPED to murder–see the spirit of kudirat and Abiola–are watching over him FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD–How come his certificate issue appeared from nowhere—to disgrace him—now we want to know how he enlisted into the army–which certificate did he use–? It’s not about PDP or Jonathan—u mean d gods of Nigeria will allow them rule us again, in spite of all the humans boko haram has killed? The Yorubas know these things–they are just pretending to tag along– period

  • tyson


  • Warri Boy

    …I hear Bokohari has cancer of the broukous. Is it true? Is there an affidavit to the contrary? Or is it just an irrefutable assumption?

    • john jones


    • Teddy

      Is your contribution relevant to the issue being discussed here? Why can’t you use your head and reasonable for once. Please don’t trivialise a very serious matter that border on security.

  • Richard

    This is a desperation moment for this governor. This is an indication that he is scared of El-Rufai. Instead of threatening violence , you should be preparing your handover notes.

  • Dan maikoko

    So this guy can talk? Out of all the governors he is the one I have heard the least about. The people of Kaduna can now take solace in the fact that their governor can talk tough like this, afterall he is not another mumu like Dumbo.

  • olawale

    It not up to a week where the clueless president and his crew signed a non violence agreement…the PDP are d killers in this Gamw..SAI BUHARI


    Well am not surprise….jan 1st of this year Mr president talked about violence that anyone who disturbs the peace of this nation during and after election who be dealt with…pls tell #GEJ who be held responsible for any violence in kaduna.#CHANGE.

  • Maria

    They are feeling the heat of imminent defeat… I am not surprised. APC should not think these hoodlums in power will let go without a fight. PDP is the most fraudulent, violent and good-for-nothing but looting party in the world. APC gear up for the task ahead… victory is certain. SaiBuhari!

    • warry

      Obj,Atiku,Tinibu, Nyako,Amaechi,Timipri sylva,Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Farouk Lawan, etc.
      One thing I know nobody has a proven case of corruption against Gej. APC has the media outlets and is successfully deceiving Nigerians.

  • abdul

    Something is definitely wrong with the man.
    I think he just foresee defeat…

  • trippi

    Go ahead Mr Yero. If they break the law you break their legs.

    • Factual

      And who will break his head if he breaks the law? The masses, I guess.

      • Ikenna Frank Onuorah

        Elrufai will certainly loss

        • Factual

          If Yero is not loosing, why is he jittery and high-strung. He has seen defeat coming, that’s why he is ranting.

  • ogechi

    Mr . governor, Ahankeli mana!!!!
    Don’t act cowardice, allow el-rufai enter the ring (kaduna)&then fight him..
    pls don’t lose a fight b4Hand, try ur best no matter how insignificant.
    Even if Elrufai will thrash u blue lack, just try ur best, I know u might win



    • Ikenna Frank Onuorah

      Abubakar Nigerians are not tired of PDP. Pls speak for your sorry a*s. Loser

      • Triple 7

        What exactly is your beef here, that he is a Nigerian or that he is tired of PDP.

  • Nwa _ Africa

    And the DSS has not arrest this terrorist? We should urgently remove the so called immunity for Governors , it will stop this can of threat from a Governor….

  • mike

    Where Is the DSS? Where Is Marylène Ogar? She won’t have anything to Say as the governor Is PDP.

  • ICC Hague

    This one is a talk from a frustrated failure he already loose confidence, Where is marylin ogar get him arrested he is instigating violence in Kaduna. El-Rafai should take adequate security of himself, the man is running mad like a wounded lion.

    • Reality

      You don’t understand English.

  • kenagala2002

    Beautiful statement. The man said if you attack me I will attack you. its only a piece of stick that they attack and its folds its hands. He never said he will attack. He simply said, if you attack me, I will attack you .

  • Reality

    Thank you very much Mr. Yero. Where have you been all these while? It’s people like you that i’ve been looking for. Pls make sure you deal with El Rufai seriously, teach him a lesson of his life.

  • Smith Scott

    This man said nothing wrong. APC have started their violence and he is daring them to try him. You expect him to keep silence

    • Aku

      This is something he cannot run away from DEFEAT God’s willing come Feb. 14th.

  • Double U

    Sounds like the rantings of a loser


    Your violence treat will not help you Mr. Yero

  • ODOFIN, Lagos

    Violence is the Yero’s manifestos for electorates…His days are numbered

  • Collins


  • Usman

    We will soon kick his ass out

  • Wakawa Aliyu


  • Dan Arewa

    Look at the pix. He posed just like a ‘beautiful young lady’. Just saying.

  • Garba

    If chanting “BAMAYI” is the violence Yero is talking about, he should get ready for 70% of Kaduna electorates. it is for sure, where ever he’ll pass in Kaduna State he must hear them saying “Bamayi”. The only solution for that is for Yero to stay indoors.

  • Suleiman

    Am really disappointed with this guy, he is young with a lot of prospect in future I wonder why he spoke the way he did.

  • kariyoung

    Yero has now join his counterparts in Gombe, Rivers, Katsina and Lagos and , fayose of Ekit with threats, is thuggery part of the pdp programme for the people of Nigeria? They signed peace accord in the open but plan in secret how to deal with potential enemies. Here is a governor who cannot even mentioned one of his achievements in Kaduna but only knows how to pick a fight.