Nigerian military denies 2,000 killed in Baga; says about 150 died

File Photo: Boko Haram attack on Baga in May 2013... On January 3, 2015, Baga came under its heaviest Boko Haram attack ever. Survivors said bodies piled like flies.

The Nigerian military has denied media reports that over 2, 000 people were killed in a terrorists attack in Baga community, Borno State, by extremist group, Boko Haram.

At a briefing Thursday, the Defence spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, said the number of people killed during massive onslaught by Boko Haram in Baga town on Friday Did not exceeded 150 – including terrorists.

“From all available evidences, the number of people who lost their lives during that attack has so far not exceeded about 150 in the interim. This figure includes many of the terrorists who were bearing arms and got killed in the course of their attack and battle with troops,” Mr. Olukolade said.

In earlier comments on Twitter Sunday, Mr. Olukolade, a Major General, had rejected the 2,000 figure as stated by Amnesty International.

He said no figure had been “creditably determined”.

“There were civilian casualties in Baga. No numbers creditably determined. We can’t count the Terrorists we killed too,” he tweeted. “We are mobilizing and regrouping to save Baga. We are fighting everywhere.”

Boko Haram seized Baga after driving out government forces and killing several civilians.

With soldiers ejected from the area, it is not clear how the military arrived at the figure about 24 hours after.

However, Mr. Olukolade said ongoing surveillance activities, and aerial operations which have yielded aerial photographs, do not support the 2,000 figure.

The defence spokesperson however urged the media to be cautious in accepting casualty figures given by witnesses he said are influenced by their own perspectives.
“Many were also able to escape while the terrorists’ battle with troops lasted. The figure given by sources who claim to be eye witnesses must be an extremely exaggerated estimate,” he said.

Mr. Olukolade said the hyped casualty report by the section of the media have been misinterpreted by many international bodies.

He reassured Nigerians that the Defence Headquarters has not given up on Baga or any part of the country where terrorists are marauding as appropriate plans, men and resources are presently being mobilized to address the situation.

Mr. Olukolade is not the only Nigerian official to dispute the figure in an attack, which Amnesty International said was a massacre.

Presidential spokesperson, Doyin Okupe, had via his Twitter handle said the figures were exaggerated.

Many Nigerians and the international community are doubtful of the figures provided by Nigerian authorities in an attack International Human Rights organisation, Amnesty International described as Boko Haram’s worst attack so far.

Many believe the Nigerian authorities are wont to downplay casualty figures in efforts to downplay the magnitude of attacks, as seen in previous attacks by Boko Haram.


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  • Chris1408

    Another evidence that Nigerian lives are irrelevant to this administration. 150 or 2,000, we pay your salary and buy your uniforms so you can defend every Nigerian. Nigerian lives matter. Will Olukolade say the same thing if one of the dead happens to be his child or mother.

    • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

      Get the information and move on.
      Don’t pretend like their is no difference between 200 and 150 and it is not appalling.
      Stop this hypocrisy.
      They never told you 150 lives was nothing.

    • Otile

      The General is doing his duty. He did not ask the Fulanis to kill anybody for him. You know very well that left for him there would be no Islamic terrorism anywhere in the Republic.

  • Fulani Nomad

    Dear FAT-Nigerian-Military-officers, Pls don’t just seat in comfort of your air-conditioned offices and send out press release, travel to Baga and find out for yourselves.

    • Col.MH Mariama(rtd)

      Please tend to your cattle and stop this nonsense!!!

  • 150 DEATHS TOO MANY!!!

  • Colonel MH Mariama(rtd)

    Premium Times carries the water for one political party only.
    Certain opposing views to their political ideology are blocked and censored. I should know as it often happens to me.
    I am a neutral voice and if anything, I consider myself an equal opportunity offender of all parties. I have no dog in this fight.

    • orkar

      When redeem-ati burning spear–aka Deri was blocked by sharia reporters, Premium Times and Punch-from posting his comments ON THEIR WEB SITES–to challenge the views of the janjaweeds in Buharis camp-wahala among other night soil men in APC JUBILATED over the move to gag us the same way Buhari used decree 4 to silence the press—–when the juju priest abuse the president–they claim to do so under the freedom of speech–but when u respond to their insults they begin to fume and fregt–then work their way into blocking your cmments with the aid oof hackers like stateless Wahala—

    • Otile

      Are you not Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam? Are you not the APC officer who furiously attacked me the other week for writing something uncomplimentary to APC? Are you not the officer who almost convinced me that a daughter of Imam Buhari is married to your fellow Colonel from South East? Are you not the officer who assured me to vote for Imam Buhari, that he is a very open-minded General?

      How come you are saying all this now? I thought all along you were in the camp of APC. If you are not Yoruba, Muslim, or APC member don’t expect them to publish every comment you make.

      You see, I cannot say the same thing that my friend Abubakar tundemash, and Wahala say and expect them to publish such. Tactics, comrade, tactics.

      • amazing2012

        OTILE the English slave: Did God made mistake in making people different from your tribe ? Surely only cursed fault God.

        • Otile

          Your English is too bad, nobody can understand what you are struggling to ask. Sorry, illiterate.

    • Response

      Premium Times does not block, censor or edit comments. Preset scripts automatically reject foul languages. Stop careless allegations of bias. Are you saying you do not see comments of most acerbic form from every leaning here?

  • George Ager.A

    The Nigerian Army is in no posistion to give us the casualty figures in Baga. They simply can’t know because they not in control of Baga!

    • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

      Yea they are not. Your Boko brothers are.

  • Myson

    This is the government that sent condolence message to French government on 17 of their citizens killed by terrorist, But could not issue any statement on more than 2,000 Nigerians murdered by Boko Haram at Baga and surrounding villages. Something is wrong with Black Man.

    • Otile

      Nothing is wrong with Black Man. In France foreign terrorists attacked French citizens. In Arewa, Northern terrorists are attacking Northerners. This is a case of North on North violence, stated another way – self-inflicted wound. Don’t blame the government.

      • jaja


        • Otile

          It is not about donkeys, dogs and baboons. You are familiar with these animals, hence you mention them and know nothing else to say.

          Imam himself is familiar with them. But show us his elementary school certificate, not a sworn affidavit.

          • amazing2012

            You are not ok, we come together when igbos where attacked some years back in Abuja. We did not see our difference but justice unify us, because fairness and equity is another name of God. But only see difference in justice and truth. You hate people for what they have not chosen to be ! Only a cursed mind can do that !

          • Otile

            Is this the cursed one from the tribe of Ishmael? Say better, you were the people attacking Igbo. Your parents committed genocide on my people. How dare you come here to insult me again? Dan iska.

          • amazing2012

            Surely only a cursed can abuse the progeny of Abraham(father of nations), surely only a cursed will hate people because of what they have not choosen to be, surely only a cursed will view justice, equity, fairness by tribal sentiment !! Every word and action of yours confirm to be from a cursed mind !!!

          • Otile

            See what I am taking about. How can you say that quota system is justice, equity and fairness? What is fair by sending you to school free from elementary to doctorate yet you refuse to learn but you are rewarded with the best job of your choice; but I pay my own way to get good certificates but you occupy the position I qualify for? What is justice in using the oil from my father’s backyard to build schools for you while my community task themselves to build schools for us?

            The curse you inherited from Ishmael crippled your race with laziness, dumbness, and roguery.

          • amazing2012

            OTILE the English slave; I did not go to school with cursed products, and is not your effort that produces oil. It’s by nature not by your choice. God who made you and others in different places know why and his power and wish will not be faulted. But to you oil in you backyard is your effort, watch carefully Niger-Delta are more lazy as humans than anybody in the country. All what your people know are pride, alcoholism and violence. Oil is cursed because of your pride and will continue to be a curse to you people. No Nigerian that uses oil for his development, we pay for everything just as we pay in another country. We pay for darkness in place of light. Those that enjoys your oil are the elites not the average and the masses of the country. 95% of Nigerian population are not enjoying the cursed products, 98% pay for everything they use not with oil money. They have feed you with wrong stories with damage your perception, that everything oil money is use on everything in Nigeria. For instance: In local pure water company, the manufacturer paid all what he uses to produce water at high cost wih absence of susbsidy. Hence most of our industries relocates to Neighboring countries. Oil is cursed, produced in cursed land, and consumed/ benefit by cursed elites ! I pray for the price to go down below $5 per barrel !
            Nigeria is agrerarian

    • Mamapikin

      They were counting …how? Photographs shot from the air? What about several boats that were attacked and people killed and left in the lake? What about people trying to swim and were gunned down? Not mentioning babies and children murdered . they should even start by telling us how many houses that were burnt down. Were there provisions for evacuating bagga or the army absconded in disarray? How will there not be a massacre? What an army! An army badly led by an incompetent political leadership is far worse off than a nation without an army. And someone sits in the comfy of his ass hole rock twitting gibberish. Were the innocent people of bagga sure there wasn’t a leadership in the country or army, they would not have wasted precious time remaining in that hell hole.

      • Myson

        France raised their voice at the muder of their 17 citizens and the rest of the world listened. More than 2000 Nigeria Citizens were mascared in Nigeria in the first and second week of this year and Nigeria government want to sweep it under the carpet. In their campaigns outing through out the week, neither PDP nor APC found it wordy to remember those Mascaraed by Boko Haram in Baga and surrounding villages. Both parties campaigned like nothing of this sort happened. The rest of the world hard the story and keep quiet because Nigeria government said nothing. If Nigerians can not raise voice at mascare of more than 2000 of their citizens, the rest of the world will not even care if Millions are killed in Nigeria.

  • warry

    No president can be stronger than his army except Boko Haram, Fulani and kanuri fighters are fighting for their brother,Buhari. In which case they may stop if he becomes president If not the sensible thing to do is to continue re equipping the Army to meet the present challenges. ,though there are officers alleged to be sabotaging the efforts of the FG.

  • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

    Get the information and move on.
    Don’t pretend like their is no difference between 200 and 150 and it is not appalling.
    Stop this hypocrisy.
    They never told you 150 lives was nothing.
    Grow up.

  • orkar

    show us buharis certificates biko-

    South West coordinator of the Jonathan campaign and Ondo State governor Olusegun Mimiko said the South West was an educated region. He noted that, “This is why, among others, we will not settle for a President with less than a University degree.” Mimiko described President Jonathan as a cool headed leader who in spite of all the insults hurled at him has remained calm. “We thank you Mr. President that, in spite of being the most abused and negatively-profiled President in the history of this country, you have refused to roll out any obnoxious law of the semblance of Decree 2 of 1984,” Mimiko concluded

    • amazing2012

      Certificate my foot ! So killing people is not important for you is certificate that is important ? You are cursed and antichrist !

  • bikky

    But people(Nigerians) were killed that were not Bokoharam members? Vote wisely to stop this nonsense.

  • orkar

    Until Nigerians stop looking at the ongoing war by boko haram as a Jonathan or PDP war it will never end—-In France the French came together to say no more to the Islamic terrorist who gunned down–more than 17 French Nationals–While all we do in 9ja- is to play politics with d boko haram war efforts—-Money that would have gone into some serious project in the country are now being used to buy arms to chase Fulani fighters in haram war—while their emirs look on with delight—-the situation is such that we now ask why we are together as a nation?—–is it because of the oil wells or what–? How do our leaders sleep at night—-while the war is on? –We sit down and laugh while hundreds of thousands of Nigerians are being killed daily———————–in the Fulani North–Even those who are caught–never appear in court–and even if they do–they are often given very light sentences—There was not a single soul in France that questioned the rational behind the killings of the jihadist who murdered the journalist—In Nigeria–the story would have been that they were hired by Ihejirika—and sheriff–for boko haram—————that is Nigeria with her certificate–less generals for u——-


      Has Jonathan called for Nigerians to rise up against Boko Haram and didn’t get a response? Has he realized that it is time to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war? Is it not civilian JTF that is squaring against Boko Haram while soldiers throw down their guns and run away? Majority of French people do not like their president but they stood with him because he was present and decisive in the face of the tragedy. How many times has your president stood in front of a camera to condemn Boko Haram? Be honest here. It is always Abati or Okupe that releases statement on his behalf. The demands of the office of president includes an ability to face crises. Leaders always stand up for others and exhibit courage in the face of danger. Jonathan has failed to live up to the responsibility of the office he occupies. All he does is to give excuses, assign blames and endorse stealing.

      • burning spear

        How many times-did the president make that call? In France it was not the government–the match was started by civil society groups—instead of Nigerians doing that– what we got was one Oby ex Obj abina–running around with tinubu by her side—–where is she–today—vanished into the thing air–since buhari picked his VP-what a shame


          She may still be lurking in the shadows for a possible phantom Ministerial appointment . She is a desperate woman !

  • djay

    How did the military arrive at 150 when there’s no single soldier on ground in Baga?

  • amazing2012

    Are 150 not humans ? If you cannot protect 150 people surely you cannot protect 2000. And how did you know the number ? You are a failure and a shameless system !

    • Otile

      You should protect your own people. Christian soldiers from east of the Niger should not be put in harm’s way in the Muslim North. What are our boys dieing for?

      This North on North violence is getting on everybody’s nerves.

      • amazing2012

        OTILE the cursed english Slave: Northern christians live in peace under the leadership of other christians and Muslims alike. But suffered under this regime. It is better for them to be under any body who can stop this nonsense supported by the president himself.
        Who killed Gen. Azazi ? And why ? Who supplies arms to Boko using helicopter ?who give them hundred of Hilux vehicles and fuel the vehicles ? Only a blind cursed mind cannot see all these !!!!


          You are absolutely deranged in your assessment ! Do you really believe your rubbish ?

          • amazing2012

            You did not say anything, probe me wrong !

        • Otile

          You need to see your marabout for a quick mental checkup.

          • amazing2012

            Probe me wrong ! Northern christians live more in peace with their neighbors than now under the leadership of a sick and insensitive leader !!

    • Otile

      Cursed one, see what you and your people are killing and dieing for. How many virgins can you sleep with at one time?

      • Warri Boy

        Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..mene mene te ke te ke!…This is calamitous!

  • jamesbond3

    Anybody who still believes what the Nigerian military is saying about casualties of Boko Haram needs to have their heads examined. The military is a lying military; that is what they know how to do best. That is how they also lied about rescuing the Chibok girls when they were first kidnapped. They can’t tell the truth about anything.


    It is time for we Nigerians to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! This cannot continue.

  • burning spear

    separation is the only way out-

    • Jony

      @Burning spear you are right but pls ask your halot mother if it is possible?

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    Goodluck Jonathan became President of Nigeria at a very critical and
    challenging moment. Since taking office, he has implemented a process
    of overhaul and renewal of personnel and systems in the armed forces,
    security agencies and police as Nigeria’s military looks to meet the
    challenge of the new, unconventional and asymmetric challenges it now
    faces in the North East.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    GEJ performance and verifiable record of achievements will be rewarded with a second term in office.

  • Right Honourable

    The casualty figure is gross; not just of Baga, but of the three neighbouring towns.
    At any rate, one life lost to an invading militia is too many in a country with an Army.

  • true talk

    As a sitting leader, the president should
    tell us what he is currently doing about
    the falling Naira, also the insurgency ……not what he will do if
    Instead of promises to deal with
    corruption, the president needs to tell
    us what he did to the people indicted as
    subsidy thieves.
    Re-election is not about more
    promises. It’s a referendum on the
    current tenure; how did this
    government perform?

  • Hembe Hembe

    President Goodluck Jonathan amongst other economics measure he has to forestall future economic woos generated $68bn in Foreign Direct Investment, with notable projects
    including: Indorama’s $1.2bn fertilizer plant at Onne, Procter and
    Gamble’s $250mn consumer goods plant in Ogun, and SAB Miller’s $100mn
    brewery in Onitsha.

  • Hembe Hembe

    President Goodluck Jonathan amongst other economics measure he has taken or put in place to
    forestall future economic woos generated $68bn in Foreign Direct
    Investment, with notable projects
    including: Indorama’s $1.2bn fertilizer plant at Onne, Procter and
    Gamble’s $250mn consumer goods plant in Ogun, and SAB Miller’s $100mn

  • MushinSpeaks

    We are our own enemies; why is it difficult to get the truth from Baga? Why is our military manipulating casualty figures? to suit some certain quarters?


  • tijan kabba

    150 lives are by no means of lesser value than 2000 lives. The leadership has failed to protect the populace and it is time for them to be booted out.

  • MaziOkochi

    The Nigeria military has lost its credibility under GEJ. It appears that the army leadership is more concerned about image than substance. Baga is another example of betrayal of trust by our commander-in-chief and the army leadership.