UPDATE: 20 killed as suicide bomber hits Maiduguri market

Scene of a bomb explosion

A suicide bomb blast at a poultry market in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, Saturday, has killed at least 20 people and injured 18 others, witnesses have said.

Members of the local vigilante, known as the Civilian JTF, told PREMIUM TIMES they saw 20 bodies after the attack.

The bodies were counted as the Civilian JTF fighters arrived the scene to help with rescue effort. Our sources did not want to be named for security reasons.

The explosion, less than six weeks after the same market was attacked by suicide bombers, occurred at 12:20 P.M. Nigerian time, residents and security officials said.

The attack sparked panic across the Borno state capital, with some residents scampering home for safety.

The spokesperson of the Borno Police, Gideon Jibrin, confirmed the explosion.

He however said police detectives were heading to the scene to ascertain the extent of damage.

A security source, who asked not to be named because he was not authorised to speak on the matter, said the explosive was ferried into the market by a female suicide bomber believed not to be older than 10.

“Her body was completely shattered,” he said. “Because of the high calibre explosive she strapped to her body, the upper part of her body was flung apart and found about 500 metres away.”

The source said the explosion occurred shortly after another suspected bomber was apprehended in the area.

Suicide bombers, believed to be members of the extremist Boko Haram sect, had attacked the same market last December 1.

The police said six people, including two female suicide bombers, died in that attack.


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  • ascent

    GEJ does not give a damn!

    • Ascort Denim

      @ascent ,If you are very good at confronting Islam Jihardist, take a bold step and go there. Leave the president alone,Mark my words and write it down somewhere, Nigeria is not a country when Moslems have a separate agenda to force everyone to embrace Islam and sharia.The APC slogan:CHANGE is nothing less or more than this preaching. Change from Christian to Moslem or get killed or beheaded.For your information , The Abuja Decalration of 1989 reads: “The declaration was to the effect that Muslims should unite throughout Africa, the curricula at “various educational establishments” should conform to Muslim ideas, the teaching of Arabic should be encouraged, and Muslims should support economic relations with Islamic terrorists worldwide. It noted that Muslims in Africa had been deprived of rights to be governed under sharia law and they should strengthen their struggle to reinstate it” To strengthen here means , take by force, blood spill,destruction etc. Are you still there?

  • Okey

    I have been shouting here that the wearing of hijab in the North should be banned for now until the security situation is contained.

  • concerned9ja

    We are worried sick by these clueless detectives. Every time these bombers struck, the detectives were always investigating, yet, nothing tangible or leading would come out. The so-called detectives and SSS men prefer to dissipate their energy on how to stitch opposition with terrorism act with no proof. That is the bye-product of a clueless government of Jonathan.

    • Uduak Edukere

      Your energy is misplaced. Start by telling buhari to control his ilk — stop being the buffoon!


      The history of religious violence in the northern Nigeria can be traced back to 1914.stop being silly !!
      Please in a nut-shell,tell me what YOU would do to change Shekau to a law abiding Nigerian if you were made President today .

  • Uduak Edukere

    where are the Yorubas clamoring for a buhari presidency?!


    They are forcing children into suicide bombing,which god do these people claim to worship ? Muslim clerics world-wide should as a matter of urgency address the issue of JIHAD ,Islam has been hijacked by criminals !!

  • PROF

    There is a problem with islam ! muslims will have to look inward for the solution . Non muslims cant solve their problems .

    • Northerner

      Faggot! Then the Non Muslim president should step aside for a Pastor! Pastor Osibanjo who can make peace!


        The Pope has not been able to make peace with Al queda,ISIS,Alshabab,Taliban etc. Keep denying!
        As long as nincompoops like you remain in perpetual denial and self deceit,the north will continue it’s march back into the stone age !
        The first stage in solving a problem is to accept all realities about it !!

        • Northerner

          Is Pope God?! Or World President? GTFO maggot


            Tinubu’s house-boy Osibanjo is your “saviour” abi ? JIHADIST MONKEY !

          • Northerner

            Lol.! I think u are the monkey! Most of the ugly people who look exactly like monkies are from South! Beside, I’m a Muslim yes! But u are a r@pist whos mother is a cougar. I wonder how ur mother managed to popped u out of her hole. Oops. U faggot don’t give a fkkkk I guess!

      • PROF

        My friend I think buhari needs to step aside for the pastor,cos he only has primary six certificate. That’s if he even went to primary school

        • Northerner

          Shut it! U are a clueless troll!

          • PROF

            Son ,calm down !

  • Chris1408

    GEJ campaign while Nigeria burn

  • ceweeco projects

    what else do you expect from children of Dracula! Their Dracula father is always in search of blood. Do you know any other food Dracula eats? Until the forth defeat wish is imminent this carnage am sorry will not stop. RIP innocent souls we shall avenge your death through their defeat just few more weeks.

  • osemwengie

    If this barbaric act continues no body should vote APC,

  • sammyctu ode

    DO we still have a military and intelligence service? A president that does not give a damn will not abandon his campaign to attend to serious security challenges because he wants power at all cost. Anyway, Nigeria just lost more than 2, 000 souls yesterday to boko haram and now other innocent souls lost, what happened to the Sirilanka President who has been in power for over ten years, who went to consult his astrologer that asked him to call a snap election and lost to the opposition candidate is the same fate that will happen to jonathan come Feb. 2015.


      Tell that to the northern elite who rejected a state of emergency in those states !!

  • Issei


  • Issei

    Please mr president secure the nation first,then we can think of elections,Pastor Bakare stated the obvious,we can’t conduct elections under the present conditions,where people are being killed like chicken on daily basis,throuout the north east and some part of north west,and north central,come on we are Hunan beings just call any body you know in any part of this troubled areas,you will understand what am talking about


      Tell that to the northern governors who rejected a state of emergency !!

      • Issei

        Come on you can’t be serious,we are talking about human beings not goat and because you don’t feel the pulse of the nation.You seat down there talking


          Practical solutions are needed not lamentations !
          Tell me why the state of emergency which was at least giving the army leverage to operate should not be renewed !

      • Talha I Z

        What was the result of the 18 months emergency????????


          If you would rather have the SOE scrapped, OK but stop complaining

      • Issei

        Do you know that Mr president has constitutional power to deploy troops in any part of Nigeria under the armed forces act 2007 as amended,so he dosnt really needs any body body permission to invade and stop the violence or the insurgency,president Obasanjo did it,Gen. Abacha did it.

  • Rommel

    When you fail in your primary responsibility of securing lives and property of the citizenry,what other responsibility do you want to succeed in? stealing of funds?

    • Makaveli

      tell that to the people of France that lost several lives to buhari’s brothers!

      • Rommel

        that situation has been rectified almost immediately with the neutralization of the elements involved which is how a commander in chief should behave,not in Nigeriis where it will take 16 days before acknowledging that there was terrorist abductions or 4 yrs plus to admit assassination attempt like the president just accused MEND after more than 4 years,what sort of person does that?

        • Makaveli

          Nigeria has an islam population of roughly 50%, and France? Less than 5%. I thought you’d love to know that before making baseless comments.

        • Makaveli

          Better yet, which country or even tribe/party around the world campaigns for a coupist/islamist/junta to become the president? Unless you’re from Afghanistan, Yemen et al!

  • Pastor (Church of God)

    The coming of beheaded Christian Pastors….

    Christian Pastors in Nigeria’s 17 southern states shouldn’t be under an illusion anymore.
    This murderous Islamic Jihad is coming to their neighbourhoods soon – very soon.
    Crooked and politically naive Christian Pastors were blessing murderous Islamic Jihadists,
    (in return for money) and granting benediction on Jihadists dressed as politicians,
    who stroll to church altar to be blessed in their genocidal endeavours against Christians.

    The Christian Pastors then criminally pocket the ‘offering’ the Jihadists stole from the treasury.
    For being accomplices to these crimes, and for living in luxury on the blood of the congregation,
    these thievish Christian Pastors may no longer be lawfully entitled to heads on their shoulders.

    I envision the Christian Pastors’ heads rolling on the ground (with blood gushing like from a hose),
    in comeuppance, their heads severed by the sword of triumphant Muslim Jihadists whom they sanctified.
    Blessing Muslim Jihadists in the middle of an Islamic Jihad is worse than sin, for it is homicide itself.
    All Christian Pastors in Nigeria must now account for the 20,000 Christian worshippers killed already.

    • Abu Qaqa

      “This is a war against Christians, democracy, and, their constitution.

      Jonathan, you’ll be surprised when this land soon gets soaked with blood.”

      ……Abubakar Shekau

      (Boko Haram Leader May 4th, 2014)

      • Holy Warrior

        “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria. I will continue to show openly
        and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria.
        God willing, we will NOT stop the agitation for total implementation of Sharia in the country.

        It is a legal responsibility which God has given us, within the context of one Nigeria,
        to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly. What remains for Muslims
        in Nigeria is for them to re-double their efforts and educate Muslims on the need
        to promote the full implementation of Sharia law.”

        …….General Muhammadu Buhari

        (August 27, 2001)

      • Abbey

        @ Pastor,

        Excuse me, i just want to say something. Is it only Pastors that would be beheaded now?
        How about journalists who write nonsense in newspapers to divert attention from a Jihad?
        And, internet journalists too, who say Islamic Jihad is better than our clueless government?

        They are all crass of the same feather – no difference at all. What is the use of education?
        There is no honest radical in journalism again. They only write as directed by their paymasters.

        Is education to be used to support mass murder of Nigerians? I really like this thing happening.
        This Boko Haram Leader – Abubakar Shekahu – has removed the log from my own eyes.
        Nigerian journalists, civil rights activists and the so-called constitutional lawyers are useless people.
        They are like thieves who will support mass killing if they can be given heavy money under the table.

  • Dr L. Luggard

    1. In 1991 a popular German evangelist called Reinhard Bonke preached successfully in Kaduna where potential suicide bombers got born again and accepted light and left darkness. Reinhard Bonke then left KD and headed for nearby Kano to hold a crusade…but immediately a prayer meeting was held at the same mosque that was bombed weeks ago and the decision was taken by the Imams to resist Reinhard’s mission. There were riots in Kano and over 11 persons died. The German born Reinhard practically fled for his life and would not been given VISA to enter Nigeria for 9 yrs that the Northen Presidents were in power. Each time he applied, he was denied…until OBJ came into power in 1999.

    Here was a man denied Visa on the basis of religion….at least he could have been given Visa and restricted to the South, East or West rather than a total ban. This is the Nigeria we call ‘our’ country.

    2. Agbani Darego won miss world in 2001. The organisers thought we are a country and scheduled the next miss world for Nigeria. But while contestants had arrived, some Imams held a meeting again…and riots broke out in Abuja and Kano…and as usual people were killed. How then are we a country?

    Pakistan and India knew they would not survive as one. They took the honourable path and both countries have prospered in their own way. Why can’t Nigeria do the same? Why can’t we break up into our real countries where all students will be admitted to schools with the same cut off marks? ….in any case, any dons who is meant to score just 2 marks to get admission where the ideal marks is 135, will certainly be a veritable agent for suicide bombing bcos he/she lacks the IQ to even appreciate the essence of living.

    • Otile

      It is impossible for Odua people to let go. Crude oil is involved, remember.

    • Justice

      @Dr L. Luggard
      Your last paragraph is food for thought. It is difficult to see any benefit derivable from a unified Nigeria. The race to grab power at the center and in effect the resources of a people intensifies.

      But if the political antagonisms, violence and threats of violence by politicians are anything to go by, then Nigeria may well be heading towards that prediction and statesmen like Ojukwu would be vindicated. It is getting to that point where it is no longer fashionable to say we are one nation. Indivisible?

    • Gideon Orkar

      True justice for me would be an opportunity for us to decide if we want to remain as one. Why can’t we have a referendum?

  • Otile

    Utangirma Allah.