N21bn appeal fund not for Jonathan’s presidential campaign — PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said that the N21 billion collected at its recent fund raising was not for President Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential campaign as being speculated.

Jerry Gana, Chairman PDP Fund Raising Committee and a former Minister of Information, stated this at a news conference on Monday in Abuja.

He added that the money was to basically ensure the completion of the party’s 12-storey National Secretariat building located at the Abuja Central Area and some of its other projects.

The briefing, Mr. Gana said, was organised to put to rest issues surrounding the N21 billion, which he said had continued to generate public debate.

“We asked you to come so that we will lay to rest matters of funds raised; the funds are not for PDP presidential campaign, it is for PDP projects.

“The money is for the party’s projects; of course campaign is one of our projects, but even if part of it would be used for campaign, it will not be for a particular candidate, it will not be for presidential campaign,’’ he said.

He, however, added that the money was essentially for the completion of the party’s 12-storey National Secretariat building.

He said the construction of the building started in 2010, abandoned for two years due to lack of funds.

The former minister, however, said the party’s leadership had insisted that the building must be completed within the next 12 months.

He stressed that out of the amount raised, N10 billion would be set aside for the completion of the building, while the remaining amount would go for other PDP projects.

These, he said, would include capacity building and the strengthening of the party’s institutions across the country.

He thanked the party leadership for giving him the opportunity to be the chairman of the Fund Raising Committee and those who contributed their monies.

Mr. Gana, however, dismissed claims by the opposition that the PDP lacked capacity, stressing that it had capacity and strength in spite of what the opposition might think.

He said that Nigerians believed in the PDP as a party that had strength, integrity and capacity to move the country forward.

He further added that the party made achievements in all sectors of the country’s economy, particularly in the transport sector.

Mr. Gana said to prove that the PDP-led Federal Government had transformed all sectors of the nation’s economy, it might consider going round the country for its electioneering for the general election using the railways revamped by President Goodluck Jonathan.

He, however, added that the PDP would do a vigorous campaign in all parts of the country, including the North East in spite of acts of insurgency in the region.

He expressed optimism that the PDP would have a landslide victory over the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the general elections.

The former minister further expressed hope that Nigeria would have a free, fair and credible election.

He added that those predicting that the nation would break in 2015 would at the end of the day be disappointed.

“This is a very critical year, but by the grace of God, it will go well because we are going to campaign effectively.

“We are going to organise; we are going to direct; we are going to mobilise and we believe the election will be free, fair and credible.

“Political leaders must preach for peace and stability of the nation and not violence. We will go to the North East and all nooks and crannies of this country, including Maiduguri for our campaigns,” he said.

He urged politicians to allow the electorate to choose their leaders, adding that Nigerians were excellent decision makers and were capable of choosing rightly.

The former minister, however, called on Nigerians to vote for the PDP and “not for a new house which may scatter in no time”.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the PDP 12-floor National Secretariat being constructed by Bougues Construction Company, has a 300 capacity conference room and a 400 basement car park.

Beneath Osuala, Bougues Commercial Manager, assured that if money was made available, the project would be completed before the end of 2015.



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  • Yemi

    The building will be converted to low cost housing when the real govt takes over. Bcos the house was built from proceeds of corruption

  • Preco01


  • Rommel

    One of the grand patrons of sycophancy in Nigeria,this professor of esophagus geography will never begin to atone for the wickedness he and his likes had visited on the nation,an unrepentant liar and political prostitute.

    • djay

      lol, one of the grand patrons of sycophancy in Nigeria. This Jerry gana, Ibrahim mantu and Anenih are AGIP.

  • Mr Wise

    These guys are just clowns

    • endingNaija

      They are criminals.

    • gawgawa2015

      Change is on the way Mr Wise, worry no more, we will take back our country

      • endingNaija

        Is the fisherman -Goodluck Jonathan- already handing over to the vessel of change? Does it mean the fisherman-Goodluck Jonathan himself has been converted and he cannot wait to hand over to the vessel of change? Ah Na wa o!

      • tundemash

        so u have the hand-over picture already ???? lol !

        • endingNaija

          Tundemash, that was my question too oooo. So gawgawa2015 beat everyone to it. gawgawa2015 has been raking in awards since morning! Kudos to him I beg-CHANGE forever. God Bless Nigeria. God Bless Nigerians. God Bless Buhari the vessel of change!

        • Enemona

          But he can’t hand over while smiling, don’t think so!

          • endingNaija

            ah see this one. You want him to cry outside? Na inside losing Presidents dey cry cry now. Which one you dey Reno Omokri? Our outgoing president -Goodluck Jonathan is weeping inside while managing a forced and false smile outside!

      • Kokori

        Which country? When your children will have to study like mad to score 135 marks while Huhari’s Children and those of Tambuwal will have to score just 2 marks to gain admission to the same school. and you call that one country? Pls go for a brain scan asap.

        No wonder, it is very easy to convince them to blow themselves up. With an IQ of 2 points they become as malleable as clay. But it also explains why some people can enlist in the army without Primary or Secondary school certificate.

  • endingNaija

    Jerry Gana or what is your name. Please stop lying. Stop being a dubious person. Just take your money and all of you start packing your luggage from the seat of govt you already defiled. Nigerians will clean things up after the exit of the outgoing president-Goodluck Jonathan. Just leave peacefully and stop this barefaced LYING.

  • True Nigerian

    It’s one thing to tell us such rubbish! It’s another thing to make Nigerians to believe the words of perpetual liars and deceivers!

    Jonathan and his PDP are on the way down, and we will bring the completion of their fall, come this February.

    You raise $21b for one party building when 70% of Nigerians live on less than $1 per day. Shameless fellows who have clearly run out of respectable ideas.

    And the person who is defending this actually gave $5b on behalf of other beneficiaries of transfer of our assets to private hands of government cronies. You could give $5b to such wasteful ideas when this same country does not have a medicare that is good enough for the President’s requirements. You could give that kind of money when the electricity bills of Nigerians have almost been trippled for a supply of more darkness!

    You are all shameless and bereft of respectable ideas! But we will pas our judgement in February!

    • tundemash

      The rogues have started recanting and preparing their defence of their trials post-2015 election. I just pray it will be Rawlings=style, no need preserving these vultures only for them to regroup later and be more vicious in their looting as NPN regrouped to form PDP; if onlu Buhari had done the needful then as Rawlings did in Ghana two before Buhari took over here !

  • Akiika

    There’s just no decorum anywhere, imagine Jerry Gana!…….it took my brain sometime to even remember him, the vulture is back lying for liar-in-chief. O ma se o!

    • Kokori

      …at least vultures feed on the dead. A vampire AIDS looking Bat, with long neck & possibly laden with Ebola, should give you more cause to worry. Why? Bcos they feed on the blood of the living…and have even predicted blood on the streets.

  • djay

    Can they be patient to ride on their trains for hours to get to where they will campaign? Liars of Pdp

    • Chris1408

      I’m very curious to see that. Don’t worry, they’ll deny such statement when asked about it later

      • djay

        Pdp are so boastful and will never change their ways of lying.

  • Chris1408

    Grown men lying like I’ve never seen in my life. I’m curious to see them travel the country on Indira Gandhi’s era locomotive trains.

  • Dr. Kay

    Jerry “enu dun rofo” Gana, we are not imbeciles and people with low IQ. Haba even if we are babies you will not be telling us the lie frôm the pit of hell. PDP is in panic mode when people are requesting the source of this gigantic campaign war chest . Now that they are cornered they concocting a “cock and bull” story. Jerry shut your lying trap and tell us who are the donors and what is the source of their wealth, do they pay tax? Or is this 21billion a recycling or laudering of our lost $20billion NNPC money , oya who is going to start unravelling this jigsaw puzzle?

  • Truthometer

    What! Suddenly, “N21bn appeal fund not for Jonathan’s presidential campaign”. My God! Dumbo and his people are confirmed criminals! Can you see how elderly PDP men, who are supposed to be role models, shamelessly and openly lying? This makes 2015 presidential election more important. It’s time to vote out cluelessness and criminals.

    • jazz-man

      Y u dey abuse them my friend na change of tactics..21 billion from campaign to building..2moro story will b different..just try c 2moro..

  • SAM .A

    Professor Liar/ Wayoo Gana , I hope you will be the head of your campaign train as it move through Maiduguri to Sambissa Forest and end up in Chibok for the final campaign finale in Bornu.

  • Uwem

    “Social media terrorist,” a Moi University student, jailed for abusing Kenyan president. Something for Boko Haram agents online in Nigeria to note.

  • Mosaku 147

    This Jerry Gana is the biggest phool in Nigeria. I am waiting to see them in their Bombay to Gua 1959 locomotive (if they have any).I blame Buhari for not giving most of the living thiefs the Rawlings treatment in 1984.

  • King Carlos

    He said that “Nigerians believed in the PDP as a party that had strength, integrity and capacity to move the country forward.” – which Nigerians? The ones living in boko haram territory? Or the hungry and less privileged Nigerians. Awon ole jati jati, alainiisè. I won’t be surprised if thief jerry gana courts Buhari if he wins the election. These set of people only follow the government of the day. They are nothing but sycophants.

  • Aliyu

    Oh so now it is for PDP Project? Haha… Amazing. Next time we ask them for their campaign expenditure breakdown they will tell us its a party matter. Wonders never end in Nigeria and i dont know what it will take for us all to rise up collectively with one voice to stem this sort of leadership.

  • Enemona

    May Amadioha, obatala and Sango jointly slapped that your lying goblet. Haba Gana!!! Fear God small naw! What we all saw on national telly, oga Jona even gave vote of thanks for contributing to his campaign,.. yes, he said “campaign”. Awon oloshi, you will be wiped real hard with my vote. Imbeciles!

  • dave

    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it……John 8:44

  • pheliciti

    How can someone lie like this and his mouth will not bleed? God is merciful. This man has been lying in the public domain since 1985, so much that when they engage comperes for events, govt will engage Jerry Gana to tell a few lies….. He is the big masquerade of liars. Haaaa! As he grows older, you will imagine that he will turn a new leaf and not bequeath disgrace to his children. Old for nothing and bereft of shame!

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      He is not lying they recyclig stolen money.

  • Johnson Omale

    Jerry Canner, those of us respecting you before now are highly disappointed. You accepted to keep the stolen oil money so that you bring it as your personal donation. Is your Jonathan not responsible for the protection of lives and properties. The blood of those being killed as a result of his inability to protect lives and properties are on you for supporting evil.

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      It is the intervention fund they collected from CBN to the power sector that criminals who took over the power sector are recycling. They bought the power sector under fraudlent arrangement but could not invest. They eventually forced the clueless government to give them public money for them to fund ther business. These people are really desperate because they cannot exist wth Buhari in power. Professor would definately deal wth them. Jerry Gana is a fraud.

  • Wähala

    When old men lie…
    PDP knows they’re in violation of statutory laws when they raised billions to use in rigging the elections, no gainsaying that. But the timing and shady way the fund was realized points to what everybody has been complaining about the evil cabal, that they’re not in tune with the grassroots. The gangsters do not understand that such amount could go miles in any department of their derelict government. Banditos… Amoral to the core! It’s now that it has dawned on them that ol’ Wadata Plaza is archaic for a Party that has squandered over $500billion in 16yrs with absolutely nothing to show for it. Heartless criminals. But their days are numbered, next on the Change Agenda is coughing blood… Wallahi, I will be here to insist the new dispensation goes after thugs or else! Nigerians will put lying old Jerry Gana and the PDP to shame if they attempt riding on their propaganda locomotives… because I’m certain the trains will break-down even before they leave the first pit-stops… Hahaha chei! Clowns indeed.

    • Gaskiya

      Thank u Wahala. May God bless you.

  • Yusuf

    Liar…Complete your building and turn it to a political museum after 2015


    At old, this man is still lying.

  • sammyctu ode

    This man we have been calling gana- must- go for years has again demonstrated his true color of lying, cheating, defending the indefensible, stealing and deceiving his corrupt, incompetent and evil party members but not Nigerians who have already made up their minds whom and which party to vote for come February 2015.jerrycan- gana- must-go is an old man who is supposed to change his mmany years of bad corrupt ways but he has refused to be on the side of the people even at his old age which means he will continue to lie, cheat and corrupt even when he is six feet under. When did pdp started doing projects? Is that what a party is for?

  • Allayes

    Kai, this is a classical case of People Deceiving Party. What still baffles me is that as many as they are, from the President down to his handlers and supporters, not a single person bothered to read the Electoral Act and what is expected of them therein! Wow! What is the point in having highly paid operatives who do not know their left from their right? If they are so blase about the Electoral Act, what is their attitude towards the Nigerian Constitution and its laws?

  • igbiki

    Is This Jerry the AGIP (Gana) or Jerry the Boy (Useni). I Know its Jerry The Devil.

    Does anyone remember what the crocodile of Nigerian MANIPULATION told Shagari, Buhari; IBB,, Shonekan, Abacha, OBJ x2, Yar Adua, and Jonathan?

    HE TOLD THEM :- I’d be around when all of you are dead (Disgraced) and gone.

    Ha ha ha!

  • redeem

    At least PDP was able to clarify d growing misconception anout how the funds were going to be used-unlike APC who could not tell us about the whereabout of of buharis quota sytem certificates. Even loud mouthed Liar Mohamed is yet to open the flood gate of his lies—concerning the lies Buhari has been planting in media houses and Army barracks—-now the story is that IBB destroyed them—certificates when he sacked his draconian government.

    • endingNaija

      oh Reno Omokri, you are back as redeem! Where is the “truth” your twin? Is this all part of the 21 billion naira outgoing president Jonathan campaign fund? Just asking

      • Kitunde

        I was just about to say the same…lol.

    • glo

      You are an absolute disgrace to mankind!

  • Mamapikin

    Jerry Gana! Mr. Man Must Wack…at your age, you are still telling lies…are you not ashamed of yourself? Children are looking at you with scorn and anger. Pray that someday,, they don’t tear you up from limb to limb.

  • Kokori

    …are you people sleeping when Buhari has not presented his certificate? Where is the certiPicate?

    • Okikiola Beckley

      Clutching straw.

    • Sani

      It is fundamental to note that Buhari has not made any claim to the effect that he has a Degree or a PhD in Zoology for that matter. The hype created by the PDP about Buhari’s certificates are ludicrous. At least, Buhari is more articulate than the Zoology Doc. I hope the PDP is not planning to use Minimah to hide the credentials of Buhari after the army has come out to say that they have his credentials. I do hope the Army will not allow itself to be used by politicians who will certainly come and go.

  • Gaskiya

    Professor Gana is a disgrace to Nigerian academics. He is a devil and will always associate with criminals. But his show of shame is helping Nigerians to hate PDP and Jonathan so by February PFP is voted out once and for all.

  • Guguru

    What sort of house needs N21 billion for completion?

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    If there are partrotic lawyers in Nigeria one would have taken Jerry Gana to court to explain how the so called investors who have no money for their investent in the power sector they took over under a fraudlet privatization would raise such a large sum of NGN5 Billion for Jonathan campaign. The government through CBN gave intervention to the power sector; was the intervention from the governmentwhat they are returing as campaign support. Jerry Gana and other looters of power sector should know timeis up for them. They would soon be taken to where they belong-prison. A good lawyer should take this up.

  • KAL

    It will be revealing and reassuring if PDP does well by letting us know those projects the money will be used to complete. This will allow for monitoring and ensuring that the money is used for the purposed it was raised. It isn’t just enough to give us a sweeping statement “the money is meant for PDP projects”. Nigerians are wising up now and asking relevant questions and we shall do some follow up so that our leaders will be accountable to us and their promises to lead us.

    • Shuaibu Bola Victor

      You may need to go to the PDP secretariat to obtain their internal memo.

      • glo

        He won’t be needing to do so; bastard children of evil such as you and your PDP cohorts will be running helter-skelter shortly.

        • Shuaibu Bola Victor

          you are just a drowning voice. I dont need to join issues with you. Minority may have their say but majority has the way. PDP still controls the majority. APC is just dreaming. It is quite a pity. Pity you.

      • KAL

        Hmmmm … you could well help with obtaining the internal memo at Wadata house! Career Jonathanians are just something else and they won’t stop to amuse us in this country. The projects are internal memo exclusive of PDP but the money to supposedly fund them was raised from the public? More so, substantial part of the fund contributed by PDP governors who were owing civil servants’s salaries for 2-3months at the time they made those satanic donations? Mr. Shuaibu Bola Victor, up to you! On Valentine’s day, God willing, we shall show you the kind of love you deserve. Nigeria will rise again!

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    Any right thinking person would have known that PDP has a project on hand before that launching. A project that has lied farrow for some years now begging for money attention. It is not bad if PDP had use a single occasion like that to raise monies for different project( using one stone to kill two birds). Naturally and socially, there is nothing wrong with donations and raising of N21b naira.Who said that it is wrong? Let the person go to court to be told.

    • glo

      You are pathetic!

    • glo

      Morons like you are about to be weeded out of Nigeria!

  • olawale

    Society create crimes $ criminals commit them! Boko haram Vs soldiers’ mutiny: both are products governmental ineptitudes and absolute corruption. We must ask for the 3thrilion naira that have been expended on bokoharam in the last three years from jonathan before he escapes to exile after May 29. Soldiers asked for sophisticated weapons and they got sophisticated death via mutiny. Kids in chibok asked for education and they got Sambisa forest instead. Graduates asked for job and they were given stadium stampedes as appointment letter and a reward for the money paid to purchase forms. Nigerians asked for policy and institutional frameworks and we have dictionary term called transformation. For corruption, insecurity and economic woes, it is all about “people are distracting me”, chai, daris is God o, oga at the top! What a mumu government under idiots.. Red card to PDP!

  • ofonime Daniel Imoh

    This is an eye opener. This has shown us that journalism in Nigeria is full of lies and deceit. Journalists were there at the donation event, they heard everything that the donations were not meant for GEJ’s campaign alone but choose to base their write ups on it because they want to criticize GEJ’s administration. Corruption has eaten the four walls of Nigeria. Corruption should not be tackled in the lives of politicians alone but should be tackled in our(we the masses) daily lives as well. Our attitudinal character as Nigerians portray corruption, this should be dealt with first.

    • Shuaibu Bola Victor

      It is most surprising. Although we still have investigative journalism that reports accurately. I think the journalists that reported that false information were bribed up to twist the event.

    • akin-UK

      So all the journalists present were bribed to twist the information? Not even a single media-house reported correctly? Something must be wrong!!! You must be the only one to have believed a SINGLE MAN seeing TEN others men and shouting about “see these mad ten men walking together”.
      Continue in your hallucination; Nigerians are now wiser than you think. God bless Nigeria but without these rogues and their sympathisers.


    This lie by the PDP is worse than the illegal fund raising that triggered it. Is there no more decent fellow in the PDP? This is shameful.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    GEJ is the Man of the people. The man that the cap fits most. A gentle
    man to the core. Buhari, ex-military dictator cannot match him under
    this democratic dispensation. Buhari’s type is only needful as a soldier
    in Somalia. Soldiers cannot fit into civilian movement.

    • favourtalk

      Tell that to the gods, he is the master of thieves and protectors of ex convicts

    • john jones

      As fake as your fake names

  • wode

    It would have been a lot better if these people had kept quite without talking on this. What are they really taking the Nigerians for? Do they think that we are fools? Anyway, we have had enough of their lies and deceit, they should prepare their valedictory service, pack their loads and vamoose. CHANGE is here!

  • Ibrahim

    where the dirty job of telling lies and protecting evil Jerry AGIP – AnyGvrmntinPower would appear. he is said to have bailed out Yusuf the founder of Boko Haram several times, yet govt. has refused to speak on that. whatever the money is for. PDP should loan the Federal and state Govts that money to pay innocent citizen’s their salaries after it was the same Thieves Among Nigerians that emptied the treasury Sanusi’s allegation + Obasanjo’s allegation + known facts is enough to pay salaries 10 times over – voteAPC for CHANGE

    • If Jerry Gana has bailed out Yusuf of Boko Haram fame, he most probably was acting for an ex-President Maradona from his state.

      • Ibrahim

        probably that ex.President brought Gana out of univ to limelight and that ex-President is a chief among Thieves Among Nigerians though he says he is an angel compared to Nebuchadnezzer. the ex-president is card carrying member of PDP and recently call for support of Nebuc. so APC promises All Positive Change

  • favourtalk

    God will judge all the liars in this nation, Nigeria would have loved forward if not for the actions and looting act of PDP. We need development and change more than before now, let the country progress

  • Spoken word

    these guys are just taking Nigerians for a ride. Everyday the have a new answer over the N21billion. That money is blood money, blood of Nigerians that have suffered from the corruption and incompetence of this government. They will all be judged soon.not by mere mortals but by the Almighty.The lack of complete compassion and conscience towards to Nigerians is highly objectionable.

  • Jerry Gana, just make sure that you re-distribute all the people’s stolen money back to them, as evidence of your Kleptocracy. But don’t expect them to vote again for your THIEVING party.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    GEJ is the Man of the people. The man that the cap fits most. A gentle
    man to the core. Buhari, ex-military dictator cannot match him under
    this democratic dispensation. Buhari’s type is only needful as a soldier
    in Somalia. Soldiers cannot fit into civilian movement.