Obasanjo, Buhari planning interim government – Nigeria Police Minister

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo whispering to Goodluck Jonathan, a former president too while latter was still in power

The Police Affairs Minister, Jelili Adesiyan, has alleged that former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the February election, Muhammadu Buhari, are plotting to install an interim government.

Mr. Adesiyan said Mr. Obasanjo has teamed up with Mr. Buhari, a leader of the APC and former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu, and a former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, to snatch power from Mr. Jonathan at the centre, but said it would backfire.

The minister, who made the allegation during a book launch in Lagos on Monday, also said he had asked the Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba as well as the State Security Service, SSS, to arrest anybody who makes inflammatory statements ahead of the general elections.

The book titled “Watch the Watcher,” was written by a member of the Afenifere Renewal Group and former member of the 2014 National Conference, Yinka Odumakin.

The presidential election holds February 14.

“Obasanjo is already planning to install an interim government with Buhari. But we will vote and we will work with whoever wins the election,” the minister said.

The minister did not elaborate on the alleged plot by Messrs. Obasanjo and Buhari.

He said those making inflammatory comments are members of the opposition APC, and warned that he has asked the police IG and the SSS Director General to arrest those culpable.

“Many of those in the APC are disgruntled PDP members who are no longer relevant and because they could not have their way, they have started to heat up the polity. They have said they will form a parallel government if they lose,” Mr. Adesiyan said.

Mr. Adesiyan recalled a recent statement credited to the governor of Rivers State, Chibuike Amaechi, that the APC would form a parallel government if the elections were rigged, stating that the statement fuelled his suspicion that there was something in the offing.

On Mr. Obasanjo, the minister, who was detained in 2002 over the assassination of a former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Bola Ige, claimed that the former president was not only vindictive, but also fighting President Goodluck Jonathan because the president refused to be dictated to.

He said Mr. Obasanjo nominated Mr. Jonathan as deputy to the late President Umaru Yar’Adua in 2007 because he thought he thought he could control him (Jonathan).

“He picked a president that was sick and while we were campaigning for the president, he (Yar’Adua) was always in Germany receiving treatment,” Mr. Adesiyan said.

“While many were lobbying for the VP slot, Obasanjo picked a gentleman, Goodluck Jonathan, who had no strong political base so that he could control him. Unfortunately for Obasanjo, God had a better plan and Jonathan refused to be used,” he said.

The minister said out of frustration, the former president has now teamed up with APC leaders to snatch power from Mr. Jonathan, but warned that it would backfire.

“Obasanjo, being the man that he is, has now teamed up with Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar to snatch power but Tinubu will outsmart him because we Osun people are smart. Ask Tinubu, he is my brother, from my state. He is from Iragbiji while I am from Ode-Omu.”


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  • Ay Pointblank

    Very good … coming from a government that is canvassing “issue-based, non violence” campaign … #PDPout !

  • amazing2012

    Whatever you called the government is welcome. We are tired of death and economic backwardness !!

  • adekenny

    Mr minister!don’t you see that you are doing the same thing you are some people of doing? These statements of yours are not only inflammatory, but also divisive,instigating and can cause violence in our country! Please and please we don’t want this kind of hatred statement anymore in our dear country!as minister of police, you should be more decent in communications of yours!may GOD help us in this country! You should be arrested and give evidence of all these allegations and calumnies!

  • Johnson Omale

    Don’t mind him, he is trying to bring his ax under the tree he can not fall, nonsense

  • newvoice404

    The most unintelligent police affairs minister ever. Like GEJ like police affairs minister.

  • Al

    Mr minister or what do you call yourself, you are making inflammatory statements ahead of the general elections, so you shud be arrest bcuz this purely security operations matters and it is only the responsibility of IGP or DG ss to make public pronouncement

  • Lanre

    Another Yoruba loud mouth. When will someone tell my fellow Yorubas to stop talking and “heating up the polity”. Yesterday, Ishola Williams, last week Olusegun Obasanjo, the week before Femi Falana. Gboro mi deleru. If we are so good why can’t we form our own country? Just Noise!

    • Concerned Citizen

      Are Youruba’s the only one in the polity issuing such statements? When Asari was spitting fire where were you? Please do your homework.

  • Magenta

    Amen! In fact we are tired of this democracy of thiefs

  • salako

    The minister went for book lunching not political rally instead, but because he doesnt has anything to say or to offer he decided to on some people that are even better than him. nonsense

  • Titi

    U consider leadership as a tool to terrorize people that is why U can say someone want to ‘snatch power’ from U. Nigeria is your fathers property?

  • ceweeco projects

    The gods only hear one wish at a time, nothing more. the gods has spoken and its GOOD-LUCK -NIGERIA. We do not use our bare feet to search for hidden thorns which we have seen in day time. Oil it is that services Nigerians need, we must be grateful to this area, a man who lives on the bank of a river does not use spittle to wash his hands. if any area in Nigeria must be useful it must bring something to the table. It is a lazy man who says it is only because l have no time that my farm is overgrown with weeds.

    • AMINU

      The gods does not speak through the anus

  • Harry

    Everybody are just talking to finish GEJ’s stolen money before he goes back to Otueke next year. All these talks are all scam to finish GEJ, they will all at the end of the day vote for APC.

  • Yusuf

    Why should Buhari work for an interim govt. while all statistics are in his favor. Or is this another grapevine from PDP that U are planning an interim govt as a last option?. If u like bring-in Asari he can not be worst than Jonathan

  • favourtalk

    That is a wrong information and trash coming out of police mouth, why will the APC tries such when they have already known that change is coming to nigeria and GEJ will end up in Otuoke. It is just to discredit the work and intention of buhari. Nigerians will do the needful very soon

  • djay

    Baseless and lame talk.Same as blaming Buhari for Lagos traffic. it’s obvious pdp is just out to discredit Buhari.
    Buhari 2015

    • Nota Bien

      “As it stands in the present moment, the continued presence
      of President Goodluck Jonathan beyond 2015 will be the death
      knell for Nigeria’s existence. I know no man of intelligence and honor
      that will pitch his tent with President Jonathan with his proven lot of
      cluelessness, incapacitation and wanton corruption.”

      ……….Frisky Larr

      [December 29th, 2014]

    • Benue Talker

      No vote for Jonathan in Benue State. Unless Suswam pay workers salary.

  • Ibeji

    President Jonathan is far too clueless to break this conspiracy around him,
    for he’s much too too dull to be called educated, or, deemed a thinking man
    Worse still he’s beloved of mediocre and thrives in their midst as his aides and advisers.
    Jonathan is just a visceral hater of knowledge who reflexively avoids thinking folks like the plague.

    • No Comment

      “It is sad to note that there is an instinctive conclusion among the Nigerian public
      that the Jonathan government is the most financially corrupt, fiscally irresponsible,
      politically insensitive and socially disconnected in Nigerian history. It is all evident
      that (President) Jonathan has failed badly to build a credible, honest and
      minimally effective government for almost half a decade that he has been
      President. This is regrettable indeed”.

      …….PUNCH Editorial

      (December 23, 2014)

  • baeniang

    Is it true that two former Heads of State and Government, retired Generals are plotting to “install lnterim Government” in Nigeria? This allegation coming from the Hon Minister of Police Affairs is quite serious and requires thorough investigation
    and action in view of the upcoming elections. The Hon Minister and Federal Government should realize that this is not time for huge jokes or frivolous allegations because if unfounded, it can confuse or frighten voters to stay away from polling stations, if they think that their votes will not count, If powerful people, treason suspects are allowed to “install” their own and not the people’s Government!

  • Navigator

    “With the 2011 elections, heavy financial prices were paid to Lagos and Ondo State opposition
    political leaders to secure the vote for the President (Jonathan) against the interest of PDP at
    the state level. The situation where the president (Jonathan) surreptitiously invited Bola Tinubu,
    lifting him at night by presidential aircraft from Lagos to Abuja to hatch a plan for Bola to support
    one PDP presidential candidate at the expense of all other PDP candidates for any office in Lagos,
    can only be described as obscene, unethical, corruption-ridden and a show of bad leadership.

    Whatever amount of money was given to Bola Tinubu to procure votes for the 2011 presidential
    election in Lagos was, to say the least, unnecessary. What made this phenomenon particularly
    bad was that government had raised the money from government transactions which fuel corruption”.

    ….General Olusegun Obasanjo
    [September, 2014]

  • Richard

    This so called Minister of Police should be the first to be arrested. This man has the blood of Bola Ige in his hands and now making an unfounded allegation he can not prove thereby heating the polity.

  • Ette

    This guy is vomiting absolute senselessness. No wonder this government has no direction as it appears to be populated with agberos who thrive in confusion and crookedness. GEJ and PDP must be voted out for sense to return to our nation.

  • Abiodun Adeniran

    Listen to a Federal Minister talking!!! Jelili Adesiyan, you are simply a retard! How do Jonathan always find some colourless, clueless, uninteresting and criminals in Southwest for his service? Does he normally pick these people at the beer parlour or motor garage?

    • Enemona

      Those are the ones available.

  • Words on Marble

    The highest ever election crime in Nigerian history….

    Before the presidential election in 2011, says General Olusegun Obasanjo,
    ‘President (Jonathan) surreptitiously invited Bola Tinubu, lifting him at night
    by presidential aircraft from Lagos to Abuja to hatch a plan for Bola Tinubu
    to support one PDP presidential candidate {Jonathan) at the expense of all
    other PDP candidates for any office in Lagos state. Whatever amount of money
    was given to Bola Tinubu to procure votes for (PDP) in the 2011 presidential
    election election in Lagos state was, to say the least, unnecessary’.

    • Town Crier

      “Goodluck Jonathan is not a terrible human being, but he is NOT a good leader.
      He is not the right leader for this nation. Not now, not in 2015 and beyond!

      You don’t have to be the most intelligent person to make a good leader
      but you must be smart and curious and steady and have a good sense
      of self. And you must surround yourself with intelligent people with an
      abundance of courage and vision.

      Under Jonathan, our institutions are collapsing at a faster rate. The elite continue to steal;
      knowing there would be no penalties but national honour for them; and the country continues
      to drift. Is this the kind of country you want to grow old in?

      ………………Sabella Abbide

      [December 17th, 2014]

      • disqus_5YLLEJ0MIl

        when we have your type of people in the country, what country do we have?

  • Oleku

    Alhaji Abubakar Rauf Amaechi promised Naijas that the APC will form a parallel government if the elections are ‘rigged’.
    Buhari promised Nigerians that the dogs and the baboons will be soaked in blood if the elections are ‘rigged’. Ayatollah Tinubu promised Nigerians that they would be roasted if the PDP ‘rigs’ the elections. Are these not enough threats? Such statements are treasonable offences punishable by death or life imprisonment.

    Note that any election fairly lose by the janjaweeds is considered to be rigged, if the janjaweeds dare hijack power or form an interim government then we can as well call it a day. Nigeria will become history if GEJ is dubiously removed from power, monkey no fine him mama like am, we are watching–tribalism abi

    There was a country!

    • Ay Pointblank

      Reno Omokri … compliment of the season!

      • Oleku

        Keep your compliment to yourself if you can’t address me for who I am–stop exhibiting stupidity

        • endingNaija

          Ole na Reno Omokri, why are you this angry at a seasonal greetings? Okay Happy New Year in advance Reno Omokri na ole.

          • Dr. Kay

            Happy for him till all e-rats receive the sucker punch that will make them dizzy on 24/02/2015. When their worst nightmare becomes a reality. You are very generous nna

    • Dr. Kay

      Hypocrisy and bigotry will not get you anywhere besides the little shekels of silver thrown at you by your paymasters for these thrash you keep spewing out at breakneck speed. Your Oba at the top has an Alhaji as his running mate , by your definition , he is also guilty by association , so if we use your deluded formula , Dumbo will now be referred to as Jamiu(Jonathan) El bisiriyu(Ebele)Ganiyu(Goodluck). You get my drift now , so say hello to President Ganiyu El bisiriyu Jamiu for me, when is he going on his lesser hajj after his policy via pulpit churchtrotting (mind you this was borrowed from someone I for his/her name I would have given due credit to).

  • baeniang

    Everyone in Nigeria is talking about 2015 and election, election, election and election! What is God saying about 2015 and elections, retention of status quo or change in Governmnt? Nigerians should be assured that in the Prophetic, Spiritual, change has already occurred and there will be manifestation from January 1st 2015. There will be, a new move of God by
    the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in dimensions never seen before. Something similar to the Azuzza St Movement in 1899-1900 when for the first time, saints spoke in tongues as is the case today! The place to be? God’s presence! I use this mdium to encourage Christians to evangelise tomorow 31.12.2014 and each bring one soul to Jesus Christ as fitting “gift” to Him at the crossover service in every church and local assembly. I am suggesting that we crossover into 2015, winning souls for God! One Fellowhip I am aware of is having a Crossover Miracle Party at Jakande open ground, Jakande, along Lekki-Ajah Expressway, 8pm till 2am, January 1, 2015. It is a miracle and soul winning patty!

    • Oleku

      We are talking serious business here not kids matter or you looking for gullible people to exploit–419er get lost

  • Elewi

    Mr. Goodluck Jonathan might make an impact as Councillor
    in the Ogbia Local Government Council of his Bayelsa state.
    His current job as president of a country is way above his head.
    Na so i see am O. Round peg in square hole is always a bad thing

    • Adessola

      @ Elewi,

      We need change; yes, we need to replace Jonathan, yes, but not with Muslim Jihadists,
      and surely not with an Islamist party [APC] both of which are much worse options for Nigeria.

      APC is certainly not the change we need. APC is an atavistic regression to Islamist barbarism.
      Islam is incompatible with democracy. Islam is a forbidding contradiction of democracy itself.

      • Chris1408

        Religion fanaticism is a very bad disease, you need to seek treatment quickly

      • ConcernedCitizen2015

        I am a christian. Islam is incompatible with democracy. What do they have in Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt. Is it not democracy, with stronger institutions than we have, education working, health sector working. Let us go too the western democracies. Who was in charge of the Translantic Slave Trade of us Ibos, Yorubas, fulanis, Nupes, Ishekeris, Edos, Ibibio and Effik to be slaves in the Americas.. Muslims abi. Who is in charge of the CIA, FBI, MI5 and the Mossad muslims abi..Who dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki muslims abi. Why was Germany the leading nation in the Second World War not bombed with atomic bombs.. My brother with colonized brain please let us celebrate our identity as Africans and children of God. Africa must unite

        • disqus_5YLLEJ0MIl

          you are not a christian

    • the truth

      and at least he might make an impact, but your gmb won’t even be considered for a may-guard in his Daura village

  • Mr. Abdin

    The minister of police affairs need to note that people are calling for change and there is no amount of intimidation that can stop the likes of Atiku Abubakar in their quest to see that the right thing is been done in order to take this country out of the present quagmire.God bless Nigeria.

  • Chris1408

    Wasn’t this Minister once indicted as a killer, murderer. In a functional society, he would have been in jail and not talking junk on national newspaper


    Nigerian law enforcement and security agencies must be on the alert,these two men must be monitored 24/7 to avert the bloody impasse which might follow their selfish project !
    After the last election,Buhari’s Almajeri Islamic extremists unleashed bloody mayhem in the north mostly targeting northern Christians and Igbos.This action cost the lives of many Christians including innocent Youth corp members from Igbo and Yoruba extractions !!
    Buhari is known to have failed his exams at Command and Staff College Jaji hence the man does not have any sense of strategic planning,he has the mentality of the average Fulani cattle rearer albeit in the guise of a statesman,he is an immense real and present danger to democratic progress !!

    • endingNaija

      As a member of the online campaign team of Goodluck Jonathan you have just shown why Goodluck Jonathan MUST NOT be re-elected. Why? He singlehandedly DESTROYED Nigerian Unity.

      • Rocket_TV

        Did it ever really exist to begin with?

      • disqus_5YLLEJ0MIl

        you people destroyed your own unity if you ever had it anyway. I pity you.

  • Mobolaji Osikoya

    The man has said it all. Adesiyan has admitted defeat just like GEJ by saying that OBJ has ganged up with “Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar to snatch power but Tinubu will outsmart him because we Osun people are smart. Ask Tinubu, he is my brother, from my state. He is from Iragbiji while I am from Ode-Omu.”
    All he is saying is that OBJ will lose at the end of the election because Tinubu will not allow OBJ to operate.

  • Etomi

    Hitler, Buhari and the Change Sloganeering

    For those in support of Buhari, for whom the messiah has returned to usher in the kingdom of God, may I alert you to this fact: the World War I veteran and highly decorated ex-Army Corporal Hitler, who later became German Chancellor, and, in turn, Der Fuhrer (the Supreme Leader); who plunged the world into the deadliest of World Wars; who massacred 6 million Jews, did not emerge by a military coup d’etre.

    Hitler rode on the change bandwagon and emerged by the ballot! He was the product of a free and fair election!

    But how has Hitler’s emergence been explained?

    The sociopolitical and economic conditions in Germany of the time, made the hardened anti-Semite and racist emerge as that country’s leader.

    Like Hitler, Buhari is a professional soldier. Like Hitler, Buhari is a war veteran. Like Hitler, the allure, the seduction of Buhari is apparently strong. It is nearly as though his enthusiasts are under some spell, some intoxication.

    They seem high on some narcotic that has turned them into freaks of paranoia: they call themselves democrats, but threaten ad nauseum to visit bloodshed on the country if Jonathan wins the 2015 election, because for them only a rigged election can return him to Aso Rock!

    The conspiracy is a desperate one!

    Heedless, the retired general’s supporters are so emotional, so passionate that against all call to reason, they see Buhari as messiah!

    They kill and threaten to kill anyone opposed to his emergence as president.

    So, I warn, there is this sinister thing about Buhari!

    For one, the Fulani is a religious bigot and a racial supremacist, an incurable ethnic jingoist (just like Hitler).

    Buhari is known for his open call for the imposition of Sharia across the length and breath of Nigeria!

    He is known for his sympathies for Boko Haram, for upbraiding President Jonathan for applying the jackboots against the Islamists.

    He is known to have meted, along tribal/geopolitical lines, dissimilar treatment on northern and southern politicians of the 2nd Republic in his then so-called fight against corruption, etc.

    In this, also, Buhari is reminiscent of Hitler, who held strong racial views.

    Hitler’s anti-Semitism was unabashedly documented in his pre-war memoir, Mein Kampf.

    Yet all this constitutes only a peek into the dark and dire but hardly opaque soul of the man called Buhari.

    And yet all this, too, counts for nothing as far as his heedless supporters are concerned.

    It goes without saying that the dismal security situation in the north, which is threatening sanity in the south, as orchestrated by the dare-devilry of the verminous BH, is working in Buhari’s favor, by creating a situation of despair and desperation across the land, a desperation very akin to that of the impatient childless woman who didn’t mind having a baby from Satan, only because his potency was guaranteed!

    It is true that like the security situation, the economy is also in the doldrums.

    But doesn’t it stand to reason that if BH did not create the dire security challenge in Nigeria today, the country wouldn’t have been enmeshed in the current economic throes?

    Then struts Buhari forward, thumping his chest like Godzilla, boasting, “I will fix the security challenge and the economy if elected president.”

    I ask: Is it not the security situation and the desperate economic condition harbingered by the war foisted on the country by Boko Haram (for whom the retired general has strong sympathies) that he is talking about?

    Who is Buhari trying to impress by boasting he would solve a problem, which he and his ilk had created?

    Except a Frankenstein Monster has been forged, the power of life and death over the creature is in the hands of its maker!

    But what scares me the most, and so my solar plexus shudders, is what Buhari represents in his greater overarching purport and meaning.

    What does Buhari mean to Nigeria’s fledgling DEMOCRACY, to Nigeria as a SECULAR STATE, and to our hapless country’s march towards TRUE FEDERALISM?

    I mean, what does Buhari mean to the continued existence of Nigeria as one country?

    Support him if you must for your sheepish sympathies for or loyalty to APC; support him if you must because Jonathan is not your kinsman or not from your geopolitical zone; support him if you must because Buhari is Fulani or Muslim or both; support him if you must for having a Yoruba-man as his running mate, as a result of which you gloat over a possible Yoruba presidency in 2019; support him if you must because his running mate is of your alma mater or a professional colleague.

    Support him for all the bare-bone reasons.

    Every presidency has a greater, overarching purport in history’s march, which transcends just fixing economy or routing BH.

    This ultimate purport is usually subtle, yet situate at the core of national being, identity and meaning.

    For example, for years, America and its presidents single-mindedly represented Free Markets and Democracy.

    Then came OBAMA with the slogan of “CHANGE,” just like Buhari’s APC.

    Granted Obama may be trying hard to fix America’s economy and every other thing.


    And now, before our eyes, America’s economy has yielded way to China’s lead, while that country’s influence wanes steadily and inevitably.

    Many Americans thus believe that the foundation of their country is being destroyed from within and that by Obama, and for which they despise him.

    In reaction, many black people in that country are being mauled like chicken everywhere in America!

    The new hostility against black people in that country is of course a vicarious attack on Obama and all his negative connotations to the average American.

    I urge Nigerians therefore to ask: “What is the greater meaning of APC’s slogan of “CHANGE” and of Buhari in view of his vulgar antecedents and die-hard eye for Aso Rock?

    • Sword of Damocles

      Really? Clap for yourself. Now you can open your eyes & wakeup.”die-hard eye for Aso Rock”? who sent police to invade the NASS?Who promotes disunion and division within the people whose mandate he supposedly holds? who is taking the nation he currently governs to the brink?”die-hard eye for Aso Rock”? Your Jesus of Otuoke has developed “longthroat” for the accoutrements of the Presidency and doesnt want it to all come to a sudden end. And yet he doesnt want to do the WORK/DUTY/CALLING that only a President has. what a character! Your comparison of Mai Gaskiya with Hitler, immediately notifies your reader that you are mentally unbalanced just by the fact that one man was responsible for the death of 10’s of millions of people in Europe. You have let your senses take leave of your body.

  • Godogbo

    MY PROPHECY FOR 2015……….Primate Olabayo

    It is my prophecy that 2015 is a year of blood. I see blood flowing ceaselessly in the land.
    What i am seeing is not a military incursion into the body polity but the poor will take on
    the rich. It is a revolution i am seeing in no distance future in Nigeria. A man of destiny
    will take over the reins of governance and most corrupt people who’ve been parading
    themselves and masquerading as Nigerian leaders, if they are not dead, will be jailed.

    Between now and January, the country (Nigeria) will witness the worst era of bloodshed
    in its history. And if at all there will be elections next year in Nigeria, the seat of president
    is not vacant, that means if at all there is going to be a presidential election, it will be
    inconclusive just like (the June 12,) that we had during the time of the late MKO Abiola.

    God told me that they are going to rig the election and this will cause an upheaval.
    The results of the 2015 election will not be declared. And if the result is declared,
    the winners of the election will not govern. Whether they call themselves APC or Codeine,
    they are all the same. I have told you, there may not be election next year.

  • Encore

    MY PROPHECY FOR 2015……….Primate Olabayo

    “It is my prophecy that 2015 is a year of blood. I see blood flowing ceaselessly in the land.
    What i am seeing is not a military incursion into the body polity but the poor will take on
    the rich. It is a revolution i am seeing in no distance future in Nigeria. A man of destiny
    will take over the reins of governance and most corrupt people who’ve been parading
    themselves and masquerading as Nigerian leaders, if they are not dead, will be jailed.

    Between now and January, the country (Nigeria) will witness the worst era of bloodshed
    in its history. And if at all there will be elections next year in Nigeria, the seat of president
    is not vacant, that means if at all there is going to be a presidential election, it will be
    inconclusive just like (the June 12,) that we had during the time of the late MKO Abiola.

    God told me that they are going to rig the election and this will cause an upheaval.
    The results of the 2015 election will not be declared. And if the result is declared,
    the winners of the election will not govern. Whether they call themselves APC or Codeine,
    they are all the same. I have told you, there may not be election next year.”

    • Deacon

      “We’ve had different parties. PDP, ACN, ANPP, and so on,
      but has the lot of the average Nigerian become better since
      1999? Of course not. So, no matter what any politician from any
      party says now, we must reject it as false. The long and the short
      of it, brethren, is that Nigeria needs a revolution. We are ripe for
      a revolution. The people should arise and retake their country.”

      …………Most Reverend Joseph Akinfenwa

      [Anglican Arch-Bishop of Ibadan]

      January 10th, 2011

      • Ahoy Seadog

        “Nigeria is almost a failed state where ordinary people’s anger has peaked with potentially lethal consequences. If nothing changes, i cannot guarantee what recourse the people will take. The level
        of anger has peaked. I don’t rule out Nigeria breaking up. That’s what can happen to a failed state.
        Nigeria is close to breaking up and its leadership has descended into a theatre of the absurd.

        ……….Professor Wole Soyinka

        (March 16, 2010)

        • Igbinoba

          Professor Soyinka, biko, try and talk straight, i beg, this is no time for diplomatic nonsense.
          Say the truth and let the devil be ashamed. Nigeria is a failed state – not “an almost failed state”.
          With 80% school cert failure yearly; since 1999 – in all the 36 states – what else is a “failed state”?

          • Alkalimam

            “We are overdue for a revolution. If you are afraid of revolution,
            maybe you have something to be afraid of. What is wrong with us
            having a revolution here in Nigeria?

            Unless, of course you belong to those who are stealing government money
            or you have something to hide, then of course you should be afraid of revolution.

            After the revolution, there is what we call revolutionary justice; the revolutionaries
            will get you and shoot you. There are many people whom if we shoot, Nigeria will
            become a better place. In fact, if the revolutionaries can shoot dead just 500
            corrupt people, Nigeria will be a much better place, and, God will forgive the

            ….…….Dr. Junaid Mohammed

            (Kano state political Leader)

            [March 17, 2013]

      • Do. O Majekodunmi

        Dear Deacon,

        Lagos state today exemplifies the total failure of thought that led to Nigeria’s fall.
        At the current inter-bank exchange rate of 190 Naira to one United states dollar,
        Alhaji Raji Fashola has recklessly burnt up Lagos state finances to ashes.

        For every one billion Naira of Lagos state’s $3.7billion-dollar debt today, Lagos state
        now has to look for extra 25 billion Naira in repayment. At 190 Naira to a dollar,
        the Lagos government will have to repay ₦190 billion for every one billion-dollar loan.

        That means an extra 25 billion Naira on every one billion dollar loan (minus compound interest).
        That also means that if just two (2) billion dollars of the gross 3.7 billion dollars Lagos debt
        today consist of commercial bank loans, Lagos debt automatically increased by a whopping
        50 billion Naira this month, excluding compound interest repayments.

        • Kind Heart

          Your foolishness is Legendary.

        • fat

          What of the government at the center after all at-least we can feel a little better in lagos ,iI mean in term of dividend of democracy.

      • fat

        But we have only tried only one party so let give another party a chance like APC before we start talk of physical revolution. As APC rightly said that its common sense revolution now.

    • Dere

      @ Encore,

      Muslims destroyed national unity in Nigeria and destroyed the Nigerian Army alongside.
      The history of Nigeria will not be complete without whole chapters devoted to the Muslims’
      thorough-going destruction of all that is fair and decent in a peaceful multi-religious country.
      On the blood of Nigerians, Muslim Jihadists are march on blithely with Islamist genocide.

      • endingNaija

        President Jonathan destroyed Nigerian unity thru his politics of Oil by telling other national groups in NIgeria whose resources sustained Nigerian economy before oil was discovered that they are lazy. President Jonathan destroyed NIgerian unity by going to Yorubaland to create the false dichotomy called “Yoruba Christian/Muslim”. President Jonathan destroyed Nigerian unity by giving money thru the backdoor to terrorists like Tompolo, Asari Dokubo to buy SIX WARSHIPS ready to intensify terrorism from the South South when he _Goodluck Jonathan loses the election in 2015.

  • endingNaija

    Jelili Adesiyan is a politician. He is a PDP member. He has made unguarded and unfounded statement which threatens the security of the country. Ms. Marilyn Ogar is a spokesperson of the SSS. She threatened that those who make unguarded statements towards 2015 election will be arrested. Jelili Adesiyan has made one. When will the SSS arrest Jelili Adesiyan. If SSS does not arrest Jelili Adesiyan then Ms. Marilyn Ogar has become partisan in favour of PDP and President Jonathan’s campaign. Marilyn Oga should resign because she is a disgrace for being bias and partisan. To redeem her disgraceful image, Ogar must make sure that SSS arrests Jelili Adesiyan or prove his claim.

  • Eze1

    Mr Jelili….Start by arresting Reuben Abati, Doyin Okupe and Olisah Metu…..

  • Frank


  • Usman

    Drowning men

  • the truth

    I won’t doubt this report. Coming from a man who has come out to say he will not prosecute corrupt people. The APC body language should answer your question. It was amaechi who said a paralel government will be formed, and it was lie lie mohammed who said he and apc supported amaechi’s stance. Where is the change now your tirade of corruption has been flushed down the drain as pure propaganda and lies.According to a fulani lamido “buhari when campaigning in the north issues religious incitement, telling them that he is fighting the islamic course, but when he campaigns in the south he preaches unity” tell me a chameleon and i will point him out he is GMB

    • endingNaija

      The “truth” But I thought that you said you are not a member of the President Goodluck Jonathan’s online media campaign group. You are a dubious person, very dishonest. You exhibit the dishonesty in Goodluck Jonathan’s camp. Too bad.

    • tundemash

      Mr. Career Liar ….. should a Minister be instructing Police and SSS to do their job ? Is this the issue-based campaign Dumbo promised ?

      I guess PremiumTimes isn’t propaganda times today as you said you don’t doubt the report but when the report is about exposing the corruption and ineptitude of Dumbo, you would start your stup1d1ity. So much for neutrality indeed.

      You and the Jelili fish-brain are jittery; CHANGE HAS COME ! Jelili, the murder suspect, should tell us about Dumbo’s achievement !!!

      • the truth

        i have adviced you as someone who means well for you, please work enough overtime to go back home and vote. Stop this blab blab everyday here, if you are having issues paying for your round trip let me know. I don’t just talk, i have been to nigeria thrice just this year and i have my pvc to show for that, i will be posting pics of the election and will vote my conscience. As it stands both major candidates are vying for my vote. But who knows who the cap fits on february 14th?

        • tundemash

          cl0wn …. I legitimately earn twice the official salary of your President and I am contended with that and I have contributed my widow’s mite to the Buhari Campaign fund. An e-rat rewarded with a stove and bag of rice wants to pay for my airfare ? Your delusion knows no bounds.

          Stop deceiving yourself, you f00l no one. You have gone into overdrive since Buhari won the APC presidential candidacy as you see him as an impediment to your amnesty allowance.
          As per Feb. 14th… even Dumbo is already seeing the handwriting on the wall …..
          Again, these were the words from the Otuoke Cl0wn just yesterday ….

        • tundemash

          Mr. Career Liar …. you have displayed your stup1dity and dishonesty with the statement “As it stands both major candidates are vying for my vote. But who knows who the cap fits on february 14th?”

          But just today 7 hours ago you posted Buhari won’t even be considered for a mai-guard in his Daura Village so explain to us how you are considering someone not fit, in your warped mind, as mai-guard now as a President ??????

          So much for neutrality Mr Career Liar! You are not even bold enough to take a stand and identify with your sponsors ±

      • Save Nigeria Father

        On whose side will you be if such figures are arrested?

        • tundemash

          On the side of the law. A minister needn’t tell the security agents who to arrest and who not to arrest !!

  • Alcindo Satori

    Enough said! We see through all the APC talk and the plot to install a dictator. And we have, and shall continue to say no!

  • Thetwin

    Oga Jelili, I like your instruction to IGP and SSS, but please start with the Katsina State Governor (PDP) who was caught on video referring to opposition party members as cockroaches and urged his supporters to kill them. Oya, IGP, SSS begin march go Katsina to arrest him.

    • Naijana

      Good and the next is Dokubo the militant!

  • Frank


    • Tunsj

      Frank,I couldn’t agree more.

    • Naijana

      Tell the morons to remember!

  • Mamapikin

    This the standard for ministers in Jonathan’s cabinent? This is the kind of mediocres ruling Nigeria? Unbelievable!

  • Otile

    Utangirma Allah. The coup plotters are in full force again. They are getting together to re-enact their coup-plotting activities of the 60s and 70s. This time they have miscalculated; Britain, Russia, and the Arabs are no longer coming to help them despoil our land again. If nothing, they will likely perish in their evil plots. Old men like Ogagun and Imam Buhari should go home and leave the young generation to lead. We have seen the activities of these old men, and we are tired of their infamous and scandalous activities.

    They are welcome to form their Islamic APC interim government as long as they do not try to impose that foolishness_on people east of the Niger. They can even merge their interim government with Imam Shekau’s Caliphate, we don’t care. Enough of this fake country based on greed and treachery.

    Finally the American prediction is becoming a reality. APC greed will manifest itself and bring about the eventual disintegration. The die is cast.

    • Naijana

      Amen, Amen, Amen!!

      • Otile

        How are you going to meet the payment of your state and local govt workers? Who is going to pay the jumbo salaries of the members of the Senate and House of Reps from your various states? Who is going to feed the Sultan and those uncountable emirs and imams?

        Al-Shabab people are fighting their own war, they cannot afford to help you out.

        • Save Nigeria Father

          Nigeria is a prophetic nation and if you don’t know the resources is not provided by you but by the Father. Better search for his prophecies for His word must surely come to pass.

        • geezed

          Seriously…? Is this what you guys are reduced to, ethno-religious campaign?

    • geezed

      It’s obvious you ain’t different from Shekau with the killing excluded. His dividing Nigeria with his God damned religious believes and you are helping him do the same in a much more civilized way. So if you don’t have anything reasonable to say, you should keep shut. Thanks!!!

  • Wähala

    Why would Buhari go for half a loaf when he can have the full bread? A man destined to win the Presidency if elections are held in the next 6weeks will not want to share power with a clown who has misruled Nigeria for two democratic terms. Did this JellyBrain abi na Jelili, go to school at all? He should look over his shoulder and see Obanikoro is no longer a garrison commander, soon all zombies surrounding Dumbo will give way for humanity to lead and reposition Nigeria for greatness. These queer goons are so awkward their incoherent statements seem a contest on who will “out-fool” each other. If not the military command talking thru the nose, it’s ugly pittbull, Marilyn Ogar farting loudly in public. Now an accused assassin is talking because Dumbo provides an arena for the mentally retarded to play Pfool… next, it’s back to the fore, with Doyin Okupe probably saying Dumbo is even greater than the Father who sent Jesus the Savior. Infidels!

  • Unbiased

    Have you All the APC apologist watch the Video the immediate past Chairman of Alimosho LGA, APC’s Olusola Israel Adekunle does (nude) ritual @ a Shrine to seek Bola Tinubu’s favor? If not, search Youtube: APC – A SATANIC PARTY

    • Wizard

      You are on your own

  • blueeyedkitten

    can you now imagine the kind of people GEJ is pumping into his govt? this moron of a minister has just made an “inflammable” remark, and yet he ordered the IG and the DSS to arrest any politician that makes inflammatory comments. what a minister!

  • AJM Baikie

    This is a serious matter.Is history about repeating it’s self? When Tafawa Blewa was elected a prime minister,the like of late Awo went underground,attempted to undermine Balewa’s election.He was arrested and jailed for treason.Awo’s friends like Enahoro abandoned him.Is history about repeating it’s self?

    • omo56

      Where did you get this?

      • AJM Baikie

        Read Nigerian history omo56

        • omo56

          Please share the source of your information with me and the world, books, authors, interviews, etc.

          • Tonnero

            The Id!ot cannot. It is all a figment of his warped imagination.

  • Adoki Achine

    If any one doubted it before now, this one is the clearest sign that panic has begun to set in in the camp that calls itself the ruling party. Before now, the PDP loves to say that opposition alarm about planned rigging is a sign that it knows it would lose. Now it is the the ‘biggest political organisation in Africa’ that is now crying foul, even when Buhari has not even started to campaign. It is like they have realised that ‘I have no shoes’ will not help their case this time, so they have resorted to ‘they want to lock me out of the Villa’. But I am sure that even they themselves have realised within 24 hours that this other strategy is dead on arrival. I hope they don’t get a heart attack before voting even starts.

  • Dr. Williwilli

    President Jonathan, Phd, may not be the best Nigerian for the President’s job, but he does have huge economic power and economic influence which are undeniably most invaluable. However, to present a Mohammed Buhari as an alternative, smacks of retrogressive despair and ridiculous weirdness that defies logic and has made Nigeria an object of mockery in the committee of Nations.

    …For an individual (Buhari) who aspires to be president of about 200m people to refuse to submit his educational certificates but an affidavit of basic education is not only crude but smacks of the depth of decay and mediocrity to which certain elements wish and hope to plunge Nigeria into.

    …that a country that has produced Professors at Harvard, Oxford, UNN and other great Universities of the world, as well as professionals at the top of many Global institutions, will condescend to the level of picking an uneducated Coup plotter, is not only bemusing but scandalous…Scandalous indeed!

    Countries of the world are a reflection of their leaders. If we placed Jonathan & Buhari on stage while pulling of our garments of cowardice, religious & ethnic bigotry, self aggrandizement, fear of being sacrificed as Dogs & Baboons etc, who would you vote for on the basis of qualifications, antecedent performance etc?

    • geezed

      If his Phd, can’t help in taking care of the insurgency, already fellow citizens like you and I, thousands of them have been “sacrificed as Dogs & Baboons” not everybody that went through school can actually prove they can lead people even if they have a million years to do it. The person you are trying to label an “illiterate” took Nigeria to an impressive height as H.O.S and PTF chairman. If you are really educated, then I suggest you cut these big grammers, switch off your sentiment do your research on the two aspirants with your thinking faculties on and the truth will surely set you free.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    @Dr Williwill and ilk:Your write up seems unreasonable and lacks semblance of deep deep thorough thinking as president Ebele Jonathan with his Phd degrees has not been able to act and govern measurably.Paper certificates pre-requisites have been mistakenly been our focus in all aspect of public functions in Nigeria.Still Nigeria is regressing instead of developing.General Muhammadu Buhari’s public record can bear witness to his qualification with his military education and training.
    Going back to General M.Buhari’s past leadership record of achievement like WAI,monthly environmental exercise which he introduced and still observed every month till present time in Nigeria,aniti-corruption act and anti-hard-drugs war and law and order programs,that reduced corruption practices to the barest minimum,General Buhari will be a better alternative option to replace president Ebele Jonathan and his corrupt-ridden cronies as Nigerian leader from 2015.

    • disqus_5YLLEJ0MIl

      Reduce corruption practices to the barest minimum?

    • ceweeco projects

      Don’t forget the 53 suitcases, his overthrow from his collogues, his ethnic cleansing of both the military and obas, onis and obis, his proclamation of Abacha holiness etc, please add all to his CV, it make sense.

    • Save Nigeria Father

      But his analysis of OBJ’s role is a thing worth looking into which is the denial of the evil class in PDP. Jonathan can be assessed with negative contribution from OBJ.

  • bikky

    A mad man is speaking,who is this Jelili of a thing? Criminal ! Jonathan minister of police affairs,kai. Nigeria is in mess with this kind of Jelili as a minister. Osun people, I know that this nonentity is not your choice as a minister and he can never be but power that be decided to choose him to represent you and that is the reason you need to come out and vote more than the way you vote for Ogbeni Aregbe in the last election, come out en-mass and vote out Jelili and his jondotania leader. God bless Nigeria. VOTE WISELY.

  • Ha

    Jelili yo are not a responsible human being. Weren’t you that promised whenever you leave office you will definitely flogged the hell out of one politician? Didn’t you say that it was only this position that held you back, and as soon as you leave power you will fulfill your promise of beating the already dying man? What is more inciting and irresponsible than this? Believe you me you will be shocked by the disappointment awaiting you from PDP. Ask Mr Maku.

  • fat

    Who care to listen to this killer made minister under clueless president. We knew his antecedent so we are not seriously concern about his comment, he just has to say something like others (abati, okupe, wale oladipo,dokubo,metuh) to justified the billions and blood they are sharing in aso rock with oga madam.

  • F.

    As Amaechi said, when the time comes, if they rig, parallel government will be formed, nothing will happen. We don tire abeg, enough of this Otuoke man.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    This police minister doesn’t sound smart as a person overseeing the law and order establishment. All he was saying about these two gentlemen were based on his own deductions from the events he had recounted. Still those do not amount to evidence. But if he felt he has such evidence why did he not become specific and tell the IGP and SSS to go after OBJ and Buhari? Besides, his allegations sound quite funny and uninformed. How would OBJ or Buhari plan takeover of government and introduce an interim government? These two gentlemen don’t control any government machinery as to effect such a change. Are they going to use the military that is under the control of Jonathan? Or are they going to use street boys to effect such a change? I just don’t understand what he meant by this.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Adesiyan is one of the many bigots occupying public office. Its a shame that same man that was alleged to have had a hand in the killing of bola age and bus supposed to kept mute is now seen threatening opposition members.

    We know they all are scared that GMB will win. None of GEJ aides can boast of victory and we Nigerians will surely ensure this administration of impunity and nepotism comes to an and by Feb 14.

  • Moore-Coker

    The problem with Nigeria is just that Nigerian elites or leaders prefer to put a NONENTITY or
    a person or thing with no special or interesting qualities; an unimportant person or thing to lead so that the wise under such a person can perpetrate and promote corruption and steal as much as they can in the name of the dumpheaded person like Shagari and Goodluck Jonathan. Many of the ministers and government officials has stolen so much to destroy the country. Jonathan do not think on his own but relly on whatever they told him.

  • Benji

    Your insult and propaganda on the president and the federal government will not help matters. Your noise of victory before election will not make Buhari to win the February Election. Those with Buhari and Tinubu will be surprised after the election people are watching. The change Nigerians want is not for Tinubu to rule Nigeria as he is doing to Lagos and other APC states except Edo state. People are not making noise about this fact but when they will be defeated they should not shout that they were ringed out. Thank you.