Rivers govt. denies funding APC with state money, releases details of concessioned ‎assets

Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi flanked by the All Progressives Congress Governorship Candidate in the State, Dakuku Peterside (left) and his running mate, Asita, at the State APC 2015 gubernatorial campaign flag off at the Liberation Stadium, Port Harcourt.)

The Rivers State Government has denied bankrolling the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, with proceeds from its privatised asset, dismissing an allegation the governor, Chibuike Amaechi, supervised illicit sales of government property and diversion of public funds.

The government said the claims made by Tonye Princewill, the Labour Party candidate for next year’s governorship election in the state, are “utter nonsense” and are ill- conceived to tarnish its image.

“It must be pointed out clearly in no uncertain terms that proceeds from this sale were all received in the consolidated revenue account of the state,” the state commissioner of finance, Chamberlain Peterside, said in a statement Thursday.

“It is inconceivable that any such revenue could have been diverted for political party, campaign given the complex structure of our public accounting system that we operate. Where and how any one such as Mr. Princewill could come up with such claim of fund diversion is simply preposterous,” the government said.

Mr. Princewill had in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES accused Mr. Amaechi of selling state-owned power plants and other companies valued at nearly $800 million.

He said proceeds of the deals were paid to a private account and were later deployed for the running of the APC at the national level.

In a statement Thursday, Mr. Princewill reaffirmed his claims and called for an inquiry.

But the Rivers government said the allegations are false, as all funds realised from any government transaction were transferred to state coffers and judiciously deployed.

On Risonpalm, one of the companies Mr. Princewill identified as having been sold, the Rivers government said the firm was concessioned because despite being the largest palm plantation in West Africa with over 10,000 hectares, it had been moribund for years.

“Under the administration of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi the plantation was successfully revamped through 35 years concessioning agreement with SIAT Group of Belgium who were the original project managers and have proven track record of operating oil palm plantations in Nigeria, including Presco Plc. that is currently public listed in the Nigeria Stock Exchange.

“Under the terms of that agreement SIAT assumed the debts/liabilities of the company and will pay annual royalties to Rivers State Government,” it said.

The government said already, SIAT has paid off all its obligations while revamping the operations and creating thousands of new jobs.

It said beyond annual royalties, the state stands to earn tax revenue that will boost its internally generated revenue.

On the sale of the state’s power plants, also questioned by Mr. Princewill, the Rivers government said it divested 70 per cent of the over 500 megawatts station due to poor management, delay in refund of sold power by PHCN and inadequate gas supply – factors that hindered regular electricity supply.

It said the proceeds of the deal were remitted to the government’s coffers and are used for other projects.

“It is simply out of the question for those who know how financial system functions, that lenders and financiers can stand and see proceeds of their own credit facility diverted to other destinations that are not clearly stated in the loan covenants,” the government said.

In separate details provided to PREMIUM TIMES, the state government said the Olympia Hotel which had been comatose for 30 years was only revamped in 2012 and leased same year to Centrum Properties Limited & Cenpropsaroten Hotel Management Limited with a projected income of $1million, being concession fee and rent.

In addition to the concession fee, the new managers shall pay rent annually to the government after first five years, the government said.

Other asset include Supapod Building, leased to Artee Industries Limited in June 2011 with N200 million as projected income; and Hotel Presidential leased to Courdeau Nigeria Limited in 2009 with a projected income of ₦200 million yearly for first five years, and ₦220 million in second five years.

The government said it did not divert any income or proceeds from the deals.

“It simply beats my imagination that someone like him (Mr. Princewill) who has been on the corridors of power in this state that should know better, will peddle such falsehood and derogatory information relating to the public expenditure of the state,” the finance commissioner said.

The government accused Mr. Princewill of initiating efforts to gain from many projects in the state.

“It must be noted that Tonye Princewill has himself originated and anchored several projects and transactions in the state geared towards his own pecuniary gains,” it said. “Meanwhile the outcome of such projects remain questionable and far from the set objectives.”

The government said the Amaechi administration has instituted fiscal reforms that ensure transparency and to check corruption.

“It is on record that the Rivers State remains the first and only state that maintains a dual international credit rating from Fitch and Standard and Poor’s. This is no mean feat considering the rigorous process of not only obtaining the ratings but also constantly sustaining and improving it,” the government said.

Princewill responds

Meanwhile, the Labour Party candidate, Mr. Princewill has responded to the state government’s statement. He calls for an inquiry and specific details of each deal.

Read his comments below:

When we received the news that the Hon Commissioner of Finance had responded to news reports on the secrecy surrounding the sale of Rivers state assets to friends and cronies, we anticipated that finally we would have a meaningful engagement and that a debate on the issues was imminent. We quickly sought to see what details and substance he would provide. We were not expecting him to be totally open, because we knew he knew little about what was going on. However what we didn’t expect was an empty and verbose monologue.

Claims about a malicious publication, yet no redress sought from publishers, personal attacks on the Prince, bogus allegations and references to unnamed projects of questionable intent with no clear objectives, yet governments are the ones who should set objectives and deliver on them. Plenty waffle, little substance and in the end we are still where we are. Without answers. Little or no detail. All from a government of eight years.

He claims the Prince should keep quiet on the subject of public finance because in his words; “He knows nothing about it”. This is the arrogance we hoped to avoid. Any citizen should be able to ask basic questions on the state of our public finances. The money belongs to us. If there was indeed full disclosure as he claims, there would be no need to ask the obvious. But in order to give him the benefit of the doubt, we will ask again. Please Hon Commissioner,

Disclose this:

1. Were assets sold? Name them and the transactions.

2. Who were they sold to? We want to know the names.

3. How much were they sold for? And how and when was it paid?

4. How was the figure determined? Was there a bid, a valuation, who participated?

5. Constantly he claims it is in the public domain. Name the publication.

6. Where exactly are the monies now?

The last point is very important. Important because the Hon Commissioner seems to suggest that the money is “steadily being deployed in the funding of ongoing infrastructure projects”. What does that mean? With what budget provision? Rivers people sincerely hope that this is not another code name for the stomach infrastructure of APC delegates and the unsuspecting Nigerian public in a general election.

He closed by saying he the Commissioner participated in “several of these transactions” not all of them, which immediately sounded alarm bells. Which ones did he not participate in? Is this a confirmation of the Prince’s fears? The Governor possibly acting outside the state’s financial system? There is more to this than meets the eye. You made no mention of Olympia and Abonema Wharf. Yet the Prince raised them too. Why?

If the statement from an Honourable Commissioner of Finance was not so weighty, this attempt would be laughable. I want to call on the state government to launch a full and independent inquiry into the sale of all these assets with immediate effect or give credence to the concerns raised by the candidate for the Labour party. This is not to be swept under the carpet.

The response by the Honourable Commissioner of Finance is laughable, unnecessarily rude and full of grammatical illusions. If I were to be a fly on the wall, one could almost state, with a high degree of certainty, that he did not write this statement unless it was at gun point. Money was received in the consolidated account he claims, but provides no details to guide us.

An election is coming and these and other issues are matters of importance to the people whom you have the privilege to serve. Rather than engage in personal attacks, it might be wiser to focus on the gravity of what is at stake. Public funds, public assets and public interest. Mr Commissioner, Prince Tonye Princewill is an Imperial college graduate of Mineral Resources Engineering and a Prince 2 certified project manager who understands more than you can imagine about public finance. He helped draw up the first budget for Rivers state under Rotimi Amaechi and was a member of the Economic Advisory council.

This is not about Tonye Princewill, Rotimi Amaechi or your Honourable self. It is about Rivers state and our people. A prompt response to the above laid down questions and requests are expected. The people await to hear from you. Preferably devoid of the insults. It’s best we focus on the issues. The people expect this from us.


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  • olotito

    Fellow countrymen this is our last christmas in bondage….the PDP accusing Gov ameachi of funding APC with his state fund is very wrong…it just a mere propaganda..this is the Wake up call….the CHANGE WE WANT

    • oidele

      we should just take your word for it that the PDP accusation is wrong abi? when you APC accuses the President of corruption, we should also just take your word for it that the accusation is correct right?

      How do you even sound to your own very ears?

      We should just forget about this accusation and no need to investigate it abi?

      My guy, you people disgust me.

      By the way, Princewill is not in the PDP. He is from the Labour Party. The PDP candidate Wike also accuses the rivers state government of similar allegation.

      • concerned citizen

        I don’t hold brief for Amaechi or Tonye Princewill. It is your assertion that Tonye Princewill is not in the PDP that amuses me. He only just decamped from the PDP a few days ago after he lost the primaries. The same trend in other states where some PDP guber hopefuls lost as well. Guess where most of them have gone to? – Labour Party!. I hope you realize that the Labour Party and PDP have a pact? The goal is to weaken the chances of the APC as PDP and Labour will get votes due to the popularity of the PDP and Labour candidates. Whichever of PDP or Labour that wins is still a PDP win. All the Labour candidate needs to do is to decamp to PDP after the elections as the case with Mimiko of Ondo.
        Don’t be fooled – The labour party is an annex of the PDP. Check where Alao Akala of Oyo, Labaran Maku of Nassarawa are all going to? It is not a coincidence – it is part of the plan.

        • oidele

          And guess what too? Ameachi also decamped from the PDP a few months ago. What is the difference between somebody that decamped a few months ago and another one that decamped a few days a ago from PDP if I may ask you? The time difference makes one of them a messiah while the other one is the devil himself?

          Don’t be deceived, there is no such thing as ideological separation between PDP and APC. They are all the same and they all represent all that is wrong with our political class you would be naive to think that the APC is standing on a better moral and ideological standing than the PDP.

          • Unbiased

            At least someone with Brain is talking…. Tell them all the APC apologist…. APC & PDP are marriage send from Hell but God will deliver us all at the appointed time

          • Sword of Damocles

            “Tell them all the APC apologist…. APC & PDP are marriage send from Hell but God will deliver us all at the appointed time”

            so going by your logic above, since they are both the same, Long suffering Nigerians should vote the Clown Prince & his party for another 4yrs to make make a total of 20 yrs in the wilderness, since 1999? Sounds like “bermuda Triangle” logic to me.

            It is very clear that some Nigerians have no love for their country whatsoever, and they wonder why things are so bad. Whether you and the other PDP trolls on this and other online sites like it or not, Gen Buhari on 5/29/15 will attempt to start “righting” a 16 year old “wrong”. The only reason you are shouting now is because you do not believe that the Land of your Father & his Father’s Father deserves BETTER. Imagine that you all are citizens of this country & this is the best you can do ? Utterly despicable, but then again I am not surprised by the behavior of your ilk, after all look at who leads you all? A man who can not keep his OWN word if his life depended on it. TUFIAKWA!!!!

          • Unbiased

            I am not against you airing your opinion or voting anyone but do that without sentiment and stop being sanctimonious…. Buhari has is own shortcomings too… Tinubu and Atiku are in APC, they are no saints yet you believe all the crooks are in PDP… Honestly answer this, do you think Goodluck has not done anything good in Nigeria and then name 3 verifiable achievement of Buhari during is short stay in office…

        • oidele

          And by the way, I find it unbelievable that you are more concerned with the difference between PDP and Labour party and fail to condemn the fact that it took a private citizen to notify the people of Rivers state that thier assets are being sold and consessioned. You dont think this should be condemned? The people were completely in the dark. Even if the money didn’t go to APC, is this right?

  • Amir

    If only this Princewill and his advisers are educated enough!

    • Smith Scott

      Another Fulani man supporting Ameachi

      • Aminu

        Atleast RVSG has succesfully rebuked the frivilous allegations by facts and figures can you also mention the names of those that donated 5billion to GEJ campaign via Jerry Ghana

  • Ernesto

    All of us know you are the ATM machine of APC that is the single reason you nearly fought Tinubu over VP position. 4 months time shall tell how much billion you spent from Rivers money when you are out of gov.

  • Thecreed

    No amount of falsehood can equate the truth. Kudos to the Rivers state government for clearing the air on the bogus allegations raised by princewill inorder to score a cheap political point.

    • Oleku

      Mumu my heart weeps for Rivers State, i can easily caption Ameachi’s tenure as the governor as “Rivers, a state of wasted opportunities”The Governor kept on going at the president, instead of putting his eyes on governance. The governor was so distracted by “the president and his wife thing” that he forgot to zip up his flap in public. The man is so without honour even in APC, if not, how come? they chose a commissioner in lagos above the Governor of the oil rich Rivers state reputed as one time, the chairman of governors forum. With his penchant to spear head evil and desperation to act the spoiler I will be very surprise if it is just 30 billion he has spent so far. My heart goes to Rivers and its good people, may God help them recover from evil times

  • Yusuf

    PDP Agent! these people do not deserve any response regarding corruption. Let them produce our $20B first

    • Smith Scott

      Why is it men that is only men that squat to urinate are the only people supporting Abubakar Ameachi? Why are you people so happy that River is suffering like desert north.

      • craig

        I thought u claimed in ur earlier post u do not belong to any political party? LIAR!!! All ur posts has bn against Ameachi especially now when u called him Abubakar. Stop bn a coward.

  • Oleku

    The thunder that will strike Abubakar Amaechi is doing press up–the pains he is caused Rivers people is unheard of–Tinubu got complete access to the state treasury while workers haven’t be paid for 3months

  • Ken

    So it took Princewill’s allegations to inform us that our assets are being sold? Rivers State Govt, Please answer Tonye’s questions and stop deviating from the issue on ground.

  • Chizy

    I cant believe you people! Assets are being sold without the knowledge of the people; and some of you are shamelessly defending the Rivers State Government. I tire for my country. We are shameless

    • Gideon Orkar

      That is what Janjaweeds do. Ignore the facts staring them in the face and make noise bout others. Just incredible, can you imagine if this had happened at the Fed level without any form of due process?

    • Smith Scott

      I cry for Nigeria my country!

  • Chubike

    Nice one Prince. This is how to challenge the government. Its not by organizing rallies and insulting the governor up and down. Tackle issues! That is what Tonye has clearly displayed. I’m sure the Government will sit up. Tonye has won my vote

    • Lorgic

      Tonye is putting up all this bravado precisely because he wants to win your vote, so don’t be fooled yet.
      Why is it now tonye has got Labour Party ticket that he is suddenly making noise??? Where has he been since all this time???
      Though if the allegations are true, amaechi & Co should be prosecuted when he no longer has immunity. But don’t be easily fooled, bcos political parties in Nigeria run their campaigns on false propaganda to deceive the gullible. So evaluate all factors properly b4 casting your vote.

      • Smith Scott

        Is better to wake up late than never to wake up at all. May your destiny be managed as Ameachi is managing PH. If you like this prayer say Amen. If not, then stop supporting nonsense. Before you reply I am not GEJ supporter, neither APC as they are all the same.

  • favourtalk

    This is the government of the people, at least they came out to answers questions concerning the state and what they have been able to achieve over the years, who knows but this is a credible way to answer situations, … how many did the man at the centre listened and address out of the problems and allegation of cases listed against him? Change is for real in this 2015 joor. Dakuku has my votes

    • growthengine

      Which answers, do you believe the crap he is spitting out?. He should reveal the process that resulted in the concessions. Were they transparent, why did it take the cry by Tonye for him to reveal the little he did. We need to know the details, because Rivers money is now under Tinubu control.

  • Okey

    How was the figure determined? Was there a bid, a valuation, who participated?

    Constantly he claims it is in the public domain. Name the publication.

    Rivers State Govt said in invested the money in project development, where is it budgeted for; show the budget, please.

    • Tonnero

      No one will show you anything unless you ask Diezani how she picked Atlantic Energy, a briefcase company, to manage blocks divested by She’ll on behalf of NPDC. That deal cost the country $6b in 2013 as stated by former CBN governor.

      • Okey

        So, the two opposing groups are birds of the same feather ? Since that is your assertion and confirmation, that’s the more reason why must insist that different group replaces Jonathan, not a bird of the same feather on whose wing people like Amaechi perch .

  • Forward_Nigeria


    I would like the Judas of Port Harcourt (Governor Rotimi Amaechi) to tell us the reason he spent N1.5Billion to buy Cable TV Decoders from Bola Tinubu’s Consat TV and why the Decoders have not been not supplied after over one year after payment was made …….. when will the Decoders be supplied and how would this expenditure improve the people of Rivers State.

    Methinks, that this deal .. like the Helicopters deal were all geared towards political campaign and did not have the interest of the Rivers man.

    Judas of Port Harcourt will soon see red pepper.

    GEJ forever !!!

    • Wähala

      Deri Orbuka…
      Tatase no be red pepper even though na also pepper. Whateve was sold was before the birth of APC so, it can’t be logical to say he sold them to finance the APC… akin to saying I work for the APC while I’ve been around for 7yrs & counting. Tonye Princewill is a deranged Aborigine who has no balls to face Wike. Instead, he’s wasting his widow’s coins on Rotimi Amaechi who is not running for re-election. Can Princewill dare say these silly things about Wike at the Education Ministry? Let him accuse Wike abi Dakuku of wrong doing and collect wound… the Oloshi.

  • Gideon Orkar

    Rivers state the APC ATM!

    • Tonnero

      E dey pain you? No be NNPC be PDP ATM? Where is the N1.3 trillion purportedly spent on subsist? What about the $20b unremitted funds from NNPC. What about the $5b a year spent on security when the troops have no weapons? You guys must think Nigerians are fools. Maybe they are. Else they would have stoned GEJ out of that place by now.

  • Mamapikin

    Mr. Prince, where are your figures? Where are your facts! The state has presented its. As the accuser, the onus of responsibility lies squarely on you to present your figures, how much went where, when and how things were done wrongly. Or you don’t understand simple law? Or you are a paid alarmist, a 6th columnist?

    • D1

      Thank you, I tire for the guy o! He laid accusations without facts, still expect the accused to come up with figures. The onus is him to prove Amaechi wrong. Playing politics with lies. Obviously, he has been caught in his lies, Ode!

  • Smith Scott

    How can Ameachi release details with the same mouth he had used to lied several times. I think he should simply show documents as the man who caught him stealing know him very well.

    • tundemash

      can you show us the documents presented by the attention-seeker Princewill.

      Moreover …..,they (PDP)control the EFCC and ICPC,They control IG of police,they have people in the judiciary, why not supply those people facts so that they go after Amechi’s jugular instead of making frivolous accusations (cr. @Rommel)

      • Chamberlain Jumbo

        assuming common sense is indeed common, you need to show documents/evidence while providing rebuttals. Just a thought.

        • Tonnero

          Common sense is indeed not common as you should know that the accuser should be the one to produce the documentation on which he based his accusations. Just a thought.

  • Concerned Citizen


    Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan have a criminal case to answer.
    According to General Olusegun Obasanjo, a case of corruption implicates both men.

    “With the 2011 elections, heavy financial prices were paid to Lagos and Ondo State
    opposition political leaders to secure the vote for the President (Jonathan)
    against the interest of PDP at the state level. The situation where the
    president (Jonathan) surreptitiously invited Bola Tinubu, lifting him at night
    by presidential aircraft from Lagos to Abuja to hatch a plan for Bola to
    support one PDP presidential candidate at the expense of all other PDP
    candidates for any office in Lagos, can only be described as obscene, unethical,
    corruption-ridden and a show of bad leadership. Whatever amount of money was
    given to Bola Tinubu to procure votes for the 2011 presidential election in
    Lagos was, to say the least, unnecessary. What made this phenomenon
    particularly bad was that government had raised the money from government
    transactions which fuel corruption”

    Based on this information both Bola Tinubu and Goodluck Jonathan
    are deemed to have been each other’s accomplice in raiding the national
    treasury; and, both men stand accused of corruption. The ICPC and the EFCC must
    act on this information in the public domain and subject both Goodluck Jonathan
    and Bola Tinubu to criminal investigation. Bola Tinubu has no immunity and his
    case may be progressed to arraignment in court. President Goodluck Jonathan’s
    own immunity does not avail against investigation, according to the Supreme
    Court’s declaration of the law in Gani Fawehinmi vs. Inspector-General of Police.

    • Rowland

      @ Concerned Citizen,

      Thank you for this earth-shaking revelation. May your tribe increase. Amen.
      But why did General Obasanjo have to wait for three [3] years to expose this theft?

      • Kelechi Adu

        Excuse me, please!

        Has Bola Tinubu or Goodluck Jonathan denied this financial crime? If not, then it means General Obasanjo got it right. President Jonathan put his dirty hands into oil subsidy account and used the funds there to bribe Bola Tinubu who, in turn, shared part of this bribe money with ACN/APC Lagos executives, with instruction that all ACN/APC members in Lagos state must vote for PDP at the presidential election in the year 2011.
        You see now! Folks have been saying it here. This ACN/APC Islamist Party is not the change we need.
        APC is a criminal organization. Kudos to General Obasanjo for exposing this high crime!

        • Demola

          President Goodluck Jonathan should better be preparing for a court trial on this case.

          • Captano

            “The only way to stop us from stealing is to stone us. The Nigerian followers
            are as guilty as the Nigerian leaders. The Nigerian institutions are all compromised
            and there is no alternative to them as it is. Nigerians appear not to be against stealing
            and corruption but only against how long you stay stealing and being corrupt.
            Don’t ever expect those in public office to fight corruption on these facts.”

            ….…..Governor Rotimi Amaechi
            (Rivers state)

            (June 30th, 2014)

          • Manny

            Nigerians are the most retarded people on the face of the earth; a throng of useful idiots.

          • Tonnero

            I agree.

        • Tonnero

          APC is a criminal organisation and PDP led by Jonathan who dipped his hand in the national treasury and gave out a bribe is what?

  • Buharam Sharia

    ..Osinbajo is the Judas Iscariot of our time. Non-Muslims and Christian should be at alert. Judas Iscariot sold Jesus out to be crucified(killed).

    Vote against Judas Iscariot and Sharia law.

    • aliyu

      You guys are giving this coming election religion coloration, making provocative statements about sharia,jihad and muslims, must you people always mention muslims and Sharia in all write ups or reactions to the build up of the coming election.I hope you realise that the muslims are keeping quiet for now.Just a heads up,if these continue then we would be compel to react in equal measure.

      • Tonnero

        Jonathan has nothing to campaign on after five years of the most dismal administration in Nigerian history. So they resort to religious and ethnic division. Unfortunately, they are so stoopid that they do not realise that Christians alone or SS/SE votes alone cannot win the election for them. This is an administration of crooks by crooks for crooks.

      • Buharam Sharia

        Which equal measure? a death threat? The sharia killing of non-Muslims by northern Muslims is routine. What else can u do?

    • Rommel

      Mind you without Judas Iscariot,there would have been no salvation and therefore no Christianity


        Is that the APC way of justifying the shenanigans of this kleptomaniac rampaging rascal of a governor at PH ?

        • tundemash

          You mean the mere stealing according the gospel of saint JonaTAN ?

  • Emancipation

    Abeg Amaechi leave tonye alone he is a political prostitute abi parasite.

  • MushinSpeaks

    PDP will not stop to demonize and paint opponent bed; its our responsibility as good citizens of this country to turn a deaf ear to whatever they throw to the media but ask them to provide for our missing $20 billion and Bring Back Our Girls from the den of Boko Haram.

    CHANGE Jonathan

  • Ekwekwe

    “Details of concessioned ‎assets” otherwise called “sold assets” of Rivers State. APC! Change! Change for the worse!

    • Tonnero

      Even the devil himself cannot be worse than the Jonathan administration.

  • Rommel

    This is almost like Donald Trump calling for enquiry to determine if Barack Obama was indeed an born an American


      Stop defending an overtly corrupt fellow !

      • Rommel

        I want Nigerians to become objective in analyzing issues and stop these emotional outbursts and rumor mongering,allegations should be backed with facts to prevent such things which is why I referred to Donald Trump and his wild allegations.Anybody can claim anything but when it is backed with facts,it becomes wighty.I used to be a die hard defender and backer of president Jonathan,everyone hated how he was treated by the Turai cabal and we gave him everything because we believed that the man having seen how power could easily abused would make a difference but everyone can see that our hope was misplaced, the man chose differently and has even become worse than he predecessors.Amechi I became interested in when he was having his runnings with the Jonathans,almost all prominent citizens of Rover state stood with him and I sought to know why,I am convinced that the man would not deliberately give his detractors rope to hang him.Tonye’s allegation is just for political relevance,he is a member of the PDP,they control the EFCC and ICPC,They control IG of police,they have people in the judiciary, why not supply those people facts so that they go after Amechi’s jugular instead of making frivolous accusations


          Well Tonye is a Labour party guy and I strongly believe that you somehow changed your political stance because you benefit from Amaechi’s corruption based establishment !!

          • tundemash

            Creek monkey …. the point Rommel made is “,they (PDP govt.) control the EFCC and ICPC,They control IG of police,they have people in the judiciary, why not supply those people facts so that they go after Amechi’s jugular instead of making frivolous accusations” ??????????????????


            ……And the same creeks which has fed and saved your poor parents from starvation through the years,the same creeks that afforded them the leverage to buy you an air-ticket to your present fake home ?You have always defended thieves so this no surprise anyway.
            Amaechi’s post February 2015 existence is very bleak.It seems that a lot in Rivers state will be seeking their pound of flesh.

          • Rommel

            Can you be reasonable instead of these gutter characteristics


            Why pick and choose ? you should have rebuked him for addressing me as “creek monkey”…I am a gentleman.

          • Rommel

            am glad to hear that,I like gentlemen so lets keep the conversation civil

          • tundemash

            Creek Monkey …. are these the reasons Dumbo’s govt is timid to use EFCC, ICPC, Police, SSS to probe and expose Amaechi but instead the feed feeble-minded amnesty miscreants with fantasies ?


            You do not get it,Governors got official immunity. GEJ is not a legislator !!

          • tundemash

            Creek monkey …. stop dabbling into issues beyond your reasoning capacity.

            Govs are NOT immune from investigation and exposition …. they are immune from prosecution.

            Moreover are Tinubu, Fayemi and other ex. Govs also immune from investigation and prosecution now? If Dumbo is too weak to prosecute ex. Govs now what gives you the assurance the weakling can prosecute Amaechi after 2015 ?


            Brainless hater,Amaechi is still in office !!

          • Rommel

            I don’t live in Nigeria neither am I from River state


            You sure understand that it takes micro seconds to transfer funds,I am sure you are getting your illicit pay as and when due!

          • Rommel

            What you have said now are exactly the types of frivolous allegations we are addressing here,wild and baseless but if not checked takes on a life

          • Wale

            you’re so correct.

          • KIV

            Labour, APGA, Accord and PDP. Six and half a dozen. This is no brainer in nigeria today. He who asserts must prove. Like I know you are a Ghanian pretending to from RV state. Are you going to post your NG passport data page to prove me wrong or ask me to post your GH data to back my claim? May be my accusation is just a bait to know your full name & age. This is why the onus is on Prince to provide more objective info. RVSG can’t just uploading contract data in response to all manner of allegation.

        • Jerry Idrissa

          I like your reasoning Rommel. But doesn’t it bother you that no documents were provided by the rivers state commissioner debunking those ludicrous claims?

          • Rommel

            that is why they said,he who alleges must prove so that nuisance level can be checked,everyone is entitled to their own opinions but facts are sacred and Mr Princewill should have backed his allegations with facts so that this heat will turn on Mr Amechi,nobody has a right to make another individual uncomfortable for the fun of it,its not right,subjecting Mr Amechi to the inconveniences of submitting what should be contained in his hand over notes before time is not fair,Mr Princewill should wait for that time and who knows,it may even be to him that Mr Amechi will hand over,the right things must be done,ethics is important in society

          • Jerry Idrissa

            Good response, but still short of what is expected. Considering that APC/Amaechi is running on the “change” theme, you would expect a glaring departure from the norms. I would’ve loved the RVSG to produce the docs to silence critics once and for all, instead of the back and forth talk. It really makes them look like birds of same feathers — except that the accuser is an LP guy.

          • Rommel

            If Amechi begins to respond to these types things,they will be distracted and lose focus and all this while Nyesom Wike will be campaigning and fabricating more allegations,there is time for everything,they should treat such with the levity meanwhile, the LP just disowned him,when did he pick up the party registration card of the LP and what is this nonsense about him picking up the ticket of LP? does he know the name of the chairman of LP in River state? is Olusegun Mimiko,the only governor elected on platform of LP today not a member of PDP? Tonye is and remains a PDP man,he should have continued his fight against WIKE to get the ticket rather than this crayfish fight for relevance

          • Jerry Idrissa

            so the loudest voice wins then? No longer “change” as claimed by APC? See, it’s not to say that PDP is the best party or anything of that sort, but there are certain inconsistencies by the opposition that makes you wonder their (APC) real intention(s).

          • Rommel

            Its time a new political party comes to power in Aso rock and lets see if anything will change,don’t you like change? you know what they say about people who keep repeating same things all over while expecting different result

          • Jerry Idrissa

            “change” is the APC slogan, but with all due respect do you see any change? Certainly not helped by their candidate for president.

          • Rommel

            Yes,I can feel it

          • Jerry Idrissa

            if you say so… in the mean time, prepare for some reality check. Good conversation though

          • Tonnero

            I said it before that you are anti-APC. what do you have against their candidate? If you like what you see under Jonathan, please vote for him so you can get another four years of the same thing and let us rest.

          • craig

            Thank you for making it clear to him. All their eyes will open whem GEJ returns to power( God forbidden). Now its all sentiments over deceits from GEJ’d camp. Just vote in ur conscience and leave others to make their choices too.


    Amaechi has been using the Rivers State commonwealth like his personal piggy bank however he will be made to account for every penny when the time is ripe ! The suffering masses of Rivers state are well aware of his exile plans in South Africa,Ghana and UK. Amaechi will run but he cannot hide,his cup is full,this alleged last heartless act of bankrolling the Buhari campaign with Rivers state funds is unpardonable !

  • KIV

    How interesting that nobody takess note of the salient fact in RVSG response? The fact that all the transaction pre-date APC! So how could the sales have been done for benefit of Tinubu, Buhari or APC? Or are these dates wrong, lies?
    My Prince, over to you.

    • Wähala

      Brilliant observation… barely beat me to it. Nothing to add but, RESPECT!

      • KIV

        Thx Bro!. Expect side stepping from the Anti Amaechi crew. This is the bane of our society, blind ‘loyalty’. God help us


      When you start a transaction is quite different from when the transaction was concluded and how the proceeds are disbursed,embezzled or converted as the case maybe,stop defending a known crook !!

    • Jerry Idrissa

      You’re completely bamboozled!! Your question should be; “where are the documents to verify the RVSG position?”

      • KIV

        When has it become the norm for the accused to prove innocense???? It has always been; he who asserts must render proof. Mine was only an observation for attention of the Prince & team. As it is, RVSG has offered some info (as little as it may be. Can the Prince give some as well, like accurate transaction date, Amaechi’s, Tinubu’s connection to the concessionaires (no need to upload document yet) This will boost credibility, beyond the “you be thief” and asking the “thief” to proof innocence.
        Again, over to Prince & co

        • Jerry Idrissa

          isn’t APC running on the concept of “change?” Provide the docs and prove to everybody — LP, PDP, APGA etc. — that you’re indeed “change” itself. Until then, I refuse to believe the APC message.

          • Tonnero

            Who cares what you believe? Since you failed to understand law 101, is it not clear to anyone that you already made up your mind?

  • warry

    Running A state with a Rubber stamp Legislature, No Judiciary is the way of change.

  • the truth

    Nigeria decides February 2015. Some politicians would go into hiding.

  • Jerry Idrissa

    I cannot help but point out the fact that the RVSG has failed to produce documents verifying their claims. The caption of the story is very deceptive — makes you think they (RVSG) provided documents supporting their claims. Talk is very cheap Mr. Chamberlain Peterside! Produce the papers!!


      Producing documents would mean political suicide for the Amaechi kleptocratic establishment !!

      • Tonnero

        You must be truly sick. For a GEJ supporter to call anyone kleptomaniac must be the height of delusion. If Amaechi is a thief, Jonathan is the godfather of all thieves. If Amaechi should be jailed for stealing, GEJ must be sent to the electric chair.

    • Abiodun Olayinka

      The accuser needs to prove his claim with facts not the other way round. Someone can not be accused of a crime without any facts or evidence and then tell the accused to prove the crime wasn’t committed. The burden of proof lies with accuser not the accused. Introduction to law 101.

  • KennBest

    What a masterpiece. It still baffles me why and how Buhari is leaving Saraki to play with his hard won mandate. Three Sarakis cannot try an OBJ. If it is that Buhari is intentionally leaving Saraki to flex his powerless muscle, then let Mr President come out and say so. He should remember, we voted for change and not Saraki.

  • javscong javscong

    This is about the best piece I have read on how to make change become a reality and pointing out so succinctly the danger that Saraki poses to our democracy. It is time to get rid of that cancer ( Saraki) and it requires total bombardment….. surgery, very high doses of chemotherapy and extensive radiotherapy to ensure that we get the cancer out completely.