Jonathan to opposition politicians: Nigeria is nobody’s personal estate

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday re-echoed his earlier advice to politicians to avoid sowing the seed of discord and hatred through their utterances ahead of the 2015 general elections.

He also reminded opposition politicians that Nigeria does not belong to anyone and cannot be considered anybody’s personal estate.

Speaking at a special Christmas service at St. Mathew’s Anglican Church in Maitama, Abuja, the president reminded politicians of the need to base their campaigns strictly on developmental issues and nothing more.

The president said he was always embarrassed by divisive utterances made by some politicians, noting that those involved in such do not mean well for the country.

“As a politician, you want people to elect you to perform your responsibilities. If you mean well for the country, you wouldn’t be fanning the embers of discord and hatred.

“Nigeria is nobody’s personal estate, but you want to serve. If the people want you to serve, you serve. But if they say no, then leave.

“So, I get embarrassed when we the politicians make provocative statements, statements that create division among Nigerians and that can set this country ablaze,” he said.

He said further, “I don’t think that is what a leader should do; it is not the kind of seed a leader should sow

“Those who take government by violence hardly end well; examples abound in some African countries.

“So, if a politician is interested in power at any level, you don’t sow seed of discord and enmity because it will consume you if you try to.”

Mr. Jonathan thanked religious leaders and followers for their continued prayers for peace and unity for the country especially during this period.

He said the challenges facing the country could have been worse without their prayers.

While describing the security and economic challenges facing the country as temporary, the president assured that “God will surely see the nation through them.”

He urged Christians to continue to imbibe the virtues of peace, love, selflessness and tolerance which Christ epitomise.

The president was accompanied by the First Lady, Patience Jonathan; his mother, Eunice, and members of the Federal Executive Council.

The service, which was presided over by the Primate of the Anglican Church, Nicholas Okoh, was also attended by some past government officials including a former Minister of information, Jerry Gana.

The first lady read the first lesson drawn from Isaiah 9: 2, 6 and 7, while the president took the second reading from Hebrews 1:1 to12.

In a sermon titled “The Jewish Messianic Expectations and 2015 Elections”, Mr. Okoh cautioned that the 2015 election would be a critical period in the country.

He reminded political office seekers at all levels that Nigerians have expectations, which border on peace, freedom, security and general prosperity.

He, therefore, urged both serving and incoming leaders at all levels and arms of government, to be guided by the peoples’ expectations in their decisions.

The clergy man also advised Nigerians to base their voting decisions on common good of all, noting that if they elect people that don’t care, their conditions would be worsened.

On the security challenges facing the country, Mr. Okoh emphasised the need for Nigerians to pray and work together to put “an end to the reproach”.

“We need to stop viewing security issues as politics. It is everyone’s duty to join in the fight against terrorism and rescue our nation,” he said.

The cleric also cautioned vandals of power installations and other national economic saboteurs to desist or face the wrath of God and that of the people.



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  • amazing2012

    This man has started talking to himself !

    • Tope

      And to his FEC members especially, the CEM who was calling her critics on the management of the economy ethnic bigots. The President should ban all government officials from using the words ethnic or religious bigots.

  • City Solicitors

    Dear Editor,


    Before this exhortation the President of Nigeria at the time, Olusegun Obasanjo,
    took $3 million from Nigeria’s national treasury as “legal fee” to “a single lawyer”
    simply for incorporating Blackbone Galaxy Company in Nigeria.

    Nowhere in the world, not even in the United States or in Great Britain, is such a fee
    payable to incorporate a company – a routine duty paralegals undertake. We can’t find
    justification for it by extrapolating statutorily prescribed fees in Nigeria’s conveyance matters.

    We therefore call on the Nigerian Parliament to open an inquiry into this $3million fee virtually
    wangled out of the treasury “to a single lawyer” for a job set at below $50,000 only, worldwide.
    We believe a case of fraud has occurred with presidential assent and we call on the Senate
    of Nigeria to enquire and pass a resolution condemning it as fraudulent to enable the EFCC
    commence a recovery proceeding in a court of law. Democracy is accountability worldwide.

    • Dansia

      Chei, chei, chei. can Obasanjo pay 600 million Naira – almost more than all his salary
      since joining the Nigerian Army in 1958 – to incorporate Obasanjo Farms as a company?
      If he can spend 600 million Naira just to register, how much will he need to start business?

      • No Comment

        Nigeria is almost a failed state where ordinary people’s anger
        has peaked with potentially lethal consequences. If nothing
        changes, i cannot guarantee what recourse the people will take.

        The level of anger has peaked. I don’t rule out Nigeria breaking up.
        That’s what can happen to a failed state. Nigeria is close to breaking up
        and its leadership has descended into a theatre of the absurd

        ……….Professor Wole Soyinka

        (March 16, 2010)

    • Adoki Achine

      I do not know how this concerns the above news story, but I guess you must be talking about money taken from the PTDF account at the time to incorporate the Galaxy Backbone Company. I thought that PTDF account was under the control of the then Vice president, when these disbursements were made. So where did you get the impression that it was the president at the time who approved the payment?
      In any case, I would advise that you guys devote your energies against your real opponents in the opposition party who are trying to chase Jonathan out of Aso Rock in 2015, and stop wasting your precious time and resources on a man who is not contesting against your principal. You do not have the luxury of time for these distractions. Feburary is around the corner. Except you want to waste your time and resources doing campaign ‘resrearch’ that would not bring you any mileage.

      • Awarawa

        Adoki, the lawyer is OBJ personal lawyer – Afe Babalola in case you are ignorant. There is no doubt that OBJ robbed us blind. GEJ that everyone accused of corruption did not sell govt companies to himself, his children schools in Nigeria, we cannot find any foreign accounts where he statch away of commonwealth as past presidents normally do.

        • Adoki Achine

          Yes, I know perfectly well that the lawyer in question is Obj’s personal lawyer. But I hope you are not asking us to accuse every president of every offence committed in every sector of the economy by his friends or associates, just because that president was in power when the alleged crime was committed. if you do not know, I will give you one small information (if you missed it at the time). During Stella Obasanjo’s wake keep, then Vice President Atiku Abubakar made a speech. Looking directly at then President Obasanjo, he said: “Mr President, you may not know how close the first lady was to me, but it would surprise you to know how closely we both worked to constitute the boards of the government parastatals at the time”. This, my friend, is verifiable. Atiku was clearly trying to convince Obasanjo that he meant it when he said Stella’s was a his own loss too. And he was also saying very clearly: “Mr president, I know you are not aware of this”. So if this was the man’s (deceased) wife we are talking about, then you can imagine what his friends were doing behind his back.
          I am not saying that the man is a saint, but I am saying that we should be fair in our accusations, lest we become victims of the same injury that we do to others. And, mind you, I was reacting specifically to the guy’s (or her) accusation that it was the President who approved the PTDF payment at the time.

      • Sword of Damocles

        I love it. When one can really understand what is being said, it is easy to know who is responding. Baba, we salute you, it is worthless to offer that camp advise. They are not in the THINKING business

    • Tonnero

      By all means, open an inquiry. But it is astonishing that you seem more concerned about $3m by a president who left power 8 years ago compared to a sitting president’s N1.3 trillion in misappropriated subsidy funds, $20b in unremitted NNPC earnings, $15m in black market money purportedly for buying arms in the South African black market, N21b in slush funds from people with sweetheart deals with government to fund a re-election campaign, $1.1 b paid illegally to the President’s kinsman Dan Etete and a massive deterioration in our national balance sheet from a surplus of $67b to $25b even after another 8 years of earnings in high oil prices. Talk about carrying an elephant on your head and looking for ants with your feet…….

      • Dada Eshubi

        What is not good is bad. General Obasanjo should return the $3m latest tomorrow morning.
        If he can take 3 million dollars just like that and everybody takes 3 million too, what will be left?

    • paul eneke

      My dear,your reasoning is poor and moronic.Am sorry,cant buy that diversionary tactic.Its not gona work.@ Tonnero,thanks for your quick response

  • djay

    Gej said,I get embarrassed when we the politicians make provocative statements, statements that create division among Nigerians and that can set this country ablaze,” eg like saying the Igbos are the pillar of his administration. Quoting Gej”,I don’t think that is what a leader should do; it is not the kind of seed a leader should sow. In other words Gej has admitted he is not a leader. We need a leader in GMB.

    • paul eneke

      He thinks we igbos are that stupid,ehn? we shall see!

  • Tonnero

    This man deserves to be severely excoriated. Seriously. This is a guy who actually HIRES someone (Reno Omokri) who recruits an Internet army paid by tax payers to cause ethnic and religious division using pseudonyms and other trickery and subterfuge. This is a guy whose party has made it a policy to accuse the opposition of being behind BH every time GEJ goofs and has introduced the word janjaweed to the lexicon; this same guy recruits his kinsmen to threaten Nigerians that if the son is not returned back to power, the country will collapse; he also it is that has turned all institutions of state to personal and party institutions…….. tell this man to lay off the booze for a while to clear his head.

    • paul eneke

      That was lucid,thank you,could’nt have captured this deceitful moron better.He should tell that to the dogs,what do you take us for? rest my case,we shall meet @ the poll. IJN. Amen,

    • Omo Oodua

      Go to hell!!


        GBAM !! The hottest room .

        • Sword of Damocles

          Oh you are so profound!! May I have your autograph?

  • Guguru

    If you are intelligent, ignore the caws and crows of this Otuoke clown.

  • concerned9ja

    This man should lead by example. He has not told us the details of his programmes if re-elected. We have agreed he has been a failure so far but is that what he would give us again post 2015? Let him come out and start issued-based campaigns. Jonathan has never walked the talk.
    If he has any honour he should not celebrate Xmas because over 270 innocent girls under his watch were carried into captivity for almost a year now without trace.
    He even refused to visit Chibok up till now to commiserate with the people. What sort of a leader is that? Yet, you continue to name-call GMB while your action and body language of corruption is worse. Even, if GMB was a zealot, let us try his disciplined and spartan-like approach to problem of Nigeria. Enough is enough, GEJ, return to Otuoke. Your government is corrupt, clueless, divisive, callous and retrogressive.

  • Johnson Omale

    Jo-nothing, you were talking to yourself. You allowed few people around you to steal our money and you expect the majority to keep silence. I advise you start arranging your personal effects to move out of Villa.

  • Spoken word

    So why do you treat it like your personal estate.what a hypocrite.

  • Olu Ade

    What you say is completely different from what you do, you are not talking to dummies except your supporters.

    If you truly feel embarrassed by divisive comments, then, on your own part what have you done to caution your sychophants who keep using religion and ethnicity to divide us. Have you ever caution Asari Dokubo, Tompolo, Abati, Okupe, Oritsejafor, Kasumu and above all your own dear Madam Peace aka Dia Ris God ooo.

  • New Nation

    True sir.Over 80% of Nigerian are tired of your style they yearn for urgent CHANGE. Enough of your innocent deception, Corrupt tendencies, False hopes, Empty promises and failed/weak leadership. Since “Nigeria is no body’s personal estate”(including you and your supporters),Pls give us very free, fair and credible election for us to make our choices come Feb 2015. We want to restore the pride and glory of our Nation. A nation in which we ‘ll be able to proudly display our International Passport(without shame) in any Airport around the world.

  • Olu Ade

    Countdown to the wire!

    Only 52days left for Nigerians to tell you that The Nigerian Presidency is not your personal estate… On May 29, 2015, We will welcome on board an incorruptible man with integrity and a VP who is a technocrat and God fearing…What a rare combination, Nigerians must not miss this opportunity to rescue our country.

    • New Nation


      • glo

        GLORY BE TO GOD !!!!!!

      • Peter

        You are a dreamer. GEJ will win landslide. It is because you are blind that reasoning has eluded you. Keep dreaming and sowing your type of discord with all the hate messages. Haters don’t get far. Oloshi.

    • glo


    • Peter

      You don’t know Buhari at all! He is uneducated and has no previous political leadership. Read Femi Aribisala’s piece this week and know all the things you must know about this maniac and coupist called Buhari. Stop supporting evil and backwardness because this former military dictator ruled Nigeria and left in his trails a wail of atrocities and woes. The world has gone past such assumptions of military dictators in politics.

      • Olu Ade

        For your information, I dont need to read no Femi Aribisala to know Buhari. I was a grown up adult when Buhari was Head of State. I need nobody to feed me rubbish like you are being fed, I lived the good things and reforms of Buhari regime. So, I am not surprised about your ignorance bcos you seems to have heard all you wrote through a 3rd party. If you care to ask honest people about Buhari, you will know the truth.

  • No Comment


    It is sad to note that there is an instinctive conclusion among the Nigerian public
    that the Jonathan government is the most financially corrupt, fiscally irresponsible,
    politically insensitive and socially disconnected in Nigerian history. It is all evident
    that (President) Jonathan has failed badly to build a credible, honest and minimally
    effective government for almost half a decade that he has been President. This is
    regrettable indeed.


    (December 23, 2014)

  • Smith Scott

    We have been praying. GEJ, you should start praying and let us loot. Why continuing praying and you continue looting. Why should Nigeria be patient while Tinubu keep packing billion from Lagos treasuring. Now Buhari want to come because he felt IBB didn’t allow him to loot enough as he wanted. Only the masses keep suffering

    • Savage

      APC is a corrupt and criminal organization infamous for non-accountability in Lagos state.

      • glo

        Go and jump off a bridge! God will weep the tears of the long suffering Nigerian masses with you rogues blood.

  • Maria

    What jonathan said here is all about him. He is the one so desperate to cling to power that he and his f00lish supporters using divisive means to manoeuvre Nigerians. Anyone who criticises his government is boko haram or a moslem. He sees critics as his enemies. Jonathan is presently the most divisive president on earth including his deluded followers.

    • Maria-tu

      You write more like Jona – the man you love to vilify.

    • Wähala

      Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones…
      And may a Blessed New Year 2015 full of life and hope be yours with the guidance of the Holy Spirit… Amen!

      • Maria

        Thank you, my big brother. I wish you the same. And may the coming year usher in the change we yearn for in Jesus Name.

        • New Nation


        • Oleku

          Two mumus–the shariarists must be defeated

          • Peter

            Surely Maria and Wahala are the worst mumu masquerading on this website. How can they be so blind and deaf to this sincere and passionate plea for sanity from the elected president of their country. Maria is obviously either mad or sad for whatever reason against the southerner in power or that she is a delusive northerner pretending to make real her impersonation of a southern christian. For Wahala, I can excuse him for all his deeds because he is working for his daily bread smoke-screening for Premium Times with his unsupported utterances to promote readership. Both Maria and Wahala are criminals as long as their identities remain veiled.


            Defeated and dismissed !

        • Wähala

          Thanx-2… Amiooo!


          That’s not gonna happen !!

    • glo

      This is their last bus top! God bless Nigeria!

  • Truthometer

    I hope he has given this same advice to his goons in aso rock and wadata plaza. They are the worst culprits. If Dumbo is expecting the oppositions to be silent, in the face of wild lies and allegation perpetrated by his agents, then he must actually be hallucinating.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    You should have directed that to your party and followers that always nickname opposition, APC with unfounded names, what do you expect, a reprisal. Newton’s third law is clear about this. Publicly caution your followers and Bastard Olisa Metuh (he asked Nigerians to call him bastard if APC survive last year’s December. Now, there in another December).

    • Selfsame

      Redundant argument, as always. Beginning to sound more like a broken record.

      • I Hate Sycophant Truly

        How I wished you made sense with your comment. Denial has been the trademark of your type and it has placed you to the threshold of setback.

  • Fola


    We need change; yes, we need to replace Jonathan, yes, but not with Muslim Jihadists,
    and surely not with an Islamist party [APC] both of which are much worse options for Nigeria.
    APC is certainly not the change we need. APC is an atavistic regression to Islamist barbarism.
    Islam is incompatible with democracy. Islam is a forbidding contradiction of democracy itself.

    • John okafor

      @fola if this what you think is good for you to take side and hide under religion to deceive Nigerians then you are bastardized like Olisa metu of the PDP ,

    • Ponle

      Ah, how do i answer this dilemma now. You have a strong point there.
      We may now have to choose between thief and Islamic Jihad in 2015.

      • John okafor

        If his facts are correct then choose the one that is good for you ,but as per as I am concerned GMB is most honest,uncorupt,detrabelise,genuine human being ever Nigeria has in recent time.

        • Omatsola

          No way. You can’t force him to take one. The two options are bad.

    • John okafor

      Fola you are mis ruled individual that will perish in hellfire IJN.

      • Chris Agwu

        Ha, ha! You curse a fellow Christian like you on Christmas Day!
        Surely, Nigeria is on the way to become a full-blown Islamic state.

        • Ms. Vivian

          Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…..a house divided against itself cannot stand!

          • Uka

            “We are calling on all Christians to defend themselves through any means possible.
            We call on President Goodluck Jonathan to declare Boko Haram a terrorist group
            and make it officially known that we are in a state of religious war in Nigeria,
            so that Nigerian Christians could be armed to defend themselves”.

            …….…..Ndi-Igbo Peace Movement (NPM)

            May 7th, 2013

        • Obote

          Corruption and its vices are neither Christians nor Muslims, enough of division via religion affiliation. Nobody can Islamise Nigeria and we should stop all this division engineered by the power drunk politicians.

    • pheliciti

      Did you read the article at all? GEJ that you support just told you to stop making statements that will sow discord among Nigerians….


      Let Nigerians determine which is worse – PDP or APC!

  • taewo

    Mr. Jonathan loves money. Hear him sounding conciliatory after pocketing N21 billion last week from a dubious fund raising.

  • Gentle Jungle

    Oh! so you’re aware that Nigeria is not any one personal estate when your thugs, Asari and Edward Clark threatening Nigerians if they refused to re-elected in 2015? is that all you have to tell the world during this great season of Christmas celebration? Now I truly agreed that Nigeria has no president. We really need a president that can salvage us from this clueless and faithless leader. I strongly advise You, GEJ, to go start packing out your things to get out of Aso rock, because it’s not your personal estate.

    • Igbinoba


      “Goodluck Jonathan is not a terrible human being, but he is NOT a good leader.
      He is not the right leader for this nation. Not now, not in 2015 and beyond!
      You don’t have to be the most intelligent person to make a good leader
      but you must be smart and curious and steady and have a good sense of self.

      And you must surround yourself with intelligent people with an abundance of courage,
      and vision. Under Jonathan, our institutions are collapsing at a faster rate.
      The elite continue to steal, knowing there would be no penalties,
      but national honour for them; and the country continues to drift.
      Is this the kind of country you want to grow old in?”

      …………Sabella Abbide

      [December 17th, 2014]

  • Maria

    Adamu Muazu, the current PDP chairman introduced sharia in Bauchi state in 2002.

  • Wähala

    Very Merry Xmas Greetings to All the Faithful…
    @disqus_KvnclyQqXl:disqus, @disqus_7NYE2iwGoQ:disqus, @pauleneke:disqus @tundemash, @glo, @Endingnaija, @Amazing2012, @KaySoyemi, @Screw-em, @Tonnero, @Xman, @Peace_3, @Ukpaka, @Mamapikin, @Ijeuwa, @the real truth, Truthometer, @The Moral Majority!

    Lieber Leute,
    herzlichen Dank für Ihre jahrelang Unterstützung!
    Ihnen allen wünsche ich ein besinnliches erholsames Weihnachtsfest und für das Neue jahr 2015…
    Gesundheit, Erfolg und Gottes Segen. Herzlich grüssen und Fröhe Weihnachten an Allen!!!

    My People,
    Thanking you all for your support thru the years!
    Wishing you all worthy and well-deserved Happy Christmas festival… (for I suspect una ifaji go enter extra-time)
    And for 2015… Good health, Success in all your endeavors, and tons of God’s Blessings. Merry Xmas to All the Faithful…
    Signed… Höly Wähala

    • Peter

      May you and your friends mentioned above not live to witness the victory of Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan at the polls in February 2015. May those of you living abroad and perpetrating the type of slur, hatred and falsehood from there against Nigeria and its elected leaders never find peace in your lives, IJN.


        May you always find the joys that you wish others… well as the sadness!


      May Amadioha unleash extreme fury at you and your aforementioned brood of vipers. May next year bring all sorts of misfortunes for you dishonest lot !!


        May it be for you as you wish others


          Nah !! That is a one-way for @Wahala and his cohort of APC liars ONLY !!

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Every time you point one finger at others, four are pointing at you!!!


            Amadioha will get the job done !!

          • TRUTH MASTER

            To hell with Amadioha and those who believe in that rubbish!


            Beware !! BLASPHEMY !!

          • TRUTH MASTER

            I repeat: E no go better for Amadioha… No power arrayed against Jesus will survive. To hell with Amadioha!!!

          • TRUTH MASTER

            You can’t escape that. Nature’s laws are clear. You get what you give!

    • tundemash

      I wish you same man !
      By Grace of God, we will be here come May 2015 celebrating the dethronement of evil (PDP) in Nigeria.

    • Screw-em

      @Wahala….May the heavens continue to guide you as you are a true LEADER, a dogged and compassionate patriot, remain BLESSED!!!!..Merry Xmass!!!

    • Onike24

      Bros I dey wex oh ! Me nko?

      • Wähala

        Hahaha! Knew you’d bite the bait…
        Actually, I didn’t forget your wishes for me on God’s Day, mba nu. Was busy composing special lyrics for a Special Person like you. Wait make I commot my tie… and, tell me when you want me to release my Xmas Song for you. I was waiting for later today but the call is yours… Merry Chrismas!

      • Wähala

        Sonder grüsse an Echte Liebe, @Onike24…
        Joyeux Nöel… bonnes fetes et une excellent annee 2015 a vous et a vos proches!

        Für dich, wollte ich nur sagen…
        Fröhliche Weihnachten! Mit Liebe verpackt Neue Jahr 2015.
        Christmas is like the butterfly that perches on the Hibiscus flower… then disappears!
        But the fleeting saint it leaves behind lasts for another year reminding us of essence of life… sharing of love!
        May the Love of God, the Peace & Unity of His Holy Spirit, be with you and your extended family now… and throughout 2015. Wishing you longevity with good health, success in tossing urchins into jails, prosperity in all other endeavors… and, May the virtues of Christmas ricochet with you now and for always… This and tons more I pray for you thru Christ Our Lord! Very Merry Xmas to my Beste!
        Signed… Your Höly Wähala (echte Liebe!)

  • Thepeople

    Enough is Enough says Nigerians. Nigeria is not the President’s personal estate. We need a change for the good of Nigeria and our children. Otherwise PDP would continue with their corruption, incompetence, selfishness, and impunity. If APC wins the election, and does not rule for the peole, they should and would be removed.


      I agree!

  • New Nation

    Honestly, even watching JonaTAN speaks you ll notice he look like someone under a strange influence higher than him(may be those 4 women/president OBJ mentioned or some other powerful interest bent on keeping this nation down).Even when he’s tempted to do right they tell him no(little wonder he said he gets contradictory advices on all decisions). Obviously,he knows Nigerians are fed up with him,only that he doesn’t know how to go about it(since he’s under hostage) or maybe he reason-its better to contest and loose than just chicken out(am just going through his mind). He actually lacks leadership capacity. You can’t give what you don’t have. Nigerians wake up, take your Nation back!

  • Jerry Idrissa

    Democracy on display! True talk my Presido. Even GMB couldn’t say such when he was the dictator/junta.

  • Sword of Damocles

    The accepted assessment of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by thieving elites and the even the Common Man is that he is not a man of his word. So here i am on Xmas Day trying to test that thesis with the president’s words above. Here goes:

    ” the president reminded politicians of the need to base their campaigns strictly on developmental issues and nothing more.”

    3 sentences later the president said this: ““Nigeria is nobody’s personal estate, but you want to serve. If the people want you to serve, you serve. But if they say no, then leave.”

    does anyone want to hazard a guess as to who the President is speaking of in the preceding statement? the one & only Mai Gaskiya of course (his recurring nightmare). does this sound like the “politicians of the need to base their campaigns strictly on developmental issues and nothing more.” how is what the president said about “serving” square with “developmental issues and nothing more”. You see when you lie pathologically, you tend to forget the first lie.

    the President went on to state: “The president said he was always embarrassed by divisive utterances made by some politicians, noting that those involved in such do not mean well for the country.

    “As a politician, you want people to elect you to perform your responsibilities. If you mean well for the country, you wouldn’t be fanning the embers of discord and hatred.”

    This by the same man who sent his “lawless” police into the NASS to attempt to overthrow a co-equal arm of our government. Whose IGP, till date refuses to address the Speaker of The House of Representatives by his formal title,

    Rain abuses on me, all the “trolls of treason” can muster, it remains a self evident FACT, the reality of a man the character/ethics of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan occupying the exalted office of Presidency of Nigeria, is a profound stain & utter disgrace to Nigeria. That someone with the disposition and cognitive capacity the level of this man from Otuoke is rather somber and “eye-clearing”. Sai Mai Gaskiya, Day is about to break in Nigeria, Unbelievable!!


      Thank you for the pains you have taken to do this analysis. Really, our President does not understand the meaning of the words he says. Reading between the lines of his statements, one sees a man who is pathologically afraid of the opposition, a man who rushes to hang his cap on religion and ethnicity, a man whose cognitive capacity calls for lesser responsibility.

      And a man who does not have the courage of his own convictions. Pres. Jonathan’s supporters, including Baba Clark and Asari-Dokubo, have engaged in blatant treason by threatening the peace and unity of Nigeria. Yet, the malleable security agencies have looked the other way. How can the same President suddenly become sanctimonious when he has not called his supporters to order?

      Nigerians entered One Chance the day they voted this man into office as President. How they’ll got off the speeding bus without breaking bones is the challenge facing them!

      • Preco01

        Na bad market we buy o!

    • Peter

      You are a disgruntled and frustrated contributor. See all your attempts to distort the good message from the president of your country. Try to grow up and be positive so that you will be able to assimilate. Your born-to-rule mentality has blinded you to proper reasoning. Your hatred for the southerner occupying the top seat unhidden. Go on hating and you will never get anywhere because Jonathan will win at the polls and will be sworn in for the second term on 29th May 2015.

      • Sword of Damocles

        LOL, i had a good laugh at your post. tying your response to the current situation in Nigeria makes me wonder if people like you have gone mental because of all the suffering that was caused by those traitors & betrayers you are defending. Dont you see the people that you enable with your response have caused you to lose your senses. Do you for a minute believe i have disdain for the President because he is a southerner? My disdain for the man is because his CHARACTER is there for all discerning persons to see. An unadorned , utter disgrace that someone like that can hold that office. Shameful, shameful indeed. Methinks that even YOU know this but you dont BELIEVE that our Fatherland deserves. merry xmas, remember loyalty only to Nigeria, nothing else

  • Chris1408

    GEJ, the master of discord and disunity should heed his own advice

  • Yusuf

    You are right Oga Presido, it is your fathers estate; keep riding until u end up in kirikiri max

  • Akindolamu

    President Jonathan, you continue to show a double face. And nobody, no Nigerian will ever believe you again. To show that you have a dubious double face, if what you have just said in public is true, why did you come to Yorubaland in chase of so-called “Christian” vote and create the dubious division called “Yoruba Christian/Muslim”? Why? I think you are just unable to say the truth. You are a liar. And we can no longer believe anything you say in public.

  • olotito

    Yes it’s never nobody’s estate…let the PDP give the opposition party a change to run before we talk about revolution…..CHANGES all I want

  • Ette

    He is already running Nigeria as Ijaw estate, so let him repent. Has killed the executive, legislature and judiciary with unbridled corruption, is using the security agencies as his private apparatuses, and has just imposed himself as the only lord to stand election in the wicked PDP. If the statements of the preacher is anything to go by, the GEJ has been rejected as he and his wicked PDP have failed woefully to meet the expectations of Nigerians.

    • GEJmustgo!

      I wonder if Jonathan means well for Nigeria! How would a message of a president of a country on Christmas Day be a divisive one ? All Nigerians are your subjects. This man is not a presidential material!

      • Preco01

        HAS never been! He is a big mistake we must correct

  • Mo

    You have been a complete and utter disaster for nigeria; therefore, you should leave, nigeria is for the people, not you!

  • ibrahim

    stealing is not corruption – says President Jonathan. the estate is in his hands and he is busing buzzing and watching his Mama-mias while they are stealing and he is blaiming God knows who? Nebuchadnezzer don confuse self. na Jega alone go do the rigging? Mu’azu has 21billion to steali-lling is not corruptioni beg voteAPC i see road

  • MushinSpeaks

    Jonathan is just not right for this country. Is it that his aides are behind his woes or what? Same man that gave contract to Tompolo and Boyloaf to secure our waterways when we have our gallant Nigerian Navy. Same Jonathan has refused to sack Madueke for alleged corrupt practices; same Jonathan that has contracted part of Nigeria to his wife that she goes about bragging here and there. This is not the President we want.

    CHANGE Jonathan!

  • Abiodun Olayinka

    Please tell Madueke that.