​APC replies ​PDP ​over “jackboot” comment against Buhari

Lai Mohammed

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has described the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, as a Janus-faced bumbling party for engaging in a serial mudslinging against t​he ​APC and its leaders, especially in the aftermath of its hugely successful national convention in which Muhammadu Buhari was elected as the APC’s presidential candidate.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said the same PDP that has been preaching issues-based electioneering campaign has done nothing but mudslinging against the person of ​Mr​. Buhari, his running mate​, ​Yemi Osinbajo, our leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu and indeed the entire APC.

It said the spokespersons for President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP, apparently stung into a stupor by the rancour-free emergence of the party’s candidates for the 2015 general elections and the overwhelmingly positive reactions from Nigerians, have thrown caution and decency to the wind by their crude, rude and rambling statements.

”What is issues-based in calling Gen. Buhari a ‘semi-literate jackboot’ as the PDP’s National Secretary Wale Oladipo has incautiously said? Where are the issues in the pejorative reference to Prof. Osinbajo as an ‘acolyte’ of Tinubu, or in describing Tinubu himself as a puppeteer, as the PDP’s National Publicity Secretary Olisa Metuh has said in the most vitriolic and irresponsible statement that can ever be issued by the spokesman of a ruling party anywhere?

”Where are the issues contained in the statement by the serial bumbler and gormandizer called Doyin Okupe, who regards ​Mr​. Buhari’s refusal to enrich himself from the public till as a vice rather than a virtue? Why would a ruling party go after the jugular of the opposition simply because it took its time in choosing its presidential running mate, especially since it did not run foul of any electoral law in doing so?

”The truth is that the Jonathan Presidency and the PDP have no issues to canvass during the electioneering campaign for the 2015 general elections because they have wasted the mandate given to them by Nigerians on the altar of unprecedented corruption, incomprehensible incompetence and cluelessness and perhaps the worst leadership ever inflicted on our country,” APC said.

The party expressed delight that Nigerians have taken it upon themselves to respond to the PDP and its barbarians, especially in the social media.

”Had these philistines been monitoring the reactions of Nigerians to the capricious comments they have been making against the person of ​Mr. Buhari and his party, they would have desisted. But then, they need to impress their paymasters. It seems the more they pour invective on our leaders and our party, the bigger their pay. We wish them luck in their ludicrous pursuit and shadow chasing,” it said.

APC assured Nigerians that its campaign for next year’s elections would be based on how the party plans to restore hope to the forlorn citizens, who have been taken for a ride by the government they voted into power, how Nigeria can be made great again and how the comatose economy can be resuscitated, for the benefit of all, rather than a few fat cats.

”We are delighted at the increasing level of political awareness among Nigerians and their engagement in the political scene. We believe Nigerians are more interested in what the candidates for next year’s elections can offer rather than on how much mudslinging they can dish out. In the end, Nigerians, who are the real masters, will spot the difference!” the party said.

Lai Mohammed
National Publicity Secretary
All Progressives Congress (APC)
Lagos, Dec. 23rd 2


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  • Babandum

    Absolutely matured response. Let us all watch how the campaigns would be done. We all have brains and we should be able to distinguish between who is interested in our daily plight and who isn’t.

  • clairvoyance

    Very good no need joining issues with a sinking party, Nigerians know already were the real enemies of Nigeria are. Feb 14 2015 will send shock waves across the globe.

  • aabello

    What a beautiful piece by APC and a smart response to PDP who have no issue to campaign for, hence shifting the goal post to insults, name calling and gutter and beer parlor politics in which they have so many players such as Okupe, Abati, Reno and FFK .

  • Giganto

    PDP’s electoral issues have always been about coercing and inducing electorates to gain votes, and if they (electorates) refuse, they intimidate them. Simple!

  • Otile

    I am glad the Islamic terrorist attacks, bank raids, kidnapping of girls ati old dames, and burnings are not taking place in Igboland, otherwise the enemy would have ridiculed us to death.

    @Maria praise the Lord.

  • Usman

    These are the kinds of people we need, gentle, patriotic and trustworthy not the jamboree in PDP

    • Otile

      But they all came from PDP. When Imam Buhari suffers another catastrophic defeat in February they all will go back to base, PDP.

      I don’t need any reply, please.

      • shivy

        Advise pope Jonathan to tell us what he has for us rather telling us irrelevance


        Jonathan can’t and will NOT win in 2015! Take that to the bank.


    I wonder if the abuses by PDP to the opposition party would in any way stop the menace of boko haram, get graduates employed,address power shortage,create enabling environment for big and small businesses,tackle corruption head-on,provide free qualitative education,provide qualitative and accessible health care services,modern transportation system,restoring national image,inculcate discipline, diversify economy through improving other sectors like: agriculture,technology,solid minerals etc,.I think if YOU(PDP) run short of ideas on how to do it then …..APC CAN DO IT!!! YES WE CAN!!! PDP continue the insults…its an early sign of MADNESS!!! Ask your doctor.Wish you recovery after 29th,May 2015.

  • Olu Ade

    Please do not waste your time in responding to PDP. The PDD is like a drowning man who will hold on to anything to survive, even the legs of his enemy. Their days in government is numbered…54days for change to happen in Nigeria…countdown please

    • Abufata Gumi

      This nothing but a pipe dream. you better wake up from your malaria dream and face reality. Jonathan is the choice of Nigerians. he will beat Buhari, any day any time.

      • Olu Ade

        Why are you guys jittery and running helter-skelter then? 54 days to the time Nigerians will kick your butts…The countdown here.

      • Aviator

        A typical sample of what you called “Nigerians” are the ppl whose posts you are reading on this platform,….pls scroll to the top and start reading each of the post if you haven’t been doing that, then ask urserf again who actually needs to be cured of chronic yellow fever. Xmas fowl lik u.

  • Nwokolo

    I taught PDP said they will not need to campaign if Buhari wins the APC Presidential ticket. PDP is still in shock over the events of the past weeks.Feeler across the country is very very positive for the APC Presidential/Vice Presidential choice. I sincerely thank Nigerians for their support to GMB/Osinbajo. 2015 might be be a landslide.

    • Abufata Gumi

      Buhari is never a march to Jonathan. we know that many of the politicians in the north is only trying to ride on his back and get elected into the senate or house of reps or governors and then abandon him. The sick man is like a donkey.

      • Nwokolo

        ……ride on his back and get elected. Buhari the Legend.

      • Mamman

        ‘Abufata’,almost everyone seem to be using his name or something close to it. Why don’t you do the needful and stop hiding behind a nom De guerre?……Man up and be yourself…that said,democracy is a game of numbers. The multitude seem to be flowing with the General. Its their choice. Respect that if you are a democrat,please.


        God! Your grammar is terrible. Please go back to school instead of engaging in trolling. Chai!!! There is God ooooooo

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    First time semi-parrot is making reasonable point

    • Aviator

      I can see you are swallowing your bigotry ground, diplomatically conceding to defeat….GMB all the way

      • Wizard

        By the special Grace of the Almighty

  • Amir

    Are we sure Jonathan has a PHD? I watched him on CNN taking questions from Amanpour. I thought he was like me – a school cert failure.

    • UMU Nigeria

      abeg no break my rib i don laugh die


      How funny can you be…..Lol!!!!

      Honestly, our President is a bad advertisement for Nigeria’s education sector, considering that he got all his degrees here!

    • Wizard


  • olotito

    It was not easy for Lawrence Anini.
    It was not easy for Oyenusi.
    It was not easy for Shina Rambo.
    It was not easy for Alameseigha.
    It was not easy for James Ibori.
    It was not easy for Bode George. It was not easy for Farouk Lawan
    Lawrence Anini did it.
    Oyenusi did it.
    Shina Rambo did it.
    Alameseigha did it.
    James Ibori did it. Bode George did it.
    Forouk Lawan did it.
    Now, President Goodluck Jonathan is
    doing it. Mr President keep stealing
    and thieves behind you are more than the saints against you. This message has been sponsored by
    the Transformation Ambassadors of
    Nigeria (TAN).


      Simply brilliant!

      • Wähala

        Obviously, you’re no Wole Soyinka!

    • Wähala

      “and thieves behind you are (not) more than the saints against you” is the better lyrics because…
      The Good always triumph against the Bad… thus, the Evil behind him can’t defeat saints arrayed against him… “saints” being Nigerians! (poetry is not for everybody, some people must be banned… you qualify!)

  • Rommel

    But sincerely speaking,it appears that the PDP became paranoid the moment Buhari was elected as the flag bearer of the APC,from B’stard Doyin Okupe to Olisah Metuh who has thrown away his legal certificate to apprentice as a political tout to that drug addict called Fani Kayode and now this professor,all we have been hearing since the emergence of this man are wild vituperations and all forms of schizophrenia,what could have triggered this mental malady?


      You are right on the money! The emergence of Buhari has destabilized the PDP and the presidency. Add the choice of Osinbajo, and they simply went berserk! Yet, the worst is yet to come for these paranoid scumbags, who will defend those who have taken Nigeria back many many years, just because of what they want to eat. Posterity will not forgive them.

    • bello

      PDP is now the opposition party and APC the ruling party

  • shivy

    Pope Jonathan should tell us what he got for us instead of name calling

  • Abufata Gumi

    Lai Mohammed please shut up. the fact that a half educated jackboot seeks to be president of a nation like Nigeria is an issue. PDP have always talked about their achievements. all that the APC has is insult like touts. Metuh and the PDP have always focused on issues, so if you have nothing to say why don’t you just shut up. you are not ashamed that all you as a lawyer with your education you are busy marketing this sick man who truncated democracy and contributed in pulling our nation back


      Your statement is simply irresponsible. First, could you not have made your silly point without resorting to gutter language? Two, this ”jackboot” will crush your pretentious academic. Three, PDP has no achievements to talk about. Four, Metuh is a street brawler, who beat up his son’s teacher in school. Five, Lai is not in your class – or in the class of your despicable paymasters!

    • Night Crawler

      Stop showing how shallow your brain is in public forum, you are too blind to see the truth, I pray you wake up from your slumber

    • Ahmed Shehu

      Who raised these issues? They are raised by the PDP/GOVT. OFFICIALS. On the issue of semi illiterate. If with a PH. D I don’t know that stealing is corruption then I will prefer being semi illiterate. If someone with a PH. D can not fix the insecurity in the land, we can try semi illiterate. If someone with a PH. D can not stop corruption ( not stealing) in the country why not try semi illiterate? If ……. the list continues. The thing is that we have not seen the effect of good education ( not a Ph. D) on President Jonathan’s administration. Simple. He can not do a simple thing as presenting the budget to National Assembly that Shagari with an equivalent of NCE did very well.

  • GMBer

    Obasanjo prays for CHANGE in Nigeria. Need we say more.Even the Great Obasanjo is now a CHANGE leader.Who wouldn’t with the moron PhD(Permanently head-Damaged)failure busy stealing in Aso Rock.Don’t forget ‘Stealing is not corruption’.

    • Night Crawler

      Well said, blind people can feel and deaf people can see the change blowing in the air, nigerians are ready to vote out GEJ in 2015.

  • Night Crawler

    PDP has lost it because Nigerians has accepted change, they gave them a chance of 15 years to prove themselves but they failed and puts the blame on opposition thinking Nigerians will buy their stories

  • King Andy

    Though am sympathetic to president Jonathan and PDP, I must say that I am totally disappointed by what Oladipo said. This election should and must be completely issued based devoid of mudslinging.

  • sammyctu ode

    jonathan and the pdp have gone to some carpenters to construct many coffins for them to bury themselves. pdp have no ideology, no plan to uplift Nigeria and Nigerians, they are the most arrogant devlish bunch of human beings on earth who think they have cowed Nigerians, who think they can continue to enslave us, who think they can continue to tell us they don’t give a damn about whatever they do, who think that Nigerians are now permanently second hand citizens and ride rough shots over us, who do not care about what we think of them, who have been intoxicated with power, the trillions they have stolen and all the Nigerian collective assets they have bought for themselves and their cronies. But they forgot onething that THERE IS THE ALMIGHTY GOD WHO WILL FINALLY BANISH THEM, CUT THEM TO SIZE AND SEND ALL OF THEM TO JAIL & HELL FIRE AFTER THE FEBRUARY ELECTION.

  • Thenjiwe Obong

    common people this is democracy in action. if you think calling Buhari a semi illiterate jackboot is bad ya need to check how low people go to denigrating their opponents in other world democracies. the difference is the people, hopefully we can differentiate the weed from the wheat.

    • Wizard

      Your contribution is vague, please.

      • Thenjiwe Obong

        really! I guess you just felt like writing something eh? ok you succeeded, because I do not understand what you want me to explain. my contribution is self explanatory. on a second look, you are a Wizard eh? so make use of your pizzazz.

  • Magenta

    Our PDP husbands have gone mad again

  • Mosaku 147

    The small water I dey see na so so dirty dey full am,
    The small money I dey get na so so transport dey chop am,
    No light,no road,no health care.
    Buhari,Buhari,Buhari, progress!
    Buhari na de man o,APC na the party.
    for change and for progress and better tomorrow!!

    APC !! Change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ahmadu funtua

    Am sorry for this deceitful party . Is unfortunate APC has not changed one bit from its lies and deceit.

  • Ahmadu funtua

    Would Buhari presidency tolerate the level of disrespect the APC and its leaders have shown GEJ? Thank God Nigeria has moved ahead in democracy. Goodluck is perfect example

    • mallam mahdi

      Ahmadu Funtua is that your name? May God destroy your life before the election if you use fake name, say amen

      • Hambolu Segun

        Let’s talk about issues and not rain curses. Show you are more mature.

    • Hambolu Segun

      Please give instances

  • staaaaaaaaaaa

    thank you sir. Once again you are making the difference in our lives. We need you to beam your light on Nigeria so that God can use you as one of our nation true builders. We are tired of the so called politicians, militants, imaams and pastors that have wasted our land for far too long. What we are currently seing are militants without mission, full of noise but no brain on what it takes to build a nation. More grace sir.