EXCLUSIVE: Soldiers kill civilians, raze village in Bauchi

Six people were killed after soldiers in pursuit of Boko Haram insurgents attacked and completely razed Mundu village in Bauchi State, PREMIUM TIMES has learnt.

In an attack that lasted two days, the soldier arrived the village, situated within the Lame-Burra forest reserve, on Saturday, December 6 in a convoy of about 20 vehicles, killed anyone in sight and burnt down the community.

A PREMIUM TIMES reporter, who visited the village days after the attack, saw burnt homes, shops, grain silos and other structures belonging to the villagers.

The remains of those killed had been buried, villagers said.

Village razed by Soldiers
Village razed by Soldiers in Bauchi

Residents, most of whom are now taking refugee in neighbouring villages, told our reporter that villagers initially fled when a military helicopter was seen hovering over the village few hours before the attack.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that the soldiers burnt the first half of the village on Saturday before they returned the next day to raze what was left of the settlement.

Villagers, who returned on Monday to scavenge whatever was left of their belongings, told this newspaper that they found the bodies of six people.

Among them were two mentally challenged people, a blind man and two strangers passing by in a motorcycle at the time of the operation.

The burning of Mundu is yet another episode in the long history of extra-judicial killings and torture of civilians by the military.

Allegations of widespread torture and killings against the military has gotten worse since the declaration of a State of Emergency following its war against Boko Haram insurgents in the North East.

Last August, global human rights organisation, Amnesty International, published a gruesome video of soldiers beheading men suspected to be captured Boko Haram fighters.

A report by the same organisation, released in September, revealed that thousands of Nigerians are illegally detained, tortured and some killed in various detention centres operated by security forces.

Unfortunately, despite overwhelming evidence of extra-judicial killings and human rights violations, the military is yet to bring anyone to book for the crime.

Nigerian military authorities are in the habit of exonerating accused soldiers before promising to investigate the allegations. A promise they hardly honour.

Following the destruction of Mundu, inhabitants of neighbouring villages told our reporter that they now live in constant fear as the military may decide to attack their homes next.

The Nigerian military wouldn’t comment for this story.

A Captain Olukoya, the spokesperson of the 33 Artillery Brigade, whose personnel allegedly carried out the operation, directed all enquiries on the matter at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja.

The spokesperson of the Defence Headquarters, Chris Olukolade, a Major General, could not be reached on telephone. He is said to be travelling abroad, and is yet to respond to a text message sent to him three days ago.

The spokesperson of the Army Headquarters, Brigadier Olajide Laleye, denied the army killed army killed any civilian during the operation in the community.

“The Nigerian Army did not kill any civilian. Rather the operation in Bauchi was a bona fide one on the activities of the Boko Haram terrorists in that area, and their weapons and everything they used in operations were recovered,” Mr. Layeye told PREMIUM TIMES. “No civilian was killed by the Nigerian Army.”

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to reflect the Nigerian Army’s reaction.


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  • Oleku

    PT how are you sure they were civilians–aware the Mohammedans don’t look any different from the boko haram thugs–you see in a guerrilla war everybody is a suspect–even children are not left out, Benjamin Adekunle invaded Biafra and said shoot at things that move and even things that don’t move–this is the mantra of war–Mohammedans never in this world thought the fate of innocent Igbo women and babies will ever befall them–don’t blame the khaki boys, blame the sponsors of the Islamic thugs in the janjaweeds progressives–they want to rig themselves to power via insurgency–to send Jona back to Otouke–for being a fisherman Ijaw–let them dare and kiss oil windfall goodbye-animals

    • amazing2012

      When I said igbos are cursed some body will called me with names. If Benjamin killed people illegally then it become a reason the killing to continue ? And to you every muslim is a terrorist, so they deserve to die ! You are cursed !

      • Ade

        For every Muslim that believes in the teachings of prophet muhammad is a terrorist!

        • glo

          Clearly, you need to educate your mind.

        • amazing2012

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          Luke 22:36 “Then said unto them But now he that has purse should take it and likewise his scrip and HE THAT HAS NO SWORD LET HIM SELL HIS GARMENT TO BUY ONE”
          To continue:

          • Otile

            Big deal! The devil can quote the scriptures too.

          • amazing2012

            If you are not illiterate quote now ! if what I quote is not true confirm it.

        • Benicio

          lol….. amazing2012 won this round….. you know nothing of Islam. And are part of the very prejudiced few that is the problem with our country

      • Otile

        How come all terrorists are Mohammedans? Do you really believe that you can kill and proceed to aljinat to sleep with 72 virgins? You must be a lunatic to believe that crap.

        • amazing2012

          Confirm what you state with quotes from Islam, Bible or Talmud.
          The word virgins is very important in Christianity that is mentioned 22 time in the Bible among which were:
          1.matthew 25:1 ” then shall the kingdom of Heaven be likened into TEN VIRGINS,which took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom.
          2.Matthew 25:11 “afterward came also the other VIRGINS saying lord, lord open to us”
          3. Judges 21:12 And they found among the inhabitants of Jabesh gilead FOUR HUNDRED YOUNG VIRGINS, that had known no man by lying with the male: and they brought them into the camp Shiloh which is in the land of Canaan.”
          Virgins are more important and reserve than in Islam where every woman was giving her right and opportunity. In Talmud virgins were also revered and has a spiritual role and pride of family. Our world is more like the replication of the unknown world to extent, Jehovah witness of earthly heaven.
          OTILE please go to school, and read comparative religious analysis. I am not a muslim but truth has to be told. Christians believed in stories, lies and hear say that will make them happy. They are afraid of any intellectual statement and become aggressive and possessive. They commits all what their book forbide them and believed they are right. Please I advised you before any comment to study so to avoid confirming your ignorance. I NEED QOUTES AS POINTS NOT STORIES.

    • Kaza

      I feel sorry for tribalistic person like you, your brothers and sisters are scattered everywhere in this country and I wonder if you belong to any faith, cause you don’t sound like person that has religion, you hide somewhere throwing insult to innocent people that suffer persecution same way you claim you suffer, anyway, watch your tongue.

    • 2015 president

      I am not surprised by our outburst, you’re a classic case of product of baby factory.

    • glo

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    • salako

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      • Otile

        This is not about name calling. Prove to us that they are not moslem terrorists.

  • Auwalu Umaouru

    We should disband the army, scrap the police force- replace it with something new and call in UN peacekeepers to flush out BH and Nijeriya will know peace

  • Dan Fulani

    That is why I always said there is no difference between the Army and the insurgents. In fact I would rather live under the insurgents than the Nigerian army.

    • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

      We see you guys. This is how extremism flowers. Keep deceiving yourself.

    • Otile

      That is why we want continent 9ja to break up so that you can go your way and we have peace.

    • Benicio

      Did you really read before posting or you just decided to put the first thing that came out of your ass…….. excuse the insult.
      How dare you even compare the army to the insurgents… That you would rather live under the watch of murders, thieves, pedophiles…. it is deplorable of you to even think like that.

  • favourtalk

    That is why I can’t vote for PDP again. The security of any Nigerian is not quarantend under his administration. We need a change

  • Tabugbo

    The proper journalism profession demands that you get all parts of a story such like this one explored, all parties given an opportunity to explain/defend themselves. Inability to get some parties on record – yet – is no reason to publish and damn the consequences.

  • Jaspa Matanga

    This type of write up is why Boko Haram insurgency will persist. The
    fact that the village is “inside Lame-Burra forest reserve” should have
    cautioned this reporter to be more circumspect in condemning the
    military who must have investigated and confirmed the place as Boko
    Haram settlement. Why did the villagers flee when they saw military
    helicopter circling the area? Law abiding citizens would be happy to see
    security forces around them. The fact that the villagers fled shows
    that they are criminal elements. Obviously the reporter of this story is
    a Boko Haram apologist and the news media that circulates it is

    • Guguru

      Are those your dreams?

  • emmanuel

    This is one of such reports that make one question the motive of some of our journalists, and particularly the stand point of PT on the fight against insurgency. Here is a screaming headline “EXCLUSIVE: Soldiers kill civilians, raze village in Bauchi”, but what we have is a one-sided story based on the accounts of villagers alleging extrajudicial killings by some soldiers! why cant PT wait to have all the details before tagging this report “EXCLUSIVE”, as if its reporter was in the village & witnessed firsthand the Nigerian military savagery. Isnt it a possibility that the destructions happened during the exchange of gun fires and mortars between BH elements and the military, when the former wanted to use the community and its residents as hideouts/shield? Don’t the BH fighters also dress in military fatigue? How could the villagers correctly identify the soldiers as that of the Ngerian miltary? In that case, can one conclusively say that the Nigerian military was exclusively responsible?….. We want our soldiers to win the war at the war-front, yet we sit in the comfort of our air-conditioned offices and write reports that question their professionalism and competence, and yet we are not with them at the battle front to wittness the experience firsthand. So the atrocities committed by BH fighters are not human rights viloation?… I love PT and i always look forward to your detailed and adequately investigated news items. However, this one is off the mark as being “EXCLUSIVE”! Dont get it twisted, am not a fan of GEJ and i have always condemned his handling of the insurgency in the North East. However, we must remember that the military is not fighting this war for GEJ; they are fighting this war to keep this country together for us and the generations coming afterwards. let us be objective and patriotic in our reportage of issues regarding this ‘war’ as journalists, so we do not play into the hands of those ‘frienimies’ seeking to bring this nation down, please.

    • PROF

      Na jungle journalism.

  • Chris1408

    Nigerian soldiers are untrained animals, indiscipline and inefficient. Nigerians are waiting for them to defeat Boko Haram and burn down Samsisa forest by now.

  • MushinSpeaks

    When the right candidate gets into power, the true sponsor of Boko Haram will be unveiled.

    CHANGE cometh!

  • O’tega JayJay

    Irrespective of religious affiliations or beliefs, to harm any other person simply because he does not share your views with regard to religion, sexual orientation, nationality, race, or any other dimension of diversity defies logic. The earth is big enough to accommodate every individual difference. Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you.