Boko Haram leader, Shekau, releases new video; vows to attack Emir Sanusi of Kano

Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has threatened to attack the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, in retaliation for the Emir’s call on Kano residents and other Nigerians to arm and defend themselves against the terror organization.

In a new video released weekend, Mr. Shekau said his group does not consider Mr. Sanusi a true Muslim, and will attack him whenever an opportunity presents itself.

The Emir had earlier issued a call to arms after a series of deadly attacks by suspected Boko Haram militants in Kano.

Speaking at Kano’s central Mosque in October, the Emir charged the people of Kano to arm and defend themselves against the sect, which is responsible for more than 13,000 deaths.

The militants later launched a deadly assault on the Mosque on Friday, November 28, detonating multiple bombs and shooting worshippers to death.

Over 100 people died in the attack which was believed to have been targeted at Mr. Sanusi.

The Emir, who had travelled out of Nigeria at the time, visited the Mosque on his return, and re-affirmed his vow that the Kano people will not cower in the face of Boko Haram’s threats.

In a 19-minute new video first released Saturday, Mr. Shekau did not claim responsibility for the Mosque attack.

But he said his group remains prepared to fight and kill anyone who challenges its ideology, and all non-Muslims and “fake” Muslims like the emir.

“Before I start talking to my brothers who believed in me and the religion of Allah not the religion of democracy, not that of western education, those who believed in the religion of the Quran not that of the constitution and not religion of the Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Jonathan, Obasanjo, Atiku, Babangida, Obama, Bush, Clinton, but the religion of Allah,” he said.

“Now listen to me Emir of Kano. I am talking to you and only you because of your recent utterances.

“Let me inform you now that you are late, you should know that you are only but the King of Kano, King of Central Bank, King of money, you are only Sanusi Lamido,” he said.

Mr. Shekau denounced the Emir’s religion as religion based on constitution, idol worship and homosexuality.

“Our own government is defined as government of the Allah by the Allah and for the Allah not as you define your own government as the government of the people by the people and for the people,” he said.

Mr. Shekau said his group will fight local vigilantes and hunters, who have successfully crushed the advances of its fighters in some parts of Nigeria’s northeast.

“Emir of Kano Sanusi you are late, that our triumph is just for a period of time so you said. Even your predecessors who are renowned idol worshipers in Islamic history like ‘Abujahal’ could not succeed fighting Islam.

“Yes you can say that our success is for a period of time, because you are a king of Bank and a loyal citizen of his country,” Mr. Shekau said.

The terrorist leader said his members are ready to be slaughter and kill so they can rest in heaven.

“Because you are made the Emir of Kano that is why you got angry and was calling on the Vigilante groups and hunters to attack us. Let me tell you that the hunters and the vigilante groups will fail and you will also fail,” he said.

He condemned all other Islamic sects in the country, calling them pagans.

He said the Izala, Tijjaniyya, Qadiriyya and Shiite Islamic groups are pagans and his group will continue to kill their followers.

He also condemned the government Saudi Arabia saying they will all perish in hell.

“We will kill you people, we will capture hostages and keep selling some.”


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  • AJK

    It’s now clear this animal is just a bloody blood sucker vampire. The earlier we all realize this the better we have the chance to crush this madness once and for all.

    • danadamawa

      We all heard it from the dog,that was hypothesized and brain washed to distibilise and distort the through teaching of Islam,which means peace and tolerance.

      They think people will be cowered and keep silence,we totally say NO,and whoever think can dare Allah let him try.The day of reckoning is fast approaching,when all human being will stand naked to account for their deeds and then the blood thirsty mongers will tell how many innocent souls you killed on whose instruction and influence.

      May almighty creator put us among those were killed innocently so as to get eternal bliss.

  • Ernesto

    Soul of xtians killed in the last 3 yrs are not pursueing those who said we must practise their religion. Dog eating dog pt1 …

  • moses

    then what shekur is stile waiting to kill his religion father called sanusi.we all know that is not true because sanusi is their patron and Chairman so let us hear word if you like kill all the Muslims because Muslims in Nigeria produce nothing than parasite and arrogant nothing good comes our of them if not backwardness for ever.tell me what the did this monkeys called Muslims provide in Nigeria.let them all be cleared off from the surface of this world so that the world will have peace and live together.Muslims are come to steal kill and destroy nothing good comes out of them only religion and Quran alhu akba and nothing else Muslims are like cancer to humanity.

    • Wahala

      You are blessed for this sharp reasoning.

      • Wähala

        Why not use your mama name congratulate your junkie?
        Oleku Otile, the “anus” in Ibo language back in business… try again!

    • amazing2012

      Nothing in your mind but curse.

    • AA

      You don’t reason like a normal human being, people like you are disgrace to Christianity you better go and learn the religion you believe in before you insult any body because of his religion. I pity you.

      • Uzoma

        Are you sure he is a christian? What makes you to think he is one?

    • amazing2012

      You said nothing rather than hate coming out from a mind of pagan lunatic. I am a born again Christian, I want you to prove what you said either in our contemporary world or from Bible. You create hate among people, a good christian will pray for all the muslims to accept Christ not to hate them.
      Jesus said “I was sent but to the sinners” and in his cross of Calvary he said ” Oh father forgive them for they do not know what they are going”
      Matthew 9:13 ” but go ye and learn what that meaneth, I WILL HAVE MERCY AND NOT SACRIFICE: FOR I AM NOT COME TO CALL THE RIGHTEOUS BUT SINNERS TO REPENT”
      Mark 2:17…..I come not to call the righteous, but sinners to repent”
      Luke 5:32 ” I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance”
      Luke 6:32 ” for if he love them which love what thank have ye? FOR SINNERS ALSO I LOVE THOSE THAT LOVE THEM”
      Luke 6: 33 ” and if ye do good them which do good to you, what thank have ye? For sinners also do even the same good”
      Where do you derive your points, surely from your father Lucifer. Repent, repent and confess now accept Jesus before is late ! Your mind is not a Christian because is full with hate not mercy and peace as taught by our lord and saviour !

  • A.A Zubair

    i dont believe with the existence of a man called shekau let alone his threats,some body is behind this!!!!!.no sane person will believe in this bullshit,no any religion of God ever preaches d mass destruction of innocent citizens,trying to devastate d nation,if any 1 believe dat shekau really exist then let him ask him for me what is the sin of d worshippers dat were left dead on d brutal attack,even if shekau called everyone except himself and his devil minded followers as pagans,then let me ask him where did God ever ask him to kill a pagan with no reason,be it in this life or d one hereafter somebody will take d responsibility of this insurgency,and i emphasized again i donot believe with d existence of shekau and if he really exists then he is definitely a puppet controled by someone

  • amazing2012


    • the truth

      was it only sanusi’s name that was mentioned. I bet you are daft like the boko boys and can’t read well. now read this “those who believed in the religion of the Quran not that of the
      constitution and not religion of the Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,
      Jonathan, Obasanjo, Atiku, Babangida, Obama, Bush, Clinton, but the
      religion of Allah,” he said. The quicker u realise that this is no longer a way for your likes to play petty politics and confront this menace he better for us.

      • amazing2012

        The subject of this news is Sunusi and my point is that if Sunusi is their member they will not mention to attack him.

        • the truth

          so my follow up question to you is, was jonathan not named too? so why absorb sanusi but implicate gej on the same report that had both names mentioned?

          • amazing2012

            Jonathan will never be exampted, just like other pasts leaders must take responsibility of what happen during their time. Jonathan time is worst be because he seem not to be in control. For instance you want to tell me is not his fault on Boko, devaluation of Naira, free corruption era, removal of fuel subsidy etc PLEASE WHO IS TO BE BLAME ? WHO IS INCHARGE ?

          • Tanimu Bala

            Mallam, u are very very sick! When the guy above trapped you that from your logic GEJ Cannot be a member, you now deviated and started talking of his fault on BH, devaluation etc. That was not the argument yaro. You said if Sanusi was a member, they won’t mention to attack him! So, since they mentioned GEJ, that means he is not a member! But you said above that ‘Jonathan is Boko and time will reveal it’??
            Aboki, u keep revealing yourself daily! The moment you are not on the path of truth, you will keep contradicting yourself! You are a bigot mallam. It’s obvious. I had a look at yur comments on disqus the other day and it was worrisome. Severally I saw you kept cursing igbos! Not some igbos but all igbos! I am from the north myself, but Why this hatred mallam?? Your comments are there for everyone to see. Remember how you seriously abused in Hausa murtala mohammed’s son for associating with a ‘kafirs’ party??
            From your comments, the deep rooted hatred that stems from your bigotry shows clearly aboki! Keep lying to yurself!

          • amazing2012

            Ok Doctor ! What is my prescription !! Though you confused what you want to say but let respond to some distorted point of yours:
            1. Every leader take responsibility of all that happen during his tenure especially issues directly by his givernement.
            2. Who drop supplies to Boko using helicopter ? Aliens ?
            3. Who give them hundreds of Hilux vehicles ? Your father ?
            4. Who fuel the vehicles ? Your mum ?
            5. When Gen Azazi point at PDP/Jonathan he was immediately sacked and murdered in a helicopter crash. If you are not blind you will know this.
            6. A seating governor of Adamawa accused PDP/Jonathan, he too was removed and has to run for his life.
            7. Kano weapons: when Ali Mad Shaitan visited he plane and made few calls, the plane with weapons were released to who ?
            8. South African weapon deal: no Nigerian army, no one from ministry of defense, chai you are animal not to see jona’s involvement.
            9. The same late Gen Azazi stole 35,000 AK 47 and undisclosed ammunitions from kaduna military ordinance and was retired by Yaradua the appointed by uncle Jona and later killed him.
            10. Boko weapons and ammunitions never sieze but that of government always seize how and why ?
            11. The last helicopter that crashed in Adamawa is conveying ammunitions, and foreign currency and some foreigners, to where ? Sambisa forest to pay salary of Boko from government.
            Please are you saying our airspace under uncle Failureis not guarded ? Are you saying he is not aware ? It means he is not incharge just as obasanjo says in his book. JONA IS BOKO !

          • Tunde Balogun

            Aboki, you must be evil. Is it GEJ responsible for the terrorist attacks in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan etc etc??? Even with your horrible education, you should be able to read and understand that terrorism is a global phenomenon.
            This politics you people are playing with innocent lives will consume you one day! You are a very wicked person!


            Yes,Jonathan is responsible for the plunge in oil price on the international market. Daft illiterate !

          • Musa Aliyu

            Who is illiterate? U who do not know dat ur mentor bled us white by giving 2bn$ contract to his accomplice yet ur oil is stolen by d second. What of d unaccounted 20bn$ by ur sister in crime in the fuel station?

        • Otile

          Go back to your mud hut and drink poison, you are a worthless parasite. Dan iska

  • Kitunde

    Deranged Animals…Imagine!

  • Udom

    This sounds to me like a dog barking at its owner. Not my biz

  • Sani

    I don’t believe this stage-managed video. Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is a terror-financing suspect on SSS files.
    I also don’t believe that Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is a homosexual. I am aware of Hajia Yaro at Central Bank.

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    Sanusi your boys are angry because you dumped them




        Keep away from Igbos,you need to get some education and exposure first… man of little faith !
        Beware, Biafrans are God’s people !!





  • aduke


  • the truth

    The authorities of the Nigerian Navy has clarified the controversy of
    the alleged acquisition of seven gunboats by an ex-Niger Delta Militant
    Leader, Chief Ekpemupolo, (aka Tompolo) saying the boats belong to the
    Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency.

    The Chief of Training and Operations of the Nigerian Navy, Rear
    Admiral Austin Oyagha, said during a press briefing in Abuja on
    Wednesday that the reports that Tompolo had acquired warships or
    gunboats was untrue.

    He explained that the said gunboats belong to NIMASA and were being
    manned by personnel of the Nigerian Navy from the Maritime Component of
    the service in consonance with a pact between the agency and the Navy.

    Oyagha explained that NIMASA had a responsibility to ensure safety of
    the nation’s port and had to enlist the services of the Navy to enforce
    that responsibility since the Agency lacked the constitutional powers
    to carry arms and ammunition.

    He said, “I want to state categorically that no individual has
    acquired gun boats into this country. The gunboats being alluded to
    actually belong to NIMASA and these boats are currently being manned by
    personnel of the Nigerian Navy.

    “And as you are all aware, Nigerian Navy has collaboration with
    NIMASA of which we have a maritime component attached to the
    organisation in support of the statutory responsibility in ensuring the
    safety of our harbor approaches to our anchorage.

    He also dismissed claims that the gunboats had Tompolo written on
    them stressing that no such boat was operating in Nigeria’s territorial
    punch nigeria

    • emmanuel

      APC is evil and should be so treated. They lie about everything.

      Lai Mohammed said Dokubo was in the SA Arms aircraft when they knew it was false

  • Chris1408

    Shekau, the demented monkey of Sambisa forest is still alive due to the inefficiencies of the Nigerian military and GEJ administration.

    • Ade



      Yes, Gej and the Nigerian military are responsible for the birth of Mohammed and also responsible for drafting the Koran as well. Retard !!

      • Musa Aliyu

        You Ethnic cleanser. Only mad people like u who know no where but d Ajegunle u live can talk this way. God forgive u.

    • emmanuel

      Which shekau? The one that died in July 2013 or the Bashir who died in 2014?

      All Al-qaeda leaders killed over the years trully die, but in Nigeria, APC and compromised media houses, including Shehu Sani help to do photoshop videos to keep their ghost alive. Criminals.

  • Yusuf

    ‘As U plan God also plan, Gods plan is the greatest’. U will not succeed in sha Allah

  • Psalm 35

    PT publish my comment or are you sympathetic to the fact it reveals on Shekau. Let people post their comments and stop restricting it like Punch else you have no justification to castigate dictators because that could be categorized as same. Publish my comment so that the truth can set us free

    • Otile

      Are you Yoruba, Muslim or anti Jona? Why do you expect them to all you write?

    • Otile

      Are you Yoruba, Muslim or anti Jona? Why do you expect them to all you write?

    • Otile

      Are you Yoruba, Muslim, or anti Jona? Why do you expect them to publish everything you write?

    • Outraged

      Punch only restrict clueless comments from clueless people like you. That is it the number one best selling paper in Nigeria.

  • sammyctu ode

    If jonathan has handled the issue of book haram in a transparent, effective and military standards, animals like shekau will not be talking evil. By the special grace of God, nothing will happen to the revered Emir of Kano.

    • Frank Bassey

      Boko Haram started 2002, about 10 years before GEJ. If those in whose states and communities they were born and nurtured had been sincere to themselves and to their people, this ANIMAL would not be talking from an unknown location.

      • Ha

        Unknown location to us but not to Fed. govt.

        • emmanuel

          Biko tell is how Pakistani President nor fit throw out your evil muslim brodas for over twenty years?

          Na Jonathan head ina dey take brake coconut? Na lie una talk, vampires!


      1. Did Jonathan introduce Sharia to Nigeria ?

      2. Did Jonathan organise all the bouts of violent Islamic bloodbaths in the north since the 1914 amalgamation ?

      3. Did Jonathan inspire or help in drafting of those verses in the Qu’ran which support Jihad and Sharia ?

      4. Has Al-quaeda,Al-shabab,Taliban,ISIS etc been defeated despite the technological,military and political might of the whole world powers combined ?

      You are a first-class nincompoop !!

    • emmanuel

      Revered Emir? Sanusi revered?

      The man who fly chatered jet to lagos to brush anoda mans wife? Na wa for you o.

      Na so una dey do for your place? People when dey sleep with other peoples wives na saint?

  • clairvoyance

    PDP we done know ona tactics since, anytime u are rattled then shekau shows up with his religious propaganda just like those online insurgents working for the presidency do. We know Boko haram is PDP, jonaharam, Pres. Buhari dey come nor worry ona water don boil.

    • Ha

      Good observation. Well done. Several challenges are now facing the Fed govt, so we may expect more attacks to distract attention:
      1. Emergence of Buhari as the APC flag-bearer. A great threat.
      2. Impeachment plot against Jonathan over NAS teargassing.
      3. Obasanjo’s book launch. Attempts to stop it unsuccessful.
      4. News on the massive corruption in SEC and NNPC.
      5. Sanusi is in APC and was not initially wanted as emir by the presidency.

  • Ade

    Reno Omokri needs to clarify this statement because he told us long ago that Sanusi is a major financier of boko haram even though his clueless boss has refused to prosecute sanusi

  • Umem

    “An attack on the insurgents is an attack on the North. They are like the insurgents in the Niger Delta,” Said Bokohari

  • Wähala

    This is Dumbo’s diversionary handwriting on display, but he made a major blunder by not telling Abu Shekau to claim responsibility for the Kano mosque bombing which is actually the keynote information from this mugu Shekau video. In the past, whenever there was major scandals involving Dumbo’s corrupt Govt, Boko Haram bombings claimed many lives. With the elections too close and with the unveiling of Buhari’s VP today, Dumbo wants our attention and discussions diverted to his raghead, Abu Shekau. Witnesses said there were sporadic shootings after the mosque mass murder by men in military uniforms and masked “security personnel”…who were they if Boko Haram didn’t bomb Kano? Trust me, it is no Islamic fundamentalists who want Sanusi out of the way before the 2015 general elections, it is his ardent enemy in the fake Prof. Pela’s fedora… guess who?

  • Maria

    This statement must be coming from the government boko haram!

    • Wähala

      That’s why I love you…
      Your mind works differently and your erudite analysis is always pinpoint.
      While most clown will haul insults at the Bushman of Sambisa, only agile minds will figure out the political undertone to his rants. Who most wants Emir Sanusi dead at this time of the year so he can campaign freely in Kano emirate? Notice also, the raghead forgot to claim responsibility for the mosque massacre? That’s how forensic scientists catch psychopaths… they look for what’s not visible to the eyes, but glaring to the mind. This is a BH political statement, you got it. RESPECT!

      • Oleku

        Mumu dey here dey do love nwantiti, she’s your Yoruba sister who like you once paraded herself as Delta Queen–the both of you will be sent to oblivion come May 29th as GEJ swears in for his second term in office.

        He who laughs last….?

        • Musa Aliyu

          U no know wetin u dey talk. Na u go give ur jona power. We shall see. Tell him he has failed with his BH plan.

      • New Nigerian

        …actually I’d put Nigerians on notice that they actually don’t want to campaign because they have nothing to campaign on…they are “practising” on Sanusi to see how they can try and assassinate Buhari again – cold as this might sound..when you look at the billions they have stolen, they very thought that they may never get to keep it is what is throwing up all these games…God will render their plot to naught…Amen

    • George

      They should act fast because the useless emir is boko haram number one so who cares

      • Maria

        You are not making sense.

        • Oleku

          He makes too much sense but you’re not smart to comprehend

          • Maria

            Smart? lol! As smart as Mr Dumbo you mean?


      May the spirit of witch-craft which is clearly disturbing you leave you alone !

      • sharp shape

        My brother witchcraft plus ashawo spirit = unique demon ! Just sorry for any son of man wey go near this kind woman ! Hope she no plan to raise kids ? Imagine a woman an African female wen swear pass drunken sailor !

    • Otile

      So Maria you have recognized the newly established Islamic Caliphate hence you are announcing to us that this statement must be coming from the government of boko haram.

      Once you APC chieftains tell us to go home that the struggle is over we must do so to save lives and resources. We are all ears.

  • sharp shape

    premium times if you believe in press freedom stop the censorship, please do not be like punch, the tabloid joke. see the way sahara reporters has gone ! the lest you can do !

    • Oleku

      Sahara Reporters is the leading junk media in Naija–they are tired of gagging my comment–I am back there to rub truth in their faces–we are not going anywhere and will not let the janjaweeds media houses stand truth on it head

      • emmanuel

        SR suddenly discovered they were going the way of 234next which I warned them when they started their rubbish, they thought it was a joke.

        Are they not almost gone?

        They had to quickly do the latest on Tinubu because the payout is thining out. The game is to reawaken readership.

        Forget, SR is gone forever.

        When dem dey shelf dissenting voices, dem nor know say readership is derived from balancing acts.

      • Outraged

        Actually my brother, the opposition controls the media in Nigeria and there is nothing anybody can do about it. We can only come here to rant, the opposition controlled media are just too powerful.

    • Outraged

      Punch newspapers is the best in Nigeria. No controversy.

  • Oleku

    The mention of Sanusi’s name is a smokescreen–he’s their moneybag–the main target is bro Jona–they want him out of power and Buhari in–aware Imam Shekau didn’t mention Imam Buhari’s name, they are pally–they are attacking GEJ on all front, APC the political wing, boko haram the military wing, SR ati PT ati The Punch media wing, Wähala ati Tundemash ati the new recruit Maria online insurgents department–I am yet to see the manifesto of the janjaweeds–except to hijack power from Jona-coz he’s Ijaw–tell them we want out of Naija they plead for leniency–one Naija is for oil–we want out of this fraudulent contraption–tribalism abi? Na you sabi


      Well said bro, they are selling us their useless dummy…….but the world is seeing through the “smokescreen”

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Jona is the sponsor of bok haram through his friend ali Sheriff. We all know this.

  • Mannir Ibrahim


    • duru calistus o

      All these are lies they are all together they are all boko member

    • Oleku

      Imam Shekau is more good and righteous than your emir–Sanusi is a common thief whereas Imam is a freedom fighter and a true follower of Mohammed and his teachings

      • Bunduma Mohammed

        You are a member of boko haram

  • Musa Aliyu

    I dey laugh

  • Abba Abdulqadir Adamu

    I duck my fedora hat at all you better thinking conspiracy campers, not denying that I partook in the art of finding a scapegoat at all times- ranging from PDP is responsible for every political wrongdoing, The APC is a PDP-Manifestation, Boko Haram is a Southern Plot to destabilize the north before forcefully seeking secession, Boko Haram is a northern Political Miasma aimed at making the Country ungovernable For Goodluck Jonathan, Boko Haram are American-orchestrated, Biafra-Orchestrated, Niger delta-Orchestrated.. etc and what ever else have you.

    As regards Scapegoat hunting, I believe our blind prejudices which by the way helped us at times of “Fight or flight” but failed us in times of rationalization of confusing concepts and happenings;

    Dwight D. Eisenhower said with regards to “scape-Goating” that “The search for scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expedition”

    I need to state that I once tried rationalizing all the above theories and others unmentioned as being true individually and collectively with various permutations only to fall short with lack of verifiable evidence other than the good old “I know so, and so it must be true” stubbornness Nigerians and people in general exhibit naturally.

    The highest Authority to myself and billions other Muslims, The Quran which is a speech of the Almighty says

    ““Behold, you received it on your tongues, and said out of your mouths things which you had no knowledge of; and you thought it to be a light matter, while it was most serious in the sight of Allaah” (Surah Nur: 15)”
    Talking about the spreading of false tales and what Nigerians and Hausa’s respectively call “Dem say dem say” and “Naji wai or Kace nace”, exactly what the propagations of the quite logical but equally probably Wrong assertions that our minds just hope is true. Ultimately we use these to shift focus from main issues and get caught in a Jumanji of Wild Convictions and outrageous advanced guess-work.
    Not to write irrelevant things, I will like to caution my brothers in faith and Countrymen whom I may not share the same faith and ideologies to please desist from accepting non-verifiable theories of anything; there’s no problem entertaining such ideas most rational and right thinking might come across, what is wrong is declaring your gap-teeth-full convictions Truths while dismissing others as not reasonable often resulting into Vague display of Racism, Bigotry, Ehnocentricism and Various Phobias to certain ideologies who have no relationship to your non-certainty-guaranteed conviction other than the person saying otherwise to your assertion is an entertainer, partaker or follower of such ideologies.
    We need to understand that Extremists exist in any faith and these extremists are willing bodies of suicide anarchists who can lead to chaos on any other person, thing and ideology which doesn’t agree with them… Islam’s Prophet talks about Khawarijs, who he predicted will resurface on an all out fight against all God believers and otherwise to rain terror and utter misguidance on them.
    Not everything that happens must be financed by a certain part of the country or the other, they can self assemble by the devilish strength of these extremist elements and their supporters not forgetting People who would do anything for money……
    Learn to Theorize sanely and not be another Extremist!

    • emmanuel

      Islam is a religion of lies and violence!

      • amazing2012

        Hahahaha, mentioned the lies and violence.
        Ok now Christianity is a religion of peace: illiterates read please;
        1. Luke 12:51 ” suppose ye that I am come to give PEACE to earth ? I tell you NAY; but rather division”
        2. Luke 22:36 ” Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and HE THAT HAS NO SWORD,LET HIM SELL HIS GERMANT AND BUY ONE”
        3. Bible teaching wickedness:
        Judge 21:10-12 ” and the congragation sent thither twelve thousand men of VALIANTEST and COMMANDED THEM saying GO and SMITE the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead WITH THE EDGE OF THE SWORD KILLL EVERY WOMAN AND CHILDREN. And this the thin ye shall do, ye shall utterly destroy every male and every woman that hath lain by man. And the found among the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead four hundred young virgins that had known no man by lying with any male: and they brought hem unto the camp Shilor, which is in the land of Canaan.
        To continue:

      • Abba Abdulqadir Adamu

        So can be said of every other ideology or religion, as long as common sense is not involved.

  • Gideon Orkar

    ant killers

  • Otile

    Imam Shekau is an erudite Islamic scholar. There is no doubt he understands the holy Qur-an more than most people. He is outspoken too.

    We must believe him when he say that the Emir’s religion is based on idol worship and homosexuality. He knows his Northern brothers more than we do. Why would anybody doubt him now that he has come clean to say what his brothers do. At first people were talking about gayhood in Islamic North but we didn’t believe it, but now we have heard from the horse’s mouth.

    Imam Shekau Allah ya gaffata mallam.

    • Francis510

      Since 50s they have people call Dandaudu.

    • amazing2012

      I f I agree with you can you also believed that Rev king who burnt to death a member of his church for fornication also understand Bible than most of you ? Then he should be allowed to practice this authentic Christianity !

      • Otile

        Your comparison is off the wall. You have no sense of justice.

    • New Nigerian

      Now you blaspheme a great religion – not good!

  • Peter

    Fellow Nigerians, read through Mr Shekau’s message and note the following statement from the Boko Haram leader::

    “Before I start talking to my brothers who believed in me and the
    religion of Allah not the religion of democracy, not that of western
    education, those who believed in the religion of the Quran not that of
    the constitution and not religion of the Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido
    Sanusi, Jonathan, Obasanjo, Atiku, Babangida, Obama, Bush, Clinton, but
    the religion of Allah,”

    You can see that the only name he skipped out of his hateful list is that of Jihadist Buhari. You can now see that Buhari is that sponsor of Boko Haram. You can see he remains the only islamic leader in the north that has not condemned the devilish sect but chose to make stopping the insurgency one of his electioneering campaign promises.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      He equally skipped Sambo.

      • Ahmad

        He also skipped Ali Modu Sheriff.

        • Peter

          You know all of them. Why not tell your Boko Haram brothers to fill the missing gaps. Haters of mankind. That is why your people killed the Ibos and connived with your friends in the south west to wedge war against against so that you may seize their properties. God is definitely paying you back in your own coin. You can see that while the Ibos are progressing, your people are exterminating your own people. Backward peole.

          • New Nigerian

            You rejoice at the death of 10,000+ Nigerians alone this year?!! Do you know how many Ibos have died amongst these? Or how many Ibo business have been pauperized by this through internal displacement or loss of market for Ibo trading? I have lived in every part of Nigeria and I have friends everywhere and I tell you that the genocide that Oga Jona have allowed to rage and keep raging is making victims of all Nigerians – across the board – and those with lynch mob mentality are equally victims even though they may not realize it

          • Ahmad

            You must be beside yourself. Imbecile. Continue progressing in your Baby factories. Learnt that you even produce spare parts at the Okija market. On yiara, ewu!

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      You are a liar, Buhari has nothing to do with Boko Haram. Jonathan being friend and protector of known boko haram sponsors; Sheriff and derby is the sponsor of boko haram. Jonathan refused to arm Nigerian army to crush boko haram. He is a devil but God would deal with him after Nigerians send him parking in two months

    • New Nigerian

      As you are the speechwriter for Boko Haram, you are trying rather belatedly to let us know what Shekau did not say in the speech. Next time you write a speech for him be very clear – you should mention Buhari in your speech and praise him and that you support him for supporting Boko Haram, so that Shekau can read it out loud for the world to hear. ye-ye dey smell !

  • bayuse

    where is this video or the link to it?

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    Boko Haram Shekau. You would definately failed. You are supporting government of Goodluck Jonathan that is why you are doing this criminal campain against your people in support of government run by drunkard. You don’t understand Islam, you are kafir that is why you are killing worshipper.

  • Smith Scott

    Waoooo….Shekau never mentioned Buhari even when he mentioned almost all past leader. Remember he always read from book. If they remove Buhari name from the list then you know who is their friend.

    • New Nigerian

      …and they never mentioned they’d kill Jonathan – it is the Emir they want to kill, as they have been killing all Northerners – more than 10,000 alone this year. God will kill them all – and He does not need bullets to do it.

    • wheingo

      This is politics mr smith, he’s paid and sponsored to do that, is part of the deal not to mention buhari’s name so as people like you will notice that and accuse him, this is what we call mind control you have the mind but they control it for ya, wise up man.

  • Outraged

    REVEALED: Jonathan is sponsoring Boko Haram–Wikileaks

  • Smith Scott

    If you are sure they are actually resting in peace why are you hating or wanting to kill someone who encourage us to kill them. If you think you will also rest in peace, then come out.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Atiku Abubakar has always call for the promotion of western education as that has always been the ladder people climb to reach where they are today and that is why no body will relent on that as the threat by Boko haram will never work.



  • New Nigerian

    ..I’d ask the Emir to decalre Jihad on Boko Haram in his emirate and pass fatwa for the head of Shekau. I’d ask that all emirs in the North do same in all emirates in the North. While at the same time doing the needful to protect not only the emir but every soul in the emirates. No point asking King Nebuchadnezzer to do what he has refused to do and if anything, asking him to stop a genocide that no one except him would gain from given by the latest news that 1 million internally displaced people in the North East – who would have voted against Jonathan ofcourse – will not be voting….now can everyone now see who is blowing the dog whistle on all these so called insurgencies?

    They are using the Emir as a test ground to re-attack Buhari again, who they know God willing would sweep them out with the people’s power come February – so Nigerians beware and gird your loins. They will fight and fight dirty to make away with the billions they have stolen. In the end they plan and God plan and God is the best of planners – He would definitely nullify their evil plots and render it to naught. Amen

  • New Nigerian

    I can say without any reservation that based on what is printed here, this so-called Shekau of a guy is fake. As a New Nigerian I have studied both Islam and Christianity – and count adherents of both faiths as friends, neighbours, classmates, workmates, associates, customers, family, etc and I can tell you without any iota of doubt that anyone with a little knowledge of Islam who reads what is attributed to shekau here will tell you that he is an imposter – He is not a muslim and have no understanding of what to even write about Islam.

    Tompolo is threatening people with death in the creeks, and have been empowered by Jonathan to have a naval fleet; So-called Abubakar Shekau, enjoying protection of Jonathan in the North is threatening notable northerners with death….It begs the question why he has not threaten Jonathan with death…slowly slowly Shekau your swamp will be drained and your high tide will be low…keep spinning nonsense, God as I write this will by his power render your curse to not. Amen

    In Jonathan’s petty mind, HRH Sanusi’s whistle blowing on the missing $20billion is the beginning of the fall of his Nebuchadnezzer empire. He broke the law by removing him, had his gestapo at work to scuttle his emergence as Emir…now that all that has failed, he wants to use his militia to kill him. Let it be said loud and clear, if Boko Haram is enabled by Jonathan to succeed, God forbd in this threat, all of us – muslims and non-muslims will agree that Jonathan have blood on his hands….and all bets are off!

    For how long would Northern leaders be consumed by this PDP-enabled militia? If they want us to believe that Boko Haram is fighting Jonathan’s government – don’t they know the way to Aso Rock? Don’t they know the way to Otuoke? Why is it that the masses of the North are the ones that are being killed, as well as the leaders of the North? And now we learnt that 1million interenally-displaced Northerners would not vote – who benefits from that, if not Jonathan?

    And Shekau – we know this is a pseudonym and it really does not exist – for how many times have you been killed and you have resurrected…we know your sponsors and we are not afraid of you…and you do not have a single person in Nigeria who believes in you. God willing we all would be rid of you – Let Reuters and others pass on this message to you: So long as you breathe – beware of the air you breathe, as God’s army come in various forms and once He says die, you’d die without any shot being fired. Your days of spinning terror are numbered. Same for all your sponsors and sympathisers…You all Be afraid, be VERY afraid

  • luku

    In the book of Genesis,God breathed into the nostrils of man,and man became a living soul. What God breathed into man is spirit. That means every spirit be it evil or good originated from God since only Him existed in the very beginning. And on to God will every spirit in human return after spending some time here. The controversy of the children of God or paul doesn’t even arise. Jesus christ is a messenger of God who brought us message from God;he is not God. That’s one truth modern christians don’t readily accept. The death of Jesus christ brought us some benefits as believers but at no time did Jesus referred to himself as God. Most times Jesus said,” my Father who art in Heaven,I go to the Father,et cetera” . If he (Jesus christ) were God,why did he have to cry out on the cross when God forsook? Matthew 27 verse 46

  • luku

    In the book of Genesis,God breathed into the nostrils of man,and man became a living soul. What God breathed into man is spirit. That means every spirit be it evil or good originated from God since only Him existed in the very beginning. And on to God will every spirit in human return after spending some time here. The controversy of the children of God or paul doesn’t even arise. Jesus christ is a messenger of God who brought us message from God;he is not God. That’s one truth modern christians don’t readily accept. The death of Jesus christ brought us some benefits as believers but at no time did Jesus referred to himself as God. Most times Jesus said,” my Father who art in Heaven,I go to the Father,et cetera” . If he (Jesus christ) were God,why did he have to cry out on the cross when God forsook him? Matthew 27 verse 46

    • Tee

      Dear Luku, very interesting submission.
      Some of these things we may never understand by our limited outlooks.
      However, I disagree with you on God’s Almighty giving good and bad spirit to man at Creation. After the fall of first Adam, ‘man’ became free moral agent to choose from ‘bad’ and ‘good’.
      The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will not force you and neither will Lucifer. It is your choice.
      But HE will rather that you choose right with His perspective with help of Scripture and Holy Spirit.
      I thank you!

      • luku

        For me God is sometimes evil. Why? Read 1st samuel 16 verse 23. I have seen and read the double standards God sometimes displays. And that’s why I tend to be “anti-God”,and I had to call Him out.

        • Tee

          Bros, I beg of you, please don’t be anti-God.
          You did not create yourself or asked to be created. Because of that point alone, one must be circumspect.
          Besides, when you take a text out of a context, it becomes a pretext for anything. For the fact that one does not understand a thing does not invalidate it.
          There seems to be many contradictions in this present life but ultimately the truth shall be revealed one day.
          Remain blessed, Bro.

  • Tee

    Many thanks.
    When I was in the Seminary, I disagreed with some of Apostle Paul’s writings. There are so many which contradict Old Testament positions and especially our Lord and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ’ s teachings/sayings. I was shot down by some of my lecturers.

    However, I concluded to follow the Lord’s teaching and there is an android app for these teachings/sayings for daily use.

    But I decided to, also, contextualise Paul’s writings and put them in perspectives because Apostle Peter mentioned the hardness in Paul’s writings too. (2 Peter 3:15-16). And here is where outmost care is required because just that one does not understand something, will not make that thing to be incorrect. 2 Peter 3:16; 2 Peter 2:19-21.
    I thank you once again!

    • Freeman

      Yes you are right to some extent most of the so called Christian today follow pastor not words of God or teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, that’s why your lecturer could shoot you down