EXCLUSIVE: Arunma Oteh’s SEC, NNPC, top list of agencies stealing billions of federal revenues – Govt. Report

SEC DG, Aruma Oteh,

As the Nigerian government struggles to raise more money to cushion the impact of a crashing oil price, a federal regulator has confirmed how billions of naira that should have been paid to state coffers as internally generated revenues were hidden or diverted by government agencies.

Leading the pack of offenders, the Fiscal Responsibility Commission said, are the state-run oil company, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, and capital market regulator, Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC.

The two agencies, and many others, either lied about how much they generated, or how much was due to the government, according to exclusive details obtained by PREMIUM TIMES.

The extent of the fraud was so extensive and well worked out that agencies of government deliberately supplied contradictory information to different regulatory bodies — the finance ministry, Accountant General’s office, and the Fiscal Responsibility Commission – to mislead the government, and make it appear they were fulfilling their fiscal responsibilities.

The regulatory agencies too, failed to cooperate with each other to combat the violations, effectively helping the defaulting revenue generating agencies defraud the government for years, the Fiscal Responsibility Commission told PREMIUM TIMES.

The biggest culprit, the Fiscal Responsibility Commission said, has been the Ministry of Finance which has consistently refused to provide financial details requested by the fiscal commission concerning offices such as the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Fiscal Responsibility Commission said the finance ministry and the Budget Office of the Federation have frustrated efforts to ensure that respective revenue generating agencies remit to government the revenues they generate.

“(FRC) is finding it difficult to enforce compliance with the FRA. We have not been getting the kind of cooperation and support required from the Finance Ministry of Finance and the Budget Office towards the implementation of the budget according to set timelines,” said Charles Abana, the commission’s Head of Legal, Investigations and Enforcement Directorate.

The first flaw, according to Mr. Abana, is in respect of reports the constitution tasks government offices to send to the Fiscal Commission.

“After the approval of the medium term expenditure framework, MTEF, the law demands that MDAs and corporations should be sending reports on the implementation of the budget on a quarterly basis to the Commission for effective monitoring of compliance,” he said. “None of these have been happening. When we request from the ministry or Budget Office for budget performance, no response is received as they see the commission as meddlesome interlopers.”

SEC, NNPC subverting the law

According to the commission, one of the many illegal ways Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs, hide and divert billions of naira they generate include using “creative accounting practice”, a scheme that has seen them delivering different financial statements to different supervisory authorities each year.

The commission said its investigation showed that that the financial statements submitted by some of the agencies to the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, OAGF, and Minister of Finance/Budget Office of the Federation were often different from the ones submitted to it.

While the statements submitted to the OAGF and the Minister/ Budget Office would show the agencies as either profitable or breaking even, those sent to the Fiscal Responsibility Commission would show that they were operating at a loss.

“This practice is not only illegal and criminal, but also economic sabotage,” Mr. Abana said. “What these agencies are doing with the accounts to the Finance Ministry/Budget Office and OAGF is to show that they are delivering on their mandates, while their declaration of losses in the account to the FRC is to enable them avoid fulfilling their obligations by remitting their operating surpluses to government as required by law.”

The Fiscal Responsibility Act requires all revenue agencies to pay 80 percent of their annual surplus to the federal government.

Citing the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mr. Abana said since 2007, the capital market regulator has neither submitted its audited final statements nor evidence of its establishment of a General Reserve Fund, and its payment of 80 per cent of its operational surplus to the government as required by law.

Similarly, the NNPC, the multibillion dollar government oil firm, has consistently refused to make its books open to the commission for scrutiny despite several requests as mandated by law.

But the case of SEC, the commission said, appears most troubling.

The Fiscal Responsibility Commission said following a letter it wrote to demand SEC’s audited financial statement for five years, the capital market regulator responded by submitting the 2007 and 2008 accounts, claiming to have recorded losses as a result of the global financial crisis that affected the capital market.

The SEC only admitted N800 million as surplus that year, the FRC said.

But the Fiscal Responsibility body said on a close review of the statements, it became clear that rather than incurring losses, SEC made about N11billlion as operating surplus for 2007.

That year, SEC said it paid 80 percent of N800 million, and not N11 billion it actually generated, to the government.

Even so, the Fiscal Commission said there was no evidence from SEC in the form of treasury receipt from the Accountant General’s office to confirm such payment.

A similar review of the 2008 audited statement of SEC, the FRC said, also revealed that despite recording over N14 billion as surplus, there was also no evidence with the OAGF that SEC paid 80 per cent (about N11.6 billion) that should have been remitted to the federal government that year.

“A computation of the total amount SEC has not remitted to the Federal Government as operating surplus was put at over N22 billion for the two years alone,” Mr. Abana said.

Apart from the two years, Mr. Abana said there was no other record of payment by SEC to the Consolidated Revenue Fund(the government’s central purse) since 2009, despite recent public statements that it made over N13billion as operating surplus for 2013 at a time it claimed its 2012/2013 financial records were not ready.

In July 2014, the Fiscal Revenue Commission said it wrote to remind SEC that it was yet to provide evidence that it had prepared and published its audited financial report from 2009 to 2013.

After a two-month delay, a three-man delegation representing the Director General of the capital market commission, Arunma Oteh, visited FRC in September 2014 to report that the statements were ready and would be submitted within a week.

The officials said they were not in a position to provide the documents, and that their mission was only to inform the Fiscal Responsibility Commission that Ms. Oteh would have wished to visit the office personally and explain things out, but for her trip outside the country.

They assured Ms. Oteh would visit immediately she returned.

“Till date the documents have not been brought. Their explanation was that the capital market was in crisis and that they were now trying to bounce back. Yet, till date they have not brought the financial records reflecting the impact of the crisis,” Mr. Abana told PREMIUM TIMES.

Ms. Oteh took over as the Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, in January 2010.

The disclosures by the Fiscal Responsibility Commission means Ms. Oteh took after her predecessor, Musa Al Faki, who led the capital market since 2004 without remitting appropriate rates of internally generated revenues to the government.

Mr. Al Faki failed to pay up to the federal government between 2007 and 2009 when he left office, while Ms. Oteh is responsible for similar violation from 2010 till date, according to details provided by Fiscal Responsibility Commission.

The commission’s emphasis is on 2007, the year fiscal responsibility law came into force.

Finance Minister, SEC react

The Senior Communications Advisor for SEC, Obi Adindu, said the Commission had already opened an engagement process with the Commission on the issue and expressed outrage that the commission was reaching out to the media on the matter.

Mr. Adindu said apart from the fact that all the financial reports the Commission was accusing the capital market regulator of not releasing to them were “public information already freely available on SEC website, a formal response was being prepared for submission to the Commission.

Mr. Adindu, who accused the FRC of not understanding its mandate, while adopting a hasty approach over the issue by resorting to “ambush media tactics,” refused to say when the response would be taken to the Commission.

“How can that organization not know the difference in public accounting between surplus and profit? This was after they had been informed that our (SEC) accounting was done on an actual basis,” he stated.

He did not provide specific reasons why SEC has failed to pay to the government the appropriate rates on its surplus, as required by law.

The Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, rejected any blame for MDAs’ non-compliance with the fiscal responsibility law.

According to the minister, government has a long list of MDAs and could not give the names of those complying or not complying.

“The key issue is not which one is complying or not, but everyone should be compliant. Everyone should remit what the law says they should to government coffers. We are not interested in one, but all,” she said.

She said President Goodluck Jonathan had met with all the revenue generating MDAs to remind them of what they should do, while the ministry also met with bank managers to solicit their cooperation to ensure MDAs complied with the law by remitting monies due to government.


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  • tundemash

    Under Dumbo, Nigeria is a crime scene (cr. @Dare)

    You bet that the head of the Fiscal Responsibility Commission will either be framed up or fired soon guilty of same offence as Sanusi; exposing corruption under Dumbo. The man ought to know these are MERE STEALING and cannot be counted as corruption!

  • Maria

    Everything about this government is endemic corruption…stealing. By the way, stealing is not corruption! You people can continue to steal in billions!

  • amazing2012

    From all respect no one is supervising Nigeria ! Vote Jona out now !!

  • endingNaija

    O ya PDP e-rats coordinated by Reno Wendel Omorki RUUUSH in with your usual tribal defense. These rats are -Tawanda/oleku/BlackieUmokr!!!i/BlackieUmukoro/Otile/the “truth”/ Deacon/Nwa Aba (Biafran)/mani_kay/mpitikwelu/ O ya on your mark set GO! RUSH in with your usual ABUSE, uncouth and untutored language and TRIBAL defense of the factually INDEFENSIBLE! I just dey enjoy myself dey laaaafu!

    • onenigerian2014

      It has now become a war of lies in the game of politic just yesterday Liar Muh’d recruited 2000 Nigerian of Yoruba decent and some mulas from the core North to become internet rats for APC. Amechi has been asked to come up with the salaries for the workers if he truly wants the APC V.P ticket. Anytime you see any sensational issues on the internet be aware of APC lies.

    • mike

      Pls. don’t include Otile. He has just repented. His eyes are now open.

  • debbeljo

    Hate him or like him GEJ -2015 is a done deal.

    • tundemash

      f00l, assuming your life is already miserable beyond repairs, wny not consider the future of your generations unborn ? Some rogues are looting the nation under your coward Dumbo and all you got to say is “Hate him or like him GEJ -2015 is a done deal.”
      People like you ought to be castrated so you don’t bring more imbec1les into this world !

      • warawara

        Is your dumbo the first Nigerian president?

        • tundemash

          He’s not, neither is he a breath of fresh air. He’s as dirty and crooked as others.

        • Wähala

          Oleku baztard,
          He’s not the first but Nigeria need “the first (patriotic) Nigerian president” who is seriously concerned about the country and her citizens… and your moron is the least interested Nigerian President in that regard. Kapisch? He belongs to the toilet because he stinks worse than sh*t…

          • warawara

            Ans i hope Your father is not stink like the president shits.

    • Spoken word

      I know you are just being sarcastic.

    • Maria

      GEJ 2015 is doomed.

      • Truthometer

        GEJ 2015 is not only doomed, Dumbo and his corrupt wrecking crew should also be preparing for their retirement in “WE” Nigerians’ jail. In his own interest, let him start fixing the federal prisons and make sure that everything is carried out to specification, including reformation. Otherwise, within the next two years, he might start complaining of scabies and prison officials stealing his food.

    • pastorakinleye

      Ojukwu said what remained of his failed dream state is the Biafra “of the mind”. People like you are either too naive or ignorantly unreasonable to know what is good for you. GEJ already belongs to history best forgotten

    • Wähala

      Dumbo is a done deal just like Biafra is done and over with… get that into your aki-head. Anu mpam… bushmeat!

  • dudu

    I’m pained by the reponse offered by Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, her second coming as Minister of Finance is simply a disaster for this country. The economy which she claims to be coordinating is actually collapsing under her watch. I can feel with in my purse. later, these people will come up with cock and bull stories of rebasing the economy, whatever that means

  • Frank Bassey

    All these “Stealing” and “Finding” that is happening now is very good. We will soon establish at what time Nigeria became a rotten state …

  • Spoken word

    what a country. this country is being robbed blind.

  • the truth

    Everyone knows these are calculated reports to destabilize and paint the government red. Nothing is wrong in exposing the truth at the rot, but you should be an unbiased umpire and report from both sides. It is repugnant that media houses have become tools to deceive the gullible. Just like in obj’s book where he said atiku controlled all the media houses and had them pocketed. They have premium times pocketed and they are playing to the piper’s tune. Most commenters in this forum don’t have their pvc’s or reside in Nigeria, so how can you initiate change. Is it by venting online 24 hours? The real voters will turn out in February, and Elections are never won at the back page of newspapers. We see beyond this cloud and would appreciate if premium times report both sides fairly and equally. But i am not surprised just as premium times reported on gej being the richest african president, when that news was countered and his name removed, neither did premium times report a follow up or apologize to nigerians, when tompolo was falsely accused of buying warships, when that news outlet in norway was discovered to be a fraud and tompolo gave a statement showing his innocence, i never saw premium times give a rejoinder or apologize. All we call for is unbalanced reporting, but that can’t be the case as they have all sold out. Where is Deji Aboderin of blessed daily times, where is Dele Giwa of Newswatch, Where is Pat Oseme of the vanguard, these were journalists who knew there bread and butter in the journalistic etiquette. Premium times has continued to paint the government bad at every juncture. Premium times wants everyone to believe their is no good news coming out of nigeria. vent

    • Wähala

      C’mon man! An adviser to the president in New Media ought to know the internet is where the action is nowadays. It is where hearts & minds are won or lost. There are many outlets so your rants against Premium Times are biased and baseless, any report of “the truth” against your crumbs-giver is obviously antithetical to you and your bandito clique of crooks. About the beef in your comment… Has Abati apologized for hijacking Kano State projects as your moron’s achievement? Has obese Doyin Okupe apologized for calling Dumbo Jesus Christ? How about now that the court has refused to strip Speaker Tambuwal of his title, has your man-mugu apologized for raiding the NASS and teargasing lawmakers… or to Emir Sanusi for illegally seizing his travel documents? Most importantly, has Dumbo apologized to Nigerians for ruining their country and sharing our real estate with terrorists? That said…

      Pal, election year is when stock is taken in every department of a government in sane clime. PT has done the electorate a whale of favor with this report, they need to do more as that will guide & give Nigerians a balanced, unbiased views on the state of their nation instead of feeding from the poison pens of the likes of Abati, Doyin, Omokri, Metuh et al. Finally, you can always go on strike and stop reading Premium Times… then, ask if we’ve missed you!

      • the truth

        If u spent a minute to read my post then you would see yourself as being a weak link with your apc bosses. I am not like you who has sold his soul and life to your paymasters. I clearly stated that “Nothing is wrong in exposing the truth at the rot, but you should be an unbiased umpire and report from both sides” what does that tell you. In as much as we all want the truth it should be done for both sides if u can use your coconut brain to decipher my message. I pointed you to some reports which have come out to be false but carried as gospel truth by your first love(premium times), in a civilized society they owe you and i an apology for misleading us with their reports, but they haven’t issued a rejoinder, made a statement to that effect or apologized yet.Doesn’t that show you how they take us. This means premium times could come up with lies as news and always get away with it, even if it is proven to be false.Hence my reference to great journalist of yester-years. For once in your life try to articulate, decipher and use your coconut brain to see red from white. I could remember the tompolo post,u were blabbing and blabbing posting bs, only for that news to be a fabrication, doesn’t that make you feel st*pid. All i call for is higher standard for our journalists

        • Wähala

          I read every line else, I wouldn’t bother replying. Mumu, how would you know “my first love” in journalism… did you first know of my handle from Premium Times? Get this into your skull… Before Premium Times, APC, Dr. Dumbo’s Govt. was Höly Wähala, and Wähala was with the Word… and my word is Gospel. Ask around, I make bold to claim I run the most recognizable handle name within the Nigerian online community. That I try to enrich your mind by responding to your silly rants does not and will never place us on the same pedestal… kapisch? You’re a mere rookie in the game!

          • the truth

            Your response shows a hallucinated psychopath who is unperturbed by reality, but enriched in mirage and fantasy. What does your self acclaimed internet fallacious fame have to do with facts and clear standard. One sees why you have this self acclaimed fame with your beer parlor assertions, lies, smear and your steady show of shame facts. It is still on this site i caught u lying to forumites and i asked u to apologize for lying but you insisted on abati apologizing to nigerians first before you apologize to forumites for lying to them. I don’t blame you for this notoriety, i blame those gullible uneducated few who buy into your mainstream beer parlor gossip, remember gossip sells. Thats y u see tmz having more daily clicks than newyork times. I brought out undilluted facts which pointed out your shallow brain set, and i told you how your first love(premium times) has deliberately misled readers with lies, just like you they never apologize or retract their statements or posts. Lastly how much have you been paid for your online fallacious best handle. Any day i respect ardent forumites like Dr Kay because we may differ in ideology or view points but we could have a civil discussion, thats something a beer parlor rumor monger like you won’t know (you remember you boasting on this forum how asari dokubo was cooling off in soweto jail and the few gullible folks were giving u likes and praising you, only for your pay master lie lie mohammed to say he got his news from a gossip online news outlet, and that news was reported as false.) use your coconut brain

          • Wähala

            This time I must admit, I did not go beyond your first two lines…

            I took umbrage with your: ” I pointed you to some reports which have come out to be false but carried as gospel truth by your first love(premium times)” because before Premium Times came into existence, I was already an online hero… but more importantly, your arrogance in knowing my media-house preferences. Did I ever tell you my “first love” in journalism? Next time, think before you type… Didinrin!

  • Gnwatch

    And some people will tell you Jonathan’s administration is the best to happen to this country. When i called for Nigerian fashion of the Arab spring, some people called me names. Should we continue like this and what does this glooming incidences portend for Nigeria?

  • pastorakinleye

    The guy who is operating NNPC at a loss can never bring Nigeria to a profit. Toss GEJ now!

  • Wilson

    And to think that the same Arumah Oteh was listed as one of the nominees for Person of the year by Silverbird TV! Who would save us from this rot? where do we begin the cleansing from? The church? the schools? the prisons? the MDAs? the Police? the military? the NASS? The mess is monumental indeed.

    • Enemona

      Begin from your home!

      • Smith Scott

        You mean for Bokohari who is already train in Yemen to cut our lips and hands for prof moha?

        • Enemona

          How sad! Ignoramus.


    They are looting our treasury with the blessing of President Evil Jonathan

    • Tunsj

      The worst thing is that this guy want another four years to destroy Nigeria. Nigerians must wake up and vote for change.

  • Wähala

    The PDP is a criminal cabal, the panic in their camp is not about losing the elections next year, it’s about what will become of their stolen wealth once Buhari takes over… thus, the do-or-die efforts to stop a moving train. Per this report, nothing new in it. Aruma Oteh is a Made-in-Aba criminal whose agency has not been supported in our budget because lawmakers refused to fund the SEC with her at the helm. Ask me how she’s been running the SEC without budgetary allocations nah? With recycled money via intricate and dubious accounting procedures. They are all involved. Even the AGF is not left out, he embezzled billions and is subject of unending investigations just as with the forensic examination of the NNPC will never end. So, there’s no sense looking in one direction, Dumbo runs a Government of Fiefdoms where everyone does as they please and even get rewarded for mammoth graft… ask Stella Oduah! Nigeria is broke but the weight of our Debt Portfolio will be known only after we toss the evil cabal from power and restore sanity to Civil Service… where a PermSec cannot be living in Abuja and getting paid for doing nada in Bayelsa. Wallahi !!!

    • warry

      .The name you mentioned as the In law of Gen Buhari in Iboland has been denied.How about the latest on Bonu sherrif,Shettima,Davis and BH ?Why should we deceiving Nigerians everytime.SEC,and NNPC were severally probed in this administration,except somebody knows more than our NASS who carried out oversight functions there.

  • Rommel

    Next year will be interesting as the prisons will be swarming with vips again,prison will become the new place for lots of people including the pay as you go judges who helped sustain the culture of corruption,this is what Nigeria needs now so that hard work can begin to be appreciated again.

    • Wähala

      That’s far-fetched. Most will escape after they lose re-elections. Sha, we in diaspora (especially me) can’t wait to peep into Diezani’s bras… wallahi, I won’t be looking for tits, na raw dollars. Remember Farooq d’Dollar and his Shagari Hat?

      • Tunsj

        Their destinations will be the US. Britain and Dubai.

        • Wähala

          …and my destination will be anywhere I hear any of them is holed-up in. Wallahi tallahi, I must get “my share”…or die trying!

      • Wale

        No Dollars there bro. silicon maybe.

        • Wähala

          Whatever I see there will be worth grabbing… LOL!

  • mike

    Thumbs up to FRC guys. They acted smart because they know that the president will not have ample time to fire them for this rather shameful exposure. This is so as he will first of all set up a committee to investigate the report. Then the committee will submit their report after months of arm chair or hotel room investigation. Contents of the report you and I can guess, would exonerate Oteh et al.
    Then then president would fire these whistle blowers and ask his IG and DSS to arrest them. But, trust me, by the time all these would take place the president would have been voted out office. So the exposure is timely enough.
    Good job guys!

  • mike

    Just imagine this type of imagination o. Na women get power pass for dis Oga Jona’s government. And na dem de tif de money well well o. Chai umu wanyi diaris god o!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    President Ebele Jonathan,is from South-South/East,finance minster,Dr Ngozi Okonjjo-Iweala is from South-South/East,Stock Exchange Mrs Oteh is South=-South/East,CBN-governor is from SouthSouth/EastOil ministerr,Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke is from South-South/East and NNPC group managing dfirector, and newly created NNPC deputy group managing director from South-South/East.Hence,one single region dominates all vitasl sectors of Nigeria economy and why wont there be massive widespread corruption practices?

    • _Proudly SS&SE

      …I have a very effective rope…just in case you chose to hang.

      The SS&SE waited for 51yrs While the North & West produced 14 Presidents in 51yes of 54. This is fact that you can’t disprove…and the SS&SE waited. The world did not collapse…So, Jonathan will complete his term in 2019 after which an Okonkwo or Nkechi will enter ASO rock. Pure & Simple.

      If you like bomb from now till yesterday, nothing dey happen and the SS&SE must take their turn. Your consent and cooperation is not even needed bcos we have everything with which to take action either way. I hope you understand that last sentence of mine. Nonsense.

      Long live the United Socialist Repulic of the SS&SE

      • mike

        On your own o. SS and SE are together for that type of purpose. Remember the SS rejected Biafra. The reasons for that as the time of the civil war and are still the same.
        Fight your own war and leave us alone.

        • Peter

          You are a coward and a pitiable one for that matter. If you want justice prepare for war my friend. These people sare fighting our son and they must be resisted.

        • Smith Scott

          You are not even a south south. You don’t understand that Ibo man is my most trusted friend and brother and not Oyoride from Ondo or Momud from Sokoto? If you think I am lying ask GEJ.

      • Peter

        I thank you my brother. They are all doing this just because a south-southerner is in power. No amount of propaganda will deter us. Not even the propaganda warfare of the west and their northern collaborators will deny our son of the soil from completing his constitutional mandate. In fact this forced marriage called Nigeria is overdue for disintegration.

        Our people cooperated fully with that ape OBJ throughout. I wonder why he is now backbiting President Goodluck Jonathan.

      • Ade

        Proudly suffering and smiling. The federal roads in your region are death traps. GEJ has nothing to show for your support. Mumu.

      • Smith Scott

        Don’t mind them. When Hausa Fulani have been eating this nations for decade, the Yariba slave help hide the fund. Now he is shouting.

    • Smith Scott

      Is turn by turn bro. They was a time this region was waiting. Soon it will be your turn in 2020

    • Otile

      Mr Awosan South-South/East feed other regions, pay your awon oba salaries, pay your local and state workers, pay the jumbo salaries of your federal legislators. From Arna Gowon to Imam Abusalami’s criminal administrations did any citizen of South-South/East occupy a meaning Federal post? Whom did your criminal masters answer to? Were they not writing fictitious contract awards to their concubines, relatives and cronies?

      Nigeria is disintegrating under your very nose.

  • warry

    These are political times. If any government agency has run foul of the law, there should be steps provided for legally to correct that anomaly if any is proven. One thing I don’t like with our corruption. crusade over the years is that it appears sectional. While somebody like Prof Tam David West was disgraced out of office for taking tea, his successor even got Oil blocks without being accused of corruption. While Stella Odua was disgraced for buying Bullet proof cars on higher purchase ,the Billions the Emir of Kano was accused of has been settled out of court after a powerful delegation from the owners of Nigeria.

    • Peter

      It seems Buhari is about the most effective candidate the north and west put together can vouch for despite his numerous ills as military head of state. What a shame.

  • kwango

    This is why they want Dr Clue…. to continue. While he is busy dancing Skelewu they are busy stealing us blind.

  • djay

    With these level of corruption, Jonathan led Pdp govt dey inside, Military dey inside, Finance, CBN, NNPC, SEC, Police,Nass etc. who won come solve the problem? Nigeria go enter one chance if we make mistake bring back Jona, God Forbid bad thing o!

  • JonathanPHOBIC

    QUESTIONS General Buhari must answer, by Fani-Kayode –
    “The military offensive against Boko Haram is anti-North – General Muhammadu Buhari’.
    ( June 3, 2013, Thisday Newspaper)

    The story ran as follows: ‘’Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has criticised the declaration of state of emergency in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States and the subsequent military offensive against the Boko Haram Islamic sect….

    Buhari, who featured on the Kaduna-based Liberty Radio, yesterday, said the Federal Government’s action was a gross injustice against the North. According to him, unlike the special treatment the Federal Government gave to the Niger Delta militants, the Boko Haram members were being killed and their houses demolished….//Read more on Vanguard Newspapers//
    Once upon a time, Femi Fani Kayode, despite his culpability in being a staunch member of the useless Obasanjo regime, always had his abusive letters published as headlines in the PremiumTimes, Sahara and other APC online and off line news media….Oh yes!…When those letters from Fani Kayode were an avalanche of uncensored insults directed at Great Jona, PremiumTimes & Co travelers in this jaundiced press reporting, were very comfortable in publishing the letters and/or articles. But since Fani Kayode repented and moved from darkness to light, his letters have also changed. He now writes to expose the ills in APC and the evils of Buhari, but PremiumTimes and Sahara Reporters no longer publish Fani’s letters. Why? Because the useless media houses are alien to truth. They are partisan . Biased and parochial. Nonsense.

    • Peter

      Premium Times and its online sister Sahara Reporters are parochial and seriously biased against this government. It is being used by the opposition APC as springboard to perpetrate slur against those employed by government. People like us visit this forum just to witness the lies and the falsehood being fed to the gullible public in order to debunk those lies. The only fault of this government is that none of these criminal publishers are not rounded up and punished for peddling the type of fake news based entirely on rumours. Until this is done, this falsehood will continue to endure.

    • Travon

      True word my brother. This our Nigeria is just too complex. We need a referendum as quickly as yesterday before it is too late.

  • Lanre

    Thank you Premium Times for continuing to remind us that governance in Nigeria is a huge criminal enterprise.

  • Olakunle (Okitipupa)

    Those who are tops on the corruption and ‘thief’ list are the Legislators. Beginning from Davido Markinson who is an old soldier crook of no small measure. I hear he has a University or about starting one, just like atiku, ..and PT is not asking them how they got the money. These disgruntled elements earn $1.7m dollars annually, highest in the world, and this is despite the drop in my oil price.

    If you cut the legislathief salary by 2/3, what you will save will be able to run countries like Togo or Benin Republic…and PT will not do Editorial on this salary issue bcos some of the legislathives are their friends and sponsors.

  • Smith Scott

    From Lagos Tinubu to Aso Rock Jona…Nigeria is finished.

  • Smith Scott

    APC boys in FRC are running from pillar to post looking for what to tell Nigeria not to vote for Jonathan. Hmmm. Where were you when OBJ was the sole minister of petroleum and same time president? Did you even see any report talk not of money. Forget the fake story brought to deceive us to hate the best president. If you like it or not, anyone who dream of Aso Rock must wait till 2019. If you touch GEJ, you will not only lose Nigeria as everyone will go on their way, you will never see any report as there won’t be NNPC. If you think I am lying ask Tompolo and Asari….all ready to make the country ungovernable as you are making ungovernable for their brother.

  • Olalere Yusuf

    No case. This is just stealing not corruption, just financial fornication, not economic adultery. There is God oooooooooooooooooooooo. Anti Ette go on soun, you are covered as long as you have the right connection

  • AChosenOne BySheerGrace

    Did they not say Sanusi lied. Please Jonathan must be impeached after accounting for US$20b he refused to declare for sharing. Modern day Ananias and Sephira. He has industrialized stealing in Nigeria.

  • murty

    Please stick to the issues at hand and stop all this side talk. Government should be able to discharge it’s responsibility,is there truth in the matter, yes or no. That’s all. It is the country’s funds and some are looting it, there is no buhari or tinubu, or APC on the money, just stolen money. Agent of APC or not they are documenting evidence that any serious Government should look further and prosecute. Lets all civil servants be apc agents so we can know exactly the way the national cake is shared and stolen. My friends stick to the issue. Divide and rule is on life support, to be death soon.

    • favourtalk

      They should just bring our money back

  • favourtalk

    Imagine, they stolen all from the nigeria pocket and all we just do is to watch. What a shame to a man that promise to end corruption but seat down there and watch it as it grows bigger.. we need change now

  • warry

    This is not the first time people have come up with such stories,and after investigations ,we’ll see that it is not very true.Aruma Oteh ,and NNPC were investigated several times by the NASS.If there are things they did not see,people should write to the relevant authorities.There is too much politicking in the press

  • Osogagba

    The headline spoke volumes about the intent of the report: “Arunma Oteh’s SEC…” bla bla bla. Why didn’t PT start the sham report with Joseph Thlama Dawha’s NNPC since it is allegedly the bigger honeypot? But no. Dawha isn’t Igbo. He is from the North. The PT folks always pretend they are fighting a national cause corruption but it is obvious what their agenda had always been. They failed before and they’ll keep failing.

  • Auwalu Umouru

    Aruma Oteh, Diezani Alison Maduke, Joseph Dawha……… Does anyone see the trend?

  • onuigbo

    Mr, man, you have some sand to grind with the Lady. Name ministries and agencies of government that send revenues they collected direct to CBN. You must have been deprived by her diligent actions to run SEC within rules and regulations. Why do Nigerian crooks hate honest civil servants? If you have facts lay them out, they should be substantiated, please.