Buhari’s emergence as APC flag-bearer “a fatal error” – Presidency

Muhammadu Buhari

The emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as the flag-bearer of the All Progressive Congress, APC, is a fatal error, the Nigerian presidency has said.

Speaking in an interview with Channels Television on Monday morning, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, said the opposition party made a grave mistake at a time Nigerians were clamouring for development and a dissociation from anything or anyone that has anything to do with the country’s past.

“When Major Buhari emerged as the APC flag bearer, I knew that was a fatal error,” he said. “It’s a fatal error because number one, Nigerians are looking for future development, you know, a disengagement from everything that has got to do with our past. You are looking at Major General Buhari, Babangida, Abdulsalam, Obasanjo. These are very respectable elders and leaders who have done their best but they are a phase of our leadership that is passing off.”

Mr. Okupe, a member of the ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, said the opposition could not be talking about change with someone who would remind Nigerians of their gloomy history.

He said it was important to note that Nigerians needed to make a clear decision between having a transformation agenda that had worked and produced results and one which, he said, did not have vision.

“For APC to have now brought, you know, part of our past history that we are not so proud of and then you are talking about change, you know, how can you make a change with somebody who was part of our problem?” he asked.

“We know that Nigerians are not stupid, you know, a clear decision will have to be taken between having an agenda – transformation agenda – that has worked, that has produced and having listened, you know, Buhari has spoken about three occasions – at his declaration, at his inauguration, I mean, at his primaries. I have asked people; nobody can remember anything that Buhari has said.

“There is no vision, you know. The only thing that has been told to us – not even by him but by other people – is that Buhari has integrity and he is honest and he is incorruptible which are also not true,” he said. “At the appropriate time, these issues will be taken up.”

He also said he was sure his boss, President Goodluck Jonathan, would defeat Mr. Buhari and win the 2015 general elections.

Mr. Buhari, a former Nigeria’s Military Head of State emerged the presidential candidate of the APC on December 10 following the party’s presidential primary election that also included a former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar; Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha; Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso and the publisher of Leadership Newspapers, Sam Nda-Isaiah.

Mr. Buhari will be contesting against Mr. Jonathan at the presidential election scheduled for February 14, 2015.


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  • amazing2012

    You have stated a campaign of calumny. Why can’t you concentrates on what you have achieved and what you want to achieve if elected ! Now you want to divert people attention to divide them on religion, ethnic and regional sentiments.

    • The_Flying_Dutchman

      Hahahaha! Bigot! You keep revealing yourself while you accuse others of the same! See what you wrote;
      “Now you want to divert people attention to divide them on religion, ethnic and regional sentiments”.

      So, aboki, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT FROM??
      Your bigoted brain abi??
      I dare you to quote where Okupe talked about religion or ethnicity..if you can’t, BURY YOUR BIGOTED HEAD IN ETERNAL SHAME!

      • amazing2012

        What does he mean by “how can you make change with somebody who is part of the problem” please explain !

        • The_Flying_Dutchman

          The PROBLEMS Of the past!!

        • Smith Scott

          You are now admiting islam is the problem even when Okupe never said so right?

          • amazing2012

            I just ask what heen by that statement. Is Buhari Islam ? Or is Jonathan Jesus ? Just what did he mean by the statement “how can you make change with somebody who is part of the problem ” I want you to explain ? Who is part of the problem and what are the problems ?

    • Kamal Kamaru

      This your English is giving me running Belle o!
      Chai! English don suffer for your hand o!
      If you went to the nomadic school GEJ set up for your people, you won’t be here battling with ‘turenci’!
      Pity us nah?

      • amazing2012

        Thank you I will back to school!

        • Kamal Kamaru

          God bless you..lets start the lecture, say:

          Thank you I will GO back to school!

          • amazing2012

            Thank you I will go back to school when Jonathan is not in power or when they finds Chibok girls so that I will be abducted too.

          • The_Flying_Dutchman

            Da kyau aboki!

      • Smith Scott

        Na Hausa man,,,,,Remember Western Education is Haram. He is using a google translator.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    ““When Major Buhari emerged as the APC flag bearer, I knew that was a fatal error,” he said. “It’s a fatal error because number one, Nigerians are looking for future development, you know, a disengagement from everything that has got to do with our past. You are looking at Major General Buhari, Babangida, Abdulsalam, Obasanjo. These are very respectable elders and leaders who have done their best but they are a phase of our leadership that is passing off.” – Okupe

    Sadly, these guys at the Presidency do not live with reality.

    Mr. Okupe, please be advised that Nigerians now look to the past with great nostalgia because the present scenario with GEJ is very disastrous and the future very bleak.

    The Yoruba says “if forward movement becomes impossible, we must learn to retrace our steps”.

    Please leave us alone to find an alternative in GMB. We are tired of everything you guys have offered (or not, really).

    • djay

      Pdp don’t have anything else to say other than doing PR for Buhari. Doyin ,just like FFK said Jonathan shall defeat Buhari but the irony of it is that both men can’t deliver 50 votes for Jonathan from their states but Jonathan will win.

  • Sadiq Garba

    Yes a fatal error for PDP.

  • bola

    For APC to have now brought, you know, part of our past history that we are not so proud of and then you are talking about change, you know, how can you make a change with somebody who was part of our problem

  • John

    DOyin Okupe, you will not die well. Short fat big belly bastard. What is ur business with Buhari, why don’t you focus on advising Jonathan properly than trying to lie on another man. Ur childrens children will not prosper for all u have made Nigeria go through and for seeing and kbowing the truth but decided not to say it.Losers

  • Isaac Azor

    Doyin, Return the money you stole from Benue before we will analyze to your sermon of division!

  • djay

    He even went on to liken Gej to Jesus.

  • Bayo Ola

    On the one hand, The Nigerian presidency says ” the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as the flag-bearer of the All Progressive Congress, APC, is a fatal error.” On the other hand, we the people say and pose this question to the Nigeria presidency: what is your business in our fatal errors? If indeed the decision to field Buhari is a fatal error, why are you guys in the PDP jittery about our so called fatal error ? After all our “fatal errors” in selecting our presidential candidate in a very transparent way should have made you guys in the PDP to go to bed and sleep with your two eyes closed, since Buhari, in your warped views, is a no match to you and your corrupt candidate? I hope Mr. attack lion Doyin Okupe would help his oga at the top to pack his belongings since by this time next year he (Jona) should be back at Otuoke

  • John

    I wonder how these people sleep at night honestly. This doyin okupe will end up being assassinated and his body Wil liter the streets. Ure a disgrace to yourself and ur entire household. I wonder if ur children or wife ever advises u. Ure a serial thief and a pathetic liar and once again, u will not die well. Ur eND will be a disgrace and calamity. Fat bastard.

  • Sadiq Garba

    Is any member of the Okupes proud of this animal?

    • [MMXV]

      He has spoken VERY WELL!
      An Ex-Coupist dying to enjoy the same democracy he truncated!
      What a misnomer!
      Besides, Buhari is a regional champion..not at all nationalistic in his speech nor deeds.

      -Locked up the southern bus boy(Alex Ekwueme) in a jail cell..and left the NORTHERN Bus driver(shagari) to chill in a guest house.
      -in the heat of the Sharia controversy during OBJ’S tenure, he pushed for the implementation in the ENTIRE Naija instead of being a stabilizing figure like Atiku.
      – regardless of the stolen wealth being confiscated left right and centre, squeaky clean papa Buhari said Abacha NEVER Stole a dime!
      – during the early stages when the terrorists activities could’ve been nipped in the bud, he canvassed for ‘Amnesty’ and wanted terrorists to be treated same as militants!

      These are salient points all deep thinkers have analyzed to draw their informed conclusion. Sadly, neither he(buhari) nor his online attack zombies have been able to attempt giving any explanation(no matter how worthless) to these burnings issues that continue to haunt the Ex-Coupist!

  • sammyctu ode

    All jonathan’s men have been doing is criticizing APC and Buhari instead of articulating their programs and ideologies but they can’t do that because they have none. okupe is a fat slob without sense. pdp has ruined Nigeria and Nigerians for 16 years and they want to continue to ruin us? NO WAY, GOD AND THE NIGERIAN PEOPLE WILL NOT ALLOW THAT. At present, the whole nation is sharing a mere 2900MV which is totally unacceptable to us after pdp have spent over 35 Trillion Naira on power since 1999, both Pengassen and Nupeng sent letters about their greviances to jonathan’s government but they never acted on it because governance has never been their priority, the Chibok girls are still missing, how can jonathan empower an ordinary terrorist- tompolo to buy six warships while our own military are crying for arms and equipment to fight boko haram, it all shows that jonathan and his government are clueless, insensitive, wicked and evil. Whether okupe, abati and other deranged advisers likes it or not, By His Grace, Buhari will emerge President of Nigeria come February 2015.

  • John

    Just imagine, comparing Jonathan to Jesus christ. Did Jesus stole money? Did Jesus intimidated people with power? Did Jesus or any of his disciples advertize fake jobs that led to the death of many people. If I was God, at the time u compared Jona to Jesus, a terrible thunder would have stroked ur fat tummy and run you mad. It won’t kill u but will make sure Ure dancing naked on the street then ppeople will stone u to death. Eleribuuu ole

  • A fatal errorr.. that will make him the president of Nigeria come 2015…

  • Enemona

    bla bla…… “you know”

  • Mr. Abdin

    It seems this Okupe is getting mad every day though i don.t blame him he is only doing that to please his clueless master GEJ.

  • Bbb

    Doyin okupe is part of people that make Nigerian to loose interest on Gej, when they see the truth and they can not say it. more also Okupe is only there to enrich himself even when Gej is dying

  • Iyabo

    Doyin Okugbe, your candidate -President Jonathan reminds me as a young Nigerian of a gloomy future, the sink hole of CORRUPTION Nigeria is in. President Jonathan reminds me of impunity that has completely killed the Nigerian dream. President Jonathan reminds me of the women in his life and administration who are epitome of the most dishonorable and disgraceful corruption ever in the history of this nation. One of President Jonathan’s corrupt women is Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke. Finally, President Jonathan reminds me of the “I do not care President.’ As a young Nigerian I am looking for a president who cares. President Jonathan used his own mouth to tell us that “I do not care. I do not give a damn.'” That is not the kind of President I want.

  • the truth

    I know this is an APC forum, but must we castigate everything or any statement that questions APC leaders? hate him or not he has made a very good point. Buhari is part of Nigeria’s past. It is up to February when we will see the outcome. I wish both Buhari and GEJ the best of lucks

    • Kamal Kamaru


    • tai

      But David Mark, Tony Anenih, Gusau are part of present since they are are in PDP?

      • the truth

        with all due respect those mentioned have never contested the presidency before. For God sake this man ruled us in the early 80’s.God forbit the yaradua incident happens again, then we are stuck. Me personally would have wished apc gives younger candidates like the kwankwaso, okorocha, oshiomole or fashola the chance.

        • tai

          David Mark is number 3 in government, presiding over law making to govern Nigeria, if your past is so bad,as Okupe put it, you will never want anything to whatever that has link to that past. Talking about death, how old was Yar’ Adua when he died and how old is Jonathan now? Death is not about age, it can happen to anyone at any age

        • Sadiq Garba

          Is it age that led to Yar’adua’s death?

          • the truth

            Buhari is too old, plain and simple. U know the truth

          • Col.MH Mariam (rtd)

            You apparently never said the same nonsense about Obj who served for 8 years.

            What matters is his state of health and I assure you his is in excellent state.Prepare yourself for 8 years of real, wonderful leadership for the good of the country.

          • the truth

            he has lost 3 times in a row. That streak may continue again. And elections are not won on premium times. I hope you will be here come february

          • endingNaija

            Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke sits on corruption in the petroleum industry on behalf of her Ijaw man-Goodluck Jonathan. When will the Ijaw president probe his Ijaw woman Diezani Alison Madueke?

          • endingNaija

            Goodluck Jonathan Sits and swims in corruption and has destroyed Nigeria with his ingrained corruption. Goodlcuk Jonathan said stealing govt money is NOT corruption. An example is the theft conducted on his behalf in the petroleum industry by Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke. The evdence is the report of the Ribadu Task Force on the petroleum industry. The “truth” redeem this with an answer.

          • warry

            how many times do we have to go round in circles?The NNPC came to the NASS and surroundered all their books.Nobody has so far contradicted them.Meanwhile the Ribadu is now in PDP.We should endeavour to separate facts from sentiments and opinions.

          • warry

            Stealing is worse than corruption please.Once you take that which does not belong to you its stealing and not corruption even if its Government money.You are misunderstanding the president and you dont want to take correction.

          • tai

            Nelson Mandela who you Jonathanians are equating Jonathan with became South African president at age of 76years in 1994 and still remain the best to have ruled SA. Buhari will be only 71years when he takes over next year.

          • the truth

            keep dreaming. I will remind you come February

        • Ha

          Wasn’t Yar’adua’s death that gave your boss chance to takeover? Don’t you want a repeat? So what concerns you? Let Jonathan live forever but not in the Aso Rock.

          • the truth

            for your information nobody is my boss, my boss is God. If being neutral is a sin please cast the first stone on me. It has gotten to the point where every constructive criticism against a particular candidate is punishable by death. With this mentality one wonders if the loosing streak won’t continue

          • endingNaija

            Ijaw man the “truth” please recall how your fellow Ijaw man Tompolo is getting ready for a renewed terrorism when his Ijaw candidate -Goodluck Jonathan loses. Goodluck Jonathan gave Tompolo money with which to buy WARSHIPS ready for renewed terrorism in 2015. The news is that Goodluck Jonathan instructed Mrs. Diezani Alsion Madueke to pass oil money to Tompolo. This is how Tompolo got money for the Ijaw WARSHIPS. Is that true the “truth”? You should because you are Ijaw and yoir Ijaws would have discussed this at your Ijaw National Congress.

      • Bayo Ola

        Good point Tai.:)

      • Nas

        So akupe which person did you propose to be APC presidential flag bearer ?

      • Good reasoning.

    • Ha

      Buhari is part of the past, Jonathan part of the present. The bottom-line is that Nigeria’s past is far better than its present, prove me wrong.

      • the truth

        you are wrong. The past precipitated the present. If buhari and his likes had made nigeria a great nation we wouldn’t be in this position, or are you telling me our problems started 6 years ago. Hypocrisy

    • endingNaija

      But you the” “truth” you are one of the campaign managers of President Goodluck Jonathan re-election bid. Why do you laways like to deceive yourself. The other names are Reno Omokri/ole/otile/oleku/Gideon Orkar/akpos1/mani_kay/mpitikwelu/Action_nigeria/Biafra/Deacon/deri. I am just saying that you do not need to deceive yourself. Campaign ON ISSUES – ON ETHICAL and COMPETENCE ISSUES for your “christian” candidate-Goodluck Jonathan and let us see what you have to say on his behalf. Stop your hypocrisy! Come out into the open and campaign on ISSUES of ETHICS and COMPETENCE. On these two your candidate Goodluck Jonathan is a complete failure and you know.

      • the truth

        sometimes i begin to wonder if you can articulate things. I am not here to call names or start a war. I made a comment, i think you should be matured enough to tackle issues and not to accuse or call names. I am looking forward to an issued based matured discourse between us

        • endingNaija

          Reno Omokri, what is wrong in asking you to campaign on issues on behalf of your employer-President Jonathan who pays you handsomely in princely and oily oil money? What is wrong in asking you to do your job very well the “truth”? Goodluck Jonathan hired you to do a job. You are not doing it very well. I asked you to justify your pay. You are annoyed. What is your problem? When are you going to redeem the truth?

    • Oleku

      My brother you dare not say anything in the negatives about Buhari on PT ati SR ati The Punch or the e-janjaweedians will eat you raw–they will come for your jugular right there. You see, the only thing you will say that will be plausible is Imam Buhari is a good man, Imam Buhari is a the president of Naija, Imam is incorruptible–if not blame yourself for it–true journalism is dead in Naija, they even screen comments–how sad–I can’t help but wander what our fate is under the janjaweeds shariarists

      • New Nigerian

        It is not a Buhari or Jonathan discussion – not personal. It is a people’s business discussions – as in who can better serve the people as their leader. As you must know, Buhari is not an Imam. Please present factual negatives or positives you know about both candidates – Buhari and Jonathan – your opinions are also most welcomed. I bet you’d understand that it is extremely crucial at this juncture in our national life that we choose wisely what country we want to live in come 2015. This is very serious as we only have one shot in 4 years to do this. In 4 years picture how many Nigerians could be alive through competence – this year alone more than 10,000 people have been killed in the Northern part of the country…shudder to think that 40,000 more Nigerians could be killed by 2018….definitely Jonathan cannot do much in this area.

        $20billions (known) and billions more – unknown cannot be accounted for….shudder to think that trajectory continuing. more than $50billion new debt have been incurred in the face of windfall of revenue through oil; The currency have just been devalued, inflation is on a rum-away curve…Those of us that are not downed by Malaria have their productivity snuffed out by lack of electricity after billions have been spent on it.

        Hope this helps

    • New Nigerian

      Buhari was part of Nigeria’s glorious past, a part we hope to bring to life again – hence we are hopeful for change through a known change-agent, he did it before and he would do it again

  • Truthometer

    Thank you fatty unhealthy Okupe. But Buhari is who we want. Period! We need someone to come and clean up the mess PDP, Dumbo and people like you created. Don’t you understand that your corrupt master and his wrecking crew called ministers have almost destroyed this country? Whatever kitchen sink you throw at APC and Buhari, is never going to hold. We are wiser now. This is not the same electorate you people used to deceive. We can read between the lines, now. There is a shocker waiting for you and your crooked paymaster, come 2015.

  • Abdu

    My view is dat Nigeria past is more fruitful than d present. Wat Buhari achieved in less dan 3 years is whole lot more dan wat d whole pdp achieved in 16years. So Mr Doyin concentrate on the fact. We want nigeria to b back on track. So far we are off track even with ur so called transformation agenda. Der can neva b future without the past.

    • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

      Mention his achievements

      • Wähala

        He built the Port Harcourt refinery!

        • Nwa Aba {Biafran}


          • Wähala

            Employed your mama to operate their canteen…
            Aba-made-Brain, you wanted to know of his achievements ba? Now mention Dumbo’s achievements starting from Dep. Gov. of Bayelsa till date. Hope you don’t get brain fag trying to come up with something. Ode!

          • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

            You need some rest is like you are running out of ideas

          • Folahan

            What did GEJ build, he promised refineries in 2011 but hasnt done any of that but he is planning to sell the four that were built by other people to himself and friends

          • GEJisaDISASTER

            Kaduna Refinery

          • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

            Why in Kaduna?

        • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

          He built my foot. Go and check your records.

  • Marquis di Gorgonzola


    Impeccable sources close to the APC inner caucus say the party has narrowed their choice to either TINUBU OR ATIKU!!



    • Bayo Ola

      You must be high on Cannabis when you fantasized about your fathom breaking news

  • Spoken word

    Will take a chance on buhari than continue with a confirmed error.


      Buhari has given Okupe, Fani Kayode, Ruben Abati, Metuh a truck load of work

      • Spoken word

        Okupe and his cohorts need to understand they are trying to sell a bad product.unfortunately their marketing strategy is completely flawed.

  • Shehu Garba

    My party my party!
    NA WA O!

  • abdul afoede

    Buhari is s thief, coup plotter, religious bigot, sectional leader, boko haram, old, will not rule Nigerians well and serial election looser. Which one is your own Mr Okukpe? Why not sllow Nigerians to make their choice instead of this your nonsense.

  • Action_Nigeria

    Yours truly have been going round Lagos to find out what the people think about Buhari …….. I am very very happy to report that Lagosians are not impressed at all except for a few cronies of Bola Tinubu.

    The Buhari project despite the media hype collapsed a few hours after the APC Bola Tinubu Convention.

    The Buhari project is doomed !!!

    • Tunsj

      Keep on dreaming my friend.

    • glo

      You wish. olodo!

  • Mike

    The fatal error Nigeria has witnessed is the present situation we brought for ourselves. We were deceived and hoodwinked into what we are getting today. But all the lies will soon be over. If u believe so much in this fake transformation the best test case is when ur so called ministers ALL OF THEM are unable to convince Nigerians across the states to win their gubernatorial tickets because the delegates are same Nigerians who will also eventually vote in 2015 general elections.. A word is enough for the wise. Keep deceiving yourself

  • Olu Ade

    and Jonathan is a catastrophic error!


      and an irredeemable disaster!!

      • Wähala

        Calamitous Jona… Dumbest of the Dumb!
        Oloti buruku.

    • Wähala

      Dumbo is a “bombing failure” is how I described him to Deri…
      The collateral damages are seen in the economy, insecurity, corruption, infrastructure, healthcare, etc…
      The effects of this calamitous Govt. is like MTN… everywhere you look. He doesn’t only deserve to be voted out, he deserves to be slapped around like Ghadaffi in jail for his stupendous and breath-taking display of ineptitude and visionless approach to governance. He’s a mega-disgrace to his mother, a bad excuse for humanity. A drunkard!

  • Tunsj

    First of all, Mr. Okupe is a big clown for saying that his boss has a transformation agenda. What have you done for the past six years?.It seems to me that the Presidency is scared of Buhari and they know that their days in office will end early 2015.

  • Smith Scott

    Buhari is begging Tinubu now as we writing to help him with a VP much younger as he is not sure he will finish his tenure. He is too old and got a terminal disease. Nigeria will soon witness a repeat of Yaradua Bogolo.

    • walejohnson

      That is not an issue. Anyone can die anytime if his time is over, including you! However, if that happens, the constitutions allow the VP to take over. So where is the problem!

    • New Nigerian

      You also have a terminal disease – it is called death. And it can come today.

  • Maria

    I think if they made a fatal error, you should be celebrating it rather than mourning it. I see some people are scared to death by the emergence of the people’s General. Okukpe knows he is going to jail.

  • MushinSpeaks

    It is also a fatal error that we have a GEJ governing Nigeria. That mistake millions of Nigerians made in 2011 will never happen again. The time for CHANGE is near.

    CHANGE cometh!

  • Fatal error indeed

    We already know how the Buhari fad will end come 2015. In tears!!!

    Recalcitrant APC apologists need to get it into your mouldy skulls that Buhari has long past his sale by date and will never become president of Nigeria. Enough of the regurgitated crap about his unblemished record as a public servant: he doesn’t own a house in Abuja, Rome, and all that malarkey. If he chose not to buy a house in Abuja or elsewhere with the 25 billion dollars he stole when he was in charge of PTF, that is his problem.

  • Oleku

    “If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood…Revolution is inevitable in 2015 if I lose.” – M.BUHARI

    “The next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely going to die…”- Nasiru El-RUFIA

    “I am putting Jonathan on notice that he must leave office come 2015.”- Mr Ango ABDULAHI

    “If Jonathan insists on running, there will be bloodshed…His running will amount to taking northerners for a ride. So, there will be bloodshed.” – Junaid MUHAMMED

    “You ‘rig & roast’…” – Malam Bola TINUBU

    “If APC loses the elections we shall not accept defeat but set up a parralel govt and install our own president”— Liar M’hmed

    • New Nigerian

      If GEJ scores zero and some suicidal people says he is the winner – it is their problem and cross to bear. We the people are moving on, with or without the election – if it is a free and fair election it would be clear that the people have spoken, if it is not we would all march to Aso rock by foot, okada, bicycle, cars, planes, boats and every means of transport from all corners of Nigeria and physically and gingerly pluck Jonathan, Okupe and co. from Aso Rock and carry them on out backs to Otuoke where he can be all the king Nebuchadnezzer he wants to be with Okupe & co – and let the judiciary declare the real winner.

      • Mosaku 147

        You capped it all.they have ears and still can’t hear.eyes,but can’t see their time is up. However the elections go,Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe PATIENCE Jonathan will cease to be the president of the FRN on May 29th 2015.

    • mike

      Mr Oluku,
      I’ll advise you borrow a leaf from your friend Otile, whose eyes are now open to the truth. No amount of unnecessary quotes and lies can deceive the people any more. President Johnathan and the PDP have failed Nigerians.
      We can now see that the story of having no shoes was just to curry unmerited favour and pity from Nigerians. Now he has shoes with steel toes which he is using to kick our butts.
      Buhary is the way forward. I wish he would be paired with Amaechi so that the PDP guys would know that politics is tough business.

  • Rommel

    Is this human manure called Doyin Okupe not also coming from Nigeria’s past?

  • Maria

    Nigeria made a fatal error allowing Jonathan to be president in 2011. This yeye okukpe belongs to yesterdays….a thief. Okukpe is much older than Jonathan yet… this yeye man dey do run errands for his younger one…agbaya.

    • So-so

      “A country is just like a farm where everyone has his functions. Allah has willed it that someone must hold the cow by the horns while another does the milking.” -Shagari

      • New Nigerian

        LOL – who is doing the milking and who is doing the horns-holding between Okupe and GEJ?

        • Wähala

          LoL indeed!
          It means, Aborigines are willed by Allah to hold the horns while Aboki does the milking…
          If you look at it from the point of view of oil wells ownership in Nigeria in general. In Igbo land we say, ‘O-to-O’ (ontisha-2-obosi or owerri-to-orlu) meaning: wetin Orlu people tell Owerri people, for instance. So, in his adage, it equally means an agreement between Aboki-to-Aborigines (A-to-A)… LOL!

  • kammykazee

    The obese ‘Doctor’ Doyin Òkúùgbẹ́ has farted again! Nigerians who are old enough would ask and pray to God to bring back the era of bliss and happiness of the past. we used to be the giant and pride of Africa, we have now become a laughing stock among nations both within Africa and outside the shore of this continent. We never had it so bad, even during military era.

    • so-so

      Just like you’re farting all over the place with
      numerous handles.

  • Wähala

    The only “fatal error” Nigerians will make is to not vote out the Otuoke Clown Prince. Obese Doyin despises the truth and romances with lies, telling us Nigerians want to break from their past leaders is a fat lie considering the number of times PDP has sent a high-powered to OBJ begging him to, “come and lead us”. Muhammadu Buhari has said, “if I am elected President, looters are free to leave the country” and fat Doyin is one looter of States’ treasury that will certainly bail into exile come 2015. In civilized clime with refined manners, Doyin’s first line would be to congratulate Buhari for emerging from a keen contest before running amok with his usual boisterous gibberish. Fact is, Dumbo now has a long record as President but Buhari has longer record of achievement as Head of State. Nigerians are smarter than the Presidency is giving them credit for, they will be looking at both men’s records, characters, and competence to rescue Nigeria from the shadow of herself the PDP has turned the country into in 16 fruitless years. Shikena.

  • Remi

    If it is a fatal error why are you afraid? Why not go ahead and defeat him if you can? Why are you having sleepless nights? Why not just start packing your things instead of getting involved in something that does not concern you?

    • Wähala

      Don’t mind him. They will all soon start resigning their posts when it becomes clear to all of them that Dumbo is unelectable in the Nigeria of today… they will all bolt before the man kicks them into prison as Doyin qualified thru his 419 road contracts from Imo and Benue States. A new EFCC headed by Rotimi Amaechi will see to it, don’t worry. Gulp odeku and forget fat Doyin…

  • Tahir

    Doyin Bastard Okupe talking.

    • Tunsj

      Well said! Also,he is an a**hole.

    • Prez@advisor

      No need to insult him. When he listens to himself..its enough pain for him

      • Bunduma Mohammed

        Does he have the brain to listen? he is always charged with Ogogoro and cannot listen to anybody including himself. He also works for another clawn who listen only old married women whose husband are only interested in money.

      • Mosaku 147


      • Tahir

        I am insulting Doyin Bastard, he said if APC as a party lasts 1yr he is not Okupe’s son.

        • Mosaku 147

          I actually forgot he said soooo. So do you advice he be known and called Doyin bastard from henceforth? Anyway,I had always known he wasn’t portraying the true and real Yoruba character. My people are known to speak the truth to the face of any tyrant no matter tribe or religion. Jonathan will not be the face to face them and he certainly will not be the last for sometime.
          When we are through with him next year,we shall not go to bed.we will start with Tinubu if for any reason he tries to interfere directly or shows any sign of impunity.if he thinks he will call the shots,someone should please tell him we the people are mor than ready for him and ‘them’.
          But for now and because I desire change and sincerely think he can lead me to that change,I will stick with him. For now,he remains my leader.

  • kamal

    The birth of Doyin okupe by his retched mother is a fatal disaster!

  • Otile

    I read somewhere that Buhari’s daughter is married to an Igbo Christian from Anambra state. If that is true we may take a second look at the General. The devil may not be as black as he is painted.

    • Tunsj

      100% true.

    • Wähala

      I told you that right here!
      She is married to Col. Ikechukwu from Idemili LGA of Anambra State and converted to Anglican faith, and in consonance with the Christian faith, is duly wedded in an Anglican Church. Muhammadu Buhari spends every Christmas in Anambra State without the fanfare pictures of kneeling before the pastor of that church in Idemili… near Odidi!

      • Otile

        But I heard that the General does not campaign in SE SS and said he does not need Igbo votes.

        • Wähala

          Oti oo!
          He could not campaign in all of Igboland because of his perpetual problem of funds. Besides, he formed his party late going into the elections and had to weigh his options yet, garnered 12million votes. It was MKO who said he didn’t need Igbo votes… and an Igbo man dealt with him accordingly.

        • Col.MH Mariam (rtd)

          You hear a lot of lies and you believe these lies.

          • Wähala

            Don’t mind him, I’m feeding him Gospel…

          • Col Wahala

            Didnt know you were a colonel

          • Wähala

            What do you know about Höly Wähala?
            But, believe whatever pleases you…

          • Col.MH mariam(rtd)

            Please keep at it until he begins to bite. Mind you I have nothing against GEJ as a man but he is done for real. 6 years and nothing to show for it. Boko Haram is even getting strongly and could easily overrun the whole country while we sit here and uphold ineptitude. Mbanu!! Tufiakwa. This is alu nsi pure and simple. Ozoemena as the Igbo will say.

          • Oleku

            Tufiakwa boko haram shall over run the North and west count Igbos out of your madness, we are not Mohammedans neither are we sharia advocates

      • Tunsj

        Wahala. thanks for the information. I will recommend you for Minister of Information.

        • Wähala

          I’m fully loaded and ready to go…

          • Mosaku 147

            na u biko!

      • Col.MH Mariam(rtd)

        Righto!!!!. An Islamist kneeling before an Anglican pastor and participating in Christian rituals. How about that for starters. My concern is that we may just miss a once-in-lifetime opportunity to move the country forward. I supported Jonathan earlier on for reasons of consanguinity but he has failed to deliver and alleviate suffering in the country. Why don’t we now try a tested hand? I say this in the name of Jesus Christ and for all of us. I believe that religion should not be a factor in this election. Can you. OTILE, now join me in supporting that which is good for the country? I need you to respond to this. Truly Allah inana.

        • Wähala

          Stop thinking thru your ahnus!
          Didn’t you see Buhari in a visit to fake pastor Adeboye’s Temple during the last election campaign?
          It’s a subliminal point I tried to make to @Otile therewith, at least, Buhari’s visits to in-laws are kept private because religion and it’s practice should be separated from governance and politicians…
          to borrow your brains!

          • Col.MH Mariam(rtd)

            Why the hostility?
            I may be forced to slap your stinking anus shut if you continue along this line.

      • Mosaku 147

        Wahala.like say you dey Abuja dis night,I for buy you three chilled bottles of odeku. I go like to learn research and strategy from you. I pray God to reward your efforts at effecting the desired change. Amen.

        • Wähala

          Do one for your amigo right there, no shaking. Wetin swell your belle full my tommy biko…

    • Maria

      Bros…not only that she is married to Igbo, she is an Anglican convert. I was born an Anglican.

      • Col.MH Mariam(rtd)

        I personally cannot verify this statement.
        With election drawing near a lot of what is fed the gullible public make leave a bad aftertaste.
        What is the name of this daughter of his?

    • Col.MH Mariam(rtd)

      Wow!!! I am surprised by this coming form you. I told you all along not to gobble up all the lies spewed by a bunch of evil-minded idiots. So what if his beautiful daughter is married to an Igbo man? Would you then shelf your quest for Biafra to be more accommodating? We live in a small world after all. i guess Buhari can now be called your in-law just like Obasanjo whose son is married to an Igbo woman. Welcome to the real world my good buddy Otile.I now want you to take back all those insults you directed to me in Hausa( even you have lived in the North for crying out loud!!!).Ngwanu. Osiso. Sim ndo osiso.

      • Otile

        Sorry my brother, no hard feeling. We need not kill ourselves over politics. I think the politicians are the ones putting enmity amongst us.

        • Col.MH Mariam (rtd)

          Has the eagle landed for real?
          I want to keep an open mind though.
          Keep hope alive my brother and peace to you too.
          GEJ is actually my brother but the country is bigger than any one individual.
          This is where I am coming from.

      • Tunsj

        He has aplogized. Please forgive Otile.

    • Mosaku 147

      You mean you also did not know that his driver of over two decades and his trusted cook of almost the same period,if not more,are both Christians. Anyway,now that you know,please think about “that change” ordinary people like me craves for.

    • ModyHH

      It is a well known fact, that white slave masters slept with black slave girls in their plantations. You may wish to take a different look at slavery too, now that you know about the relationship between slave masters and slave girls.

      • Otile

        No my brother this is a different thing. The fact that Gen Buhari can allow an Igbo Christian to marry and live with his daughter shows he is not a close-minded man at all. Not long ago I tried to date a beautiful Fulani Muslim girl, her sister told me that there is no way our relationship can succeed.

        I can now believe that Gen Buhari is above ethnicity and religious bigotry.

        • Mosaku 147

          I now believe you have truly repented. It takes maturity to do what you have done on this forum tonight. I pray others believe what you have heard that made you change your mind. You shall be counted amongst real men from now on.not e-rats or pay per post(PPP).

        • mike

          I don’t believe this comment is coming from Otile, the indefatigable defender President Johnathan and PDP. Bros, what ever happened to you must be a miracle.
          I am so happy for you that your eyes have finally opened to see the truth.

  • the truth

    The hate on this man is worrisome. I wish some of our politicians don’t read this comments or they may be forced to commit suicide. My people make una take am easy na. All i see is abuse and insults. This man na person pikin and father oh!

    • Think again

      I thought you were leading the undue assaults.

    • Wähala

      Who loves Abati..?
      Who loves Omokri..??
      Who loves Metuh…???
      They all have one thing in common: They’re career liars!
      Where is Lebaran Maku today? The problem with power is that it is transient. Doyin Okupe et al, insult the sensibilities of Nigerians and think they’ve pfooled us. They may pfool some, but they darn sure can’t pfool many. The number of insults deservedly rained on him should give you the idea of the pfooled… carry go!

    • endingNaija

      Ijaw man the “truth” I learned that you took HOW TO HATE 101 in the university, and that you got A+ in that class. Is that true Ijaw man?

  • Fatal error indeed

    We already know how the Buhari fad will end come 2015. In tears!!!

    Recalcitrant APC apologists need to get it into your mouldy skulls that Buhari has long past his sale by date and will never become president of Nigeria. Enough of the regurgitated crap about his unblemished record as a public servant: he doesn’t own a house in Abuja, Rome, and all that malarkey. If he chose not to buy a house in Abuja or elsewhere with the 25 billion dollars he stole when he was in charge of PTF, that is his problem.

    • Tunsj

      You meant to say that we already know how the Jonathan fad will end come 2015. In tears all the way to his village!!!

    • Prez@advisor

      You have just one vote. Don’t forget your PVC at home o.

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      He was in tears because he was visionary enough to know that your goodluck would bring this country to this mess.

    • Mosaku 147

      I heard this your story a couple of times in the past and am ready to live with it now. Please campaign for your dumbo and leave the people’s General out of your present state of shock at his emergence.
      Thank you for your info and advise,but ON CHANGE I STAND!!!!!!

    • Warri Boy

      a jailer of Musicians and Journalists is not fit to govern even a district. Thank God for IBB who flushed him out…when he bcame jobless, he begged evil abacha to give him PTDF job.

  • peirodam

    CHOICE is one of the biggest gain that come along with being a democratic country,we ve had pdp for for the past 16 yrs,its time to make that big choice to chart a new course

  • Salisu Dan-Gombe


    Nigerians must resist Buhari’s attempt to recall and restore Nigeria’s gloomy past that featured the likes of Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida, Abdulsalam Abubakar, Sani Abacha, Atiku, and Buhari himself.

    Furthermore, Buhari is out to destroy the glorious future of the North which I see in the next generation of Northern Politicians like Sule Lamido, Ibrahim Shema, Isa Yuguda, Adamu Muazu, Nasir El-Rufai, Nuhu Ribadu, Aminu Tambuwaal, David Mark, Namadi Sambo, Rabiu Kwankwaso etc. etc. etc.

    A Buhari 2015 Presidency will surely wipe-out these generation of progressive Northern Politicians that have what it takes to restore the Sarduana legacy.

    Nigerians must arise and ensure that 2015 will bring an end to the ruinous Obasanjo generation that included Buhari …. they did Nigeria no good despite the country’s enormous resources.

    • Prez@advisor

      who is the way forward?

      • Salisu Dan-Gombe

        I named the way forward for the North in my comment …… I dream of an El Rufai or Sule Lamido or Nuhu Ribadu, or Aminu Tambuwaal or etc. etc., etc., Presidency in 2019 !!!

        • Prez@advisor

          Oh for the North…2019…okay…well 2015 is a few days away Go Willing and option is either Buhari or GEJ….let ElRufai try wining Kaduna first…and Tabmuwal Sokoto and Ribadu, Adamawa

        • Bunduma Mohammed

          You are the greatest error. buhari was brought by the failure of Jonathan to keep Nigeria at peace. Buhari would right all the wrongs that was created by Otuoke clawn. after four years we would have the likes of Fasola, Amiechi, Oshemole etc take over. The wrongs created by clueless jonathan need experienced commander to correct. Buhari is right but only those with out influence of Ogogoro would know.

    • Preco01


    • Ha

      Even Shema the COCKROACH KILLER? Wonderful!!!

    • Olutola

      Why do you people have high BP whenever Buhari’s name is mentioned? Dont kill yourself before Buhari’s inauguration next year because you are invited to the party!

  • Preco01



    Why are the presidency and the PDP falling over themselves to condemn Buhari’s emergence as APC presidential candidate if indeed they are not mortally worried? What is all this alarmist comment all about? What we are seeing from Okupe and Metuh are the dying pangs of a disappearing behemoth. They must be aware now that their days are numbered. No amount of infantile comments will change that!

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    Did anybody saw what I see in this Okupe’s interview. He continuously repeated “You know”. Is this man seasoned at all, I don’t believe so? Last week you claimed Buhari is an expired and tired politician and even go further to let us know that all aspirants of APC should team up to contest against GEJ if they like, that GEJ will win gallantly. Today you’re afraid and looking for soft landing by telling us again that General Buhari was a mistake for APC. Now, which one should we believe out of all these statements? All these campaign of mudslinging and pull-him-down-syndrome would not work this time around, the electorates have gone beyond these unfounded statements.

  • Comfortkay

    Normally criminals dont talk in the society but in Nigeria they have the biggest Say. People Destruction Party that have nothing to show us as achievement is judging another party that has never rule this country before, l can’t stop laughing.

  • Olutola

    Okupe should save his breath for now. He will have plenty to say in Jail!

  • UYI111

    Buhari is a man who has no idea or direction on it”s own neither in the past nor present nor in the future check his history in PTDF he ran it down with inlaw .when he was head of state Idiagbon was the man while buhari smoke his jonko all night and day

    • Mosaku 147

      Which zoo you escape from? O’gba for Benin or na Lagos/Abuja own? Mumuson.

      • Truthometer

        He escaped from otuoke zoo. Ask Dumbo.

      • UYI111

        I am from the zoo of the truth and nothing but the truth no more no less .it’s either you know the truth and ur interest will be serve by Buhari emergence or u are an ingnoble nuisance that hate democracy of inclusiveness and not them and us built on opportunistic blue blood syndrome .

    • mucky

      When did he ran PTDF. Get your facts

      • UYI111

        The facts are there that he headed PTDF and contracted it”s afairs to a consultant firm own and ran by his inlaw and they ran it aground by looting .seek je knowledge first before comment.

        • tunlanpa

          where did you get your facts. You must either be blind to read properly or be ignorant.

    • ODOFIN, Lagos

      he dey pain say GEJ will lose 2015 election

    • Kunle Kolawole

      God bless you. Wisdom is yours forever.

      • UYI111

        God bless u too bro

  • jessica

    Am Jessica by name My ex-boyfriend dumped me 6 months ago after I
    accused him of seeing someone else and insulting him. I want him back in
    my life but he refuse to have any contact with me.I was so confuse and
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    similar problem please contact him on doctorspellsolution@hotmail.com

  • felix

    there is a serious worry in aso rock concerning buharis emergence dat why u hear all dis comment, l hope they dont get panick attack cause dis change must come in jesus name amen

  • Oluwambo

    Leave this matter; Okupe will join Buhari’s government. He is an AGIP man – AGIP means any government in power.

    • Mosaku 147

      I bet you his likes will be far away from our shores by 29th May 2015. Eyan ton fe su ni na,kin fekpo para.
      Doyin ke?just take a look at his obese frame and imagine how gwazo prison uniform will look on him. Doyin is smart enough to know when the game is up and he is sure to be one of the first set that will include but will not be limited to Marylyn,Metuh,Maku,Abati,shekau(BH),SAS,buruji,kola Aluko and jide Omokore.

  • Warri Boy

    …..a notorious jailer of Musicians and Journalists is not fit to govern even a district. Thank God for IBB who flushed him out…when he bcame jobless, he begged evil abacha to give him PTDF job.

  • Mamapikin

    Hahahaha… And Jonathan’s? An eternal curse. A regret that will last centuries. The curse on two feet.

  • Titi

    of course its an error against your calculations, it will be too late before u debug this error

  • As I see it

    Why are APC lackeys fixated on GMB when there are more qualified candidates in APC? Buhari of today is not the same Buhari of 31 years ago. He has since lost his mojo. A lot of what he achieved during his ephemeral reign was only possible through diktat – and we should not expect the same brutality under a democratic dispensation.

    I think elective offices should have age limit –capped at 55/60yrs perhaps- and enshrined into the constitution so as to stop old monkeys from recycling themselves into offices and, most importantly, to give the young ones a fair shot. In a country of over 180 million people, it’s a complete tragedy to have dead woods like TY Danjuma aspiring to become a state governor – similar story abound everywhere you look.

  • Peter Irene

    We need somebody who can give us light and that is Buhari. When he spoke on Channels yesterday more than 90 percent of viewers had no power. It will be a more fatal error to vote PDP who for sixteen years is unable to provide power for Nigerians after more than sixteen years.

    • Johnson

      Why cant you think beyond your flat nose? Only Buhari can give us light. what about you? what can you offer Nigerians?

      • Barony

        It is a pity that Muslim Jihadists can find a supposed Christian Pastor to use as
        willing tool to help coax and deceive to finesse an Islamic state of Nigeria. Sad!

    • warry

      In governance there are things to be achieved short,medium and long terms if there is continuity in the policy.You dont have all the money and resources to give 24 hr.power supply now.With continuity it will take several years before we get there.We must tell ourselves the truth.the improvement will be gradual and steady.

  • Victor Anene

    A worse APC error would be to pair up Professor Yemi Oshibajo with General Muhammadu Buhari.
    That will instantly produce a meaningless presidential ticket to Goodluck Jonathan’s advantage.
    By February, Nigerians would still be scratching their heads asking, “Who is this Yemi Oshibajo?

    • Invitro

      “General Muhammadu Buhari has no vision. The only thing that
      has been told to us – not even by General Buhari but by other people – is that
      Buhari has integrity and that he is honest and incorruptible, which are also not
      true. At the appropriate time, these issues will be taken up.”

      ……….Doyin Okupe

      [December 15th, 2014]

    • Stan

      That’s where you are mistaking. We need known and unknown quantities who can deliver the goods.

      • Olanrewaju

        @ Stan,

        No, no, no. I think i get Asuquo’s point. Put it this way. Would you vote for Mr. Udom Akpan as President?
        You may but that’s if you know him, isn’t it? The same standard applies to everyone else in the 36 states.

        Yemi Oshibajo does not stand for anything. He’s not known to stand on the right side of any public issue.

        He’s not known for any public advocacy in newspapers or elsewhere on probity, accountability or rationality.
        Voter behaviour, all over the world, majorly is shaped by the values people can associate with that individual.

      • O.A.S

        @ Stan,

        No, no, no. I think i get Asuquo’s point. Put it this way. Would you vote for Mr. Udom Akpan as President?
        You may but that’s if you know him, isn’t it? The same standard applies to everyone else in the 36 states.
        Yemi Oshibajo doesn’t stand for anything. He’s not known to stand on the right side of any public issue.
        He’s not known for any public advocacy in newspapers or elsewhere on probity, accountability or rationality.
        Voter behaviour, all over the world, majorly is shaped by values people can associate with that individual.

        • Weydem

          “The only way to stop us from stealing is to stone us. The Nigerian followers
          are as guilty as the Nigerian leaders. The Nigerian institutions are all compromised
          and there is no alternative to them as it is. Nigerians appear not to be against stealing
          and corruption but only against how long you stay stealing and being corrupt.
          Don’t ever expect those in public office to fight corruption on these facts.”

          ….…..Governor Rotimi Amaechi

          (Rivers state)

          (June 30th, 2014)

          • Alkalimam

            “Our society and economy are in tatters in a highly competitive world;

            our children are missing out in getting qualitative and functional education;

            the masses of our people are chained down in dehumanizing and grinding poverty

            while we continue to maintain a few islands of false prosperity in a turbulent
            ocean of penury and squalor.”

            ………General T.Y Danjuma

            (May 24th, 2014)

          • Beerony

            It is a pity that Muslim Jihadists can find a supposed Christian Pastor to use as
            willing tool to help coax and deceive to finesse an Islamic state of Nigeria. Sad!

          • Michael Majekodunmi

            That is the way i see Yemi Oshibajo myself. It is quite sad for Christians.

          • Sani

            It means it will be immoral to reward Bola Tinubu’s accomplice with vice-president.
            Do we want to teach the young generation that the best way to move up in life is
            to support criminals at work, and to say nothing throughout the duration of crimes?
            This Yemi Oshibajo should be rejected by right-thinking persons for that reason.

          • Segun Pearce

            Ah, ah, ah but did Pastor Yemi Oshibajo condemn this audacity? Of course not!
            I beg let General Buhari go and get somebody sensible – not a Pastor of crimes.
            Would Jesus Christ have allowed his 12 disciples make such criminal declaration?

        • Stan

          You got my point misconstrued. Unknown quantity doesn’t imply that the candidate will evade the party’s customary screening hoops. You have to bear in mind that popularity doesn’t always translate to good governance. Everyone deserves a fair chance until proven otherwise.

          • O.A.S

            Yes, but you don’t experiment at the level of a vice-president who is a heart-beat away
            from becoming the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in a dramatic second.

          • Gbolly

            Yes O! We are still in that mess now. Obasanjo experimented with Jonathan too.
            See where the experiment led Nigerians. We must learn from history in Nigeria.
            We are still reeling from the pain of Obasanjo’s mad experiment with Jonathan.
            Now you want to repeat the blunder with another un-known Yemi Oshibajo? Mba!

          • Sta

            We can’t afford to be risk averse given our tortuous history. Your warped logic is one of the reasons we are stuck in reverse gear. Who was Idiagbon before he took the country by storm?

          • O.A.S

            @ STA,

            Tunde Idiagbon was quite a disciplined and consistent military police officer throughout.
            Yemi Oshibajo, to the contrary, has been a poodle with the mentality of three monkeys.
            Servile to a fault, Yemi Oshibajo saw no evil, spoke no evil, and, heard no evil throughout.
            Even as Bola Tinubu raided the treasury and tore up protocols of decency in Yorubaland,
            our dear Yemi Oshibajo remained a diagram – moping and grinning for 15 years, as abettor.

          • Nanono

            yet we experimented with Jonathan? It is better to entrust that position to a person with potential and has recorded some tangible achievements..not an obscure local govt chairman with questionable Doctorate credentials.

      • Deacon Ademilure

        Still Misled by Naive Pastors…

        Nigerian Christians are told from the pulpit to close their eyes,
        and wait for Elijah’s chariot of fire to take them to heaven.
        Muslims meantime dominate the country and take control
        of the public treasury by thinking as a group.

        Even as they are being targeted and killed like flies, in thousands,
        each Christian only selfishly thinks of his own salvation in heaven.
        For so long as this silly mentality persists in Nigerian Christendom,
        it’s a matter of time before the north and west of Nigeria are overwhelmed
        to become an Islamic state.

      • Warri Boy

        …and the known and unknown are only Hausas & Yorubas who have stolen and mismanaged the resources of the Niger Delta and East for about 5 decades. I hope your brain is still part of your stomach?

    • Asuquo Etinan

      I live in Calabar. I don’t know him myself. Am i supposed to vote for him too?

  • Sharia_Haram

    ,,Non-Muslims should vote for those who will protect non-Muslims from sharia killing.

    Vote against sharia advocates
    Vote against sharia rule.
    Vote against Sharia Caliphate
    Vote against Sharia killing of non-Muslims
    Vote against beheading of non-Muslims.
    Vote against suicide bombing by Islamist and Sharia advocates
    Votes against Child marriage in Islam.
    Vote against the bombing of Churches and place of worship by Sharia advocates
    Vote against amputation of non-Muslims.
    Vote against sharia soldiers in the north.
    Vote against Hisbah police in Kano state.
    Vote against Almajiri schools, but vote for western school.
    Vote to liberate Southern Kaduna non-Muslims from Sharia advocates
    Vote against the killing of non-Muslims by Fulani herdsmen
    Vote against the killing of Northerners who are non-Muslims

    Vote against Nigeria membership in Organization of Islamic Council(OIC)

    Finally, Buhari is a Sharia advocate. Non-Muslims should vote wisely. For your safety, vote against sharia rule.

    • Destiny

      Thank you for this well thought out info

  • Kensty

    Why worry? Face him come 2015 there you will know maybe is a fatal error.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    “The only thing that has been told to us – not even by him but by other
    people – is that Buhari has integrity and he is honest and he is
    incorruptible which are also not true,” he said. If the statemtment is not true, Okupe shuold give us instances and not just to conclude is not true. Is the same said of Jonathan?. We should dissacaite with the past- I hope this guy is sane. Even if your past is evil, you still need it to define the future. It is no doubt that GEJ government is the wost in corruption in Nigeria history.

    • Buhari_is_Boko

      2.8billion dollars missing and that led to 1983 coup, all hail the incorruptible man.

      • Bidemi Lukman

        Your statement is very anbiguous

        • M.E.N.D.S…Jaja

          …and yours is very aobiguous.

          Instead of you to write in Ijebu, then you dey try to write English by all means. Na because Gowon no understand Ojukwu’s Grammar make us go war for 3 yrs…abi your Gran Pa no tell you the story? The word was ‘Confederation’…and in 1967, The Nigerian President of the day, did not understand the meaning of that word, yet he went on to sign the Aburi accord…and when he reneged after yeye Awo explained, Ojukwu refused to accept Gowon’s U-turn. Thus, the war was born…on the premise of the popular saying : “on Aburi we stand”.

          So, be careful

        • Maria

          You mind the confused illiterate?

  • favourtalk

    When it poses a threat to the party, they now see it as a failure, someone should tell me where this one thinks they will get vote come 2015, GEJ has failed the.people.and the nation at large and are just waiting for the next general election to vote him out….change is all we pray for, wait for and will vote for

  • excel

    okupe you are a goat…… what future has jonadaft bring to Nigeria table? the past is better than your present. so you are asking Nigerian to keep living in failure, lies, impunity, insecurity, economic downfall, hungry, bad governance. you are a clown just like your pay master, okupe and olisa should stop showing off their foolishness. immediately after GMB emerged as APC presidential candidate, you are crying for a debate you know quite well that your gej will never make attempt to appear for. after realising your dismay you now fall back to all series of evil propaganda. GMB will impeach jonadaft come 2015 and the CHANGE will spread across. APC is the PROGRESSIVE PILOT. keep crying okupe/olisa.

  • M.E.N.D Jaja

    It is Great Jona or Nigeria ends. Pure & Simple.

    The Oloyes should be ashamed of themselves. Just a simple threat from Buhari is what is making all of you jittery and lining behind a confirmed Terrorist vampire. Sad indeed! Educated people! Nonsense.

    • Maria

      GEJ is doomed…nothing about the shoeless man is great, absolutely nothing.

  • Great Nigeria

    History always remembers born achievers, men who against all odds fought for a decent and prosperous nigeria. But I am sorry my Jonathan Nigeria is very much divided since you told office, your Asari and Clark war dogs has not been bought to order which is against the wish of the Nigerian people. Highly corrupt people like Stella Oduah, Mrs Madueke, Ex Bayelsa gov Alams are given national honours which is against the wish of the Nigerian people. The way you treated the Chibok girls issue when they were kidnapped by Boko Haram shows your insensitivity to the plight of the Nigerian masses. You starve Nigerian army from funds and equipment while at the same time you are awarding billions to your cousin Tompolo the niger delta militant lord shows that you are the main treat to our national security. You only award contracts weeks to election so that people can see that you are working, what about the any months before elections that Nigerian are in need of these services?
    You sent garrisons of soldiers to Ekiti to ensure that your party wins a South West state when at the same time you are afraid to send soldiers to Boko Haram captured territories in Nigeria.
    I remember how Buhari chased out the Chadian terrorist in the 70s when they tried to invade some Nigerian communities, he even chased them to Chads capital until they cried to the UN. This is how to tell the world that Nigeria is great.
    I remember when everyone was afraid of EFCC, corruption was fought severly even to the local government. This is how to start fighting corruption, but your government announced to Nigerians than stealing of public funds is not corruption.
    When Yar Adua created the ministry of Niger Delta it was not in an election year, when he allocated funds and the ministry started building roads and bridges it was not in an election year. When you told over power every work stopped, all the roads were abandoned.
    Yar Adua ensured the rule of law, respected the seperation of powers of the 3 arms of government, but today your government is the giver, interpreter, and enforcer of law.
    Corruption and inpunity is now everywhere, your wife is now the commander in chief of states and local governments.
    These are just a few of the points that Nigerians are rejecting you and your party come 2015 because we remember history!



    News for Applicants, which includes Parents and Guidance,it is a good thing for you or your children to be in the Nigeria defence Academy (NDA) but certainly it not easy for those who don’t have strong back up, so this is the reason why Major General Wambai have volunteered to help some of you to get this admission easily. Especially those who have been writing this NDA exam for years and those of you who actually ran into some of this impersonator’s online or internet claiming to be working in the NDA office and at the end this imposters or scams succeeded in taken your hard earn money without any result at the end, but this year we say no it, enough of it because we have had several complains and this is why we have come to a conclusion that if you need any help in regards to the admission processing it is Advisable to contact Major General Wambai in the Nigerian defence academy Admission board Kaduna Headquarter:08077684016 or possibly reach us directly in NDA office for help through this fast email:(ndaoffice@instructor.net)..

  • MushinSpeaks

    We can see the fear in Jonathan’s camp already; no wonder they could no longer focus on infrstructure and governance again but spending hard to sell the failed GEJ.

    CHANGE we need.

    • Maria

      Doomed GEJ!


        Your brains are already doomed and rotten !that is why you sing praises for Jihadists !

        • Maria

          lol…GEJ is doomed! We gave him a golden chance to transform Nigeria, he blew it.

      • Otile

        Maria, please don’t curse people while displaying the image of our Blessed Lady, only bless them or pray for them whenever Her image is displayed. She is the Queen of peace.

        Cursing or insulting people in Her name is offensive to many of us. We should not be hurting ourselves to defend these politicians anymore.

        • Maria

          I meant GEJ 2015.

  • Peter

    It is only on this opposition platform that CHANGE and its associated war songs are sang. It is only the people that are thinking backwardly that will embrace militocracy. We are in a democracy and anybody still thinking about returning us to the dark old days is either mad or is being mischievous. The days of the military in politics is over. Those dubious politicians in APC are merely following Buhari in order to send him to his early grave because, at 71, he is too old to fight shy and humiliation.

  • Ha

    Okupe are you not happy with the opposition’s errors? Or are you telling them to correct the error? Isn’t this anti-party?

  • Otile

    La illah ila Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah. Yesterday I was sold a dummy. I was made to believe that Gen Buhari’s daughter is married to a Christian man.
    I suspected the story was too good to be true. Today the story was debunked on Sahara Reporters.

    I never knew I could
    fall victim of taqiyya. Ab ira tua libera nos Domino. Ab omni malo
    libera nos Domino.


    Jonathan’s presidency is a FATAL ERROR.

  • Great Nigeria

    When the Federal Government is changed come 2015 and Buhari takes over, then alot of corruption done in several arms of government will be exposed.
    1. Corruption in the ministry of foreign affairs: where Nigerians living abroad are told every year to pay for a new passport, are charged double the fee stated on the ministry’s website, and pay embassy officials to collect their passport.
    2. Corruption in the interior ministry: where youngs Nigerians applying for job in the Civil Defense corps are told to pay application fee of 1000 amd also told to pay commission fee, security fee, and these young Nigerians met their untimely death when police started shooting at the crowd.
    3. Corruption in the ministry of education; where students are sold Jamb forms and also sold post-UME forms. Where students pay tuition fees in federal university and also made to admission fees, admitance fees, teachers salary, and police security fees, etc.
    4. Ministry of works; where contracts fee are excalated, and awarded again every year. Where contractors never mobilize to site after collection the full contract fee.
    5. Corruption in army’s budget; where army officials are starved of funds and equipment after the billions allocated every year, militants are now private security contractors, soldiers are used to provide security in Ekiti elections and Jonathan daughter’s wedding but cannot be used to rescue over 250 young Northern school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram.
    I believe this is the reason why Jonathan, Stella Oduah, Patience, Maduekes, etc are so affraid of the Buhari’s candidacy and have started looking for where to escape to.
    Buhari’s candidacy is not a mistake, it is what Nigerians has been aspiring for.

  • Preco01

    Johnathan’s emergence and rule has been an unmitigated disaster and a script written from the depths of HELL

  • shamsuddeen

    if it is an error indeed , I am sure Okupe will not say so , rather they will capitalise on it, the message here is, the presidency is jittery and wanted to find out the heart beat of the town. The time has gone for use of religion to sway votes, Nigerians are wiser by far now. Performance is what Nigerians are assessing now GEJ has being there for 6 years now, GMB was there for about 2years but the difference is very clear.
    Now it is verdict time not time for excuses and flying sentiments my oga at the villa chief Doyin Okupe. we take god beg you do not cause another trouble for Mr. President again.

  • igbiki

    Yeaa, it is a fatal error for the presidency. They are getting panic attacks over there in Aso Rock. And diarrhea mouth is running non stop.

  • D. R. Pam

    There is still a “residual conscience” for good in majority of Nigerians to rescue the country from an imminent unpleasant future or the absence of it. Despite the impressive GDP growth witnessed in the last 4 years and commensurate increase in percapita income, real poverty has increased because Nigeria’s resources are not equitably distributed. Despite 15 years of quasi-democratic rule, corruption and injustice has us trapped on a slippery slope towards oblivion. The political and economic atmosphere is pervaded with false hopes and broken promises, fuelling nothing but despondency. Unbridled corruption thriving under pseudo-justice cum pseudo-anarchy. What has eluded Nigeria is a proven catalyst for the restoration of law and order; A restoration of sanity.
    That catalyst is here; General Mohammad Buhari. The man is no where near perfect. On my scale of the ideal candidate, his score is 45%. But closest contender for the Presidency of our nation from my perspective will be lucky to achieve a score 10%. Meaning, Buhari notwithstanding his flaws is at least four times better than any other candidate with sights on Aso Rock.
    Notwithstanding the historical ethno-religious incredulity between the Hausa-fulani and the middle belt ethnic nationalities, he is the only viable candidate worth voting for. I am a Christian from the middle-belt. I neither believe in the PDP nor the APC as I believe both are weighed heavily by thieves and sycophants. I dont believe in the majority of the political class as evidence of the last 15 years of the “third republic”has bestowed a new dimension to “personal enrichment” and new meaning of word “settlement”! However I believe that the principles of Justice, transparency and fairness epitomised by acts and character of Mohammadu Buhari has placed him distinct (not first) among equals. There are still credible and model citizens in politics but they are few and far between. They usually end up being relegated to the benches and are only brought to the fore when the game of number really counts; elections.

    If only Buhari will deliver 50% of the resolve we witnessed in 1984, then I make bold to say, our salvation is near again. In the words of Sunny Okosun “Nigeria go Survive” to regain its rightful place in the annals as the bastion and pride of a truly independence Africa.
    But many vested political and economic interests groups are already jittery because of Buhari’s resolve to finish the project started on 31’st December 1983; this time under democratic principles! Buhari himself knows that many will try “everything possible” to stop him ( note everything!!!). I recall a quote from a drunken politician saying; “Anyone who truly wants to make a stand against the corruption in Nigeria today, should be ready to forfeit his/her life”. I will like to point out that unlike cats, most people I know possess only one. Yet, He is undaunted and so are we to make Nigeria once again the pride of Africa.

    Christians, Muslims, hausa, yoruba, igbo, whatever religious persuasion or ethnic affiliation, there is still a residual conscience in us to do good; to right the wrongs we observe. To give justice to the oppressed, to protect the weak and vulnerable. To be fair to our fellow human beings. Thank God, Buhari is in the race. Notwithstanding his flaws, he is an inspiration. Irrespective of the outcome of this outing he will be remembered and respected.
    The truth must be told, better now than later.