I didn’t know about Stella’s tummy tuck that turned tragic – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

Stella Obasanjo died after a failed tummy tuck surgery
Stella Obasanjo died after a failed tummy tuck surgery
A former President, Olusegun Obasanjo has said that he had no knowledge of his late wife, Stella’s plan to undergo the cosmetic procedure that led to her death.

Mr. Obasanjo disclosed this in his autobiography, My Watch, which was released on December 8.
The late first lady died on October 23, 2005, following a botched tummy tuck – elective liposuction – procedure in Spain. The surgery was scheduled towards the commemoration of her 60th birthday.

“After the internment, I decided to look into the circumstances of her death,” Mr. Obasanjo wrote on page 240 of Volume two of the book. “I found that part of her 60th birthday anniversary, which was unknown to me, was her operation for her tummy and her shape.”

Mr. Obasanjo also addressed the insinuations that his wife’s death may have been a “sacrifice” he carried out for success in his job.

“Before the verdict in Spain, I was unaware of what I came to hear later that I might have caused the death of my wife to sacrifice her for success in my job,” he wrote. “That is how wicked and satanic some Nigerians can be in their rumours and mischief.”

He referred to the doctor who carried out the surgery as “careless” and narrated how with the help of the Nigerian Embassy in Spain and the Spanish authorities, he got justice for his wife’s death.

“I instructed that the doctor and the clinic be prosecuted,” he said. “The lost life cannot be brought back but the successful prosecution would prevent carelessness and loss of life in the future.”

The doctor, according to the former president, was made to pay damages, which was collected by Olu Obasanjo, Stella’s son, and his licence withdrawn for a period of time.

Mr. Obasanjo was however full of praises for his wife, whom he married in 1976, four years after the formal dissolution of his first marriage.

He commended her for handling the confrontations she had with his first wife, Remi, with maturity, for accepting children he had with other women as her own, and for campaigning for his release while he was in jail as well as supporting him during his presidency.

Mr. Obasanjo said shortly before her death, Stella, who was Roman Catholic, ensured that her marriage was blessed by the church in a small private ceremony at the Aso Villa conducted by Mathew Kukah, now the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese.

According to Mr. Obasanjo, after the ceremony, his late wife thanked him and said, “You have relieved me.” Mr. Obasanjo’s book was met with controversy following its publication and launch.

Obasanjo and Stella
Obasanjo and Stella

An Abuja High Court had granted an exparte injunction stopping the public presentation of the book over claims the three volume series contained details of a libel case already before another court.

The case involves a drug trafficking allegation by the former president against a leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Buruji Kashamu.

On Wednesday, Justice Valentine Ashi found Mr. Obasanjo guilty of contempt, after he defied his directive barring him from releasing the book.


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  • emmanuel

    Shameless old liar

    Almost all Nigerians knew she travelled to do tummy tuck before she engaged in the trip.

    Is it not possible to settle the Doctor who did the dirty job in private while being prosecuted by same person in public?

    What about part of the rumor that was consistent with her elimination because of her romance with a media chief which had embarrassed him over a long time?

    Obj you have become inconsequential. Let those who want to waste their money on you in the name of buying into your lies do.

    Biko, give us a break!

    • Adoki Achine

      Nigerians but why ona dey lie like this? Can you quote one single newspaper story that reported that Stella was going abroad for Liposuction before we heard the news of her death?

  • Wise Head

    Spare us all the trash, Aremu. Nigerians just want to hear the following from you: Did you rise from a humble owner of only N25, 000 when you came out of prison to become a multi-billionaire that you are today? Did you sleep with your son’s wife? A fellow like you shouldn’t be seen in the public, let alone court publicity.



  • dudu

    Again, it is atypical of Baba never to blame himself or others for any negative situation. If only he had paid more attention to her, complimented her on her cute figure and her dress sense and her vanities, and made her to feel good about her body, Stella might still just be alive today, but God knows best. Instead of OBJ to realise his shortcomings that in his quest for power and position and consistent vindictiveness, he lost his family, he even lost those whom he felt understood him better. If you doubt my submission, ask Iyabo. I implore Baba to seek to move closer to God, act like a statesman, support the government to strengthen our national institutions rather than using it for unpatriotic and devilish purposes.

  • Wähala

    OBJ is lying thru his nose because Stella can no longer speak for herself. Nigerians are not “wicked and satanic with their rumors and mischiefs” according to Baba, if he made the following comment on the day he launched that book… “The court didn’t say I cannot launch, they said don’t launch on Thursday. Maybe Thursday is reserved for their juju day, so as a gentleman, I brought it backward to Tuesday”. Hence, in every rumor there’s an element of truth. Some Nigerians know Baba Iyabo is a client of Baba Alawos so it’s not beyond an evil man to make human sacrifices. Per late Stella and her tommy job… well, that lesson hasn’t stopped subsequent First Ladies from propping-up sagged cleavages via surgeries… remember, Jesus of Okrika and her Lazarus moments? Died and rose 7x while getting extra fat melted off her huge back portion. They never learn!

    • taiwo

      Wahala: Wait o. Women can do so much behind their husbands back. I guess u r married, u should know what I mean.

  • Oleku

    The incestuous ota baboon is a born liar–everything in his yeye is hogwash and full of shit–we won’t be surprised if he also deny having carnal knowledge of his daughter in law–a chameleon can never change it marks–aware Iyabo opened his Nyansh in her open letter–that girl is a very patriotic and brave citizen–everything about this baboon is detailed in that letter by Iyabo–sadly junk media houses ati PT and SR keep giving a useless book publicity–after exchanging brown envelope

  • senegal sparrow

    Let us give OBJ the credit he deserve. very few public officer can come out and say part of what they did while in office. it is nice to hear and learn from those secret that take place behind the veil of power. No matter the level of criticism i still have a lot of respect for the old man.


    A Tummy-tuck procedure is a major surgery,it leaves scars which cannot be hidden. It is therefore unthinkable that an enlightened woman like the Late ex-Lady would undertake such procedure without the knowledge of her domineering husband.
    This is vintage OBJ trying to deny any connection and remain blameless for any unfortunate event of the past. OBJ is a man who claims to know all and “the only man on earth who has never made any mistake”,this pack of self-praising lies and half truths is a true reflection of the wicked megalomaniac he is

    • serenity

      and since when did you become a doctor? you meddle in everything which does not concern you. Amebo!!!


        Thanks but I implore Amadioha to pounce on you soonest !!

        • serenity

          you did not answer the simple question…you rather turn violent and rain curses. go and get a life. little minds always talk about people.


            I personally believe that some questions should be replied with a dirty slap on the face !

          • serenity

            violence violence……sigh.


            Common sense, common sense………sigh

          • glo

            Your face should be permanently swollen.

    • serenity

      ****Cosmetic Surgeon


        Name calling does not erase common sense, MGBO……MGBO …….MGBO PIAFUKWA GI ISI !!

        • taiwo

          U be zeybrudaya? Abi no be zeybie dey talk like dat?

    • Adoki Achine

      Bros it is like you got this one wrong. I just read it up and it does not say that liposuction is a major surgery. In fact it says the procedure is a tiny incision that hardly leaves any scars. In fact the ‘client’ can leave hospital in a matter of hours. Hear the experts: “You’ll typically spend at least a few hours in the hospital or clinic so that medical personnel can monitor your recovery”.


        Liposuction is not the same as Tummy-tuck….get your facts right before trying to correct others.
        Tummy tuck is a major surgery which involves the cutting off of parts of the tummy and stiching it to tighten and attain a flatter shape . Liposuction is through minimal incision to insert a tube connected to a machine which sucks away fats after the fats have been dissolved by heat.

        • Adoki Achine

          “Facts”??? Look at the article you are responding to again. Premium Times also said Liposunction, but wrongly assumed that “Liposuction” and “Tummy Tuck” are one and the same thing. But you swallowed this completely because of shere ignorance. Now go check Stella’s Wikipedia page, it says absolutely nothing about Tummy Tuck. This is what is says precisely: “The physician had misplaced a TUBE designed for a LIPOSUCTION procedure into Obasanjo’s abdominal cavity”. This was credited to both the Austrailian Broadcasting Company and the BBC.
          My friend you have been caught completely pants down, and instead of accepting you blunder, you are here still trying to do bragaddo. Typical Nigerian!


            Are you ok ? Read my leading comment,I do not know who introduced Liposuction into the discourse . Tummy-Tuck is what I was writing about and I know exactly what it is. I did not have to consult any journal !I chose to correct a comment directed at me…that’s all and it is possible that the two procedures were carried out on the Late first Lady because it is rather common but what I read and commented about was Tummy-tuck !

          • Adoki Achine

            Big lesson: Next time you read rubish, please cross-check before commenting. It is the reason some of us have managed to stay sane and objective, and have not allowed half-baked and amateurish news media to indoctrinate us. See how one small act of speculative reporting has caused you to convulse uncontrollably and insult the man for nothing. You might do well in good conscience to start asking yourself how many of such sensational, wrong-headed reporting has shaped your opinion of the man in the past.
            I know you are really hurt but I hope for your sake that you have the humility and the good conscience to learn and to accept.


            There is nothing wrong with the reporting. You are just a confused piece of humanity !

          • Adoki Achine

            Sorry. Wasted time, wasted space.


            Sure, you need to know that you cannot impose lies on people !

    • glo

      Yes tummy tuck is a major surgery that leaves a very prominent scar, minimum of 8 inches long, while liposuction only requires a small incision of about 1/8 of an inch. Tummy tuck is mostly performed inclusive of liposuction; however liposuction can be performed alone. How do I know about these? Because we perform minimum of 8 of these surgery and procedure weekly. From my experience most of the patients opt not to tell their husband/significant other till after the fact; Middle Eastern and African patients, in particular.

    • GbemigaO

      Uninformed !


        Belligerent illiterate !

  • T-Square


    “I implore Obasanjo to stop lying before he dies – an elder with a filthy mind,
    a leader who lacks wisdom of age, does not deserve any respect.
    I went to primary school in Owu, so i know his family very well.
    He should be honest enough to tell the world the story of the man who was his father.

    I am not qualified to comment on Obasanjo’s political achievements, if any, for this country.
    The people and posterity will do that. There is no president in this country he has not condemned.
    Haba! He always thinks that he has the preserve of knowledge on how to rule this country.

    Did the country move forward when he was Head of State or President?
    He destroyed the heart of the national security. We can see the
    result today. He destroyed education in many ways. We see the result
    today. He destroyed a lot of other things.

    As for how he has treated his family shabbily, his wife and children have openly
    made their comments. Those comments are in public domain today and forever,
    even though Obasanjo cleverly brushes them aside in his current book.”

    …………..Brigadier Alabi-Isama
    [December 15, 2014]

    • Adoki Achine

      Brigadier who???

    • Olutola

      Alabi-Isama is an ingrate. After Dimka coup Obasanjo hid this ingrate at his farm to escape prosecution. When Buhari came to power he assisted this ingrate to leave Nigeria, can you see how he is paying back?

      • Captano

        @ Olutola,

        Nonsense! You were probably too young in 1976 or maybe tool old and senile.
        (Brigadier Obasanjo) was the one in hiding under S.B Bakare’s bed on that day.
        Brigadier Alabi-Isama was the officer who planned counter-attacks against Dimka.

  • Rommel

    It is on record that Obasanjo may be saying the truth on this one,I am properly informed that the man sent the woman to Vatican to represent him for the anniversary of Francis Cardinal Arinze but the woman chose to travel via Spain where she had other plans about this tummy tuck thing,OBJ would have known afterwards but who knows what she thought about how long recovery will take or the lies she had schemed to tell the man before her unfortunate passing.

    • Adoki Achine

      Usually, with this kind of procedure, they say you can be out of hospital in a matter of hour. Hear the expert: “You’ll typically spend at least a few hours in the hospital or clinic so that medical personnel can monitor your recovery”. She may even have opted for a faster and more discrete procedure, hence the complication with a procedure that was supposed to be routine. Like abortion, these supposedly routine procedures can become fatal when you try the back door option.

  • Gideon Orkar

    OBj it is your satanic lust for any toto you see that made Stella at 60 under stake such a surgery. Also you are delusional when you say you “instructed” that the doctor be prosecuted. Gorilla it is the process in that country and every death is investigated and you don’t have to be rich for this to be carried and sanction applied.


    • glo

      That satanic luster for any toto applies to most nigerian men.

      • Omo Oodua

        including you, loser!

    • GbemigaO

      As if you are different. When will your ilks stop abusing others while making statements?

      • Gideon Orkar

        Toto “luster”

  • Manna

    Address issues and leave messenger out of it. Many commentators are just consumed by personal hatred for the person of OBJ. Even when the man is making sense all those with negative stereotype about the man will not see reason. For being able such a sensitive issue show how courageous the man is.

  • Atom Ant

    Baba is so blunt to a fault! I am not too sure baba knows that the impression he is making is that he was the wife while Stella was the husband knowing fully well that it can only take a husband to undergo such a massive surgery without the consent of a wife.

    • glo

      How is that so? Isn’t the wife a human being with a mind of her own. Did he go everywhere with her. Please wake up from your thousand years slumber.

      • Omo Oodua

        So your wife can undergo a life threatening operation without informing you? then you must be ashamed as a husband and a father! OBJ talks too much but he forgets that his real old age is really making him to reason like a demented fellow, and a small child. Many of his statements are the true reflections of his person.

  • Sharia_Haram

    . A man who slept with his daughter-in-law should be banned from public speech. OBJ has no credibility. He should fix his home first before coming to fix Nigeria.

    Nigerians had since lost her culture and tradition, if not, the like of OBJ in our mix is an abomination. OBJ should have done the needful by going into exile. With that, he will avert the shame he is bringing onto SW and Christianity.

    • GbemigaO

      And you have the proof ?

      • Omo Oodua

        Do you want to play ignorant to that facts?

  • JoeBess

    greedy people. When they get there they see Nigerian money as their papa money. The money she should have use to affect live she a kill killed herself with. Anywhere the death buried the death