Obasanjo praises Gani Fawehinmi, rubbishes Soyinka, Chukwumerije in new book

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has showered praises on late Gani Fawehinmi, lawyer and activist, who was a thorn in the flesh of successive administrations in Nigeria, describing him as one of the most genuine politico-social critics in the history of the country.

Mr. Obasanjo was effusive in his praise of Mr. Fawehinmi just as he lampooned Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, and Senator Uche Chukwumerije, describing them as self-serving activists.

Writing in his new autobiography, My Watch, the former president said the late Senior Advocate of Nigeria was not just a critic of his government, but was also the counsel to his ex-wife, Remi, during the couple’s messy divorce.

“Gani was to me a fearless, genuine politico-social critic, who drew no distinction between friends and associates or on ethnicity, geography or religion,” Mr. Obasanjo wrote. “He believed in what he did and did what he believed.”

Mr. Obasanjo also commended Mr. Gani for always speaking up when everyone else was silent, especially on matters of injustice.

He alleged that his ex-wife, Remi, sought the services of Mr. Fawehinmi in order to scandalize him as a senior military officer and a minister in government, but that he (Obasanjo) equally secured Mr. Fawehinmi’s match in Kehinde Sofola.

“But that issue did not diminish my respect for Gani,” he said.

Mr. Obasanjo described Mr. Fawehinmi as an advocate for the poor and the oppressed.

He said the vacuum left by the late legal luminary was yet to be filled in Nigeria.

Mr. Fawehinmi died on September 5, 2009, after a prolonged battle with lung cancer. He was 71.

Soyinka the “aparo” hunter

Prof Wole Soyinka
Prof Wole Soyinka

On the other hand, Mr. Obasanjo described the nation’s only Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, as “a self-serving critic” who always loved to take the lead on all matters.

“For Wole, no one can be good, nor can anything be spot-on politically except that which emanates from him or is ordained by him,” Mr. Obasanjo wrote. “His friends and loved ones will always be right and correct no matter what they do or fail to do.”

Mr. Obasanjo said he found the Professor of Literature “a misfit as a political analyst, commentator or critic,” adding that it was good that Mr. Soyinka did not go into politics.

“He is surely a better wine connoisseur and a more successful “aparo” (guinea fowl) hunter than a political critic, not to talk of what he would do as a politician,” Mr. Obasanjo said. “I take him seriously on almost all issues except on the political particularly Nigerian politics.”

He, however, noted that the Nobel laureate appeared to have ‘mellowed’ down since turning 80 recently.

As he prayed that Mr. Soyinka celebrates the centenary of his birth on earth, Mr. Obasanjo also stated, “If I go before him, I will bid him welcome when he arrives at the great beyond. I hope he would do the same if he succeeds in getting there before me and we find ourselves on the same side of the divide.”

Chukwumerije lost both “fire” and “brand”

Sen. Uche Chukwumerije
Sen. Uche Chukwumerije

On Mr. Chukwumerije, Mr. Obasanjo said the senator as a younger person used to be sincere, fearless and uncompromising but as he grew older and the reality of life dawned on him with the weight of family responsibility “his pen, if not his mouth, gradually blunted and the fire in him started to dim”.

Mr. Obasanjo also said it then became easy to sway the once fiery, obstinate critic and he became a tool of whoever needed to use him.

“Wittingly or unwittingly, he began to do the bidding of the lurer,” he said. “In the process, the intrepidity waned and the fearlessness disappeared. He became called and coiled.”

He added that by joining politics, Mr. Chukwumerije sacrificed not only the “fire” in him, but also the “brand,” adding that the real Mr. Chukwumerije that was known in the past was gone.



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  • chukzee

    Baba, I dey fin this ur ebook everwhere, some say it will be out in january. I can’t wait

    • Adoki Achine

      I can e-mail a soft copy of the book to you, my friend. Trust me. Only that you have to buy the book first, and swear that you would not duplicate and proliferate.

      • Seye

        I swear I would not do such a thing. My email is michealart3937@yahoo.com. As regards of buying the book, yes if I do see a hard copy before it is banned or seized. And lastly just got introduced to my countries history some months back and have been zealous to know more (picking one or two things from baba iyabos’s brain)

        • oluwadan

          i would advise mr seye,to pick and selectively read different sources,do not read official government sources cuz most of it is crap.also do not read obj’s my command which has been proved to b nonsense.all in all,read but sift fact and truth from feelings and fiction.

  • Baba Messi

    Obj’s assessment of others has generally been spot on. His assessments of GEJ, Soyinka and now chukwumerije are 90% correct.
    However,the irony is that the same flaws he(OBJ) accuses others of, are resident in him in MONUMENTAL PROPORTIONS!
    While what he says might be true, there is something sickening and repugnant about one accusing others of what he is most guilty of.

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    OBJ was right on Chukwumerije

    • Adoki Achine

      The man knows these guys infinitely more than the noise makers on this forum.

      • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

        Truth must be told
        the he-goat was my hero
        Now we have included his name on the list of people to be exiled after Nigeria break up

  • 100%Black

    OBJ is 10 times worse than anyone he writes about

  • Reporteruncensored

    Hmmm,OBJ has stepped on the lion’s tail with regard to Soyinka…Kongi go use grammer finish am-Watch out my people!

    • sharp shape

      Please ! I don’t like OBJ infact I detest the man but what he said about gani ans soyinka is spot on ! Gani is the best nigerian that ever lived my opinion ! While soyinka a brilliant writer and poet no doubt is a moral liliputian ! Soyinka was easily compromised by babangida as the chief yellow fever of Nigeria ! Chukwumerije I know very little about !

      • Tonnero

        This is how you morally bankrupt people talk nonsense. Can you tell us how Soyinka was compromised by Babangida? or you just expect us to accept it is so because you say so? Soyinka has been a target of you Igbos since he disagreed with your God. A man who went to jail for something he believed in that did not even have anything to do with him is a moral lilliputian? You must really be delusional.

        • sharp shape

          Your nonsense does not dissuade me I have aired my opinion ! As an intellectual Wole is a giant especially in literature ! As a moralist IBB compromised him ! Fact Gani never ran away to exile not even from Abacha ! Wole hurled ass to exile which is okay ! He was not just Gani’s equal in that department ! Now air your opinion and its yours !

        • sharp shape

          If I start to curse you people will blame me so you are warned !

  • Yusuf

    although objs book may be self serving but most of things he said seems true

  • Abiodun Adeniran

    Obviously OBJ would not write about his own faults. That is to be expected because that is the nature of man generally. So his faults are better left for another person to write about. However most of the things he has written are truth and facts. The man appears very blunt. That was how he wrote good things even about Nzeogwu even when most Northerners did not want to hear any good talk about him.


    The only person that is good to OBJ is OBJ. No one should be carried away by his belated effusive praise of Fawehinmi. No one did more than OBJ to bring the brilliant lawyer down in his life time. OBJ has achieved so much, both deservedly and undeservedly, but he will perpetually live in the shadows of two of his kinsmen – Abiola and Soyinka. Why? Because he suffers, strangely, from an incurable and pathological inferiority complex!

    • Garden-City Boy

      You got it? Obasanjo knows that Gani is not around to split the lobes of his bullet-pocked butt to further expose the hypocrisy of a man now on a belated, a shameless peddling of self-righteousness.

      • taiwo

        Do you know you sound like rabble-rouser too?

        • Garden-City Boy

          You are damned right! But…..do think I really care?

    • Truthnodeydie

      Point of correction! He will perpetually live in the shadows of three of his kinsmen- Awo, Abiola and Soyinka.

      • Reporteruncensored

        In the shadow Awo?Yes.In the shadow of Soyinka?Yes,in the shadow of Abiola?I’m not sure!

        • Adoki Achine

          Soyinka? How?

          • Reporteruncensored

            Soyinka is a global public intellectual

          • Adoki Achine

            Global intellectual what? My brother don’t decieve yourself. Step out there and see the real world. The man (Soyinka) once spent virtually an entire 48 hour camping outside UNESCO headquarters with protesters to stop the United Nations agency from certifying the Institute for African Culture and International Understanding at the Obasanjo Presidential Library. Soyinka had earlier written a petition which was thoroughly investigated by the organisation. In the end, the 180th session of UNESCO overwhelmingly voted to approved the institute by 47 – 0.
            Thus in the only contest between these two personalities at the world stage and in a matter directly concerning knowledge and intellectualism, Soyinka was roundly disgraced by Obj. So where did you see this thing about “global public intellectual”?

      • taiwo

        I disagree. I think he is on a par with d last 2 now, though I am not personally enamoured to him.


        Thank you!

    • Adoki Achine

      Obj “will perpetually live in the shadows of two of his kinsmen”. You don’t say! I am desperately trying to understand the substance of this assertion. You say “the only person that is good, is Obj”. Habah! I think the content of Obj’s book is still too fresh in our minds for us to be twisting facts like these. The way he spoke about Buhari and Gani in the book is almost like he would really love to be like these two. And these are not even his friends or apologists! I am sure you would find more of such compliments of some other Nigerians in the book if you read it.

      On Gani, it would surprise you to hear what Gani had to say on a personal level about Obj when Obasanjo was still president. Do you know that Gani once said that he had things to say about Obj that he would only say when the man would have left Aso Rock? Knowing Gani for his fearlessless, do you not realise that such opinion that he had would only have been favourable to the man (Obj) and he (Gani) did not want to voice it then in order not to be seen as licking the boot of a government in power?

      On your comment that Obj “suffers, strangely, from an incurable and pathological inferiority complex”, this one really really surprises me because, if there is any thing that has been said about the man, it is his alleged legendary ‘superiority’ complex and his messianic disposition. Or you want to enlighten us anew, my dear old friend, about this concept, in which case I am open to a refreshingly new perspective. Seriously.


        The clearest indication of an inferiority complex is what OBJ is exhibiting: Everyone but me is bad!

  • Grace

    Baba pointing finger at everyone and the remaining four fingers pointing to him.

  • Benedict Achu

    Nigeria is a failed state, without a doubt. It is only in a failed state this sort of thing happens.
    Only in a failed state do criminals sit in moral judgement over their victims, to assess endurance.
    And most other victims of Olusegun Obasanjo’s depredation will even pay to buy this book and read.
    Education has not helped to morally liberate Nigerians. Boko Haram is saying the obvious on that point.

  • Chris1408

    OBJ is telling the truth about others. When will he tell the truth about himself? When will he tell Nigerians why he fundamentally destroyed the democratic system twice in Nigeria. Personally, I am curious to know why he laid such a horrible foundation for our democratic system.

  • A.M Danasebe

    Why should obj write about his faults? Those he criticised in the book should either counter it or write about his short comings too. I encourage everyone mentioned in the book to write his/her own, the country would be better for it.

    • Adoki Achine

      All those making noise on this forum about how the man does not criticise himself, I wonder how many times they have done a very simple thing as admit that there were wrong on this forum, even when superior arguement stared them very starkly in the face.

  • Wähala

    Definitely right on Gani, near there on Soyinka… and way off on Chukwumerije.
    Gani was an icon, a cult figure and father-presence to all regardless of ethnicity, socio-economic standing and/or religion. No doubt about that, Baba is on the money there. But on “Prof. Apero” aka, Wole Soyinka, Baba is right that the Nobel laureate is self-serving. Soyinka likes to tell you the last world President he had dinner with and where’s he’s heading to for the next urgent meeting requiring his presence. Once told Nigerians his contacts in a certain foreign embassy told him the Boko Haram man at our CBN but refused to name the killer because of what he claimed is on-going investigation of the terrorist sponsor. So, yes! Soyinka likes to bask in the limelight like his cousin, Femi Falana, who holds the world record for running to court on every issue therewith, minimizing the importance of the saga. Finally, Sen. Chukwumerije, I must admit, I was taken aback by Baba’s reference to him because I’ve been called ‘Chukwumerije’ on Prof. Okay Ndibe’s interpretative article on Iyabo’s letter to her father… one of many speculations as the person behind my persona. Sen. Chukwumerije may have lost his zeal & zest, but Höly Wähala has not lost a bullet and I’m still smoking holding my odeku by the bottleneck… thus, OBJ has subliminally exonerated me by his jab at Chukwumerije, whether the clown has changed or not is no longer my business. Sha… @Premium Times: make una kukuma dey read Baba’s book chapter by chapter on daily basis instead of this piecemeal delivery to raise dust. Are you not breaking “court injunction” banning Baba’s book? Either way… Kudos!

    • Adoki Achine

      I have also wondered why Soyinka hardly raised a voice in condemnation of Obj during the man’s first term when his loyalist and former assistant was in Obasanjo’s cabinet, only to suddenly find his voice when Agunloye was kicked out of the cabinet in Obasanjo’s second term.

      • taiwo

        No. He criticised OBJ several times.

        • Pius

          Has he ever criticise bola Tinubu the killer, greedy corrupt and the drug addict?

          How is Obj different from Tinubu?

  • sharp shape

    Gani has no equal in Nigeria period ! Even his enemies like this otta baboon acknowledge this much ! May Allah grant Gani paradise a patriot and true Muslim ! Not the pretenders and the fifth columnist of today’s wasted generation !

    • taiwo

      Ameen. True.

  • Joe

    To me, it’s like a witchcraft kind of mentality in Africa. Africans talk good of someone only when he is dead. If Soyinka were dead, OBJ could have sing praises of him. Both Soyinka and OBJ are not saints, but Soyinka has contributed immensely to the development of Nigeria and I think no one can take that from him.

    • Adoki Achine

      Well Obsanjo also criticize the dead in his book, so I think maybe you assertion does not hold here. And please tell me, how did Soyinka “contribute immensely to the development of Nigeria”?

  • Ayelala

    BBC newsnight

    Wole Soyinka :” Those chibok girls are going to define us as a nation. If we cannot find those girls , i think it is time to give each other ethnic spaces.”
    Meaning : Divide the country.
    Wole soyinka and the others have been warning us about the situation we now find ourselves. What obasanjo regards as politics is what is treasonable in other climes.
    This is not politics, this is african crudity known as organised crime.
    In other climes , Obasanjo , jonathan,babangida ,Abacha and all their criminal disciples will be shoe – shiners or omolanke truck-pushers while soyinka will still remain soyinka ; the social critic.
    Thousand of people like soyinka will never go into politics because the system is crude that they will be pushed to line people up against the wall and shooting them; just to clean the system up.
    What is being practiced in nigeria is not politics, what Is practiced is nothing other than ORGANISED CRIME fed by the oil curse gushing out of the delta.
    Nigeria is not a nation state , nigeria is a failed state.
    The second most dangerous country on earth. Obasanjo can keep deluding himself , the yorubas wish him good health and a long existence to see how he and criminal disciples will be made to answer for all their acts .

    • IK

      You are right. Nigeria is not a country but a full blown continent! We the Igbos are watching and when the time comes, everybody will know.

  • Agboniregun

    Baba Iyabo!, we don’t expect you to say anything good about Soyinka because like GANI, he has always been a thorn in the flesh of corrupt,self-serving power-mongers like you. You now eulogize GANI simply because he is no more and you castigate Soyinka because he is alive and, even at his old age, still retains the courage to deploy his unsullied integrity, forthrightness, profound intellect and inimitable literary prowess against vicious, hyra-headed monsters terrorizing our society.

    You lack the moral standing to criticize anybody in this country, not to talk honourable people like Soyinka. This country is the way it is- no thanks to the retrogressive culture of impunity, corruption, repression, and intolerance of dissent-that characterize governance in Nigeria and you are an embodiment of all that. Your do-or-die politics paved way for the emergence of GEJ who has not only sustained your unworthy legacies(impunity and corruption) but has also set new records in that regard.

    Baba Iyabo!, your hypocrisy knows no bounds. You have never spoken against injustice unless you are the victim and you have never agitated or sacrificed anything for noble causes unless you stand to benefit from it.

    When pro-democracy activist(Soyinka and GANI inclusive) started agitating for a return to civil rule in the late 1980s, you said Nigeria was not ripe for democracy. When IBB annulled June 12 elections, you kept silent. When Abacha started his campaign of terror, you didn’t say anything until you became his victim.

    You became president in 1999 after your release from the jackboots of Abacha and in 8 years at the helm ,you could not even acknowledge the sacrifices of MKO Abiola and many others who paid the ultimate price during the pro-democracy struggles.

    And here you are, vilifying someone who has lived all his life in sacrifice for progressive ideals. Baba!, the country is approaching a decisive moment, and forces of progress are rallying around GMB to dislodge forces of darkness from Aso Rock. My advice to you is to keep enjoying your loot at Ota Farm and spare us your prankishness. And when the season of reckoning finally dawns,nothing, not even your tacit support for GMB,nor your so-called reputation in international circles not your Ph.D in theology will deliver you from the long-arm of justice.

    • Adoki Achine

      Quote 1. “You now eulogize GANI simply because he is no more and you castigate Soyinka because he is alive”. Frankly, I can’t understand the logic in this statement. I think the criticism would have been more valid if he was speaking ill of the dead and praising the living.

      Quote 2. “You have never spoken against injustice unless you are the victim and you have never agitated or sacrificed anything for noble causes unless you stand to benefit from it”. Habah! even you yoirself know that this one is not true now. Why did Obasanjo criticise Abacha, and even got arrested for it? Remember Obasanjo was outside the country when Abacha was looking for him, yet he came back to confront his accuser. Does that sound like someone who was only doing it for selfish reasons?
      When the likes of Tinubu and Soyinka ran away to hide abroad during Abacha, people like Gani and (yes) Obasanjo decided to stay put and fight the man here on his turf. Does that sound like a man who does not sacrifice?
      Hate a man or love him, but never treat lightly the very important elements of facts and logic when criticising him.

      • Agboniregun

        You deliberately quoted me out of context in a bid to justify your point. I advise you to re-read ‘Quote 1’in the context of the entire paragraph. I hope you would understand the logic of your quote after doing that. But if you don’t, a paragraph from Vladimir Lenin’s State and Revolution, quoted below,might be of help.

        ‘During the lifetime of great revolutionaries, the oppressing classes constantly hounded them, received their theories with the most savage malice, the most furious hatred and the most unscrupulous campaigns of lies and slander. After their death, attempts are made to convert them into harmless icons, to canonize them, so to say, and to hallow their names to a certain extent for the “consolation” of the oppressed classes and with the object of duping the latter, while at the same time robbing the revolutionary theory of its substance, blunting its revolutionary edge and vulgarizing it’

        • Adoki Achine

          Fair enough. I take is then that you agree with me on point number 2???


    Only “His Holyness” Baba Shege is good, every other Nigerian is bad……..Terminal Megalomania !!

    • Adoki Achine

      No, the man said Gani and Buhari are very good men. The way he praised them, it almost sound to me like he would love to be like them.

      • George


  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    Obasanjo seems objective and the spot.

  • Rondo

    General Obasanjo must include exile in his next options, should President Jonathan win the 2015 election.
    For the first time General Olusegun Obasanjo shall be publicly arraigned for thefts. I leak this info for free.

    • Seemeseetrouble

      “Goodluck Jonathan lacks broad vision, knowledge, confidence,
      understanding, concentration, capacity, sense of security, courage,
      moral and ethical principles, character, and, passion
      to move the nation forward on a fast trajectory”

      ……….General Olusegun Obasanjo

      (December 10, 2014)

      • paul eneke

        I totally agree with the man(OBJ) on this one o!!!

    • Adoki Achine

      He has been abusing Jonathan like forever, and the man still can’t do anything. Or is he not sure that he is the sitting president of Nigeria and is waiting until after 2015 to find out?

  • Rommel

    For the guys asking OBJ to talk about himself,how many of you are truthful about your shortcoming? OBJ has said his own and even mentioned names,let those mentioned also write about OBJ period,the man has thrown the first punch and incidentally,he chose to speak mainly about people who are still very much alive and kicking and that to me is not an act of cowardice.Let those mentioned or anyone with enough information about the man also jump into the ring.

  • Okache

    Wole Soyinka is probably the greatest Nigerian. An intellectual giant, in fact, an intellectual equivalent of Nelson Mandela. As much as I appreciate Obasanjo talk some times, in comparison to the literary heavyweight, Obasanjo amounts to nothing though he ruled this country. He knows this and his envious temperament will always push him to badmouth individuals far better than him in integrity, probity and contribution to national development. Soyinka gives to the country while Obasanjo takes in the form of stealing.

    • BlackieUmukoro

      Please don’t compare soyinka to Mandela. Pure blasphemy

      • J. S. Jaja (PhD)

        In fact, it is desecration of personality to compare both. There is no basis on earth or outside the earth for such grotesque comparison.

      • paul eneke

        Please,allow him to compare both.Our late Madiba was born under Cancer sign with that of WS. Uncle Wole was born on the 16th,while Mandela’s birthday was on the 18th of July.People born under Cancer sign are like that,they are fighters by nature.

    • Proudly Niger Deltan

      Keep quiet for there. Intellectual giant? …for person wey drop out from PhD class? …pls tell us something different…are you aware that Wole carefully planted his children in Govt positions at Federal and state levels? Doesnt that look like CORRUPTION?…abi the children win Nobel price too?

      Malala of Pakistan is just 13yrs and has won a Nobel price. So no be new thing. Nonsense!

      • taiwo

        Mind u many of d greatest intellectuals r not PhD holders. Having a PhD may make u an expert in your field, it certainly doesn’t make u an intellectual. I don’t think Sonala Olumhense has a PhD but he is an intellectual. Stanley Macebuh had a PhD but he was an intellectual giant. Akin Osuntikun, though a conservative, is also an intellectual giant, so is Edwin Madugbunam. WS is an intellectual giant which ever way you look at it.

  • Proudly Niger Deltan

    “For Wole, no one can be good, nor can anything be spot-on politically except that which emanates from him or is ordained by him,”…. “His friends and loved ones will always be right and correct no matter what they do or fail to do.”

    “Mr. Obasanjo said he found the Professor of Literature “a misfit as a political analyst, commentator or critic,” adding that it was good that Mr. Soyinka did not go into politics…”

    This is the best statement Thief OBJ has ever made in all his 88yrs on earth. I think the sense of this man is coming back small small. OBJ was right about Wole. Mr Wole is not just a misfit but a contagious misfit. I will explain….Sometimes ago, the Judas Iscariot of Port Harcourt made an open confession of stealing and went on to say that he & other Govs continue to steal bcos they have not been stoned to death by Nigerians…and Wole was there, but to the consternation of all, instead of the old man to rebuke the crook, he stood up and began to applaud the stupidity of an unrepentant thief as though Judas’s confession was an act of penance…. This is what OBJ means when he says the egotist is a misfit.

    Chukwumerije was described as minister of misinformation in the 90s…When the military boys shot and killed rioters and students, Chukwumerije would tell the international press that only tear gas was used, even with graphic pictures of the injured and dead, Chukwumerije would still go ahead and say the opposite …and somehow, people began to believe him…Even OBJ!

    May God bless OBJ for speaking truth.

    • igboham

      Selected truth – will he praise Gani if he was alive?

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Obj was right on spot on wole soyinka. The man died when he started promoting Amaechi because of the free choice wine

  • Satyr

    That Nigerians are listening to Obviously Belongs in Jungle (OBJ) is a testament to the fact that the country lack any reasoning capabilities. This guy is full of it…He wants to be seen as a true Nigerian and a true Nigerian died in Fela, Gani, Chinua, Dele and their likes and OBJ doesn’t measure up. A killer, usurper, rigger, pedophile, wife beater, liar, thief, philanderer (he judged people in his watch and am returning the favour). He should crawl back to his loot, stolen farm and 2.8 billion naija loot. Rot on Obj!!!

  • 9ja_zion

    Why can’t they publish this book on Amazon / barnesandnoble. I am looking forward to reading this book. Well the man has nothing to lose. He should keep talking so we the younger generation
    pick a thing or two..

  • King Carlos

    I hope he said stuffs about MKO Abiola too.

  • McAlfred Uta

    Baba OBJ is right on the spot about Gani Fawehinmi. Hear him “Gani was to me a fearless, genuine politico-social critic, who drew no distinction between friends and associates or on ethnicity, geography or religion. He believed in what he did and did what he believed.” The Elders should tell the truth at all times. My question to Baba is “when Gani ran for the President why didn’t you say this to sway voters in his favour? However, having said this before going to the great God will surely forgive you for oppressing Gani when he was alive.

    • igboham

      But he is dead.

  • igboham

    His analysis of Chukwumerije is true and some of us are ashamed of him. I hate to agree with Obasanjo on any issue. Let us wait for the prof’s response.

  • Elamco

    Let this book be launched on Internet and let the hatter of the book go to he’ll. Nigeria is already having the breath of new change in government. We have already been disappointed. We don’t need Jonathan again in this country.