EXCLUSIVE: North launches fresh attack on Jonathan, wants implementation of National Conference report halted

Delegates to the recently concluded 2014 National Conference have launched a fresh and elaborate bid to scuttle President Goodluck Jonathan’s plan to implement the report of the conference, PREMIUM TIMES can report today.

The delegates, under the aegis of Northern Delegates Forum, NDF, in a post-mortem presentation to “stakeholders, institution and leaders” of the North, rejected some of the recommendations of the Confab, which they claimed were smuggled into the final report by the Presidency.

They also restated their opposition to the process of nomination to the conference and the procedure adopted by its leadership.

The 492-member Conference began on March 17 and ended August 21 when its report was presented to Mr. Jonathan.

When he received the report, which is in three volumes, including a “Draft Constitution”, Mr. Jonathan assured that the recommendations contained therein would be implemented.

“Let me reaffirm this: Nobody has a monopoly of knowledge. We who are in government need to feed from the thoughts of those who elected us into power. You have done your patriotic duty. We the elected must now do ours.

“As I receive the report of your painstaking deliberations, let me assure that your work is not going to be a waste of time and resources. We shall do all we can to ensure the implementation of your recommendations, which have come out of consensus and not by divisions.”

In September, the president constituted a seven-member panel headed by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Adoke, to implement the report.

Mr. Jonathan reiterated his plan to implement the Confab report on November 11 when he declared his re-election bid.

“In the first quarter of this year, our country celebrated its centenary. To prepare the nation for the challenges of the next one hundred years, I convened a National Conference where recommendations and resolutions were reached towards a more perfect union. We shall implement the report,” he said.

During the period the conference lasted, the northerners, under the aegis of the NDF, co-chaired by former Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Coomassie, and former Information Minister, Jerry Gana, objected to some proposals during plenary.

In a protest letter to the Chairman of the Conference, Idris Kutigi, in July, the NDF, opposed the “draft constitution” and demanded its withdrawal from circulation.

“We call upon the leadership of the conference to discountenance and withdraw the ‘draft Constitution’ and the accompanying bills which have been circulated,” the group said.

“We urge the conference leadership to table the draft conference report which contains only the resolutions openly and officially sanctioned and adopted by delegates for validation and adoption as provided for under the National Conference Procedure Rules, 2014 and as envisaged in the Work Plan adopted.”

However, in the latest protest, the Forum, in the 35-page document dated October 15, demanded the jettisoning of the report because it contains some recommendations allegedly smuggled in by the Federal Government.

The document, which suggested the President is working to discredit and weaken the region, is being widely circulated in the region.
It specifically said the proposal for the creation of 18 news states, their capitals and local governments was brought in by the government.

It said, “The importation of a new Nigerian map into the final report with names of additional states and their boundaries, new state capitals and local governments when in effect, the Conference plenary only stopped at presenting various memos received by its relevant committee attests to the description of the conference sponsors to level up, or surpass the North in number of states and local governments, using all foul means at their disposal.”

The Forum contended that it would be “offensive to rudimentary concept of justice” should new states be created on the basis of equality without consideration for land mass, population or economic viability.

“After all, injustice is not only when equals are treated unequally, but also when unequal (s) are treated equally.”
The northern delegates also said that the conference was characterised by a range of irregularities as some items and agenda, which were not part of the original mandates of the sub-committees, were smuggled in.

It listed such items to include issues of referendum, resource democracy and creation of additional states, which it said was not based on any known constitutional criteria.

The group argued that ‘referendum’ clause was neither assigned to any of the 20 Committees as agenda item nor discussed at plenary but nonetheless found its way into the conference report as a recommendation for constitutional amendment.

On “Resource Democracy,” the group it said was brought in by the sub-committee on Environment, though the mandate fell on the Committee on Devolution of Power.

“Nonetheless, the leadership of the conference allowed voice votes to be taken on them despite vehement protestations of several occasions,” it said.

“Again, all attempts to subject voice votes to actual voting were declined by conference leadership, contrary to the rules of procedure.”

The group further alleged that the government deliberately abused both procedure and criteria for selection of delegates at the conception stage of the conference.

It alleged that the government consciously staged-managed the conference as part of a calculated plot to weaken and undermine the unity of the North, while it pursued its consolidation agenda for a greater South.

According to the group, it is on record that the government was funding and working hand-in-hand with media barons from the South, especially of Niger Delta extraction who dominate both the electronic, print and internet-based media.

“That task was to feed the nation on diets of anti-North propaganda – lies, threats, and hate speech,” it said.

The group said apart from making oral and written representations to the Conference leadership, some faith-based organisations and Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, also made physical representations to both Mr. Jonathan and his deputy, Namadi Sambo, on disagreeable issues that arose in the course of the conference, but that there was no remediation whatsoever.

It claimed that the protest to the president was, instead, greeted with ‘addendum list’, which neither impressed, nor assuage the fears of the vast majority of Nigerians, and Northerners in particular.

“In fact, to insult the sensibilities of the North, the addendum list was made up of three legal practitioners from the South, with ties to the present government.”

It also said when the conference insisted on voting over the contentious issue of revenue derivation as it currently stands, the conference once again resorted to “escapism by hiding under the recommendation of the conference’s wise men committee to refer the matter back to the presidency, in favour of an advisory committee to settle the matter, amicably.”

The group therefore demanded that the Draft Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2014,” should be jettisoned while all decisions touching on the constitutional amendments as “proposed Amendments to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999”.

It also called for the rejection of any documents purporting to be “Proposed Bills to Adopt a Draft Constitution, 2014.”
The group also demanded the rejection of the new map of Nigeria with additional states, and local governments, and instead subject all requests to scrutiny based on constitutional and other criteria.

It also asked the government to decline approval of diaspora voting and upward review of revenue allocation formula for oil producing states, which it said was as agreed by the confab.

It said, “Generally, reject all “smuggled” items that were otherwise not deliberated upon, or conclusively resolved in the course of the defunct National Conference such as removal of names of local government from Schedule II of the 1999 Constitution and other potentially harmful proposals to the North and Nigeria in that order.”

A member of the group, Sani Zorro, confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES about the moves to stop Mr. Jonathan from implementing the report of the conference.

“It (report) is discredited. We don’t have a report because it has been discredited. We have circulated a pamphlet to the entire members of the National Assembly (on this),” he said.

Mr. Zorro, a former National President of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ, which it represented at the conference, said the Presidency smuggled in the 18 proposed states.

He said, “The Presidency came with these 18 states. We never knew anything about 18 states.

“In the Conference report, we mentioned those who submitted memoranda for the creation of state but we didn’t approve the creation of states or local government.

“But when it went to these people at the presidency they cooked up these because they said they want to bridge the difference between the North and the South. When they had done that they allocated eight to the North and they took 10.”

Efforts by PREMIUM TIMES to get the response of the presidency to the allegation, failed.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, did not reply a text message sent to him.
However, the spokesperson of the conference, Akpandem James, debunked the group’s claims.

“I have not seen the document you are talking about, however, how can they say the presidency smuggled something into the report and where did the presidency do that?” he told this newspaper in a telephone interview.

Stating that the report of the conference had since become a public document, Mr. James explained that it actually received requests for new states but did not recommended that the states be created.

According to him, the conference merely presented conditions to be met by the proposed states before they are created.

He said, “If any of the states meets the conditions then that they can be created. But these are merely recommendations and it is left for the government to accept or reject. If you look at those requests, many of them cannot qualify.

“The Conference did not create states. The Conference made recommendations based on proposals and the Conference made conditions for the creation of states.”


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  • Ola

    Useless parasites. Form your Arewa Sharia Republic and leave the South alone. Enough of this nonsense.

    • Yusuf

      Hate is a disease, if u must hate, hate the person that provoke u. Hating an entire people based on tribe or religion is rather senseless characterized by incivility

      • bugwu

        We do not have anything in common Britain made a very big mistake in 1914.

        • sharp shape

          On point nothing more to add

    • sharp shape

      Thanks ! Arrogant bastards they will fail them and their buhari !

  • dre

    @ola ,your backstabbing tribe are the one encouraging them

    • Me & what

      You wrong southwest ain’t encouraging them, get your facts right please. Thanks.

  • Oleku

    The Mohammedans will not rest until Naija is Islamised and sharia law fully implemented across the country–anyone who doesn’t know the agenda of the janjaweeds in APC is in for a long ride–it’s unfortunate Naija is in such a mess–were a section of the continent feels and believe that they are better than others–including their breadwinners from the SS&SE–what a joke

    • Titi

      I have been monitoring this article, and this is the next comment i am expecting ‘APC’. I can see yesterday really hurts U. This whole article is a handwork of evil forces bcus it lacks basis, an old story reformulated to cause disaffection. Its toooo late for you, the only thing u can do is run away or cause anarchy

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Titi, the avalanche of the PDP e-rats that you have noticed is simply due to the fact that they have just been given a new mandate of malevolence after seeing the APC primaries.

        This early Friday night shift will go off duty by 11:00 pm tonight and will resume again tomorrow night.

        • Alcindo Satori

          “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” Listen you Yoruba double tongue, GMB is a boko apologist; no matter how you try to spin it. and he SHALL NEVER RULE NIGERIA!!!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Why don’t you wait and see?

            Oh, by the way, I am proud of my identity. That is why I am not hiding it under a fake nom de guerre.

            Can you proudly state the same thing? I doubt it.

            Don’t deride what you cannot aspire to be.

          • Alcindo Satori

            my friend shut your palm-oil soup face up! Double-tongue ass hole. You should be worried about fickle tribe more than anything else. Clown! Let me tell you, the immaterial has become, immaterial.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            Is that all you can muster?

            E be like say you like to lick what you call others?

            You no tire for shaite?

          • Aliyu

            No problem! Nigeria belongs to your father, lets see

        • Titi

          Kay Soyemi its like U know them better than I do

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, Titi.

            I sort of studied their pattern of postings and come along to do “battle” once in a while, if I feel like it.

            Generally, the APC and other reasonable guys do regular hours and go to bed; hop on in the mornings, break times and early evenings.

            I presume much of these PDP e-rats actually work from the same space or room or something to that effect.

            They actually descend and hunt in packs!

        • Godfrey Etokebe

          POOR YOU!!! APC has just handed over the victory to APC!! Can’t you read the game?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Mr. Etokebe,

            “Godfrey Etokebe 3 minutes ago
            POOR YOU!!! APC has just handed over the victory to APC!! Can’t you read the game?”

            Na you dey tie your own shoe lace?

            I doubt it.

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            ”POOR YOU!!! APC has just handed over the victory to PDP!! Can’t you read the game?”
            Distraction at home!! My apology!!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Apology accepted, Godfrey.

            As long as it was for a good purpose.

            Now back to matters, please elucidate your premise.

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            Kay, it is simple GAME OVER for APC!!! INNOCENT Nigerians that BUHARI sent to jail are still alive. Their children are of voting age. Combine both and see how many minus BUHARI votes that these translates to!!!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Godfrey, thanks for obliging me.

            I was waiting for that, and plus more, which you didn’t give.

            Most of the so-called “victims of GMB” were actually Yoruba (or more appropriately, the old UPN stalwarts).

            Sadly, they are mostly in the PDP now – the Awolowo scions, the Ebino Topsys of this world et al – and they already cast their lot into the deep end against APC.

            So, where does that alter the equation? The Yorubas are actually the driving force behind the resurgent GMB because they represent the political force that is propelling the country presently.

            It was the Yoruba that enabled the GEJ regime in 2011 and they were subsequently side-tracked by same. GEJ only needed to keep the Yoruba on his side, not by dishing out political appointments to them, but by simply doing his best to deliver on his own promises. But he did neither.

            The Yoruba people are not simply the largest and most cosmopolitan sea-side dwelling tribe in the world, but they also have a highly evolved sense of political justice that does not tolerate injustice in any form.

            The way we fought for GEJ to become President is the same passion that would be exerted against him to vacate Aso Rock and let a more competent hand take the till. Has it not occurred to you that the Yoruba, despite all of these, are not making or staking a claim to the Presidency itself? Could there be a more cogent reason for not doing so?

            By the very nature of the Yoruba, order precedes everything, as long as it allows him to co-exist peacefully with his neighbour, trade and enjoy his life. That is why Lagos has become the 5th largest economy in Africa and continues to attract inward investment from those who wield economic influence in the capital world.

            Bruv, I don’t want this to become a thesis on what makes of mar the Yoruba race and zone, but I would rather this be a focus on Nigeria. The focus of the Yoruba is a more prosperous Nigeria that would be conducive to its own interest.

            I can tell you for a fact that when next the Yoruba start to make serious agitations in the political scene, it would be in support of an Igbo person; yes, Igbo!

            Mark my words.

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            Thanks for a wonderful response. Thanks for educating me on the impact of BUHARI’S insubordination and breach of Constitutional trust that he exemplified during his ousting of PRESIDENT SHEHU SHAGARI. I never knew that UPN also suffered the injustice. I thought it was limited to NPN. The Yoruba’s right now are not staking claims to the presidency because of their understanding of the fact that a Yoruba recently descended from the presidency. I would like you to specifically inform me of how GEJ has side-tracked Yoruba. My experience with the Yoruba’s is that they are ‘’everyone’s person’’. They are without question the most detribalized group in Nigeria. This is not strange because they have been exposed to different cultures through the location of Lagos as the capital of Nigeria and may be historical interaction with foreigners through their coastal location. To the present day situation: Do you think the UPN (now PDP according by your postulation) and the NPN and their scions that suffered from BUHARI will want to succumb to a SECOND DENIGRATION by BUHARI?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            By the way, Port Harcourt, was similarly, if not in greater way, exposed to Western influence, than Lagos was.

            The exposure of both go way beyond when Lagos became the political capital of Nigeria.

          • Goodguy

            Stop it there please

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            If you say so, Godfrey.

            Each to his own.

            I wish yours well, as long as it is for the good of all.

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        OH darling!! Do not be in despair. It has been written that GEJ and PDP shall rule Nigeria until 2019!!!

      • Moses


  • Dr Orubu Ochukwo

    The parasitic & unproductive North continues to misbehave…but a time comes when the Niger Delta (South) and Biafra (East) – the ‘breadwinners’, MUST take action to become separate states. That time is NOW!

    All my 95% oil blocks in the hands of the North & West MUST be confiscated and returned to the owners…The stupiid arrogance of some sections of Nigeria has reached its limits. Time to stop all oil production is NOW….so we can clean up our beloved Niger Delta….

    Amalgamation wasn’t consensual, so it is not binding. I just cant believe a Warri man like me shares same country with those in Sokoto…It is like being from London and then be in the same country with Portuguese in Lisbon…how will that work?

    • Goodguy

      No, this is not time for name calling it’s time to plan and work together to make sure this country called Nigeria which have expired is dismantled.

      • Aliyu

        Now u are talking, If u have said that in the beginning instead of bringing some opsolete article we would have supported u. Where where u brothers at the conference when Lamido of Adamawa proposed a brake-up? may be your only duty in the camp is to post rubbish

      • sharp shape

        Thanks my brother good talk

    • bugwu


  • Olu Ade

    Where is the Conference report today? The conference was a political drama meant to garner support for a selfish political interests. The report, like those of conferences before it will end up in the dustbin…Trillions of Naira wasted again in our usual fashion…Dia Ris God ooo.

    • Goodguy

      So, you pig head don’t see anything in that Report but north are crying foul, most Yoruba muslim are useless for life.

      • Titi

        You are the only pig here, Yoruba people do not have Muslims and Christians differently, Just Yoruba people determined for positive change; you can leave this country or drink engine our but the division is over, God willing

        • Goodguy

          Shut up you yoruba immigrants from Togo and Benin republic go to hell.

        • sharp shape

          Burn to hell ako bata fulani ilorin mesu gambari

    • Titi

      Thank you my broda, the grand show of unity yesterday has disterbilized them and they are back to what they know best. We will keep monitoring the Jonathanians; they can run but they have no where to hide

      • sharp shape

        Destabilise is the correct spelling ! Not the abomination you just scribbled moron ! Go back to school ashawo kobo kobo !

    • PROF


  • Yusuf

    This country Na wa! rich thieves will never let our clueless masses have any rest. Pls read this article carefully before making yourself angry, it is only meant to incite hate and suspicion. When was this fresh attached launched, in what form, he article said in paragraph 15 that the latest protest is contained in a latter dated 15 October, why are U posting this article today? U spoke to Sani Zorro, When? Worst, the language of the editor is rather regionally provoking; most we be divided by force


      The inclination of that northern oligarchy is not in doubt….the domination of the north and the subjugation of southerners is where their fixation is.The above story is factual and you must agree that PT is not exactly inclined to supporting anything Jonathan…..the conference was Jonathan’s brain-child !

    • Dino Dragon

      act one scene 1. he who laugh last laugh best

  • Tamuno

    Dear MEND and allied Comrades,
    Please make sure you defend and protect the South, its borders and resources, lest we become Ilorin where the Oba no longer has a throne.

    God bless you as you protect ur people.

    • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

      No worries
      we only need your support

    • clairvoyance

      U be goat, mend plus u plus Boko haram and other online insurgents can’t stop Nigerians from electing Buhari as president.

      • Goodguy

        Continue deceiving your miserable self.

      • Dino Dragon

        buhari no fit win. de last time hr cried. hope say he no go quench this time

        • sharp shape

          He go quench my brother

      • sharp shape

        Ode ako bata fulani ! Ilorin mesu gambari !

    • Yusuf

      I de laugh…So Biafra wan return today because an opposition party puts its house in order against your wish and anticipation. if u are citizens of a civilized society lets go to the polls

      • Dino Dragon

        primary no be genera election. remember no be today una do dey loose

      • sharp shape

        Which polls ? You idiots are lucky you are dealing with GEJ a gentle man ! Regardless let’s see how you and your fulani thugs can succeed !

    • sharp shape

      We vow upon our blood to make boko haram look like the girls guide club ! Nobody has a monopoly on violence ! May Allah (saw) determine the winners ! Enough of fulani blood letting on my people the outcome this time around will be very different ! We can assure everyone in our regions that we will unleash what has never been seen or even thought about ! Personally I am anxious for the carnage to begin ! Enough is enough of northern domination

  • Emmy

    Hmmm. The hand of Jacob and voice of Esau. Why is this coming after APC presidential candidate has been chosen? Hope this is not a ploy by some northern pdp members whom are loyal to Jonathan to cause disaffection between the south and the North, with the hope that the southerner will use this supposedly unreasonable behaviour as an excuse not to vote any northern candidate in the next coming election? Competence shall be our yardstick to vote our next candidate not ethnicity and religion. Go on with your plot, it shall not amount to anything.

    • growthengine

      Your mind is playing tricks on you. The same theory that Jonathan is behind Boko Haram. Very far fetched.You already see the mind of the typical Northern delegate is to preserve Northern size and domination, we are not yet a nation. North belongs to them but oil belongs to them too. They did not go to the conference with an open mind to take Nigeria forward and free her from the shakles of colonial rule. To them Nigeria needs no change except their change. Why not fight for Nigeria, why fight for Northern Nigeria, that’s what beats me with these people. Why not fight for Fiscal Federalism, State Police, Deregulated Petroleum Industry, Freedom of states to create their local govt or local govt reforms. We have been running this system for decades, share Oil money in Abuja every month, its not working. What a bunch of hypocrites.


        The SW are yet to understand how the mind of an average Fulani functions……when they jump around Buhari I laugh……..Abiola, Diya, OBJ are clear examples but the Yoruba are still learning !!

        • Emmyemm

          Yes. The Yorubas are learning because they have refused to be myopic and unreasonable. They are more civil and believe always in the bigger pictures. The Yorubas are the greatest enemies of OBJ while he was in power cos they believed he wasn’t doing enough. Another tribe is there now and we know know how his kinsmen are rooting for him threatening fire and brimstone if he is not returned. Despite his abysmal performance. Learners will always be ahead of those that believe they know when they no not.


            The Kwara Yorubas enslaved since after the disgraceful removal of Afonja by the Fulani will beg to disagree !

          • Col.Mariam

            Bloody ingrate.
            You never make any sense with your brand of hateful tirade.
            Build bridges not burn them. Ama nne gi ga eshi.
            Nwata ntakiri ka ibu. Onweru ihe ima.

          • Goodguy

            What are you blabbing ?


            He is not even from the SS or SE !!

          • sharp shape

            God destroy you and your family !


            Leave the frustrated old fool,I have known him on cyber space for 10 years,he is a complete nonentity,he is not Igbo !

          • Yusuf

            This is the meaning of civility. If everyone most vote his tribe and religion then who can win an election. This people are bent on dividing people by force but they cannot succeed

          • Goodguy

            Did not you heard that Nigeria has expired ? Have not you heard about self determination ? get ready for your Arewa republic soon to be a Nigeria is not by force.

          • sharp shape

            Watch and see how we will succeed ! Is it by force that we must be one country ? I see the oil money is too sweet ! Ode koni dafun awon ebire !

        • Titi

          You do not know anything about the Fulani man, neither do U know anything about the Yoruba man. Your knowledge stops at what your pay master tells U. You want to divide Nigeria by force in one day, U are not communicating with anything including your brain

          • sharp shape

            If you are not a thief must we be one country ? You hate us and we hate you ! Don’t you think the best thing is we go our separate ways so tinubu and buhari can continue to rule you ad infinitum !

        • sharp shape

          Gbam !

    • Mosaku 147

      That is exactly what they want to do.now that APC primaries went smoothly and it has dawned on them that Jona is a gonna,they come up with this. A letter that was dated October 15 is just seeing the light of the day.
      Una no go succeed.we have chosen our candidate and nothing you say or do will stop the train of change.

    • Titi

      I thank God there are more wise men than morons in Nigeria, even their last option will not work. From their comments you can identify them, no basis, no facts, no reason

      • sharp shape

        Shut up no right thinking SE OR SS person will allow some dim witted fulani geriatric scumba@g rule our region ! What you do in your wahabi inspired eldorado is your business !

    • sharp shape

      Ode read what you just wrote and tell me your are not on some strange hallucinations inspired from the den of Iblis ?

  • Alcindo Satori

    …and they’re telling me to support APC?! APC presidency is the biggest problem Nigeria is yet to have.

    • Titi

      heeeeeehe, Satanri your decampaign will not work, better give up

      • sharp shape

        Shut up ashawa kobo kobo ! Smelly thing


    The Hausa-Fulani oligarchy cannot change their retrogressive political ideology. Those who want to change the dysfunctional status-quo but want a die-hard Fulani oligarch Buhari to lead are just dreamers !! The non-implementation of the recommendations of that conference will spell doom for our future as one entity !

    • Col. Mariam

      I got news for you: I am from the SE and I want General Buhari as my president come 2015. We just can’t continue with this inexperienced pretender currently in office. Buhari it is going to be. Be prepared to leave the country for at least 8 years during which time Generla Buhari will cure the nation of its maladies. You are a lost ignoramus. Ewu nwulu anwu . Anu ofia ka ibu.Otoro gbabgue nne gi.


        shut up !! slippery old frog !

      • Titi

        God bless u my sister

        • sharp shape

          Titi and mariam shekau well done ! Uwanka dan du ru uwa !

      • Goodguy

        South East Ko, continue using google translate to deceive yourself who is Mariam in the SE?.

        • sharp shape

          No mind the cow herders !

      • sharp shape

        Motor kill ya mama and ya papa ! Oh I forget ya mama sef no sure who give am belle ! Bast@rd anufia

    • sharp shape

      We want the doom ! We want the bastards to push their luck !

  • bugwu

    Every body shine ur eye there more to this agenda of Buhari than eye can see. Are the southerners visitors to Nigeria? Vote right Vote GEJ.

  • Oleku

    Where are gallants MEND freedom fighters, where are my gallant Biafra liberators, where have we been laying low the spirit that brought fraudulent Nigeria to it knees for over 3years. Oh Ikemba! The Biafra you fought for it freedom is lying low whilst same oppressors dance on her head. We Igbos must as a matter of urgency get ready for the unknown, the conspiracy to suppress us is disturbing. Oh Ken Wiwa were are thee, today we have traitors Amaechi, Ngige, Rochas all plotting with our oppressors. The SS&SE must resist every attempt to scuttle the implementation of the confab report and must also head to court to see to the de-amalgamation of this fraudulent contraption

    Amalgamation expired midnight 1st January 2014!

  • Tasiu

    Back date or front date reports, twist or cherry pick half-truth if you so wish, whip artificial sentiments and overblown faultless but, Nigerians cannot be fooled forever. WE WANT POSITIVE CHANG. One nation on the move, there is no stopping us. We are going for a patriot not a separatist

    • sharp shape

      Who want to be in the same country with you as a compatriot with your kind of reasoning ? God forbid ! Nigeria must scatter it’s your choice to be a slave to hausa-fulani marauding barbarians ! We will defeat their blood thirsty agenda ! Thank God we will finally have the opportunity to avenge the environmental and economic dislocation the monkeys fostered on us

  • Wise Head

    We are tired of the endless irritating noise from the core North. Everyday, one noise, na wetin? When they are not bombing themselves and blaming others for it, they are echoing one unreasonable demand or the other. They should just declare “araba” and leave the rest of Nigeria alone to have their peace? Time has come too for the middle belt to clearly distance themselves from this unduly rancorous lot.

    • Godfrey Etokebe


  • Ekwekwe

    Food for thought for Yorubas who, surprisingly, do not appear to notice the Northern Agenda represented by Buhari: Change to Born to Rulecracy.

  • Wise Head

    The CORE, MUSLIM North are not even patient enough to wait for their ethno-religious champion, Buhari, to win the presidency before they unfurl their sinister agenda for domination. Soon, all the Southerners who have been deluded into supporting Buhari will wake up from their day-dream and wonder what happened to them. The consolation however is that Buhari will never win the presidency!! NEVER!!!!

    • Oleku

      Well said comrade!

    • Grace

      Amen ooo!!!!!

    • Amen my guy.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    No it must not be halted! All recommendations must be implemented before end of January 2015. These have nothing to do with the PDP or the APC; the recommendations were made by Nigerians working outside all political parties.

  • Wise Head

    Buhari is our candidate – North | NATIONEWS

    Following the ratification of President Goodluck Jonathan‘s candidature by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the North has resolved to adopt the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) as its consensus candidate for 2015.

    Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) and the Northern Elders’ Forum (NEF) on Friday said the North had resolved to support a northern candidate and since APC has fielded a candidate from the region, they have no alternative than to support him.

    They said, “President Jonathan shouldn’t be in the contest in the first place if the principle of zoning that was created by his party and the constitution is respected. He shouldn’t be a candidate by now.”
    The Chairman of ACF, Ibrahim Coomasie, a former Inspector General of Police, said, “First of all, the APC presidential primary and the PDP convention have clearly shown those who are ready to practice democracy.

    The APC’s primary was held smoothly without any rancour and all of them have come out to accept the result. That is a good omen for our democracy. I hope INEC will emulate that.
    “So, we are congratulating Gen. Muhammadu Buhari who has been winning primaries all through. Only when it comes to the general elections, he is always rigged out. We have also seen what happened in the other party.

    “I am the Chairman of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) and we have said it before and we are reiterating it that, we are going to support a northern candidate. And since APC has voted a northern candidate, we are going to support him 100 per cent. So, Buhari is our candidate for the 2015 election.”

    He, however, said if Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, had won the APC primary, they would still have supported him because he was born and brought up in the North and has shown interest in the development of Nigeria and the region in particular.

    • Goodguy

      That Imo state blabla is just a cover up. So, what stops them from giving Jonathan support?

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        Didn’t you see that they had dressed the guy (Okorocha) in BLACK during the APC primary?

      • T

        Simply because he is a moron

    • Alcindo Satori

      Talk am my man, I dey solidly behind you!! Deceitful elements in the North trying to dictate for Nigeria?! NEVER AGAIN!!!!

  • Alcindo Satori

    Yes, we go talk, talk, talk am make dem hear! We go talk, talk, talk am make dem hear!! Before, before, I say long long time, long time ago, APC/Buhari/Hausa deceive us sotee Nigeria crumble to its knees. Now Yoruba wan waka from back door to bring Hausa/boko haram apologist to come rule us again?!! NEVER!!!! IMPOSICANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Northerner

      Only God can stop APC from winnig 2015! Judging u by u words, u are just an imbecile pig who troll 24/7 on Internet seeking for some attention! Damn I don’t know how to describe ur retarded nam, but just hang urself doofus!

      • Wot’s ur problem headbandger?i think is bipolar.

  • ceweeco projects

    Well, it’s a free world, they can concoct all they want. The north must choose the hills wisely on which they must do battle. Mark my word no northern will ever rule this country with the Niger/Delta oil/money until GEJ finishes his transformation agenda. It is a well know fact that If you are hiding, don’t light a fire. Unless they the north are ready to rule Nigeria with their ground-nut pyramid. I have always known that teeth placed before the tongue give good advice. The consequences of the so called north action is in their hands, for a standing prick has no conscience. These empty sacks will never stand upright, One who steals has no right to complain if he is robbed. Please and please these so called north be reminded that the frog enjoys itself in water but not in hot water. The so called north don’t know what they’ve got until it’s gone. He that is hard to please, may get nothing in the end. Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg. The one being carried does not realize how far away the town is. Ambition is a good servant but a bad master and it begets vexations and destroys its possessor.

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      You are son of a WISE MAN!!!

  • Strong System

    Northern leader are playing to the gallery.
    Suddenly they realised that history will not judge them right if a negative proposal passes through,but in reality they don’t care even if their people were to be slaughtered,

  • sharp shape

    Where are the southern traitors on this forum that says the north wants equity with the rest of the country ? Why must we be one country lets go our separate ways now to avoid bloodshed but if thats what the blood thirsty goons want we are ready ! May Allah forbid blood-shed but if that option is forced on us we will rise to the occasion with vigour and dedication !

    • Ojukwu Chukwudi

      Wayo, this is because Buhari has won APC primary, they are now bringing another issue to further divide the country. These are all PDP plans. Expect more of similar magu magu.

      • Goodguy

        You are an impostor dude

      • sharp shape

        Shameless man answer your name ojukwu ko chukwudi ni ! Rubbish

    • Moses

      your big terrorist and bastard to mention that blood all i know is that North are disgrace to be called Nigeria.we can not be with this backward people with nothing good comes out of them only religion every time.which country on this earth will accommodate this animals from the Desert of this world terrorists is their only professions and nothing good.look at them one by one and tell me this people are there for gain or lost.we are don with this unserious elements in our country.muslims are cancer and ebola virus to Nigeria.all they want is that our country we backward as they are,where Almajerrys will be terrrorizing people.muslims where the you belong in this world i ask Nigeria Talibans.we Nigeria need to move forwerd and not backward as you are

      • YUSUF


  • Gaskiya

    In Nigeria, only four sets of people can vote for Jonathan and PDP in 2015:

    (1) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid of the unknown, should power change hands.

    (2) those who are intellectually blind.

    (3) those who are blinded by ethnicity.

    (4) those who are suffering from a combination of the above terminal sicknesses”

    Therefore, think of the implications of voting Jonathan and PDP to you, your children and grandchildren.

  • Muri M Hassan

    This is simply a huge joke. They can’t possibly be serious. Anyway, it’s good that they are beginning to reveal their true colour early enough, this will help us to know how to cast our votes come February 2015. He whom the gods wishes to destroy they first make deaf and mad so that he doesn’t hear nor heed warnings. This, no doubt, is the case with this northern politicians. The gods have determined to destroy them that is why they are raving recklessly like mad men..

  • Northerner

    Why are this southerners/ some Christians dumb? I’m sorry, not all of them are Retards, but by reading some comments here, I wonder how on earth are we sharing the name Nigeria with this assface pigs. Come 2015 GMB.

    • Goodguy

      declare your Arewa republic hope you heard that Europe now recognising Palestine ?

      • Northerner

        U wish! Nigeria was built by northerners! So better pack ur loads and leave behind all our petrol and our money u make from it!

        • sharp shape

          Motor kill your entire lineage ! Ode omo ale rada rada !

          • Northerner

            I will collect back our petrol. In the future president

          • sharp shape

            Ha ha ha comedian ! Very funny !

  • favourtalk

    It was just an agenda to favour some richly Nigerian who haven’t been able to get contracts under his administration and Tinubu warned the whole nation then about the intention of ghe man called GEJ that he has no good motive for setting up the Congress. We need a change in Nigeria

    • BankyMons

      Some changes are actually for the worse. I do sincerely hope that when some of you say ‘we need change in Nigeria’ that you are actually asking for a positive change as it could also turn out negative!

  • the_adviser

    Will the Northern Delegates Forum keep on holding the rest of the country to ransom over its demands? They are aware without the money funnelled to the North the North will be a bankrupt region. It will be at least twenty years before the North catches up with the South. The Almajiris of yester years are now grown up adults who are unemployed or unemployable because of poor western education and they see these Northern Oligarchs riding their limousines along undeveloped roads throwing sand and dust into their faces and living in modern houses whilst they are living in mud houses without any future. Sharia Law is not for them but used to keep the talakawas in their places with their Imams talking about heaven like they have been there before.

  • olotito

    Our clueless president is just too wasteful……we demand the report of our National confab

  • Clay

    These people are not interested in Nigerian but in O. Kwankwaso is already planning to merge Kano with Niger. The confusion created by the British is what they are holding onto. They are afraid of truth and reality.

  • Owere

    I think Yoruba people who are the supporters of Buhari from North are reading this article. They always sell the south to the north and they are the reason why the south have no political power in Nigeria. Take a look at this quote by the so called AREWA GROUP “After all, injustice is not only when equals are treated unequally, but also when unequal (s) are treated equally.” So these northern people believe that they are unequal with the south and therefore cannot be treated equally with the south whereas 90% of Nigerian GDP comes from the south. This is totally rubbish.