Jos Explosion: Death toll rises to 32 — NEMA

Photo Credits: The Times UK

The National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, has reviewed the Thursday Jos explosion death toll from 25 to 32 deaths.

The NEMA spokesperson for North-central geopolitical zone, Audu Yohanna, in a press release on Friday said 32 people were confirmed dead, while 47 others injured and were taken to hospitals for medical attention.

Mr. Yohanna said the victims are being treated in three separate hospitals within Jos.

PREMIUM TIMES saw eight bodies on the floor of the Plateau Specialist Hospital on Friday. Among the dead was a pregnant woman, and a male corpse completely mutilated.

Many people were seen searching for their family members. A 34-year-old woman searched frantically for the corpse of her mother to no avail.

Survivors of the incident were hospitalized at the Plateau Specialist Hospital, in Ward 1.

Journalists were not allowed to see the survivors at the time of visit to the hospital.

At the Bingham University Teaching hospital, a theatre attendant who pleaded not to be named because she was not authorized to speak to journalists, said 10 people who sustained minor injuries had been treated and discharged. She also said some bodies had been deposited at the hospital mortuary.

The management of the Bingham University Teaching hospital did not also allow journalists’ access to both dead and survivors.
At the Ola General Hospital, a lot of sympathizers were seen searching for family.

Tsiye said her neighbour was shot dead.

“We found her remains this morning, (Friday) but it was not the bomb that killed her, there are bullet wounds on her body. We kept looking for her since yesterday (Thursday) in all the hospitals when the incident occurred but we could not find her. Just this morning someone called and said he saw her corpse. We went there and found bullet wounds on her remains.”

The deceased was 56 years old and popularly known as Mama Talatu. She had two children and traded on food items near the location where the second bomb exploded. The neighbour said Mama Talatu was the breadwinner of her house.

The two scenes of the incident, Mr Biggs and “Kasuwan Dare” areas have been deserted, and security operatives were seen removing debris there. There were no commercial activities within the area.

NEMA] had earlier said 25 persons were killed in the twin bomb explosions while the spokesperson of the Special Task Force on Jos crisis [STF], Ikedichi Iweha, had claimed 16 persons died in the incident.

The Thursday evening explosion occurred during rush hours, when workers and traders were heading home from work and business.
Officials said most of those caught in the explosions were street hawkers roaming around for patrons.

The Plateau state government had, after the deadly May 20 explosions in a market, banned street trading and hawking along designated areas.

But the traders, who left for a while, recently resumed their activities around the prohibited areas.

A witness, Francis Atsa, told PREMIUM TIMES the explosions went off twice, close to the Jos main market, also known as “Terminus market”.

“I was on my way from the old site of the Jos University Teaching Hospital gate when the explosion occurred,”Mr. Atsa said.

“The first one went off at about 6:30p.m. and the second one followed almost immediately. I had to run for safety as objects were flying all over.”


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  • adebayo1

    Can’t they be stopped

  • Garden-City Boy

    Nigerian Christians, please wake up and lash out at these islamic scoundrels. You can’t be made cannon fodder in this shiite/sunni madness.

    • Deacon Ademilure

      @ Garden City Boy:

      Behead Christian pastors for spluttered blood on the sepulchre…

      What we are witnessing today is the bloody decline and fall of Christianity in Nigeria.
      Christian Pastors and Bishops in Nigeria may be conducting their last church service.
      By next year, there’ll be no church standing, following 48 Nigerian churches already burnt.
      Or will any Nigerian Pastor be found with his head on his shoulders – they’ll all be beheaded.

      The world ignores genocide on Nigerian Christians because it is self-caused by the Christians.
      Christians don’t oppose genocide or fight back – no! – they instead await Elijah chariot of fire.
      Christians in Nigeria invite therefore genocide on themselves, and, the Muslims are free to kill.
      Supine sheep, like Christians, will always be devoured by erect Muslim wolves – quite logically.
      Now, there’s no sanctuary for Christians; mass killings from Muslims allure them like the sun.

      • Al Jihadi

        “Fighting is obligatory for you (Muslims), even if you dislike it” – Quran 2:216.
        “O believers make war on the infidels (non-Muslims) who dwell around you,
        and, let them find harshness in you” – Quran 9:123 “When the sacred months
        are over, kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” – Quran 9:5.

        “Fight against Christians and Jews that believe neither in Allah nor in the last day…
        and who do not embrace the true faith [Islam]” – Q 9:29. “Believers, take neither Jews
        nor Christians for friends or helpers” – Q 5:51. “Fight in the name of Allah and in the way
        of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war…” – Sahih Muslim 19:4294.

        “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads
        and strike off every fingertip of them” (Koran 8:12), And fight with them until there is no more fitna
        (unbelief) that religion should be only for Allah” [Koran 8:39].

        “Fight those who believe not in Allah; nor in the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden
        which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger [Mohammed], nor acknowledge
        the religion of Truth (Islam) – even if they are of the People of the Book (i.e Christians)
        until they pay the Jizya (submission tax) with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.
        [Koran 9:29].”

        • Holy Warrior

          @ Deacon:

          It’s true and you’re right. Misled by naïve pastors, Nigerian Christians are told from the pulpit
          to close their eyes and wait for Elijah’s chariot of fire to take them to heaven. Muslims meantime dominate the country and take control of the public treasury by plotting as a group.

          Even as they are being targeted and killed like flies, in thousands, each Christian only selfishly
          thinks of his own personal salvation in heaven. For so long as this selfish mentality persists in Nigerian Christendom, it is now a matter of time before the north and the west of Nigeria are
          overwhelmed to become an Islamic State.

          All by themselves Christians voluntarily aided and abetted an Islamic state in Nigeria. The rest of the world then hissed and ignored these on-going killings of Christians because with their own hands, and without being a minority, Nigerian Christians enthroned Islamic state on themselves,
          out of a deadly combination of foolishness and mis-teachings by their Pastors that Holy Spirit
          pays school fees and puts food on the table without the awareness of Muslims’ takeover of Nigeria.

          • Olusegun Olawonyi

            You all should stop deceiving everyone else. The issue we have on hand has to do more with leadership failure than it is with religious division or religious war! You are playing the religious card to score political points when innocent lives are perishing. OBJ was a Christian, but when he was in power, he dealt decisively with stuff like this and it abated. Same with other past leaders. We have had rebellious tendencies sprouting of the north east of Nigeria over several decades – recall the Maithasene episode, et al? But we have never seen this level of leadership cowardice and failure before – and I am talking of leadership failure at all levels, beginning from the top.

          • Titi

            My broda, if nigeria were a serious country, lots of suspects seems to be on the media pages, their aim is not a political point, it is a greater evil

        • Northerner

          I don’t know where u get this shit from, but u are a dumbfuck! Who ever tell u that, is a clueless nimrod like you! It will be better off for u if u just delete this shit and hang urself u retarded ugly assmotherfucker! Shegen da!

        • Dr. Ahmad

          Its hard I know, but keep trying; U cant break Nigeria, frustration awaits U. Christians and Jews are never refers to infidels or unbelievers in the Holy Qur-an, it is referring to the pagans of mecca. Christians and Jews are referred to as ‘people of the book’ in the Holy Qur-an. It is trivial fighting is obligatory on any nation unless the nation will not come under attack, every nation of the world has an army and the punishment of an army that left battle ground has been the death penalty in all nations and all times. U only aspire to divide and this makes u a particular suspect in this attrocities. 200 muslims were killed in the mosque in Kano, today Christians in Jos; the Devil is your paymaster

    • Olusegun Olawonyi

      Your comment is polarizing and incendiary as well. But unfortunately, it is directed at the wrong crowd. You should not be talking about Christians retaliating. If we all insist on an eye for an eye, we would all go blind…What you should be talking about is the weak leadership at the national and local state levels that have permitted these madness to continue in the nation. After castigating the leaders, then you also castigate folks who flood online media platforms to make this a political issue, instead of us all to see this as a serious national concern. And by so doing, rise up collectively against Boko Haram. The opposition sees it as an opportunity to berate the government, and in so doing, a wrong signal is being sent to Boko Haram that the nation is divided on the issue.

      We should all unite to condemn is senseless and mindless killing of innocent lives. This is not the time to score cheap political points nor is a time to call for anarchy. What we are experiencing in Nigeria is a failure of leadership in a level and at a dimension never before witnessed.

      • PROF

        what is more polarizing ,his comment or the bomb? You need to forever hide your head in shame, Animal ,what a joke ?

        • Dr. Ahmad

          What is polarizing is that your dirty comments will not bring back the dead; it will only add agony to their family. u should talk to your drum head president to bring the criminals to book before more innocent lives are gone; u can leave Nigeria but it will never break no matter how hard u try

          • PROF


      • Dr. Ahmad

        My broda this man is a Biafran militant, weather by the name City Boy, Ogom or all the alias. He has no heart to commiserate with the innocent people massacred for no reason. His only intention is to divide Nigeria by force. I pray our good Muslim and Christian will see this thing the way it is; May there soul rest in perfect peace

    • Northerner

      U are a pig! U fucking dirty mouth f@ggot! We don’t need people like u in Nigeria. Bastard!


    This very tragic incident might not have been caused by the alleged
    bombs. Before there any accusations flying around, the authorities in Nigeria should
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    NASA, particularly bearing in mind that there has been a recent launch of a
    space craft in the USA. It is also very interesting to notice that some of the
    bodies recovered from the scene appeared to have what looked like gun shot wounds;
    this also indicates that space debris might have been involved. Before you
    scoff, take a look and see the amount of Space Debris there is in low Earth
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