Court finds Obasanjo guilty of contempt over book launch; to rule on punishment in 21 days

An Abuja High Court has found former President Olusegun Obasanjo guilty of contempt, after the former leader defied the court’s directive barring him from releasing his autobiography.

Mr. Obasanjo released the new book, My Watch, Tuesday, in Lagos, days after the court order.

The court had ordered that the book launch be put on hold over claim the three-volume series contained details of a libel case already before the court.

The case involves a drug trafficking allegation made by Mr. Obasanjo against Buruji Kasahmu, a leader of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the southwest.

Mr. Kashamu had requested the court order to stop the release of the book, citing the case.

But the move is believed to have been a cover to block Mr. Obasanjo from making public some of his most scathing assessments of President Goodluck Jonathan, as contained in the book.

Mr. Kasahmu is an ally of President Jonathan.

On Tuesday, the former president defied the court order and proceeded with the book launch saying the judge acted in error and deserved to be sanctioned.

The former president also said the book had already been published before the court gave its order.

Justice Valentine Ashi, in a ruling Wednesday, gave Mr. Obasanjo 21 days to demonstrate why he should not be punished for going ahead to publish the book.

The court also ordered the Inspector General of Police, the Director General of the State Security Service (SSS) and the Comptroller of Customs to recover all the books all book stands, sales agents, vendors, the sea and airports and deposit them with the court’s registrar pending the determination of the case.

Mr. Ashi said it was immaterial that the book was published before the interim orders were made.

He said Mr. Obasanjo should not have in the first place published the book since the Kashamu case was already in court.

“The fact that the book was published in November is irrelevant. As long as the substantive suit is not yet determined, no party is entitled to publish or comment on material facts that are yet to be decided on by the court,” the judge said.

“I hold the defendant, not only in contempt of the court, but to show cause why he should not be punished for contempt and ordered to undo what he has wrongly done.”

“The defendant, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo shall be given 21 days, from the day this order is served on him, to show cause, via affidavit, why he should not be punished for contempt committed by publishing and distributing for sale to the public, the book, My Watch, in plain disregard of the pendency of substantive the suit and the order of this court made on December 5, 2014 restraining him from doing so.

“The defendants, whether by himself, agents, servants, privies or whatever name called, is hereby restrained from further publication or offering for sale or distribution, in any way or manner, the book called My Watch or the like of the visual or written materials which contains a re-publication or statement extracted from the letter referred to by the plaintiff,” the judge said.

He also ordered that orders of the court be served on all media houses in the country and be equally served on Mr. Obasanjo by publication in two national dailies.

The judge rejected claims by Mr. Obasanjo’s lawyer that Mr. Kashamu failed to produce the book to prove it contained libellous details.

The judge said it was the duty, instead, of the defendant, in whose custody the book was, to show the court that the plaintiff’s fear was misplaced.

He said Mr. Obasanjo’s failure to do so, showed he had something to hide.

Mr. Obasanjo’s lawyer, Realwon Okpanach, said the former president will appeal the ruling.

He said the court order, which the former president flouted, was given in error since it was not proven that the book contained libellous materials.

“The orders made cannot be enforced. They want the court to stop an act that had been concluded. That is impossible. We had published the book in November, they came before the court in December and asked that the publishing shroud be stopped. Is that possible?” he said.

“We shall file our appeal within the stipulated time of 14 days in the case of interlocutory orders.”


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  • amazing2012

    Jonathan hitting back !

    • the truth

      at this rate even if u can’t perform well in bed, u would blame jonathan.

      • amazing2012

        You are right if there is no light, their Hungry and insecurity how can you perform on bed ?

        • Chris1408


        • the truth

          are u serious now?

    • FortB

      So Jonathan controls the judiciary and yet the judges could not rule on Tambuwal’s case up till now? Some people’s obsession with GEJ is really telling. Everything must be caused GEJ. Na wa

  • Gideon Orkar

    Jail the animal and seize all,his assets and leave him with just N20k

  • Frank Bassey

    If a man who claims to be patriotic cannot obey the laws of the land, is he not good material for the animal farm?

  • Kayode A. Esquire

    General must be ‘convicted’ for contempt

    General Olusegun Obasanjo acted irreponsiby and should be punished for contempt.
    The institution of the judiciary is what’s at stake; not his purple prose, mediocre book.
    Nigerians must pull together behind Justice Valentine Ashi who’s risen up for propriety.
    Obasanjo told Channels television that a sane judiciary should sanction Justice V. Ashi,
    No Nigerian must ever so superciliously hold himself above the law as Obasanjo did here.

    • One nation

      Which judiciary are you talking? The corrupted judiciary, Abeg make them lemme hear word oh. The book don full market already. Make DSS and Police they find book wey no lost. The old man expose them already. People wey no well


        OBJ or indeed any Nigerian should not be seen to be above the law !! I hope the Judge protects the honour of the Judiciary. Obj has had a long history of defying court judgements,injunctions and orders even as President he was completely lawless !!

      • FortB

        Yeah, so according to you since the judiciary is corrupt we should all disregard the law and act on our own whims and caprices? Abi? It beats the imagination that a so called elder statesman is teacher us to ignore judicial injunctions. Haba!

        And some of us here are supporting such impunity? No wonder nothing seems to work in Nigeria. The big man is usually above the law. Anybody that tries to challenge that notion is immediately criminalizes. The same thing recently happened to the IGP. No wonder the common man now takes the law into his own hand too. We get serious problem as a people.

        Bush people

    • Lanre

      Thank you. But you know Nigeria is a jungle. That is why people like Obasanjo are overlords. I have never heard anywhere a citizen of a country openly claim that an officer of the law should be sanctioned. In the exercise of her duties! Nigeria is an animal jungle.

  • Chris1408

    Send this otta baboon to jail.

    • Ogom

      I dare you!


        He has been jailed before,what makes you think he cannot be jailed if he breaks the law ?……..because Jonathan administration obeys the rule of law? is that why he should disrespect the courts of law ?

        • Ogom

          Jonathan admin DOES NOT uphold the rule of law.. They are now beginning to meet people they can’t chance anyhow and OBJ is no 1.

          The judge is a maniac, instructing DSS and police to go out and seize books from shops.. Is that a court order or decree?!

      • Chris1408

        People like you are the reason this country is on reverse. Are you saying OBJ is above the law?

        • Ogom

          They know the way to Otta.. They should go and carry him

      • Joe

        Can you remember the fearless general ever lived in Nigeria?. His name was general Sani Abacha. He caged OBJ, to the extent that OBJ lost everything he ever had. What of MKO Abiola; Abacha made his life miserable to the extent that the man lost his life. Can you remember Dasuki, the former sultan of sokoto?. Nobody dare gut to dethrone a sultan of sokoto; but the dark gogled general did and nobody dare coughed. With Abacha, everyone knows his or her limits. If Abacha is to be in power today, not only has boko haram been wiped, but the sponsors of the insurgency, their collaborators and in deed the republic of Chad would have been wiped out of this planet. Sambisa forest could have been a mechanized farm land by now. When the so called muslem extremist killed beheaded Gideon in Kano, 8 people were identified as the sponsors and Abacha gave an instant order to kill them all of the but SLS, the former CBN boss was the 8th person that escaped because of his high level of connection, and this was done without the knowedge of the no nonsense generals’. SLS however served 2years in jail in sokoto before he was sneaked to Lagos. With Abacha everyone knows when, where and how to answer your parents’ names.

        • Amir

          Then where is Abacha today? It is so disgusting for a normal Nigerian short of a lunatic to celebrate Abacha’s brutal dictatorship with his present democratic freedom, and on top of it mock those who sacrificed to put an end to the disgraceful period. Supporters of president Jonathan only find comparison with the Abacha legacy just like some pockets of racist Germans still celebrate Hitler.

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Drive by justice!

  • Maria

    Justice Ashi, lol! What a disgusting name.

    • D1


  • Maria

    I am waiting for the punishment… anything less than a jail term is cowardly… yeye government.

    • FortB

      Better put, yeye judiciary


      He has been to jail before and he is not above the law by any means .


    Wow !!! Alarm don blow .
    Is the Judge gonna jail the old pervert ?

    • Chris1408

      I hope so. For a long time too. Maybe he can be big Bobo girlfriend while in there

  • Ogom

    “The judge said it was the duty, instead, of the defendant, in whose custody the book was, to show the court that the plaintiff’s fear was misplaced.”

    This judge is mental

    • D1

      Absolutely mental!

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Think Nigeria needs him more than he hungrily needs Nigeria

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Yes, clamp Obasanjo behind bars for contempt. We await your verdict! Some judges cannot have simple discretion.


      You mean some Judges cannot learn to fear Obasanjo . What a cowardly nincompoop you must be .

      • tsunami1earthquake

        “cowardly nincompoop”? Is that a new expression you want to display? Okay we’ve seen it and have seen your study of English is progressing. Congratulations! Ordinarily I wouldn’t have dignified you with an answer since I see how you dart around the various sites like a new website bot looking for areas to destroy. However, I just reply to congratulate you on your acquisition of new words.

        • Amir

          Forget the web cockroach and online insurgent employed by a country’s leader to destroy his life online. No other administration in living memory have misused the life of otherwise educated youths in this selfish manner. Obasanjo is ready for prison to provoke the international community to sanction this disgraceful regime.

  • Dada Gbadegesin

    ……………..Says General Olusegun Obasanjo

    “If in the past corruption was in the corridors of power, it would seem now to be
    in the sitting room, dining room and bedroom of power. If what is called ‘corruption’
    is stealing, under the watch of Goodluck Jonathan, then government has become
    legalised and protected robbery”.

    “With the 2011 elections, heavy financial prices were paid to Lagos and
    Ondo State opposition political leaders to secure the vote for the
    president, against the interest of PDP at the state level”.

    “The situation where the president (Jonathan) surreptitiously invited Bola Tinubu,
    lifting him at night by presidential aircraft from Lagos to Abuja to hatch a plan for
    Bola to support one PDP presidential candidate at the expense of all other PDP
    candidates for any office in Lagos, can only be described as obscene, unethical,
    corruption-ridden and a show of bad leadership.”

    “Whatever amount of money was given to Bola Tinubu to procure votes
    for the 2011 presidential election in Lagos was, to say the least, unnecessary.
    What made this phenomenon particularly bad was that government had raised
    the money from government transactions which fuel corruption”.

    ………….General Olusegun Obasanjo

    (My Watch – published November 2014)


      Bola Tinubu and GEJ are corrupt – Obasanjo
      ……And Obasanjo,………………….a saint ?

  • Mamapikin

    Forget these silly kangaroo court judges my dear. Was it not in this same country that none of these third rate judges found hands ibori guilty? Now they have appointed themselves imprimaturs and censors to obstruct the publication and dissemination of information. Look at the oaf asking the court to confiscate books, asking the court to depose itself like a pre-medieval, or medieval thuggish inquisitor! A criminal, through and through…a fugitive, an internationally declared runaway from justice. Wanted in the USA, Europe etc on drug trafficking… Equity demands that he comes to it, should come with clean hands! Of course, he’s a friend of Jonathan. Birds of the same plumage!!!

    • Rogodo

      @ Mamapikin,

      You are quite right that Nigerian courts have been a shame and a disgrace,
      but here is a Judge’s resolve to turn a new page which must now be supported.

  • Bbb

    we need this book in Jumia, payportee, the first country to be governed
    by five presidents in the world is Nigeria, out of that five the only
    Man among them is Gej. and not just the only man but the weakest.
    Obasanjo but you are the problem of this country , in as much i dont
    like Jonathan style of leadership, why did u give us the last president
    out of the five? you should have gave us DIEZANI OR DAME

  • igbiki

    Let them commit the Owu Fox to prison for contempt!

    Let me finally see who was able to move the Mountain or the Mohammed OBJ???

    Would they be able, NO.

    It was just a passmager judgement.

  • Amir

    Arrest Obasanjo and you’ll have this Government from the top impounded outside Nigeria and ferried to The Hague, including riotous mutiny and unrest in Nigeria. It takes a small piece of fish to trap and destroy a greedy rat. This is the only country where a wanted drug king is given access to the seat of power and acting on behalf of a president.

    • Psalm 35

      Nothing will happen if he is arrested, this is how you people create a sense of invincibility around rogues who have ruined and left us in this sorry state. Do you know what Hague is for ? Riotous mutiny and unrest to be carried out by who .. the same masses who suffered this mans impunity for 8 years ? The masses will not be used and killed to perpetuate the selfish ego of Obasanjo.The same thing was said in 1995 but he was arrested and jailed for 15 years and nothing happened. There was a court ruling which he treated in contempt, there is a legal consequence, he must face it, I dont blame him though, he knows GEJ is too soft to arrest him, he couldn’t have tried this with Umaru Yar’adua may his soul rest in peace. The Hague has more pressing matters to address so lets leave them out

      • Amir

        You vomit rubbish online. Tell your Otuoke General to try.

      • craig

        Tell. The judge to try it na. Shebi gej did not flaunt a court ruling when Abba refused to reinstate Tambuwa’s security votes after the court rule on maintenance of statuo quo until few days ago. U just try arrest him and see how far.

  • Uzoma

    I know what would make a good punishment for the publicity hound. Ban him from being found 500 metres near a pressman or tv camera until after the elections. That would kill him.

    • Tonnero

      No surprises. We usually do not expect anything sensible from you guys. You want to kill him for publishing a book or is it revenge for his role in the civil war? Why not issue a fatwa as the Iranian Ayatollahs did on Salman Rushdie? You Igbos that complain of oppression and marginalization seem to be the ones most eager to violate other people’s rights. What an irony.

      • Uzoma

        Since you didn’t open this time by saying you weren’t going to dignify my comment with a reaction, I will respond. The war ended some 40+ years ago and it really has to be an obsession with you to imagine anyone with an Igbo handle who finds OBJ vile and to conduct himself in a manner unbecoming of someone who has held the highest office in the land must be driven by some repressed resentment of the man’s heroism in the civil war. I, as many other Nigerians, including prominent Yoruba sons and daughters, find that the man has pushed vulgarity beyond the tolerable. If you truly care about him, you ought call him in private and tell him he’s in a hole and ought to stop digging. But if you would rather continue basking in your civil war victory, I can’t help that, can I?

      • justice

        You are a moron. Why pick on the Igbos for this person’s opinion? What has any aspect of this sordid story got to do with Ndigbo? Your bigotry will be the end of you and others like you. But at the interim stew in your hate filled sad life while Ndigbo keep marching on.

  • Ashibogu

    Breaking News!

    Members of Kuje Prisoners Association(KPA) have expressed untold joy on hearing that an Abuja Court has found former President, Olusegun Obasanjo guilty of contempt of Court. Their joy is hinged on the fact that the former President could be made to spend his time at the Kuje Prison if the Presiding Judge decides to punish him through a jail sentence. In their reckoning, such a high profile prisoner could be a good omen for them as relevant authorities will be forced to address lingering problems negatively affecting their well being. Also, many Abuja residents believe if punished with a jail term, Olusegun Obasanjo would have made history as a two term Head of State with a two term prison record.

  • Tonnero

    Whatever is in this book must be really hot. The judge is passing judgement quick quick. He says he does not even care that the book was released before he gave the order not to release it. We want the book o.

    • Plan and How

      He did not care the book may have been compiled before the order. Not released.

  • Rommel

    Why did the court not order immediately for OBJ to be arrested for contempt? this 21 days is a diversionary tactic which shows that the judge has prepared room for the placation of the oracle of Ota who happens to be the man of the moment,

  • The judge would rather jail a former President who publishes his autograph and protect President Diezani who diverted USD$20 billion. What a leader with so much corruption in the midst of mass poverty and youth unemployment.

    • Lanre

      I hope they find Obasanjo contemptuous of the court and jail him. This is how he imposed Shagari,Yaradua and Jonathan on Nigerians. Lawlessness.

  • Politicians and most Nigerian Journalists are liars. Most of what you read in the papers are either manufactured by a journalist/blogger or paid for. A Chief of Staff to a Governor once told us how they were able to drive a wedge between a Governor and his Childhood friend of 35 years.The friend’s offence was feeding the Governor with a true representation of the indigenes about the latters governance.This Governor was acting right only for his Special Advisers to plan against him, for making it difficult for them to deceive and steal State funds.
    They all lied to the Governor that his friend was jealously trying to bring his administration down.These guys swore with everything in the friend’s presence that he had a meeting with them on how to poison the Governor.The 61year old friend cried and cried along with the Governor, who believed the tales after another confidant confirmed the story.The friend left with the Governor
    complaining to mutual friends about how wicked his childhood friend had become.Three years later it was this same Governor that knelt down before the sick friend to apologise after one of the sacked advisers let the Governor in on how they schemed the friend out.
    Like OBJ said, let GEJ’s actions speak louder than words. The 3rd term was instigated by Chief Anenih
    who gave Baba the impression that all the Governors, Legislators and Nigerians wanted OBJ to
    continue the good work.Were there good works, yes there were- GSM, Fuel availability without fraudulent
    subsidy, global and international recognition just after the killing of Saro Wiwa, Debt repayment,
    stable exchange rate, improved employment and rejuvenation of the middle class through
    leases,improved standard of living, strict anti-corruption through EFCC etc.3rd and even 5th term would have been better than GEJ.
    If you know how stingy OBJ is, you will know that
    he cannot bribe anybody with funds for any purpose.Has it ever occured to you why the Yorubas do not want him, it is because he gave more strategic positions to the Igbos that some people
    even postulated that his parents were Igbo.How many Yorubas benefited from Objs Government? How many of OBJ’s children are not working to survive.Try to steal a Chicken or egg in Baba’s farm and see the consequence.
    Okonjo Iweala has stated countless times that the fake 16billion dollars power scam never happened.She said that only 25% of this sum was
    paid out under bank guaranty to contractors. The Elumelu commission that was to do the hatchet job decided to appropriate 5billion for himself.

    GEJ based on this prank,Madam NNPC decided that if OBJ could take $16billion for all the power projects then GEJ could extend it to $20billion.Like OBJ once asked, most of the power
    stations being commissioned by GEJ in the last
    3years came from where because it takes about 5years or more to start a power plant.Olorunsogo, Omotosho and about 4 other power plants had been in existence since 2009 but unable to perform because of Gas. Instead of GEJ and Yaradua to pipe gas to these plants, they preferred politics to bring
    OBJ down.
    GEJ in the alternative has excelled where Abacha failed.$20billion missing with forensic accountants yet to trace it after a year, None of the 3refineries after the subsidy riot that Diezani promised to build in 3years,Massive corruption, massive unemployment,security challenges every where, more private jets, state sponsored bunkering,mass poverty, mass kidnapping etc.Most little developments in some roads and bridges due to SureP initiated due to the subsidy riots. GEJ has really failed even the Niger Deltans by focussing
    only on his Ijaw folk rather than forming a southern coalition. We really need a change in Buhari-Fashola Presidency.

  • deji

    I really like how this is playing out.

  • absam777

    Obasanjo has spoken . Let’s wait for which of the 5 Presidents will react first. My money is on lady P. There ris God ooh!

  • bonifacejoe

    I said last week that the man sees himself above the law . He will not obey the court order What a law abiding citizen could have done was to appeal to a superior court to vacate the order before the launching .

  • Amir

    All the people ranting nonsense here are indirectly indebted to Obasanjo whose nomination of Jonathan made it possible for them to be employed as online psychophants. Obasanjo rightly said that the president surrounds himself with on and offline selfish people that do not add value to his government. If we curse Obasanjo we are indirectly cursing the president who was part of his legacies. Please be careful.

  • Otile

    Where is President Rawlings of Gold Coast? We need his type in continent 9ja to clear the dead woods who brought the continent to its knees.

  • Gbenku

    ‘Bola Tinubu as i see him’ – General Obasanjo

    “None of the non-PDP governors in the South-West or Edo and Delta ever
    threw insults at me, except for Bola Tinubu whose actions I see as a product
    of his birth, upbringing, education and character. He set up media organisations
    and bought media establishments and practitioners to carry out his mission.
    Gbenga Daniel was in the same boat as Bola Tinubu. I used to describe Bola
    as being completely fake in everything except in being a human being.”

  • By popular demand

    Editor Premium Times,

    General Olusegun Obasanjo acted irresponsibly and should be punished for contempt.
    The institution of the judiciary is what’s at stake; not his purple prose, mediocre book.
    Nigerians must pull together behind Justice Valentine Ashi who’s risen up for propriety.
    Obasanjo told Channels television that a sane judiciary should sanction Justice V. Ashi,
    No Nigerian must ever so superciliously hold himself above the law as Obasanjo did here.

    • If this ape is not placed in jail where he rightly belong then the judiciary must av lost all opportunity to repair it’s battered image and uphold it’s status as the only hope of the masses.Heaven will never fall if the ape is jailed as it did not fall when AWO,MKO,SHEHU YAR’ADUA,SULTAN DASUKI were imprisoned at one point or the other

  • Igweee!!!

    Jonathan and his fuuls! See how they’ve succeeded in making Obasanjo’s book more popular and more relevant. I mean, who on earth does not know that the banning of any book, film or music often ends up raising the curiosity of those who have not read, watched or heard the piece? More people, including previously uninterested persons, are now going to eagerly try to know what is in that book. And talking about confiscation of copies, what capacity does Nigeria have to embark on such a task when the book can easily be photocopied.

    Former public officials write critical memoirs every time. Robert Gates’s memoir was quite critical of Obama. But Obama still won his re-election bid. In his own published memoir, Tony Blair took his gloves off and was hitting Gordon Brown with bare knuckles.

    This memoir was crictical on Tinubu, critical on Atiku, critical even on people you least expected Obasanjo to call one name or another. For instance, Ken Nnamani who ended his 3rd Term bid. So what exactly is the sense and sensibility in making efforts to stop Obasanjo from publishing the memoirs? That is how unthinking and how petty Jonathan is. He just lives in a world of paranoia with horrendous siege mentality!
    I mean, Obasanjo could have easily written the same critique in another open letter among his epistles to Jonathan.

    This pettiness and unthinking character is what I detest most about Jonathan. The guy has done well in some areas, such as agriculture, but he surrounds himself with idyots and therefore continues defining himself by dishing out one idyotic response after another, all in reaction to things that are so worthless. It’s sickening!

    • Even in Agriculture, OBJ was the one that recommended the minister to Jonathan.Jonathan removed most of the other OBJ nominees but left the Dr and yet most of his achievements came via this OBJ’s man.

    • Kitunde

      Spot on…..

  • Sharia_Haram

    Jail OBJ now!

  • Wise Head

    The only regret is that this is giving undeserved attention to the trash Obasanjo has published. But the court should ensure he is jailed for contempt, the skies will not fall. A horribly corrupt and morally bankrupt man talking about morality in society. OBJ should earn the respect of his highly dysfunctional family first and put his home in order before coming to tell us about other people. Before reeling out the salacious details of other people’s affairs with women, he should respond to the charge by his own son that he abominably slept with his own daughter-in-law. In decent countries, a character like OBJ will not be able to appear in public let alone to talk about morality and ethics. Already, he has irremediably damaged Oby Ezekwesili’s for not controlling his famed indecent emotions in public

  • Adelani O.


    This ape-looking half-illiterate General Obasanjo even gave Nigerians a legal opinion. What nonsense!
    Which school did he go? Legal advice, with his OND? When will Obasanjo eat modest pie as someone
    only slightly better than a stark illiterate? He’s overdone it this time. He must be convicted for contempt.
    An order for six [6] hard lashes on Obasanjo’s bare buttocks will be just right. That is what the law urges.

  • blueeyedkitten


    • Weydem

      Electing Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in his own right and on his own merits
      as the President of Nigeria, will enhance and strengthen our unity, stability
      and democracy, and it will lead us towards the achievement of our Nigerian dream”

      ……General Olusegun Obasanjo
      (Eagle Square, Abuja, March 26th, 2011)


      “Goodluck Jonathan lacks broad vision, knowledge, confidence, understanding,
      concentration, capacity, sense of security, courage, moral and ethical principles,
      character, and, passion to move the nation forward on a fast trajectory”

      ……….General Olusegun Obasanjo

      (December 10, 2014)

  • MushinSpeaks

    Guilty? Guess we’ve lost our freedom under this GEJ led govt.

    • thomas ayan

      This story will change withing the 21days of grace.Who dare touch BABA.

  • mail

    who ever the writer is should learn how to address an ex president and a retd General , he is not just Mr Obasanjo

  • Thenjiwe Obong

    now, I am a fan of the General, but I am not a fan of flouting court orders. while I know the court is stuck between a rock and hard place for even issuing such order, I do believe the General should have obeyed the order while appealing it. if the order was issued in error that’s the more reason to seek appellate review, knowing that it will be successful. our judges must be trained on how far reaching their orders should be. can you imagined the order he/she issued and asking the Inspector General of Police to carry out? does the judge know the type of resources that would be needed to carry out such order. I bet the Inspector General will simply ignore such order. who can blame him, he lack the resources to fight crime as it is and you want him to around collecting books for every nooks and cranny in Nigeria? smh.