EXCLUSIVE: Contrary to reports, South Africa still holding Nigeria’s seized $15 million arms money

Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Contrary to widespread reports in the Nigeria media (PREMIUM TIMES not included) the South African government has not returned the $15 million seized from arms dealers purportedly buying arms for the Nigerian military.

PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report that the money remains frozen in South Africa and has not been returned to the Nigerian government.

In October, several media articles quoting the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Lulu Mnguni, reported that the money seized in connection with two dubious arms deal had been released to the Nigerian government.

However, Mr. Mnguni has told PREMIUM TIMES that the reports are false. Apart from the High Commissioner, the spokesperson of the South African National Prosecuting Authority, NPA, Nathi Mncube, and a South African source that is knowledgeable about the matter but requested not to be named, told PREMIUM TIMES in separate correspondences that the money was yet to be released to the Nigeria government.

Rather than return the money, there is possibility that the money may never be returned to the Nigerian government again.

Responding to PREMIUM TIMES enquiry about the extent of the investigation into the seized arms money, Mr. Mncube, who declined to give specific information because the NPA does not respond to matters under investigation, however, said the money may be forfeited to the South African government.

“In terms of our law, proceeds of crime are forfeited to the state,” he said.

On his part, Mr. Mnguni vehemently denied the reports credited to him that the matter has been resolved diplomatically and the money returned to the Nigerian government.

He said it was not procedural for the South African government to return frozen money in the manner suggested in the reports quoting him.

“We don’t refund money that way,” he said during a telephone conversation. “I said the matter would be resolved within the legal and legitimate means. That was what I said. I did not say the money has been refunded. And I did not follow up since then on whether the money has been refunded or not. It has to be done through the legal and legitimate means.”

PREMIUM TIMES investigation also revealed that instead of providing document that validated its claim that the deals were legal, the Nigerian government has been vigorously pursuing a diplomatic resolution of the matter.

Hard as it is trying, it appears the Nigerian government is merely chasing the wind, as the matter is no longer in the hands of diplomats and politicians.

Unfazed by subtle threat of the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, to come hard of South African business interests such as MTN and DSTV in Nigeria, NPA obtained court orders freezing the money.

Now, Nigeria has to go through the full hog of court processes to secure its release – something the government, which claimed ownership of the money, appears incapable of doing following the backdoor manner the deals were reached.

“The money was frozen by two court orders and the court requires the documentations before the money is released,” Mr. Mncube said. “The money is still here and is not going anywhere. We would not release it if we don’t have a surety where the money is going. It is a court process.”

Shady arms brokers

The inability of the Nigerian government to recover the seized money is hinged on the fact that the two South African companies it was transacting the deal with may have lacked the legal status and the prerequisite authorisation to engage in such deals.

In fact, in addition to not having the legal authorisation to deal with the sale of military grade armaments, one of the companies, Cerberus Risk Solution, was in 2013 indicted for breaching a United Nations Security Council Resolution unlawfully by exporting controlled items to the Ivory Coast and is facing a criminal investigation over the matter.

With the first tranche of $9.3 million, the NPA said, Tier One Service Group, which the government wanted to procure the arms from, does not have the authorisation to sell or rent military equipment.

While casting doubt that the money was meant for the procurement of arms as claimed by the Nigerian government, South African investigators said Tier One was not a registered arms dealer.

“In court papers, the NPA submitted evidence that Tier One is not registered with the National Conventional Arms Control Committee and is thus not authorised to enter into any agreements regarding the sale and/or rental of military equipment,” a statement by NPA read.

An invoice obtained by the NPA showed an order for drones, rocket and attack helicopter.

In the second deal worth $5.7 million, South African investigators discovered that Cerberus Risk Solution neither has a valid Registration Certificate, valid Marketing Permit nor a contracting Permit – statutory documents stipulated by South African law before a company can engage in brokering a deal involving the sale of 50 units of M-75 20mm cannons and 200,000 rounds of 20mm ammunitions Societe D’Equipments Internationaux was seeking to buy on behalf of the Nigerian Military.

The NPA explained that though Cerberus Risk Solution was registered by the South African National Conventional Arms Control Committee and issued a registration certificate MS1-11-0001041 on May 30 2011 with legally empowers it to act as an agent to deal with “specialised military and law enforcement equipment”, its Registration Certificate expired on May 27, 2014 two weeks before it received the $5.7 million paid into its Standard Bank account.

The NPA also explained that though Cerberus was granted a Marketing Permit AMP2-12-0004803 on April 2 2012, the expiration of its Certificate of Registration automatically rendered that permit invalid.

On September 5, $9.3 million cash stashed in two plastic suitcases and two pieces of hand luggage was seized at the Lanseria International Airport, Johannesburg from three men, now identified as Israeli, Eyal Mesika, and two Austrian nationals, R. Wolfgang and M. Michael.

The private the jet that conveyed the money belongs to the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Ayo Oritsejafor, although the cleric has said he had leased the aircraft out and was ignorant of what it was being used for.

The NPA said the suspect did not obtain the necessary approval or documentation allowing them to carry more than the $2,300 cash limit allowed by South African law.

While the dust created by the confiscation of the cash was yet to settle, South African authorities seized another $5.7 million transferred by Societe D’Equipments Internationaux of Nigeria to a South African arms company, Cerberus Risk Solutions, for the procurement of another batch of arms.

The National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, who signed off on the first deal, said the arms deal was conducted legally. He reminded the South Africa government that Nigerian has provided favourable environment for South African companies such as MTN and DSTV to thrive unhindered. He said he expected the South African government to “reciprocate the noble gesture” by releasing the money.


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  • The Prince

    Can any truth come from this goverment? Now we are rated the 15’th most corrupt nation in the world and Reno Omokri is gloating that GEJ fight against corruption is working, where on earth is our sense of decency and honour how did we end up with these kind of people in goverment? One day one scandal haba!!!!

    • Wähala

      Reno is gloating because we were 14th last year… to them, that’s an achievement. Imagine!

  • kwango

    Are you recording? I am GEJ. DJ more music please. As usual – Skelewu Skelewu!!

    • tundemash

      lol !


    This is outright malicious and baseless !! The right thing to do in responsible investigative journalism is to hear from both sides before printing….this is unfair reporting . There may be procedural hick-ups delaying the return of the funds or maybe other reasons which need to be explicit in a report of this sort since the South-African authorities have earlier on specifically stated that the deals were legitimate and even offered an apology to that effect.
    This is just another crass attempt at politicising security issues for the benefit of the opposition !!

    • tundemash

      E-rat your paymaster engaged ain another falsehood telling us the money was released to them …

      Did you read this in the story ……

      “In terms of our law, proceeds of crime are forfeited to the state,” he said.

      The “he” in that statement is Mr. Nathi Mncube, the spokesperson of the South African National Prosecuting Authority, NPA.
      Dumbo engaged in a criminal activity and the proceeds will be forfeited to the South African govt. They have just told you, South Arican is no zoo like Nigeria !!! Wait till after 2015 election when Dubo will be dragged to the Hague War tribunal.


        You narrow minded bigot !! You are so fixated on bad news that it has eroded any sense of rational thinking in your empty skull, you failed to take notice of the important fact that the source prefer not to be named ?
        The South African government cannot change it’s position using sources who prefer not to be named…the problem with cynics of your type is the inability to deploy critical thinking….because you cannot give what you clearly don’t have !!

        • tundemash

          Shameless bootlicker …… I hope you have collected your own stove.

          Out of three sources, one declined to be named … how about the other two named sources and officials of South African govt. Did you not read this …………..

          “However, Mr. Mnguni has told PREMIUM TIMES that the reports are false. Apart from the High Commissioner, the spokesperson of the South African National Prosecuting Authority, NPA, Nathi Mncube, and a South African source that is knowledgeable about the matter but requested not to be named, told PREMIUM TIMES in separate correspondences that the money was yet to be released to the Nigeria government.”

          Are Mr. Mnguni and Mr. Mncube unnamed sources ? IMBEC1LE !!!!


            Keep quiet !! The fact that a source is unwilling to reveal identity casts doubt over this report and in fact any investigative journalist with a clear mind would hear from the government before going to the print. It is clear that this position negates the official position of the South-African government therefore it cannot be taken seriously,it is malicious to say the least !!

          • Wähala

            What other source do you need to hear from, liar?
            The South African Ambassador to Nigeria is the FIRST official source, the NPA official in South Africa who applied for and was granted the seizure rights, is the SECOND most important source. You and Deri were dancing all over Pointblank News that SA has released our money. Now I guess your DJ has stopped playing and you’re here shamelessly attacking everyone. Don’t you have pride? Ediot!

          • tundemash

            olodo ….
            Do you not feel scandalised that the actions of your govt. has criminalised you in the eyes of another country ? Next time you manage to visit another country and you are asked to strip down to your pants just to check you are not smuggling money in, know where that came from. In the eyes of the world, your President is a criminal !!!!!

        • The Prince

          With people like you Nigeria will not progress. Its certain you did not understand what was written in the report by PT otherwise you would have seen that at least 3 different person were quoted. Idiotic Bigots Mcheeew


            Well have you heard any rebuttal from the Nigerian government ? You would rather jump to a conclusion and start castigating the government due to unrestrained hate and bigotry.With “citizens” like you Nigeria does not need enemies !!

          • Kwango

            This is similar to admitting a mad man’s statement as credible witness in a court case. Which Nigerian government? The disgraced one in Abuja or the terrorist caliphate in Bornu?

    • Amir

      Online insurgent! The thought of loosing your crumby handout from 2015 gives you sleepless nights?


        On-line perpetual antagonist and anarchist…..Your support for extremism will be neutralised !!

        • Amir

          Online insurgent. Hide hour head in shame if you have any. Members of the ‘Stealing is not Corruption’ party.


            It’s just a pity that name-calling cannot erase facts on the ground !!

          • Amir

            Online insurgent. You’ve read the facts of the story. What other fact is on the ground? Leave that night alcohol that makes your brain more confused about right and wrong.


            Why don’t you drop your crack-pipe and AK 47 and take leave of the Sambisa…….I invite you to join civilisation !!

          • Amir

            Civilised bigot. Ha ha!

      • Wähala

        “Online insurgent!” …Hahahahahahaaa chai!
        Stomach infrastructure matters oo! Can’t blame the pig for returning to the gutter. Kudos!

    • The Prince

      Will you just shut up that trap you call mouth, It clear your brain is right inside your ass otherwise you will not come out to make excuse for this crass incompetence . I have tried to actually understand your reasoning on issues that affect Nigeria and and Nigerian future and my conclusion is that you must be surely suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome” You actually deserved to be pitied because people like you will not mind to sell their children future because of todays putrid lucre. Whatever you are been paid to go online to continue to post these trash can never sustain you more than one month so why not let us work together to instal a government that can guarantee a better future for this country. I am waiting for you to come back to insult me but let me warn you, for every one you throw expect ten. If you can be making excuses for people stealing your future then your head need to be examined.


        You cannot rail-road Nigerians into mass bigotry, that’s not gonna happen !! Prudent judgements are based on facts not sentiments. The legitimate arms procurement which when wrong due to procedural hang-ups cannot be politicised and wickedly manipulated into falsehoods by APC apologists to foment hate towards the government who are presently engaged in anti-terrorist efforts against their Sambisa wing !

        • The Prince

          Can you hear the rot coming from the trash dump you call mouth? Haba, do you think SA will allow you to export your government lawlessness to their domain without any action com off it dumbskull.
          Your GEJ and you his followers continue to live in denials while the whole essence of governance is going down the drain all you continue to blame APC. Well i have news for you we have had enough of your GEJ cluelessness and we are saying enough is enough, he should start preparing his handover note. For you Tawanda the definition of madness is doing the things the same way and expecting different result. You need to start looking for treatment for your Stockholm Syndrome i recommend you see a psychriatist urgently.
          By the way can you help me with the topic for your GEJ PhD Thesis and the name of the professor that supervise it.

  • Miss. Ama Vaughan (London)

    Dear Editor Premium Times,

    This is my letter published here on October 15th….

    Please, why is President Jonathan afraid to direct
    his attorney-general, Mohammed Adoke, to file affidavit in South
    African High court to show the court that Nigerian laws were complied
    with on this $9.3m freight matter? Why is President Jonathan hiding from
    saying in an affidavit that he, and the agents he nominated to buy arms
    worth $9.3m dollars, complied with the laws of South Africa? I am not
    proud at all as a Nigerian citizen to see President Jonathan’s back to
    the wall like this. It diminishes me as a citizen. It gives others out
    there an impression of me as an unfortunate person being misruled by
    criminals. I do not wish to be seen like that, please. Thank you.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Dont cry over split milk. Talk to your people in Nigeria to vote GEJ out 2015. How will he swear affidavit when he knew he is deeply immersed in criminality. If the whole transaction was within Nigeria, the issue would have been swept under the carpet. May God consider the innocence of Nigerian unborn generations and give us good leader 2015 while GEJ is sent back to Otueke to continue his mere stealing

  • Danladee

    One person I pity in this whole deal is Oritsejafor. It is not easy to forfeit $9.3 million dollars, though the purpose of the deal was for criminal tendencies. And no wonder, BH are being defeated now due to lack of more weapons. The Almighty Liveth.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Good thinking. BH cannot get arms again.

  • Ette

    There is no hiding place for this unrepentantly corrupt government. God Almighty is disgracing them where ever they try to hide. May God treat them the way they are treating Nigerians. Amen.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      I hope you are aware that the government is corrupt does not mean they are guilty of stealing. They only engaged in mere stealing and not corruption.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


  • Sword of Damocles

    ““In terms of our law, proceeds of crime are forfeited to the state,” he said.”
    Looters & thievin’ betrayers, can you see the future for you, your family & cronies?

  • the truth

    The act of nation building lies in all our hands. By God’s grace we will conquer as a nation. All we need is unity, love, continuity of developmental strides and love for our fellow compatriots.

    • Amir

      Announcement: This is Government of Ebele Jonathan (GEJ). Your gentle civilian Abacha. I have performed more than all presidents since the advent of democracy. We have fulfilled all our electoral promises and moved on to my non electoral promises. These includes but not limited to mild stealing which doesn’t include corruption. National planning and population reduction through cease fire deal with our Northern militants. We have from our pocket approved buying N9.8 billion worth of cooking stove from South Africa through universally acclaimed, unappropriated non tender. This is diplomatic Government Egunje from Jona. Give me four more years to continue the saTANistic transformation of illegalities into legality.

      • the truth

        bro you are bigger than this show of rascality. We all need to put hands together to move this country forward. Enough of the blame games. We must be wise when making our choice come 2015.

        • Amir

          Corruption has humiliated me and you and brought us to this sorry state. I wonder which other country known to man is governed with such recklessness and propaganda than Nigeria. 419 has replaced policy and strategy from the seat of power. Everyday is a new scandal. Are you happy?

          • the truth

            Let us believe it would be better, we are already making giant strides in that aspect. At least now u and i can talk about it, the next step is preferring solutions. What do you think about that?

          • Amir

            My friend you are not paid as online insurgents to demand intelligence from others. If you are worth your position you should proffer solutions to your incompetent master or resign with him. Enough of this rubbish and caricature of a government.

        • tundemash

          Ask your Dumbo to lead by being upright!
          No one will follow a cl0wn who claims what is going in Nigeria is mere stealing and not corruption.
          No one will follow a leader who engages in international criminal activities scandalising us all !

          And South Africans have laid it bare for you e-rats ……..

          “In terms of our law, proceeds of crime are forfeited to the state,” he said.

          South Africa is no zoo where Dumbo freely engages in criminal activities.

    • tundemash

      Cl0wn .. you were squirting rubbish all over here when same Premium Times published last week that no Nigerian was on Oritsejafor plane and just when this news rubbishes your paymasters as liars and criminals, you are preaching love and continuity.

      Can there be unity, love and continuity of developmental strides when your President, who should be the embodiment of truth, claims what goes on in Nigeria is mere stealing and not corruption.

      If not that you are sub-human, should you not feel scandalised that the actions of your govt. has criminalised you in the eyes of another country ?

      I hope that South African stove donated to you at the amnesty camp isn’t a fraud from this your fraudulent paymasters.

      • the truth

        I am bigger than your childish name calling and insults. I thought by now you would be matured enough to know how to conduct yourself in public.. As you can see me and the gentleman amir were having a matured conversation before you interfered.

        • tundemash

          Cl0wn…. how does sperading of falsehood translate to maturiry as you want us to believe?

          Enjoy your stove while it lasts !!

          Do you not feel scandalised that the actions of your govt. has criminalised you in the eyes of another country ? Next time you manage to visit another country and you are asked to strip down to your pants just to check you are not smuggling money in, know where that came from. In the eyes of the world, your President is a criminal !!!!!


        Well unity comes from proven truths not distorted and baseless reports !!

  • Chris1408

    GEJ administration of lies and falsehood.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    May Good God send this man back to Otueke (Balyelsa) come 2015 to continue his mere stealing


      That is a pipe-dream and you are entitled to it !!

  • Truthometer

    Otuoke, otuoke otuoke Enter with your change ooo.

    • Mosaku 147

      Oon wole o! oga driver I beg take am easy o,my wife loyun o kpomo o and leg dey pain mama peace oo.

  • Wähala

    There was never a time the South African Ambassador said the money was returned, he said “due process” would be taken before the seized money is returned to Nigeria as SA did not want to keep what does not belong to them. There was never a doubt on my mind the deals were shady given the characters involved but more importantly, the reason the investigating magistrate gave for confiscating the money: “Proceeds from illegal transactions” simply means, illegal deals had already been consummated and the monies changing hands were the proceeds from the dirty deals. The rest is spin by Gejitoes and e-rats under Reno Omokri. The Nigerian Govt. can/will not follow due process because it will force them to name the Nigerians arrested with the Jew, Eyal Mesaki, on that faithful day. Those Austrians are fall guys, South African authorities specifically said “two Nigerian passengers” and a Jew were arrested and towed to jail… Dumbo has the onus of telling us who he authorized to use the Presidential wing of Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport to launder money thru South Africa en route to Cyprus, shikena!

    • Onike24

      @ Wahala I just got back from a function, where a South African made a rather public Joke, which was very painful to listen to. He said ” three surgeons who had trained as surgeons together, a Pakistani, Malaysian and Nigerian met after a long time, so they started bragging about their achievements ” the Pakistani was first, a child was born without a right foot but we attached a new one and know he is a now a world class footballer, the Malaysian not wanting to be outdone said” a boy was born without an arm we attached one and he is now a surgeon, now the Nigerian said, that is nothing! A boy was born without a head, we attached a coconut and now he is the President! Can you imagine the humiliation! So sad for us. Please excuse me if you have heard the joke before, but I hadn’t …..

      • Wähala

        Hahahahahaa chai!
        Never heard the story but won’t hesitate to add that… ‘Nigerian surgeons added ogogoro in our coconut that’s why our President is called, “clueless” by his citizens’. Thanks for instigating odeku moment, o’jare!


        Tales by moonlight………..Akuko negwu !

        • Onike24

          Please, can you please not reply to my posts.


            That’s NOT gonna happen !!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            He has to get sober first before he gets the import of your request!

            The chances of that happening, as long as there is free Sapele Water served in Aso Rock, is very low.

            As you can see, the drunk has already replied back to you to indicate otherwise.

            They are paid to sow doubts in the minds of the less discerning.

          • Onike24

            O ma se fun won….. Ise Buruku

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Lol, Sis.

            “Ise” is a poor man’s affliction.

            May we never suffer from it. Amen.

          • Onike24

            Amen oh!

      • Kamal Kamoru

        A south African made this crude remark at yur president and you call it a ‘joke’??
        Why pretend it was ‘painful’? If it ws ‘painful’, will yur brain damaged friend laff like a He-goat on steroid??
        Oya stop lying! South Africans are not as daft as you guys. They will never do that. That’s why I laff wen yur frend wahala pretends to be somewhere in Europe! These guys understand the meaning of civility unlike you touts!
        This kind of ‘joke’ at a ‘function’???? Shows the kind of low-lives ‘functions’ you attend.

        • Onike24

          I am not one to trade insults and would ordinarily ignore these type of moronic and idiotic comments. Why do you assume everyone is a bottom feeder like yourself? Did I say I found it funny? Please keep your idiotic comments to yourself! I am sick and tired of dim nitwits who think everyone else is as idiotic as they are! No one respects Jonathan and just so you know I have heard him called worse names! He is a legendary empty vessel, and no amount of abuse can change that!

  • Wale

    I hope it doesn’t take too much time for you guys to realize
    that your country Nigeria is under unannounced international sanctions. No country
    in their right mind want to have anything to do with President Jonathan and his
    government. People called the former President Ya’Adua, “Mr. GO Slow” for a
    reason, they were so used to OBJ’s fast paced of getting things done, but with
    this current one, They are in a state of SHOCK.

    Everyone knows the $9.3 million seized in South Africa is a clear
    cut money laundry case, President
    Jonathan once said “if you steal that kind of money, America will know about
    it” (not in verbatim) . United States
    tipped off South Africa what’s heading their way.

    Evidence at hand in SA proves that the money was not meant
    to buy arms and Ammunitions as claimed buy this rogue government. If so, what
    happened to diplomatic pouches, that could be used and they are not likely
    viable for inspections. Also, why hired a private jet? The President have
    access to at least nine different presidential jets to convey the money along
    with military attaché to make the purchase, even that would still be considered
    illegal in the international community.


      A figment of your warped imagination !! it is quite unfortunate that despite the hatred and bigotry Nigeria is marching ahead and winning…….go and hang, there is nothing like sanctions against Nigeria,your wish and prayers to the devil will not come true !!

      • Wale

        Omo ale, Biafran.
        You can’t sell crude oil in the open market.
        You can’t procure arms and ammunition from other countries “legally” or “illegally”.
        Your first lady ain’t welcome at the white house.
        Your Currency is on a pole having a free fall.
        Your presido struggles with TelePrompter.
        Your VP is missing in action.
        no new investors from the west.
        70% unemployment rate.
        “If that ain’t sanction, I do know it ain’t good living”
        Should I go on? no dude,
        I’m busy man I’ve got job to do.


          Statistically speaking Nigeria has been the the country with the highest FDI (Foreign direct investment ) in Africa for the past 4 years .Who told you Nigeria cannot sell crude in the open market, as a matter of fact the US quota has fast been snatched up by India and China……you are a liar who hates the first Lady.
          Nigeria is a sovereign nation,we have the right to procure arms from any country we agree with. The USA is not the only arms producing country on earth. In fact Russia has been our traditional supply of military hardware followed by Britain !!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


          That was brutal straight talking!!

  • Otile

    Does this mean that the victory of Federal troops over the Moslems can be seen as a flash in the pan, and were here back to Zulu scandal?


      That exactly is the sinister hope and plan of the extremist and Jihadi-leaning APC and their sadistic supporters on the forum led by the nincompoop @Wahala !

      • Amir

        Wasteful gang of travellers calling themselves government. Special adviser on new media, Special adviser on old media (Daily times only). Special Adviser on television, Special Assistant on Radio, Special Assistant on Nollywood, Special Adviser on federal students, Special adviser on state students, etc.etc. Yet the man that appointed these insurgents of advisers lacks the capacity to understand advise. The advisers do land grabbing during the day and at night retire to release their online bile on the rest of us. Enough of this rubbish and caricature of an administration.


          If you would like a position,then apply instead of unleashing jealous venom on innocent persons…..useless moron !!

    • Southpaw

      Idiot…how many of our Federal troops are Muslims themselves?? Coward go and say what you just said in the face of a Muslim or a Muslim soldier in the army..may God cure Nigeria of the rot of people like yourself that exists in it

      • Otile

        Only you Mohammedans can tell how many Muslims are soldiers and how many are asirin tashi.

        • Southpaw

          Shut up you Religious Bigot…how many Nigerian Soldiers that have died fighting BH are Muslims along with their Christian brothers?? You are a sick disgusting man…a coward…go and say what you are saying instead of hiding behind a screen a spewing your rubbish nonsense

  • Omo Oodua tokan-tokan

    South Africa is threading on a hot iron. I know The United States is behind all these, but it will shock the whole world and South Africa what will eventually come out of this. South Africa will come crawling before Nigeria for help and forgiveness when the time comes. By then, The US would have used and abandoned the SA govt. We are watching..

    • GEJmustgo!

      And by then I am sure the king Jona Nabuvhadnezza is back to oteke water front in the creek!

    • Abiodun Aderemi

      My brother,dnt let us deceive ourselves……South African n NOT Nigeria is d GIANT of AFRICA….Our leaders v bastardized our nation tht it is not given d rightful regards in d comity of Nations(we r jst Giant on paper)..South Africa ‘ll come crawling b4 Nigeria 4 help n forgiveness Whn WHICH TIME COMES?….hw many Nigerians v ran 2 South African 4 greener pasture compared 2 d number of South Africans in Nigeria?…my brother,we r jst full of mouth.The US would ALWAYS prefer 2 deal ‘th South Africa any day n time than Nigeria….tis d gospel truth….We shld jst STOP d delusion

    • ICC Hague

      Did US government ask GEJ to launder money to South Africa for an illegal arm deal? Do you think every country will tolerate criminality and lawlessness of the Nigerian government?

  • Konkolo

    Nigerians, start bracing yourselves for hard time ahead. While am not a prophet of doom, the hand writing on the wall now clearly depicts a nation facing severe hardship. USA no longer buys our oil that has made our leaders to be so reckless, oil prices has fallen way below the amount our budget was based upon and unfortunately, our so called leaders have been recklessly misusing all of our oil windfalls years past. Now, the chicken is coming home to roost. Nigerians, we had our chances and God’s given opportunity, but we have all failed to use what has been given to us. We the mumu/coward followers failed to ask our extremely corrupt leaders for accountability. Now is time to pay the price for our inaction as mumu followers/cowards. South Africa can keep the $15 million if they want, after all, what would an average Nigerian benefit from the STOLEN money by GEJ/Co. anyway????????????????????????????????

  • the truth

    Nigerians this are trying times, but after the storm comes the rainbow. We would continue making giant strides. Do you believe in the Nigerian project.

    • endingNaija

      the turuth! you don come again with double talk serving King Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar!

    • GEJmustgo!

      The first giant stride we will make is to sack Jona, because he has done what he has come to do! He claimed to have no shoes, now he has gotten countless shoes. So what is he waiting for. Mr ancient truth finder!

  • Ogunlade A Marcus

    ON (08142296476)FOR
    CAMRY 2.2 PENCIL LIGHT=#350,0000,BIG
    DADDY XLE=N450,000,HIL
    UX=N800,000,SIENNA=#520,000,TOYOTA PRADO=600:000,RAV 4=450;000,TOYOTA AVALON=350;000,MERCEDES BENZ ML350=500;000,HONDA EOD=400;000,RANGE ROVER=950;000,CRV=400;000,HAICE BUS=750;000,
    COROLLA=#450;000 ,HIGHLANDER=#55
    PRIMERA=#250;000 ,MURANO=650;000,HONDA
    V6=#450;000,ACCORD=#300;000,LEXUS RX300=#500;000.I
    NFINITY FX45=#850;000,FX 35=#600;000
    PEUGEOT 406 =#350;000,ETC AND MANY MORE

  • Igbinoba

    This thing that people are saying here is somehow confusing to me. Are they saying Jonathan is a thief?
    Me i really don’t understand this matter very well. It is as if people are saying Jonathan took the $15m
    inside plane to South Africa to steal it and hide it there. That is what i see in what people are writing here.
    But i don’t know what to believe now because the Jonathan himself cannot talk again as if the people saying
    he is a thief are correct. I think somebody should tell Jonathan to say something. Silence is not golden here.

    • olu_kay

      The companies involved in the deal did’nt have the required cerftication to purchase the weapons the goverment claimed to be buying according to South Africa Prosecuting authorities NPA . So how could the companies buy the weapons and fulfill their end of the bargain.
      This was a case of money laundering that’s why they used CAN President jet.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      silence here, means consent, bruv!

  • warry

    Every Nigerian calls the other one theif or corrupt at the slightest opportunity. Who then is the theif. Presently every money stolen or not stolen should compulsory be ascribed to GEJ. Attempts were made to buy arms through the black market. Authorized Government officials signed the relevant papers but an average Nigerian would rather believe that the other Nigerians are thieves. Names of arms dealers and agents in the plane have been released, yet there is somebody to be blamed for everything going on in Nigeria rightly or wrongly. Nothing like shared responsibility.

  • MushinSpeaks

    This is what they call sorry sorry ooooo by Femi Kuti; I sorry for Nigeria!

    Lets ask ourselves, is this how we want this country to continue with GEJ? Why shaddy deals when you can always get your wish through the National Assembly?

    This is just a tip of the iceberg; more of these shaddy exist and we do not know.

    It is best we send this government packing and elect that CHANGE.

    Another four years of GEJ is a disaster inwaiting.

  • ICC Hague

    Enough is enough of GEJ criminal activities and international disgrace, come 2015 Nigerians will flush him out to otuoke and vote a man of integrity Buhari for better Nigeria.