Soyinka condemns Jonathan’s ‘impunity’, likens president to ‘Nebuchadnezzar’

Prof Wole Soyinka

Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, has lambasted President Goodluck Jonathan for allowing what he called a reign of impunity, the latest being police siege on the National Assembly.

Mr. Soyinka said the latest action of Suleiman Abba, the Inspector General of Police, against members of the House of Representatives was an “unambiguous” declaration of war against the people.

At a press conference in Lagos he titled King Nebuchadnezzar – The Reign of Impunity, Mr. Soyinka said that the battle line had been drawn and Nigerians must decide whether to submit or resist to the current democratic dispensation.

“I shall not insist that the biblical figure of Nebuchadnezzar is uniquely apt for the pivotal figure of the ‘democratic’ history in the making at this moment,” said Mr. Soyinka. “For one thing, Nebu was a nation builder and a warrior. One could argue even more convincingly for the figure of Balthazar, his successor, or indeed Emperor Nero as reference point – you all remember him – the emperor who took to fiddling while Rome was burning.

“However you should easily recall why I opted for King Nebu – the figure that currently sits on the top of our political pile himself evoked it, albeit in a context that virtuously disclaimed any similarities, even tendencies. Perhaps he meant it at the time when he claimed: ‘I am no Nebuchadnezzar.’ Perhaps not. One judges leaders on acts however, not pronouncements, which are often as reliable as electoral promises.”

Mr. Soyinka said that it was left for Nigerians to decide to revert to the ‘Abacharian status of glorified slaves.”

“The praetorian guards have been let loose – to teach the rabble their place,” he said.

“The recent choice of a new leader for the guard was clearly no accident, and this hitherto unknown enforcer, one Suleiman Abba, has wasted no time in inaugurating a season of brutish power. When a people’s elected emissaries are disenfranchised, cast out like vagrants and resort to scaling fences to engage in their designated functions, the people get the message.

“However, the choice is always there, and each choice comes at a cost. It is either we pay now, or pay later.”

Mr. Soyinka also said that President Goodluck Jonathan had continued to surprise Nigerians in ways “few could have conjectured.”

“Peaking at his own personalised example where he set the law of arithmetic on its head – I refer to the split in the Governors’ Forum, and his ‘formal’ recognition of the minority will in a straightforward, peer election – democracy has been rendered meaningless where it should be most fervently exemplified.

“Nothing is more unworthy of leadership than to degrade a system by which one attains fulfilment, and this is what the nation has witnessed time and time again in various parts of the nation, the recent affront against the legislative chamber being only the most blatant and unconscionable…

“It is a warning. His choices for the occupancy of crucial public positions – such as the protective arm of the nation – constitutes an even more immediate and constant public alert. The signals are ominous – for and beyond 2015.”


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  • No Comment

    Breaking News…..


    “Senator Babafemi Ojudu (APC, Ekiti) had told Daily Trust at the weekend
    that both senators of the ruling People’s Democratic Party and the opposition
    All Progressives Congress were in unison on President Jonathan’s impeachment”.

    “Based on the provisions of the 1999 Constitution, a motion seeking to institute
    impeachment proceeding against the president must be signed by 1/3 of the
    lawmakers in the Senate.”

    “With over 60 senators appending their signatures to the motion, they have surpassed
    the constitutionally required number, and it is left to be seen if the motion would be tabled
    any time soon”

    …..Daily Trust

    (December 2nd, 2014)

    • Tonye

      Impeachment ke? Okay O, impeach and replace Jonathan with a new south-south president.
      That’s all, since South-south must complete its own 8 years too, like the Yoruba people enjoyed.
      It is when it is now south-south’s turn that Professor Soyinka saw King Nebuchadinezar, no be so?
      I beg commot, yeye dey smell. Soyinka is talking al this for his APC people, but no way to Islamic state!

      • Raphael

        “The Otueke-born politician – Goodluck Jonathan – is nothing near a clueless person.
        He may not be your example of an exposed leader. He may not be gifted with charisma
        of a leader of his stature. He may have less convincing oratory skills, pronunciation deficiencies;
        he may actually be running a clueless government but he is not a clueless person.”

        ……….Uche Igwe

        [Sahara Reporters]

        October 7th, 2014

      • abeem

        The man, Jonathan, belongs in the creeks, to rule over the mosquitos and the amphibians in the swamps!

  • Rondo

    Wait, wait Professor, wait first. Is Aminu Tambuwal a member of the House of Reps,
    after defecting to APC, without showing evidence of division in PDP? That’s the issue.

    • Igbo Warrior

      Thank you Rondo,

      So what is unlawful about Police tear-gassing a non-member
      trying to force his way into Nigeria’s legislative chambers?
      And doing so with a posse of guards who wrestled the Police?

      • abeem

        Did you ask yourself what was the business of the police at the NASS, locking down the gate and selectively preventing elected representatives from entering the National Assemble (Selective because their action was directed at non-PDP partymen since Mark and the deputy Speaker who are both PDP carry members were not molested and were allowed to enter the premises). And before you say foul, the police was acting on intelligence (which of course was non-existent in breaking the ranks of terrorists in Nassarawa and Sambisa forest), who did the police arrest as a result of their faked intelligence?


      So, Rondo, everything you have read from Prof. is about Tambuwal? May God give you the knowledge and wisdom to understand!

      • Gbenku

        Go away from here. Which Truth Master are you? Is Soyinka not talking of tear-gas at National Assembly?
        Did Wole Soyinka even try to look at what caused the thing? He was just taking one side throughout. Haba!

        • Tunde

          You are quite daft. Would you accept if the police shoot your wife just because they suspect a neighbor is a thief?
          Do you take leave of your reasoning faculty just because of GEJ?

        • I Hate Sycophant Truly

          Did the Police claim it was bcos of Tambuwal that that show of shame was perpetrated? They claimed thugs were planning to invade the assembly, Pls use your head rather than your hand.

        • Garden-City Boy

          What is the big deal about teargassing? After all Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, an former Senate President, was teargassed to death. He wasn’t even scaling any wall at the time or barging into government property unlawfully. The problem here is the “SACRED COW” culture and awusa people have it in their psyche that they re so untouchable that they can behave as the want (including acting conducting themselves in barbaric ways) and get away with it.

          Okadigbo was Igbo man and was no sacred animal, and so, the heavens did not fall. This time, a gate-crashing party renegade walks into a cloud of teargas by choice while knowing committing an unlawful act of trespass and it is brimstone and fire. And we want peace, but never justice.

        • Rommel

          what caused it is that the president through his militia leader one Suleman Abba had decided to usurp the function of the law courts by pronouncing a suspect guilty thereby subverting the constitution.

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Your understanding of a complex issue is very limited, so I don’t blame you

    • Curious

      That’s not the issue my friend. Tambuwal has shown incontrovertible evidence of serious crisis in Sokoto PDP.

    • Tonnero

      That is not the issue. It is not for the Prof, yourself, the police or Goodluck Jonathan to decide whether a member of the house who defects still retains his seat. It is strictly for the house members to decide by themselves and where they cannot, seek interpretation from the courts. The police should only enforce lawful court orders and not usurp the position of the courts. You know this very well. The problem is you guys are happy to rubbish democracy, due process and the rule of law as long as it is your man violating them

    • Rommel

      Uncle made it clear that the decision was not for one Suleiman Abba who is the head of government paid militia to determine


    soyinka is a professor of doom.

    • Tonnero

      And he is prophesying the doom of Jonathan and his fo0lish supporters from the SE.

    • Garden-City Boy

      The man is gradually eroding the fame he made for himself out of shear hard work….not by QUOTA. You don’t find the courageous champion anymore. What we now see is the nay-saying shadow, the empty shell of the real Soyinka we knew. These days, he gradually, but steadily comes across as the APC-JANJAWEED surrogate. He manifested this trait when lacked the singular courage to name the CBN OFFICIAL who funded BOKO HARAM with public funds while that individual held sway in the apex bank. It was a disappointing act of betrayal of the huge confidence he enjoyed. It was simply unbelievable!
      Clearly, Prof, Soyinka opted to play chicken on the instance of the APC-JANJAWEED he now works for to shield those individual politicians who, Fani- Kayode tells us, sponsor their militant wing, Boko Haram. Prof. Wole Soyinka must learn where to apply the breaks, lest he gets dragged down the slippery slope of infamy. He does not need that at his age.

      • Rommel

        At least he didn’t buy his fame and achievement or got it through patronage or tribal sentiments like the rest of you,he got it through merit and has remained consistent,he supported BIAFRA in the days when his kinsmen betrayed because he believed that it was a just cause,he was against Abacha,he was against the invasion of Niger delta by OBJ,he was among those that negotiated the anmesty of the Niger delta,he was against the cabal as they were called then who were preventing then vice president Jonathan from taking over and I am sure most of you were just talking then so why should what he says now not be taking seriously

        • Garden-City Boy

          You tell me what I already know…..that was the old Wole Soyinka.Tell us something new, namely his bizarre disclosure of knowledge of a CBN Official who sponsored Boko Haram during his tenure. The best he could do, at his age, was “passed the name” to the presidency to do God-knows-what with.
          As far as we know, this administration has neither threatened to, nor imposed a gag order on our one and only Nobel Laureate. If after the Prof’s noble and enviable antecedents you acknowledge, you don’t suspect that something has gone awry, then I don’t know what to tell you. But mu gut tells me you are are smart enough to notice that this Wole soyinka is , at best, the fake one.

          • Rommel

            HahahahahahLol! nice try but remember,old habits die hard,you cannot teach an old dog new tricks,he remains the same I can assure you,the invasion of the national assembly was flat wrong,the government should have headed to court immediately rather than usurping the duties of the court,that is the crux of the matter and not politics or ethnicity


    ”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.

    Thank you Prof.

  • Dr. Olorunsola

    Dear Professor Soyinka,

    You’ve done your best, you deserve your rest. You are very right on this one.
    It is actually up to Nigerians to evolve into true homo sapiens and start thinking.
    Nigerians steal less than they think; and, in a spirit where theft is installed; there,
    the spirit of clear thinking cannot be.

    Nigerians are not ignorant in the sense of not having enough information to act.
    They have more than sufficient facts were they thinking people insistent on honesty.
    So, hectoring these morally dissolute Nigerians to seek liberty is a bloody waste of time.
    Thieves thrive in a nonrational order of anomie where civil liberty is a hindrance to thefts.

  • the truth

    People like Soyinka should be happy that gej is a gentleman, please wasn’t soyinka in self exile under governments like obj and buhari? now he has the luxury to talk he is using it freely. This is the beauty of democracy and gej should be commended for sowing an environment where people can criticize the govt without fear and rancor. More of this.

    • Tunde

      People like you turn history on its head. Nigeria has had democracy much more before GEJ came into the Presidency and we all enjoyed the freedom of speech that came with it.
      One day you guys will try and pass it off that GEJ conceived Nigeria.

      • the truth

        if it was so, why did soyinka leave in self exile even under obj, wasn’t that democracy mr tunde? Why was he criticizing from far away kent and Massachusetts?

        • Tonnero

          You constantly surprise one with your foolishness. Soyinka did not leave during OBJ’s regime although you would like it to have been so. You id!ots who think we will watch you while you sell our country to dogs because of ethnicity, religion or money have another think coming. Even though GEJ benefitted from the outspokenness of civil society, upstarts and nincompoops like you would turn history on its head even when we are still alive. The worst parts of hell are reserved for your likes.

          • the truth

            You should be the one amazed with your stup*dity. Where was soyinka between 1998-2006? Tell me which nigerian president ever who has given the media and opposition figures this much leeway. Is this not how democracy ought to be. What happened to dele kasim of daily times in buhari’s regime who dared criticize buhari on his war on discipline campaign? i guess you were too young to know. What happened to funsho williams, bola ige or kasim elegbede? What happened to onfield reporters and journalists like Temebo Peters, Shehu Garba, Dabo Gwali and Kunle Adewale all under obj just to mention a few? may thunder kill you for this complete show of uncare. where was your wole soyinka then. Now you have people who openly abuse the president and are not touched or harmed, when did you see that in nigeria before now? is this not the beauty of how democracy should be, and when i state the obvious, because of your biased and f**lish nature you fail to realise. na ogbu go kill u, idi$t

    • Garden-City Boy

      He has forgotten what Gowon and Awo gave him in 1968. During Abacha, he would be lobbing his grammatical missiles from across the border. He is merely taking advantage of the gentility of this President who is the most benevolent democrat in the world today.

    • endingNaija

      GEJ gentle man? Which gentle man? Leader of a party _PDP- that imported three thugs to sit down with 7 PDP members in Ekiti state house of assembly to “vote” and “pass” “law” So gentlemen supports the invasion of legislative assemblies? Gentlemen support the importation of thugs into legislative assemblies? Haba the “truth” speak the truth for once!

      • the truth

        why the infatuation, abi u be gay? Because i can’t understand why you must respond to all my posts, are you trying to pass a secret coded message. I am not interested for your information and don’t respond back to every post i make, 1 or 2 is ok but when you respond to 20-30 a day, it feels u are stalking me and want something else which i can’t provide. Go and ask tundemash(wahala) i heard he is good at that trade

        • endingNaija

          So it is correct for your party-PDP under President Jonathan- to allow THREE THUGS to vote and “make” a Nigerian “law”? Answer.


    Kongi de Long John Silver is already 80 sha……..anyway I will reserve my comment but it is sad to watch the onset of senility !

    • concernedcitizen2014

      Go and check a good bookshop in your area. The man has published 3 new books in the last 2 years. Numerous speaking engagements all over the world. Not to bad for a “senile” man

      • concernedcitizen2014

        Start with the Man Died. An old title.. but it will give you an idea of where he is coming from. Then you can read You Must Set Forth at Dawn. For his childhood years read “Ake”, to find out more about his parents and life in South West Nigeria at the time read “Isara”. Ibadan is another great book. He wrote one early last year about the Boko Haram scourge – “Interventions IV – The Appeasement of the Unappeasable. Please do a study of the man, and liberate yourself. He his a hero for every ethnic group in Nigeria.


          Never denied his heroism !

  • Mr. Abdin

    Well done Prof. for your articulated composed write up that has really exemplified the contemporary political brouhaha that is bedevilling our political system as a result of the draconian policies of ”king Geoffrey” i.e GEJ who has decided to ”back wheel” Nigeria’s political development as result of his egoistic political way of life that has halted the development of Nigeria.

  • ogbuefiakajiaku

    The old man should not completely destroy what his generation has destroyed partially.He is an APC sympathizer because the son is a commissioner in Ogun state.

    • concernedcitizen2014

      We shall worship Jonathan with “all of our heart, all of our mind and with all our spirit” as we journey into the kingdom of economic freedom, it is our oily alas Biafra

    • Fula

      who was he sympathizing with when he spoke up just like this, condemning the cabal that resisted making GEJ acting president. People like WS do not make their choice based on present gain or loss. those who will resist will do so AGAIN, opportunists like you will criticize them but will turn around to support the new government ushered in by protests they condemned.

  • Mariana

    People wey suppose die refuse to die…instead they cause problems up & down…It is part of d ploblem with 9ja.

    • JOE

      Person like jonathan, abi? God bless u.

      • Ahmad

        I hope the he goat gets the massage. Thank you Jo!

  • JOE

    is it that some people are blind such that they dont mind being led by one eyed lucky man? I weep for this country.

  • Omo’oodua


    “[On this clamour for a Christian as Lagos state governor]….
    we should not introduce something that will start affecting
    affecting the consciousness of the people. We shouldn’t put
    in the people’s consciousness what they were not thinking
    thinking about before. Even if you look at it closely you will
    find that the dominant people in Lagos state are Muslims”.

    ……..Alhaji Tola Kasali

    (Lagos Commissioner for Rural Affairs under Bola Tinubu)

    [October 25th, 2014]

    • Bode Anims

      Indeed, the Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN] which last year morphed as APC,
      has NEVER presented a Christian as its governorship candidate in Yorubaland.

      The current APC governorship aspirants in Lagos state is another slew of Muslims; viz:

      • Alhaji Adeyemi Ikuforiji

      • Alhaji Ganiyu Solomon

      • Alhaji Supo Shasore

      • Alhaji Femi Hamzat

      ….and so on and so forth, whereas, neither Nigeria nor Lagos is an Islamic state.

      • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

        Talk of the muslim governorship aspirant in Bayelsa State. Or is Bayelsa state not Nigeria?

        • Kondo

          You well at all? Who is the Muslim governorship aspirant in Bayelsa state?

      • concernedcitizen2014

        Oga “Lagos is no man’s land”. Please Supo Shasore Shasore is a regular worshipper at the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos (Anglican Communion). He has served on the Church’s
        History Committee and is a member of the Cathedral Standing Committee. Speaker Adeyemi Ikuforiji a Muslim is married to a christian pastor wife. In fact Adeyemi first wife was an Igbo woman from Imo. Please google before you post nonsense

        • Ricky

          Alhaji Supo Shasore is a very good Muslim, please!

  • Fula

    Wll done prof. the choice is clear…GEJ is gone

  • the_adviser

    The man is suffering from partial amnesia. He did not talk about the constitution as it relates to defectors. He forgot about Newton’s 3rd law.

    • Lala

      Glorified slave.

  • Garden-City Boy

    The Prof is totally wrong here. If there is a search for a Nebuchadnezzar, we don’t have to go too far. We already have one in Obasanjo.

    • Rommel

      If you read him,he did make it clear why he chose Nebuchadnezzar instead of NERO who was fiddling why Rome was burning but I would prefer to go further,president Jonathan has become a Leviathan

      • Garden-City Boy

        That’s up to you. But, what would you call Buhari who is pushes to be president,……..DRACULA?,

  • BlackieUmukoro

    APC think tank. Expected because the man has since died. Quite unfortunate that at the twilght of his life, he missed the road

    • concernedcitizen2014

      If a dead man can write as well as he does, be constantly engaged in public speaking, teaching and writing, then i want to dead in that way also

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Heard of Zombies before
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Lala

          Glorified slave. Go eat your crumbs.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Unsung slave
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • alao

      My brother you never retire up still now. Still spewing venom based on sentiments.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Sentiment, God forbid. Talk your own, I talk my own, that way, everybody is talking Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

      • endingNaija

        na small boy BlackieUmokri be now. you no know? he is always angry at the truth!

    • endingNaija

      Reno Wendel BlackieUmokri, you don come again. How now? How is King Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar of Aso Rock Abuja Nigeria? Doing well? Just asking but do not be angry. This your anger will not take you anywhere. You hear? Anyway(s) greet King Jona Nebu of Aso Rock for me. Much later.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        A prophet has no respect in his homeland. Ebele is celebrated worldwide except Naija APC frustrated felons Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • endingNaija

          Blackie Umokri-you mean King Jonathan Nebuchanezzar is also a prophet of doom and division?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Surprised that you still deride yourself in self delusion
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • endingNaija

            But nna, you called King Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar of Aso Rock , Abuja , Nigeria a prophet!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Ebele, transformer the great
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Frank Bassey

    It takes a Nebuchadnezzar to recognize a Nebuchadnezzar. Tribal Warlords who was silent during OBJ’s years of impunity.

    • Rommel

      Uncle is a decent man its unfortunate that your hero are people who steal monies meant for your development,Bob Marley asked Africans to emancipate themselves from mental slavery,Uncle is asking Nigerians to liberate themselves slave mentality of tribal allegiance and patronage.President Jonathan is an unmitigated disaster,who would have believed that a man who received such support would now turn into a Leviathan

    • concernedcitizen2014

      Since when did Soyinka and Obj become friends, go read books. Please go to a good bookshop. Soyinka has always spoken virulently against his fellow Abeokuta brother.

    • Lala

      Glorified slave! Crumb eating simpleton.

  • Egwuatu

    What can this grandfather of cultists who worked for IBB say about impunity?

    • Rommel

      glorified slaves,isn’t it what he called people like you?

      • Egwuatu

        Why have you commented on almost every other post? Surely it must be because you’ve no mental capacity for original thought of your own. Mentally enslaved. Or perhaps you’re a cultist fighting in defence of the grandfather of cultism in Nigeria.

        • Rommel

          I made my comment on Sahara reporters as soon as the news broke out about what Uncle said,you may go check it out but just listen to yourself,does my posts sound like someone with no opinion,obviously you are one of the glorified slaves that the good professor talked about

    • Lala

      Homo Ignoramus! A crumb eating simpleton. That is what you are.

  • By popular demand


    “[On this clamour for a Christian as Lagos state governor]….
    we should not introduce something that will start affecting
    the consciousness of the people. We shouldn’t put in the
    people’s consciousness what they were not thinking about
    before. Even if you look at it closely you will find that the
    dominant people in Lagos state are Muslims”.

    ……..Alhaji Tola Kasali

    (Lagos Commissioner for Rural Affairs under Bola Tinubu)

    [October 25th, 2014]

    • Al Jihadi


      “Fighting is obligatory for you (Muslims), even if you dislike it” – Quran 2:216.
      “O believers make war on the infidels (non-Muslims) who dwell around you,
      and, let them find harshness in you” – Quran 9:123 “When the sacred months
      are over, kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” – Quran 9:5

      “Fight against Christians and Jews that believe neither in Allah nor in the last day…
      and who do not embrace the true faith [Islam]” – Q 9:29. “Believers, take neither Jews
      nor Christians for friends or helpers” – Q 5:51. “Fight in the name of Allah and in the way
      of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war…” – Sahih Muslim 19:4294.

      “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads
      and strike off every fingertip of them” (Koran 8:12), And fight with them until there is no
      more fitna (unbelief) that religion should be only for Allah [Islam]” [Koran 8:39].

      “Fight those who believe not in Allah; nor in the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden
      which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger [Mohammed], nor acknowledge
      the religion of Truth (Islam) – even if they are of the People of the Book (i.e Christians) –
      until they pay the Jizya, with willing submission and feel themselves subdued. [Koran 9:29].”

      Under Islamic law, Jizya or jizyah (Arabic: جزية‎ ǧizyah]; is a per capita tax levied
      on a section of an Islamic state’s non-Muslim subjects (Christians and non-Muslims)
      who meet certain criteria. The tax is and was to be levied on (all) able-bodied adult males
      of military age, but with specific exemptions.

      • concernedcitizen2014

        Your are confused you need a holiday in Dubai

  • Ette

    God will give him the Nebu treatment.

    • Lala


  • Otile

    I hope when the next war breaks out Kongi will stay put not fleeing as usual. Talk is cheap. Condemnation of the enemy is cheap, but solving the problem of Islamic terrorism is not.

    • Boros

      @ Otile:

      Me i can’t shout, please. All i want to say is that people like Professor Itse Sagay,
      Professor Wole Soyinka, Barrister Femi Falana and so on, must not run away.
      Were they not the ones saying an Islamist party [APC] is a progressive party?

      No NADECO route is acceptable this time. They must stay here and fight with guns,
      against the same Islamism they’re supporting. They must not run away this time O!
      They must face the bloody consequence of the bad advice they gave the people.

      • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

        What of Jonathanians? Do they run?

    • concernedcitizen2014

      Soyinka run, that was jailed by Gowon for 2 years because he went to visit his friends in Biafra. That fought Abacha. I mean I said Abacha the butcher. Abacha whose henchman was Al Musthafa. Soyinka the hunter. Each day is an adventure for there kind.

      • Otile

        Gowon is a criminal. That was no war, it as genocide at its worst. Kongi did the right thing then, sorry to hear that Gowon jailed him. They said it was Tai Solarin who spoke out against the genocide and even helped Igbo people but was persecuted by Chief Awolowo. I thought Kongi ran away during the Northern terrorism of Abacha.

    • endingNaija

      Reno Umokri how body? E be like say dis Soyinka truth pain una for ASO Rock, for una Jonathan presidency for una PDP no be small. Small small sha make una no distort history. Greet Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar for me Yu hear!!

  • Sunny

    Nice piece from our one and only Nobel Laureate. The choice is left to Nigerians, let them choose between tyrant Jonathan and other contestants come 2015. God bless Nigeria.

    • Rommel

      You made a big mistake my friend,describing what uncle wrote simply as a piece,is to reduce it same level with the many adulterated attempts by some pretenders to describe what they feel about present day Nigeria,what Uncle wrote is an epistle which was given to him from above

  • UYI111

    Amaechi has finanlly brainwash our former nationalist to a mere honourary apc propagandist although not a card carrying member yet

  • Tolani

    Prof, I think your analytical mind need to be call to question. You been very bais against GEJ since your daughter has living the Rivers state government house while Mrs Amaechi relocates to UK. This may explain why you refered to the First Lady as that woman. Prof this very disappointing. Any way time will tell

    • Comfortkay

      What is bad in what he has said? Nigeria is gradually day by day becoming a lawless state where Army and Police are ONLY working for PDP.

  • Edward Osadebay

    Prof, it is regrettable that at your very advanced age, you are still fighting bad government and sad, your will be abused by idiots.

  • Wähala

    We’ve been there before, the tyranny of one man has and will never surpress the collective will of the Nigerian peoples…
    Never before, not now… not never! Evil triumphs where good men remain silent. Thankso, erudite Prof. Wole Soyinka… you don talk’am!

  • the truth

    The All Progressives Congress
    Caucus at the House of Representatives on T‎uesday disowned a list
    purported to be the names of lawmakers pushing to impeach President
    Goodluck Jonathan.

    It described the list as “fake” and being circulated by some “online publicists.”

    The caucus dis‎owned the list barely 72 hours after the Peoples Democratic Party Caucus also called the list “a scam.”‎

    House Minority Leader and Leader of the APC caucus, Mr. Femi
    Gbajabiamila, claimed in a statement in Abuja that none of his members
    was a “party to the fake impeachment list.”

    By implication, both the majority PDP and the main opposition APC have disowned the list.

    The‎ development leaves the question on the whereabouts of the
    authentic impeachment list or whether there is any list in existence

    Gbajabiamila merely said that the authentic list would be published in “due course.”

    “The general public is hereby advised to disregard a fake impeachment
    list published by some online publicists for obvious sinister
    intentions,” part of his statement read.


    How far sahara reporters,propaganda times aka premium times. Why do people leave on steady lies, propaganda and deceit just to get to power. Why can’t they be truthful and have dignity. Or is it how they have characterized nigerians, people that can be f**led easily by deceit.

    • Wähala

      Deri Orbuka,
      This story is about “impunity” of Dr. Dumbo and his crass raids of APC data house to find out exactly how many members the opposition to his ill-government has, stop diverting attention with your fake news. If the lawmakers eventually impeach your moron, don’t you think he deserves it… Mr. truth?

      • the truth

        mr tunde mash aka (apc area boy for ojota motor park) i hope you have told your paymasters to start paying you in dollars for every post you make due to the naira falling. I am just showing the world how deceptive you guys are. how many times was this story carried by your propaganda times and lie lie reporters? Only to discover that they have been lying to f**ls like you. You were busy commenting and f**ling yourself as the paid analysts you are. So why can’t we leave on the truth, dignity and unbias reporting. Why always feeding the public lies just to favor your pay masters atiku and the drug baron’s moto. Thank God you said he is a president, that is a height you, your whole household and generation will never get to. Whether you like it or not elections are not won on premium times or lie lie reporters, it is won on the fields.Let me ask you a question, how can apc call themselves the arbiter of change when there chronic lies and propaganda outwits even maradona and messi’s dribbling combined together. I bet you by February you will be jobless because i don’t think your paymasters would have enough egunje to settle you. One bottle of odeku from mama bisi

        • Wähala

          At least I’ve finally unmasked your fake ass, but with the “egunje confession” that you’re also the fraud who posts as @Baba Messi and surely other handles. See how easy it has been? Told you I can smell a soaked stock fish from miles away. Hahaha chai! Shaa… Thanks for the odeku!

          • the truth

            come here, with your fish brain you think you can play reverse psychology. Just like your apc and lie patron (lie lie mohammed) you blossom with peddling lies, rumor, propaganda and beer parlor discussions as fact. It is very unfortunate that at this your age your thinking faculty has been plummeted just like the dredged lagos lagoon. The fact still remains that a house which was built on lies would surely crumble even with a sip of mama bisi odeku. Pour me more odeku, the weather calls for it

          • endingNaija

            Shut up, why are you angry? Because he unmasked you? Anyway(s) let me ask about pour king first. eh eh eh how is King Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar of Aso Rock? Hope he is holing up in Aso Rock well well? Greet am for me. Next time do not be angry at the truth. Yu hear? Say hi to King Jona Nebu! O pari! Dis laafu no go kill person for Naija! I just dey here jeje dey laaaf my own for our 21st century King Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar of Nigeria!!!

          • the truth

            why the infatuation, abi u be gay? Because i can’t understand why you
            must respond to all my posts, are you trying to pass a secret coded
            message. I am not interested for your information and don’t respond back
            to every post i make, 1 or 2 is ok but when you respond to 20-30 a day,
            it feels u are stalking me and want something else which i can’t
            provide. Go and ask tundemashs(wahala) i heard he is good at that trade

          • endingNaija

            ah the “truth” you are scared of the truth about King Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar? Not good!

        • endingNaija

          the “truth” why are you this angry at the truth about President Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchanezzr? I mean the truth is the truth. And we are supposed to be the witnesses of the truth. We use our eyes to witness the truth. So the “truth” why are you turning your eyes away and against the “truth” about our 21st century King Nebu of ASO ROCK , Abuja , Nigeria? Softly softly ooo I beg do not be angry at the truth!.

      • Olu

        Here is a thug called Speaker. He defected from a majority party as speaker to a minority party and still wants to remain speaker. No. One cannot eat his cake and still have it. Mr. Soyinka got his wrong. It hurts me that those thugs at national assembly gate were not tear-gassed to submission.

    • endingNaija

      the truth it seems you do not like to read about the truth-why now? Take am easy ooo. Let us all strive for the truth and make Naija a better place by speaking the truth to King Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar. Perhaps by speaking the truth to our 21st century King Nebu in Aso Rock he will change a little bit and for the better!!!

  • Psalm Baba

    Nobel laurette Prof wole soyinka Acuses Jonathans govt of impunity, compares GEJ to Nebuchanezzer—-well, I respect his opinion but it
    is biase so forgive me if I take it with a pinch of salt, coming from a man whose son is an APC commissioner from an APC state and
    whose daughter is rumoured to be a concubine to Ameachi can he claim objectivity, I think not. Its all biased lies, if it were true just like in
    abacha and Obasanjo days Soyinka would either flee or refuse to come back, with all the insults and opposition has anyone died or
    unlawfully arrested and detained without recourse to the courts? I do not question his patriotism but his motives are suspect, that is how
    tunde bakare used his APC sponsored Save Nigeria group to call out Nigerians to lock shop go on hunger and protest the part removal of
    petroleum subsidy meanwhile his paddies in APC agreed to it cus they would get more money but they acted like cheeky devils and made
    it look like a purely PDP affair, the protest may have been legitimate but it was politically motivated, shirts and banners were printed and
    flown abroad, mama puts were given minor contract, vehicles were provided, speakers and microphones were hired and they kept shouting
    PDP fuel subsidy is killing us but bakare failed to say that his paddy govs in APC govs agreed to it, and why would he? APC Sponsors his
    save nigeria group, they wine and dine together even in dubai, he that plays the piper dictates the tune, neither APC or PDP are the
    solution we need, both are evil, these days journalists, media houses, Nobel laurettes, clergymen, pastors, imams, activists, unionists,
    lawyers, kings, emirs, obas etc are favored by politicians from one party to another, everyone leans on where his bread are buttered and
    won’t hesitate to replace truth with versions, its all a game but no one from all sides is yet to tell me or show me what it is it for the poor
    masses, there is no clear distinction between APC states and PDP states, in party manifestos, policy implementation, calibre of politicians,
    each keeps jostling from one political party to another for their own selfish reasons, no one is yet to tell me what is in it for the poor
    masses instead I am asked to take their word, of what worth is that? nothing. PDP is a failure but is it not the same politicians flocking
    into APC , and what have the APC come out to say they will do better, nothing so far, its all a game but Soyinka won’t play with me.
    There is no evidence for me to trust anyone with so much deception going on, I don’t like it when people tell me black is white, both APC
    and PDP are black the only difference is the shade of blackness. Some people like WF Kumuyi and Awolowo will die with a good name,
    others will die with their name shrouded in controversies with all their connivance and misrepresentation of the truth to support their
    shinanigans and they will be surprised to find themselves locked out of heaven. Everyone is being partisan and taking sides, no one wants
    to stand for the truth, they prefer to deceive themselves with versions of the truth because the truth won’t butter their bread.

    • Habib Rahman

      It appears you are driven by crass misrepresentation of soyinka personae thinking that this gadfly will bat an eyelid because of tyrant like late Abacha and you are so behind in knowing that he wrote ” king babbu” depicting Late Abachus’s despotic excesses.

  • Alhaji Salis Owolabi


    You guys are not getting it. What’s happening in Lagos is an on-going attempted coup.
    Pure and simple. Raji Fashola is desperate to overthrow Bola Tinubu as the APC Leader.
    To do so, Raji Fashola is putatively funding a tag team of Femi Hamza and Supo Shasore.
    Bola Tinubu, on his part, has the plurality of the APC party delegates behind Mr. Ambode.

    Raji Fashola now struggles to impose one of his friends as next governor so as to retain influence.
    But Femi Hamza is dis-advantaged after APC zoned the governorship to eastern senatorial district.
    Epe, Ikorodu and Mushin are the three major towns under that Lagos eastern senatorial district.
    Now, Ganiyu Solomon, Mr. Ambode and Adeyemi Ikuforiji are the three key aspirants from Lagos east.

    To get the coup done still, Raji Fashola sponsors Supo Shasore – who’d claimed he’s from Lagos central.
    Supo Shasore now suddenly claims his ancestry in Lagos east pointing to 180 years ago without specifics.
    But without acceptance as an indigence of Epe or Ikorodu, Supo Shasore is dis-advantaged as Femi Hamza.
    As such, Raji Fashola’s succession plan is failing apart ahead of Thursday’s APC governorship primary.
    Bola Tinubu thus looks set to retain his leadership of the APC party on Thursday from the look of things.

  • Lala

    I will liken GEJ more to Emperor Nero who fiddled while Rome burned. He (GEJ) is nothing near a nation builder. He who divides cannot build. Nero had a history of mental illness, I cannot say of GEJ’s mental state undr a post mortem of his rule is undertaken.

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    HE-GOAT on the loose

    • Sams

      If only you know how they treat black people in israel, you wouldn’t use that profile pic.

      • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

        fulanis are black as well

        • Sams

          I know. I didn’t say they are not. When I said ‘black people’, that include all Nigerians.

          • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

            They treat us differently because we are Biafran

          • Sams

            Who treats you differently? Israelis or Fulanis?

          • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

            Jewish people

          • Sams

            They (Israelis) treat black people badly because they are racists. Doesn’t matter to them if you biafran or not. They are not gonna ask you first where you are from.

  • Maria

    Thank you Prof…for telling the goats what they are.

    • emmanuel

      your father is an animal

      • Scalywag

        And you effluent

      • Maria

        Higher animal than your low-life father who is a worthless bonobo.

      • endingNaija

        And you claim to be a “christian”. And your party-PDP-claims to be a “christian” party. And your candidate -President Goodluck Jonathan-claims to be the “christian” candidate. And you are abusing people. Are you really a “christian” emmanuel?

        • emmanuel

          you are a bunch of self righteous animals. some one call other goats. the goats are supposed to include some people, fathers, grand fathers and co. yet you do not want to be called animals.

          This is the game played by you and your Boko Haram You want Christians to keep quiet while you slaughter them.

          You are bunch of animals. Who do you think will listed to your blackmail?

          So your father is more important than everyone who does not speak the same beat with your Foolani and APC

          • endingNaija

            ah ah emmanuel this is not good. Emmanuel means -“God with us” yet you are abusive and cursing. Is your own God an abusive and cursing God? It is not good ooo. Diaris God oooo emmanuel=God with us. You can see that you have done a bad thing. Maria only makes Mary come alive. Yet you are emmanuel-God himself among us-Yet your God is highly abusive. Too bad emmanuel. This is why when you people say PDP is a “christian” party and President Goodluck Jonathan is the “christian” candidate, you evoke nothing but laughter and jokes-. Why? How can a “christian” candidate-Goodluck Jonathan be this corrupt. ? And how can emmanuel-which means “God among us” be this abusive.? Is your own God abusive? does it not matter that a :”christian” candidate is this corrupt? emmanuel-THINK! Only the deep can call to the deep! Stop being abusive. It is un-Godly! and “un-Emmanuely”!

    • Ann

      and the Assembly legislators are WHAT?

  • Ayelala

    Either Jonathan or Nigeria, one or the other is going down and I predict it is going to be messy.
    Beyond the South East whose elites are busy stuffing their mouths, no part of the country, even within his home state in bayelsa, wants this man to continue.

  • emmanuel

    Wole Soyinka is a hustler and a hypocrite.

    This same man with Beko and Falana went to Gani to ask him drop charges of forgery against Tinubu because he should not kill Omo Yoruba, so someone is a Nebuccadnezer because he is Omo Ibo. Nonsense!

    The man don chop the money when Amaechi give am when he joined him in the early days of his APC campaign. Soyinka’s word in today’s Nigeria no more have value.

  • adnoy

    Jonathan’s days are numbered

    • emmanuel

      his days? try to kill him.

      God has kept him there, your campaign of calumny through Boko Haram is futile

      • Mark Nsikan

        which God?…D god of currption abi?….all hail him!!

      • Gaskiya

        But Jonathan and his cabals do not believe in God. So which God are you referring to???

    • Grace

      Soyinka’s days are numbered too.

  • Sharia_Haram

    Soyinka should just declare for APC. He is a failed politician.

    His political party “The Democratic Front for a People’s Federation(DFPF)” was a failure.

    Soyinka is of no relevance to Nigeria. His utterances these days is becoming an abuse of Old Age. It is time for him to join his ancestors.

    He will not mention that his son is an APC stalwart and Commissioner for health in Ogun state.

    He is just jealous of a young man(GEJ) who has achieve what he(Soyinka) and his children could not attain in their life time despite their level of academic.

    • concernedcitizen2014



      The Ijaw poster boy achieved nothing but brought untold hardship, sorrow, tears and blood to Nigerians. GEJ was handed 100% of Nigerian land mass but he has ceded one-third to the enemies of Nigeria, Boko Haram

  • Ann

    I have a lot of respect and adoration for Soyinka but that said, his utterance have clearly exposed the fact that he is in APC . His utterances are very unbecoming of a elder states man. Must he comment on all issues, by every issue I mean when it is not in APC’s favour

    • Yusuf Ismaila

      To me Soyinka is a hatter of the North and the Northerners and I am not his fan and I will never be one but If he must not comment on all issues then why are you commenting or responding to his comments? Cant you ignore it. But people like you are the enemies of this nation. Any time the truth is said once it negate your interest you accused the person of being an APC sympathizer. What a hell! I support Soyinka in all he said. We voted for Jonathan in 2011 but do you think the way people like you are talking will make people like us not to vote for him next year.

      • Gaskiya

        These people are attack dogs of Jonathan apologists and have been paid to attack any genuine critique of Jonathan and his failed policies. Unfortunately, they are overdoing their assignments. We know all of them and most of the time we ignore their comments and concentrate on our job of voicing our candid opinions on the best way forward for Nigeria.

  • GrantUK

    Wole is APC and now competing with Lai Mo. Shame on you Wole. Soyinka is saying all these to please his paymaster Rotimi Amaechi. Amaechi paid for Soyinka’s cancer treatment, hence, he’s calling GEJ names as a pay back.

    • annonymous

      Where was your father when Soyinka was fighting the military for Democracy. Please face the fact and let’s move this nation forward.

    • Grace

      Thank you bro, the man has phd in hypocrisy.

  • favourtalk

    He just called him the right name, why is it that everytime someone call people or GEJ the right name, some people outside the circle of intelligent think it’s all about APC. Let everyone faces their problems and solve it, stop critisising someone or blaming them for the woe the government created. We need a change in this country, we should move the nation forward. Nigeria can do better regardless of the problems but he has failed the nation and soyinka just pointed out his flaws and mess he created, bringing the nation to it knee. We need a change

  • Alkali


    The (Jonathan) Presidency did not forward its input to the National Assembly
    until after the National Assembly had finished its work; and so, the entire 2014
    National conference was a waste. They (Presidency) did it to deceive people.

    That is what happened and Nigerians do not know. The long and short of it is that
    the N7 billion sunk into the Conference, and the time and the energy invested in it,
    didn’t deliver. It was basically a fraud.

    The National Assembly has finished its work on constitutional amendment which it
    began two years ago and it has sent its report to the state houses of assembly for concurrence.
    In the life of this National Assembly it will not look at any other input (on constitutional amendment)

    ……….Sani Zoro

    (December 2nd, 2014)

    • Raphael

      “The Otueke-born politician – Goodluck Jonathan – is nothing near a clueless person.
      He may not be your example of an exposed leader. He may not be gifted with charisma
      of a leader of his stature. He may have less convincing oratory skills, pronunciation deficiencies;
      he may actually be running a clueless government, but he is not a clueless person.”

      ……….Uche Igwe

      October 7th, 2014[

    • The Revolutionary

      Editor Premium Times,

      Wole Soyinka is an avid campaigner for civil liberties but those liberties have no meaning amid thefts.
      Nigerians are in bondage. The people have been captured. Official oligarchs steal the country blind.
      No credible forums to bring thievish government officials to justice. Faced with same crisis in France,
      the French people decided the justice warranted for rogue government officials is death by guillotine.

      French people quickly formed revolutionary committees and beheaded their own corrupt officials.
      Nigerian youths must themselves form revolutionary committees in each local government to decide
      the appropriate punishment for each of Nigeria’s roguish officials. Nigeria should not exempt itself
      from the currents of progress in history.

      Progress begins by insistence that no man shall cheat, steal or oppress another man in a democracy.
      State assets are not anyone’s (personal) property to be taken away by a government official for his family.
      Stolen assets in Nigeria must therefore be seized from official thieves and their children who inherited it.
      Stolen assets can never ever become legitimate personal wealth over any period of time under the law.
      The laws of Nigeria forbid stealing; and so, the people of Nigeria must enforce the law against thieves.

  • MushinSpeaks

    We can only help ourselves by bringing an end to GEJ’s government with our votes. Enough of this reign of impunity. Nigeria deserves better.

  • Okey

    His friend, Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State shut down the State courts since 9 months ago. Practicing lawyers and their families have been passing through horrible times since then. I have just dispatched a token to a lawyer friend of mine to enable him feed his family. What impunity, what rascality can surpass that ? Yet this makes no sense to Prof. Soyinka.

    Prof. Soyinka seem to have lost touch with reality. Ealier, Soyinka was was brought to Ekiti in a priavte jet. In the course of that jolly-wel,l merry-go-round, Soyinka said that Fayemi’s loss at the polls was a “mystery” to him. And I ask, why won’t it be a mystery since Soyinka overflew the striking Ekiti civil servants who were still being 5 months of their salaries at the time ? Perhaps, if his son was among them, Fayemi’s electoral loss would have become real to Soyinka. Soyinka should be in touch with reality, otherwise, he won’t escape the perception of being overtly deliberately politically biased.

  • Macson

    It is evident that some scalliwags or let me say num scull or better put, nincompoop are accusing a world figure, Wole Soyinka because they never knew that he faught for Jonathan to get power in the Save Nigeria Group when Yar adua was sick. Senseless people who dont follow the gammuts of events as they unfold. Prof. Soyinka is a man of truth, integrity, probity and what have you.

  • Macson

    yusuf Ismaila God bless u 4 that comment. dont mind GRANT UK for his senselessness and stupidity saying load of codswalop.

  • Ibukun Tosin

    since Soyinka’s son became Commissioner for Health, under Amosun’s APC cabinet in Ogun State, the man has lost every respect of a Nobel laureate.

    He has always spoken from all sides of his mouth.

    This was the same Soyinka who criticized IBB with reckless abandon, but common FRSC given him to establish and manage, recorded corrupt tendencies under his watch.