VP Sambo visits Kano bomb victims, denies Nigerian govt behind Boko Haram

Gov. Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso of Kano state welcoming Vice President Namadi Sambo at Malam Aminu Kano International Airport today, Monday. The Vice President was in Kano to condole with government and people of the state over the Friday, November 28th attack by insurgents at the Kano Central Mosque. Photo: Govt. House, Kano.

The Nigerian government is not behind the raging Boko Haram insurgency, and does not support attacks on Nigerians, Vice President Nnamadi Sambo said Monday, a day after a coalition of Islamic organisations in Nigeria said Friday’s bomb attack in Kano may have occurred to justify the government’s plan to extend emergency rule in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe States.

“But must blood be spilled to justify the extension of State of Emergency?” Jama’atu Nasril Islam, JNI, which is headed by the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, had asked in a statement Sunday. “Why is it that any time, the ineffective State of Emergency is about to elapse and or an extension is being sought, attacks are carried out with sophistication?”

But Mr. Sambo said it does not make sense for any government to attack its own people.

“It is seriously disturbing to hear people spreading rumours that Federal government is behind what is happening, while in the real sense we are doing our best to tackle it,” he said in Kano Monday.

It is not clear whether Mr. Sambo was referring to the statement issued by the JNI.

Mr. Sambo arrived Kano Monday, three days after multiple bombs tore through Kano’s Central Mosque, killing more than 100 people.

The vice president met survivors of the attack and sympathised with families who lost loved ones.

The visit was a deviation from the presidency’s response to similar attacks in the past.

President Goodluck Jonathan has been criticised for failing to visit communities and towns attacked by insurgents, instead, retaining routine government or political schedule regardless of the scale of attacks.

After the Kano attacks, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, announced the suspension of events weekend in honour of the victims.

Mr. Sambo, representing President Jonathan, arrived first at the palace of Emir of Kano, Mohammed Sunusi, before visiting Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso and the Mosque where the attack took place.

He also visited hospitals where victims of the attack were receiving treatment.

Mr. Sambo said the federal government could not be behind Boko Haram when majority of security establishments are headed by northerners, from the Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki who is from Sokoto State, to Inspector General Abba Suleiman, who is from Jigawa State to Defense Minister who is from Zamfara State.

“Including myself Vice President from Kaduna State Zaria, so with all these high profile Security operatives in the government and other sensitive positions control by the Northerners they can never be party to these heinous acts been perpetrated by the terrorists,” the vice president said.

Mr. Sambo said the attacks should be politicized.

“Security and politics should not be put together in this context, this business is more than what people think, rather they should be seen cooperating with the security in tackling this problems then politicizing it,” Mr. Sambo warned.

“In any case, like I said earlier, I don’t see all these top security echelon who hold highly placed and sensitive positions in the Security circle of this Government conniving with the Insurgents to kill their own people. Does it make sense?

Mr. Sambo said the government has since directed the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, to distribute relief materials where necessary, and that they have ordered for a large quantity of blood from their blood bank in Kaduna and Katsina to be given to those in need of it.

Mr. Sambo also urged the Emir of Kano, Sunusi Lamido, to enlighten his subjects against accusing the federal government, saying they should know that government is rather with them not with the Terrorists.

Earlier, Governor Kwankwaso urged the federal government to be more proactive in tackling the insurgency, by providing all the necessary military hardware and welfare to them.

He assured that in Kano all the security operatives of police, military, State Security Service, SSS, and others are working together to succeed in the fight.

Also the Emir, Muhammad Sunusi II, charged the Federal Government to ensure that all the culprits are exposed and dealt with appropriately, adding that something serious should be done to checkmate the terrorists.


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  • Frank Bassey

    Boko Haram was born in the North East in 2002 about 10 years before GEJ came to power. Which FG is behind BH – FG under GEJ or OBJ? The truth is that Northern elders had thought they could use it to stampede GEJ out of office and have power returned to the North. The gambit boomeranged and they are now shouting ….

    • Jide

      But it grew under GEJ to this enormous level..

      • Otile

        Buhari apologist.

        • clairvoyance

          U have not for once argued on behalf of the clueless but evil one sanely but u always vomit all manner trash. Is it because ur brain is filled with trash?

          • tundemash

            the m0ron is better ignored.

          • Otile

            From time to time you people should try to make some points no matter how unreasonable you may be without resorting to insults, profanity, abuse and arrogance. Can you do that?

    • Gaskiya

      GEJ apologist.

    • Sardauna Ahmadu

      Before Goodluck Jonathan, we’d NEVER heard a bomb blast in Nigeria. Now it’s no longer news

    • tundemash

      was it 2002 that Boko Haram start bombing ? Why has Dumbo not visited the victims of the bombing if not the he’s in sympathy with his boko boys ? Who has the instrumentality of state power to checkmate terrorists and has been clueless to use it ? Who claimed Boko Haram are ghosts and yet was able to agree an “oluwole” ceasefire with them just when the army was gaining upper hand? Was the fake ceasefire not designed to slow the army down so Boko Haram can recover and regroup? Why did United States leave the country abruptly ?
      Dumbo is a war criminal that will be hanged for his war crimes !!!!

      • Otile

        Abubakar tundemash, how many war criminals have you ever hanged in Nigeria, or has there been no war criminal till now?

        Abubakar, pray for peace.

        • tundemash

          Abacha hanged one and Dumbo honoured Abacha thereafter.

      • ceweeco projects

        l guess you where busy climbing dogoyaro tree when the school bell was ringing. Mind your English please.

        • tundemash

          creek monkey, what part don’t u understand ?

    • GEJmustgo!

      Either way GEJ has lost! All Nigerians are subjects of the president, and As a father if your kids are fighting and killing themselves for whatever reason, will you fold your arms and watch or will you stop the fighting forcefully? But GEJ doesn’t want to stop the fighting as he confided in Obasanjo that he doesn’t care because they are not PDP. He doesn’t behaves and feels like Nigerian president!

    • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

      You may be right to say Boko Haram was there before GEJ but now it is worse with most alleged sponsors being close friends of him. Sheriff is the only one in our state that goes home with battalion of army and allow the use of the airport because of his relationship with the villa

      • Otile

        The way you comment I thought you were from Osun state.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          So what if he is from Osun State?

          Are you from UrAnus?

          • Otile

            You are the rudest fellow around. Once in a while try to respect yourself. You are not a child anymore. E gb mi nko?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, Otile.

            You’ve gone catatonic?

            What did you mean in your last sentence?

          • Otile

            You have gone incurably insane. Sorry

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Sorry for your sorry as*

            You have more problems.

            I understand that your lover, @longben has abandoned you!

          • Otile

            I am not a gay like you.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


    • Jika

      You said Boko Haram was born in the North East in 2002 and ,yet you claim that it is being used to stampede GEJ out of office.The question is were these Northern elders aware that GEJ would become President of Nigeria about 10 years before he did?Honestly,your argument is at best contradictory and,at worst too pedestrian.

      • linzo

        This issue of boko haram has to do with oil and gas in lake chad. Neighboring countries like Chad and some powerful interest in oil and gas outside Nigeria are the one waging this war of boko haram on innocent Nigerians. Gej is only witnessing this blood birth as a president at the time these evil agents wish to take away borno basin with oil and gas reserve of about 3 billion barrel out of Nigeria. Remember the 2015 America prophecy that Nigeria will divide.

        • tundemash

          from buhari, to sultan, tinubu and now Lake Chad basin ……. chai ! When will Nigerians challenge their President to grow some balls ?

    • u s man

      @ frank, why contradicting urself.

  • Maria

    It’s good to know that they are now hearing what people are saying and what people think about this boko haram issue. This government must be held accountable for the lives being destroyed by boko haram since the government cannot provide adequate security by wiping off boko haram in our country. Any government that cannot guarantee the protection of its citizens should resign.

    • Gaskiya

      I Jonathan Ebele Goodluck will neither resign nor protect Nigerian lives and properties. Do your worse.

  • Preco01

    Mr. Sambo that is exactly what we are saying.. Have you ever held meetings and discussed with any of the “higly placed” Northerners you mentioned above concerning BH? What has other highly placed Northerners done for the Northern masses all these years? so? you all are working without collaboration? so? “things” can be done behind your backs, isn’t it ? or with individual connivance once your bead is buttered as usual!

    • Okey

      It is the same “highly placed Northerners” that are leading champions in APC. Or, are they different now they turn later day “Progressives” ?

      • tundemash

        and your Dumbo is so weak to prosecute perpetrators of violence ? Did he not swear to the constitution to protect every Nigerian irrespective of their ethnicity, religion or political beleive ?

        • Okey

          You’ve gone nuts, leaving the tenor of your own argument.

  • Sardauna Ahmadu

    Before Goodluck Jonathan, we’d NEVER heard a bomb blast in Nigeria. Now it’s not news

    • Okey

      BH sponsor, you mean you were on the moon when Dele Giwa was murdered or When bombs trailed Gens. Diya and Lawrence Onoja during your brothers reign of terror ?

  • Gideon Orkar

    It is Egbesu worshippers that have been bombing the North

  • Engr Michael Goodluck Bassey

    it so sad some people think the war against terrorism is GEJ war. Boko Haram has an ideology which surpasses exit of GEJ in office.The truth of the matter let all Nigerians high and mighty condemned Boko Haram in strong term like the Emir of Kano illustrated. it is unfortunate some people made some unguided statement in 2011 that if GEJ wins the will make the country ungovernable for him .They have tried “shaa” .It is highly regretted.They have lost it.Terror will be defeated.

    • tundemash

      olodo …… i said same thing in 2011 too … so does it mean i am behind Boko Haram too ? Has terrorst Asari not claimed severally that there will be violence if Dumbo is not voted in ? Did some miscreants in Niger Delta not claim the world would end if Chief terrorist Orkar was jailed in South Africa …… did anything happen thereafter ? Anyone can say anything they like…. how does that stop Dumbo, with all state power from doing the right thing ? Please explain that.
      By now , you e-rats ought to realise that the blame game is now catching up with your master Dumbo. People are tired of hearing that story of “some people promising to make the country ungovernable” . If those people can keep their promise without state power, why can’t Dumbo keep his promise of keeping Nigerians safe even with all the state power???????????????

      • Gaskiya

        God bless you. Most of us in the online world are honest Nigerians who are hungry for justice and security in Nigeria. But those attack dogs have been paid to sing the same songs on daily basis. To them they are protecting the interests of their masters not minding the longterm consequence of their actions.

    • pheliciti

      the person who made that statement is still in the PDP, now dining with Jona & others.

      • Gaskiya


    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, it was not the people that thought boko haram and the lack of a fight against it by Jonothing was his problem!

      Rather, it was Jonothing who felt it was a war against him.

  • sanetalk

    Sadly it is good to see the government getting the heat on the responsibility for the insurgency, for too long instead of tackling the menace headlong, they played the ostrich and allowed the false accusations of opposition complicity to gain currency. Now that the lie can no longer hold and with the shoe on the other leg, maybe the government will muster the needed force to crush this evil

  • Kwango

    This is a belated reactive visit meant only for the camera, propaganda and elections. When has it become a practice for this government to condole victims of mediocre security set up or lapses? A government that unleashed online attack dogs to abuse any Nigerian that dared question their unprepared leadership style may find it difficult to win people’s confidence. If the vice president says the government is not behind the BH bombings, then who is? He should name and shame them.

  • Dankasa

    While it is known fact Mr. VP that a Federal Judge prisiding over a case filed against Mr. Ndumi on terorism in Abuja asked the acused tell the Cuort where he got Shekau’s number and openly told the Court you VP called him in the Vila and gave him the number (of course when the going was fine) and he challenged you before the Court and I believe that’s why Ndumi case was almost closed. Who do you think you are fooling oga? Very soon people will start to have all the Boko Haram stories in their smart phones, InshaAllah. Time is running against you and If you think Hegue is not true ask Charls Tylor!

  • Okey

    I am reading this statement from JNI for the first time. I never ever imagined that a religious organization could be this political. It now appears that the quest to return presidency to the North is now a full fledged war in itsel, being sustained on all fronts. It is also obvious that in this war every thing must be thrown at it, including the bizarre, ridiculous and mischievous.

    A week ago, Lamidi Sanusi, the Emir of Kano had denounced Boko Haram in the strongest of terms and urged citizens to stand up against them. Who does not know the ways of Boko Haram ? So they trailed Gen. Buhari when strongly condemned them over the Nyanya bombings. Therefore, if there is any failure, it is on both these religious politicians called elders and the security forces: with that strong comment from Sanusi, extra measures should have be taken to screen and guard movements in out the Mosque where Sanusi worships, at least. There ought not to have been a laissez faire attitude after that his comment. For, ordinarily, Kano is a place where religious bigots come out at will to kill those not of their in their hundred and nothing happens; rather people are asked to “respect the culture of their host.” I have been a lucky victim myself. That these islamic leaders would, , like their legislators in the National Assembly, leave the most serious issue on hand and be pursing 2015 is most irresponsible.

  • allfsanni

    When bombs explodes in other countries a troop of army, police, from a different sector is immediately deployed to do house to house search of bombs and bomb making materials. Bombs exploding in public places started during the PDP period when they were picking candidate to run elections four of five year ago in which this President was selected by their party to run. This President was acting then. But no area have been sealed up or any door to door search being conducted to get rid of the bomb mines. And arrest people possessing weapons of innocent people destruction. The President should do unannounced door to door search using soldiers from other units who are doing nothing but daily exercise in their barracks. These soldiers can be used to fix roads and farm in peace time period too.

  • Asmau nana

    God in his infinite mercy will expose all including all the mentioned 6 high place spineless, morally bankrupt individual who for their own selfish and conceited motive decide to turn blind, deaf & dumb to all the suffering of their people. The simply question these so called highly placed secure Chiefs should be asking themselves is why are all the occupancies in the north, if it is religion why ain’t the attacks targeted at the South where majority are not Muslim, if it is for economic reasons why is South west not the target being the acclaimed economic hob of Nigeria, why the poverty ridden, educationally backwards and religiously inclined north. Why?why?why?
    It doesn’t take an intelligent person to know that what is happening in the north is a grand plan to distabilise And disintegrate Nigeria. The starting point of which is introduction of democracy, ceeding the seed of hatred amongst the citizenry on religious and tribal divides, starting from Jos crisis, kaduna, Jukun and Tivi zaki biam massacre, Fulani heardsmen and farmers, church and mosque bombing, militant activities in South south. This stage ended with beginning of introduction or lunching of book haram in Nigeria. Second stage was the consolidation and formation of strong military with the amnesty which gave the militants not only the legal entity they need but empower them economically and expand their spear of training and operation, with some of the sent abroad with pretence of studying overseas. The stealing of arms from the armory, the strategic appointment of some public office holders who are die hard sectionist, political zealots, and gullible morons amongst the executives, legislature, judiciary, arm forces, traditional rulers and even heads of religious bodies. Then the third phase is consolidation of the. Militants army, with Tompolo taking care of the oil region ensuring that what ever crude oil is taken from the region his army and their cohorts get their fair share, the northern part of the country was put under the control of Asari Dokubo led army sponsored by fund corruptly diverted from govt corners. Now we are almost at the final stage, rain terror on the north and its people, break their will power to continue to exist as people, transform them to be same as people from the southern part who still feel Nigeria shouldnt be. The Biafra agenda is still alive, the odua people is still alive, the ogoni people movement is still alive, it is only the north that has no agenda. So finish the north and see where Nigeria stand by 2015.
    But we should not dispair, with every hardship there is ease, and we must put trust that God is the master planner. History will tell the rest.


      You are going around in circles my friend ! They want a caliphate and Sharia because they simply do not want a Christian as leader although they clearly want the resources from the Christian’s backyard !
      Stop deceiving yourself with the long,boring,worthless and senseless melancholic tantrum !

      • Gaskiya

        You are the real son of Jonathan. Clueless with no direction. This is why you are paid by Jonathan Apologists to come and make forum postings for them. Nigerians are wise.

    • shamsuddeen

      Asmau you have spoken well no more no less, the master planner will take care of their evil plans against the poor people in his own ways as usual.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Asmau Nana, this theory you propounded above, I am afraid, does not add up.

      I amy not be a Jonothing fan, but this looks very far fetched.

      If you had stuck at allegations of treasons emanating from Aso Rock, I may have stayed with your position, but to label the whole thing as a “grand conspiracy against the North”?

      I doubt. It is an attack on Nigeria, and almost certainly orchestrated at the very top, Pure and simple.

    • Rommel

      what have you been smoking?

  • Wähala

    “I don’t care about the war against terrorism because Boko Haram are my enemies killing off themselves” – Dr. Dumbo!
    Granted that VP is right with the high echelon Northerners in this Admin, so it’s safe to conclude that the 20,000 innocent lives lost, the over 1.5million displaced internally & externally are simply put, “collateral damages” to this Dumbo-led PDP Govt?


      Whenever the APC and their allies are tired,the north will have peace………as simple as that !!
      “You can take a horse to the stream,but you cannot force the horse to drink water” .

      • Maria

        Boko haram is going to consume you and Dr Dumbo… you think this is a matter of APC? You put fire on your roof you go to snore you say it is your opposition… Dont worry… Boko haram will soon overrun aso villa… then you will know this is a serious matter that deserves a serious government to take decisive action otherwise…this government will be consumed soonest. Just keep playing politics…with fellow Nigerian’s lives.


          The problem and solution to the problem are all there in the north. The Sambisa allies of the janjaweed APC can only take instructions from their political handlers so in the time being,the security agencies will keep fighting and sacrificing but the real solution will come when the APC Jihadies give the order to their boys in the forest !

          • Maria

            Ok.. naaa…You are nursing acute insanity…I am sorry for you and your irresponsible government. Soon, Europe will join US to isolate this government… then you will know that this government is finished.Keep playing politics with the lives of Nigerians your principal swore to protect.


            There is no such thing as “isolation”. Nigeria is a great country and we are democratic !

          • Maria

            lol! Ask Iran, ask Russia, ask Cuba… I can see that your insanity is beyond cure. Great country my foot… Great country that cannot defeat common rag-tag criminals who are terrorising its citizens… where is such greatness? Begging countries to come and help you fight internal criminals and yet you claim you are a great country… you must be high on weeds.


            Nice to note that none of the countries you mentioned operates a free democracy like ours where you can can just refer to your President as “Dr Dumbo” and still be free to spit more venom . All the NATO countries have not defeated ISIS in the middle-east,the Taliban in Afghanistan or even Al-quaeda.
            Also no country fights terror alone,coalitions are forged even amongst foes to combat terror,Russia and the USA exchange intel on terrorists.

          • Maria

            Really? None is a democracy? I give up on you… so, this one in Nigeria is a democracy? I am sure US will be laughing at you for calling such fraudulent elections democracy. Even under military rule people called abacha names, they called IBB names…abegi… Democracy based on fraud no be democracy..na frauducracy…lol..a begi make a go sleep..

          • Wähala

            Stop watering stones with a gardener, he’s nursing a long chewing stick holding his crotch and has all the time in the world to display imbecilic mental illness with his rather silly arguments, just ignore him like I do when the topic is beyond his mental capacity. But if he persists, ask him who said this, “…and when they came for me, there was nobody left to speak out for me”


            NA LIE !! You remain defeated !!

          • Gaskiya

            Is one of your problems our calling of Jonathan “Dr Dumbo” and spitting of venom on him?
            If that is giving you headache, you can be rational and objectively exchange ideas with people.
            We know you fond of criticising and condemning anyone who critique the manner our government is handling serious Nigerian issues with kids gloves. By the way, remember we would still be here after February 2015 to do some postmortem on our various topics and the contribution of each and every member.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Tawanda, I may not always agree with much of what you write, but I credit you with far more intelligence than what you wrote in response to Maria.

          • Zainab

            Oh please Tawanda.. If you have nothing good to say, I will advice you just shut it up! Even a blind, deaf & dumb person knows that Nigeria is in a total mess.

          • Aminu

            If you ordinary creek amnesty tout knows the sponsors of Boko Haram to be within the North itself then how comes all the security outfits and the Presidency never finger at the suspects talkless of apprehending and prosecuting them at least for the benefits of Non Muslims in the North.


            Aminu, stop deflecting blame to innocent persons,You know these killer terrorists live amongst you guys up north. Security agencies are not magicians,can you imagine how long it took to locate Bin-Laden despite the most sophisticated technologies of western countries. If northerners are determined to expose the Boko-haram….in no time,they will be eradicated !!

        • Otile

          Maria, if you are going to respond to angry comments, insults, abuses, or if you are going to insult people, abuse them, or attack them please remove the image of Our Blessed Lady. She is the Queen of peace. By displaying Her image you are invoking her. You will receive abundant blessing if you invoke her for positive purposes. Under no circumstances should you display Her image for attacks, insults and profanity. Don’t bring eternal damnation to yourself and family, joke apart.

      • Amir

        Night shift propagandist. You are paid per rubbish.


          How are today ?

  • pheliciti

    Any reason why GEJ never seems to pay condolence visits to the North but will visit pastor Joshua for negligent building collapse. Why he will not visit recaptured territory to assure Nigerians but will campaign in the South? Always sending representatives to victims but let’s see if he will send representatives to campaign for him in the North when elections beckon.

  • Gaskiya

    It is a shame that these Northerners are serving under the most corrupt government in the history of Nigeria. Their failure to tell the president the right thing to do and resign from their positions if he fails to accept their advices showed that they are part of the problem. They were there when Jonathan squander billions of dollars from Nigeria’s treasury. We never heard their voices accusing Mr. President or correcting him. Is it because he has given them their shares???
    Mr VP I do not trust you and Jonathan. You and Jonathan watched our families and communities killed, maimed, and blown up by rat tag army that should have been demolished a long time ago, if you and your Bos are honest people. We have fathers, brothers and sons serving in the military and we have heard countless complaints of deliberate sabotage of fighting men by refusing to give them superior firearms that could allow them to defeat Boko Haram once and for all.
    Of course, even a primary pupil know that you and Jonathan are big liars and receptionists. What you preach is not what you do in reality.

    • concernednigerian

      You’re not making sense; are you? Reason with the superior argument of the VP. If all the importance echelon of government especially those dealing with law and order and the coercive apparatus of the state are being headed by Northerners, how could the government have been involved in the mayhem brought upon the populace in the North? Your ability to reason and internalise the merit of the argument will usher in a new era whereby you would be able to analyse events and proffer solutions. Peddling lies in most cases unreasonable lies and propaganda belittles not just you but all of us.

      • Gaskiya

        My brother you are the one not using your brain. Go and interview our military fighting Boko Haram so you will know exactly what my point is. I have painstakingly done my home work and PDP mafia under the watch of federal government are the accomplices in the Boko Haram mayhem. They help them directly and indirectly. Modu Sheriff is one of the Boko Haram sponsors but he is Jonathan Best friend. How do u analyze and interprete their relationship?

        • concernednigerian

          Be specific that your Northern officials in high places are killing you with Boko Haram. Nobody will take you to task on that.

          • Gaskiya

            They are either ignoring the destruction Jonathan and PDP cabals are doing to the North or they are part of the greater plan of the PDP. PDP is a cult.

          • zainab

            Nothing justifies the action of all the top govt officials including the so called IG, VP, NSA and so on. They are all birds of d same feather and they will all go down together. They feed on d blood of innocent Nigerians just to get more powerful as time goes by but God will not let them be. So please, stop defending them and just pray for the well being of this country.

  • matomato

    Boko Haram will be curtailed if PDP stop accusing APC and vice versa. Collectively we can conquer the evil in our midst. When we start pointing accusing fingers at each other, the enemy will go haywire and wreck havoc. So let the government invite all stakeholders to a meeting and stop the blame game. Government apologist ( especially the paid mouthpieces) are not helping matters too. They fan the embers of discord at every given opportunity blaming the opposition and everyone except themselves. Remember, the king that reigns and there was peace will always be remembered; same thing the king that reigns when over 220 school girls where kidnapped and never found with thousands of people killed and still being killed daily, will not be forgotten. History will judge this government.

  • Strong System

    VP, I think the average Hausa man has no confidence in those northerners manning the the security agencies, because he thinks that they are there for the money that comes with their offices.
    So since the military budget is assumed to be “diverted” and those in authority are seen to be swimming in affluence while the followers are suffering the Boko madness, there’s no way you can convince the people that the government is not, atleast, indirectly responsible for these killings.

  • ernesto

    The Chicken has come home to roast. The blood of over 2000 Christians killed and more than 5000 churches destroyed in the north in the preceding 2 years will never go in vain. The dog is right now eating his own. Ishallah will not rest till God that answereth by fire consumed those that think other people will not find peace in their father’s land.

    I see north and south Koria arrangement in the offing in 2015 if extremist northern muslem refuses to recognise religion tolerance and minority right.

    My God fight its wars surprised why their own refuses to fight it our course if actually a dependable being!

    • Zainab

      You are so heartless and you don’t have human feelings. Nigeria will never change if we keep pointing fingers at each other and trying to make religion tear us apart. I dare you to tell me what development this current govt has brought to you so far.

  • favourtalk

    This one is just saying all that to gain another ticket with the president comes. 2015, he knows much about the dwindling states of the nation and to what extent the GEJ administration has caused a problem for the country because, if he can’t tackle any of the problem till now and the USA decided to leave the country despite the highlevel of insecurity in the country, then we should fear the state of the nation after the election if we vote this man based on pity again. We need a change from this clowns

  • Ette

    His name was mentioned by Ndume and the boko haram members who terrorized the Borno State election tribunal after the 2011 election to turn victory to PDP. GEJ said boko haram members are in his government,so why should Sambo say this. Does not hold water as the attempts to take Yobe government house was organized by the government to show the Governor that the political emergency rule is necessary. The Governor has said that the ineffective emergency rule should not be extended and as GEJ threatened the Governor of Borno state that he would not be able to stay in government house if he withdrew the military, so his government has carried this too far by the attacks on Damaruru. May God treat them the way they are treating Nigerians. Amen.

  • shamsuddeen

    Thank God that you know we know it is FG that is killing our people, I know you know that the souls of the innocent people being killed everyday is on your necks, in a way the four of you are just sacrificing us just to get the comfort of staying in power. These souls will continue to hunt you for the rest of your lives , and on the judgement day when there will be no SAN to protect you, the day we will account for our actions and in actions the 4 of you will see what we are saying today.
    Indirectly what the VP is telling us is that their presence in the government is to give the government a cover to kill our people because the VP,IG,NSA and NSA are from among us. The presence of these 4 people is not worth the blood of our people for your information. In a way the VP is also telling us the killings are compensated by appointment of 4 northerners in key positions. We are also assuming the death of poor northerners meant nothing to you up there, please remember all of us will account for our deeds in case you forget. Please also note we are praying for you as you know the prayer of the oppressed is answered. My apologies if I am too harsh.

    • Gaskiya

      @ Shamsuddeen, I do not want us to leave Namadi Sambo, Jonathan and whoever is involved in killing Nigerians till the day of judgement. I want them to be defeated in 2015 election and then be tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity. These ungodly men will be very happy and comfortable when you leave the matter to God. It is Nigerians that have God, they do not have God. Power and money are their gods. So be careful.

  • ceweeco projects

    Differences is when you can do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the people. Hypocrisy is an open foe it may prove a curse but a pretended friend is worse. l am of the believe that it is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. the relationship with Russia is candidly splendid, little friends may prove great friends.

  • Ekwekwe

    Extremist and tribal jingoist Kwankwaso had no problem receiving Vice President Sambo in Kano but he cannot bear the sight of President Jonathan. Has anyone any doubts about the cause of the northern element’s, especially Kwankwaso’s, hatred for Jonathan? Born to rule mentality.

    • Gaskiya

      Can Jo Nothing confront Kano people??????????

  • Rommel

    I almost forgot that Nigeria had a vice president but come to think of it,it does make sense Mr Vice president because all you people are interested in is money and 2015 nothing more so if Nigeria burns for your ambition to be achieved,so be it

  • MushinSpeaks

    Jonathan should make account for the trillions spent on ending insurgency. And, why romacing alleged Boko Haram sponsors?
    There may be more to what we are seeing. Nigerians want CHANGE!

  • abbadd

    Keep deceiving those who follow you as always lies upon lies. If the government has no hand let it step down for a new government.

  • New Nigerian

    Mr. Sambo – I have no doubt that you are convinced personally of what you are saying here. BUT Nigerians are not convinced. Please pass that message back to King Nebuchadnezzer and prepare to step down. At this point right here we don’t care who is behind or in front of Boko Haram – we want the killings and genocide to stop….If the government cannot stop it, it has lost all legitimacy to ask for continuation in office….and even you know that. Please vote for Buhari, if indeed you are patriotic, as I believe you are – and we do not have to know – but at least on the day of judgement you can stand before Allah and say, I know President Jonathan could not do the job and I voted for Buhari whom I believe could get the job done.