I’m still suffering for failing to stop Tambuwal from becoming Speaker in 2011 — Jonathan

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has expressed regrets at his inability to stop Aminu Tambuwal and install a South West politician as Speaker of the House of Representatives in 2011.

He said he is still suffering for failing in that enterprise.

Speaking on Friday at the Yoruba Unity Summit themed: ‘National Development: Wither the Yoruba,’at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Mr. Jonathan attributed his failure to the selfishness of some Yoruba leaders.

In 2011, Aminu Tambuwal, who is from the Northwest, had defeated Mulikat Akande, a Yoruba from the South West, to emerge the House Speaker.

President Jonathan said he is still suffering from that decision by the Lower House.

“One of the problems I faced in the National Assembly is that I felt the right thing should be done because our party, the PDP, has a formula,” said Mr. Jonathan, who was the special guest of honour at the event.

“We have six geo-political zones in the country and when the President emerges from one of the geo-political zones, the Vice-President emerges from another geo-political zone, the rest core offices, the Senate President, the Speaker, Secretary to Federal Government, the chairman of the party must come from different geo-political zones.

“The idea is that, whenever we are distributing board positions and some of these appointments, whenever we are appointing ministers, all these people sit to take decisions. In that case we want all the geo-political zones to be in the inner caucus that take critical decisions.

“The last time, it was difficult for me because I insisted that the Southwest must get the Speaker. Of course, I couldn’t go through with it because some of us within the Southwest didn’t want it, based on some personal reasons. I am still suffering from that till today.”

President Jonathan said that this time around, the party would work collectively to ensure that the South West gets whatever is zoned to them.

“People should not rob it from us.”

Mr. Jonathan said that the South-West play a huge role in Nigeria’s economy, noting that Lagos and Ogun States alone control 55 percent of the economy.

He added that the contribution of the two states is a reason he is committed to providing them with infrastructure such as electricity to help boost the economy.

“With unity, we can go to the moon. The Yoruba will not be left behind,” he added.

The President also said that there are some recommendations from the just-concluded national conference he would not implement immediately to avoid desperate politicians who are “even ready to kill” from giving it a partisan colouration.

In his speech, Ayo Fayose, the Ekiti State governor, advised Mr. Jonathan to always ignore the criticisms of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, adding that the retired Army General will never support his re-election bid.

“You know it more than you know me. He will never want a man with an independent mind. Mr. President, you have refused to tread the path of unconstitutionality,” Mr. Fayose said.

“You have refused to level Borno and other states like he levelled Odi. You have taken your time to respect human lives by not committing crimes against humanity. He won’t like that.

“And, Your Excellency, the more you try to curry (favour of) Obasanjo, the more he will continue to despise you.

“If you continue to curry him, we are not going to curry him. He doesn’t like people that give him respect. I plead with Your Excellency. Your second term has been concluded in heaven. Fear not.”

The Ekiti governor challenged Mr. Obasanjo to explain the N50 million shared during the third term agenda, adding that he lacked the moral authority to speak against corruption.

“I earned less than N300, 000 as governor of Ekiti State during my first coming. Your Excellency, the donation of N10 million to Obasanjo Library, what do you call that? That is corruption,” Mr. Fayose said.

“Go and look for the Code of Conduct, the forms filled by President Obasanjo and his wealth today. We knew when he came back from prison. We knew the situation, we knew his wealth when he came out.

“If you don’t speak each time Obasanjo speaks in the papers, we must reply him. When people talk and we are addressing you here, that is not the issue. If he talks again, we will give him an answer.

“You are not supposed to reply him. You are a complete gentlemen. Decorum is part of business. We are telling you again, the moment he says the next one, we will engage him. This is not a country where after serving your own tenure, what you cannot take, you are giving it to others.”


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  • amazing2012

    Is there anything you ever succeeded ?

    • Swagger

      I’m fully with Fayose on this one! Obasanjo is a scum of deceit, hypocrisy and pretense. He is the master of all that is negative, and we don’t need him to remind us how nasty his gift to Nigerians is…

  • Thepeople

    This our president should try and listen to himself at times. Even as the President, his duty does not include stopping any Nigerian been elected by his peers to become the speaker. The assembly is suppose to be an independent arm of the government. What are the intellectual capabilities of Phd holders in Nigeria these days ?

    • Aminu

      This zoo keeper does not know separation of power in a democratic setting,he thought he can appoint a speaker or a senate President,what a pity even a junior secondary school pupil understand democracy better than this Olodo

  • umunnem

    Wonders shall never end…See me see wahala. Jonathan, talking about zoning that was not implemented in the election of House Speaker. Chei…shortness of memory!! Who “stole” the North’s zoning of Presidency? Is that not the trouble we are all collectively suffering from today? Was Jonathan s’pposed to run in 2011? Answer NO! Was it not “abeg, since you be VP, finish Umoru’s 2 years and we find another from Umoru’s tribe to conclude the 2nd term”? Oh my people, how can we be so short sighted. I am SE but I believe in equity and fairness. We spoke up when Umoru’s cabal refused to give up power. Now Jonathan wants to rule for 10 years. Haba????

  • Oluade

    Ayo! Ayo!! Ayo!!! Eti e melo? Aja to ba ma sonu koni gbo fere olode. You better thread it softly. Corruption in Nigeria has reached the level that we will be asking of who was corrupt or not corrupt. If it is who was corrupt? We will have no one to govern. What will need is who has changed and ready to effect changes in governance. Stop justifying a government corruption with someone else government corruption. The issue is that, for Nigeria to change, any corrupt government should be removed democratically to give way for other to test their credibility and ability to move the country forward. If they fail, they would have to be removed as well and try another. With time Nigeria will get their. Your defending this Corrupt Jonathan led PDP government shows you are unrepentant corrupt politician coming back to power. God has given you another chance, if you fail this time, it will be disastrous for you.

  • Mamman Bako

    What should be we do with this man?!

    • Thepeople

      Even his supporters must be asking the same question. God have we as a people being so bad, to deserve this man?

    • Adoki

      Which on? Fayose or Jonathan?

      • ogechi


      • Preco01

        BOTH cretins

  • Dr. Kay

    Dumbo, clueless,inept,inefficient,ineffective,uninspiring,unimpressive,corrupt,slow, lackluster,deceptive,wicked,stealer of other people’s thunder and ideas, lackadaisical, I’m just short of words to describe this Dumbo of a man. In his ineptitude, he thinks Yoruba people will vote for him? This imbecility na wa oh!

  • uduakomiri

    This man is an otele belonging to the species of bunkum

  • uduakomiri

    We should have a truth commission to determine how this man Jonathan got near a PhD and Aso Rock

  • ogechi

    Suffering&Smilling…everydayyyyy na the saaamething,Sufering&Smilling

  • Jika

    Really Mr President?Did I read here that you talked about Zoninig in PDP?I was under the impression that zoning was ‘killed’ immediately after Yar’adua died.At least that was the point made before you contested in 2011.With all due respect to your person and office sir,if you could not honor the zoning arrangement,how do you expect other party members to honor same?What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.The saying that what goes around always comes around,is apt in this scenario between the PDP and your good self on the one hand and the Speaker Tambuwal on the other.

    • Musa Gombe

      And this is the reason yur people are spilling dog and baboon blood everyday ko??
      From the abundance of yur heart, your mouth has spoken mallam jika.

      • Alhassan

        Musa kake ko wa kake, duk abinda da zaka fada ka fada amma dai ku sani duk wahalar da zaa sha a arewa daku zaa shata kune kuke son duniya kada ku mutu, muna tare daku amma kuna cewa mutanenmu wato kai bakai a ciki. If you think you are born by mistake in north you can go back to south and see if they will accept you. You are so blind on your hatred ana gaya muku karya kullum kuna kinmu.

        • debbeljo

          Kai mallam wallahi tallahi sai minshi burouba. Aboki you think say na only you sabi ausa?

          • Otile

            Don’t mind him. He can go back to Niger to speak awusa.

        • Otile

          Menini wanan, mallam Musa ba Hausawa, yana Yarbanci ne.

          • Aminu

            Bakin Arne Ashe kana gane Hausa kadan,Amman tir da halinka anyi asarar haihuwar ka,domin babu abinda kasani sai kin Musulmi da musulunci zaka dade kuwa har ka mutu kana Batawa kanka lokaci domin Musulunci haskene da ya bullo tundra akayi duniya har takare Yana nan,nan gani nan Bari

  • Preco01

    Like Jonathan like Fayose- CRETINS

    • Okey

      You are old enough to look at the issues !

      • JonathanPHOBIC

        Keep kwiet for there.

  • felix

    pls lets send dis man back 2 where he came from bayelsa , is a disgrace , nigerians deserve a better leader dan wat we now have, its a shame 2 hve him as our leader

    • factual

      A big shame indeed. It’s unfortunate.

  • factual

    You will continue to suffer forever in your life. Wicked drunkard!

  • Debekeme

    Those reading this post; Ask your friends who they will vote for and your friends will start to pretend like they are not sure BUT deep in their hearts they want to continue this madness and vote PDP.

    For me, We must have a change of leadership. PDP may win this election again because we the educated are behaving like the illiterates and unlightened members of our society. We the educated act like we are incapable of rational thinking. We have put fear, religion, tribe/ethnicity above logic and good reason.

    Giving another 4 years to PDP will disintegrate this country. PDP has positioned this election as a North Versus South, Christian Versus Moslem and Northern Domination Versus Southern Liberation..

    The biggest lie is that the Boko Haram insurgency in the North is fueled by the Northern leaders. The North may not be helping as much as they should BUT they are not they ones sending Boko Haram to do what they are doing.

    An honest and serious minded Leadership should know the truth and speak it at all times. Its disgraceful that the leadership/PDP are happy to exploit what divides its people for THEIR OWN BENEFIT!

    The truth is PDP has never and will never put Nigeria above their internal interest and determination to hold on to power.

    What some idiots tell me is: Is APC any better? My answer to them is that as a businessman, when a staff in my company isn’t doing well, i usually advertise for a new staff to employ to make a change in the company. I don’t let fear of bringing in a new staff or the religion or tribe of the existing staff come before the need to effect a new change and see the benefits to the company.

    We gave PDP our trust and confidence for MANY MANY year but they abused this trust and deceived us. PDP continues to deceive us.

    Since PDP has settled on the man they want to present to us as their Presidential Candidate, we MUST reject that man and give APC a chance to try new ideas. If we elect APC, whats the worse that will happen?

    If APC fails us, after 4 years, we will vote them out the way we voted out PDP.

    BUT one thing is sure; this PDP rape and abuse of Nigeria must end. I beg you, please lets vote them out. I beg you.

  • Darlington Mudiaga Atumu

    Who are those from south west that worked against the position of speaker going to the Yoruba’s?
    The elders in south west should ask questions and try to correct this error

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan

    “Your second term has been concluded in heaven. Fear not.”

    Fayose, God will bless you beyond your imagination. You will not die. In fact, if you die by mistake, you will resurrect like Lazarus. It is difficult to find people who speak brazen truth in contemporary times. Obasanjo not only shared N50m to pursue his evil 3rd term ambition, he also gave another N50m to Bola Ige before the fellow was sent by ‘snipers’ to silence the old man…all these we know bcos people who were involved began to confess…yet, such a man with notoriously criminal disposition and antecedents is the friend of APC…and it is he who prowls on every town & city speaking nonsense, complete nonsense.

    Fayose, like all of us, has seen the clear revelation. It is confirmed. In fact, I can see Great Jona handing power over to Diezanni Madueke or Ngozi Baby in May 2019. Yes! …It is the turn of the East. Remember, it is ‘one Nigeria’. No be so?

    • factual

      You are deranged. Your Dumbo Jonaharam is a big failure and he will continue to suffer all his life. He has said it that he is suffering. You can continue to defend your Mumu drunkard.

      • Prince

        You seem really pained by his post. But President Jonathan has performed better than all past presidents put together. He needs our support and we shud thank God for giving him to us. Because the North are killing people people does not mean u shud be scared and support the. Be a man. Ok?

        • ogechi


        • Impartial

          Wow! Jonathan has performed better all past presidents put together! I am not sure you know the meaning of this English you have written. I guess Jonathan built all the flyovers in Lagos and Abuja, all our refineries, all our airports, all our rail lines, all the Federal Institutions, gave us the GSM networks, started the unbundling of PHCN, developed our seaports etc etc. You guys are just a sorry lot. Honestly, some of you need to be taken to a psychiatric clinic!

    • Prince

      Good one! Spot on!

    • Omo Olododo

      Interestingly, Ayo Fayose was the on that shot Bola Ige dead in the presence of Omisore; both were sent by Obasanjo.
      Mr GEJ, your time is up ooo

  • endingNaija

    Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state and President Jonathan I have some questions for you. Fayose you are the leader of PDP in Ekiti state. President Jonathan, you are the leader of PDP in Nigeria. There are 26 members in Ekiti state house of assembly. To meet, form a quorum and act to pass law, you need 10 members to sit and do this. PDP has 7 members. APC has 19 members. PDP did the following to “impeach” the speaker-Mr. Omirin of APC and nominate their own “speaker”. PDP (i) sat with 7 members, (ii) PDP imported three thugs who are not members of PDP. PDP members PASSED “LAWS” and “impeached” the speaker-Omirin-with 3 thugs sitting. In other words UNDER THE WATCH OF GOVERNOR AYO FAYOSE AND GOODLUCK JONATHAN 3 THUGS “PASSED” A “LAW” IN A NIGERIAN STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. AND THAT “LAW” “PASSED” BY THREE THUGS IS BEING ACCEPTED AS “LAW”. My questions to Fayose and Jonathan are as follows: (i) what are the names of the three thugs your party brought into Ekiti state assembly to vote? (ii) Do you think a vote by three thugs who are not members of the assembly is a legal and valid vote? (iii) Is the “law” which 3 thugs “voted” on in Ekiti state assembly a valid Nigerian “law”? Here I am not interested in BIG GRAMMAR. I just want Fayose and Jonathan to answer in a straightforward manner. And Goodluck Jonathan e-rats and e-pets coordinated by “Pastor” Reno Wendel Omokrican also reply on behalf of President Jonathan, Gov Fayose and PDP. Please mind you that I say this because Ekiti is a Yoruba state and the discussion presently is about Yoruba! O ya Gov Fayose and President Jonathan tell us what you know about the three thugs you that VOTED in Ekiti state house of assembly!

    • Omoagunmate

      They are both living on borrowed time. The two clowns have something in common, one, Emperor Jonathan will be the first sitting President to be defeated in a presidential election in Nigeria, and the olodo omo garage, omo ole Fayose will be the first governor to be impeached twice in the history of Nigeria. Mark my words. One by one we will get rid of the corrupt bastards bent on shredding our constitution and derailing our democracy.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Iso, Omoagunmate!

        I hail o!!

  • Rommel

    Ayo Fayose is nothing but a clown

    • Sword of Damocles

      with a capital C! He is the “Duke of Clowns” while our “able” & “competent” “PHD” president remains the CLOWN PRINCE, Augustus, REX

    • Omoagunmate

      And a thug and a thief too, with blood on is hands. Once we finish with Jumbo, he’ll surely be next.

    • lawiri

      I once liked him before he got a basket- mouth

  • Yemi

    You don’t have to regret sir. We are not bothered. The most important thing is that Tambuwal did well as a speaker. We in the southwest prioritise competence over mediocre irrespective of where the person is from. Bankole was there for 4 years he didn’t bring anything to the Yorubas instead he tarnished our omoluabi image by engaging in stealing.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Bankole engaged in mere stealing which is not corruption

      • ogechi


  • Magenta

    Beer parlor talk from a drunken master with no sense

  • King Carlos

    Yorubas should not fall for Jonathan’s antics. What would a Yoruba speaker have done for the south west? When DimejI Bankole was speaker what did he do? Even mr president from Niger delta, what has he done for his ijaw tribe and the people in the creeks other than enriching Asari Dokubo, Tompolo and the likes, while he also bought ayo Oritsejafor a private jet.

    I trust my yoruba brethren not to believe his lies. He has been president for 6 years without doing anything, what’s the assurance that he will do something in the next 4 when he knows ge is not facing election again.

    Another year has come, now he wants our votes once more. Yoruba e ro nu o.

    • wode

      His 2nd coming would be disastrous if he should get the chance. That’s why he has to be outrightly voted out this very time.

      • Otile

        You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

  • Omo Akin

    Fayose just provided the evidence to put him in prison. He said that his salary was 300,000 Naira as Governor but he built a block of 4 flats for his mother in Ibadan plus a brand-new Mercedes Benz car during his term. That is not to talk of his hotel and other properties.
    If the President could not get a PDP member to be speaker, what about those position which he could fill: Secretary to Government, Attorney General etc. Two years ago, some genuine and non-partisan Yoruba elders have to request the President to address the neglect of the South West but he failed to do anything. Given the fact that the President won the 2011 election in all the States of the south west except Osun State, one would expect the President to be fair to South West. Ekiti voted for him in 2011 but he refused to reimburse that state for money spent on Federal roads until Fayose became governor but Fayose was not the governor in 2011 when Ekiti people voted for him. In other words, he punished those who voted for him because those same people voted a person from another party to be their governor. The President is clannish and never saw himself as the president of all Nigerians. He is Ijaw president and PDP president; those two constituencies cannot win a national election in Nigeria. That is the reason for his desperate moves now.

  • mucthar

    Here he comes begging for votes. Everyone will use his head this time around.

  • Otitokoro

    No Mr. President-Goodluck Jonathan you are suffering from your TRIBALISM, LACK OF ETHICS IN GOVERNANCE, and INCOMPETENCE. You are Ijaw, while I am Yoruba. I cannot be Ijaw. You cannot be Yoruba. No sir! You are suffering from (i) your incompetence as President (ii) for making CORRUPTION and LOOTING government resources as organizing principle of your govt (e.g. Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke petroluem minister and Mrs Stella Oduah ex-minsiter of aviation), (iii) for promoting impunity (Police invasion of National assembly UNDER YOUR WATCH and importation of three thugs by your Party-PDP – to vote to make a law in Ekiti state house of assembly (iv) openly supporting terrorist just because they are Niger Delta and are your campaign managers- e.g Asari Dokubo (v) causing division in Yoruba land by creating what IS STRANGE AND ALIEN TO YORUBA CULTURE, THE DISEASE YOU AND YOUR PARTY CREATED IN YORUBALAND-THE PHANTOM YOU CALLED “Yoruba Christian/Muslim”, (vi) by giving one “pastor” Bosun Emmanuel OILY money to produce the dubious CD to create division in Yorubaland. We will meet at the polls. When we meet at the polls we will ask you and your party why you behaved so rudely and treacherously to Yoruba inclusive culture just because you are looking for the fiction called “Yoruba Christian” votes in 2015. So Mr. President you are not suffering for anything but your GROSS incompetence and huge TRIBALISM, and BEING an EPITOME of corruption..

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Are you blaming GEJ or the onijekuje yorubas who allowed themselves to be used by a president who did not believe staeling is an act of corruption. Imagine a man of God adjudging Abacha to be the best president Nigeria ever had and encouraging Christains to vote a man who sees nothing wrong in stealing.


    Rambler-in-chief: “With unity, we can go to the moon. The Yoruba will not be left behind.” In 2002, I attended an event where GEJ represented Gov Alams and during his speech he rambled like a stroke victim making me to wonder how he convinced those who selected him as a deputy governor. I am still wondering and wondering how he rambled his way to Aso Rock. Still rambling!!

    • Otile

      Get used to it now because after the election you will either put up or shut up.

  • taewo

    Not for failing to stop Boko Haram!

    Show me your President and his wife, and I will tell you the kind of people you are.

    • Ibrahim A

      Can u imagine? Instead of him to lament abt BH, he is only after those that pose a threat to his re-election bid.

  • dave

    It is now very clear the reason while GEJ is using the police to get Tambuwal out of office by all means.Elections are coming and he simple thought by making Mulikat the speaker he could get the Yoruba votes.GEJ you have missed it,you just don’t know the Yoruba’s.Those clowns who endorsed you have no political base.They are contractors who support any government in power.What the Yoruba’s want is a leader who can perform.No real yoruba person will support a failure like you.In fact you have disappointed many of us that voted for you in 2011.It was a serious blunder to have elected you as the president of this country.You simply don’t have the quality of a leader.Six years in office is enough to turn things around,some state governors have proved that to be true. Oshiomole,Fasola,Akpabio,Aregbesola have all prove by their performance that you don’t need ten years to perform.

    • ogechi

      U dont add Kwankwaso

      • Otile

        Go to Kano and loose your leg.

      • dave

        Please add all other performing governors to let Jona know that he doesn’t need 10 years to perform

        • Otile

          Yeah, but how many of those governors are fighting deadly boko haram plus vicious APC Party at the same time?

          • babatope

            Ask your father and jonathan who is the sponsor of boko haram? Maybe reno Omokri didn’t tell you the truth about jonathan being the sponsor of BH. Omo ale like u.

          • Otile

            Haba. You all sound alike, like broken bottle …reno omokri, dumbo, hipo, imbecile, clown, clown prince, clueless …bla bla bla. Change you tune folks, this is too stale.

        • Ibrahim A

          Sule Lamido.of Jigawa n Dankwambo of Gombe too are doing wonders ooo


    Personally, I do not care if the entire officials in the Government of Jonathan are from Otuoke his home village as long as they providing the needs of the entire Nigerian people. Nigerians are constantly defrauded and made to believe that any Federal Government official is holding his/her office on behalf of his/her ethnic group, whereas such officials never surrender their salaries and fringe benefits to their tribes for share. Officials earn salaries and other benefits to perform certain services to the entire nation and not just for their tribe. In, a situation where the entire nation is in darkness the tribe from which the minister of power and energy comes is of no importance.
    Jonathan mischievously mentioned the zoning arrangement with regards to the Speaker of the House but failed to tell us about the composition of his cabinet and other officials appointed by him,.The minister of power, the minister of health, the minister of Finance,, Governor of Central Bank, Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian sovereign Investment Authority, Minister of Labour and Productivity to mention few are from one tribe. When Ashiru was removed as Minister of foreign affairs, Viola Onmuleri has been acting as minister of foreign affairs but when Stella Adah Eze was removed as Minister of Aviation she was replaced by Osita Chidoka. So if the Yorubas were not given the post of House Speaker, what stops Jonathan from appointing Yorubas into his cabinet which now appears to be lopsided tribally. Yes Jonathan’s real name is Ebele Azikiwe and his wife Damenneka is an indigene of Mbaise in Owerri, Imo State. That speaks volumes about his official and cabinet appointments.

  • Dankasa

    Do you think giving Yurobas a three-month Speaker will woo them for you, mr. Jonah?

    • Johnson Omale

      What is speaker-ship to Yorubas who had Presidency? We do not need a president who can not provide security for his country. To him corruption in Nigeria is an exaggeration, nonsense!

    • Akindolamu

      They are clowns. They think they can do anything because of OIL! Just throw some crumbs at them and we will get them. The Yoruba masses are waiting for Goodluck Jonathan at the polls-speaker ko speaker ni-which speakership?

  • wode

    When people say this man is clueless, this is exactly what they are saying. Ask Mr President what he has done right from the day one when he knew he had no grip of the lower house. A pragmatic and proactive politician in his position would know the best way to have handled this since 2011. It’s not now that he should be regretting and using police to cause illegality at the National Assembly. I am always ashamed of having this man as the President of my country.

    • The Nigeria Future Project

      Will the millions of poor Yourbas or other Nigeria ethnic group be feed because one of their people is the Speaker of the House?

      Has Otueke suddenly become much better because their “son” is president?

      Nigeria needs a competent leader who is interested in securing and developing the nation.

      Jonathan, will obviously say anything for convenience.

      Politicians like him will forget you as soon as he is done with you.

      It is a good thing the students booed him and threw stones at him.

  • Outraged

    The most useless president in the whole world..obasanjo affliction

  • NazirJos

    …”You have refused to level Borno and other states like he levelled Odi.
    You have taken your time to respect human lives by not committing crimes
    against humanity”…

    So it is GEJ’s “humanitarian” reason that makes him soft almost non responsive on BH while they mercilessly continue to murder thousands innocent Nigeria. What kind of “human” are you?

    • Otile

      First of all, the killing is North on North violence, President Jonathan cannot plunge headlong without the North accusing him of committing genocide on the their people. Do you understand?

      • The Nigeria Future Project

        Are Northerners not Nigerian?

        Should we say that the nonsense in the Southwest is Ijaw on Ijaw violence?

        Have teachers stopped teaching geography in Nigeria?

        • Otile

          When GEJ started using iron hand on boko haram Northern leader started crying blue murder. Sultan accuse Jonathan of persecuting muslims, Imam Buhari accused him of killing Northerners, Sheik Gumi said the same.

          Boko Haram fighters have parents, uncles, and all sorts of elders who know what they are doing, yet they play dead and rather blame Jonathan for the killing. Without the cooperation of the relatives and Northern elders this North on North violence will quickly come to an end.

        • Otile

          When GEJ started using iron hand on boko haram Northern leaders started crying blue murder. Sultan accused Jonathan of persecuting muslims, Imam Buhari accused him of killing Northerners, Sheik Gumi said the same.

          Boko Haram fighters have parents, uncles, and all sorts of elders who know what they are doing, yet they play dead and rather blame Jonathan for the killing. Without the cooperation of the
          relatives and Northern elders this North on North violence will quickly come to an end.

  • Frank Bassey

    Obasanjo is as empty as an empty drum. He has no respect anywhere, not even in his own family. Shame!

    • segun

      Thank you, a ti gbo-we don hear, but take the Goodluck Jonathan campaign elsewhere, NOT in Yorubaland!

      • Otile

        Also reject the oil in his father’s backyard. Can you do that and survive?

  • Ojukwu Nzeougu

    2019 is an Igbo Presidency. No more, no less….by fire by force. Since 1967, i guess the whole world agrees that we’ve been patient enough. So, in 2019, you don’t need to vote or campaign or bomb or kill. The East just chose somebody who will replace Jonathan as he concludes his term. Any objections?

    • Sword of Damocles

      No objections to the objective : an Igbo President in 2019(though i am not excited to choose by tribe). My preference would be VP Obwekilisi (of #bringourgirlsback)after finishing of one term with Mai Gaskiya, the only problem i see is that selfish betrayer of 170 million people CAN NOT continuing pass may of next year.

    • Aminu

      Come on i thought this man Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan though half caste by name but proudly an Igbo man with strong Igbo backing in 2011 and now on the in comin election so u have gotten fair share of Nigerian project .

  • Otile

    Nigeria will live to regret the day the West sold Hon Mulikat’s position to Tambuwal. That treachery was a grave injustice done to the good woman, to the West, and to Nigeria in general. Karma will always take its own course.

    • Otitokoro

      Otile, I am here again, otitokoro-truth is bitter. You OTILE are a member of Reno Omokri-e-rat and e-pet group. Anthing
      you say is a campaign for President Goodluck Jonathan. You have a right
      to campaign for him but you do not have a right to distort history and
      pretend to be “nice” to we Yoruba people. Let me remind you of many of
      the things your e-rat group-coordinated by RENO OMOKRI have used to
      insult we Yorubas in the past. You will surely remember these names:
      Orka/Manikay/mpitikwelu/Peter2000/Temmie/otile/Tawanda/ the truth/Igbo/
      1. You called we Yorubas cowards for creating an
      inclusive culture every Nigerian and every black person ought to be
      proud of. Inclusivity is the global goal of peoples of the world today.
      You said we Yorubas are cowards for creating such inclusive/plural,
      multi-religious, multi-faith and welcoming culture. But the world is
      becoming global,multi-cultural, plural, multi-racial, multi-faith. And I
      thought we Yorubas have made a useful contribution to this plurality
      before the world even started talking about multi-culturalism, plurality
      in cultures and in social practices. But rather than pick this up and
      say “oh this is part of what we black people have contributed to
      global culture-you President Jonathan campaigners called this plural
      culture and practice of Yorubas COWARDICE!!! . Ah! In your imagination,
      we Yorubas are cowards because we welcome and share! Hm hm ! And you
      used your mouth to say that in 21st century where the watchwords are
      sharing and multi-culturalism!!!
      3. Failing to see the ethos of
      plural and multi-cultural culture which is inherent in the Yorubas, you
      -President Jonathan campaigners from the South South and South East
      actually said we Yorubas were “conquered”. We are always surprised when
      you say that! Sadly, anybody who reads history books ought to know the
      psychology and sociology of conquered people. The Yorubas defend their
      plural and multi-cultural culture and practices FIERCELY. I wonder if
      such proud and fierce defense is an act of a conquered people. Yorubas
      continue to welcome people to their land, I wonder if that is the act
      of a conquered people. Youbas defended the unity of this country when it
      was most needed, we were/are abused for doing this, we are/were even
      maligned for doing this. I wonder if defending the unity and
      sovereignty of Nigeria is the act of a conquered people.
      4. When you
      SS and SE -coordinated by President Jonathan’s e-rat and campaign team
      okay, that is fine. We are ready. We do not want anyone to abuse us this
      time. So let us finally terminate the Nigerian project as suggested by
      you and in your slogan :FORWARD ONTO REPUBLIC OF SS AND SE IT IS OUR
      SWEET OIL IN OUR BACKYARD. When we -Yorubas- agree with you to
      terminate the Nigerian project as demanded by you as a result of your
      SWEET OIL IN YA BACKYARD, is that the act of a cowardice? Is saying o ya
      let us do what you want-have your own republic of SS and SE, is that
      the act of a coward? eh otile?
      5. My dear Reno Omokri-the New Media
      adviser to President Jonathan, Face book adviser to President Jonathan,
      (coordinator of President Goodluck Jonathan e-rats) you and the
      Goodluck Jonathan people , the PDP people, the ethnic groups you work
      kinds of names before election. Election is around the corner, you
      suddenly become Yoruba lover and Yoruba loving!!! You forget that the
      Yoruba nation has a high middle class presence with looooong memory. We
      read. We note. We record. We will remind you. We are reminding you now.
      We will remind you at the polls. You all can abuse Obasanjo well well.
      You all can abuse Tinubu well well. You can go and import the daughter
      of our leader Obafemi Awolowo to create a false impression that you are
      Yoruba loving!!!. You can come to the pre-eminent university in
      Yorubaland-OAU-Ife to talk garbage. You can even use your OILY money to
      import prominent Yoruba Obas to your meeting like you used your OILY
      will not help you. When it comes to Yoruba matters, we Yorubas- know
      where we are headed. You already lost this in Yorubaland. Otile na Reno
      Omokri na the truth na Tawanda please tell them/President Jonathan in
      Aso Rock to stop wasting their time and money in Yorubaland-period. Thank you.

      • babatope

        Thank you very much my brother. They should stop wasting their time and money in Yorubaland bcos we the South West knows where we are headed. Shameless people from uneducated region.

        • Otile

          Adding insult to injury will not solve anything for you. When the time comes you will know who is who.

      • Otile

        After all this dogon turenci you said nothing about how Hon Mulikat’s position went to Imam Tambuwal. I do not agree with the scenario you presented here. You presented Odua people as victims while you know very well that Yorubas have often colluded with Fulanis to punish Ndigbo.

        During the Nigerian genocide Col Ben Adekunle set out to wipe out every living Igbo, Chief Awo starved 2m hapless children to death, Col Mobolaji Johnson rounded up Igbo residents in Eko and treated them shabbily, Gen Oladipo Diya ignominiously walked out his fellow military officer Ebitu Ukiwe from their staff meeting because Ukiwe is Igbo.

        Tell me where Igbo has denied Yoruba their source of livelihood? Infact the litany of injustices and oppressions Igbo people have suffered at the hands of Yorubas are unquantifiable. At this point during the next war we must get even with our oppressors.

        • Otitokoro

          I am Yoruba. Please check my posts on online platforms. I do not make any apologies for being Yoruba. I do nt make any apologies for being Yoruba because I am the first to insist that you should NOT make any apologies for your OIL, the OIL in ya backyard, I am the one that will insist that you have a rights to your being South South, being Ijaw, being Niger Delta, being South East. It is your right and you must not apologise for it. So you are South South. You are not Yoruba. Just as I cannot think Ijaw or South South, you cannot think Yoruba. Just as I cannot articulate Ijaw interests for you as I am Yoruba, therefore you cannot articulate the interests of Yoruba for Yorubas because you are not Yoruba. My dear friend, we are all facing the 2015 elections, and we Yorubas know what we want just as you South South know what you want. I just dey laugh here. My friend, Reno Omokri , you want Yorubas to go for some toothless speakership in 2015 and beyond? Mr. Reno Omokri (coordinator of President Jonathan’s e-rats, and adviser to President Jonathan on New Media) YOU MUST BE KIDDING me. I repeat, you want we Yorubas to go for less (some thing called “speaker” of the house ) in 2015 elections having(we Yoruba Middle class and intelligentsia) called for inclusive, democratic and highly ethical governance for six sold years under President Goodluck Jonathan and President Goodluck Jonathan said “I do not care”? Look will you as South South do same? Please keep your newly found hypocritical and dubious “Yoruba loving” to yourself. You can even allocate (since you allocate everything) the speakership to yourself-South South-it will be fine. But we Yorubas know where we are headed in 2015-full stop. WE are NOT headed the way of any “speakership”. It is too late in the day. Eat your speakership. Otitokoro-Truth is Bitter.
          Thank you.

        • Eniriches

          But the Yorubas did not appropriate the Igbo man’s property after the civil war.

    • True Nigerian

      No, you are the one regretting it. Speak for yourself. I am not regreting it; the Yorubas don’t even notice that. The failure of Jonathan and his cheer leaders to see that nuance is one of the major reasons for his impending heavy electoral defeat.

      • KEN

        You would regret again come 2015. Do the math… 2 southwest states are in teh pdp coffers.. thus decimating your chances of getting to ASO rock.. i dey laugh

    • Omoagunmate

      Na you and ya oga dey regret that one abeg. Na him just talk say him still dey suffer abi you no fit read again? silly boy.

  • True Nigerian

    The ever ethno-religiously manipulative Jonathan tries his magic wand on the Yorubas! Hahaha! What he failed to see is that the Yorubas couldn’t care less about having the speakership of the House. How much improvement did Dimeji Bankole’s days bring to the Yorubas? How much difference has the absence of Yoruba Speaker made to governance in Western Nigeria? Nothing! I come from a local government that produced the governor of my state for 8 good years in which he ruled like Sani Abacha. Yet, if you visit the same local government today, you will weep over the low human development index and the infrastructural poverty. But the same governor is known to have stolen as much as N8billion of public funds for himself alone. Meanwhile, if the local government he comes from gets a well-managed injection of N1b into some sensitive areas of the local economy/infrastructure, the people there would probably have 10 happy years added to their lifespan. So why on earth should it be my business to support such fellow for the speakership, senate Presidency or even the Presidency of Nigeria? Doesn’t that make me a FUUL?

    President Jonathan, please get your thinking caps on and know that you are planting your divisive seeds on a stony rocky ground with no water! Your divisive ideas will not fly in the West of Nigeria. You are speaking to the region/ethnic group that voted against Obasanjo (an incumbent Yoruba President) in every election he contested since 1999, because they didn’t believe in him, regardless of his ethnic origin. That is an exemplar for the rest of Nigeria. It is an example of what responsible electoral thinking should be among the voters. It is an example for your Ijaw people and my Igbo people who will vote for a horrendous Presidential leadership like yours which has made their lives twice more difficult on cost of fuel, high cost of corruption, higher school fees and more electricity bills for less power supply. The contemporary dynamism of the Yoruba electoral thinking is quite a stark contrast to the Nigerians who will vote for horrendous leaderships on grounds of ethnicism and religion, as if the consequences of horrible leadership is made any easier when the perpetrator comes from the same tribe as his victims. If the Yorubas were as sheepish followers of Tinubu as your warped logic seems to suggest, they would not have Fayose state and Mimiko state in an APC-dominated region. Think, Jonathan, think!

    Mr Jonathan, you should have been advised that the Yoruba thinking on politics is way more progressive and more advanced than your ethnic/village myopism in which you always unleash your Ijaw militants to threaten the rest of us about bringing down hell on earth if you are ever lawfully removed either through impeachment or through intra-party primaries or general elections. Quite opposite to your ethnocentric Ijaw reasoning, Yorubas of Nigeria can’t be goaded into self-pity for missing out on your proposed speakership by Mulikaat who openly supported your horrendous anti-people policy on the fuel subsidy fraud committed by your friends and oil minister. Nigeria doesn’t need such legislative leadership that is merely an extension of the irresponsible executive leadership which you anchor.

    Pastor Jona, please read the handwriting on the wall….it says “mene mene tekeli Jona!” meaning “Jonathan, your shoes are oversize and expired, and you are fired!” 🙂

    • paul eneke

      Really,i find it difficult to understand why some ibos,especially annoying is-its in large numbers, are supporting this moron of a president. We are as well as enlighten as you yorubas. But if you’ll permit me,i have come to understand that the major contributor to these supports is what i’ll refer to as perceived ethnic affiliation.Which my study has revealed to be mere gimmick.well planned and oiled by his campaign group to buy our supports based on sentiment.It could be likened to that shoe-less strategy.

  • jossy

    Mr President again is trying to make the yoruba’s hate Tambuwal but his tactics will not work. When GEJ was told not to run because it was the turn of the north complete yaradua’s 2nd term according to zoning he refused and said zoning is unconstitutional. most people agree with this ideal to allow him contest and win. he assumed office and started talking about the same zoning he once fought against. you cannot eat your cake and retain it. The pdp zoning was destroyed by jonathan, so why must he try to implement it selfishly. If Tambuwal led house become a puppet of GEJ like the david mark led senate then Nigeria will be in trouble.

  • Concerned Citizen

    No true yoruba will support you. We know your kind and how you have punished the southwest under your tenure just because pdp has a weak foothold in yorubaland. We have seen the level of impunity in your government and we want no part of it. Look at Ekiti, everything u touch turns to chaos. We will rather die than let you take Lagos.

    • KEN

      Sorry concerned Citizen, please do the maths and you would see hat APC on has plenty propaganda.. I sorry for una

  • Sharia_Haram

    They betrayed Hon Mulikat the same way MKO Abiola was betrayed. OBJ and Abiola betrayed Awolowo( a lawyer) by manipulating the 1979 election in favor of Shagari(a grade 2 teacher). In addition, APC is anti-women in politics. It is high time the SW come together as one and claim their right from northern Muslims.

    • Otitokoro

      Otile na Reno Omokri na Goodluck Jonathan, I repeat in 2015, you can have your speaker, we Yorubas know where we are headed in 2015. And we know what want
      Thank you for your “kind” suggestion Reno.

      • Sharia_Haram

        It is high time you join the progressive. While truth is bitter, you have being give us sweet lies on this forum. The political future of the Yoruba is in the hands of PDP. Join us now.

      • Otile

        Go ahead…omokri, reno, dumbo, don’t forget … clueless, dumbo, oyele, clown, clown prince, and a heap of other demented words.

        • Otitokoro

          Reno Omokri replying Reno Omokri via Otile na Tawanda na the truth na Sharia_Haram! One more thing, you said “they” betrayed Hon Mulikat. Since in the imagination of President Jonathan, and his campaign team muslims are demons, who is “Hon Mulikat” who “they” betrayed? Oh perhaps because you did not know “Mulikat” is a muslim! Now you see. It seems Goodluck Jonathan and his campaign team suddenly became “Yoruba Loving” looking for Hon Mulikat who they “betrayed” only after Tambuwal started giving Goodluck Jonathan problem!!! Na my room I dey jeje, dey laaaf! President Goodluck Jonathan has too many moral challenges he needs to resolve. He runs all over the place looking for anything for his 2015 campaign including doing the most un-ethical things-lying through both sides of his mouth.

    • Otile

      Thank you, the truth must be told. APC lackeys can insult people all the way to hell, they are going to lose this election

      • Otitokoro

        Reno Omokri replying Reno Omokri through Sharia_haram na Otile!!! You small boys are so funny. Mr. Omokri, I will advise you to stop insulting Yorubas. This is because it is real insult for someone to leave the house he/she built and go and take a ride or rent a room in another person’s house-PDP. To us Yorubas, PDP is another person’s house. So? How can I leave my own house WHICH I USED MY OWN HANDS TO BUILD AND COME and beg to rent a room from in PDP! Na wa o otile na Tawanda na Sharia_Haram na Reno Omokri. Between being a tenant and being a landlord, which one do you prefer? Now if you prefer to be a landlord-which is very rational-why do you want me to rent from you-which is irrational -when I can own? The Yorubas say “Bi owe bi owe ni a lu ilu agididgbo. Ologbon lo n jo o, omoran lo n moo.” You know we Yorubas socialize our children through proverbs. So that you do not say I am abusing you, I will help you to translate this. “Key social issues are rendered proverbially through drumming. It is only the wise and he knowledgeable that knows and understands”!!! Reno Omokri na Otile na Oleku na Sharia_haram na Tawanda na the truth, please kindly take that proverb to your Yoruba lackeys and traitors in your “great” party-PDP- such as Femi Aribisala and Femi fanikayode to deepen the interpretation for you. Me I sit down here jeje dey throw way proverb-na only di wise go know!!! Yorubas have spoken. They have done this very loud. We shall meet at the polls in 2015. And by the way, my broda-do you know what the (oyele) oil price is saying? Again, I sit down here jeje, dey throw way my proverb, na only person wey wise na im go know. I am Otitokoro-Omo Yoruba gidi-And I sign this statement! Otitokoro-truth is bitter!

        • Otile

          As usual, omokri, clown, imbecile, empty head, dumbo, reno, oyel, bla bla bla …nothing meaning to say. Ode.

          • Otitokoro

            Reno Omokri replying Reno Omokri via Otile !!! Make a nak tory and laaafu small. I sit down jeje for my house dey laaaafu for my new “Yoruba Lovers” tabi new “Yoruba Loving” President Jonathan!!! We understand the Goodluck Jonathan strategy-it worked the last time. It will not work this time. What is the strategy. This is it (i) pretend to be innocent, (ii) pretend to be meek. (iii) pretend to be humble (iv) pretend to be the “victim”-you can see ” I am suffering for…bla bla bla bla ….”_Goodluck Jonathan. Our answer in Yorubaland? “Oga Goodluck Jonathan, please take your “suffering” with you back to Aso Rock…” We-Yorubas-can do without your “suffering.” “Pastor” Reno-I chuckle small as I fall down yakata for my bed dey laaafu. Yeye people- Just last year , the slogan was “my sweet oil in my backyard…” Today, because of election “I am suffering because bla bla bla bla…” HYPOCRITE Jona. That is it-period. We don catch you and your hypocrisy dis time. Otitokoro=Truth bitter like bitter kola but we must chop am!!!

    • emmy

      With people like you expressing opinion in a social media the country is doomed. 1. You are sharia haram. 2. You are against muslims especially from the north. Let me tell you something you can never do more than a dead snake.

    • Omoagunmate

      Wendell Simlin! is that you again? you are so full of evil its unbelievable. Chai! continue…

  • olawale

    The South-West is Not for Jonathan

    I heard on Channels TV
    yesterday’s evening that all south west leaders gave our dear President
    Jonathan support for A SECOND TERM. I asked a friend sitting beside me
    that who are the leader and he was able to mention 3 kings: Ooni of ife,
    Owa obokun of ijesha and a king from ekiti.

    Then i asked myself a question that
    1.) Are the the only traditional rulers in yorubaland.

    2.) What authority or power do they have to compel or influence the common man to vote for President Jonathan.

    3.) Or is it that those 3 kings came together to deceive jonathan?

    The absence of Notable kings like

    Alaafin of oyo, Oba of lagos
    The ATAOJA of Oshogbo, Alake Of Egba Land.
    Akarigbo Of Remo Land, Alaperu Of Iperu, Soun of Ogbomoso Land,
    Orangun of Ila, Olubadan Of Ibadan
    Attah Of Ayiede Ekiti, Olubara of Ibara, Oshinle of Oke ona, Agura of Gbagura
    Osemawe of Ondo, Akarigbo of Ijebu-Remo
    Olota of Ota, Alaye of Ayetoro
    Ewi of Ado-Ekiti, Alara of Aramoko
    Osemawe of Ondo, Deji of Akure.
    Shows that truly, the yoruba race is not supporting jonathan second
    term ambition. So, mr jonathan, am sorry,you have been deceived

    • paul eneke

      Oni of Ife is a 419 yoruba oba. we all know how his level of involvement in this government.Am sure you’ll remember one of his cousin/brother is presently the MD of Nigeria Railway,the thieving oba has a serious stake is in one construction company that was awarded the reconstruction of Ibadan-end of Lagos-Ibadan express road.The same Israeli company did a terrible job some years back at the Ife-Ibadan express road reconstruction. I mean,he’s just not a credible yoruba oba. Where is Alafin of Oyo,Olubadan of Ibadan etc?

  • Maria

    Yet he doesnt deem it fit to appoint Yorubas in high profile position such as secretary to the government? Jonathan cannot win not even a ward in Yorubaland.

    • Otile

      Because they will sell the position to Imam Tambu, Sheik Gumi, or Nyako. See what their treachery did to Hon Mulikat, and see what we are suffering as a result.

      • Maria

        And why was the dumbo crying in Ife since he knew that, he should have kept quiet.

        • Otile

          I know you are referring to Great Jona. First of all his correct name is Dr Goodluck E Jonathan, forget any insulting name APC like to call him, that’s rude of them.

          For you question, he hates to lose some of our Odua brothers to Imam Buhari the Islamist.

          • Maria

            He cant win.. Osun state is not where he can make such begging… Osun people are unapologetically anti-Jonathan because of his hate for Yoruba people. Every sincere Yoruba man, am not talking of those fraudulent men and women he gathered at OAU, knows too well that Jonathan is a die-hard hater of Yoruba people.

          • Onike24

            Maria why are you helping this amoral troll to make his payday? He doesn’t believe the rubbish he is posting.

          • Otile

            Maria is more intelligent than you, I just found that out. So don’t advise her out of the abundance of your ignorance. E gbo mi nko?

          • Otile

            Great Jona does not hate anybody. He is making his case to the people because he needs their votes. Maria, take a lot of people along with you and vote for Jona, the vote is a terrible thing to waste.

          • Omoagunmate

            hahaha great what? The fact that he visited Great Ife for a day does not make him great. For where? maybe for ya village.

          • Otile

            It is great to be democratically elected a president of the most populous country in Africa. Great Jona crushed his closest opponent with how many millions of votes?

  • Enemona

    Ass-licking the southwest and he is not even doing it smartly. Patronage won’t work here, just prepare for defeat.


    With all respect Mr President, what you are suffering for now is your inability to protect democracy and the rule of law in Nigeria. These two aspects have suffered under your leadership and the pdp administration in Nigeria.

  • GEJ and political lies again.One of the main reasons GEJ did not support Mukilat for Speakership was because She was nominated by OBJ. To GEJ, it was purely to check the excesses of OBJ. For your information, Mark too was nominated by OBJ . Dr Adewumi , the Agric Minister was also nominated by OBJ

  • truth

    The day Fayose emerged as Governor the second time, I said he will go the same way he went in his first tenure and the hand writing is on the wall. He has started desecrating institutions now he has d mind to abuse EBORA OWU, hmm mm think that is the beginning if his end.
    To Jonathan, I wont stop saying it that you are not wanted in the southwest, Pls ignore the Ooni of ife, the Omisore’s, Fayose’s, Kashamu’s, Obanikoro’s, and ur fake supporters because they are not known here and mind you, we the youths are tired of ur clulessness thus, we are not ready to return you because you failed those who voted U in.
    In 2011, I saw the hand writing and I am happy to tell U that most of the CORP MEMBERS that rigged for U are still at home unemployed.

    • paul eneke

      Any corp member that try his/her hands in rigging for this moron this time around will be roasted alive.Even their god father,master deceiver and trained rigger Tinubu cant dare us this time,i promise we’l roast him as well. I am a proud Ibo boy,but equally a typical Lagosboy and i make bold to say,GEL’s cup is full.

  • abdul afoede

    Please tell us a better excuse for non-performance. As far as am concerned, all government officials may come from even your Bayelsa but let them perform SHIKENA.

    • George

      This is not a country where after serving your own tenure, what you cannot take, you are giving it to others.

      THAT statement from Fayose concluded everything in my mind always. God will bless Fayose and better his generations.

  • Don

    Why is GEJ saying this, Yorubas are not trabalistic when it comes to good governance. His regrets is not because the post did not go the Yorubas, but because for the first time in Nigerian history, we had a house that was truly independent of the executive impunity and lawlessness. GEJ should tell the Yorubas another story. He should know that Tambuwal’s becoming the speaker was not against the wishes of progressive Yoruba people. We are tired of this politics of sharing positions to entrench corruption and ineptitude in governance.

    • warry

      what is performance different from making Lagos – ore-Benin Road which was hitherto abandoned running again? or abandoned Rail lines running?or is it now a case of whoever throws bombs wins?

      • Ewekoro to Shagamu road

        Not true. Ewekoro to shagamu is not motorable. The road part of that express road in the south west handle by kopek has been abandon. A very important portion of the road economically.

  • Proudly Niger Deltan


    2019 is an Igbo Presidency

    “2019 is an Igbo Presidency. No more, no less….by fire by force. Since 1967, i guess the whole world agrees that we’ve been patient enough. So, in 2019, You don’t need to vote or campaign or bomb or kill.The East just chose somebody who will replace Jonathan as he concludes
    his term. Any objections?…” ——@Ojukwu Nzeogu

    Certainly, No objections. You have the full support of my people.

    • Gbt

      this is exactly why this country can’t go beyond what it is, we keep doing this time is for Muslim, this time is for Igbo, this time is for south south or Christian without ever pausing to think why not let’s just vote for who we think will make this nation great again irrespective of tribe n religion……….I can vote an Igbo man or hausa or whatever over my own relative if I KNW he is more credible……let’s be wise and stop this sentiment that has never favored us

      • A Aminu



    When your defender and supporter is a street boy governor with little or no sense of decorum; when your self-appointed ‘spokesman’ is a man who has no regard for constitutionality and the rule of law, when your top ‘admirer’ is an acknowledged buffoon, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror!

  • Zubairu Usman

    Budgetary proposals, allocations were agreed upon and passed as a law of the land over the years. Its performance would’ve taken the Nigerian Nation to a greater heights, devoid of any regrets.

  • Collins Ikem Ejiofor

    The small boy,Fayose that is leading the equally small and inexperience boy to throw stones into a bee hives without having adequate equipment to protect themselves when the bees are stired to action should mind themselves o!

    • KEN

      Small boy that beat your Tifnubu and even the seating Governor in his own ward abi…i dey laugh. You would continue to dream of the small boy not knowing that Obi is already a Man..

      • Collins Ikem Ejiofor

        Being in a position is one thing while performing the duties associated with such position and winning admiration and confidence of the people is another. Let’s wait and see.

  • taewo

    “The idea is that, whenever we are distributing board positions ……………”. Under Jona, Board positions are being distributed. What a corrupt system of government!

  • Chris1408

    Whenever this president opens his mouth, stuff you flush away comes pouring out.

    • KEN

      And whenever OBJ opens his own it’s hallelujah praise..

  • sule

    Greetings to the general public,


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08159929662 to place an order of your choice.


    Prices of cars below..call 08159929662 AHMED MUSA FOR YOUR CHOICE OF CAR.gfdazx

  • favourtalk

    He should just forget it. Many of the assumed leaders of yoruba that he spoke with are not in his party and majority can’t even win their house not to talk of ward. Pity GEJ is gone

    • KEN

      Yes you are right. Same was said for Ekiti and PDP won… dont worry come 2015 i go laugh and still they roll. Do the math bro and tell your guys to start campaigning vigorously and not huff and puff using their media propaganda machinery…

      • Maria

        And Osun?

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    President Ebele Jonathan,has truly displayed his ineptitude,incompetency and lack of leadership stature with his utterance that he is still suffering that Honourable Aminu Tambuwal was elected the speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives.
    Nigerian members of the House of Representatives are the constitutionally authorized people who were supposed to elect one of their members to be speaker.Position of speaker is the exclusive business of the House of Representatives,not president Jonathan or whoever occupied that position,not the constitutional right of PDP or any political party.
    Hence,Mr Ebele Jonathan displays his lack of up to date knowledge of what Nigerian constitution indicates in regard to the authority that is empowered by law to select,nominate and elect speaker of Nigeria House of Representatives.Mr Jonathan
    remains clueless,inept,incompetent and lacking the leadership stature to continue to lead Nigeria.PDP lacks the constitutional authority to dictate who become Nigeria speaker of House of Representatives.

  • A Aminu

    Is that why you wanted to shift the suffering to Governor Aliyu Wamakko and blame him squarely for not stopping Aminu Waziri from contesting the position of speaker? Being a far better politician than you are, he put his feet down and refuse to join the battle to stop a fast moving train.

  • Truthometer

    Nigerians are suffering for failing to stop Dumbo from becoming a president at all. And will suffer more, if they allow the clueless-one to remain a president by 2015.



  • Olumide Ige

    I am a Yoruba man but I doubt whether the installation of one Mulikat Akande as speaker would have improved my lot or that of my fellow Yorubas in any way, except for members of her household. Let me tell you, average Yoruba man has independent mind. We favour Fashola for his works. If you turn round the economy to success this morning you will be surprised how the Yorubas will start singing your praises. How can you turn it around within a minute? Very simple, start by giving zero tolerance to corruption: conduct meaningful audit of all the ministries and parastatals and recover the stolen wealth; punish the offenders; repeal the pardon on Alamaiseya ; ask all Jet owners and Nigerians pay appropriate taxes as spelt out in the books; declare your assets publicly and ask your assistants to follow your good example…. there are more. Declare it this morning and give your executive backing to sanity……..You will be surprised that our so called elders will find it difficult to control us. I agree with you that this is not an easy task. There will be resistance from home and abroad at first.

  • Sade

    I am a yoruba person and I would rather support Jonathan and vote for him than Buhari a man who is being controlled by Thiefnubu. Theifnubu has looted lagos dry for years and cannot be given the opportunity to do the same in national. You think Johathan’s administration is corrupt, Tinubu (God forbid) would be worse. He is a man that can never be satisfied with anything. Go and check how much he gets from the APC governors in southwest. That is why some cannot pay teachers fees and contractors fees also. He has planned properly that is why he imposition his stooge ( Osinbajo, who is a director in Alpha Beta) to be Vice President. We all know the last time a Buhari was head of state, it was his deputy that did all the work. So at the end of the day he, a convicted drug baron and thief (with international dimension according to Ribadu and even Obasanjo) would be the one ruling the country. God forbid, we need to be wise and see that this change is not what we want or need. Even HRH Sanusi said so.

  • obinnna77

    How many paragraphs are required to state the obvious?

  • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

    Incisive commentary! I agree with the writer that our complacent Journalists should brace up to lay bare the truth instead of fanning the embers of ethnic bigotry. Finally, the Government must live up to expectation to ensure the security of the state and the people. Parading themselves in noisy convoys as ‘big men’ shows the cluelessness of our public officers.