UPDATE: Over 100 feared dead in Kano Mosque multiple blasts

FILE PHOTO: Scene of the explosion at the Kano Central Mosque in November 2014

More than 100 people were killed and hundreds more injured in multiple bomb attacks at the Central Mosque in Kano on Friday, witnesses say.

The exact number of deaths are still unclear as police have not issued a figure yet.

A spokesperson for the Kano Command of the Nigeria Police Force, Mustapha Abubakar, said police were “still taking stock of the actual persons that have died” and could not give clear figures as of yet.

But witnesses say the attack was so massive the number of deaths is in hundreds. Some witnesses, who helped with rescue before police arrived at the scene, said the figures may be as high as 300.

The Central Mosque is one of the largest worship centres in the city, and is where the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi, usually leads the prayers.

The emir was away in Saudi Arabia when the attack occurred.

The blast occurred as the Chief Imam of the Mosque, Sani Zahradeen, was about to start the prayers.

According to witnesses, three bombs exploded before three armed men opened fire at fleeing worshippers who survived the explosion.

The first bomb, which went up outside the Mosque, sent worshipers running in all directions. The blast was then followed rapidly by two huge explosions, witnesses said.

Shortly after the attacks, hundreds of angry youth took to the streets in protest, pelting police officers and smashing government installations, sparking fears the city may descend into yet another round of religious unrest.

Residents said the youth were angered by the late arrival of soldiers and police at the scene.

According to a witness, the security forces arrived after the gunmen had escaped. The operatives then allegedly opened fire after they were jeered by frustrated worshippers.

The riot has been quelled by the police, a spokesperson for the force, Mr. Abubakar, said.

“We have taken care of the rioting youths and already we have cordoned up the entire place and for now calm has returned to the city as people do go about their businesses,” he said.

Editor’s Note: This report has been updated with details regardng the arrival of soldiers and police at the scene of the attack.


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    • the truth

      So in this spate of tears u still put this scam here.may god visit u

      • mr 12

        The truth! You must be drunk to speak evil. Pray for your country and you busy suggesting gang up so you can fight “Islam” do not worry yourself, the truth will always reveal itself.. Islam or Christianity

    • kongi

      heartless beast

  • the truth

    Do you guys see the gameplan of this terrorists.attack the mosque and start a massive protest which brings a tumultuous religious killing.all hell bent on getting power if it means killing their mothers and fathers.wisee up my people to know this people are against u and I,and the best we unify to fight them the better,enough of blame games and lets find solutions to tackle them

    • Alhassan

      Why do have to gang and go agains us, after your master gej and pastor oris are delivering your plans agains the Muslim and islam. You have already gang up and we know, but 99 days for thief and one day for the owner

      • the truth

        You are a clown instead of addressing your imams who are busy radicalizing your youths u are finding who to blame.keep finding who to blame

    • Hana

      Common, Boko Haram is not out to kill Moslems. This mosque attack, is purely a revenge attack on call by the Emir of Kano to people to defend themselves.

  • _Proudly Niger Delta

    Give the North want-a Muslim Norther President…that’s all they want. You cant wait from now till Fowl go begin piss, and you will not hear any of Buhari, atiku or Kwankwanamaso come to condemn the killings. No! Not at all, what you will hear is Jonathan is not protecting us. Shebi na Jonathan be the Land Lord of the house where arms bunkers were discovered in Kano…and we got no response about the bunkers from the Gov,Sultan,APC, Buhari etc…they all kept quiet.

    Had such bunkers been found in Bayelsa or Delta state, I am sure Mr Liar Mohammed would have travelled to the sun to give a 5 day long press conference…and thw Arewa congress would have released a press statement in volumes. But have you heard any comments from them on arms Bunkers in Kano? You can’t sow Cassava and reap Potato…Nonsense

    • Mairiga

      It is amazing when people masked their names and encourage bloodshed, Mr/Mrs Proudly Niger Delta is a shame for the Niger deltas to be killing innocent souls and claim Boko Haram. We know the tricks. We are now witnessing many ‘Boko Haram mercenaries’ in the Northeast region killed fighting on the side of the murderous Boko Haram. Pls feel free to identify yourself.

      • Mosaku 147

        To be forewarned is to be for armed.the assassins obj wrote about have started work.

      • Proudly Niger Deltan

        “If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood…Revolution is inevitable in 2015 if I lose.” – M.BUHARI

        “The next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely going to die…”- Nasiru El-RUFIA

        “I am putting Jonathan on notice that he must leave office come 2015.”- Mr Ango ABDULAHI

        “If Jonathan insists on running, there will be bloodshed…His running will amount to taking northerners for a ride. So, there will be bloodshed.” – Junaid MUHAMMED

        “You ‘rig & roast’…” – Malam Bola TINUBU

        …So, I have identified myself and I hope your curiosity is satisfied. Go bury the dead & pray for their souls. They are innocent…but the idiots who brought us to this point must be brought to justice…and we must have courage, beyond ethnic sentiments to hang all of them if need be…this is the line of thought I expect from your and not this your spastic response. Nonsense!

    • Alhassan

      Since you are more closer to the pastor oris and he is more closer to BH because they are his boys no doubt about that, tell him to ask them to stop killing innocent people in the fight to maintain power beyond 2015 for gej, please tell him that this in human killing they are doing on us is enough. Is that what he can only preach, is killing, arms deals, money lundering religion. You are all doing this in name of hatred, you hate Islam and Muslim you should know we will continue our way of life as it is in our religion, we are not afraid of death. I cannot imaging a religious person participating in arms deals as oris was caught red handed.

      • Proudly Niger Deltan

        More closer? ‘Minene’?

      • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

        Alhasssn don’t mind him. These guys are only using of their religion book which said “For those my enemies who wouldn’t I to rule him bring them before me and slaughter him.” It on this basis they are equipping Boko Haram with arms using their personal plane to purchase arms. It is on record that the present leadership do not care about the ongoing killings because most people killed are Muslims.

    • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

      It seems to me that you are heartless. People are being kill and you are talking politics. Was there no arms found stock in a church? Yes JEG can be faulted because he didn’t seem to care with what is happening.

      • _Proudly Niger Deltan

        My prend, I worked in Sokoto some decades ago during my NYSC…and I remember several occasions where an Okada refused to pick you simply bcos you told him your destination was a Church…Somewhere about 9yrs ago, a Yoruba lady teacher was raped before being stoned to death in one North East state bcos she was accused of desecrating the Koran when she flung it to the ground from a female student who chose to read the Koran during a Christain Religious Knowledge class…again we had the case of the Calabar Youth Corper, raped and lynched bcos she wore a trouser…and NYSC member for that matter.

        In all of these, there was no justice. None was punished…and the state Governor in each state was not Jonathan. When a Presidential aspirant tells you he will spill blood should he lose the next election, and he gets no rebuke from his people, then why do you want others to cry more than the bereaved. Look my prend, truth can be very unpalatable to the ear. But if we must make progress, truth must be told. Pure & Simple.

        I love justice…the dead did not deserve to die. Yes…they are innocent…but we must not only examine the immediate cause of the needless massacre but the remote as well. This continent of ours has a history of absurdities…I dont know how old you are but ask you Papi or Grand Papi to explain the meaning of the statements by Ahmadu Bello in an interview in the 60s to you. Has anything changed? …Read the full speech of Comrade Gideon Orkar’s coup…It is available from google search. I am sure with these you will understand why it is futile attempting to run Nigeria as a country. Nonsense!

        • Otile

          They pretend they don’t know what the killing is all about.

          • Wähala

            Why are you replying yourself? Does a thousand wrongs add up to one right? We are humans and some are misguided, their actions must not be visited upon the innocent. Today’s bombing was at a Mosque, but all bombing started at St. Theresa Catholic Church, Mandala… can you connect the dots?
            Whatever the killing is all about is neither representative of the Christian nor Islamic faiths… it’s simply evil and you ought to know better. EiE of your self-induced mental retardation. Oko-Oko! Agbaya!

          • Otile

            Responding to your rambling is a waste of time. You are becoming so incoherent you don’t make any sense any more. …replying yourself, thousand words add up to one…, yarda, yarda, yarda.

            Seriously, you need to quit disgracing yourself.

          • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

            Everybody knows. From OBJ’s letter to Asari’ address any rational minded person can draw conclusion. The first designated bomb in Nigeria which occurred in Abuja on a October was also by Boko Haram?

          • _Proudly Niger Deltan

            Point of correction, the first Boko Haram bomb, with its first human casualty was on 19th October1986. You shud be old enough to remember, at least going by your miserable poto which appears on your handle….and the chief orchestrator and perpetrator of that devilish act is still alive…in fact, some yrs ago he was a Presidential aspirant like your Bokohari. ..So don’t be like the Sultan who is accustomed to diverting attention.

  • _Proudly Niger Delta

    When will the Sultan write the letter? Is there no NIPOST official designated for Sambissa Forest Council? If there is none, kindly give the letter to Senator Ndume…and consider the information delivered

  • _Proudly Niger Delta

    How many more will die before we divide this country? Luggard & the British made a grave mistake. Nigeria is violently incongruous, and heterogeneously divergent. We need mufti-state solution to this intractable killings. Truly, the blood of the Dogs & Baboons flow on the street….

  • Dr.Dan

    God help this country

  • Bamidele Johnson

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  • Rommel

    Ayo Oritsejafor has deceived Jonathan with fake prophesies and expectations,”Except the Lordkeep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain’, so therefore,go to Israel and ask for God’s guidance and you will see what the lord will do because out of the smallest state of Nigeria like the tribes of Israel,he has called out a meek one who will become a great king to rule over his people.It is unfortunate that Africans do not understand the message contained in the bible and what it represents,by the time president Jonathan would realize that Pentecostals are a branch of 419,it would have been too late,he fails to realize that Israel does not sleep or go to pray while their enemies are all around them.

  • Myson

    A dyeing nation if ever it has been a nation, ruled by Criminal leaders who do not give a dam for rest of its citizens. The criminal leaders, who want to continue looting the resources of the country without consequence, undermined all the government Institutions and other branches of government that non will be able to carry out its duty. Then you have a determined enemy in Boko haram who have already established their Caliphate and love death more than life.

    Nigeria is not Pakistan, Afghanistan or Somalia. These countries have majority Muslim population. As Boko haram makes inward toward the heart of the country, nobody can predict the dimension this conflict will take. Will the Christians population in Northern Nigeria abandon their indeginous land for boko Haram, will they fight back, will they convert to Islam and live under the type of Boko Haram Sharia or will they insist on being Christians and face beheading from Boko Haram.

    In life there is consequence for our action and in-action. Nigeria is paying today for the action of our criminal leaders who ran and continues to run the country as a conquered territory. The leaders since after the Civil war never ran the country as a place their children and children’s children will be happy to inherit in future.

    My heart goes out to some West African countries who’s their leaders are actually trying to make a difference in their citizens’ life of which this conflict happening in Nigeria will destabilize.

  • clairvoyance

    Their plan was to eliminate the Emir it’s like jonadaft is ready to wipe out Nigeria with is boys, this was the aftermath of the meeting this evil man, had with is partner and fellow Boko haram sponsor Chadian president to destabilize Nigeria and extend is stay on power the NASS should impeach this guy before Nigeria crashes before our very eyes.
    Pls for those who supports this crook because he looks gentlemanly and wears a crooked smile, the man is evil and satanic, How many will have to die before u leave us alone Jonathan.

    • Mosaku 147

      The assassins obj wrote about!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    I AM REALLY PAINED that many are writing rubbish here ….. some pro GEJ, some pro APC ….. at a time of great sorrow for the dead, for the injured and their families ……. when all efforts should be focused on the eradication of this evil called Boko Haram.

    May God deliver Nigeria from all evil; may God bless Nigeria !!!

    • endingNaija

      Eat your hypocrisy. You are a Goodluck Jonathan e-rat and e-pet on this platform. Whatever you write is designed by Goodluck Jonathan campaign team to promote Goodluck Jonathan interests. You can eat your concern. It is not needed. I will always be this blunt with Goodluck Jonathan promoters until they re-examine their immoral consciences.

      • smart nature

        people like you should go to hell

        • endingNaija

          Goodluck Jonathan online campaigners, e-rats, e-pets please keep your crocodile tears, drink your crocodile tears. Nigerians do not need your hypocrisy. Drink your tears. You need your tears, NOT US, not Nigerians.

    • Mosaku 147

      You are the biggest hypocrite of all time. You love this incident,so why pretending to condemn it.may God forgive you.

  • sammyctu ode

    This is a great tragedy and may their souls rest in perfect peace. While all these evil terrorist attacks were going on, jonathan is busy on the campaign trail, hosting nollywood boys and girls, spending tax payers money, attacking the National Assembly and committing all sorts of crimes against the Nigerian state. I am shocked at his actions. Since he has no solutions to Nigerian problems, why is he even attempting to run, does he think we Nigerians are total fools who can’t think right anymore? By His Grace, God will change this evil clueless, no direction, purposeless government come February 2015.

    • Joe

      This is beyond Jonathan please. This is what IBB sowed when he handed the country to OIC, and took $12billion and gave OIC, with a clear mandate to Islamize Nigeria. What we are seeing is just a rehearsal.

      • Impartial

        Blaming IBB for a problem that did not start in his time! Hallmark of Jonathan government – never accepting responsibility. Everyone else is the devil; they are the saints! Shame of a nation of deluded leaders and followers!

        • Danjuma

          Oh yes, IBB took to another level what Dan Fodio and Ahmadu Bello started. While the other two used resources from the North, IBB used the common resources of the whole country, particularly oil money to prosecute jihad. Because of his poor educational background, he had no idea the magnitude of what he was unleashing on Nigeria. It will take centuries to uno the damage Babangida caused. That’s for sure.

          • Tunji Olarewaju

            Omkri’s troll!!

          • True Nigerian

            Well, he (IBB) is currently the most reliable and most determined supporter of Jonathan among the North. I wonder what it means on Jonathan and to his supporters like you!

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Reno Omkri!

    • Abba Emmanuel Mohammad

      You are also a Nigerian as GEJ is. You can also play a part in saving Nigeria from the hands of these faceless foreigners who want to at all cost claim the NE portion of the country. In a nutshell, everyone (Nigerian) has a role or two to play GEJ is not the only Nigerian! #See something Say something! May ALLAH(S.A.W) Bless Our Country in JESUS Name (Amen)

    • emmanuel

      What is tragic in the Kano thing?

      It is part of Life. Please stop this hypocritical tears here. All Churches have been wiped out and most Pastors killed in the North East. Nor be tragedy?

      Is it because of your lives which are less valued by your people than a cow that led to your tears? Guy, wipe your tears make you go drink brukutu for mami market near you. Aisha wan buy new Tecno Phone moday, she still need more customers this night for her Red Roof room

  • King Carlos

    How come the Inspector General of police did not receive intelligence on the attack? The SSS also stormed APC data centre after receiving intelligence. But they all suddenly become unintelligent on the issue of boko haram. Now who is fooling who?

    Jonathan has been lobbying national assembly members for extension of the state of emergency in the north east but the lawmakers have refused to heed his call. Is it not possible that the attack was carried out to prove a point to legislators that the state of emergency has to be extended ASAP?

    Jonathan should swear if he doesn’t know anything about boko haram.

    • Mariana

      Pls see a psychiatrist without delay.

      • Danjuma

        Absolutely !!!

      • King Carlos

        I already did and i was certified OK. Which means i’m normal. What about you? I guess you are in your ward right now, waiting for the doc to give you your pills. I never knew yaba left had internet connection! Retarded somebody. You are here calling someone out on the internet while fellow Nigerians are being killed. If you dont have a sensible thing to say,why don’t you shattap your mouth.

        • Guguru

          LOL. Very sharp answer. I like it.

        • Otile

          Take Mariana’s advice and see a psychiatrist, who knows you may get some help. The way you are going, you may end up committing suicide.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Even if he does swear falsely, Joshua of SCOAN is there to absolve him

    • Otile

      Use your common sense if you have any. When Mutallab went to bomb America, American people did not wait till he finished his Islamic plan before they disarmed him. They did not wait on their president to catch Mutallab because the president swore to defend them. It was bloody civilians like you that caught the Islamist.

      If you love Nigeria that much why not volunteer yourself, move your sore butt to NE and catch some Islamists about to bomb people? Who do you want to die for you so that oil from SE SS can flow to pay your governors, legislators, local council men and Obas? If the picture here is yours, that means you can still carry arms, you are no better than those who are fighting to keep Nigeria one for you. Odale


        True talk bro,
        All those who fought for the establishment of Sharia law should go and enlist in the Army with their families . It pains my heart to see innocent Christians getting killed in this anti-insurgence.

      • PROF

        Chei, kanawa sun mutu! When this killings started ,it was targeted at minorities and Christians in the north, then most muslim notherners kept quiet thinking their elite were fighting in their interest to get back power. Now the chickens have long arrived and have started roasting.
        For the north ,
        ”This is Not the end of the beginning ,rather it is the beginning of the end ” – Winston Churchill .

        • Dan maikoko

          Let me help you a little. The killing started long before any minority was killed, it started by the killing in 13/04/2007 when Sheikh Jaafar was shot 4 times inside a mosque during prostration in the morning prayer. That was a cool two years before Boko Haram led a rebellion against the govt of Yaraduwa in 2009. The Kano mosque bombing is also not the first. Sheikh Dahiru bauchi was targeted twice in a mosque, many died. The Shehu of Borno was also targeted in a mosque, many also died. A bomb meant for Sheikh Gumi exploded prematurely while the carrier of death was on a motor cycle. In a miraculous display a horde of African wild honey appeared from nowhere after the explosion to finish off the attackers and prevent any rescue attempt. People simply stood by while the attacker was attacked by wild honey until he died. When he died the honey disappeared. It is unfortunate that Nigerians from the south do not understand what BH is. They will capture the north for sure but they will not rest there they will also take the south and the rest of Africa. They are the anointed representatives of ISIS in Africa. They have indicated that many times before. If you want laugh at this, remember that they now hold at least 15 local govt areas and counting. Also we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan that best trained, best equipped army is no match for a fanatical fighters.

    • zee

      That’s right!

  • Olutola

    When shall the end of these things be?

    • Grace

      When the initiators are dead, I believe soon, mouths will open wide when some of them will just be bombed or sleep and never wake up again.

  • Excisionist

    Now that there are no more churches and Christians to bomb, they are turning on themselves. They wanted to have Sharia for political reasons and as excuse for further persecution of Christians. But Boko Haram wants pure Sharia law. They (BH) are the only people in the Islamic North who speak the truth. The chicken is coming home to roost

    • PROF


  • Akindolamu

    Mr. Abba, President Jonathan’s Inspector General of Police, you went on a political errand on behalf of President Jonathan and PDP by invading the National Assembly in order to embarrass Speaker Tambuwal, in doing what is not your job, you forgot what your real job is -to protect Nigerians whose taxes pay your salary-you failed to protect the people of Kano. Why? Mr. Abba in view of the way you are carrying out your duty, by failing to protect Nigerians, you are turning into a PDP politician Inspector General of Police.

  • Smith Scott

    SS are the Monkey while SW are the Bamboo according Buhari. The last time I heard him telling his follower is only to spill the blood of the Bamboo and the Monkey. NW blood is what…maybe the blood of the pigs

  • Smith Scott

    Last time Sanusi who always preach in the Mosque gave a simon that the youth should defend themselves and fight Boko Haram. Boko Haram heard the message and now sent their boys to attack the mosque where they preach against the Muhajid – the army of God. Sanusi luckily was not there that day

  • Peter Udegbue

    The unity and peace in the vast north is under threat. Leaders must urgently
    look for ways and means of charting a better course aimed at protecting lives rather than waste them. They should Look around the southern
    parts of Nigeria and see what goes on there, and compare for themselves what on earth is wrong with
    their region and also why they think that innocent human blood will be
    senselessly shed in the name of religion. Any religion that does not protect the people but spurs them to kill and destroy always is dangerous and should be discouraged.

  • emmanuel

    More of this Boko.

    Pickin wen say im mama nor go sleep, that pickin too nor go sleep!

  • sule

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