Tambuwal asks Court to jail IG of Police, Suleiman Abba, for contempt

Aminu Tambuwal, Sokoto State Governor

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, has asked the Federal High Court, sitting in Abuja, to commit the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Suleiman Abba, to jail for disobeying an order made by the court.

The IGP had last week ordered police officers to take over the National Assembly complex to “prevent thugs from taking over the complex”.

In a suit filed by Mr. Tambuwal over his position as the speaker after he defected to the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, Justice Ahmed Muhammed who is trying the case, ordered that all parties should maintain the status quo, implying that Mr. Tambuwal stays put on his seat as speaker till the court takes a decision on the matter.

Relying on two grounds, Mr. Tambuwal, Friday, represented by Lateef Fagbemi a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, said the IG should be charged for contempt after he directed his men to stop the plaintiff from gaining access to the premises of the National Assembly despite an earlier order by the court that all parties must maintain the status quo pending the determination of the substantive suit seeking interpretation of his status as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Mr. Tambuwal equally informed the court that by the IGP’s refusal to recognize him as Speaker of the House when he appeared before a committee of the House of Representatives, last Monday, the IG constituted himself “to be the complainant, the judge and the executioner in a matter where a restraining order has already been issued by the judge”.

Justice Muhammed, ruling on the exparte application, ordered Mr. Tambuwal’s counsel to serve the motion on notice on the IG’s lawyers for response.

Justice Muhammed then adjourned the matter to December 1 for a ruling on whether some interested parties, notably the Executive Chairman of Tambuwal Local Government Authority and a member representing Tambuwal West constituency in the Sokoto State House of Assembly, can be joined in the suit.


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  • Spoken word

    The IG is definitely in contempt of court.complete disdain for the judiciary and legislature by the IG

    • Olu

      The whole country is in turmoil and what people are not thinking about is that some evil elements from jona down are behind all these atrocities! How can a man like jona want to run for the highest office of the land? The man cannot even secure the capital talk less of the nation. I am happy that the Northern governors are waking up and asking questions; but wait o, look amongst yourselves too NSGF and ACF; Jona has agents amongst you! Yuguda and co, own up to your covert ungodly acts all in an effort to stay relevance to jona against your own people!

      • Spoken word

        Don’t mind him.he can’t even go to eagle square for Independence Day parade. He wants to be commander in chief of the armed forces but not brave enough to lead.he leads from the back.


    This is a civilized way to go….far from the IG’s anarchic route!

    • elmok

      If he is civilized like you say he should have resign as speaker knowing the position of the law

      • John

        Can u quote the law that says the speaker should resign? If he refuses to resign, is it the IG that should pass judgement on him? You should stop supporting evil because of personal sentiments so this country can move forward. Call evil by its name, it might be ur turn tomorrow.

  • TM

    Sentence the sycophant uncivilised IG to life imprisonment.

  • favourtalk

    The IG should be an example to the other public office holder who think politicians can manipulate them and act silly. He should be grounded and locked up

  • Gamba

    Tambuwal is also in contempt of Court for not reverting to the status quo of being a PDP member which was the state of equilibrium before his defection.

    • elmok


      • Xman

        Do you understand the fact that the case is in court of law to determine if his crossing is legal or not? The status quo, they are talking is being a speaker until it is determined that is cross carpeting is legal or not, it has nothing to do with him going back to PDP, his crossing is what brought about the case in the first instance, pls endeavor to use ur brain before seconding foolishness of though

        • elmok

          You that is using your brain Do you understand too that the same court rule in a similar case when some members defected to APC that they should vacate their seat, but Tambuwal refuse to declear their seat vacant, were you in outer space then or you just started following the political happening in the house

          • Gamba

            If the legality or otherwise of his crossing is the issue what then should be the status quo? Is it not the state before the crossing? Use that brain you claim to have please.

        • Gamba

          If the legality or otherwise of his crossing is the issue, what then should be the status quo? Is it not the state before the crossing? Use that brain you claim to have please.

    • simon tor gideon

      When you people are reading articles,read between the lines.Tambuwal went to court to ask for an injunction restraining the IG of PDP from carrying out acts that are inimical to his office.The IG didn`t go to court to ask Tambuwal to revert back to pdp or lose his position.So your defence of the IG here or asking Tambuwal to go back to pdp or lose his position as speaker is not before the court.

      • Gamba

        Was the injunction granted? The answer is NO. Rather the Judge both parties to revert to or maintain status quo. Now I ask you, what is the status quo the Judge have in mind?

        • Musa Aliyu

          let tambuwal retain his speakership of course and have back his police, dumbo

    • zikoraca

      As at the time that the declaration was made by the Judge, Tambuwal had already defected to the APC. Maintaining the status quo ante belum means that things should stay as they were as at the date of the declaration. The Judge did not say “revert” but “maintain” the status quo. You can only maintain, not revert to the status quo.

      • Gamba

        At the time the declaration was made the Police had already withdrawn their personnel from Tambuwal’s security team because they didn’t recognize him as speaker anymore. Where then is the contempt of court…..going by your argument?

        • Omo Odua

          The order Tambuwal seek from the court was retaining his security details, which the asked the relevant security agencies to restore till after the court case. Go lay your hands on the court order.

          • Gamba

            The case on security details that was struck out when Tambuwal applied verbally via his counsel to discontinue? Sure you are following developments in this matter?

          • Omo Oodua

            Stop impersonating, you this fake Omo Odua!

      • Ayobanna

        You don’t get it Sir. How can Tanbuwala pronounce his defection after Motion for Adjournment has been accepted, hence closing the House session. Its rather fraudulent.

        • zikoraca

          My index contribution was on the meaning of status quo and how it applies to the case. Whether Tambuwal acted fraudulently by announcing his defection after the motion for adjournment had ben moved does not affect the meaning of the phrase.

    • Wähala

      Thinking is not for everyone, it’s also not a must… you should be banned from thinking ‘cos you cannot reason!

      • Gamba

        Imagine this empty drum! Where is the the sense in your hollow comment?

  • Zubairu Usman

    To us laymen, one wld’ve thought first thing first for the law of the land. Interpretation therein would after final judgement.

    • NazirJos

      That’s only if the law of the land is respected. Ours is a different case. We have pack of arrogant characters who place themselves above the very law they say they protect. To their ignorance, the little power they have is all there is in the entire word and they can wield it on anyone in their path.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    It is instructive to note that Aminu Tambuwaal announced his defection after a motion for adjournment had been moved by the Majority Leader. ………………… There is no where in the World and in history that a Speaker of a Parliament introduced a new matter after the motion for adjournment had been moved ……… without doubts Aminu Tambuwaal is a fraud.

    Now he wants to extend his fraudulent runs by involving his Local Government Chairman and his House of Reps member in his attempt to have his cake and eat it ………. and remain Speaker of the House of Representatives despite the very, very clear and unambiguous provisions of Section 68(1)g of the Nigerian Constitution.

    Aminu Tambuwaal must be told the plain truth …………….. even a million Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani Judges like Justice Ahmed Mohammed cannot and will never be allowed to subvert the Nigerian Constitution on the matter of Aminu Tambuwaal voluntary resignation from the House of Representatives.

    • Simon T

      Haha. Goodluck Ebele Corruption Medal Diezani holder is the closest dumb igbos will get to the Presidency. Sick mind.

    • Musa Aliyu

      mumu, no be you wan subvert the constitution? Know hat this man is a lawyer and he is banking on a lacuna to stay on board. you can’t remove him that is why tuna use una thug to pursue him. use the biggest thug you have that you gave 10million$ to but weapons you will kill northerners who will never vote for your dumbo

  • Okey

    Editor, you are in error. The Judge was right by granting the maintenance of “status quo,” as opposed to “status quo ante.” The status quo was the position as at the time Mr Tambuwal changed party without meeting the two conditions stipulated by Section 68 (1)(g) and consequently lost his seat and his police orderlies. Status quo ante was the position before Tambuwal lost his seat.

  • Wähala

    Nothing will come out of this. Dr. Dumbo disobeyed a court order to return Emir Sanusi’s passport for months. The DSS disobeyed a court order to produce people in their custody; IGP disobeyed a court order to maintain status quo… and predictably will disobey this court as well. It is only possible because impunity is the order of the day under Jona Dumbo. So, the shortest cut to resoring sanity, rule of law and respect for the Constitution is to impeach the Otuoke bandit make we rest. He is Nigeria’s one and only problem As-is and the evil behind all evils… no gainsaying it.

    • Onike24

      You are a very intelligent person.

      • Wähala

        …and you’re not far behind, if not ahead. Thanks, O’jare!

        • Otile

          Yoruba complementing another Yoruba, no big deal. Awon odale.

        • ogechi

          I think Mr.Wahala should be hired by the FG in this trying time that the govt Is in want of intelligence&logics,atleast to Save Nigeria of This Daily rubish for now,till a deserving govt Is in place …lol

      • MrFesh

        If this guy is intelligent in your eyes, you need serious help.

      • Otile

        You must be crazy. Odale

      • ogechi

        U got it right….he Is an intellectual per excellence

    • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

      Are you out of your senses?
      Tambuwal is to maintain status quo since his seat is vacant unless court says otherwise.

      • Wähala

        Your problem is you lack senses altogether. If he had no seat to lay his ahss on, why did your moron write him a letter specifically asking that he reconvened the House to consider extending the SoE in our restive North East? Simple! He was set-up for the kill… they called it, “The Ekiti Treatment” and it failed woefully. That’s the short of a very long story that is beyond your ‘Aba-Made’ mental capacity… like I’ve told you in the past. Get someone to read this as I will not be wasting further time with an imbecile like you. Chump!

        • MrFesh

          He wrote the ‘house speaker not Tambuwal’ mpama. They are two different things.

          • Wähala

            Remove the (p) and I’m certain you know who you’re referring to. I was responding to that brainless Aba boy and your gbana-damaged ahss decided to jump in, ba? Imbecile. Frauds like you, what happened to @Ifebuchi… I guess Pastor Reno Wendel Simlin has fully initiated, “baptized” you with “satan’s name” for you to feel you’ve grown enough hairs on your slimy balls to mouth-off at me abi? Dirty azzhole like you. Oko-oko!

          • Paschal

            Make a point if you can.

          • MrFesh

          • ceweeco projects

            He that respects himself is safe from others. A blind person who sees is better than a seeing person who is blind. Don’t plant a seed in the sea, APC does not worth it.

        • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

          Was the letter addressed to Mr Tambuwal or the speaker?
          it normal to address letters to the office of the speaker which Ihedioha is entitled to.
          anyway he will be arrested before Wednesday and charge for fence scaling .
          no amount of Fulani judges will save him

    • Peter

      I think you are a mad man and a crooked person with select memory. Have you forgotten how your embattled and discredited Tambuwayo disobeyed the order of the court to declare vacant the seats of the 37 PDP legislators who defected to APC. He knew the implication of his action then as the Speaker, a supposed elected lawmaker who should be above board.

      • Wähala

        I’m certain your mother got pregnant with you in standing position, you are the mad man!
        Pfool, the case of the 37 legislators has not been ruled on that’s why Gov. Mimiko is still a Governor. Why the two-prong application of the Law, why is Mimiko and his gang who defected to the PDP still enjoying police protection under this same warped IGP? Let me tell you in clear terms: There will be a price to pay for the impunity that occurred at NASS, you hear? Either Dumbo gets impeached or this crass IGP drops his uniform, pick one and come back if neither happens… I will buy you odeku, tall bottle. Oponu!

        • Peter

          I am concerned here that Tambuwayo refused to carry out the orders of the court concerning the 37 legislators who defected from PDP to APC. I am happy that you know about this case. Let me see how you are go to wriggle out of this one, ewu ofia!

          • Wähala

            Cite the court ruling that ordered the 37 Legislators to vacate their seats for defecting to the APC while those who defected to the PDP can keep their seats, biko. You forgot that there was a wave of carpet-crossings last summer. Like every sane Nigerian knows not just Speaker Tambuwal, if that case had been settled, Tambuwal would not last a day after his defection to the APC… again, that is why Mimiko, Yeguda, Okorocha et al, are still Governors today. But then again, “thinking is not for everybody, some people must be banned… you qualify” is my usual reply to imbeciles in your mold. Give up!

          • josvinco

            @ Wahala. You are confused. Mimiko was no longer a governor when he joined the PDP. The fact that one steals a goat in Kano is let go- free does mean that a man who commits the same crime in Lagos will go scot free. Your man Tambuwal did not put the interest of the nation at heart. He is serving his personal interest. People must show that they have credibility and integrity . The most civilized thing he should have done was to resign his speaker’s ship position when defecting .. He would have saved himself and the nation all the trouble. This kind of politician can take the nation to nowhere but to political doom. Can this happen in any advanced country ?

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  • Isi Agwo

    Kano, under the nose of the extremist governor, is being bombed while the self-obsessed Alhaji Chameleon Tambuwal and his band of cockroach friends are busy clowning.

    • Telufary

      What will you say about mr piggy ebola jonathan and his band of uncompleted cockroach?

    • Ade

      Abuja under the nose of you god jonathan has also been bombed several times this year.

    • Pippo Messi

      Only 2 certainties in Nigeria: 1) GEJ rules another 4 years. and 2) GEJ rules another 4 years. Hausa can be tamed because they’re sheepish in nature. Yoruba! Baaabu!! Yoruba na serious double tongue.

      • Musa Aliyu

        go ahead and give him the seat lets see, mum

        • Pippo Messi

          You can Musa or aliyu all you want, the immaterial has become… immaterial. Hausa don finish, GEJ shall be there another 4 years!!!

    • Musa Aliyu

      no wonder we know it is you, your mentor jona and hasara dokunbo that are doing all these. you wanted to kill Buhari, and dahiru Bauchi but no way for you. now it is Sanusi. we shall get all of you rascalls

  • Olu

    Look at this clown, called Mr. Tabulwal. Man, you are nolonger Speaker.

  • Magenta

    Court should send this PDP IG to prison

  • Grace

    IG should be jailed because Nigeria belongs to ur father. See this mumu ex speaker.

    • Maria

      IG is a foolani man… the IG believes Nigeria belongs to him. The same IG will do worse to Jonathan if the power changes hand.

      • josvinco

        @Maria. Make an objective comment, don’t be blindfolded by any ethnic thinking . The IG is the custodian of the law and order and he has acted in good faith. The ex-speaker Tambuwal’s action was motivated by greed.

        • Sword of Damocles

          Ex-speaker huh? turning the rule of law on its head. Who pronounced him ex -speaker. And a big fat No, the IGP is not the “custodian of the Law”, in all rule of law democracies, the Judiciary ALWAYS is. But I understand that you are blinded by ethno-religious jingoism,

          • josvinco

            @sword of Damocles. That is where your ignorance lies. A big ignoramus. Your likes can’t see beyond their noses. Is the judge that arrests you when you don’t obey the traffic light? You think the Tambuwal has done the right thing ?


      I wonder if Tambuwal was drunk when he thought that up !

  • Jujubeans

    Why the courts are taking so long to rule on this matter baffles me.

    • Sword of Damocles

      cause they are scared of the executive. However “a brave man dies once, while a coward dies a thousand deaths”

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  • ceweeco projects

    Ambition begets vexations; stop insulting Mr.
    President, don’t call the alligator big mouth until you have crossed the river.
    For justice to rain a rule isn’t unfair if it applies to everyone, the constitution
    regarding defection is clear and simple to even secondary school personnel. A
    horse may run quickly but it cannot escape its tail, APC is an empty sacks it will
    never stand upright. He that lies down with the dogs rises with fleas. Tambuwal
    can never remain speaker the constitution said so already, one who steals has
    no right to complain if he is robbed. Be advise Mr. Fmr. Speaker, the
    frog enjoys itself in water but not in hot water

  • sule

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  • onu

    Come out clean if you are patriotic and tell us you are at sympathy with Ameachi and his cohort to take rivers at all cost.Which responsible govt will allow his minister display the rascality ameachi display during that election

    • The Trib3sman

      Thank you. Tell him.

  • The Trib3sman

    The rantings of an Amaechi lackey. Working hard to impress his benefactors. Uche Igwe, a young man was killed in Abalama, Asari Toru Local Govt Area when Ojukaye Flag Amachree (a well known APC member and stooge of Amaechi) hit him and then ran his truck over him. It was also Ojukaye who caused the death of a certain Chief Amaechree in Buguma. Are you aware of that? Are you also aware of the number of soldiers that Amaechi brought to Rivers State? When next you want to write about the politics of my state Rivers State, make sure you find the integrity to write the truth.