35 feared dead in roadside explosion near Mubi

Nigerian soldiers on patrol in Maiduguri

Thirty-five people, including five soldiers and a local hunter, were feared killed in a bomb explosion at the Maraba–Mubi area of Adamawa state on Thursday, witnesses and security sources said.

The area is about 18 kilometre from Mubi town.

A witness told journalists in Yola, the state capital, that a combined team of the military and local hunters, who gained entrance into Mubi, was on a routine patrol of the area when the bomb detonated.

According to the witness, the blast occurred at a busy area, and happened as people began returning to Mubi after its recapture by security force.
Some reports said the bomb attack was at a bus station.

“The explosive may have been planted by members of the Boko Haram on the day before and it went off while people, including soldiers, gathered in the morning to strategise on their next point of action,” he said.

“Many people gather at the spot most of the time,” he said. “My house is some metres from the scene of the incident. I stood outside my compound watching the suburb and all of a sudden, I heard a loud bang which shook the entire area.

“The few people that were returning to the area started fleeing and it was immediately cordoned off by the military.”

Military sources who confirmed the incident said only five soldiers were killed while dozens others sustained injuries.

Another resident of Mubi said he heard a loud bang as a military convoy was passing on routine patrol.

He said the attack sparked apprehension as residents thought Boko Haram insurgents have launched another attack on the town again.

“Many people hurriedly ran to their homes while others who are anxious ran into nearby bushes for the fear of being hit by bullets or trapped by the insurgents,” said a resident who simple identified himself as Bello.

In the wake of the roadside bomb detonation, the military reportedly intensified stop and search as they mounted many road blocks in other to fish out remnants of Boko Haram insurgents and to prevent movement of weapons in the town.

The roadside bomb incident in Mubi happened less than 24 hours after the blockade of the Federal Highway linking Mubi was lifted as a result of which the security operatives modified the curfew imposed on the areas affected by the insurgency.

The military urged the returning villagers and passers-by to be cautious along the routes.

The authorities also cautioned the people to be wary of strange objects and polythene bags as they may be explosives fashioned to look attractive to unknown victims.

Meanwhile, hundreds of local hunters keeping vigil with the military in the areas of Adamawa State recovered from the insurgents have vowed to ensure Boko Haram is completely chased out or eliminated.

Over 200 hunters entered Mubi Wednesday night to support their colleagues who recaptured Mubi and its environs.

“Our preoccupation now is to ensure that the area is completely secured for the inhabitants to return to their homes,” one of the leaders of the hunters said.

Another leader of the hunters, Young Moris, pledged that they would do all they could to ensure that Michika and Madagali were equally purged of the insurgents as soon as possible.

On the constraints faced by the group, Mr. Moris lamented that despite their personal sacrifices for their motherland, the state government was not encouraging especially in the areas of mobility and feeding.

He advised politicians in power to stop sabotaging the efforts of government as well as playing politics with the insurgents.


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  • emmanuel

    DSS please onitor the man who said he was watching the sub-urb from outside his house when the Bomb went off. He may just be the agent who detonated

    • Wähala

      Mumu, see your sense of reasoning…
      DSS should monitor the clown who just freed Oguche, the drunk of Aso Villa whose request for extension of SoE was turned down by the House. DSS are behind this particular bomb attack, punk. Orji Kalu told me so. Hear him… “Nigerian security forces are behind some of the bombings”. Orji should know, he has friends at Langley… go figure!

  • __Proudly Niger Delta

    But na wao!…na so this Bokohari love blood?…You mean say the blood of the Dogs & Baboons never tire this man? Shoooo…person don dey drink blood since him loose elections for 3yrs plus now, still, him dey drink more. Why can’t Bokohari call his boys to order? This killings will backfire soon. Yes…it will backfire…and only the discerning understands what I mean.

    Lives have become meaningless in our continent Nigeria while the idiots hop on private Jets pursuing votes…and people’s lives are snuffed out in a most violent manner. But the triumph of evil over good can only be transient…a time will come, when all who took continent Nigeria to this level will pay dearly…and if they are not around, their offspring will….from the million Naira theft at ITT, hion which was the very beginning, to the last corruption case, all will pay back in disproportionate fashion…it will be a tsunami of retroactive justice. Nonsense!

    • Muscomide

      Maybe if you repeat the lie often enough, you will manage to convince yourself that Buhari is behind the incessant Boko Haram attacks. It is called being deluded.

    • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

      Na wa oh! Proudly Niger Delter, na this CANharam and Jonaharam that keep supplying arms to the Buhariharam you mentioned. So if Nigerians did not clear Jonaharam this thing no go end oh!

      • __Proudly Niger Deltan

        …how dem go stop? No be from Kwankwanmanso arms bunkers them they get supplies? …abi you don drink ‘fura de nunu’ take cover your sense?

        The more you try to absolve yourselves of blame, the more you deeply rope yourself in. The mistake you people ever made was to think you could intimidate a Niger Deltan with bombs or violence of any kind. It’s a fundamental blunder and I guess you people have realized your error. Now, before I close & open my eyes, tell your Sultan to write a letter to Sambissa forests as he did for ISIS. See your life? Deception incorporated! Writing a letter to ISIS and having the guts to utter such nonsense in the presence of Oritsejafor, I wonder what your sultan was thinking. Did he expect ‘Jafor to applaud? Nonsense!

        • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

          Breaking news- Some Igbo Christians serving and retired police officers were arrested by Nigerian Army with arms in Nsuka. The officers confessed supplying arms to Boko Haram – VOA News. Another breaking news: Igbo woman was arrested with arms in Taraba trying to summugle them to Boko Haram – Nigerian Daily news papers/YouTube. Another breaking news:CAN President plane involved in smuggling of arms. Na wa oh!

  • Otile

    Allah Wubade

  • Adekunle Johnson

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  • Dankasa

    So this is the price people have to pay for not to allow the extension of State of Emergency Rule sought last time by Mr. Jonathan. This guy resort to bombing people just because he is blocked at the NASS to extend the Rule (of course the gimmick only remain for him to rig election in the Northest comes 2015). Hegue dey ooo!

  • Jonson Adekule

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  • favourtalk

    When will the Gej administration realise that the delay in resolving the issue of Bokoharam is at the detrement of nigeria lives, we need to be sincere with ourselves. A lot is going on with politics of lives and we need to change the hand of leadership if we wanna lead this country by peace and with peace. We need to change

    • Peter Udegbue

      What lives? Let your leaders in the north change first.

  • Wise Head

    We are used to the North bombing themselves and blaming everyone else except themselves, so what’s new? It is the like the man
    who sets his house on fire so that he can blame his neighbour of not caring enough to put out the fire. The North should stop shedding innocent blood; it will not gain them power in Aso Rock. A word is enough for the wise

    • Ifeoma

      @Wise Head,
      God bless you real good.

      • Peter

        And may your days be long. The north is leaderless for now and those that look like leaders are wicked and deceptive. You can see that despite the killings taking place on their soil, their so called leaders are busy campaigning for leadership of Nigeria. People like GMB and El-Rufai should be stoned to death for plunging their region into chaos . GMB is like the proverbial man that set his house on fire in order to kill the rat that hid in one of his rooms. They should hide their faces in shame.

  • allfsanni

    I was suggesting Nigeria should be choosing leadership from retired military personnel that haven’t ruled before. And who earned honorable discharge. The Vice can be civilians like Jonathan. Jonathan picked wrong military personnel that plung his countrymen to various killings of innocent people.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    The Nigerian military must adopt intelligent strategy. The planners of this bomb attack had studied the movements of the security agents and came to figure that people gathered regularly at a particular part of the town for one thing or the other. The soldiers should learn to change venues for their strategy and security meetings in order to confound the attackers as where and when the intended targets of bombing would be available. This is simple security thinking of a trained military personnel.

    • Sir Nicholas

      Maybe you should apply for a job with the Nigerian Army as an Intelligence Officer and then the war will be won!

  • Adeola

    You say the President should not have 11 planes in his fleet 1 year into his government, in the same breath you say he is prudent, I’m confused here, the prime minister of the UK, a country that is way wealthier than Nigeria has no prime ministerial plane, talk less of fleet. You guys keep bandying this ‘prudent’ tag when talking of Buhari and it really riles me. Nothing whatsoever has ever tested this so called prudence, you only call him ‘prudent’ because you compare him to the many armed robbers that have been in charge of our common purse. But that exactly is the black man’s problem, that of extremely low expectations in every circumstances. We never demand the best and nothing but the best from our leaders, we shout ‘performance’ when a Fashola re-builds Oshodi or for many other puerile, mundane things that every responsible government in saner climes routinely executes as part of the duties and we abuse anyone and everyone who dares disagrees with him or demands for more. We never ask for more like Oliver Twist and it’s our right to and it’s what people in other climes expect from their leaders, we are easily satisfied with the barest of everything. Unfortunately, this starts with the process of choosing our leaders, not many of our leaders in Nigeria was ever chosen by us the people rather some godfather somewhere sits down and decides who would rule Nigeria next and we meekly concur and then expect miracles from leaders that some selfish folk who do not give a flip about Nigeria but only about themselves bequeath on us . Babangida and his cohorts dashed us Obasanjo, Obasanjo dashed us Yar Adua and Jonathan, Tinubu dashed us Buhari ( the same thing happens in all 36 states). Not one of these names could have brought about the changes we require in Nigeria in anyway as they were absolutely inadequate in intelligence, passion and ability required to bring Nigeria into the 21st century. Many of them were even rigged in and we knew but we accepted. This is the bane of Nigeria’s development and nothing positive will ever happen in that Country till we get this right. You guys expected change from a seventy something year old man, I know his official age is 73 but we all know that the official age in Nigeria is nothing to do with reality. I bet Buhari is not less that 76 and 76 or 73 year olds for that matter do not change, they were set in their ways ages ago. Buhari is not prudent, he is not smart in anyway, good intentions alone do not yield results and that is all he has, good intentions and maybe little ability to use force. He has no vision or mission, He has no dreams and no ability or intelligence required to pull Nigeria into the 21st century when most of the world is already making moves to progress into the 22nd century. Nigeria saddens me and most lovers of the Country all over the world

    • Martins

      You have said it all, I won’t add anything else. God bless you.