Jonathan, governors, others keep long motorcades, private jets as Nigeria struggles against falling oil revenues

President Goodluck Jonathan, and other officials of his administration, as well as governors and heads of the National Assembly are not letting off any of their conveniences as Nigeria battles dwindling revenues, retaining extra-large convoys and travel teams, and flying private jets and first class with public money while the same government says the nation must accept cutbacks to counter the oil crisis.

While the president and the governors have retained their long motorcades, the senate president, David Mark, and House of Representatives speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, are doing just the same.

Official convoys of the president averages 40 cars, those of the governors exceed 20. Mr. Mark’s convoy as of this week remained at least 12.

Governors travelling around the country mainly for their political needs continue to use private jets, maintained and fuelled at huge cost to public purse.

Only a few governors use public airplanes when travelling. An example is the Cross River State governor, Liyel Imoke. Former Anambra governor, Peter Obi, also did.

Rolling back official conveniences, no matter how little, are usually some of the first steps for nations battling economic downturns. Reduction in official vehicles could help save fuel and maintenance cost.

Nigeria is one of the countries worst hit by the dwindling oil price which currently hovers around $78 per barrel.

With no reprieve, President Goodluck Jonathan last week asked the National Assembly to lower Nigeria’s oil price benchmark from $78 per barrel to $73, to cushion further shocks at the international market, and to grow the Excess Crude savings which the government has turned to in recent months, to help pay workers’ salaries.

Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, has said the government is planning higher taxes on high taste products such as champagne, and top range automobiles, to compel the rich to pay more to help the government deal with the situation.

She said the government will significantly minimize foreign travels, and purchase of new equipment in the 2015 budget.

The proposals remain to be seen.

On Tuesday, the Central Bank Nigeria, CBN, announced Nigeria’s toughest response yet, devaluing the nation’s currency against the dollar by 13 naira.

CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele, said the oil shift appears permanent, and warned that the proposed $73 benchmark may be too optimistic. He called for cuts on government habits.

The Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, civil society and economists, say the government is not showing sufficient seriousness in responding to the crisis.

For a start, they argued, the government must confront corruption headlong, reduce administrative costs, and harness internally generated revenues from government agencies.

“Raising taxes on luxury items is long overdue,” the general secretary of the NLC, Peter Ozo-Ezon, told PREMIUM TIMES. “There has always been the need to tax the very rich in the country. The exclusive items they consume must be targeted.

“Private jets acquired by some individuals should attract huge taxes,” he said.

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria, PENGASSAN, said instead of imposing unnecessary austerity measures on Nigerians, the government at all levels should prune the numbers of their political aides.

“The governors, ministers and federal and state legislators should also be made to reduce their aides to a sizeable number that our economy can bear and whatever is gotten from this exercise should be used in supporting and bolstering the economy,” the union’s chairman, Francis Johnson, said in a release last week.

Corruption and leaks

Many Nigerian said corruption must be the first casualty if the government intends to be seen as serious in managing the economic hardship facing the nation, and they challenged Mr. Jonathan to start right at the top.

“The President (Goodluck Jonathan) has said time and gain that there is no corruption in the country,” said Auwal Rafsanjani, of the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, CISLAC. “This is very discouraging to discerning Nigerians, because these problems could easily be traced to the corruption and impunity in the country.

“Whenever the President and his wife travel, the huge crowd that accompany them as their entourage are completely irrelevant and wasteful. If the waste is not tackled from the level of the President, how would the problem be solved?”

Mr. Rafsanjani denounced the government for continuing to sponsor pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Yearly, government offices spend billions on foreign trips.

In 2014, State house administration (not the president or vice) earmarked N240 million for local and foreign travels.

The president earmarked N2.4 billion for travels while the vice president proposed a relatively smaller N68.7 million.

The Ministry of Finance headquarters proposed N465.8 million, as hundreds of other offices did, for travels.

On Transparency International Corruption Index, Nigeria ranked the 134th most corrupt among 175 nations for 2013. In 2012, the score was relatively better: 139 out of 174 countries.

President Jonathan, accused of tolerating corruption and allowing indicted officials be part of his government, famously said stealing is not corruption and vowed not to declare his asset publicly.

Mr. Jonathan is also notorious for travelling abroad for official engagement with oversized team, at one time, over 600 to New York, on public funds.

Such wastes, anti-corruption activists say, reflect on the budget annually with the government allotting money for purchases that were taken care of the previous year.

The commonest commodities that repeat in the budgets of almost all Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, MDAs are computers, scanners, printers, ACs, buses and Hilux pick-ups, checks by PREMIUM TIMES have shown.

Govt. agencies squander N12 trillion own funds

By far, the most scandalous non-oil wastage of public funds are perpetrated still within government offices, where a 2012 report by the National Assembly Budget and Research Office said between 2009 and 2012, N12 trillion was generated by government agencies and ministries, and much of that was squandered.

Simply put, if well harnessed, IGRs from the MDAs could fund much of Nigeria’s budget which averages at N4.5 trillion annually.

The National Assembly report indicted several offices for concealing their sources of revenue, claiming losses where non-exists, and refusing to make remittances to the Federation Account as demanded by the Fiscal Responsibility Act.

The report said the major reason the fraud thrived for years, even till date, was the government’s near-absolute focus on oil revenues.

“Many reasons are responsible for this fundamental lapse,” the report said. “But the major reason is the government’s over-reliance on proceeds from hydrocarbons with scant or no serious thoughts on the imperative for these agencies to generate and remit any surplus revenues.”

The report said while the agencies were expected to pay to government a fraction of their surpluses, amounting to N512.11 billion, they only transferred N264.74 billion.

Majority of the agencies either failed to pay the appropriate sum, or refused to pay anything at all, the report said. Some hid their sources of revenue while others while others simply squandered whatever amount accrue to them.

The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, for instance, claimed in its filing those three years that it made money only from news subscription, when indeed, it generated extra N41.84 million in 2011, the report found.

Some offices claimed they incurred losses and could pay nothing.

In one puzzling case, the Lagos International Trade Fair, which claimed losses between 2009 and 2011, reversed itself after meeting with the House of Representatives Committee on Finance.

The report said the office promptly cleared a N3.75 million fixed deposit with a bank and made payment into government coffers in December 2012.

Jumbo pay

Governance Programmes Manager, Action Aid Nigeria, Obo Effanga, said he was not impressed with measures put in place by government to deal with the oil price crisis.

Mr. Effanga said the bogus number of ministers, presidential aides and advisers as well as the continued maintenance of the office of the First Lady, which is not recognized under the Constitution, do not show seriousness.

Besides, he said nothing seems to have been done by government to tax certain goods and services, particularly the provision for withholding tax in the country.

“Nobody seems to be aware how much withholding tax government collects from contractors and other services,” Mr. Effanga said. “How much tax did the politicians pay for the N27million or N22million they paid to collect Presidential nomination forms in the various political parties?”

Another notorious waste, the commentators said, remains the huge earnings of members of the National Assembly.

In 2012, the UK-based magazine, Economist, concluded that Nigerian lawmakers were the highest paid in the world. Even so, the report considered only salaries of the lawmakers, not their hefty unclear allowances.

“If government is serious, it must look at the huge earnings by the legislature. The President must do something about the number of jets in the Presidential fleet. The President does not need the number of exotic cars in his official convoy,” said Tope Fasua, Chief Executive Officer, Abuja-based Global Analytics Consulting Limited.

“Now that government is talking about austerity, who got the benefits of the boom when it lasted? Why are we talking about austerity measures, belt-tightening and more taxes now when businesses are folding up? Mr. Fasua asked.

The Lead Director, Centre for Social Justice, Eze Onyekpere, said for the government to be taken seriously with the proposed measures, President Jonathan must first show that seriousness by dispensing with at least eight of the 10 Sport Utility Vehicles in his convoy immediately, while the National Assembly should drastically cut their N150 billion annual budgetary allocation.

“The frivolous expenditures on meals and refreshments to public officials should be stopped immediately. All subsidy thieves should be prosecuted. So far there is no demonstrable commitment to fight corruption, because none of the subsidy thieves have been sent to jail,” Mr. Onyekpere said. “The NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) that has become sludge fund for government should be reorganized, and the PIB (Petroleum Industry Bill) must be passed to make the industry function effectively.”


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  • Enemona

    “Private jets acquired by some individuals should attract huge taxes,”

    Who buys private jets? Politicians! How do they buy it? Public funds! So who pays the taxes? The public!

    Jonathan and his cohorts should quit the rhetorics and tackle corruption.

    • Paschal

      Can you do a research of how many private jets there are in Nigeria and how many are owned by rich businessmen (add pastors to that) and how many by politicians. don’t misrepresent information because it sounds good.

      • I wish I knew the differences between rich businessmen like Otedola, Orji Kalu, Obasanjo and pastors like oritsejafor, oyedepo from politicians

        • Paschal

          you want us to engage in a discussion? No sir.

          • Thanks for acknowledging my point.

      • GEJisaDISASTER

        In Nigeria people who own private jets without recourse to government money are not up to five. Ayo Orisejafor is not one of them

        • Paschal

          name them, stop beating around the bush.

      • Enemona

        Who is misrepresenting information here but you? How many pastors have private jets and how many businessmen own one? Just a select few numbering less than 20 and add less than 10 pastors to that list. Then you show me how many governors, senators, presidents, past and present DON’T own one.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Rather than cut expenses on their side; Nigerians have been made to suffer the dwindling revenue. Jonathan promised to cut expenses when he increased fuel pump price from N65 to N97 but what did we see today? Lies!

    Austerity measures should start from government officials and not from the masses living hard to make ends meet.

    This administration doesnt care for the massses; its all about themselves and their family members.

    Change we need; change we want.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    It is now confirmed that APC’s Governor Rauf Aregbesola is spending a little over N1.2Billion for his second term inauguration ceremony ……. and this is happening in a State where Civil Servants have not been their Salaries for over three months.

    APC ….. CHANGE !!!

    • endingNaija

      Goodluck Jonathan handlers and online campaign team, your hope to divert readers’ attention from the story is so hopelessly un-creative, it is laughable!!!

      • baba Messi

        What?? You call his exposition of N1.2B to be spent on owambe uncreative and laughable?? Wow! You must surely belong to the less than 1% of Naijas milking this country dry!
        There is a tendency to concentrate on the sleaze at the center while overlooking the rot in the states!
        I think that ‘goodluck naija’ guy should rather be commended for his doggedness in exposing corruption in all tiers of government!
        All hands must be on deck to fight this hydra headed monster!

        • endingNaija

          Goodluck Jonathan online campaigners and handlers this is why you are clowns, clownish and clannish, and your diversion is LAUGHABLE. Let me quote your words: “I think that ‘goodluck naija’ guy should rather be commended for his
          doggedness in exposing corruption in all tiers of government! All hands must be on deck to fight this hydra headed monster!” -Meaning that “All hands must be on deck”(your EXACT WORDS) under President Goodluck Jonathan by WEAKENING EFCC SO THAT EFCC WILL BE UNABLE TO CATCH GOODLUCK JONATHAN’S PRIVATE PURSE AND EYE IN THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY-Goodluck Jonathan’s WOMAN-MRS. DIEZANI ALISON-MADUEKE-Goodluck Jonathan’s private treasury!!!! That is how to make “all hands to be on deck under President Goodluck Jonathan. This is why you are a horrible clown and your diversion elicited a scornful laughter!!! baba Messi stop MESSING around. You clownish and clannish!

          • Jafaru Isa

            Ah! My bros! Na only you waka come??
            Our roof is on fire o! Dem don nab our man GMB as him dey arrange stomach infrastructure for imo delegates o!
            Abeg run quick go defend us for that tory o!
            U know say na u get the contract to neutralize the PDP online people o!
            All of our boys; TundeMESS, Kay soyemi, Dr kay, etc etc don run from that story o! D tin hot oo!!!

          • endingNaija

            Diaris God oooo for Ekiti state -where your party-PDP- had to import three thugs who are not members of the Ekiti assembly to vote. And that act of voting by three THUGS-supervised by the police under your Ijaw presdient- in Ekiti state has become a NIGERIAN LAW! In other words in Nigeria, PDP THUGS vote to make Nigerian LAWS. And your Ijaw President -Goodluck Jonathan is the leader of the party that imported THUGS to vote in Ekiti state. Your party-PDP supervised it, your police supervised it-Nna daris God oooooo!!!

    • Jafaru Isa

      This is scary!! I hope this is not true.
      It would seem this change only exists in their dreams!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        It would seem you do not read as often as you should, Jafaru Isa.

        Did you not read that the same Fayose subsequently turned around and awarded a N200 million contract to his blood brother to repaint the house he claimed was too expensive at N3.5bn?

        It seems changes (read, loads of coins) are already flooding into the PDP pockets in reality.

        • Jafaru Isa

          Hah! Oga charge and bail lawyer! Na hia you come hide??
          Better breaking news don common o! Our candidate Baba Buhari has been nabbed in a ‘donation’ (abi bribery) scandal oo!
          Abeg go there and defend him o! Don’t forget the comment you made in disdain when Atiku have his own ‘donation’ oo!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Alhaji Jafaru Isa, if I am a “charge and bail lawyer”, what does that make you?

            A common criminal?

            I will go and check on the other “news” you were bleating about shortly.

    • Kamal Kamoru

      What change?
      The same guys who bought golden beds in Ekiti to enhance their nighttime fantasies??
      Oh my brother, I get you.
      Change from Intensive Care Unit(ICU) to Mortuary!
      NO THANKS!

    • Seriously

      Bros, tell us about the N7.2 billion the federal government has approved to buy cooking stoves all in the name of “empowerment” of rural women. I saw your PDP ministers talking rubbish on tv last night. At this point where we are trying to save our economy from collapse, should we be spending N7.2 billion on stoves?

      • Aminu

        Let him also further explain the reason why 66.68billion road contract was awarded to one company Kakatars ,Hope is not stealing for campaign

    • Rommel

      In your calculation,what will such amount of money be spent on? are they going to invite Pope and Barack Obama to the inauguration? does it not show how pathetic your story is? get a life dude

  • Outraged


    • Pls use ur brain S.O.B.


      GEJ is a disaster in progress!!

      • Wähala

        “A tragedy-in-motion” -cr. Prof. Okay Ndibe
        “Driving by looking in the rear-view mirror” – cr. Bayo Oluwasanmi
        “Needs psychiatric examination” -cr. Prof. Ayittey (US-based Ghanaian)
        “A minus-in-progress” – cr. Höly Wähala
        …and more, and many-many more!

    • Wähala

      …in the History of Mankind!

  • Abu o

    I like this article and pray that this austerity could continue so that Nigeria government learn to diversify their economy. Mono-economy hurts and that what Nigeria is facing currently.

    • Bayo

      Austerity affects only the masses.

  • favourtalk

    The worst thing that has ever happened to this country is corruption and corruption caused all this, someone can remember stella oduah who bought the outrageuous cars for over 200million naira just for a drive on nigeria road and nothing was done to her by our president. It goes a long way to tell who really is our man at the centre whether he cares for the poor or for himself. It’s a problem of PDP and we need to root them out of our system

  • sule

    Greetings to the general public,


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.


    Prices of cars 08142710826 REV STEVEN BELLO FOR YOUR CHOICE OF CAR.z

  • ofonime Daniel Imoh

    The problem of corruption does not concern GEJ alone. It is a problem of all Nigerian politicians. Who can boldly come out to say the name of any Nigerian politician that did not loot during his or her tenure ? This is not the first time that Nigerians are clamoring for the cost of running the government to be reduced. The problem here is that, the NASS only pass bills that Favour them and keep mute to the ones that don’t Favour them. I think the only solution that can be obtainable here is for Nigerians to come out in mass protest against this barbaric act. If they still refuse, we treat them like the south south militant did or even bokoharam.

  • bikky

    Nigerians, we need to understand that this eye-opening information is re-awakening and clarion calls to the masses responsibility without religion or tribe affiliations that we must take bull by the horns this time around,we need to understand what we need and think of how to get it,without biasing,present political class have run Nigeria aground. Nigerians wake-up,vote them out. Please without sentiment,let base our voting on personality not political party,anticident and present performance of individuals we want to vote for need to be examined and confirmed, I believe these things are happening at this particulas times so that we can go to next elections with fullness of understanding of what is on ground and how to deal with them. VOTE WISELY,GOD bless my father’s land.Here is the Time.

  • shamsuddeen

    To stop this massive stealing we should demand from any body ready to rule this country to sign a pact from the date he takes leadership what ever is found in his or her possession should be taken over by the government no matter how long he has left office, since he or she will be receiving pension of president. Now that Jonathan has not declared his asset publically we should assume he wants forfeit whatever excess wealth is found linked to him should forfeited.

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan

    NEGLECT, POLLUTION & FAILURE to CLEAN up my NIGER DELTA is more CRIMINAL than Long Motorcades
    In a 15th June 2010 report, BBC’s reporter, Caroline Duffield, described Nigeria’s Niger Delta as the ‘World oil pollution capital’ of the world” ….and it was neither reported nor given headlines by Nigerians media houses bcos they love to bask in the that misplaced euphoria in reporting stories regarding corruption here and there, commensurate energy is never dissipated on issues relating to the incessant and continual pollution of my Niger Delta…

    “Oil production has contaminated the drinking water of at least 10 communities in the Ogoniland area but neither the Nigerian government nor Royal Dutch Shell have taken effective measures to restore the fouled environment”…” Shell Nigeria oil spill ’60 times bigger than it claimed’ “… Monday, April 23, 2014, The UK’s Guardian Newspaper. How many media houses in Nigeria cared to investigate or report it? But they care about oil prices & corruption. But the real corruption is the rape on the Niger Delta of its resources and neglecting it.

    We the indigent peoples are forced to take the battle to foreign courts in pursuit of justice. It was only in June 2014, that Shell, by a foreign court ruling agreed to pay an insignificant $50m only for its total annihilation of Bodo Community. Today, even birds don’t fly across Bodo village skies anymore, talk less of Fish in my rivers…and the locals are out of jobs and their environment becomes death traps of toxins in air, land & water. Yet, what bothers PT & other news media & their Editors is “Oil Prices”. It is deliberate & provocative insensitivity cum wickedness.

    If these oil companies which have decimated my Niger Delta were humans, a most suitable death sentence or punishment would have been to hang them upside down, taking into consideration the visible quantum of the deliberately reckless destruction & pollution. Why should I spend 1hr from Uyo to Calabar when I need just half the length of 3rd mainland bridge to get there in 7mins? …and you use my Niger Delta money to blast rocks before building bridges in Abuja…and you think we don’t know? …or should not discuss it. Nonsense! Lets restructure Nigeria and let every one manage its resources and care for its peoples.

    • Carol

      I feel your pain. Injustice to one is injustice to all.

    • Aminu

      But your son is in charged for 6 years what effort has he put in place to ensure the clean up has started or is it when he is given another 4 years mandate that he will be able to clean up the oil spillage mess

      • Ahmad

        Why are you in a hurry to shift blame? Is it not APC/Hausa-Fulani party that is stopping their so called son from cleaning the oil spill? Or have you forgotten that theirs are always infallible? Haba don Allah.

    • True Nigerian

      Sad, really sad! The state of Niger Delta is an indictment on the failure, recklessness and consciencelessness of Nigerian leadership across the federal and state levels of leadership. But it strikes me that even under the Presidency of a Niger Deltan, the victims of these environmental and economic crimes by oil companies in the Niger Delta are still resorting to foreign courts in order to get justice? What does that say about the question of justice through purposeful leadership? Similar injustice happened in the US. In response, President Obama – an African American President who had no direct connection with the Gulf of Mexico where the BP’s recklessness caused damage – put the spotlight on BP and forced the company to pay out enough money to build a new Niger Delta. That is just an example of the difference that good governance makes in the pursuit and realisation of justice.

      Yet, so far on this forum, every comment that points you to the crucial importance of good governance and effective leadership when it comes to adequate justice for the Niger Deltans is dismissed with your favourite adjective – “spastic”. 🙂 I always smile each time you write that word.
      Justice is furthered through good governance and injustice often festers through horrific governance. Sadly, nature forbids us from choosing one and benefiting from the other. My brother, you can’t have it both ways. There is gross injustice against the Niger Deltans. But how do we deal with injustice by supporting the kind of horrendous leadership which provides a nest for such injustice? You see, it just doesn’t make sense!

      And you wrote as follows: “And you use my Niger Delta money to blast rocks before building bridges in Abuja…and you think we don’t know? …or should not discuss it. Nonsense! Lets restructure Nigeria and let everyone manage its resources and care for its peoples.” (sic)

      But Jonathan got a glorious opportunity to get that discussion going. What did he do with it other than to use it as a tool of personal gains through political distraction? Jonathan’s Presidency even went as far as trying to discredit South-Westerners, South-Easterners and South-Southerners who were expressing disappointment in his refusal to order and design the conversation in a way that can produce the outcomes you have complained about. So who then do you blame now for not having that discussion on restructuring? So, again, it boils down to a leadership by narrow selfish interests. If I were Jonathan, I would rather be a one-term President that spent the one term on successfully negotiating a new Nigeria that serves the Niger Deltans and all other Nigerians better. That is better than having two terms in which he finishes and leaves the Niger Deltans where he met them. So, again, the issue of quality leadership is at the heart of the equation. But you continue to deny it because of ethnic sentiments. If there is a new Republic of Biafra /Niger Delta today, would I want to have a confused, reckless, corrupt and wasteful leader like Jonathan as my President of the new Biafra? Never! With Jonathan’s trenchant for parochially divisive politics and endless unthinkingness, the new Republic will soon become South Sudan which, only the other day, was telling us how they would be a great prosperous nation if only they were allowed to go their way. They have gone their way now (with leaders like Jonathan). But what is South Sudan today? Streets soaked in blood, panic, rape and chaos.

      One more thing: Whenever you refer to oil as “my oil” or “my Niger Delta oil”, always remember that in international law, sea borders/domestic waters are apportioned based on the land mass of a country. To that extent, a siginificant portion of your marine boundaries (and by extension, your oil) belongs to you by virtue of your association with the vast land mass of Northern Nigeria. You need to reflect on that. I know that in this country, intelligent debates are considered a luxury or a waste of time. So I can already tell that you’ll call me names for drawing your attention to this point. But, as usual, it won’t matter, because I debate issues and hard facts; I don’t deal with personal attacks, vulgarities, and vituperations. All you need is to do some fact-finding (mostly basic research), and you will find that what I have just told you is absolutely true.

      Again, I’ll remind you that I’m from the South-East, just in case it helps your valuation of my comments and any bias thereof. Thanks and God bless!

  • NazirJos

    In a situations of crises like this, our govt. is quick to shift the burden on us. It is ridiculous and absurd to mention

    “Campaign” as part of strategy to balance the economy. What they will simply do is tax the companies which produce and manufacture our food stock. Eventually the companies will shift these taxes on us thereby increasing prices or reducing quantity or quality of the products. Just take SAP introduced by IBB back in the 80’s as simple example. Our companies will continue to be forced shutdown, certain foreign products will be banned from importation, there will be scarcity of most needed product and the ramification is hyper inflation. Just like IBB case huh?

    If there is anything Nigerians have to engage in is farming as a way out. Use your backyard if you have any or make a little budget and send to your village for farming. At least if what you harvest can sustain you a couple of months in a year you at least avert the sharpness of the poverty we have been put in.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    I think tranparency International is mixing up issues somewhere. How many times do we have to tell them that “stealing is not corruption” and they continue rating Nigeria on stealing. How is keeping conoys of cars and jets become corruption? Billions spent on feeding… must our president die of hunger? Are we not suppose to keep enough money to buy shoes after we leave office so we dont suffer twice for not having shoes?. How do you want us to probe subsidy thieves when they have not engaged in any act of corruption but stealing. Why cant Nigerians understand that over blowing of budget or duplication of offices is not corruption!!!.

    I belive only those that believe stealing is not corruption will vote GEJ 2015.

    Nigerians, be wise, stop complaining, build an impecable future for your unborn generations and vote wisely come 2015 without religious or tribal sentiment.

    A word is enough for the wise.

  • abiamone

    Jonathan’s government is out of touch with ordinary Nigerians. What is worse is that the alternative government, APC, seems farther out of touch. Nigerian is in a no-win situation.

    • Tunsj

      Politicians are all cut from the same piece of cloth, but it is time for new leadership.

      • abiamone

        Just tell me how you think APC will be different from PDP. I suspect Nigeria will be better off if we had a government of national unity, devoid of party affiliation. Presidential and parliamentary systems of government are inventions of the white man. Why can’t we discover a form of government suitable for our culture, education and view of life? Why must we continue to copy, copy and copy despite over 50 years of governing ourselves?

  • Rommel

    How many cars do the first ladies of the various states and their wives of the speakers of state assemblies use in their own convoy? what about the entourage of Nigeria’s first lady and wives of senate president and speaker? who finances all these things?

  • Chris1408

    Yet they are declaring austerity measures for the common man. Wicked rulers.

  • mukorogodwin

    Ok you made a claim now but should they use horse like 9ice?

  • abbadd

    The president is morally and strategically bankrupt he knows nothing about governance or the rule of law. He was accidentally the president and will leave like that.

  • kumi

    Ok i see the person that wrote this nonsense here is making a great mistake, let me ask him which country is he from what do their president use there is it bicycle, please stop insulting Gej because he is our president

    • bib

      The fact is that government is supposed to be run very economically. No President or governors in other climes use public funds for their personal comfort like Nigeria. Hardly do any minister in western countries travel first class. Un fortunately our leaders ride on our ignorance that public resources are theirs to use as they deem fit.

    • Martins Oluma Ajiake

      In Germany where I leave. A minister travelled to Italy on vacation using her government official car. When she got back, her sake letter was waiting for her. When ll Africa ever wake up from there great slumber?

    • osogbo

      It is sad to read this Kumi. Are you for real

  • Guguru

    Obama rides in American made Cadillac. Jona rides in German made Mercedes Benz. Yet, when Jona finds it convenient, he will try to compare Nigeria with the USA when he feels like playing on his little train of deceit and lies as all little children try to do. Teh fact that he does not ride in a Nigerian made car does not make him feel ashamed. If you have no shame then you probably have pride. Ask him to ride in a Nigerian made car and they will tell you that you are insulting the office of the Presidency. This is where the unsubstantiated pride comes in.

    They want you all to remain patriotic and responsible to the nation. But, they are not interested in being responsible to the people they serve. Nigeria has a bunch of criminals crawling all over Aso Rock claiming they are some sort of government.

  • babalola

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    ML350=N900,00 land rover N1.2m rang rover N1.2m volvo
    N550 000 and many more .THE PRICES OF EACH VEHICLE
    SHOULD BE MADE ONLY . Please serious buyer should
    contact CUSTOM BABALOLA JAMES ON.08060390674 or 08054044820 for

  • Guguru

    At the rate at which kleptomania has become a sickness of the Jona administration, why have we not just gone outside to hire an armed robber to be our President? Why are we wasting everyone’s time and resources in an election that will surely elect another thief? Nigeria’s elections are the craziest. We spend so much time and effort trying to elect and legitimize criminals to run our affairs. All we need to do is select any local thief at random and then ask them to be President. This process would be a lot easier and more efficient for everyone.

  • abujakenneth

    The problem of this country is NASS members. They have all the powers including to reduce spending whenever they want but they refuse to do it because of parochial interest. Almost of NASS members are millionaires in any currency. NASS has the power to amend any law that is not active for example our anti graft law. The constitution that vested so much power on the executive is their working tools they can amend as they want. Their power includes that of limiting the nuber of veicles in the convoy of government officials but because they only represent their personal and family interests they will not do it. How can a body of 2000+ people budget N150b for themselves in a year when over 70% of the populace are living in less than $2 per day. If it is not wickedness, can some one tell me what else it is. God help us

  • abujakenneth

    The problem of this country is NASS members. They have all the powers including to reduce spending whenever they want but they refuse to do it because of parochial interest. Almost all NASS members are millionaires in any currency. NASS has the power to amend any law that is not active for example our anti graft law. The constitution that vested so much power on the executive is their working tools they can amend as they want. Their power includes that of limiting the nuber of veicles in the convoy of government officials but because they only represent their personal and family interests they will not do it. How can a body of 2000+ people budget N150b for themselves in a year when over 70% of the populace are living in less than $2 per day. If it is not wickedness, can some one tell me what else it is. God help us

  • Mr. Abdin

    This house has fallen.

  • osogbo

    Bassey Udoh investigative report arrow point Nigeria problem. A summary of economic woes that befall Nigeria. His inroad to aspect of journalism distinct from news reporting is commendable. Average Nigerians knew the country has economic problems but could not articulate it. A groundswell of outrage is necessary to galvanize the people into seeking change. First they have to know what and where the problems are and those responsible for them. Journalists should balance news reporting with investigative reporting, and also proffer solution. Journalism is the forth tier of government. Nigeria more than ever before need it. CNN Senior Investigative reporter Drew Griffin was responsible for the massive positive overhaul of the veterans affairs health care system in the USA by exposing the massive inefficiency and wastage in the system. Good work Mr. Udoh

  • Mark

    Thanks so much for the write up,this is the truth but the av Nigerian christian does not like the truth.
    God will surely reward you abundantly

  • emmanuel anizoba

    Should we weep for or laugh at Mr Aribisala for asserting that a Pagan = a non-Christian. Google it bro Femi and find out that Pagan = a Peasant , a Rustic. Sadly, Nigerians have little or no reading culture . Otherwise, we have free and factual information on the Internet about the origins of Christianity or any other religious sect. We thus have a choice of informing ourselves directly and avoiding the guile of self-appointed interpreters. Let’s remain skeptical and never believe easily. Mr Aribisala isn’t a Historian; he is in the league of the FFK’s, fabricators of Fables and Histories. Cheers!

    • Damilola

      Your kind of person never grow. Why? Cos your “infant mind” set that throw off all that doesn’t speak ur mind into the cliff as garbage. The veracity of his claim is to be checked and countered not mere general assumptions. He belongs to the Iconoclastic click, and he has his convictions to choose that part. What we fail to realise is, just as Islam is liberalised to incorporate some traditional Arab cultures and beliefs meant to make the religion appealing and less daunting to be acceptable by the people, so is Christianity that got its astute root from Rome. I don’t share an Iconoclastic view though, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Bringing FFK into the discussion suggests you’re just a cheap political prey, whose position on national issue has beclouded other areas of life importance, even to ur self. Stop living for the politicians buddy, think aright and live ur life. Peace

      • emmanuel anizoba

        I am dignifying you with a reply out of my pity for your lack of instruction. You may have attended renowned schools or centers of our so-called education. But our schools do not educate the mind, they stuff the mind instead. Education comes from Educe = to Bring Forth, to draw out what is within. So, Education and Instruction don’t mean the same thing. On the subject of Christianity, I’d advise you to instruct yourself a bit before exposing your ignorance on a public forum. Your Christianity is a LIE, because it is astronomical mythology being presented to us as history. Visit the Masseiana website and read up the enlightened works of Dupuis, Hislop, Massey, etc etc. Thereafter, you may acquire enough materials and mental muscle to discuss meaningfully on religion and philosophy. Cheers!

        • Damilola

          Thank you sir.

          • emmanuel anizoba

            You are welcome. When you visit the masseiana website peruse Volney’s The Ruins. It’s a great read and contains a lecture on the Law of Nature. Seek, search and instruct yourself. Cheers!