Police IG meets Reps, insists Tambuwal is no longer Speaker

IGP Suleiman Abba

The Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, on Wednesday declared that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, no longer occupies his seat after defecting from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to All Progressives Congress, APC.

The police boss made the blunt comments as he appeared before the House committee investigating the invasion of the National Assembly by police last Thursday.

The committee invited the IG to explain the barricade of National Assembly which led to chaos as some lawmakers scaled the fence to gain entrance.

At the meeting, Mr. Abba pointedly refused to address Mr. Tambuwal as speaker, triggering angry responses from members of the committee.

The IG referred to the speaker as “Alhaji Tambuwal”.

When confronted by lawmakers, Mr. Abba said he would not comment further on the case since it is before a court.

The hearing was adjourned abruptly as Mr. Abba stood his ground.

The police chief accused Mr. Tambuwal of leading a band of “thugs” to invade the National Assembly and assault police officers on duty.

He said security was strengthened around the National Assembly on Thursday to prevent likely invasion of the premises by political thugs.

Mr. Abba said there was credible information that the National Assembly was going to be penetrated.

“The police high command directed the Commissioner of Police, FCT, to strengthen the security arrangement in the assembly, the police headquarters and the INEC headquarters,” he said.

“In the process of safeguarding the security of the National Assembly on the 20th of November, we collaborated with the National Assembly Sergeant-at-Arm according to laid down procedures.

“Members were being asked to identify themselves before they could be allowed into the premises.

“The invasion of the National Assembly by large number of suspected thugs caused a reinforcement at the second gate.

“We saw how security at that gate was compromised and we are investigating the issue of teargas thrown at people,’’ Mr. Abba said.

The police chief said officers were “physically beaten, disobeyed and many other things”.

He told the lawmakers his decision to order a siege on the assembly was in support of democracy.

“From the day I was appointed acting Inspector General of Police, in my maiden speech I made a pledge that policing all over the world has gone beyond the issue of arresting suspected criminals, investigating and prosecuting offenders. Policing worldwide and Nigeria inclusive, which I pledge to be part of, now include the support of the development of democracy,” he said.

Mr. Abba continued: “I want to state that that pledge was not just for the words, I meant it. Since then all my effort has been in that direction in addition to other responsibility on my shoulder.

“2015 elections are around the corner and political activities and politicking has heightened. As a result of that, I discussed with my colleagues and told them that we should make all efforts to make our election credible and peaceful. In the last meeting we had in two weeks ago, I told them to be focused on efforts that will enable the police control the activities of political thugs and to mop up arms.

“I told them to do everything within the limit of the provision of the law to ensure that people do not take laws into their hands, so that we can have credible and safe conduct of the 2015 elections.”

He said the invasion of the assembly was partly in response to an earlier threat by the APC to cause mayhem in Abuja.

“On the 19th of November, members of a political party including their leaders and a serving Governor conducted a rally at the Eagle square. They proceeded in a procession to the headquarters of the Nigeria Police and made uncomplimentary statements among which was the fact that what they were doing that afternoon was just a tip of the iceberg of what they will be doing in subsequent days,” he said.

“They promised to come back on the 20th to continue the procession with the blockage of the police headquarters, and even promising to extend to other areas including the National Assembly and the headquarters of INEC.

“Bearing in mind what happened in the parliament in Burkina Faso on 30th October 2014, security was strengthened and it included that the operational procedures of the security of the National Assembly, must be complied with. That is why the arrangement of self-identification were made for members to identify themselves, and that went around and some of the principal officers of the National Assembly complied and that went on.

“Until when that was disrupted on the arrival of Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal. With the disruption of the arrangement by quite a number of suspected thugs, the second gate was not only closed but reinforcement.

He said the teargas fired by police merely “exploded”.

“And to answer to the teargas, yes. Unfortunately, the tear gas exploded outside the gate and that is being investigated, the circumstances is being investigated. We saw how security arrangement at that gate was compromised and we saw how people we suspect to be thugs crossed the fence and that resulted in the unfortunate incident were tear gas exploded,” the police chief said.


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  • Kola

    I am sorry for Nigeria

    • Otile

      Pray for the disintegration of Nigeria, insha Allah everything will be ok.

      • Aminu

        We long knew that your allegiance is to the Republics of SS/SE and that’s why you wish for the disintegration of Nigeria.For your information the North and South West will not take arm to keep you in our fold anymore.If you wish to go then do it quietly and leave us alone you can even make Dumbo your life President/Emperor and the sweet oil money will be for you alone to enjoy .

        • Otile

          You are say this now, but how about the rest of your people? Who will pay the salaries of your councilmen, governors, obas, and emirs? Where are you going to get money to pay the jumbo salaries of your lawmakers?

  • dave

    This IG is a politician,we should forget the 2015 elections,it can never be free and fair.The police is an interested party.Nigeria is in a total mess.This man says the matter is in court and he is already pronouncing judgement.Why cant he wait for the court to decide.

    • Alcindo Satori

      He’s only stating the law written in black and white, in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Applaud him; he’s being consistent! !

      • tundemash

        copy and paste the law he stated in this story.

        • Otile

          Abubakar tundemash, when useless people comment don’t support them thereby soiling your own reputation. Don’t descent that low simply because you are hip-tied to Islamic APC party with them.

      • mike

        You are very useless

      • endingNaija

        So a police office is a judge? Or what are you saying? Is there no longer a difference between the institution which enforces(Police) the law and the institution which interprets (Judiciary) the law?

      • Rommel

        I hope you are not supporting this based on sentiments and that sincerely you love the way the nation is being governed

      • Impartial

        Why wasn’t he consistent in withdrawing the security details of the Speaker of the Ondo State House of Assembly, and all the other members (except one) who defected to the PDP from the Labour Party? And why did he allow them to continue to sit since their defection? Shameless IGP! Shameless President!! And shameless supporters!!!

  • Onike24

    Those that seek to enforce the law, must act within the law.

    • Otile

      I am glad the IGP prudently mitigated the disaster. As desperate as Imam Tambuwal is, he could have hidden his pistol under his baban riga and when nobody was suspecting he could draw the trigger with his right hand under his baban riga, with his left hand holding his prepared speech. One or two of his enemies would be gunned down and nobody will believe he did it.

      Till today people particularly APC members cannot believe that those girls, I mean those suicide bombers could take out so many people. APC people can tell you that Jona personally strapped and dispatched the girls to commit jihad.

  • tundemash

    Inspector General of Boys’ scout who has no “intelligence” to forestall Boko Haram activities but harrasing unarmed MPs. Tafa Balogun did more than this for PDP, your fall shall be greater than that of Tafa !

  • Akindolamu

    Mr. Abba, President Jonathan’s Inspector General of Police if Nigeria is still a law governed society then you (Mr. Abba) are NOT the Law. Go to hell!

    • MrFesh

      Is there still space there? I’m surprised they have Internet and you are allowed to use it.

  • Town crier

    The IGP should be removed immediately. He is endangering our hard won democracy.Nigeria cannot afford a partisan police. I can assure that if he disrupts the national assembly on Dec. 3 2014. The country will be in trouble.

  • mike

    The police were there to further the rule of terror as is the norm in this totalitarian PDP government. The laws of the land have been relegated to the background.
    We are really in trouble in Nigeria.
    I was under the impression that someone needs to call the police and report a crime before they can spring into action. In this case now; who called the police?
    Again the president wrote a letter to the speaker of the house, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal to reconvene the house. How come he went ahead to write this letter and address it to Tambuwal when he is of opinion that Tambuwal is no longer the speaker, having defected to the APC?
    I said it before, this pdp government blunders on the daily basis.

  • best

    for your info the police has done well.and need comedation screaning of lawmakers is for their own security. assuming the gates were throun open and thugs huldloms use it to their advange. what song wuold you sing by now? may be mr president open d assembly gate to allow huldloms kill or maim mr this. the best thing to do is to provide security first checking or asking them to identify them self is not wrong let us be posive as youths. i think the money politicains are earning is responsible for this madness we saw. if lecturers receives better pay dawn lawmakers i dont think people will kill them self but the money is just too much every body want it by all means i pray to see a medical doctor receive pay more than a governor

    • PureNigerian

      Did you see any thug in the video provided by the police?

  • Rommel

    Is this the police that is expected to provide level playing ground for 2015 elections? Nigerians should forget it

  • Rems Onuoha

    I blame Tambuwal for this chaos. If he did the responsible thing and resign we will not be here. All those who love our democracy should advise Tambuwal to save the country’s democracy and throw in the towel. General Election is only 3 months away.

    • T

      when u have no brain in your head u can say anything u like, the man whose town was captured by terrorists and still didnt know which state the town was and is still calling him self commander in thief and u see no wrong about that, u eyes are on your foot

  • kate

    how much is d sitting allowance 4 lawmakers? is better than being in the civil service 4 35year they can scale the fence to share it. u are here crying for those thugs. u see beating the police bcos a month and wordrop allowance of lawmaker can pay a police man 4 35years

  • SAM .A

    This Abba Suleman , should be sent for a course on Democracy in US or Britain, he is so crude , so uneducated about separation of power , the role of Judiciary and legislator in Democracy. He is behaving like a card carrying member of a party, Ask him ,was he aware of police protecting 7 to impeach the speaker and discarded 19 in Ekiti ? abba work hard so that you can be confirmed in February , Your end will be worse than Balogun . You will leave years in jail.

  • abankula

    I can now confirm that this guy called Abba Suleiman is the biggest buffoon in public office in Nigeria. Despite enlightened criticism of his action against Speaker Aminu Tambuwal, he persists in referring to Tambuwal as a former Speaker. I think someone needs to tell this man that he is not the constitutional court of Nigeria: his job is to enforce our law, not to interpret the law. That clearly is the job of the judiciary.

  • WALE

    How could this man referred to IG,I could see him has a person with block head.

    • Otile

      Brush up your English. Discussions like this one are not for semi-illiterates like you.

      • Tonnero

        I will take a semi illiterate with integrity over a queen’s English speaking scumbag like you anyday.

        • Otile

          So you are planning to invest in illiteracy. Good luck for you dude.

  • Sword of Damocles

    The height of hubris. President Calvin Coolidge was famous for uttering “if you dont say anything, you wont be called upon to repeat it”, obviously the IGP has never heard of this Coolidge adage. Former President Obasanjo had some not very nice words for the NASS. They must redeem themselves and this includes the Senate(if Sen Mark refuses, he should be removed by his colleagues). The IGP has confirmed that he ordered a siege of the NASS on intelligence garnered about “thugs invading & such”. He believes this action to be in support of “Democracy”. He refuses to address the head of the House with his official title(insolence by an appointee of the executive). He came to testify spouting utter and unbelievable nonsense(parallel universe stuff). I urge everyone that reads this to really reflect on what this IGP is saying and you will understand the desperate need for change of this fraudulent & nihilistic government. The ball is now in the court of the NASS, the next move can only be the drafting of articles of impeachment(they must include past actions in addition to the the coup attempt). this must not be a partisan affair. What is expected is that members of the 2 parties come together and get that usurper the heck outta our Aso Rock, quick quick!!

  • A

    Mr Abba, You lack intelligence, crude, unrefined and not fit to be the police IG. You cant simply interpret the law due to your corrupt warped brain.

  • Johnson Omale

    IGP, this is very shameful. You did not appoint the speaker for the House of Representative nether did your paymaster. The house appointed their speaker and it’s their duty to remove him. We will see if your action to stop the Honorable speaker from entering his office is lawful.

  • Ekwekwe

    That sounds like a verbal yellow card from the IG of Police. People who have not read meaning into his resolute declaration that Dishonourable Chameleon Tambu was no longer speaker, right before the paper tigers in the House of Reps, are playing with fire. Toy with this man at your own peril.

    • Adebiyi

      Ekwekwe . Why do you like to imprison your conscience bse of political or tribal sentiment. When does it become part of IG duty to determine who is apointed or sack as the Speaker of the NA. Has he even got the power to sack his Deputy talk less of his superior officer.

      • Otile

        IGP did not sack anybody, Chameleon Tambuwal sacked himself. He should do the right thing to accept the position he put himself, and not trying to drag the whole Nigeria into hell with him. He and a few APC hooligans are going to sink in the hell hole he dug for himself. From the look of things he is going down with few APC minions who sheepishly support his wrong moves.

  • Dattijo

    If the statements in quotes are really what the IGP uttered, I must say I am highly disappointed. His English is below the standard of an IGP and his conduct not that of a disciplined police officer. I think the level of his maturity is not commensurate with the office he occupies. Abba is an insult to that exalted office.

    • PureNigerian

      Did you expect anything diiferent? Remember he was appointed by GEJ the dullest president in the world

  • Adebiyi

    I will like to know the educational background of this Abba a man . He talks as if he had never been to school. He can not differenciate between the role of Police and that of the judiciary. But thinking along that line may be a mistake for he would have ignorantly prevented the deputy Governor of Taraba State from resuming in to his office despite the court pronuncement. Anyway we expect him to quickly go to Ekiti State to strenghten democracy with minority speaker protection.

    • Otile

      What is the academic qualification of Buhari for that matter, a man dreaming of leading the most educated populace in Africa?


        Atiku has a quota-system ordinary diploma,what he did before that,only God knows…..but he wants to be President at all cost !

        • NewNigeria

          Jonathan can never achieve a fraction of what Atiku has achieved has an individual … He is an employer of people .. Jonathan has never fed anyone before he became president .. I remember him collecting egunje to pass us in university then . I remember himn sleeping with girls his daugthers age to give them good scores . He will die ogogoro death most of you . Walahi Libya , Egypt and others will be a joke compared to Nigeria if Jonathan tries any magomago !!


            Atiku is still struggling to be nominated by his party for the presidential candidacy without hope…..Jonathan is well on his way to a second term !

      • NewNigeria

        Lool …

      • Muscomide

        Buhari is a retired military officer, a five star General who rose to the pinnacle of his profession, at a time when the Nigerian Army was a respected institution. In saner climes than ours, that more than qualifies him to lead.
        For all Jonathan’s alleged PhD qualification, has he projected himself any better than a secondary school certificate holder?

        • Otile

          Are you say that lining up a group of Fulani boys in physical exercise marching them around the field ‘hop-hi hop-hi’ when they are exhausted you reward them with high ranks beats going to school?

          I still admire General Obasanjo, who after all those frog jumps in the field along with the Fulani boys, still went back to school and got himself educated. Ogagun wisely recognized that there is no substitute for sound education..

    • Sword of Damocles

      My brother , i think it has less to do with his educational background and more to do with this culture in Nigeria where a person feels they must do ANYTHING(including dishonor their father’s name) to advance their career/financial opportunities. It is this pernicious culture that we need REAL patriotic leaders to eradicate

  • Wähala

    “We saw how security arrangement at that gate was compromised and we saw how people we suspect to be thugs crossed the fence and that resulted in the unfortunate incident were tear gas exploded,” – IGP Suleiman Abba.

    The video is there for all eyes to see that IGP is lying through his nose for partisan purposes. If police by his above comment police saw suspected thugs cross the fence, how many of them did they arrest going by his reference to Amaechi’s crowd thus, being forewarned by their usual “security report” bullsh*t… eh? How come even after Speaker Tambuwal and others identified themselves they were still denied entry? Since this clown has assumed the role of a Justice by interpreting the Law unto himself, how come he did not respect the court ruling on the case instituted by Tambuwal that asked all parties to maintain the status quo ante bellum? He even claimed Amaechi et al were going to invade Aso Villa, not only INEC and police HQ… but since Gov. Rotimi Amaechi didn’t keep his threat, how come police reinforcements were not seen at the Villa, Edet House and INEC? So you see, the pieces don’t fit… it doesn’t make sense, and if it doesn’t make sense, it can’t be logical. IGP is oozing lies and his recalcitrant stance will only worsen a tense situation when the House reconvenes because his client may be impeached for recklessness with power and assault on constituted authority, the House of Representatives.

    Extra gist…
    Actually, after the IGP boned the House, Reps shouted him down and threatened to halt the hearing if he didn’t respect the Speaker by his full & official title. Sensing trouble, the Chairman of the committee abruptly ended the session as more members became agitated and tensions rose…as Abba made to shake hands with the Chairman, members quickly cordoned him off, preventing anyone from exchanging pleasantries with the stubborn IGP who hurriedly left the room…

    • Chris1408

      This moron IGP should be sacked. With him as IGP in charge of policing the election, 2015 will be a total sham.

  • Aliu Titi

    Chaiiiiiii! this man is a moron, is this how all IGs from Jigawa will behave, Ringim hasnt done anytime compared. Even Jona didnt say Tambuwal is not a speaker, but this moron is soo confident and he later said the case was still in court so he wont comment. We should raise for this country oooo…Before its too late

  • Psalm 35

    68. (1) A member of the Senate or of the House of Representatives shall vacate his seat in the House of which he is a member if –
    (g) being a person whose election to the House was sponsored by a political party, he becomes a member of another political party before the expiration of the period for which that House was elected;Provided that his membership of the latter political party is not as a result of a division in the political party of which he was previously a member or of a merger of two or more political parties or factions by one of which he was previously sponsored;


    Tambuwal is no longer the Speaker of the House of Representatives

    • Otile

      No matter what the constitution says APC minions are hellbent on imposing their men on us, right or wrong.

    • Don B

      3 senators in Ogun State defected because “there was division in APC in Ogun”. No one complained. Tambuwal defected also because “there was division in PDP in Sokoto” and all he’ll is let loose.

      • JAMOH

        Young man, what was the name of d political party that sponsored them (ACN) which has merged with ANPP, CPC and others therefore they are not bound by law to remain in the new party APC. Pls read d section 68 (g) sub section 1of d 1999 constitution as amended properly before u comment on constitutional matters Aminu Tambuwa ceased to b a member of d Fed. house of Reps d very moment he defected from PDP to APC


    The constitution is unequivocally clear in section 68 about the status of legislators who chose to swap parties in the absence of a split in the party or a merger in the party through which he gained his seat at the chambers.
    Tambuwal is no more a legislator talk less “speaker”
    The IG was right not to address him as Speaker……the matter is before a court of law !!

    • NewNigeria

      So in your weak brain there is no split in PDP? Five governors have left already ..almost half of lawmakers have left PDP and yet in your guguru brain their is no split in PDP . Why wont the IG be right ? One day your brains will pick and your eyes will open to see you are a lone ranger !! ANimals in Uniform


        In your smart brain,which party did they leave to ? Another PDP faction ?….I will not go down that route of abuse with you, you can dwell in the gutter of obstinate ignorance for as long as you wish !!

        • Tonnero

          Ever heard of the new PDP? That was a faction which first sought to take over the PDP and, failing that, merged with APC?

          • gwangwala

            I didnt want to join issues with u but since ur head is blocked let me clear it for u. Was it not last year that NPDP finally marged with APC? What is the name of pdp faction that exist on the day tambuwal left the party? Was it not tambuwal that issued a statement that he is still in PDP when it was revealled that he held a meeting with Apc members in sokoto or is Apc Another faction of PDP?


            Well there was a specific verdict declaring that the PDP was in one piece so the issue of a split is NOT APPLICABLE !!

      • Federalist2012

        I dont know what you mean by split and I am not going to dig into the gutter to find the abusive words that you use here in order to make my point. When you say that there is a split in PDP it means that there are two or more factions claiming to be the real PDP and competing for recognition by INEC and other agencies. Yes 5 governors have decamped to another party, they did not form another faction of PDP. Many reps have decamped as well but there is only one PDP recognized by the Law at the moment.

        • Sword of Damocles

          First let me remark that I like your name. But back to business, what you wrote is YOUR interpretation of the Constitution. Are you a Justice of the Supreme Court of the FRN? if no, then your opinion carries no weight. A court case regarding this very matter i s being adjudicated.Until the ruling why must your INTERPRETATION hold sway. methinks it is VINDICTIVENESS dey worry una. Meanwhile “back at the ranch” your “smart President has opened a door to his ignominious downfall. Lesson of this story, nO man or woman can EVER be greater than Naija, NEVER (the country has suffered greatly over 54 yrs for this to be a possibility

    • NewNigeria

      Go and remove him now …. I thought you brought guns to national assembly ..why did you not shoot him ? Why not impeach him ?? Why .. you fools of no estimate .. Jonathan you are cursed and all of your thieving followers too . We fear you no more for the time has come for A New NIgeria .. Watch your backs ….come 2015 you all will be history !!


        Primitive man with his empty threats ! The courts of law will interpret the constitution,that is how a constitutional democracy functions !!

        • Muscomide

          If you agree that it is the duty of the law courts to interpret the constitution, why then has this moronic Police IG arrogated to himself that he is the sole interpreter of what is lawful. The man is a disgrace.

          • Federalist2012

            Have you read the specific provision of the constitution on defection as it applies to the National Assembly members. Go and study those provisions carefully to make an informed argument. When Tambuwal became the speaker the IG did not need Court order or any judicial interpretation before he recognized him and provided him with the security details as deserved by his office. He did not wait for the Court to interpret the specific constitutional provision before enforcing it. Conversely when he relinquished the position by defecting to another party the IG did not need court order before he removed the security details. There is no ambiguity here, the letter of the law is very clear. As a member of the National Assembly, defection from your party when it is not fictionalized and/or when it has not merged into another party means automatic relinquishing of your position. Simple and period.


            He simply chose to be neutral by not addressing Tambuwal as “Speaker”……When a matter is in court neutrality must be maintained. Addressing Tambuwal as “speaker” will amount to taking sides . The IG was very professional in that regard.
            Most of you guys here type before thinking !

        • abdul

          You should be the one to read the constitution and understand it very well before you make your utterances. Nigeria has along way to go, we have to wakeup as citizens to face the reality or very soon we will become full slaves in our mother land. Think twice it might be you one day.


            Section 68 (1) is unambiguous and straight to the point. Stop making a monkey of yourself !!

  • NewNigeria

    Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba you are a big dumbo … you are acting a script and you will soon be put to shame !! Why cant you go and lay seige on boko haram ?? why ??? You lay siege on your childrens childrens future for they will pay the price of your own cowardness !! Animals in Uniform !!

  • Chris1408

    Wow, it’s so unfortunate this IGP has degenerated to the level of party thugs. In what sane society is the police more powerful than the number 4 citizen of a country that he swore to protect. Democracy has been truly ruined in Nigeria. A wise man sent on slave errands doesn’t deliver it as a slave, so people won’t know he’s a slave.

    • Otile

      Which sane society do you see lawmakers act as thugs by scaling the gate? Which sane society do you see lawmakers pay themselves obscene jumbo pay as this, which will make them break the law to keep their seats? Which sane society do you see a Speaker from the majority party defect to a minority party and still acts as the Speaker? You have never seen a sane society, man.

      • Chris1408

        I won’t respond to you because you’re pro GEJ. You’re are beyond redemption just like GEJ

        • Otile

          This is not GEJ. Give us one or two examples of a sane society where lawmakers give themselves this kind of jumbo pay and still behave as thugs.

        • Otile

          This is not about GEJ. Give us one or two examples of a sane society where
          lawmakers give themselves this kind of jumbo pay and still behave as

          • mr 12

            Mr Otile! The speaker introduced himself and asked a police officer if he recognized him and he responded with a big NO. This is no story, I was there… and for the IGP, is unfortunate what we do these days

          • Otile

            So you were there to help him out because he is an imam. Please stay out, don’t try to take the bullet for him.

  • True Nigerian

    And this was the guy who was vowing to repair the horrendous image of the Nigerian police force. Nigeria is in a sorry state of shamelessness. If you check further, you may discover that this IG is a lawyer too!! It’s a monumental shame on Nigerian law, Nigerian lawyers, Nigerian Police and Nigerian society!

    He is apparently trying to enforce non-existent law by rubbishing existing law. It’s ridiculous! He can’t even piece his logic together; which is why he continues to brandish claims of some hoodlums planning to attack the NASS despite not having a shred of evidence to that effect. Somehow, he believes that right-thinking human beings will believe his claims simply because he made them and that they would not ask him for a proof. And this is despite the fact that not even one hoodlum was there on site, and also despite the fact that his men simply focused on preventing members of one party whilst allowing members of another to enter the House on the same day. Such a ridiculous way of preventing hoodlums. Apparently, his understanding of the hoodlums in English language is that they are legislators belonging to the opposition party in a democracy. It’s a disgrace for Nigerian law, Nigerian lawyers and Nigerians. Defections from APC, LP to PDP have been taking place in recent months and weeks. Not a word has been heard from the IG on that, let alone this reckless abuse of the police laws against them.

  • True Nigerian

    Sometimes, it beggars beilef! With the level of tension already generated in the country by the
    murderers that call themselves boko haram, you would think that the
    President presiding over such a tense and unsettling situation would
    understand the need to focus on governance and avoid any other
    sources of more tension, deeper disunity and spreading lawlessness. But not Jonathan. And its not as if he is so adept at managing crisis when they are kindled. Sometimes, it is so hard to believe the poor quality of judgement by the government.

    With these new rounds of impunity and
    lawlessness, Jonathan will bury whatever is left of his electoral
    fortunes before the elections arrive. This is unheard of in the history of this country – an IGP constituting himself into the law and the enforcement of the law according to his own narrow skewed interpretation of it. This is unheard of in the history of this country.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    The provisions of Section 68(1)g of the Nigerian Constitution are very, very clear and unambigous.

    A-minus Tambuwaal is no longer a member of the House of Representatives and no longer a member of the National Assembly.

    How then can he be addressed as Speaker ?

    Some people say it is not the business of the executive to determine if Tambuwal should remain as Speaker or not: it is a matter for the courts.However, the courts don’t execute laws: the executive does.

    The Constitution says if a man defects from his elected party to another party, he automatically loses his seat.

    Tambuwal resigned; therefore he has lost his seat. The executive has implemented that loss.

    If Tambuwal has a problem with that, the onus is on him to go to court. The onus is not on the executive.

    Until the courts say otherwise, Tambuwal can no longer be a member of the House of Representatives; and someone who is not a member of the House cannot be the Speaker.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Be cautious, a man defecting does not authomatically loose his seat unitl he cannot prove that there is crisis in the pary he defected from or the party merges. The case is in court and unitl Tambuwal cannot prove there is crisis in PDP, he remains the speaker. If the case is in court as said by the IG, how come be concluded Tambuwal is not the speaker. The guy reason like his master and I dont expect any sound minded Nigerian to join them except those paid to do so.

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        Until the courts say otherwise, Tambuwal can no longer be a member of the House of Representatives; and someone who is not a member of the House cannot be the Speaker because the provisions of Section 68(1)g are very, very clear and unambiguous.

  • NazirJos

    Our security operatives are reduced to impotent…almost gigolo. They become political puppets. They could not fight BH but could shoot students; assault and maim political opponents. What a shame. Wost sill they become shameless and do not care to lie.

  • Tonnero

    GEJ has exceeded his own performance on this moron. GEJ specialises in appointing political jobbers with low intellect and no views of their own. They simply agree with the boss. This is probably his master stroke in appointments and is meant to help him stay on in the villa.

  • favourtalk

    Please ooo, who’s this man working for and who’s he protecting?? Is it for the ordinary man on the street or to just satisfy themselves. Because the case is in court and I can’t find reasons why a man of his post can be intruding if not that he’s acting like a tool to PDP. What a shame that some people have sold their integrity because of cash and prosperity. It’s a big shame cos some of them have children at home and I wonder what direction they will point to their right and good. We need change in this country to send those looters out

  • Paiko

    Jonathan has destroyed this country and it’s institutions. The military is comatose and the police bastardised. The only institution that is managing to be floating is the judiciary and it seems the police is taking over that job. Nigeria we held thee!!!

  • sule

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  • Ken

    And we wonder why Nigeria is not progressing when people are willing to stand by and defend illegality because of their party affiliation or because they don’t like the president. SMH

    • kiliminati

      there’s a precedence young man. loads of political office holders have defected from oppositions to PDP and what has the IGP done about it?

      • Felix Udoh

        Ever gone fishing? Ever caught all the fishes?

  • Adelaja

    “When confronted by lawmakers, Mr. Abba said he would not comment further on the case since it is before a court.” IGP knew the case was still in the court but went ahead to carry out his impunity acts. Why did he wait for court judgement before taking any action the speaker? This shows that in Nigeria, those in authority know nothing about rule of law. Shame to them!!!

  • Adelaja

    “When confronted by lawmakers, Mr. Abba said he would not comment
    further on the case since it is before a court.” IGP knew the case was
    still in the court but went ahead to carry out his impunity acts. Why
    didn’t he wait for court judgement before taking any action the speaker?
    This shows that in Nigeria, those in authority know nothing about rule
    of law. Shame to them!!!

    • ade

      Do you wait for court judgement before you arrest crime? Does the police have to wait for the court to interpret all laws before they enforce them? Someone forcefully takes someones possession without seeking his consent which is against the law and you say the person cannot be arrested until the court interprets the offence. No! you arrest him first, then you charge him to court and wait for the court to pronounce his punishment after trial. Tambuwal defects, the police is to act on the face value of the provisions of the law by withdrawing all security details and previledges until the matter is decided by the court plain and simple. It will remain so until the Apex court decides the matter. All this political recklessness must stop and that is when people begin to pick up courage to call a spade a spade!!!

  • Bidemi Lukman

    Lier like his master. Tear gass exploded and they are investigating it. Tear gas get hands and legs. He could have outrightly denied the police shot the tear gass if other scurity agents were involved just like shooting of 8 students in Unijos protest. Because the police and soldier were involved, both deny shooting the students. He promised to defend the country and refused to enter Sambisa forest. They can only flex muscle on innocent civilians. You are following your master to Otueke in 2015. If you are wise, tell him to prepare a room for you in Otueke

    • emmanuel

      If na me be IGP, na Koboko i for take wire them. Nor be Ameachi and Oyegun promise the previous day when they hounded the IGP that they would continue their civil dissobedince in days to come?

      If na you, wetin you go do? ensure Nigeria is not compromised by renegades.

  • Oladele Samson Oluwaseun

    Who told IGP that Tanbuwal is no more a Speaker? has court decided, IGP Should queried concerning the silly statement he altered

    • emmanuel

      the man did not tell you that he simply called him Alhaji Tambuwal.

      Doea the constitution say he must be addressed as Honourable or Speaker before referencing him in any discussion?

      The matter is in court and i will not comment further. Make you hug una transformer.

      Nigeria is for all

    • Goodluck_Nigeria

      Section 68(1)g of the Nigerian Constitution told the IG that A-minus Tambuwaal is no more a Speaker ……….. deal with it !

    • the_adviser

      Familiarise yourself with the constitution and stop asking redundant questions.

      • baba

        its not the job of the IGP to interprete the law but enforcement.he cannot turn himself to the judiciary

  • Abiodun Olumide Ajayi


  • New Jersey

    And this man is suppose to be number one person to protect the law. The case is in court, the judge said the status quo should be maintained, then who is he to judge the case and pass judgement. I hope the senators will not allow this to go free.


    From what I can see so many people know d obvious truth about Tambuwa’s defection but refused to accept it, two they know what it means when a political party is factionalised. If d 1999 constitution as amended states clearly: Section 68 1(g) stipulates that “ a member of the Senate or the House of Representatives shall vacate his seat in the House of which he is a member if being a person whose election to the House was sponsored by a political party, he becomes a member of another political party before expiration of the period for which that house was elected. Provided that his membership of the latter political party is not as a result of a division in the political party of which he was previously a member or of a merger of two or more political parties or factions by one of which he was previously sponsored” Pls tell me if Tambuwa is still a member of the house or not before u can tell me if he remains speaker or not? Precedent has been set. The recent declaration of the seat of a member of the House of Representatives, Honourable Ifedayo Sunday Abegunde representing Akure South/North federal constituency vacant by the court of appeal sitting in Akure, the capital of Ondo State in Nigeria, sections 68 1(g) and 109(1) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    Only in April of this year, a Federal High Court in Abuja had declared
    as unconstitutional the defection of 42 members of the House of Representatives
    from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress
    (APC).The court’s ruling also brought the seats of the 42 lawmakers under
    threat as they were advised to resign “honourably” from the National Assembly.

  • kola Amzat

    This is obviously an avoidable imbroglio. Why has Hon. Aminu Tambuwal continually subjecting this country’s democratic experiment to unnecessary pressure? Why is so difficult for him to drop the Speaker-ship of House of Reps when he has decamped to another party? Must Nigerians continually allow this man to desecrate the same Institution that launches him to stardom because of inordinate ambition
    ? Its not too late to retrace his steps and safe this nation unnecessary embarrassment.

    • baba

      all the while politicians has been decamping to pdp,did they drop their positions?when the speaker and the lawmakers of ondo state house of assembly decamped enmass to the pdp,did they drop their positions?

    • Prince

      We just stay in the confines of their setting room and make contributions that are not meaningful?the IG is now the spokes person of House of Reps to decide who the speaker is?calling the Speaker and Legislatures Political thugs? i think this is the height of it?
      The IG and his cohort are attracting hatred for GEJ and should desist from this “Yes Sir” kind of operations.Loyalty does not mean stupidity,he should have acted more professionally and for IG’s information,Tambuwal remains the speaker until his impeached by the 2/3 majority of members.

  • Sunny

    Except otherwise, every reasonable Nigerian knows that police force in our country is in the pocket of the ruling class, whatever argument IG is pushing now, he’s only acting the script given to him and he can’t be completely blamed for it because it has to do with loyalty to the Oga at the top. But time will tell if Nigeria will not go the way of some countries that have experienced uprising in the recent time with the level of corruption, impunity and mediocrity in our nation.

    • emmanuel

      Do you know the meaning of Law Enforcement agency? That is what the police is.

      Their role like the man said is not only arrest, investigate and prosecute. Infact they are the real custodian of the constitution and not the maker or interpreter.

      The man is a notch higher than Abubakar

  • rasaki idowu

    I think this inspector general of police of Nigeria is becoming a terror, I don’t know what constitutional right he has, for him to go to the extent of abusing the right of his political leaders, this act of inspector general, that the president feel happy about, is very dangerous for our democracy, I think the police only meant to execute constitutional law already interpreted by law court, not in this kind of atmosphere of federal parliament environment that full of political personality, he will claimed his wrong action is due to suspect of any criminals attack on the assembly, for so reason he have to stop other party not to gain entrance to carry out the duties of which they are been elected for. in fact this inspector general need to be sack for its wrong act.

  • Ola

    Where was this IGP when Mimiko decamped to PDP?

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    Abacha Man Suleman Abba is living up to what he was trained under Abacha to do; distroy democracy. By time Jonathan would clear his eye the Abacha men + Niger Delta Militants would have finished him completely. The rating of Jonathan has dropped significantly.

  • Wise thinker

    My worry is, did Tambuwal new anything about section 68(1)g of Nigeria constitution before he was made speaker of the house, or is the section just enacted after he has defected. I think what the court meant by status quo being maintain is the subsisting section 68(1)g until they interpret otherwise

  • Unekwe. Wise thinker

    It also bothers me as to why a law maker of such astute position, of speaker not able to understand or respect the, the rules of engagement they made? Why is he waiting for the court to interpret it for him. Pls permit me to ask this passionate question. Does politics actually living in falsehood?

  • Unekwe. Wise thinker

    Unekwe. Wise thinker • 2 minutes ago
    It also bothers me as to why a law maker of such astute position, of speaker not able to understand or respect the, the rules of engagement they made? Why is he waiting for the court to interpret it for him. Pls permit me to ask this passionate question. Does politics actually means living in falsehood?

  • Muhammad Reza Ajani Suleiman

    IG is acting a script written by Jonathan. Well, as a Nigerian, I want to call the attention of Mr Jonathan and the IG that what they are doing will degenerate into violence. It is hardening the Nigerian people and the day will come when the Police will put down their guns and join the mass in a revolution. I am not afraid of anybody, I am Muhammad Reza Ajani Suleiman

  • Mayflower5

    Ex-IGP Abba is another sad officer of the NPF, the world’s most hated, most corrupt and most evil police force.