Obasanjo rubbishes National Assembly, says it’s an assembly of thieves, looters

Nigeria’s former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, on Wednesday lampooned the National Assembly, saying it is largely an assemblage of looters and thieves.

Mr. Obasanjo, who was speaking at the public presentation of the autobiography of Justice Mustapha Akanbi, in Abuja, regretted that every aspect of Nigeria’s national life is riddled with corruption.

However, he said there were a few exceptions and people who stand out and would not succumb to the scourge of sleaze, even in the federal legislature.

In a speech he delivered at the public presentation of “The Story Of My Two Worlds; Challenges, Experiences And Achievements” written by Justice Akanbi, the pioneer chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Related Offences Commission, the former president said the National Assembly, which he said is shrouding its corruption in the opaque nature of its budget, has damaged its capacity to oversight the executive.

He accused the President Goodluck Jonathan-led executive of making direct payments to the legislature in order to cover up its wrong doings.

“Apart from shrouding the remunerations of the National Assembly in opaqueness and without transparency, they indulge in extorting money from departments, contractors and ministries in two ways,” Mr. Obasanjo said.

“They do so during visits to their projects and programmes and in the process of budget approval when they build up budgets for ministries and departments, who agree to give it back to them in contracts that they do not execute. They do similar things during their inquiries.”

Mr. Obasanjo said the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has upped Nigeria’s corruption level through the huge sums of money it has been paying to the National Assembly to stop investigating its corrupt acts.

He said, “Corruption in the National Assembly also includes what they call constituency projects which they give to their agents to execute but invariably, full payment is made with little or no job done.

“In all this, if the executive is not absolutely above board, the offending members of the National Assembly resort to subtle or open threat, intimidation and blackmail. When the executive pay the huge money, normally in millions of dollars, all is quiet in form of whitewashed reports that fail to deal effectively with the issues investigated.”

The former president insisted that over the years, the National Assembly never singled out any corrupt lawmaker except where the executive led in the indictment of a member.

He listed some of the cases where the executive led in exposing corruption in the National Assembly to include those of former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Salisu Buhari, and former Senate President, Adolphus Wabara.

He maintained that majority of the members of the National Assembly live above the law in both misconduct and corruption and cannot in good conscience carry out oversight duties on any government ministry or department.

Mr. Obasanjo, however, noted that there are still some honourable and distinguished men and women in the National Assembly, who would not do anything to soil their hands.

He said with a largely corrupt legislature, Nigeria is doomed.

“When the guard is the thief, only God can keep the house safe and secure,” he said. “But I am optimistic that sooner than later, we will overcome.

“God will give us guards of integrity and honesty with the fear of God and genuine love of their people and their country.

“Today, there is no institution of government that is not riddled with corruption, not even the military. As the people cry out, where then is the salvation.”

The former president also drew attention to the growing level of youth unemployment in the country, warning that unless urgent steps are taken to address the situation, the country could implode.

Mr Obasanjo provided figures suggesting that out of the country’s estimated 178.5 million population, 70 per cent are below 30 years, with 54 per cent being unemployed.

“I have no doubt in my mind that youth unemployment, youth dissatisfaction and youth frustration were part of the causes of the so-called Arab Spring from which Libya and Egypt have not yet fully come out and which caused insecurity and instability in the whole of the Arab world.

“We must learn the right lessons and put in place, programmes that will address youth empowerment and youth employment, youth discontent and youth dissatisfaction and youth frustration to avoid youth anger and explosion generated there from,” Mr. Obasanjo said.


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  • Paschal

    I pity obasanjo. a lot.

    • Rommel

      The man is making his peace with God while you are there planning to join the thieves he was talking about

  • Dr. Kay

    Hmm OBJ in as much as I’m enjoying your expose , I think you should have revealed all this skeletons long time ago, we know these national assembly members are crooks , I think now we know their modus operandi, so EFCC in the next administration of GMB should take note , no sacred cow, everybody must vomit all they’ve swallowed, shikena, gaskiya ni.

    • mike

      Carry on

    • Rommel

      Mr.Obasanjo has always complained about the income of our national assembly members,as a matter of fact,he did say while he was president that he did not know how much the national assembly members were earning

  • Cant this man just keep quiet? history does not offer him the privilege of accusing anyone of corruption. I not saying the legislators are clean, coming from Baba, a man who has no sense of decency, this man should just respect himself and pack well joor, he’s a Septuagenarian anyway he shouldnt be taken seriously anymore.

    • Wähala

      Read again, this speech was made during the same address as the one published earlier. Don’t mind Premium Times, they’re the ones feeding us piecemeal news, more to come… remain tuned!

  • Warri Boy

    Sho….So thief dey catch thief? Na him be say Nigeria fit change.

  • Olu

    I give Obj credit here. Though, he, himself was a thief during his presidency, there is nothing wrong in pointing out that the past and present National Assembly were/are thieves.

    • justice

      So we should give credit to a thief for pointing out that his partner is also a thief? Na wa for you.

  • Guguru

    Dear OBJ,

    Thank you so much for saying the truth.

  • Wähala

    “When the guard is the thief, only God can keep the house safe and secure,” – OBJ
    “When the head is rotten, the whole body is useless” – OBJ

    When security personnel are corrupt and the army in low morals due to deprived equipment and poor welfare, even the President becomes vulnerable and caught in the cycle of violence… “Like the terrorists who prevented (Dumbo) from visiting Chibok, the militants declared him persona non grata and forced him to stay away from Warri” – Femi Falana (SAN). Why? Because the banditos in our NASS approved the award of billions in contracts to known and vicious terrorists for the kickbacks they pay them, but forget that you have to be a psychopath to be successful terrorist. So, with our corrupt Legislature ati Presidency, it’s nothing but, “bilateral blackmails” bcos Ali Baba does not trust his 40-thieves… with Nigerians suffering the collateral damages!

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Jonathan is not fit to chairman of local government

    • Ashibogu

      Wahala, your WAHALA too much! Wahala by name, wahala by nature! Hahahahahahaha!

  • Herald

    “Where was General Olusegun Obasanjo’s ‘discipline’ when he hosted me severally
    in his Hilltop mansion – taking me into his bedroom and his innermost recesses?
    Where was Obasanjo’s ‘decency’ when he accepted donations from me
    for his church and for other concerns?”

    “Where was Obasanjo’s ‘gumption’ when he mounted the rostrum to sing my praises,
    praying for me as he did in May 2010 during a reception for the former Minister of Commerce,
    Senator Jubril Martins-Kuye? Where were Obasanjo’s so-called principles when he used me
    to fight Gbenga Daniel? Where was his self-righteousness when i took the PDP structure
    from Gbenga Daniel and handed it to him (Obasanjo)?

    Where was Obasanjo’s ‘decency’ when he brought Gen. Adetunji Olurin to me and asked
    that i should roll my structure behind his (Olurin’s) governorship ambition?”

    …………….Kashamu Buruji

    (12th January, 2014)

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    A confirmation of what OBJ said about the legislators and executive curruption was examplified by the evasion of the national assembly by police on the order of the executive. The President know the national assembly are largely made of thieves who have been collecting money from them that is why they cannot do anything even when they are disgraced like what happened last week.

    • Rommel

      It is “invasion” please and not “evasion”,and check out the following correction your statement should have read “the president knows that the national assembly is largely made up of thieves who have been collecting money from them which is why they are unable to do anything even in the face of such disgrace as happened last week

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan

    Honestly I don’t just like what OBJ is doing at all…How can he place all the thieves in the same category. No! I no gree. How can you place Farouk De Dollar & Dmeji Bank-Ole as well as Davido in the same group of thieves. It would amount to debasing the noble club of extremely hardened criminals to which the National assembly members belong. Indeed these terrorists should be hanged for their injustice to Nigerians. How can one Senator earn over $1.7m (N27m /Month) while a soldier facing boko haram earns N30,000 /Month? Juxtaposing the two salaries is maniacally terrifying and whoever causes terror is a TERRORIST…abi no be so?

    But there must be some classification of thieves. Clearly, Farouk De Dollar, with cash vault beneath his cap & all around and within his filthy garments is more criminally criminal than Kwakwawanmanso for instance. What of the EFCC ‘abscondee’ – Bank-Ole himself? But that small boy steal money no be small. Then MarkD himself, the ‘dugbon’…Old soldier never die…the guy don steal full everywhere…i hear say even the Devil is angry with him. May they who have stolen and/or mismanaged my resources in one way or the other, rot in the hottest parts of hell.

    • Constance


    • Ashibogu

      Shoooo! Bros, u harshooo! So even devil dey vex for David Mark? Oghene biko!

  • Rommel

    Baba Shege! hahahahahahahahLol! Baba Shege!!! talk to them grandfather

  • the truth

    So Obj all u said here were not in higher esteem when you were president. So why not tell us how much you tried to bribe the senate and house of reps for your third term bid? In as much as the senate which comprises (apc and pdp members) are all corrupt, it is hypocritical to absorb yourself of any wrong doing. There must be a precedent, this lawmakers must have being seeing how business was done before and continued that style of dealing and chopping awoof money. Don’t tell me this practice started 5 years ago.

  • Rogbodiyan

    What’s going on in Nigeria is NOT democracy but legalized robbery.
    It should be brought to a swift end by any means possible –
    including armed struggle – because stealing is not democracy.
    Stealing is a criminal activity. What is going on in Nigeria
    is stealing, not democracy.

    The laws of Nigeria forbid Nigerians from supporting crimes.
    Nigerians must rise and violently oppose official thefts.
    After 14 years of thorough-going and destructive
    official thefts, Nigerians should wise up and react
    viscerally to say: ‘Enough is enough!’

    • No Comment

      “What is about to happen is going to be like a film show.
      Something greater than the Justice Oputa panel will be
      set up in Nigeria to try these corrupt politicians. God will
      use the Boko Haram crisis to raise up a leader who will
      cleanse the Nigerian society. The person will have the heart
      of a lion, like Jehu in the Bible. Most of these corrupt politicians,
      if they are not dead, will end up in prison. This is what God is saying.”

      .…….Primate Olabayo

      (Head of the Evangelical Church of Yaweh)

      [April 29, 2013]

  • Rommel

    Is there anything said by Mr.Obasanjo that is not untrue? has the elder statesman lied? when a man is about to meet his maker,his past begins to haunt him and he begins to mend his ways.Nigeria is deeply corrupt,more corrupt than the world credits the nation with and Mr.Obasanjo is doing what he is supposed to be doing at this sunset of his life since other elders including genuine clergymen from Nigeria have decided to sit back and watch goats die in parturition.

    • justice

      Are you for real? This man have been both military and civilian president for a good number of years and have no discernible legacy to show for it and you are here bleating on about his being close to expiring thus he is speaking the truth. What an utter nonsense. The fact of the matter is that he had opportunities to set in place programs that will uplift the lives of these youths he is championing now but failed. You need to see beyond your ethnic visor and hold these charlathans responsible. Otherwise we will keep telling ourselves the same stale story.

      • Wähala

        Just shut-up and crawl back to the cave you escaped from, drunkards are not allowed to contribute where sober minds are discussing national issues. Obasanjo’s many legacies including handing over Govt. with a positive Foreign Reserves portfolio of $60bn; making sure MTN is everywhere you look in Nigeria; Clearing our external debt by negotiating with the Paris Club, in fact, Dumbo inherited a $0 debt portfolio that now stands at $10.8bn… need I continue? Edi.otu!

        • justice

          Wow! What an achievement for gullible suckers in a country endowed with so much. And that have got your knicker in a twist. But you are yet to tell me what pragmatic policies the man had in place for elevation of the youth. I hope they pay you enough for your vulgarity which you pass off as intellectual discussions.

    • PROF

      Assemblage of looters and thieves. Hahaha na by today

      Was it not the same obj that sent the first set of criminals to the first assembly in 1999.

  • Newsbreak

    Breaking News: SSS says APC computers show voter forgeries

    SSS says some evidence it has so far uncovered show that APC computers
    seized at the party’s DATA Centre reveal that the APC computers were
    criminally used to reproduce 18 entries for each individual with same photo

    but with different names and addresses to use at the 2015 general election.

    • Wähala

      Shame on you. The only Breaking News is Buhari’s plane was denied landing rights at Markurdi, forcing them to Abuja. You moron is getting more desperate. Tell him this… “Touch Buhari, Touch Nigeria”. Stupiid people. His days are certainly numbered, he has no chance at the polls that’s why he wants to eliminate every competition. Aschloch!

      • Shaun

        Wahala, wahala, wahala! How many times did i call you?
        So APC voter forgey doesn’t mean anything to you, ehn?

        • Wähala

          Call me until you lose your breath, fact remains that ugly Marilyn Ogar has not shown anyone a shred of evidence or even one cloned PVC to prove her illegal invasion of opposition Party’s data center. Spurious claims alone are not enough to convict any suspects in court, we need hard evidence which she doesn’t have, making it a “spy raid” or “Allengate” as per ‘watergate’ in the US we copy. Olosi.

          • Warri Boy

            Is it the same US where blacks can be killed by terrorist policemen at will? Is it the same US whose soldiers pee on war dead? Is it the same US that becomes a beacon of rectitude for you? Boy, grow up. Drink fresh palmwine to clear your brains of congestion. Nonsense!

          • Wähala

            Warri drunkard…
            I said we copy US democracy not morals, it comes from your mentally retarded drunk and Clown Prince of Otuoke!

          • Warri Boy

            Democrazy for whites only as black lives don’t matter…I read one of your posts above & you said you are earning ‘Hard’ currency and referred to your Naira as toilet tissue, so why Oyinbo no go shoot you die one day? and when dem shoot you die finnish, dem go begin piss for your body.

            Truly, slaves who love their chains remain slaves forever. This is 21st century…and see how you dey reason go back & upside down. Mr ‘Hard’ currency.

          • justice

            How do you its not ‘technical’ wahala that forced the plane to divert? Or tactical withdrawal ala Nigeria army. Leave my oga at the top alone ooo.

        • National Assembly Watchers

          How will it when his whole identity is forged?? A clown who announces over and over again he resides somewhere in Europe, yet is so uncivil and vulgar in his comments?? Forgery won’t mean anything to a certified forger.
          This whole allegation of forgery leveled against the APC in lagos should not come as a surprise..considering the APC Baron in the SW has a lingering issue of certificate forgery which has just refused to go away!
          I dey laff o!

          • Wähala

            Ever heard the names, Rouch Linbauch and Mark Levine? They call US President Obama “Odombo”…borrowing from my now popular ‘Dr. Dumbo’. How about Donald Trump, who said Obama has gone “psycho” for not closing US Airports to flight from West Africa because of Ebola? Urchins like you nned to understand that politics is dirty, you want a squeaky clean shirt, don’t go near the gutter in…

  • Outraged

    Jonathan should be serving a life jail

  • BK

    It is cool we have someone like OBJ that can speak fearlessly against the Government of the day. However, before OBJ continues with his rantings, he should apololgise to Nigerians for all the illegalities he was involved in when he was the CinC.

  • Garden-City Boy

    The paranoid, grumpy, old geezer is totally off the tangent. He might be needing urgent psychiatric help. With the shadow of the N30 billion 3rd term bribery scandal, $16billion stolen under false electric power supply pretenses, Halliburton and Siemens bribery, 8-year of frosty money deals as petroleum minister, privatization ruse and Transcorp all looming large, this old bonobo can hardly pass for the role model to the Nigerian Youth he shortchanged in his disastrous 8-year imperialism.
    The big one -ODI/ZAKI BIAM- that rings the ICC bell, and imminent arrest for charges of genocide dangles over his bald head. Shouldn’t anybody help him with his oral carthasis, and make him shut the hell up and zip his trap, and confine himself to his Otta zoo? If not for his grudge and vindictive dispositions, a man with corruption written all over him should know that he lacks the moral high grounds on which to point fingers.To find a fish with the rotten head, Obasanjo should look into a full length mirror; he will find one.
    For the 2nd time in the same number of years, this man has labelled the NASS members armed robbers, looters and thieves. Should they do nothing about it, or drown it in silence so as to let it slide, then that’s what it is…they are looters and armed robbers. Obasanjo is a political wet, washed-up towel that is bereft of positive ideas. He sees the rest of us as the poultry in his farm. His only relevance in today’s political equation is the to stir up public dissension against the administration, do his dirty rabble-rousing and “navigate’ Tinubu’s APC-JANJAWEED. His legacy? Corruption, high profile murder, and vindictive megalomania, imperial bullying.

  • Wähala

    APC’s presidential candidate Gen. Buhari and his entourage were today denied landing rights at Markurdi, Benue State, where he was expected to woo his supporters for the upcoming primaries. But 30mns to their destination from Bayelsa State in Nigeria’s riverine Aborigine enclave, Buhari’s chartered private jet was not permitted to land thus, forcing the pilot to Abuja where he landed safely. This is the “evil acts” in OBJ’s lamentations about Dr. Dumbo’s determination to sink Nigeria. Reliable “human assets” are telling Höly Wähala that the plane had earlier been granted permission to land, so the deliberate diversion was tacitly meant for the jet to run out of fuel. Hear him… “the flight was earlier granted landing permission but we were all surprised when half an hour to his arrival a counter directive was issued mid-flight thereby forcing the aircraft to head to Abuja…. What they did was evil and dangerous, what if the plane was low on fuel, what do you think would have happened? Desperation has set into our politics, and it is posing grave danger to our democracy” The Benue State Chairman of APC Mr. Abba Yaro, also lamented the desperation of Dr. Dumbo. He shared his views…“We will certainly react to this ugly incident because what they have done was not only callous and wicked but also unacceptable in modern day Nigeria.” – (culled & edited with spices by @Hl. Wähala)

    • _Proudly Niger Deltan

      Shororp for there. Orhue!
      You no get work sef? I am very sure that Cyber cafe where you work will not be making profits.

      How can a confirmed Terrorist be given permission to land? You want him to spill the blood of Dogs & Baboons? abi you no hear say a stitch in time saves ten? By the way, why Bayelsa? Make him craze come Warri, and we will direct him to the ‘air strip’ along Airport Rd which was our only ‘airport’ for decades until God brought Ibori & Uduagham.

      I recall almost with tears how we used to be held in traffic on Airport Rd, Warri just bcos a useless plane was landing…the road users had to wait for 10-20mins bcos the road was part of the runway. It sounds comical but it is true. It would have been funny if it were not sad. This is what we (Niger Deltans) suffered in the hands of Northern military hegemony for decades. For a state like Delta which produced over 40% of our national income to be so neglected speaks volume of their callousness. Yet, at the time there was a federal airport in desert Maiduguri, Kano and even deserted Sokoto…Last time I was stuck on that road was 1997 before I relocated temporarily to the hinterlands. So, when I am angry, you small internet babies should know why.

      Peolpe like you will be in that gathering where the Sultan was speaking nonsense and you will keep shut like Dumb. But you can hide & insult people. We in Niger Delta say it to your face….not insults from under cover. Yeye!

      By the way, who gave him a Jet? Where did he get the money to hire one?

      • Wähala

        Mumu Aborigine… whenever I’m here, I’m at work earning hard currency while your toilet-tissue Naira has been devalued… Hahaha chai!

        • Benny

          Wahala, remember I asked this same question some months back, if you really have a day job or you are just an internet rambler that earn a living by posting jaundice gibberish from one hole you call Germany.

          • kamal Kamoru

            Does wahala sound/behave like someone in germany???
            Hahahaha! I dey laff oo!!

    • Maria

      An incompetent and serially inept man has nothing to offer other than frustrate those with a better stance to wrestle power from him. He did the same within his PDP party and I expect him to extend it to the opposition contenders. You know in the last presidential debate… he ran away…I am waiting for his excuse this time.


        First of all ,ask Buhari what happened to the 2.8 billion dollars which vanished on his watch as Petroleum Minister,ask him why he only carried out projects in the Sharia north and neglected the south while he was head of PTF under Abacha,ask him why he was the main pillar who supported the brutality of Abacha,the most corrupt and bloody dictator in the history of Nigeria .

        • sharp shape

          My brother your are trying to reason with an Ashawo and the son of an Ashawo ! Nawa O ! I go fight you oooo ! Abeg continue to vibrate truth in general terms as you do now and Allah will reward you immensely ! Amin ! Allah loves the pen more than the sword cause our holy prophet tells us so because the sword can only pierce the flesh which will heal in time but the pen pierces the soul which cannot be healed by human drugs and medicine but by truth courage and love ! Do not exchange words with these people but please expend the energy connecting with essence and Allah will reward you here on earth and in paradise amin

  • Shaun

    Breaking News: SSS says APC computers show voter forgeries

    SSS says some evidence it has so far uncovered show that APC computers
    seized at the party’s DATA Centre reveal that the APC computers were
    criminally used to reproduce 18 entries for each individual with same photo
    but with different names and addresses to use at the 2015 general election.

    • Jide

      18 APC registration cards not PVCs. What is SSS business if a party has individuals that registered with more than one name as member of the party.

      • MrFesh

        Are you serious? God!

    • Wähala

      BREAKING NEWS : Dumbo attempts to “Azazi” Gen. Buhari in Makurdi…
      Desperado Dumbo today ordered the FAAN to deny landing rights to his main opposition in the run-up to 2015 general elections, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari. For details, biko read my earlier alert on this callous move by a sinking fisherman. Walahi, those close to Dr. Dumbo should urgently take away the bottle og ogogoro in his hand, he behavior recently has taken a maniacal tendency that could plunge Nigeria into ethno-sectarian bloodbath…
      I don warn my ownie oo!

    • endingNaija

      So you as a member of PDP are the DSS spokeperson!!! Na wa o . My question is : when does a party such as PDP become the spokesperson of a spying agency such as DSS? Why? Is this sane? Is the country not in trouble when a party-PDP led by the President becomes the spokesperson of DSS- a security agency.? Is this not why Nigeria is dead and waiting only to be cremated? Shaun, anyway tell your party, that Nigerians feel that the way your party is using a supposed national institution -such as the DSS- to attack its opponent-APC- is in itself an attack against the country-And this is why the country is dead under President Jonathan the leader of PDP, and only waiting to be cremated.

      • Shaun

        I am a member of FRESH PARTY. We are determined to stop Islamic Jihad in southern Nigeria!

        • Temmie Willie-Harry

          Wait, guys. This is serious O! This is criminal attempt at treasonable felony!
          It is more than electoral offence. This APC cloning of voter cards is treasonable.
          This is an elaborate and well-financed plot to take over the government of Nigeria,
          in violation of the laws and the Constitution of the country. Ah, you guys don’t see it?

        • endingNaija

          You mean you are public relations officer of the DSS? oh oh okay. Thanks

  • Tunsj

    Obasanjo said it all and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Also, they are the highest paid legislators in the world. But what will Nigerians do about it? NOTHING.


    The same guy who starched millions into Ghana-must-go bags and invaded the national assembly to bribe for an ill-fated 3rd term.He is now branding them thieves and looter when actually he is the BABA OF THIEVES AND LOOTERS !!
    OBJ is the national coach and trainer of looters !!

    • endingNaija

      Are you saying that CHIEF TRAINEE Goodluck Jonathan is the chief trainee AND CHIEF COACH IN CORRUPTION, and that Goodluck Jonathan now TRAINS and COACHES his women such as Mrs Alison-Madueke Jonathan’s chief corrupt trainee in the petroleum industry and ex aviation trainee Mrs Stella Odua? Are you saying that the Chief trainee Goodluck Jonathan has now trained HIS WOMEN VERY WELL IN CORRUPTION? I am just relying on your logic “Pastor” Reno Tawanda Otile Omokri of Aso Rock.

  • Smith Scott

    The first man that taught Nigerians how to steal is telling us know who is corrupt. You started loading airplane with money and fly the out of Nigeria as military head of state. Then no Nigeria known what is corruption. NASS learned it from you.

  • Smith Scott

    The billions you stole with Aneni as Labour Minister for your third term agenda is still missing. Do you want us to call Kalu to remind you again?


    When OBASANJO was bribing them with monies and plots of land in Abuja to get THIRD TERM he never knew they were thieves it is now that he knows may God help him. He is saying nothing new that we do not know already because a Nigerian politician will always and be a Nigerian politician

  • baba Messi

    Yet the APC online mass choir of cracked & croaking voices were singing Hosanna in the highest when the head of this lower house of ‘Thieves/Looters’ (Tambuwal) said he wanted to rule Nigeria.
    A man who presided over the gross violation of the Nigerian constitution by paying himself and his co ‘theives/looters’ obscene salaries and allowances above what was fixed by the RMFAC was celebrated by this APC online mass-abusive-choir! What a joke! Every sane person knows what goes on in the N.A! What I find worrisome is that either this APC online choir members are ignorant people or corrupt..or both!
    For God’s sake, why can’t we rely round genuine men of integrity, and not every Tom dick and Harry that spring up from nowhere and claim Sainthood??

    • Sword of Damocles

      No sir methinks that would be Mai Gaskiya that we are praying for to put african redhot pepper in ya eyes. Even the dog wey dey roam about ya neighborhood no say “koboko” na him the General carry waka come. Smell that? thats the smell of grown men pissing their trousers at the thought of Mai Gaskiya swearing on the holy Q’uran to bring hot-bell to all of you God-forsaken, cursed looters & betrayers on May 31st 2015 at Eagle Square Abuja. Kind regards.

    • PureNigerian

      And what did he GEJ do about it?

    • sharp shape

      It’s an army of retards my brother ! A miniscule colony of imbeciles and scallywags ! Allah help us defeat these servants of Iblis Amin Allah arkbar !

  • Allayes

    It is coming from the wrong mouth, but the words are still very true. Let those that have ears hear.

    • Adoki

      Well then, let the ‘right mouths’ step out there to stick their necks out against this government like the man is doing, instead of hiding behind computer screens to abuse and pass judgements.

  • Public Records

    My dear father, General Olusegun Obasanjo,

    “Your attitude is a reflection of the country. It is not certain which came first –
    your attitude seeping into the country’s psyche, or, the country accepting
    your irresponsible behaviour for so long”.

    “For you to accuse someone else of what you so obviously practised yourself tells of your
    narcissistic, megalomaniac personality. I don’t blame you for the many atrocities you have been
    able to get away with. Nigerians were your enablers every step of the way.”

    …………Iyabo Obasanjo

    (Letter to my father, December 18, 2013)

    • Wale

      What has these got to do with you or me?

      • Emmanuel


  • Olusola Olamona

    From Mr. Obasanjo; these are valid and true criticisms!
    If only the strong president of Nigeria between 1999 and 2007 was a visionary, we would not now have to contend with these lots of outrageously corrupted misfit individuals in critical positions of governance in Nigeria. IF ONLY!!!!

    • Adoki

      I thumb you up, but won’t refrain from reminding you that practical attempts were made in 2007 to actually prevent some of these people from getting into government, but we all screamed “selective justice” and that EFCC was being used to witch-hunt. The media parroted it and our judges took a cue from us and went to town with all sorts of declarations in favour of these crooks. Of course I will will not hesitate to agree with those who blame Baba for the emergence of his successors, but it is also an indictment on us as a people, all 167 million of us, that we all sat down and did nothing while we got the leadership we ultimately deserved.

  • Tollani

    Baba the trash and rubbish you, IBB and Abacha left in Aso rock must be unimaginable. Yourself , IBB and Abacha are examples of what a president must not be. When you were the president, what did you do or achieved against corruption?. You put Yar adua as your successor but that election was the most rigged and corrupt in history of this country. You only use anti corruption against your suspected political enemies. You banned foreign poultry just because you own farms across the country. You’re the most selfish unpatrotic president this country will ever have. Please leave us alone to clear the mess and nonsense you and unpatriotic men like you have done to this country to keep us in permanent darkness. The 16 billion USD you expended on electricity with no improvement is enough same on you Baba. If I were the president I can assure you that you not have this privilege of talking but spend the number years that you got on earth in jail.

  • Sword of Damocles

    This man confounds me… He is a very complex(complexity means a lot of contradictory vibes) individual. These words by the former President taken at face value are simply GOLDEN. i wish could go into his mind and see what is cooking.I guess when a man has fought an existential war on the behalf of his country it settles the mind once a person starts to reach the zenith of their journey. He understands that for Nigeria to be GREAT, WE must do it the way it is done, no shortcuts, they way Great Nations have done it. We(Nigeria) are really behind, we need to REVERSE, and turn the CAR around and start the long journey headed in the CORRECT direction. Nigerians all of US have to REALLY love this Land. It has been STARVED of affection. Nigeria needs some TLC so that We can realise our DESTINY. And believe me, it is Nigeria’s destiny to be a great nation in the comity of Nations. Nigeria natural role is akin to how the USA is to freedom loving people the world over. Nigeria SHOULD be the Great nation that all the black nations of the world look up to as the epitome of the dreams they aspire for their peoples. People We need to “arise” and heed the clarion call of the fatherland. God save the FRN.

  • the truth

    On APC Cloning pvc’s, i wonder why premium times never reported dss response today.

    On 22nd November, 2014, a search operation was executed at the above
    address were a Search Warrant obtained from the Court was executed. The
    search was carried out in the presence of one Onuchukwu Chika AUGUSTINE
    and twenty four (24) others, while and the following items were
    recovered: One server, Four hard drives, One external hard drive, One HP
    Laptop, One Server switch, Fourflash drives, One Samsung tablet, One
    Apple computer system without CPU and thirty one Ghana-must-go bags
    containing hard copies of already captured data.

    “All items recovered were documented at the back of the Search
    Warrant signed by the Service team leader and was witnessed by two
    occupants of the premises; Onuchukwu Chika Augustine, an IT personnel
    and Olaposi Fayemi, a supervisor on duty.”

    The statement also disclosed that photographs (still and video) of
    service personnel entering and exiting the premises in an operation that
    lasted for two hours were taken.

    “Exploitation of some of the recovered items has revealed that one
    particular individual had his data captured eighteen times with
    different names and addresses but yet the same photograph. However,
    further investigation is ongoing and findings shall be made public,” it

    Is that the change, trying to commit voter fraud

    • Maria

      APC did not clone anything… it is the witch-hunting of PDP which will not see the light of the day.


        You are daft to scientific evidence as well,all because of hateful bigotry abi ? Stop encouraging a roguish political party !

        • endingNaija

          As a member of PDP, Reno Tawanda Omokri, are you the public relations officer of DSS?


            You are in a trance of deluded madness !

          • endingNaija

            Reno Tawanda Omokri of Aso Rock, why are you dodging?

        • Maria

          Not by your comment because you are here to promote the most fraudulent party in the world. So stop supporting the fraud called PDP.

  • Maria

    Thank you Mr Obasanjo even if they gun on your head you will speak the truth. This is the most corrupt government on earth.

    • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

      OBJ is the captain of corruption
      Jonathan is the LORD chosen

      • Maria

        Jonathan is the father of modern day corruption. Jonathan has institutionalized corruption to a new height. His name will enter Guinness book of record for redefining corruption.

        • concernednigerian

          Was Jonathan indicted of corruption by the Coker Commission?

          • Maria

            Dont worry, the level of his endemic corrupt practices will be unearthed after he must been disgraced out of office, stay tuned.

          • endingNaija

            Do you know Goodluck Jonathan’s women-Stella Oduah and Alison-Madueke? Can you ask Goodluck Jonathan to probe Mrs. Alison -Madueke Jonathan’s petroleum minister just for a day? Do you know the Ribadu Task Force on Petroluem Industry? Do you want to read it and see the monumental graft under Goodluck Jonathan and his woman Alison -Madueke? Do you read at all? Please do. Read and learn. Just ask for Ribadu’s report. That is all.

    • Adoki

      Sure, he should be blamed for the emergence of this president, but what were the rest of us, 167 million of us doing while he was doing the imposition?

  • Ashibogu

    Baba is on point! In 2005, as an Executive in Nigerian Mobile Telecommunications Limited(MTEL), NITEL’s GSM arm, the then House Committee on Communications wrote us and requested to travel to Cape Town for GSM Africa Conference. Management approved and paid N7.5M as travel expense money. They received it but did not travel neither did they make any refund. They made a great nuisance of themselves requesting for money every other day through the Secretary of the Committee. We refused them and they threatened to hold a Public Hearing on our firm. What shocked me further that the Committee Chairman overseeing Anti- Corruption Agencies requested for Campaign funds from us. Baba just said what everyone including a one year old is aware of. Nigeria is without doubt in real trouble. However, I am persuaded to be optimistic on the strength of the fact that God will not leave over two hundred million souls at the mercy of our current heartless leaders.

    • Okey

      This was an era Obasanjo was pretty much the President of this country.

  • Rondo


    I am all for removing Goodluck Jonathan from office next year. He is incompetent.
    He drew down and frittered away 90% of Nigeria’s savings since resuming in 2010.
    Then, he’s recklessly increased Nigeria’s external debt to a staggering ₦10.4 trillion.

    To worsen matters, President Jonathan devalued the currency (Naira) by 8.2% yesterday.
    All these occurring on the back of a whopping ₦2.2 trillion stolen under Jonathan’s watch –
    in the year 2012 – as oil subsidy reimbursement, representing 25% of entire federal budget.

    These facts do not bespeak competence but rather illustrate organised administration of thefts.
    Nobody in his right senses can wish for a continuance of Jonathan’s recklessness and brigandage.
    The only issue remaining now is how to replace him without emplacing an Islamic State of Nigeria.

    • tensiond

      I agree with you, but you were conservative with the truth. When he was acting President in 2010 – he liquidated $20 billion out of the $20.6 billion in Excess Crude Account within 6 months! He shared it with the Governors and that was how he got his nomination for the 2011 election.

      Bear in mind that OBJ never agreed to release that money despite all the threats from the Governors, he refused. Yaradua came in and also refused to release that money. Goodluck came in and liquidated it within 6 months.

      The man has to go. If any Nigerian vote for PDP come 2015 – that person is not in their right sense or he/she must be blinded by tribal sentiments.

      • concernednigerian

        How much of the money was sourced from your own side of the country? If you vote out Jonathan in 2015, will you vote in another person from the South-South? Otherwise, how will you get the resources to run the country? Talk is very cheap.

        • tensiond

          I don’t really care about GEJ. My mantra is to vote out PDP. It’s that simple. It’s an active of civel disobedience. Vote in APC – I don’t care where their nominee comes from.

          All these SS, SE, SW, NE, NW and NC crap – that’s what’s killing the country.

      • warry

        the governors who demanded and took him to court that there shoud be no excess crude account are the ones you now vote in as his progressive replacement?

        • tensiond

          Didn’t governors demand the same excess crude fund from OBJ and Yaradua? They didn’t cave in. GEJ caved in because he just wanted to be nominated. So basically, he bribed them with the money.

  • Godfrey Etokebe



  • Okey

    Is Obasanjo telling stories to those who reside on planeth Moon ?

    Wikkleaks revealed what Ribadu told the American Embassy about Obasanjo’s corruption level. To my knowledge Ribadu has not denied that.

    Engr. Bodunde, Obasanjo’s man-friday received $6Million bribe from Halliburton, he claimed he gave it to PDP. Till date Bodunde has not shown the world any acknowledgment from PDP and PDP has no such record.

    For his 3rd Term ambition N50Million was given to each member of the National Assembly who signaled to vote “yes.”

    El Rufai in his Book recorded that as late President Yar’Adua liveth, Obasanjo lived in the fear of being probed for corruption.

    What is this man saying ?

  • Observatory

    “The PDP and the APC are both lousy options. If we had the druthers, we would say ‘a plague on both their houses.’
    Forced to choose between the two, there can be no question that the PDP is by far the lesser evil. Those whom
    the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. The APC plan for a Muslim/Muslim ticket in this day and age,
    in Nigeria, is nothing short of madness. It will not fly. It will not only be rejected outright by Nigerians,
    it will tear the APC apart. Indeed, it is already beginning to do so. Bola Tinubu cannot be elected
    vice-president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He cannot even win a free and fair election
    in Lagos today. That is how unpopular he has become in his South-West heartland.
    It did not help matters he was quoted as insulting virtually all Yoruba traditional rulers.”

    ….…..Femi Aribisala

    (June 24, 2014)

  • boliatepa

    Ok, Obasanjo does not have the moral justification and all that…. STOP
    It does not matter, Obasanjo is no longer the president, we can’t change what he’s been.
    We can control the future, not the past. If what Obasanjo is saying is true, and we all know it is true, then Nigerians must begin to do something. Where a political office makes you an instant multi-millionaire will continue to develop the gangsters’ paradise, which is your National Assembly!

  • sharp shape

    When the haze of corruption blurred our vision ! When the mist of high handedness threatened to blind us! When cowardice made us crawl in our shame of losing manhood we cried for clarity oh Allah and you gave us a visionary and let many that came before him he warned us with his songs his was our own messenger from you he did it exactly the way you created him not like the prophets of old did it he did it in a uniquely African way he was our own messenger from you oh Allah he was fela anikulapo kuti the best nigerian that ever lived ! Baba Anikulapo warned us about obasanjo ! He foretold and warned us about how a group of illiterate soldiers called derisively zombies ! Mindless cretins violent men who would eat up Allah people like bread whose greed and insatiable taste for blood will consume our futures and that of our children if we do not euthanize them and bury their carcass in the evil forest but like cowards we called fela names we derided him just like any soul you send to your people with a message he was killed ! OBJ killed his mother and GMB jailed him under false pretext ! The justice of that kangaroo proceedings went to apologise to him saying that Buharam ordered him to alter justice for his sadistic self aggrandisement ! A man perverted he corrupted the judiciary system because he wanted to jail the conscience of Nigeria the best nigerian that ever lived Baba Anikulapo Kuti was jailed by an individual who is lower than the worst dreg in our society that same man is now reinventing his tortured soul as a saint and in his wake he has managed to recruit a small army of retards and scallwags ! Requiem Nigeria ! Long live the memory of Baba70 ! We cannot deny the fact that more than 3 decades ago you warned us about this army arrangement in your epic psalm ! May Allah destroy this fraud called Nigeria designed by the colonial strangers and oppressors may their messengers OBJ and GMB not succeed and may their foot soldiers realize that only you and you only Allah (saw) is worthy of praise ! Long live Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan ! No amount of evil plot will prevail against you ! Amin

  • Chris1408

    Can someone please tell this otta baboon to shut the H up. Most of these legislators were his boys at some point, now they are thieves. OBJ should tell us what we don’t know. Such as his reasons for truncating the democracy or laid the foundation for do or die election in Nigeria. These are good talking points or he should shut up.

  • Giganto

    That’s “quality” leadership as per Holy Gbadluck Ebola Jonothing (GEJ)!!! The almighty president of banana republic of Nigeria!!!

  • By popular demand

    Breaking News: SSS says APC computers show voter forgeries

    SSS says some evidence it has so far uncovered show that APC computers
    seized at the party’s DATA Centre reveal that the APC computers were
    criminally used to reproduce 18 entries for each individual with same photo
    but with different names and addresses to use at the 2015 general election.

    • Omo’oodua


      Ha, ha, ha! See me see trouble! APC is progressive party, not so, criminals are progressive in Nigeria?
      A political party that refuses to obey Nigeria’s Freedom of Information Act is a progressive party, not so?
      A party that is openly un-accountable and which does not render accounts to taxpayers is progressive?

      A party dividing society by NEVER presenting a Christian candidate as governor in Yorubaland is progressive?
      A party that now caught criminally cloning 18 voter cards per person to rig 2015 election is progressive, not so?
      Where is Femi Falana now? He should come out to defend this latest APC criminal infamy, as he usually does.
      Where is Professor Itse Sagay too? His defensive presence is needed by APC in the public domain on this one.

      • Yoruba Ronu

        “Everybody in Yoruba land is looking for a way to liberate themselves once again from (APC)
        – the pretenders who claim to be progressives but are the opposite of anything progressive.
        They say they are ‘progressives’ but they admit all the corrupt people from the PDP
        and bring them together to form the All Progressives Congress [APC].

        “What is progressive about ex-Governor Nyako, for example? Now that the Yoruba people have
        known that the APC is worse than PDP – in corruption, impunity, and, lack of internal democracy,
        we have to vote against APC”

        ……………..Senator Femi Okunrounmu

        (Yoruba Leader and Co-orodinator of the last National Conference)

        [July 26th, 2014]

        • Ilabere

          I concur because APC is a criminal organization – full of Alhajis – signifying nothing.

  • sharp shape

    APC is an ogboni fraternity not a political party ! No it is an organisation from the dark side bringing in its wake sorrow tear blood dem regular trade mark (Baba70) ! May Allah impede them and may their evil plans and blood letting come to nought Amin !

  • True Nigerian

    Baba is still on rampage and appears unstoppable until he puts Jona’s feet into his new pair of shoes designed for people that are relocating to Otuoke! Lord have mercy on Jona…according to the level of Jona’s pride or humility. I like Baba’s current dirty job on Jona, as he seems ready to finish Jona for Buhari…but I am always reminded of Baba’s failure to live by the standards he is recommending for Jona. It is really hard for me to forget Baba’s impunities as a President. Baba should just say that Jona is incompetent and then he should follow it up with a timely open endorsement for Mai Gaskia (Sai Buhari) by telling Nigerians why he believes that Buhari will help us to, at least, halt our speedy descent into gross darkness. But when Baba starts going into details of Pastor Jona’s unforgiveable sins as he has done in the last 72 hours, then it becomes a reminder of similar sins by Baba in his own time as the President.

    Jona is horrendously incompetent, privately corrupt, but openly pro-corruption. That is a fact! But when Baba says that the evidently corrupt bro Jona is paying huge amounts of money to damage the integrity of legislative investigations into executive lawlessness and corruption, it immediately reminds me of Baba’s loaded Ghana-Must-Go bags which were often sent into the legislative quarters and used for many subject-matters ranging from procuring the impeachment of Senate Presidents, questionable approvals, and tenure elongation plots which nearly succeeded had Senator Ken Nnamani not boldly insisted on open ballot voting in the glare of media cameras on that fateful day in the Senate.

    Yesterday, Baba was talking about Jona’s impunity as a risk to our democratic stability. I couldn’t help remembering some of the things I saw with my eyes during Baba’s days in Aso Rock. Chris Uba was given a presidential fiat to distribute PDP tickets in the whole of Anambra State and to extort the successful aspirants by literally taking control of the finances of the state’s resources to be administrered by the sponsored candidates. Before Chris, there was also one Emeka Ofor who wants everybody to refer to him as “Sir”. Hahahaha! Mr Offor literally took over the government of Anambra state and was taking so much money to himself to the extent that the state could not pay salaries for most of the four years between 1999-2003. He did all of that with Baba’s authorisation and Presidential fiat. Using armed soldiers in a style that is akin to military coup, Audu Ogbe was forcibly ejected from his office as the PDP Chairman after eating dinner/lunch with Baba in Audu’s house. The dinner was over and Baba was leaving. Baba was still on his way home when he ordered soldiers to go to Audu’s house and remove him forcefully by forcing him to sign his resignation letter at gun point. His offence was that he humbly, politely and courteously advised baba that the impunity of Chris Uba, the ugly usurpation of Ngige’s office by Chris Uba’s thugs in Anambra and the refusal to return power to Joshua Dariye in Plateau after the expiration of the State of Emergency, were all dangerous for our democracy and should be discontinued without delay. That innocuous advice was the reason Baba used the army to oust an elected PDP chairman at gun point.

    I was there on the day delegates were arriving their Abuja for the PDP primaries in 2003 and 2007. I met many of them and had heart-felt conversations with them about the ugly state of the country then (which is now a beauty to behold when compared to the current latrine state and partitioned war zone that the country now is). I was with some delegates when Baba’s foot soldiers were sent on rampage with a stinking totalitarian message of threats. Most of the delegates, including Northern delegates, balked at the choice of Yaradua. But most of the delegates that wanted to vote for the other contestants were cornered as they arrived and were being paid millions in cash in return for a vote in favour of Obasanjo’s annointed but unpopular candidate – Yaradua. But it wasn’t enough for Baba. Sensing that the delegates were still reluctant to vote for Yaradua and could still spring a surprise by voting for their preferred candidate after collecting the money, Baba sent another set of people to tell the delegates that they better collect the money o! because if they don’t collect it and vote as instructed, he would send the EFCC to harrass them and disgrace them until they become poor enough to beg for food, literally. Many of the delegates can confirm what I am saying here. But Baba was still not satisfied. He later collected the names of each delegate as the delegates received their ballot papers and we discovered that the collected names of each delegate were then matched with the serial numbers/codes written on the ballot papers. As soon as the candidates discovered it, they started boycotting the primaries. It is on record that most of the PDP presidential candidates arrived at the venue only to boycott the primaries when they got the information on what Baba and his army of usurpers had done to our democracy.

    The irony is that baba rubbished our laws, wasted our resources, abused our institutions and bullied all of us for the sole purpose of imposing on us the same man that would later emerge as the person who would sink PDP and the vested interests of people like Baba. Above all, the oneness of Nigeria, for which Baba fought hard as a young soldier and for which his own son has also now fought for and got wounded for it – is also on the brink, all because of the recklessness of the man for whom he damaged our national psyche in order to impose him on us.

    The lesson: Time is the most powerful and most enduring factor on earth, and it is one of the greatest mysteries of life. Even the smartest and most powerful among us cannot tell what those who come after us will be or do. This is why all empires have an end. But strangely, emperors always forget that! Just like Baba has spent everyday regretting his destruction of our laws in order to impose Yaradua and Jonathan on us, I predict that when Jonathan leaves power, he will not want to be reminded of his own history in office. Just like Baba who stopped reading Nigerian newspapers as soon as he left office, a post-presidency Jonathan will be a perpetually angry irritable man for the rest of his life because he will always stand face to face with opinions that show him as the irreconcilable direct opposite of the transformer which he believes himself to be. It is like being already dead whilst still being alive. It is death because nobody who has had the rare privilege of rising to this kind of height in life will say that he/she doesn’t care about what will be ragarded as his/her legacy or that he/she doesn’t bother about how he/she is judged by posterity. Sadly, the judgement of history on Jonathan will be damning! Even the few good things he did will be rarely mentioned because their impact pale in comparison with the weightier impact of his unthinking choices.

    • Wole

      What a pity! How can your considered essay above be an answer to OBJ’s elicition? He said we have thieves in the National Assembly who meant no good for this country. Your response? Emeka Offor and Chris Uba had Presidential fiats to steal in Anambra. He says GEJ bribes legislators. Your response? OBJ too carried Ghana-must-go to the same assembly to impeach assembly leaders. I can’t hold brief for him, but why is it a problem for you to allow the National Assembly members to disprove his claims? At least they can come out and say, ‘but you bribed us too during your tenure’! ‘We were right to have taken your bribe then and now’. Why don’t you see OBJ as a solution rather than a problem?

      I think it is absurd to have a high percentage of youth unemployment. I have had people who have not been employed for 10 years. If you are employed, do you really like your job? Education, zero; health, zero; industry, zero; sports, zero; aviation, zero; power, zero. Are you happy with this? It’s been 6 years since OBJ left office, I just refuse to see any good legacy of this government. To say GEJ is incompetent is an understatement. A million dollar question is: what is the future of this country if things remain like this? Do you have an answer? OBJ’s 1999-2007 rule, isn’t it? Just take a walk out of your cubicle and answer this honest question. Another tough year is coming for Nigeria – terrorism plus austerity. Will Chibok girls ever be found! Imagine your daughter or sister among them – yet someone has the audacity to campaign and solicit votes from those whose children, families, neighbours…have never been found. It was a boat mishap in Japan, the PM resigned. It was a neclear disaster in Japan, another PM resigned. In Nigeria? Even if the whole city disappears, no one cares.

      Please think about these things.

      • True Nigerian

        Noted, with humility! Your argument is well considered. To a significant degree, we are saying the same thing, albeit in slightly different ways. Put simply, we cannot continue this way as you rightly argued! That is also what I am saying on Jonathan. But in saying so, it is important to keep all past leaders aware of their monumental selfish contributions in bringing us to this odium. It is also a warning to the present and future leaders that posterity will always test the morality of the decisions they made whilst they had the opportunity to steer the ship of nationhood to progress.

        One thing you should consider is how Obasanjo’s censure of Jonathan comes across to many onlookers. They see him as disgruntled godfather who didn’t get his way. Now, he can put an end to that perception by going further step to actually endorse an alternative. Hammering on Jonathan whilst sitting on the political fence is not really the answer. It is equivocation and it lends credence to those who accuse him of launching attacks as a negotiating strategy designed to get better attention and bargains from the government. It makes him to look like IBB who is quietly but hugely the most effectual supporter of Jonathan in Nigeria today (all for narrow selfish reasons), despite the fact that Nigeria is literally crumbling and crashing right before us. The attacks on Jonathan should be complemented with a clear argument for the way forward in terms of an alternative to Jonathan, which is now impossible to emerge from the PDP.

        Nigeria is really on the precipice. Medically, it is an emergency. I often pity the fellows here who abuse anyone who is not a member of the Jonathan crowd. They don’t really understand what they are doing and what is coming to their lives, especially those of them who have no other country to go to if Nigeria’s current nightmare crawls into the next gear. Wole, overall, I think you will understand that we are saying the same thing if I lessen the focus of my searchlights on Baba Iyabo.

        • Wole

          Thank you for this, Mr True Nigerian. I don’t think we are saying the same thing. If we do, do you agree that GEJ should resign unless the Chibok girls return home? Do you agree that GEJ should fight against corruption in the National Assembly? Do you agree that GEJ be thoroughly investigated – all his ministers, his wife, his cronies et al inclusive?

          Just a while ago, I heard that Buhari lobbied APC delegates in Rivers with N1m. This is a party of progressives and a candidate that has been taunted to possess anti-corruption credentials. Up till now, no one knows what he wants to do or is capable of doing. All he has done is to identify Nigeria’s heaps of problem. Sadly, he has represented the problems poorly. Thus far, he has poorly represented himself as an alternative leader of this country. All he wants is votes. He doesn’t think Nigerians deserve to know his plans and abilities.

          Do you agree Bubari is a fraud? Do you agree that APC is not a true alternative to the PDP? Do you agree that the solution to Nigeria’s problems is for true Nigerians like you and I to rise for revolution. Yes, Revolution!

          Nigeria deserves good governance not propaganda. History doesn’t help us anymore – we have had very poor history. I think we need rebirth. We need a new start. Please add your voice to mine. We can make Nigeria a better place.

          Think about this: in another 10 years, where will Buhari, OBJ, IBB etc be? Where will you and your children be?

          • D1

            Thank you Wole for this piece, I can definitely feel your pain! None of this politicians wanting a change, have ever told us about their manifestoes, they always go to the campaign grounds to castigate their opponents and point out their shortcomings, but never their own plans to revamp the decadence in the nation.
            Regardless of Buhari’s anti-corruption stance, OBJ has no reason to endorse him, it is left for him and his party to convince and ‘sell’ him to the voters. He is not perfect, and has done and made some statements to the contrary. But, we can’t ignore and allow Jonathan’s cluelessness and incompetence, it is horrendous as stated by True Nigerian, and what made it nauseating, is his silence and defense of the various impunities going on in his government.
            I agreed with you, it’s time for change and good governance, but with the type of politicians we have today, it is scary! I can’t vouch for any.
            OBJ has had his time and left, but we can’t ignore his concerns and grievance, with the way the nation is being governed. No one can hold brief for him, the man is fearless and does not give a damn (a la GEJ)!
            In essence, we deserve better as a nation.

  • emmanuel

    Obasanjo is the worst thief Nigeria has ever had and should just keep quiet.

    No Oil block extension for him in 2016 and he already knows.

    This man set up Transcorp sometime ago – a very fraudulent scheme he wanted to fleece Nigeria with, unfortunately he was frustrated but still succeeded in selling The Transcorp Hilton to himself at near nothing

  • warry

    A country where everybody says i’ll do things based on my personal interest is doomed and its going to be crisis galore .A theif can call an innocent man theif to go and steal more.Obasanjo has Oil blocks,Sold Nitel,Transcorp Hiltop,Refinery to himself and,bribed National assembly for Third Term bid,yet he calls who has none of these a theif..Under his watch we had Halliburton ,Siemen,etc scams yet he is telling us that Nigeria was better under his watch .All these scam are verified ones not mere allegations.I think as a people we are very dishonest and lack integrity.Juist because you want to keep your oil blocks you call somebody who is relatively better than you a theif to achieve your aim.Tomorrow we shall accuse kidnappers and armed robbers of wrong doing when we are also committing crimes due to personal interest disguised as national interest.

    • Tonnero

      It would be nice if you could provide even a little evidence to substantiate your claims. By their fruits you shall know them. Those who steal generally keep quiet hoping no one will notice them and ask them to return their loot. Ask Odili, Uduaghan etc. they do not go start a fight with constituted authority knowing they can then be hauled to court and jail. OBJ, a member of TI, has not only CONSISTENTLY spoken out against thieves but has actually put a few in jail but all you guys can do is speculate. Shame on you.

      • warry

        Are you saying that what is mentioned above against obasanjo are not verifiable.?under whose govt. was odili that you mentioned/

      • Nnaemeka Ndubuisi

        So granting himself private university license and library while in office at least are corrupt acts. Again contituency projects by Nass members predates his regime. The time has come when all of us should call a bluff to these people and stop siding any of them. They are the same, they eat on the same table and knly crutical of themselves when they fall out with one another. Any person who anointed a thief into leadership position is a thief also.

  • allfsanni

    God Allah will bless and grant our Big Daddy General
    Obasanjo for telling the truth with no fear of any one but God.

    Now we know where the problem is we can fix it. These smart
    brothers and sisters a nut shell have money. The President Goodluck cannot deny
    that they have money.

    To start fixing and healing:

    General Amnesty should be giving to those who made money
    through this Supply and Removals system. They call it corruption but we call it
    smartness. The General said some dummies among them do not know how to practice
    this type of evil behavior.

    Next step is for these folks to write the story of how they
    practice getting rich like this. They may use fictitious names it they do not
    want people to know who they are. No one will punish you any longer due to the
    General Amnesty. You can bring your money to the Obas Palace to be counted and
    saved any where that you want. And it will be glory to you and to God.

    Now let it be that it is not only in your house that we
    notice light shining at night and the rest area in darkness. You can now
    provide light and water to your neighborhood.

    This is simple. You take a flight in Air Planes that carry
    500 people and a generator provides light for a 24 hours flight. Hot food is served;
    there is hot and cold water and the toilet flush.

    Now you can use Solar to power your neighborhoods and farms.
    Now you will thank Baba for telling on you and turning things around from nonentity
    to renown.

  • sule

    Greetings to the general public,


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.


    Prices of cars below..call 08142710826 REV STEVEN BELLO FOR YOUR CHOICE OF CAR.kjg

    • Wole

      Them still never stopped selling these cars? You have advertised these cars all year round. I think you should be arrested. I don’t who how a thorough moderation should have allowed this to pass. E be like say no be only GEJ is incompetent.

  • Ken

    I’ve said it before…the easiest way to become a saint in Nigeria after committing atrocities while in power is to criticise the government in power. Politicians have learnt that Nigerians have very short memories, so they do and undo while in power…and then polish their image by criticising their successors. Simple!!!

  • dykoko

    It is easy to criticize when you are outside the field than being a player. However the corrupt skill explained above could be true having come from a former player. But I think it is time for the old players to start proffering solutions other than trading blames for the interest of the nation.

  • Omo Oodua

    This baboon called OBJ is politically dead, and he knows it! He is a drowning bastard and he wants people to enter the grave with him. Let me not waste my precious time on this ‘ebora’ of a man.

    • bikky

      You guy don’t reason like a normal person,when Obasanjo was in Government,he said it without numbers that National Assembly was corrupt and they never countered him with any reasonable evidence,why is he a baboon because he is expressing a confirmed statement?Nigeria National Assembly is the highest paid in the world,it has been confirmed several times. However Baba is OPTIMISTIC that sooner we shall overcome it,why are you abusing him,you should have prove him wrong.Think and Vote wisely.

      • emmanuel

        Obasanjo is a waste to humanity.

        He bribed the National Assembly then to help him sustain his thrid term bid, only for them to turn their back on him after collecting his money. Why will he not call them thieves.

        Obj is a wounded lion fighting with his last blood and strength.

        We all know that our NASS is the most pain globally, but OBJ packaged it for them, yeye old man

    • Danladee

      Obasanjo may mischievous, but take it that he is one of the most patriotic leader among his peers who tell the truth to power. He may be a clown or bastard, but the people at the helm of affairs today worst than that. Please we may take the message and throw away the messenger.

  • Abdullah Musa

    The security service has compromised itself, it cannot be relied upon to conduct objective , impartial, investigation.
    But they have nothing to worry about. There is nothing we can do about it.

  • bikky

    Baba, you are the only spoke person for masses presently,God strength you the more,Long life Sir.

  • Yemi Smith (London)

    Dear Editor Premium Times,


    I wait to see the first Nigerian news organization to make the right judgement call
    on the information released yesterday by SSS that APC was found cloning voter cards.
    If that is not the worst threat to what Nigerians call their “nascent democracy” then; Nigerians
    have no democracy worth preserving. So far the Nigerian media slink from applying their
    usual hectoring standards that no stone be left un-turned as if journalists want all stones
    to be left un-turned in this APC criminal case that would warrant a proscription of the party in
    other civilized countries. Where journalism is skewed this badly away from clear and consistent
    principles – by hypocrisy and tenuous public advocacy – Nigerian society will be dragged into
    fettering its better discretion and become forced into compromise with high crimes and felony.

    • Encore

      Breaking News: SSS says APC computers show voter forgeries

      SSS says some evidence it has so far uncovered show that APC computers
      seized at the party’s DATA Centre reveal that the APC computers were
      criminally used to reproduce 18 entries for each individual with same photo
      but with different names and addresses to use at the 2015 general election.

      • Watchtower

        “We share the fear of a majority of Nigerians that the APC may have already started cloning
        ballot papers and other election documents to subvert the will of the people.”

        “We call on security agencies to fully investigate this atrocious cloning and ensure that whoever
        is found culpable faces the full weight of the law. We insist that the cloning of INEC PVCs is criminal

        and it strikes at the very heart of our electoral process.”

        …………Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)</b

        [November 24th, 2014]

    • Encore

      Breaking News: SSS says APC computers show voter forgeries

      SSS says some evidence it has so far uncovered show that APC computers
      seized at the party’s DATA Centre reveal that the APC computers were
      criminally used to reproduce 18 entries for each individual with same photo
      but with different names and addresses to use at the 2015 general election.

  • Wise Head

    As I see the virulent atacks on OBJ here, I just laugh. When he attacks GEJ, all these fellows, would fall over each other to hail him as a “patriot” and “statesman”, and describe him as very “forthright”. Now, he has attacked the National Assembly, where we have many “progressives” including those that scale fences like thugs (as the IGP described them) now, they calling him names, including “baboon”. Na waa for Nigerians.

  • Wetin Naija

    Truth is bitter. OBJ, thank you for saying the truth

  • the_adviser

    The man has the gift of the gab but in in this case he is right about assembly of thieves and looters.

  • Truthometer

    Of course. Nigerian National Assembly is the den of thieves, while Dumbo’s Aso Rock is the treasury robbers planning/stagging hideout.

  • Clay

    How did constituency project start in Nigeria history and whose regime?. When this speaks you would think he is one great saint of our time but he started everything corruption in this country. Organized Bribery Juggernaut. (OBJ)

  • babalola

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  • Peter Irene

    So people will still vote for Jonathan? Nigeria and Nigerians have been ruined completely by this Government. But things cannot continue to be like this, the youths will take up the responsibility to vote out this Goverment of Curruption, by Curruption and for Curruption. Otherwise their future is doomed by theiving executive and Legislators.

    • Burbank

      Nigeria had chose Buhari. Thank God.

  • tijan kabba

    Someone should pls shut this old man up, we imposed GEJ on us as a nation and is the genesis of the problems of this country.

  • Excisionist

    @ Clay:

    Yes you are right. He also encouraged Sharia in some northern states-
    From Sharia arose the beast in the form of BOKO HARAM. Obasanjo is the
    grandfather of Boko Haram.

    His mouth ought to be taped because every
    time he opens it, the only thing that comes out is shit.

  • Burbank

    Sai Buhari and Jonathan is out. A new Nigeria!

  • 100%Black

    A bigger thief calling others thieves…
    obasanjo is just as culpable

    • koleosho babatunde

      Truth is bitter. Almost two years ago, Baba spoke on Gej’s Govt. embedded with corruption . we did not believe him rather we started criticizing him. At the end of the day, we found out to be true. We need one voice to condemn these looters in strong term. Message is what really matters not the messanger

  • Issei

    Hon please stop wasting your time, Today even if kwankwaso says he forgive and forget
    We his supporters will never forgive Ganduje he’ll surely get his compensation in equal manner
    In 2019.he’ll recieve Mamuda shinkafi treatment for sure,any body who wishes to betray his
    benefactor does not deserve forgiveness in order to serve as a deterrent to others.forget about what
    People are saying today the day of political reckoning is near 3 years is not 30 years.Ganduje please
    continue don’t relent no body is begging you to stop.

  • GameChanger

    Good sermon, but I can’t take it serious based on the character it is coming from. Nigerians must learn to rise above hypocrisy.

    • gohen

      Can.t agree less with you !. good response

  • The godfather of thieves is talking. A very culpable man with the longest list of corruption scams in history: Halliburton , Siemens, shell, willbross, Schlumberger, schneider, ajaokuta, power sector, presidential library, ota farm, bells university, chevron, kellogs and root etc. It is the same irresponsible man that confirmed that Tinubu and Amechi were corrupt but still supported. is it not obj that corrupted the national assembly with Mr fix it and broght Ghana must go bags to the house to force changes in house leaders. Was it not him that foisted yaradua and Jonathan and later pretend to be innocent. Obj is a looter and manipulator.

  • Igwe Bu Ike

    This is one of the reasons there will be no elections in BIAFRALAND.