Obasanjo bombs Jonathan again, says President’s “evil” actions destroying Nigerian democracy

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo whispering to Goodluck Jonathan, a former president too while latter was still in power

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has again torn at President Goodluck Jonathan, saying Nigerian democracy remained at risk due to the action of the present administration.

Speaking at a book Launch in honour of the pioneer chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC, Mustapha Akanbi‎, in Abuja, Mr. Obasanjo, who is the Chairman of the occasion, said the president should stop encouraging ‘verbal violence which may not physically hurt but has ways of degenerating into physical violence’.

Mr. Obasanjo said the greatest indictment against any administration is to be seen trying to destroy opposition of all sort‎s which invariably mean destroying democracy.

“Management of democracy without resorting to brute force and dictatorial tendencies must be cultivated,” the former President said.

“As a leader, you must not deliberately do evil or condone evil. You should know that you will one day give account to God, you may cover up here, but before God, there is no cover up.”

The former president also spoke at lenght on the President’s handling of the Boko Haram insurgency, ‎corruption, the economy and youth unemployment.

On insecurity, Mr. Obasanjo said Boko Haram is not out to “frustrate anyone’s political efforts” and lamented that it took Mr. Jonathan the years to ‎fully understand the menace.

On corruption, Mr. Obasanjo said, “when the head is rotten, the whole body is useless”

On the economy, he said Nigeria would continue to sink deeper and that what Nigerians are told about the state of the economy “is not truly what the economy is”.

“The economy is in doldrums, if not in reverse,” he said.

Mr. Obasanjo’s latest attack on the President is coming seven days after he rated Mr. Jonathan’s performance as below average.

The former president had spoken last weekend in Abeokuta while addressing book writers as part of activities marking the Ake Arts and Book Festival.

“I rate this current administration below average,” Mr. Obasanjo said in response to a question about Mr. Jonathan’s performance.

The former president also said he deserved credit for helping an individual from a minority tribe become Nigeria’s President.
“Rather than take blame for bringing Jonathan to power, I should be taking credit,” he added.

The Nigerian presidency responded Sunday, slamming Mr. Obasanjo and describing his rating as untrue and misleading.
In a statement in Abuja, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, said Mr. Obasanjo’s rating was at variance “with the facts on the ground”.

Mr. Okupe said President Jonathan had performed so well that “in terms of performance and achievements, no administration since 1960 when Nigeria gained independence from Britain, has done as much as that of President Jonathan”.


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  • Daskillz

    Obj standing for the truth again. it’s only gej and his goons that can see the good works they claim he’s doing when he’s actually running Nigeria aground

    • Shehu

      Majority of Nigerians already knows who Obj is. He hardly forgive. he failed to control Jonathan that is why we’re hearing all these missiles from him. We cannot be deceived by Obj. We are very much aware of all the evils he did during his regime.

      • Mohstone

        And I hope you are also aware of the bigger evils of GEJ’s regime ???

    • skoo

      Same people praising Obasanjo has criticized him for “running Nigeria aground”>>>>can yu beat that!!!


    This is nothing but sweet music to the ears of Nigerians who are tired of the charade masquerading as government in Abuja.

  • Democrat M

    No where in the world where democracy thrives that you won’t find a vibrant opposition. Criticisms from the opposition helps keep the Government of the day on their toes. But for a do nothing government like we have at the moment, they will prefer to silence opposition so as to cover their shameful acts.

  • Innocent

    “when the head is rotten, the whole body is useless” This is worth 870kg lethal punch from Mohammed Ali.

    • Mohstone

      lol … or from Iron Mike Tyson

      • Uju

        Obasanjo should look at himself in the mirror.
        He seemed to have described himself with everything he just said

    • Wähala

      That was the valid conclusion about the person behind the persona of Jona Dumbo… a creek crook!

      • PROF

        You again ,dont you know that OBJ and IBB ARE THE PROBLEM of nigeria !

        • Wähala

          As of today, Dr. Dumbo is the “sole problem” of Nigeria and Nigerians!

        • tundemash

          I agree with you 100% because it was OBJ who bequeathed Nigeria with two sick men; one had no kidney and the other had no brain …… what do you think ?

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    Psalm 62: 11 “God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power [belongeth] unto God.” …… not to Obasanjo, not to the evil forces that he leads …… and not to the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani whose narrow and parochial interests he vigorously promotes.

    • Mr. Abdin

      Is Obasanjo a Northern Muslim Hausa Fulani ? GEJ is complete failure he should Honourably bow out.

      • Dodon Doya

        Yes, bow out or kicked out. But I say this man can’t bow out in honor because he deserves no honor whatsoever.

    • Mohstone

      Mr. Badluck if you hate the northerners that much why wont you go and kiss and aligator ???

    • Wähala

      …and, Not to Dumbo who abuses it by sending goons to destroy ddemocracy-in-motion. Certainly, Power doesn’t belong to Dumbo and his riverine Aborigines neither!

  • kwango

    The problem with Jonathan is that he is not intellectually mature in leadership to handle a national assignment. Except for crudity his wife may be more capable than him. Nigerians know the trio of Jona, Ngozi and Allison are lying about the economy. It is a disaster to hand over leadership to someone who never represented any opinion outside government. International observers will downgrade Nigerian Universities certificates because of the poor grasp of issues and mediocrity they see in Dr Jonathan. In fairness to Obasanjo who picked him for this high office, I didn’t know Jonathan’s governmnet will turn out to be such a historical disaster.

    • Wähala

      A calamity it is, and no one can predict a catastrophy in politics… Baba is right!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Wahala, I beg to disagree with you.

        Before the elections that produced GEJ in 2011, someone asked me why I was not supporting the shoeless man and my response was that he would combine all the vices of OBJ, IBB and Abacha, but none of their virtues!

        I predicted this calamity but fervently hoped my predictions were wrong!!

  • Baba Jada

    Its well known that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” but in a case where the inhabitants refuse to see the implication of their actions, then it becomes necessary to clearly spell it out. well said OBJ.

  • djay

    Wait to hear what that Doyin or Abati will say, your guess is as good as mine. Nigeria is already on its knees and aching seriously, insecurity is on the rise with innocent citizens being killed daily all over the country,the economy is in shambles with consumable items sky rocketing. What we have in govt is a clique of gangsters in power led by Gej, his satanic party and their spiritualist Ayo with their sole objective which is to steal all and destroy what this great country has left. They are anti Christ and their satanic agenda shall be consumed by fire. Gej will surely pay for his atrocities when Nigerians kick him out of power.

  • Mr. Abdin

    The Government under the watch of GEJ has become a laughing stock at the committee of nations Jonathan must be shown the way out come 2015.

    • Mohstone

      yeah a laughing stock internationally but a crying stock, pain and agony internally.

  • Chris1408

    OBJ that ruined democracy for Nigeria is still talking instead of burying his ugly head in shame in his farm which he built with stolen Nigerians money. OBJ atrocities during his reign as military and civilian president is probably the worst in Nigeria history. This old Otta baboon should stop making fools of Nigerians and keep his verdict to himself because he fostered GEJ on Nigerians.

    • Atom Ant

      What you expect Obj to do is to keep quiet even when Gej is running Nigeria aground. Please give it to Obj for always speaking out when it matters most. If Obj fostered Gej on Nigeria like you said, would he have done that without the active connivance of all who then voted Gej and not PDP? It is a great father who speaks out about the evil deeds of a son!

      • Chris1408

        He’s a very bad father that knew his son was a wicked thief, yet he gave him the key to the treasury. GEJ learned from OBJ and got better at it. GEJ is bad agreed. OBJ was worse.

        • Mohstone

          No please but the other way round: Obj was bad but GEJ is the worst.

          • Chris1408

            I disagree, OBJ built two democratic foundations twice on bad sand without concrete and rods. Both failed. Jonathan is just wobbling on the bad foundation laid by OBJ. If OBJ had laid a good foundation for Democracy, He and GEJ would never have gotten close to ASO ROCK

          • Mohstone

            In as much as I agree with you, I would also like you to remember that Jonathan was voted credibly by overwhelming majority of Nigerians in 2011. Dont you think it is an opportunity for him to serve Nigerians right and better???

          • Chris1408

            Yes, GEJ is a total failure, OBJ knew he’s a failure and very corrupt before he fostered the drunkard on us. OBJ saw GEJ record as a governor and still helped him to the apex of public office.

    • Amir

      Is Jonathan not one of the ruins of Obasanjo on Nigeria? That is why he has the moral obligation to revert, confess and ask God for forgiveness through speaking the truth about the incompetent man he imposed on us. Defending Jonathan’s government of mediocrity is the hardest job for any blogger. It’s like a psychiatric doctor telling visitors that his mad patient is recovering only for that patient to start barking and tear the doctor’s shirt in their presence. What other evidence do the visitors need to see that the madness is getting worse?

  • Almightygodalmightygod

    Can GEJ supporter point to one singular thing ,he has achieved in his six year on the saddle, just one not the 3D graphic design of TAN.

    • Mohstone

      Ok .. please let them mention just half please … lol

      • Uju

        1) 14 brand new Universities

        Should I go on naming more?

        • Mohstone

          Lol .. Uju am sure this response is sarcastic. 14 brand new “non-functional” universities … hehehe I dey laugh

          • dan

            Rail transportation is back after 30 years of being comatose, YOUWIN has
            helped thousands of graduate start their businesses, should we continue?

          • Mohstone

            Where is the railway??? What the hell is YOUWIN?? Are you nuts??? You are just mentioning avenues of grand-scale looting and deceiving yourself.

          • dan

            You have a right not to see or partake in the good of the land that is currently available, but that does not take away the reality of rail transportation from thousands of Nigerians that use it daily. You can come here every day to talk every imaginable and unimaginable evils of the GEJ administration, but it doesn’t take away the reality of 14 new and functional universities built and provided with adequate take off grant by the GEJ administration. It doesn’t take away the reality of a smooth and motorable Lagos-Benin express road and others across the country, including the East-West road and the Lagos-Ibadan Express road that is currently under construction. If you cannot see these things doesn’t take away the reality of their existence from millions of people who are beneficiaries and users across the country. So, I advice you to stop coming here trying to run down the government of GEJ with the hope that you can pull support for APC, it is totally a waste of time, elections are not won on social media, they are won on the field, when the jungle matures we will know who is who.

          • Mohstone

            I dont need to come here and pull support for APC … Jonathan is doing just that with his abysmal performance. Am not the one running down GEJ’s govt its myopic people like you that are busy running him down with lies. My friend keep deceiving yourself that roads are fixed and so on, forgetting the fact that the corruption perpetrated is 20 times bigger than the so-called projects you mentioned. Lastly, Nigeria’s unity and peace is paramount to us all as Nation. I leave that to you to judge if such unity and peace was maintained by GEj or Not. I rest my case.

          • dan

            Don’t rest your case yet! GEJ did not create the insurgency in the North-East. Some Northern leaders boasted they would make Nigeria ungovernable if he won the 2011 election and not stepping down for a Northern candidate. He won the election fair and square and Boko Haram suddenly upgraded with bombs, and most people in the North gave Boko Haram cover and support against the military so that the country will be ungovernable as some of their leaders assured. Against popular advice, and uncommon in Nigeria History, GEJ relieved Azazi, his own tribe’s man the post of National Security Adviser and appointed Dasuki, a Northern Fulani, and also appointed another Northerner the Defense Minister, and another the Police IGP, not to mention the other top positions they have been given in government. Was that not to build trust and unity of the country? How else and what other way do you want him to build the nation’s unity? Instead of the Northern leaders to work with him and the military to flush out the Boko Haram that they created for many decades, but has now gone loose, what we have on a daily bases is one conspiracy theory to another about how GEJ hated the North so much that he wants to destroy it and the need for Northerner to see him as enemy number one. All these just to gain power. So, if you would be honest to yourself who would you say is creating the insecurity and disunity in the country?

          • Mohstone

            If you would be honest to yourself answer the following questions: 1. The first bomb explosion in Nigeria was on 1st Oct 2010. What happened after that??? GEJ exonerates MEND and blamed it on Northern elites at the same time Henry Okah told us the truth. 2. Who hired Davies to come and negotiate with BH??? GEJ, yet Davies revealed the true sponsors of BH and they are GEJ’s closest allies. 3. GEJ was not under duress or stress when he opened his mouth and said BH are in his govt and that he whines and dines with them. Till today he did not mention them and he continues to play along while millions are dying. 4. The northerners who threatened GEj’s presidency are the from NorthWest yet the people being killed are NorthEastherners because your mumu GEJ could not fight the NorhWesterners. My brother I can give you millions of examples to prove that GEJ is behind BH and the senseless killings going on in NorthEast. It is clear if Jonathan cares about the lives of Nigerians he wouldnt allow such to happen. But most people like you failed to see the bigger picture.

          • dan

            GEJ was right to correct the impression that MEND was responsible for the Oct 1st, 2010 bomb blast because he had negotiated with MEND and other militant groups in the Niger Delta as VC to accept amnesty and MEND as organization of which Henry Okah was a member accepted and MEND was dissolved. However, for his own interest and working with some Northern elements that were bent on frightening GEJ from going ahead to the 2011 elections, Henry Okah was involved in the act and NOT MEND as an organization because other leaders of MEND accepted and joined the amnesty program. So that 1st Oct, 2010 bombing was sponsored by the same people that backed and upgraded boko haram to using IEDs and suicide bombings. If you believe Ihejirika or someone else would come from the South to sponsor killings in the North and the Northern people accepted them to kill their own people, then you will believe anything, including Boko Haram leader, Shekau being an Ijaw or Ibo. Boko Haram is an ideology that has been in the North for decades with the full support of Northerners and their leaders. These are the same people that have been responsible for religious wars in the North for the past 50 years. They have developed to the level they are today because Northern leader are struggling for political power at the center so much that they don’t mind allowing Boko Haram to have a field day so that they can use the insecurity as a campaign point to discredit the GEJ government. If the North truly no longer want Boko Haram to exist, it will not take them 1 week to coordinate their young men into a militia group and wipe them out. They don’t even need the federal police or army to get ride of Boko Haram. That’s the same reason why Boko Haram will never get to anywhere in the south because we will immediately form a militia group and wipe them out. But because Northern leaders are benefiting by way of political gains from Boko Haram activities without minding the destruction to life and properties they are causing, then Boko Haram will continue there even if you send 1 million troops there. Maybe the North will decide to end Boko Haram after the 2015 election, which they are going to lose anyway.

          • Mohstone

            Clearly you have demonstrated your blindness to the truth. Let me correct some bad impressions that you are trying hard to create here. To start with MEND was not dissolved. MEND is still in existence and Henry Okah was not working with any “northern elements” as you claimed. It was clear that time that Henry Okah said the truth and nobody came out to deny it. Secondly, you said it will take the North only one week to clear BH if they organize their militia??? Am happy to hear that coming from someone like you. Did you know that such militia was setup and they almost rounded BH up?? What happened next??? The militia was disbanded by Ihejirika who was named as a sponsor of BH. Guess what GEJ did nothing. and that gives BH the time to regroup again couple with support from GEJ, SAS and Ihejirika they came back with full force and armoury. My friend this is not news everybody knows what am talking about. Did you ever asked why Andrew Azazi was killed?? Or you dont even know him??? Go and do some research bro you will realize that you are far from reality of what is happening on ground. Do you know that even recently such Militia was again setup and they defeated BH in Mubi and Maiha adamawa provinces??? Guess what??? The leader of the Militia was arrested by the Police and because of the public outcry that greeted such move this IG claimed that they wanted to screen the militia members. But we all know that it was a tactical move to give BH more time based on instruction from GEJ. But finally, arent you ashame to even say that the North should setup their own militia to fight BH??? Are you really serious??? I can see that you have setup militia to fight Kidnapping and armed robery in the south abi??? Please try and be objective for once. This is an insurgency, federal territories are being taken over and you are talking of local militia. Damn!!! Am completely amazed by your way of thinking.

          • dan

            Your being abusive shows your emptiness!

          • tundemash

            Don’t rest your case yet! GEJ did not create the insurgency in the North-East.
            Silly excuse ….. must a leader create a problem before solving it? Did GEJ create Ebola ? Did Geoge Bush create Alqaeda ?

          • tundemash

            Scan us the receipt of your trip on those trains please.

  • Morally Obansajo is not in any position to blame or talk ill about Mr. President, he is just reacting to the fact that this administration completely neglected him. All these his ranting are political.

    • blackdove

      Morally OBJ has every right to criticize a regime he left $67 billion in external reserves to, over $9 billion in excess crude oil account, less than $3 billion in external and domestic debt from over $33 billion. While I hold no fort for OBJ, “truly when the head (Jonathan), is rotten (corrupt), the whole body(government) is useless”.

  • Peter

    Hear OBJ Nigeria’s past President: “Management of
    democracy without resorting to brute force and dictatorial tendencies must be
    cultivated,” and “As a leader, you must not deliberately do evil or condone
    evil. You should know that you will one day give account to God, you may cover
    up here, but before God, there is no cover up.” Sweet talk, but what has Baba Iyabo got to say
    on ODI MASSACRE? His criticism of GEJ is that by now he should have annihilated the whole of the
    North East and run Boko Haram epicenter in Maiduguri to the ground, if he must defeat the insurgency.

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    With due respect,how did obasanjo handle dissent views during his tenure even at intra party levels,did he not impeach elected governors and positioned his boys to take over some states(Anambra).Did EFCC not publish names of eligible candidates usurping the functions of INEC?,did he not destabilize ANPP through moles etc.President Jonathan cannot be associated with above.He remains a true democrat.The present challenges,we shall overcome.

    • Mohstone

      You are still dreaming. What is happenning presently is a new low is disoderliness.

    • tundemash

      OBJ’s excesses does not excuse Dumbo’s excesses and both, along with the evil party PDP, wil be consigned to the dustbin of history in 2015.

  • Dr. Kay

    Dumbo, clueless,inept,olodo, useless,corrupt,selfish,uninspiring,visionless , rudderless,myopic,clowny,etc etc all are this government of Jonathan fingerprints in our nation’s psyche. I will be surprised if Abati,okupe or Metuh has contrary views, baba have said it ,the economy is in reverse, we are in trouble ,our goose has been cooked , we have no choice next year ,anything without bouncing out these clowns will be disastrous.

    • peter

      Eeya i pitied idiots like you. You and your like are all the names you just called. Boko haram jona has contain you guys and he will continue to.

      • Mohstone

        Start by pitying yourself. For indeed you are blind.

      • Dr. Kay

        How if I may ask? By not visiting Borno state or Chibok since the girls were captured ,hiding under shepopotamus’s skirt? Or making a no show when Tompolo scared the shit out of his arse? I wonder who is contained and holed up in a hideout inside aso rock ? You guessed right…….. Dumbo!

    • skoo

      you are the dumbo!!!A failure for a father.

      • Dr. Kay

        Ha ha ha ha ha skoo or is it shoosh I must have touched a nerve neh? Sooooooory go tell Dumbo his time is up. Engage on the matter at hand don’t be emotional, hypertension go give you heart failure oh!

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    OBJ is entitled to his opinion
    he fear going to kirikiri after may 2015
    no one takes him serious if not the Fulani

    • Mohstone

      It seems you are deeply hurt with the truth revealed by Obj. Who will take him to Prison after 2015 elections??? GEJ??? I dey laugh.

    • True Nigerian

      Hahahahaha! Who will send him Kirikiri? This Jonathan that cannot have enough balls to fire his worst nemesis, Diezani Madueke? Or the Jonathan that is relying on Obasanjo to help him beg out the Chibok girls from the fangs of boko haram? You amuse me!

    • tundemash

      very funny from a retard ….. if OBJ isn’t in jail since he left Presidency , what will make him be in jail in 2015 …. pls analyse it .
      No one takes OBJ serious and yet GEJ’s attack dogs overheat each time OBJ talks.
      No one takes OBJ seriously and yet you e-rats are all over here doing overtime.

      Keep f00ling !

      • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

        heaven will let loose on GEJ second term
        reasons why like you and OBJ shivering

        • tundemash

          retard respond to your silly statement ……

          if OBJ isn’t in jail since he left Presidency , what will make him be in jail in 2015 …. pls analyse it .

  • Ali

    Obj has started again 2 hoodwink doz who wish to be deceived. He lacks d moral ground 2 even cough bcoz he retarded our democracy by 100 years and did oda abuses.

  • Baba Jada

    OBJ is right, the evil nature is responsible for all the problems the country is facing. when you hand pick someone who dislikes a section of the country and has risen from a political system that strives on national sabotage, what do you expect? Any sensible person can clearly see what the govt is up to. How can you make positive change when you are surrounded by militants, ex drug dealers, arm smugglers and terror financiers.

    • @Amuwospeaks

      Good we are both seeing from obJ’s perspective

  • True Nigerian

    The greatest undoing of Jonathan’s government is that it does not see, hear or feel that there is any sense in any reasoning outside of his own reasoning. The effect is that Mr President and his effusive goons are locked out from reality. They live in Jupiter. And that is exactly why a monumental shock and rude awakening is likely to tap them on their shoulders come February next year.
    But I thank God for Jonathan. I thank God that he got the Presidency. I am thanking God because I don’t think that any other PDP politician would have brought the party to its knees as Jonathan has done. He has finally brought the PDP on its knees. Given the gullibility of the people of this country, if the party didn’t give the Presidency to an unbearable failure like Jonathan, the PDP could have ruled this country for another 40 to 50 years. But Jonathan will now surely bring the madness to an end by imploding the behemoth machinery and oligarchy of impunity, lawlessness, corruption and misrule known as the PDP. I may still vote for the PDP in my home state, but PDP must vacate the centre. That is the only way forward for the democracy and development of this country.

    • Wähala

      “But (Dumbo) will now surely bring the madness to an end by imploding the behemoth machinery” Correct!
      “I may still vote for the PDP in my home state, but PDP must vacate the centre… the only way forward” – Wrong!

      If you do not want the PDP to rule for 40-to-50 years bcos it is a behemoth machinery and oligarchy of impunity, lawlessness, corruption and misrule… why would you entertain the thought of even voting for them in your home state? In politics you can only sit on the fence by “abstaining” from voting entirely… it is the little votes from “home states” that make up the 2/3 majority needed to win at the center. Kapisch???

      • True Nigerian

        Kapische! 🙂 With a caveat….that there are enclaves where PDP has either actually performed at the local level or may throw up a very worthy guber candidate for 2015 as an opposition party. In such places, they should get their credit for being thoughtful. Ask me where exactly. Answer is: I don’t know!!! And that is why I said I “may”. In other words, they are still in the dock and under trial…no leave no transfer. But I am just saying that I will be willing to give them some local credit in the places where they may prove that they deserve some credit. One thing I wouldn’t want is for the PDP to die completely. If we do so, then we have effectively stamped out the opposition (which is what they are about to become in 2015). 🙂

    • Wilson

      True Nigerian, I have been following your comments quite raptly and always tend to agree with your assertions, but i don’t entirely agree with the concluding argument of your comment above which states that it is only when P.D.P. vacates the center that Nigeria would be better. Whereas, I concur with your statement that P.D.P. is a party of lawlessness, corruption and misrule on the evidence of the last 15years they’ve been misruling this country, i think A.P.C. is no different. It is a bit like making a case for twelve and a dozen.
      The only way forward for this country, in my humble opinion, is for the governance structure as well as the economy of this country to be completely liberalized. The bottom-to-top model of governance as well as regulation of the economy should be adopted and not the other way round as it is being practiced today. Every region/state/LGA/town/clan etc down to smallest unit of administration should hold onto its economic resources, contributing only a specified percentage in the form of taxes/levies/royalties to the next higher administrative unit. That for me is the way forward.
      If A.P.C. were to be voted in come 2015, there’s very little it would achieve if the governance architecture is not re-modeled to reflect the arguments for genuine federalism. Now. I doubt that as a party they have that as one of the items on their agenda, although i must make a case for Governor Fashola, who is one of the proponents of this model i am proposing. If it isn’t in their plan as a party, then quite sadly there’s little they’d achieve if they emerge victorious in the next elections.

      • Kitunde

        The problem we have, no matter what system we operate in Nigeria our politicians will find a way to circumvent the the good intentions of that system.No matter how many reforms we undergo there will be no improvemment.
        If you remember, there has been educational reforms,police reforms,etc etc. The problem is corruption,until we find a way to to reduce it including from the sanity that we have now. The scary thing is that this present goverment has taken corruption to unbelievable heights-i mean, ‘stealing is not corruption’ so really no matter what variant of governance we adopt until corruption is discouraged there is no hope.

      • True Nigerian

        I see your point and I agree to the extent that bad governance in this country is complemented by defective system. But the latter (defective system) does not stop the former (horrific governance) from being addressed. Overall, the reason I argue that PDP must be replaced at the centre is because it is just not right to have a democracy without competition. The APC is a questionable entity, but I will help them get into power and then we will watch them carefully like the fellows they are about to replace. But the idea of letting one party rule perpetually simply because the competitor is also of questionable credentials is no more than a veiled dictatorship. Democracy does not produce any good without competition. And you can see the outcome of 16 years of no competition. That is what I am eager to see its end. If we can do that, we will have built a foundation upon which to go into further territories by engaging the structural aspects of the problems as you have rightly highlighted.

        But I want you to note one thing which Kitunde has highlighted below – No system will work in the hands of the utterly corrupt and reckless leaders. They will always find a way to ruin it. So we must address the leadership question. Buhari is not so amazing, but he will be a significant stepping stone to the next level. I know brilliant, young, patriotic and adept visionaries in this country who are ready to join politics if the system gives room for merit and if the people show better judgement than they currently do. But they are all balking at leadership opportunities because the system stinks of usurpation aided by an electorate that is so absent-minded from the rot that is destroying their lives.

  • Wähala

    BREAKING NEWS: Baba Iyabo echoes @Höly Wähala, others!

    I’ve said that Dr. Dumbo is an evil jinx Nigeria must break, “OBJinx” I called him, well, now that Obsanjo has owned up to his mistake, it is incumbent upon us to now look beyond the man and take his message seriously. A closer look…
    A) Verbal violence… “Yoruba Christians” & “Yoruba Muslims” can degenerate into physical violence viz: Fayose vs. Judge!
    B) Mgmt of Democracy… “Dirchy Democracy” is dictatorship backed by brute force of the military. Cr. – Gov. Amaechi.
    C) Economy… “Not truly what the economy is…in doldrums, if not in reverse” is apt. The Naira has been devalued!
    D) Corruption…”when the head is rotten, the whole body is useless” is again, apt! OPL245 heist, $20bn NNPC heist…
    E) Security… “(BH) not out to frustrate anyone’s political efforts”. BH is apolitical, only the political will is lacking…
    I hate OBJ but I like him… he shoots from the waist! Ol’ Soja. Calls a drunk a drunk without mincing or mixing-up words. Of course he’s he’s on the money, no sane and discerning Nigerian can fault his assessment of Nigeria today under Dumbo… “A Crime Scene” – cr.@Dare.

  • JonathanPHOBIC

    I no fit laugh. Premium Times no go kill person with headlines one day. Obasanjon ‘Bombs Jonathan again’? So Obasanjo be throw Bomb before? Well, since the first bomb no kill even fowl, then this one will kill ‘lothing’. Nonsense!

    When Iyabo write her letter, breeze no blow? Yes! Breeze blow and Fowl yansh open waaaaaaa…and SHIT show plenty. Now u still get mouth to dey yarn rubbish. Only you send ur boys with N50m cash to go give Ige, then small time them spray old wine with bullets. The confessions were made live on Sahara TV over a year ago. This crude entity who should be in jail with hard labour for crimes in Odi, Bakassi & elsewhere
    is the one speaking. Truly too many patients are prescribing drugs for self and others in Nigeria.

    By the way, Jona is a full blown Niger Deltan, so he is immune to Bombs in whatever form. He will be there till 2019. Pure & Simple

    • Mohstone

      By 2019 fish-scales must have grown on Jona’s back. Cos very soon we will send him back to your creeks. But you can accomodate him in your matrimonial bed if you so wish.

    • Marthins

      True word. Thanks.

    • Musa Aliyu

      that explains why he and Chadian preside keep bombing us in north east? we shall see

  • @Amuwospeaks

    Obadanjo is a PDP chieftain and he has chosen to tell the truth, afterall he was the president before GEJ and he knows what is right and what are to be put to place

    • Chris1408

      OBJ suddenly woke up and became a saint trying to save Nigeria. OBJ is angry because this wicked GEJ administration has relegated him to nothing. Every well meaning Nigerian knows the truth about GEJ administration.

      • Mohstone

        And thats the truth as revealed by his God-father. So what are you saying???

        • Chris1408

          We all know GEJ is a failure, an appendage of OBJ administration. GEJ learned his impunity from OBJ. So what’s good about that?

          • Mohstone

            Am just confirming your statement above “Every well meaning Nigerian knows the truth about GEJ administration”. So that means Obj is right. GEJ is destroying the country.

          • Chris1408

            Very well YES, GEJ is a disaster, he’s destroyed Nigeria and it’s sad people are still clamoring for his reelection. That said, OBJ should close his ugly mouth because in a sane society, he’d be in jail for life.

          • endingNaija

            But according to his Ijaw, Niger Delta, South South and South East “Christian” Handlers GEJ is the “Christian” candidate in 2015. And OBJ is at least a Christian. Dont you think a Christian has a right to criticize another christian? At least you will not read religion to this one-It is not your (GEJ handlers) evil “Yoruba Muslim” against “Yoruba Christian” evil in your (GEJ and his handlers) mind!!! I just dey laaaaf for these GEJ handlers!

          • Chris1408

            you shouldn’t comment if your mind is so corrupt with religion and tribal bias.

          • endingNaija

            No be me oooo! Na una do am!!! But the Ijaw/Niger Delta/South South, Sout East handlers of GEJ wanted the votes of “Yoruba Christians” and they created the disease, sick dichotomy and illiteracy called “Yoruba Christian/Muslim” And you gave “man of God” the “venerable” “Pastor” Bosun Emmanuel OIL MONEY to produce the illiterate thing he distributed (before he was stopped) at the Redeem Camp of the Redeem Christian Church on Lagos Ibadan expressway. Na una do am . No be anybodyooooo

          • segun

            You just agreed that GEJ has failed. You just confirmed Obasanjo’s observation on GEJ.

      • endingNaija

        And what is the truth about GEJ administration? Let me give you the latest -(i) that GEJ is consitutionally responsible for the invasion of the National Assembly by the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Abba who he GEJ appointed. (ii) that politically he is the leader of a party-PDP- that imported three THUGS who are not members of the Ekiti house of assembly TO VOTE to impeach the speaker of the Ekiti House of assembly. And that procedurally that EKITI vote in the Ekiti assembly (where THREE THUGS who are not members of the house) though illegal, criminal and invalid is being treated as part of NIGERIAN LAW! In other words, under GEJ Nigerian Law has a Law where thugs voted to make such act become a Law. That is the verdict on your GEJ my friend.

        • Chris1408

          Totally agreed, as seen from his great predecessor OBJ. GEJ, OBJ different acronyms, same evil rulers in Nigeria.

          • endingNaija

            You Totally agreed with the truth that GEJ FAILED and that he is irredeemable? Thanks!

          • Chris1408

            yes, GEJ is a failure and beyond redemption.

          • endingNaija

            Case closed! meet you at the polls in 2015 if we still have a country that GEJ has already destroyed and is being cremated!

          • baba Messi

            Blond APC mice!
            See how u are all hounding chris1408. I have followed his posts and he is anti GEJ and the corruption his party-PDP represents. Difference is, chris1408 is far more matured and objective than all of you arguing blindly with him. Can’t u see he agrees this regime is inept? But he is not so biased to see a greater evil (obj) and call it good!
            It’s amazing that out of prejudice and bias, you APC hosts will song praises to anyone no matter how bad he/she is. The danger is, you guys are unwittingly giving these men of yesteryears who destroyed this country some form of leverage to teleguide things again for the umpteenth time!

          • Mohstone

            Am happy to see one of the die-hard supporters of GEJ is finally accepting the truth about GEJ. Chris we shall remove your name from the e-rats that are collecting daily moi-moi from Okupe and Reno.

          • Chris1408

            I’ve never been a supporter of this Mumu drunkard. Never ever. Neither am I in support of OBJ talking trash when he truncated Nigeria democratic system.

        • Peter

          You are mad! Paid e-thugs of no good wretch.

          • tundemash

            I can see you are areally struggling to counter all the negativity about Dumbo. Reality don overtake Fantasy …. sorry o ….. end of amnesty awoof is in sight!!!

      • tundemash

        Only an insane won’t be angry about the state of Nigeria.

  • Dan Arewa

    Mr. Akupe must be an ***hole.

  • True Nigerian

    Interesting times to be an observer or participant of Nigeria’s democracy.

    It seems Baba will finish Jonathan before Buhari gets the ticket. From the way things are going, it appears that Baba has bought new pairs of assorted shoes for Jonathan. For a man who didn’t have shoes before, Jonathan should be happy for the present. But bro Jona is not happy at all, apparently because he can smell that the shoes his Baba has bought for him are worn only by people that are travelling to Otuoke without a return ticket! 🙂

    On the other hand, Buhari is aboki na! He will never tell you about shoes, even if he doesn’t have one. He is happy to walk into Abuja…barefooted!

    • Mohstone

      Kai .. I cant stop laughing. You made my day bro.

    • Torid B

      All Nigerians should arise and campaign to stop Jonathan. This is a task that has to be done. He is a colossal failure and will bring the nation down if not stopped.

      • Mohstone

        “Bring the nation down”??? to what level??? The nation is already down. Nigeria is on her knees begging for rescue come Feb 2015. Nigeria is a failed state. Compare Nigeria with Afghanistan and Pakistan and you will be surprise that they are better.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        I just donated one kobo to the Buhari Support Organisation ((BSO), Acc No – 2026724405, First Bank plc.

        I will double it when he emerges as the APC flag carrier.

        To Diasporan Nigerians who cannot vote, let your money do the talking.

        No Nigerian should be left out of the fight to salvage our country from the savages holding it by the jugular.

        • Wähala

          I’m pledging N1 given that the naira has lost value… we may need a bit more effort to dump a guy who has stolen $20bn to make sure he remains relevant. LoL!

          • King Carlos


          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, Wahala.

            No kobo is too small.

            Let us give this $20bn some roforofo fight joor!

          • True Nigerian

            We must not fail to encourage people to collect their own share of the stolen $20b and still show the giver the door out of Aso Rock and the way back to his militants-sponsoring head office in Otuoke.

        • tundemash

          Is this donation real? How come the Buhari publicity people have not advertised it? I am ready to donate also . Jonathan Ebola must be flushed out !

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            For real, Tunde.

            It is also on el-Rufai’s tweet.

            I am not sure why Team GMB has not pushed this some more, but the appeal (I believe there is one on Vanguard) is only asking for N100 per person. Perhaps, they are waiting to see if he is taken on as the flag flyer for APC, which would make sense.

          • tundemash

            If indeed he succeeds as the APC flagbearer, i will definitely put my money in. Nigeria needs someone who is ready to risk all ! Not a coward that is “un-convicting” convicted looters and scared to visit territories he presides over.

        • True Nigerian

          Gbam!! Seconded 1million times! Thank you for this. The high-speed train has not even departed the station yet. Wait until Sai Buhari gets the ticket, and we will frighten these Jonathanians and bring their coal-powered locomotive to a freezing point!

        • dudu

          will do just that too!, I copied the account number from your post and I’m sure, its genuine

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Thanks, bruv.

            May God replenish that pocket abundantly.


  • blackdove

    “Religion is a personal thing and every man has the right to choose his own, or
    practice it the way he
    likes. Most of the sycophants that use
    religion to defame the character of Buhari are not even practicing their
    acclaimed self righteousness.
    Many of them are occultists. They kill and conduct daily human sacrifices to remain in power. Buhari is a man of integrity and I respect him a lot. But because majority of those who
    have looted this country to poverty are afraid to end up in jail or loose their ill gotten wealth, they chose to fabricate lies against Buhari.
    They hire hungry and
    morally corrupted scholars to do the dirty jobs on their behalf.
    It is quite unfortunate that Nigerians buy all the lies they trade through the media. This is the only country where people prefer to believe in a hear say than make a
    research. Only a
    minute population of Nigerians are willing to
    investigate an allegation before they draw conclusions.
    Nigerians have resolved to be praise singers to corrupt leaders. We have failed
    to ask for accountability. Our conscience has been beclouded with
    religious and ethnic sentiments. Our sense of judgement and reason have been
    blinded by poverty.
    We chose to mortgage our tomorrow and the
    future of our children for the rice and a few Naira notes they share during elections.
    All we believe is the roads, the bridges, the railways, the electricity they build only on televisions.
    I always ask my self these questions:
    1. Where are the roads? The
    Abuja-Lokoja road was
    awarded by Obasanjo’s
    administration. He spent 8 years in the office. Then Yaradua
    and Goodluck spent
    another 4 years. Now if Goodluck is elected, he will be spending another 8 years. This
    will amount to 20 years and 180 km road is yet to be
    Enugu-Onitsha road was also awarded by the Obasanjo
    administration and till date, a journey that is
    supposed to take 45 minutes can take you
    8 hours if it rains. Enugu-PH road is on the same series. What about Uyo-Calabar route?
    What of Kaduna-Mokwa-Jebba-Oyo road. Just to mention a few.
    2. Where is the power? They sold all the NEPA to their friends. We pay for the light that was not supplied.
    3. Our education and health system go bad
    everyday. Lecturers and Health workers
    spent more time at
    home than in the schools and hospitals as a result of
    incessant strikes.
    4. The government failed to provide us with security. People are being killed everyday and yet
    government comes out to tell us they are in control.
    4. Why are we pretending that all is well? It is only in
    Nigeria where monies develop wings and fly. $20billion oil money disappeared and they
    said it was $10 billion.
    Forensic investigators were hired and that was the end of the story.
    N20 billion pension
    fund stolen and nothing came out of it. $9.3 million seized in South Africa and government claimed it
    was meant for
    ammunition purchase. The immigration scandal has also been swept under the carpet because the senate could not proceed with their
    investigation. The man behind the contract is sitting among the high seats in the senate.
    Innocent people were defrauded and they at the same time lost their lives yet, we have a transparent
    5. Why are we praising
    government as if they are doing whatever with their personal
    money. How many
    people in their various communities have they provided scholarship with their personal money before they got
    elected? The reason they got elected is to manage our resources and not to loot us dry.
    One thing I know is
    that we will not have any meaningful development except if we make a change. Age or no age, Buhari is a better option for the present day Nigeria”
    Please pass it on.

  • Wähala

    The Presidency via obese Doyin Okupe in particular, made a grave mistake by responding aggressively to what was clearly a set-up comment about the performance of Dr. Dumbo as president. It was Baba’s vote he cast that any smart political strategist would have dismissed him by calling it, “subjective opinion” instead of the gra-gra personal attacks against a vengeful old soldier. Well, Baba has stuck his foot into Okupe’s nyash and there’s no evidence he’s ready to back down from his final position. Say what you may, Baba Iyabo is not running for re-election, he is a prominent “stakeholder” in the Nigerian project, according to folks. So, attacking him keeps him in the limelight with Dumbo receiving negative press because discerning minds will be forced to look at the argument from both sides. To me, OBJ has begun his campaign for the opposition while maintaining his honor as an ex-President who never defected to the opposition, but made change possible with the opposition… clever permutation! Hahahahaaaa chai… na laff for kalabari!

    • endingNaija

      wahala, I thank you for this. But give me small laugh- you meant “OBJ did not “DEFECATED” on the opposition like Mimiko DEFECATED on the good Ondo state people on his way from Labor party to PDP? I go laaaafu taya for Naija. Anyway “tanks” for ya post!!!

      • Wähala

        Baba will punish the PDP until they “DEFECATE” through their mouths. He has plugged obese Doyin’s fat ahnus with this salvo… Wallai, Ma’sha Allah, Doyin will another “conscious mistake” by phoolishly respond and end up taking another blow to the torso. Given all that fat, it takes a lot of ol’ blows to really make an impact on an obese “attack lion” so, I expect their campaign “war-of-words” to continue. Hahaha chei!

        • Peter

          You this Wahala man, the German slave who does nothing but sits behind computers doing the inglorious APC assignment. If really you are a Nigerian, why not come home and show yourself and see if you will not be stoned to death. Based on rumour mongering, you criticize and condemn he government of your country and its leadership for no cause other than the promise that APC will rehabilitate you when you finish your prison terms in Germany. The only regret is that Jonathan will be re-elected for a second term and you will have no hiding place. If you think we don’t know your identity, you are kidding. When are you coming out of the German jail. Tell APC so that they will pick you up and to protect you payback time is waiting for you on arrival.

          • Wähala

            Senseless Mumu…
            So APC needs to go all the way to German prisons to employ people to do hatchet jobs against your crumbs giver ba? See your reasoning level. Some people must be banned from thinking… you qualify!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          “Given all that fat, it takes a lot of ol’ blows to really make an impact on an obese “attack lion” – Wahala.

          Walahi, Wahala, you no go kill person with lafta o!

    • tundemash

      Simples !!!

  • Prof Udeme Iboro -Ibok

    With reference to the many high-profile assassinations that took place during the Obasanjo Years, the 2 former aides (Bodunde Adeyanju & Richard Odusanya) drew specific attention to the killings of Chief Bola Ige, who was the Attorney General and Minister of Justice when he was mysteriously killed.

    “Ige, the petition recalled, had uncompromisingly resolved to work to sustain the control of Southwest Nigeria by his party, the Alliance for Democracy…President Obasanjo was bent on capturing the same geo-political area by all means… and Mr. Odusanya himself was actively involved in delivering direct bribes from the Obasanjo government Chief Ige”

    “The last [of such bribes] being a N50 million cash, Odusanya gave to Chief Ige days before his assassination, at the instance of his principals. The Greek gifts or bribes seemed not to have swayed Chief Bola Ige as he still embarked on the consolidation trip where he met his untimely death,” the petition said.”

    The petition also drew attention to the curious statement by Bodunde Adeyanju, another former Personal Assistant of President Obasanjo that he admitted to the police over the Halliburton scandal that he collected US$6 million but that he made sure he did not implicate Baba Obasanjo, and questioned whether Adeyanju, a lowly presidential hand, have collected such a vast amount of money without Obasanjo’s cover, let alone his knowledge. ———–> Curled from Sahara Reporters, April 24, 2013

    • Lorddaniels

      what if I tell you that it was bola Tinubu that killed bola Ige and not obj?

      Just check and ponder on the fact that who benefited more from bola iges death.

      • Prof Udeme Iboro – Ibok

        Well, I see no difference between the two. Humanity would be better off if the two were not born

      • tundemash

        really ? So why not inform the police …… yeye dey smell !

    • ODOFIN, Lagos


    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Hundred and thousands are killed by the combined effort of Jonathan, idris Derby and ali Sheriff. Please listen to reason. Goodluck is indeed badluck

    • Peter

      What about Odi massacre?

  • Engr Michael Goodluck Bassey

    We have forgotten so easilly..a pot calling a kettle black….

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Forget about the messager but listen to mesaage which to me has meaning. Goodluck is a fraud.

      • Nuel

        Goodluck is a fraud because the OBJ said so?? Or because you support your brother buhari??

        • Mohstone


          • Peter

            Why? Is it because you northerners are saying so?

        • tundemash

          Is it only OBJ who has rightly called Dumbo a fraud or is it only Buhari contesting against Dumbo ?

    • Kolade O

      Not a pot pls!, it is a very old useless kettle who refused to die

  • King Carlos

    I beg Nigerians to please listen to Obasanjo, he’s been there and he knows what is going on. Out of all former presidents, he’s the only one that has been telling the truth about Jonathan’s government. It’s true that Obasanjo had his shortcomings as a president but he never plunged Nigeria to this level of crises.

    Obasanjo Is Obviously appalled by the way Jonathan has ruined the country. His statements are non partisan, after all he is a PDP member.

    Please and please ….let us listen to obasanjo o. No matter how bad obasanjo was, he was not an ethnic or religious president. He didn’t divide the country along religious lines. He didn’t lose any territory to terrorists and he left billions of dollars in our foreign reserve. Obasanjo is not telling lies about Jonathan just to get rid of him.

  • sammyctu ode

    Whether we like it or not, President Obasanjo is the only ex-President telling the truth about jonathhan. AGIP like Gowon is going about praising this evil government. Yes, Obasanjo made mistakes but at thesame time, he empowered all tribes during his 8 year tenure and the West respected us. If Obasanjo was still president, there is no way boko haram will raise their evil flags all over the North. Our economic prospects were good under his regime compared to now when the NAIRA has crashed. Before the end of the year, the Naira will almost be 200 to the dollar. Jonathan wasted our resources and HE MMUST GO. Even the ND people, what have they benefitted under jonathan?- NOTHING. jonathan gave a secret 9.6 Billion Dollar contract to tompolo and five others to stop oil theft but that was when the stealing of our oil increased. Buhari is a very honest Head of State who does not have a single house in Abuja, who’s daughter married a Christian from Anambra, who gave Christians Sunday off because the Bible said so and refused the Moslems a day off because he said there is nowhere in the Koran that says they should have a day off. Nigerians should not start abusing President Obasanjo because of what he said against jonathan, we should praise him for having the courage to defend us against an evil jonathan and useless government.

    • Mohstone

      THank you for saying the truth.

    • King Carlos

      God bless you 4 this.

  • iyke

    Greetings to the general public,


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.


    Prices of cars below..call 08142710826 REV STEVEN BELLO FOR YOUR CHOICE OF CAR.

  • Frank Bassey

    OBJ is indeed a pretentious character. OBJ talking about tolerance of opposition? OBJ criticizing GEJ of not being tolerant? Satan must have converted.

    • Chris1408

      Na wao. OBJ and Maurice Iwu ruined democracy in Nigeria. Under both men, Nigerians were denied democracy. It’s selection instead of election. We’re now reaping the results with GEJ.

      • Mohstone

        So if your father is an armed robber then it implies that you must also be an armed robber abi??? Sorry for the example just concentrate on the question.

  • ODOFIN, Lagos

    I think GEJ will go on exile at last…Tell the beneficiaries of his corrupt administration to prepare their ways out of this country cos corruption will NOT be glorified and redefined as stealing in the next administration from 2015. GEJ is on his way out already…

    • Ken

      Are you the owner of this country? GEJ owns it better than you. It is you and your people that will go on exile. Haters.

      • ODOFIN, Lagos

        I only share my thought. It does not mean he will necessary go on exile. The pressure might become too much for him to bear that he may consider or even go on self-exile…Contrary to your statement, I don’t hate the person of GEJ and but I dislike totally his leadership style, indulging of corruption and nepotism, creating and promoting division among Nigerians etc

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    OBJ is a nationalist who believe in Nigeria. It is on record when Jonathan the so called Commander in chief could not go to Bauchi talkless of Damaturu, OBJ went to Maiduguri. Any one can say anything but he ramained the only respected and national leader we have.

    • Ken

      And what was the result of Obj going to Maiduguri? The relation of mohammed was killed. Is that what GEJ should be doing? Let us think right.

      • tundemash

        and it is his not going that would help matters ? How come he visited TB Joshua when the church buidling collapsed? Why did it take Malal, 16 year old Pakistani girl, before Dumbo realised he needed to meet with the Chibok parents ? Isn’t that shameful enough for you that your leader had to be told the right thing to do by a 16year old ?

  • Nuel

    LOL!!! I think OBJ is on a personal Vendetta against GEJ. OBJ accuses GEJ of being evil, corrupt and calls GEJ a dictator. Well that is a new one. From being called weak, clueless, now the rhythm has changed to a DICTATOR…. Pretty funny pray tell who tried to DICTATE to a sitting president while he was in his Otta Farm….. I should even say this latest attack is as a result of the meeting he had with the Opposing leaders. NO leader in the History of Nigeria has suffered such daily attacks from all angles. The attacks won’t make us hate GEJ though. If he had Fixed Nigeria during his very corrupt & shady administration, GEJ won’t have much work to do.

    • Mohstone

      And GEJ is also on personal vendetta against innocent Nigerians who voted wholeheartedly for him.

      • Nuel

        I don’t think so sir…. He’s doing his best as a politician and as the President..but as it is forces would always oppose him. We don’t expect everyone to like him

        • tundemash

          exactly ! GEJ and you should expect criticism whether constructive or destructive. No leader is immune from criticsm; let GEJ deal with it by doing his job diligently. Only a quack will expect not to be criticised !

    • tundemash

      You said : !!! I think OBJ is on a personal Vendetta against GEJ.
      When OBJ was on “personal propaganda” in 2011 holding GEJ’s hands al over the country , did you cry then ?

      You said: NO leader in the History of Nigeria has suffered such daily attacks from all angles.

      No leader in the history of Nigeria has been this corrupt and inept. No leader in the history of Nigeria has lost territories to terrorists. No leader in the histroy of Nigeria has locked MPs out of House of Parliament. No leader in the history of Nigeria has claimed stealing isn’t corruption …… need i go more ?

      • fineworker24

        I never knew IBB and abacha are saints when it come to corruption. Not t talk of OBJ whom el-rufai told us has less than twenty thousand naira before he was elected as President. Haahaahaahaabaa lies

        • tundemash

          Mr. fineworker, if your interpretation of my submission is that IBB and Abacha are saints, you need to concentrate on your “finework” chasing perewinkle and cat fish at the creek; intellectual discourse isn’t your thing !
          And by the way … did Dumbo ot ask Abacha’s son to go and sin no more ?
          Did Dumbo not honour Abacha with a national honour ?
          oya, throw me another f00lish line …..

          • Wale

            And who killed their number one citizen Saro-wiwa?

      • Nuel

        Yes, go more: and don’t forget to mention the sins of saint OBJ.

        • tundemash

          as far as I a concerned OBJ’s sin is unforgivable; he bequeathed Nigeria with two sick men; one had no kidney and the other had no brain !

          • Nuel

            LOL>>> So who are we voting for?

          • tundemash

            stop being a clown …. is OBJ contesting against Dumbo ?

          • Nuel

            LOL!!! why you insulting me sir??… Just tell us who we voting for come 2015..

          • tundemash

            very funny indeed ! Asking you to stop being a cl0wn is an insult ? And just up there, u claimed someone ran a shady & corrupt govt; u were right though but was that was a praise?

            I still think it cl0wnish you asking someone to direct you on who to vote for. I can give you a guide though;
            1. Do not vote on religion and ethnicity; it has been proven NOT to bring about electrictity, security or good roads.
            2. Lookout for the manisfesto of each party/candidate
            3. Ask about past performances of each candidate.
            4. Don’t be stup1d to vote a candidate and claim you didn’t vote his party.

          • Nuel

            Make your point, tell us your preferred candidate, or are you not proud of having a choice? say Buhari, Atiku, GEJ

          • tundemash

            Cl0wn … not even INEC could ask me to tell them my candidate, not to talk of an e-rat, hence it is secret ballot
            You claimed OBJ has vendetta against your tin-god GEJ and i agreed with you saying further that OBJ’s sins are unforgive-able since he bequeathed Nigeria with two sick men, which you didn’t dispute, and out of the blues you asked who you should vote for then as if OBJ is a contestant. I have advised you on how to vote, if you now feel stup1d by your na1ve quest1ons, deal with it !

  • the truth

    This is another soap opera. We are all watching as the polity heads to february 2015.

    • Chris1408

      It’s democrazy practiced by wicked politicians

      • the truth

        which politician is not wicked or which politician has you and i as his priority. Wise up 2015

        • Chris1408

          Absolutely none. That’s why we need credible and patriotic candidates. The current political system doesn’t permit such.

          • the truth

            so who do you suggest sir?

          • Mohstone

            He is suggesting that you vote for Buhari to save you from dawning.

          • the truth

            are u now his mouth piece?

          • Mohstone

            He is tired of talking to you, So i assisted in telling you whats right.

          • Chris1408

            Definitely not your swamp drunkard

        • Holy Warrior

          @ The Truth,

          It no longer makes sense to discuss Islam in hush tones if it has the capacity of being used for genocide. That is the point ALL Nigerian Leaders; including President Jonathan, Pastor Oritsejafor Sultan of Sokoto, and, General Obasanjo are missing.

          Islam is the cause of today’s genocidal crisis. Islam must be discussed frankly and in the open
          for limits to be placed on Islam’s potentials for genocide.

          To respect a religion is NOT the same thing as accepting genocide. Under the United Nations Charter, genocide is declared an international crime. Every person is authorized to fight and
          defeat genocide. The murderers in Boko Haram don’t need reconciliation. They need slaughter.

          Until President Jonathan comes to this logical conclusion, this 5-year war against Boko Haram
          will continue for another decade. Boko Haram appears insuperable but it is not. Opportunistic raids are techniques any rag-tag militia can use. Boko Haram can’t hold any territory permanently, after five years. Is that a fighting force in military terms? No! Now, the Christians in central and southern regions might soon be provoked to carry the battle to Boko Haram. At that point the world will see that the fury of usually restrained Christians is deadlier than the bluster of Muslims.

  • Nawafordem


    “The only way to stop us from stealing is to stone us. The Nigerian followers
    are as guilty as the Nigerian leaders. The Nigerian institutions are compromised
    and there is no alternative to them as it is. Nigerians appear not to be against stealing
    and corruption but only against how long you stay stealing and being corrupt.
    Don’t ever expect those in public office to fight corruption on these facts.”

    ….…..Governor Rotimi Amaechi

    (Rivers state)

    (June 30th, 2014)

    • Jones Ifekayode

      what is your points here?

      • ugooliver

        Don’t expect any change in 2015 whether na Jona dey rule orna buhari dey rule…the nwe APC is former PDP get that

        • tundemash

          atleast we will have a change. If APC messes up in 4 years, they would be voted out too. Only a madman does same thing for 16years without desiring a change !!!

  • Kola

    That is good

  • Kola

    When you and your foot soldiers vowed to make the country ungovernable what do you expect? However, here are some of his achievements so far:
    Some of Projects commissioned under GEJ’s administration and compare it with past Nigeria leaders.

    1. 125 Almajiri Schools in 13 Northern States

    2. 27 Special girls school

    3. 12 New Federal Universities

    4. 34 new NCE awarding institutions

    5. 101 Presidential Special Scholarship for Innovation and development

    6. 10 Million increase in Basic education enrollment (UBEC)

    7. 75% Increase in O’Level credit pass in Math and English

    8. 100 Innovation Enterprise Institutions licensed

    9. 7000 lecturers sponsored for post graduate studies home and abroad

    10. 51 Polytechnic laboratories rehabilitated

    11. Doubled increase on Education allocation

    12. 104 candidates scaled the final hurdle
    (First Class Graduates) for Presidential scholarship award and were asked to
    apply to study in any of the top 25 universities in the world approved for the
    scheme for their Phd.


    1] Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa State. —North Central.

    2] Federal University, Lokoja, Kogi State. ——-North Central.

    3] Federal University, Kashere, Gombe State.– North East.

    4] Federal University, Wakari, Taraba State. —-North East.

    5] Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State.-North West.

    6] Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State.——-North West.

    7] Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa State. —South South.

    8] Federal University, Ndufe-Alike, Ebonyi State.-South East.

    9] Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State.——-South West.


    The following roads
    are either reconstructed of nearing completion:

    1. Apapa – Oshodi Expressway

    2. Benin-Ore-Sgagamu Highway

    3.Enugu-Portharcourt Dual carriage way

    The following roads
    are undergoing dualisation:

    1. Kano – Maiduguri Road

    2. Abuja-Abaji-Lokoja Road

    The following is
    fully done:

    Oweto Bridge across River Benue

    The Following Roads are fully done:

    1. Onitsha-Owerri Road

    2. Vom-Manchok Road

    3. Onitsha Head Bridge – Flyover (Ojukwu Gateway) which Gov Obi did and got
    federal refund

    The following roads
    are under construction or reconstruction:

    1. Onitsha – Enugu Road

    2. Lokoja – Benin Road

    3. Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

    4. Mokwa-Bida Road

    5. Akure-Ilesha Road

    6. East-West Road

    7. Sokoto-Tambuwal-Jega Road

    8. Enugu- Abakaliki- Cross River Road

    9. Ogoja – Ikom Road

    10. Vandekiya-Obudu Road


    The following bridge was concessioned to Juluis Berger and early works have
    commenced: Second Niger Bridge


    1. National Aviation Master plan and Road map was developed and is being

    2. Air Safety – INSTALLATION of cutting age navigational aids and Instruments
    Landing Systems, including runway lights and Total Radar Coverage (TRACON)

    3. Airport Infrastructure – For the firdt time in three decades, ALL 22
    federally owned airports are being remodeled and renovated

    4. Cargo Airport – 16 airports close to nation’s food baskets designed to
    transport perishables.

    5. New Terminal for 5 International Airports at Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt,
    Kano and Enugu.

    6. Certification – US Category 1 Certification attained.


    1. Under GEJ, Nigeria has two
    automobile industries manufacturing vehicles, Innoson in Nnewi and Nissan in

    2. Nigeria exports cement


    1. Mortgage – The Nigerian Mortgage Refinancing Corporation was set up to
    enable 200,000 affordable mortgages within 5 years at affordable interest rate.

    2. Over 61,000 housing units have been built in six geographical zones.


    1. African Nations Cup (last won in 1994)

    2. Fifa U-17 (Last won in 2007)

    3. Word Athletic Championship 4 medals (No medal since 2000)

    Rail Transport:

    Over 15 years, Rail transport has been
    deserted, it took GEJ less than 2 years to put it back on track and commissioned
    6 New Air-condition Trains in Lagos last

    1. Lagos-Kano Rail

    2. Kano-Maiduguri,
    under construction

    3. Lagos-Portharcourt

    Under construction:

    1. Kaduna-Abuja

    2. Abuja axis

    Privatised PHCN and Power Generating Plants undergoing constructions in different

    Nigeria became biggest economy in African overtaken South Africa.

    Sentiment Apart and don’t be bias, Which past Nigeria President/Head of state has recorded these in 3 years?

    • Dr. Kay

      Absolute thrash and hatched ,patched , ojoro laden and lies on lies. I can assure you that all the nonsense you rolled out above is full of holes and lies .

      • ugooliver

        Please prove him wrong, if you can…I think Nigerians have so much to know about before 2015…whether real or unreal instead of tongue lashing anybody or the president

        • Dr. Kay

          That is not my job APC will unravel all the wish list Kola listed above ,or you don forget the one kwakwaso did the other day ? Just be very patient ,all the lies shall be exposed.

          • tundemash

            very easy to prove wrong. let him scan us the receipt of his lagos-Kano rail trip please.

        • tundemash

          very easy to prove wrong. Scan us the receipt of your lagos-Kano rail trip please.

      • Patriotic Citizen

        Absolutely correct!!!!!!!

    • emma sochi

      1- 125 almajiri schools? Total lies!!!! Pls indicate their locations just as you did the universities…
      2- kano- maiduguri road???? This was contracted out by OBJ, work continued by yar’adua but perpetual corruption hindered its completion within time by JEG…6 yrs in, hardly 50% done and its only about 430km only
      3- kano- lagos rail? I laugh!!!!! Where the thing dey????
      4- 7000 lecturers sponsored?I laugh again….pls refer us to where the data base sits!!!

      Now supposing all those things u’ve mentioned are true, pls justify the following:

      1- in 6 yrs, our average daily crude oil production is 1.94 bpd while our average budget price benchmark has been #73 pb while a barrel price over the same period has been average $100. Now tell Nigerian what has happened to the difference of $27 pb for 2,190 days i.e. $51.13bn…. it never got recorded in the national treasury either through CBN, ninistry of finance of AGF’s offices. This money is enough to Deploy 102,000 megawatts generation capacity at an average international standard cost of $500k!!!!

      I have not even taken into account the very poor percentile budgetry performance year-in, year-out.

      You are here blabbing as if all Nigerians are fools!!!!

      • Erico

        My friend I travelled on that Kano Maiduguri road, late last year. It was still under construction…
        Our average is now 2.1million barrels daily. My friend when oil is sold the entire proceed is not paid to government that makes your equation $27 pb for 2,190 days i.e. $51.13bn faulty. In reality oil companies pay royalty to government or give the government a share of the crude for NNPC to sell. thats what is done

      • Ken

        It is actually 150 Almajiri schools. 14 new Universities, 7000 lecturers sponsored. You are asking of the difference between our oil prices, are you not in the country when the Govs always say they should share all the revenues? Go and ask your gov.

      • Patriotic Citizen

        On point men!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Bros, Benin-Ore-Shagamu road that was awarded during Yar’Adua era was rewarded by your brother- Fraud.
      AC train that charges N750 per trip. An average worker pays N1,500 per day excluding other transportation cost.
      In 21 working days, a worker that uses the train pays N31,500 per month excluding other transportation cost.
      How many Nigerains earns N30,000 per month to afford your AC train. I hope you were aware there was a protest against the charges. This tells you PDP government is very far from the people.
      Power was privatised and government still gave them bail out funds on several accassions. This tells you the sale was done to family and friends and that’s why power generation has not gone above the range of 3,000 to 4,000 mgw.
      I hope you know what you are talking about.

    • You didn’t mention the oduahs deal and the unaccounted twenty billion dolla

    • Almightygodalmightygod

      My brother so you too don fall mugu to these propaganda .? Go to those project site and see ,you will weep for Jonathan ,all what they claim they have achived are propaganda nothing on ground .

    • Patriotic Citizen

      Now I pity you my uncle………..You decided to share the coconut water that filled GEJ’s brain. Though you still have the chances of seeing beyond your nose since he only affected you with just 10%of his brain. Thank you for this propaganda!!!

  • Sheikh Maliki

    Editor Premium Times:

    In a normal country Goodluck Jonathan could be local government councillor.
    He does not show any ability to think through more complex national situation.
    And worse, he does not at all inspire confidence that Nigeria is in good hands.
    His appointees all lack knowledge, honour and honesty and are dead weight.

    But having said that, it is also a fact that Nigeria is in the middle of Islamic Jihad.
    General Obasanjo is too jaundiced and naive not to reckon this most important fact.
    That is why Obasanjo lacks in thinking ability to be a statesman by global standards.
    Were he bright he’d asked, “Where in the world is Islamic Jihad solved with Islamist party?

  • Spoken word

    Mr OBJ why did you make Goodluck VP, with all the outstanding leaders we have in the country.now we are all suffering the consequence of that action.power in the wrong hands is very dangerous as we are all experiencing now.

  • clairvoyance

    When the head is rotten the whole body is useless-obj.
    say all u want the babale just hit the nail on the head. The most corrupt, inept, dictatorial and directionless president that have ever led this nation.

  • Olu

    The most evil man in Nigeria has spoken again. This evil must be contained. Obasanjo, you are the evil.

    • tundemash

      I agree….. so evil he bequeathed Nigera with two sick men …… one had no kidney, the other had no brain !

      • Wale

        Whoa!!!! softly, softly friend.

  • Rommel

    HahahahahahahahLol! wunderbar!

  • Benny

    Where we not in this country when the same Saint OBJ seized the legitimate monies that belong the Lagos State Local Government Area? Where we not in the country when OBJ made the National Assembly unworkable by ensuring that we had about 4 Senate President during his 8 year tenure? Where we not in this country that OBJ tear-gassed Chuba Okadigbo and other Senators? Where we not in this country OBJ paid 301 Senators 100 million each to extend his tenure. Where we not in this country when OBJ acquired all the wealth to build a university, presidential library during his tenure? OBJ is nothing but pure evil. He should go and reconcile with his family and God first before proferring solutions to Nigeria problems.

    • Almightygodalmightygod

      But let the truth be told obj is not as divisive as Jonathan

      • Benny

        Please, can you expatiate how GEJ is divisive? Name one example and I will give 100 on how OBJ destroyed Nigeria.

        • tundemash

          the two evil belong to same evil party PDP so what exactly is your point celebrating one evil over a hundred ?
          Or did you vote GEJ but not PDP ?

  • Debekeme

    NO comment!

  • Chief Ovie Obaro JP

    IYABO Obasanjo writes father, says: ‘DEAR Daddy, you DON’T own Nigeria

    In the 11-page letter dated December 16, 2013 exclusively obtained by Vanguard, Iyabo accused her father of orchestrating a third term for himself as president, cruelty to family members, abandonment of children and grandchildren, and also, a legendary reputation of maltreatment of women. Hear her:

    “As a child well brought up by my long-suffering mother in Yoruba tradition, I have been reluctant to tell the truth about you but as it seems you still continue to delude yourself about the kind of person you are and I think for posterity’s sake it is time to set the records straight.”

    “For you to accuse someone else of what you so obviously practiced yourself tells of your narcissistic megalomaniac personality….I had tried to bring it up when your sycophantic aides were present and they brushed my comments aside and as usual you listened to their self-serving counsel…”

    My Dear Iyabo, time don reach to do another letter. Its almost one year and all your esteemed millions of readers are waiting. Pls quench this taste with another award winning letter and the Good Lord will bless you as you do so. Thanks!

    • Wale

      Chief, what type of letter would we read from your uneducated children, what would they write about you chief;
      That is if they can reason to that level of writing one.
      OBJ is here talking about what affects 170 million people, and you are here writing about what transpired between a father and his daughter.

      Shame on you.
      Attack OBJ on the points he raised,
      OBJ is doing what any sane person would do; criticizing a man he presented as a qualified and personified person to rule Nigeria, but he had no idea he was selling and presenting a complete incompetent bigot.
      And you’re faulting him for speaking out?

  • Ashibogu

    I dey laugh! Things fall apart. The Center of PDP cannot hold again. Mere anarchy is come upon our nation! Run! Run! Run! Fire on the Mountain or the Mountain is on fire! Make God punish bad people! Dem dey fight over nothing but their interests. Both the accuser and the accusee are guilty of the same thing. If godson no resemble godfather na who e go resemble? Na Tony Blair or Gordon Brown? Abeg who know where I go fit get Akpu chop? I dey h like mad! Only me don carry waka from here!

  • The Jonathan’s sympathizers will start disputing this established fact

  • Ken

    Obj just wants to prove that without him, GEJ is nothing. He is a liar. GEJ will disgrace him, as he would rule Nigeria without Obj. GEJ is a transformer and fruitful president. Obj is jealous that GEJ has performed more than him.

    • Almightygodalmightygod

      In your dream I guss

    • Nasir

      How did he perform more than him? Transformer of what? What is he transforming?

      If not for the fact that we cannot blame God for having to have allowed this evil and satanic man to be the
      president of the most populous black nation of the world, one would have thought otherwise. But God knows why He is punishing the whole people of Nigerians by choosing them a tyrannical, inept, corrupt, insensitive, gentle-looking but satanic man of Jonathan as a president.

      We shall all pray to God against the come-back of this Jonathan-led evil administration come 2015. We have had enough of endemic corruption, economic wastage, administrative ineptitude, looting of public funds with impunity and, above all, democratic oppression/tyranny. Enough is enough, Jonathan Goooooooooo!!!!!!

    • tundemash

      yeah right ..
      transformer of convicted looters into “un-convicted” citizens.
      transformer of ragtag Boko Haram into a force to reckon with.
      transformer of Nigerian army (who excel in Liberia) into Nigerian Boy’s scout scared of Boko Haram
      transformer of Nigerian Presidency into a yeye Presidency chasing runing to Chadian President every now and then.
      transformer of 6 > 19
      transformer of ND terrorists ito govt spokesmen.

      • Mohstone

        and … transformer of corruption from millions to trillions
        transformer of 7 > 26 (In Ekiti)
        transformer of impunity and lawlessness to the extent of beating up Judges

      • NUHU


        • Mohstone


        • tundemash

          intellectual dwarf , concentrate on cattle-rearing !.

      • Alcindo Satori

        …and your president for another 4 years. How about that!!

  • OBJ has bipolar.

  • OBJ is full of toilet.

    • Mohstone

      And GEJ is pit-latrine himself.

    • Wale

      toilet paper called Naira; ruined by GEJ

  • Sharia_Haram

    OBJ has gone MAD again. OBJ need to STOP sleeping with his daughter In-laws.

    • Dr. Kay

      Is that all you have to say to what OBJ laid out? Haba who is the the mad man here? You can’t even engage him on the points he clearly laid out, me I dey laff oh( in OBJ’s voice).

      • israel amulum

        Why should we dignify this man.obasanjo suffers from projection complex whereby he projects his obvious weaknesses to another person to divert attention from his person.every thing he said here portrays.OBASANJo

      • Alcindo Satori

        …and your laugh is bringing GEJ back another 4 years. Get used to it!

        • Bidemi Lukman

          Yes, is bringing him back to Otueke on bicycle come 2015 for another 4 years as commissioner for women affairs in Bayelsa.

    • tundemash

      dispute him point by point .

      • Alcindo Satori

        what is there to answer? He’s done and ain’t coming back as presido. Get used to it. And get used to another 4 years of GEJ!!!

  • Guguru

    Jonathanians are convulsing and throwing up just as the truth is slammed in their face.

    • Mohstone

      And there’s nothing they can do about it.

      • Guguru


  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was instrumental in the instalation into office of president Ebele Jonathan, and same Chief Obasanjo must not be criticize for condemning the anti-democracy and criminal acts of Mr Ebele Jonathan,while still in office.Afterward,Mr Ebele Jonathan does not accord no respect or gratitude to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo anymore.Freedom of expression as well as of speech are Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s fundamental right that can not be denied him till his death.Whether Mr Jonathan’s South=-South/East ethnic-bigotry supporters like it or not.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      He should put his right of speech in action to boot him out of Aso Rock 2015 now that he realised he made a mistake for putting him there.

  • Pandemonium Nigeriana

    “Time is running out for peaceful well-managed change.
    In order to avoid the horrors of descent into very bloody
    and destructive anarchy, there is immediate need for a
    revolutionary change.”

    …….Professor Ben Nwabueze
    [June 12, 2013]

  • Patriotic Citizen

    Obasanjo is not a saint……He is part of our problems……But GEJ’s catastrophic failures in Nigeria overshadows that which OBJ and other past presidents must have done from independence till date. VENAL GEJ………#TeamGEJMustLeaveASOROCK

  • Encore

    Breaking News: APC computers show voter forgeries

    SSS says some evidence it has so far uncovered show that APC computers
    seized at the party’s DATA Centre reveal that the APC computers were
    criminally used to reproduce 18 entries for each individual with same photo
    but with different names and addresses to use at the 2015 general election.

    • endingNaija

      Encore na Reno Omokri, you are a member of PDP. Are you and is PDP now the public relations officer/wing of the DSS? ARE the PDP and DSS working together now? Is the DSS the security wong of PDP and PDP the public relations wing of DSS? Just asking “pastor” Reno Wendel Omokri na encore na otile.

      • Supo Awosanya

        Yepa! Bola Tinubu and Raji Fashola are in trouble. They are on the way to jail for this one.

        • Troublesome

          In jail for what? Go and jail them if they dont go to jail. Rubbish!

          • Chukwuma


            Criminals are supposed to go to jail what is biting you over that?

          • jerry


    • Reality

      Na only you wake came

    • nija pikin

      Liar liar liar this is well known script written by okupe and Olisah Mental in wadata plaza

  • Tunsj

    Hearing the name Jonathan makes me regurgitate.

  • Smith Scott

    OBJ only speak God when he feel isolated in Otta or in prison. Ask him to come back to Aso Rock as president again and you will see this man sleeping with his daughter-in-law. All those atrocities committed in Aso Rock are going to be questioned by God right? When did you become this Saint OBJ you are professing to be

  • Smith Scott

    Saint OBJ or His Holiness Obasanjo!!!

  • Allayes

    Again, coming from the wrong mouth, because he did exactly the same when he was in power. Be that as it may, the words spoken are still very true. The country badly needs a change.


    The inventor of the DO-OR-DIE doctrine and the genocidal extermination of whole communities like Odi and Zakibiam has no moral justification whatsoever to lecture on democracy. An ex-coup plotter and military dictator cannot be a later day saint of democracy.
    This man is now an elephant in the China shop,he must be ignored because he is the most self centred,corrupt and destructive person to the progress of Nigeria alive today.

  • Ade

    Obasanjo should shut up his mouth. He infested Nigeria with the malady called GEJ.

    • tundemash

      right !

  • Oluwadara

    “Boko Haram is not out to “frustrate anyone’s political efforts”

  • abbadd

    OBJ initiated and brought GEJ to power and now he wants credit for helping a minority tribe indigen to power whose action resulted in thousands of death, religious divide, high corruption and total collapse of the economy. OBJ is really funny man. OBJ Alongside GEJ and AYo Erisetjafor should be jailed for life with no possibility of parole.

  • Reality

    A lesson need to be learnt from the message and don’t crucify the messenger.

  • Okey

    Is Obasanjo telling stories to those who reside on planeth Moon ?

    Wikkleaks revealed what Ribadu told the American Embassy about Obasanjo’s corruption level. To my knowledge Ribadu has not denied that.

    Engr. Bodunde, Obasanjo’s man-friday received $6Million bribe from Halliburton, he claimed he gave it to PDP. Till date Bodunde has not shown the world any acknowledgment from PDP and PDP has no such record.

    For his 3rd Term ambition N50Million was given to each member of the National Assembly who signaled to vote “yes.”

    El Rufai in his Book recorded that as late President Yar’Adua liveth, Obasanjo lived in the fear of being probed for corruption.

    Is this not Obasanjo who teargassed Okadigbo to death ?

    Is it not Obasanjo who wiped away Odi and Zaki Biam from the surface of the earth ?

    Does this man think all of us are senile ? ?


      OBJ cannot stop this amusement of his………..The man is the grand-master of African political criminality and deception,we’ve got all sorts in Nigeria !

  • ferdyokwu

    1.) OBJ stop using the name of God in vain. In case you didn’t know, now you have known and you’d bear the consequences at the appointed time. 2.) OBJ you have far pressing domestic issues to put right with your family – daughter, son, daughter-in-law. Stop glossing over them and chasing the shadows which you cast on the nation during your leadership. 3.) Time is not on your side, the final call could come like a thief when you least expect it. 4.) Wisdom requires you to act NOW for the sake of your soul.

  • Khadijah D.

    People should stop blaming the messenger and look at the message. Quite agreed, OBJ did some things that are not right but the issue in this article is about the situation we found ourselves now. Is what he is saying true or false? Is the situation we found ourselves better than the state OBJ left us some few years ago?

  • Ted

    Pot calling kettle black. Yes talking rubbish. He seized Lagos state allocation without due consultation and approval from the NA, that’s a major constitutional breach because Tinubu was opposition. What happened to all those who opposed 3rd term, he used Efcc on all of them. The Ness he and the past leaders put Nigeria into is what Good luck is trying to fix. Mention 2 things Obasanjo did as president for 8 years and compare Goodlucks administration for 4 years. He does have the moral justification to make such statements. His sins are before him.

  • Collins Ikem Ejiofor

    What the president and his supporters should be doing is to always scan through all manners of criticism and see if there embedded truths in them and make amends, that’s how good leaders do! All that Obasanjo is saying are nothing but the gospel truth despite the fact that he may have equally made some of the same mistakes during his time. Jonathan didn’t promise in his campaign speeches to continue the mistakes of the past but to make changes. If he had promised to be doing what others before him did,we would have as well not waste time and funds changing the former leaders! A reasonable man whose house is on fire don’t go about chasing rodents!

  • bikky

    Obj is speaking out what is really paining him and some people here are just posting rubbish ,Baba brought out unknown Mr Jona and presented him as a better option to Donald Duke,Peter Odili,Orji Kalu Uzor,he endorsed him and he even compelled his party people to support him,out of his own wisdom thought he was presenting an educated,democrat,minority clan,less privileged so to say and a ,pure Nigerian unfortunately this guy called Mr Jona not only disappointed him but destabilized all good plans that were on ground without bringing better ones to replace them, if you are a father and your child let you down wouldn’t you make noise,knowing fully well that only few Nigerian supported him then with these people that are posting rubbish now,where were you guys,let call spade a spade Mr Jona has failed Nigeria and Nigerians,failed OBJ,failed international communities. So,all what we need is that we need to Vote wisely,This is an opportunity.Here is the Time Vote wisely.

  • abada

    as we know this is a country where everything goes, if not your likes should be wasting in prison for your ruthless and blinded leadership,,,go and retire as you lack in all ramification to question jonathan,during your reign you destroyed democracy and party organization giving the governors more power to control party their by making a monster of them that today had led to undemocratic principles in all our helms of affairs,,your a hypocrite. your bad deeds are awaiting you in hell.i could only pity those that can be deceived. you have done worst than these man, your likes

  • abada

    messengers should be blamed, scrutinized before you can take their message which most times are being maliciously over blown for ulterior motive,,jonathan is better than obasanjo is a fact

  • deji

    following are the names of lawmakers (reps) who have signed for the
    impeachment of Mr prsdnt GEJ 4 incompitence amng oda reasons::::

    Hon. Bethel Amadi

    Hon. Nkeiruka Onyejiocha

    Hon Nnenna Ukeje

    Hon. Ugochukwu Ohajuruka

    Hon Chinwe Ubani

    Hon. Chinyere Ike….

    Hon. Uzo Azubuike.

    Hon. Udo Ibeji

    Hon. Arua Arunsi.

    Hon. Nkem Abonta.

    Hon. Mulikat Akande

    Hon. Leo Ogor

    Hon. Kwaga Ganama

    Hon. Anthony Madwatte.

    Hon. Gibson Nathaniel.

    Hon. Francis Hananniya.

    Hon. Fons Nwangubi.

    Hon. Aisha Dahiru.

    Hon. Emmanuel Ekpenyong

    Hon. Friday Udoh.

    Hon. Akpan Umoh.

    Hon. Robinson Uwak.

    Hon. Emmanuel Ukoette.

    Hon. Edet Achibong.

    Hon. Emmanuel Ekon.

    Hon. Akpan Effiong.

    Hon. Ini Udoka.

    Hon. Bassey Dan-Abia.

    Hon. Chizor Obidigwe.

    Hon. Victor Ogene.

    Hon. Chris Azubogu

    Hon. Chukwuemeka Nwogbo.

    Hon. Ben Nwankwo.

    Hon. Uche Ekwunife.

    Hon. Chriscato Amete.

    Hon. Cyril Egwuatu.

    Hon. I feanyi Dike.

    Hon. Azodo Eucharia.

    Hon. Tukur Adamu.

    Hon. Isa Mohammed.

    Hon. Auwalu Saleh.

    Hon.Nuhu Abdulrazak.

    Hon. Jatau Auwal.

    Hon. Misau Ahmed.

    Hon. Umar Sade.

    Hon. Madaki Gololo.

    Hon Warman Ogoriba.

    Hon. Foingha Jephtah.

    Hon. Daniel Ofongo.

    Hon. Nadu Karibo

    Hon. Stella Dorgu.

    Hon. Samson Okwu.

    Hon. Awulu Adaji.

    Hon. Hassan Saleh.

    Hon. Echopu Enthonu.

    Hon. John Yegh.

    Hon Emma Jim.

    Hon. Christina Alaaga.

    Hon. Hembe Iorwase.

    Hon. Benjamin Aboho.

    Hon. Emmanuel Udenbe

    Hon. Terfa Ityar.

    Hon. Kaka Gujbawu.

    Hon. Ibrahim Khadi.

    Hon. Isa Lawan.

    Hon. Peter Biyeh.

    Hon. Rose Okoh.

    Hon. Daniel Effiong.

    Hon. Nkoyo Toyo.

    Hon Francis Busam Addah.

    Hon. Ewa Bassey Ekoh

    Hon. Sunday Ettah.

    Hon. John Enoh.

    Hon. Essien Ayi.

    Hon. Ogbaburhon Austin.

    Hon. Nwokolo Victor.

    Hon. Emediese Akpodiogaga

    Hon. Daniel Reyemeju.

    Hon. Mutu Ebomo.

    Hon. Ndudi Elumelu.

    Hon. Evelyn Oboro

    Hon. Enekorogha Francis.

    Hon. Ossai Ossai.

    Hon. Okwuru Tobias.

    Hon. Linus Okorie.

    Hon. Omo Isu

    Hon. Sylvester Ogbaga,

    Hon. Peter Ali.

    Hon. Peter Onyemaechi.

    Hon. Jim Adun.

    Hon Pally Iriase.

    Hon. Peter Akpatason.

    Hon. Nosakhare Osahon.

    Hon. Abubakar Momoh.

    Hon. Jones Onyeriri.

    Hon. Patrick Ikhariale.

    Hon. Friday Itulah.

    Hon. Samson Osagie

    Hon. Oyetunde Ojo.

    Hon. Michael Bamidele.

    Hon. Stella Ngwu

    Hon. Toby Toby.

    Hon. Oforbuike

    Hon. Asadu Oziokoja

    Hon. Ogbuefi Ozomgbachi.

    Hon. Peace Nnaji.

    Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

    Hon. Kingsley Ebenyi.

    Hon. Isa Egah.

    Hon Jisalo Bitrus.

    Hon. Khamisu Ahmed.

    Hon. Yusuf Manu.

    Hon. Binta Bello.

    Hon. Usman Kumo.

    Hon. Shuaibu Galadima.

    Hon. Umar Ahmed.

    Hon. Eddie Mbadiwe.

    Hon. Chudi Uwazuruike.

    Hon. Jerry Alagbaoso.

    Hon. Ezenwa Onyewuchi.

    Hon Gerald Irona.

    Hon. Bashir Adamu.

    Hon Yusuf Dunari.

    Hon. Mustafa Khabeeb.

    Hon. Sabo Nakudu.

    Hon. Ibrahim Garba.

    Hon. Hussein Abdulkadir.

    Hon. Shitu Galambi.

    Hon. Safiyani Ubale.

    Hon. Wada Usman.

    Hon. Tijani Ibrahim.

    Hon. Adamu Hassan.

    Hon. Shehu Garba,

    Hon. Yakubu Barde.

    Hon. Abbas Tajudeen.

    Hon. Yusuf Bala.

    Hon. Jagaba Jagaba.

    Hon. Ibrahim Lawal.

    Hon. Simon Arabo.

    Hon. Gwani Gideon.

    Hon. Godfrey Gaiya.

    Hon. Ibrahim Mustapha.

    Hon. Isa Ashiru.

    Hon. Tijani Abdulkadir.

    Hon. Farouk Lawan.

    Hon. Munir Danagundi.

    Hon. Bashir Galadanchi.

    Hon. Abdulsalam Adamu.

    Hon. Dawaki Bala.

    Hon. Aminu Sulaiman.

    Hon. Sumaila Abdulrahman.

    Hon. Danlami Garba.

    Hon. Sani Auwalu.

    Hon. Garba Gulma.

    Hon. Ibrahim Kamba.

    Hon. Kalgo Muhammed.

    Hon. Aminu Musa.

    Hon. Abdullahi

    Hon. Garba Uba.

    Hon. Halilu Aliero.

    Hon. Bello Kaoje.

    Hon. Tom Zakari.

    Hon. Muhammed Idris.

    Hon. Ayo Yusuf.

    Hon.Sunday Karim.

    Hon. Ahmed Tijani.

    Hon. Ismael Hussain.

    Hon. Abdulrahman

    Hon. Umar Jibril.

    Hon. Sadiq Muhammed

    Hon. Mohammed Onawo.

    Hon. David Emmanuel.

    Hon. Kigbu Haruna.

    Hon. Zakari Haliru.

    Hon. Ricco Mohammed.

    Hon. Ahmed Mohammed.

    Hon. Idris Mohammed.

    Hon. Abdul Ibrahim.

    Hon. Adewusi Tunde Razaq.

    Hon. Akinlade Isiaq.

    Hon. Omosule Eni

    Hon. Debo Ologunagba.

    Hon. Akinlaga Joseph.

    Hon. Moshood Bakare.

    Hon. Ganny Oluwadare.

    Hon. Akintoye Albert.

    Hon. Adeoba Johnson

    Hon. Raphael Nomiye.

    Hon. Muraina Ajibola.

    Hon. Olusegun Odebunmi.

    Hon. Ibrahim Olayfa

    Hon. Afees Jimoh

    Hon. Olayemi Bisaru.

    Hon. Muritala Bisaru

    Hon. Kareem Abisodun,

    Hon. Abiola Ajaja.

    Hon. Mudashiru Akindabi.

    Hon Simon Mwadkwon.

    Hon. Aminu Jonathan.

    Hon. Beni Lar.

    Hon. Bitrus Kaze

    Hon. Luka Goar.

    Hon. Zeitet Tirsel.

    Hon. Kingsley Chinda.

    Hon. Blesssing anga.

    • emmanuel

      Wetin una know about politics, they want to blackmail Jonathan to issue them automatic ticket to return. Do you know how rigorous is it to impeach a Nigerian President? It is actually an impossibility.

      These people will not vote for impeachment if a motion is even moved.

  • Morgan

    Do not judge so you will not be judged. OBJ is worse than GEJ in all ramifications even in this present govt, he is still embezzling, he has no justification to judge GEJ. Gibberish…

  • balogun adewale


    These cars were seized by government officials

    at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars

    has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is

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    • Toyota Land Cruiser-N450,000-900,0000

    • Toyota Prado N430,000-1000000

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    • Toyota Camry –N200,000-N950,000

    • Toyota Avensis – N200,000-N800,000

    • Toyota Yaris – N300,000

    • Toyota Avanza – N400,000

    • Toyota RAV4 SUV –N400,000-1000000

    • Toyota Hilus Pickup-N850,000

    • Toyota Dyna Truck – N900,000

    • Toyota Hiace Bus – N650,000-900,000

    • Toyota Coaster Bus 32 seaters – N1000,000

    . Toyota highlander- N500,000-1000000

    Toyoya sienna — N300,000-900,000

    • Toyota Avalon — N300,000-800,000

    • Toyota Venza –N1000000Prices of some Peugeot Cars

    Peugeot c230 N200,000

    C300 N300,000

    prices of some Honda cars

    Honda Civic cars – N250,000

    Honda Accord – N300,000-750,000

    Honda Odyssey – N320,000-650,000

    Honda CR-V – N300,000-900,000

    Honda Pilot – N300,000-800,000

    Prices of some Nissan cars

    • Nissan Sunny sedan – N250,000-400,000

    • Nissan Patrol SUV – N200,000-650,000


  • Jamoann Maulover

    No one is killing the messenger and dissing the message. Its like saying it is right for a retired arm robber calling a bank manager thief. No we must assess the character of the messenger, that is the only true way to digest a message. If Jona was dancing to OBJ gonga are we saying OBJ would have been crying foul? NO!