Write Boko Haram to end attacks, as you wrote ISIS, Oritsejafor tells Sultan

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Ayo Oritsejafor, on Monday urged the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, to write a letter to Boko Haram to stop their attacks just as he did to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS.

Mr. Oritsejafor made the call in Abuja at a 2-day roundtable with Senior Special Assistants on Religious Affairs from the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

“His Eminence said he wrote a letter to ISIS, I have to truly congratulate you for that because that was a very good move,” Mr. Oritsejafor said.

‘‘I didn’t know about it until today and I am so glad it happened. But I want to appeal that you also write to Boko Haram because Boko Haram is worse than ISIS.

‘‘They have killed more people than ISIS, they have caused more atrocities than ISIS; they need to be written to as well, it is very important it will help.

“I have made an appeal several times that there are some of our leaders who must come together, religious, political and traditional. They must come and discuss.’’
He also enjoined religious clerics, particularly those in the “good book” of the militant sect to reach out to the leadership of the sect so that the real Islam could be presented to them instead of allowing them to continue misrepresenting Islam.

According to him, if the militant sect would listen to him, he would have joined the clerics in preaching peace to members of the terror group and the need to practice real Islam.

‘‘I have heard and I may be wrong, one thing you will learn about me is that I’m usually not politically correct, but I tell you the way I see it.

‘‘But I have been told that the Boko Haram, to a very large extent, are very vast in scriptures. What scriptures do they use? There are still religious clerics that they respect.

‘‘If these people are not presenting the right thing and are misrepresenting Islam, which I agree it is the case so to a very large extent, we agree that our brothers to reach them so that the real Islam can be presented to them.
‘‘They won’t listen to me, in fact they will kill me faster than anything else, oh yes that is the truth and I am aware of that.’’

He frowned that the resolutions of past inter-religious meetings have not been implemented.

The CAN president said that greater peace and harmony would have been achieved among the various religions in the country if lip-service had not been paid to the various resolutions of such meetings.

‘‘But if we would come together, there must be sincerity, equality, fear of God and genuine love for one another.
‘‘The problem with gatherings like this is that if we are not careful it becomes an occasion for good photographs, we shake hands, we talk very nicely, we are all politically correct. We don’t want to offend each other.
‘‘Please let’s offend each other, we need to. Because if we don’t offend each other, we will not tell each other the truth and that is part of Nigeria’s problem.

“If you come out to say certain things there are those who feel you are rocking the boat but God is in the boat, the boat will not sink. Let us talk to each other, let’s tell the truth to each other, let’s not sweep it under the carpet.

‘‘When we finish the opening ceremony and you go into the close door session, lay all the cards in the table.’’

While querying why a church in the North in the last 30 years have not been able to get Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) for land, he said that any mosque or church should be able to get C of O anywhere in the country.

‘‘Please, permit me to say this, why should a church in the north for the last 30 years not be able to get C of O?
‘‘Any Mosque anywhere in Nigeria should be able to get a C of O. Why is it that people want to build a place of worship, they are not given a land?

“Those of you who represent these governors, I like what His Eminence said, tell your governors some of these things and if they refused, resign.

‘‘Hopefully, people will ask why you are resigning. Because we must create a level-playing ground for everybody, we must deal with each other as equals, very important, very vital. No matter your religion, in any state you come from, if you qualified for a position you should get it.’’

In his contribution, the Sultan said people must tell their leaders the truth to promote peace and harmony in the country.

According to him, there is no problem between Christianity and Islam.

He, however, acknowledged that there were problems between Christians and Muslims in the country due to lack of education on the two religions.

‘‘If we don’t tell our leaders the truth, they won’t know the problems. If we hear something here and go back to do something different, then we have failed.

‘‘We must tell our leaders the right thing and not what they want to hear. Muslims and Christians at all levels must sit together and discuss and we must implement what we discuss. We must work with our Holy Scriptures.’’

According to the Sultan, he has written a letter to those pushing for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on why their action is against Islam, stressing that those carrying out bombings in Nigeria are not doing it for God.

He warned that the bombings and attacks might not end in the North-East if the right things were not done now.



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  • Olu

    Oritsejafor has no moral standing to be meeting or advising the Sultan; this is a 419 pastor who also deals in money laundering and arms race using his private jet

  • amazing2012

    Yes you are right ! You too should write to the faction of BH you are heading, those that use your plane to purchase weapons , those in government who releases Ogoce the Nyanya bombing master mind and organized first October bombings, those who send money from CBN for BH channel in Egypt.

  • Al Jihadi

    But the question is, “Which is the real Islam Pastor Oritsejaor urges Sultan of Sokoto to preach?”
    Boko Haram supports its actions with literal verses of the Koran.So, is there a truer Islam than that?

    Islam opposes Christianity directly in several Koranic verses. It exhorts Muslims to fight Christians.
    Can Islam then be reconcilable with Christianity without renouncing genocidal Koranic exhortations?
    That is the unresolved question fanning the genocide of Boko Haram’s Jihadist Movement in Nigeria.

    • Al Jihadi


      “Fighting is obligatory for you (Muslims), even if you dislike it” – Quran 2:216.
      “O believers make war on the infidels (non-Muslims) who dwell around you, and,
      let them find harshness in you” – Quran 9:123 “When the sacred months are over,
      kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” – Quran 9:5

      “Fight against Christians and Jews that believe neither in Allah nor in the last day…
      and who do not embrace the true faith [Islam]” – Q 9:29. “Believers, take neither Jews
      nor Christians for friends or helpers” – Q 5:51. “Fight in the name of Allah and in the way
      of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war…” – Sahih Muslim 19:4294.

      “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads
      and strike off every fingertip of them” (Koran 8:12), And fight with them until there is no more fitna
      (unbelief) that religion should be only for Allah” [Koran 8:39].”

      “Fight those who believe not in Allah; nor in the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden
      which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger [Mohammed], nor acknowledge
      the religion of Truth (Islam) – even if they are of the People of the Book (i.e Christians) –
      until they pay the Jizya, with willing submission and feel themselves subdued. [Koran 9:29].”

      • Todocampista

        Singling out verses from the Quran is one of the main reasons why people misunderstand it, the verses you quoted refer to times of war when muslims were opressed and subject to harsh punishments but people refuse to mention the fact that the prophets neighbour was a jew who intentionally threw a pile of shit into his compound everyday and the prophet will gladly clean it, the day he did not see it, he knew something was wrong and when he asked about him they said he was sick, he did not rejoice nay he went to visit the man and this is a jew who is even more astray than a christian, but the prophet did not quarrel with him or fight him or chop off his head even though he could. Also among those verses, you mentioned how muslims are not supposed to kill even in times of war during the holy month, here I ask, if boko haram truely adheres to islamic teachings and the Quran, how many people have they killed during ramadan in the name of jihad. Please I humbly suggest you sincerely read the Quran with an open mind not just pick out verses at random that suit your prejudiced agenda and I assure you that you will not find a book like it, for truely it is the word of your creator.

  • Abdulaziz Usman

    sure u are very right Mr Olu, the man has no moral right to advice the Sultan

    • James

      Who told you Pastor Oritsejafor has no right to request the Sultan’s intervention?
      Is it you – Abdulaziz Usman – who should be requested to mediate Islamic Jihad?
      Please learn to finish thinking before you type – religion is not a soccer team, please!

    • Alcindo Satori

      moral ke? every animal, insect etc has every right to call the clown sultan to order. he’s the leader of a murderous set of individuals (religion)

      • Olu Adesanya


        Don’t mind him. I have noticed something about Muslims, something terrible.
        They’ll demand (not request) obeisance – not respect, for Islam, but will be
        the first to feel offended when a Christian requests mere respect for Christianity.
        This jerk swung into action here only because he’s Muslim. He feels vicariously
        diminished. He believes a Christian should not counsel the head of the Muslims.
        That’s all there is to his knee-jerk reflex senselessness – quite typical though.

  • PROF

    The fake pastor is telling the sultan to call his boko boys to order

    • Alcindo Satori

      at least he’s not a mass murderer like those northerners!!

      • PROF

        You have a point there.

  • Dumbo

    To cut it short, Sultan should simply write to Oristejafor and CC Shekau , since Oristejafor is their spiritual leader and arms supplier. Hope that will work since Oristejafor BH himself has spoken and given a clue.

  • Ahmad

    This PDP mouth piece again! Stop deceiving yourself cos we know that you and your pay masters know who are BH more than any other person. After all didn’t Oga at the top say there are BH members in his cabinet?

    • Olu Adesanya

      “I am seeing something very ugly behind the mask of the All Progressives Congress [APC]
      and it is called religious bigotry. This is a political party whose key substantive officers
      in the National Executive Committee are ALL ‘Muslims’!”

      “We already hear people openly refer to the APC as the Boko Haram and the Janjaweed party.
      Presenting a Muslim/Muslim ticket would only confirm this. That is absolute logic!“

      “The suggestion of a Muslim/Muslim ticket by some and the subtle rationalization of
      such a repugnant and self-destructive agenda by others is, to say the least,
      nauseating. It is simply unacceptable and, in Jesus name, we reject it”.

      ………..Femi Fani-Kayode

      (April 7th, 2014)

      • Ahmad

        Pity you. You are no more than a photocopier machine as your brain doesn’t benefit you a bit. No independent mind but always pulled by the nose.

  • Ms. Sarah

    “We are fighting a religious war. We are fighting against the Christians in Nigeria.

    We are fighting against Christian President – Goodluck Jonathan and his Christian

    “We are not fighting any ethnic war. Those saying we are fighting an ethnic war
    are telling lies to the public. They try to brainwash the people. No, we are fighting
    a religious war. We are fighting against Christians. We are fighting the Christian

    President, Goodluck Jonathan, and his Christian brethren”.

    …..Abubakar Shekau

    (Leader of Boko Haram)

    December 28, 2013

    • Robbie

      Nigeria is not and will never be an Islamic state!

  • jossy

    “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS”??? you should have put quotation mark or just call isis then in quote. we must not recognize these criminals or help push their propaganda

    • Freddie (Lagos)

      @ Jossy,

      No matter how Indira Ghandi pleaded and coaxed the Pakistani people to remain
      inside India as common citizens of one indivisible country, it did not work.
      But by the time the illusion of ‘national unity’ cleared not less than one
      million people lay dead in a bloody partition of Muslim Pakistan from Hindu India.

      History must not repeat itself inside Nigeria. The Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri north is
      Nigeria’s own Pakistan. There is no need to nurse the illusion that somehow
      Pakistani Muslims could have lived as Indians. There is no need to repeat the
      one million deaths in India inside Nigeria. The Pakistani solution can be
      peacefully done with a flag, a military parade, a farewell handshake,

      after just two signatures.

      • Muqaddas

        Oya, pack and go! Leave us alone to our beggars. Go handle your armed robbers, kidnappers, rapists, 419s, drunkards etc

      • jossy

        I agree with you freddie

        • Igbenosa

          Me too but i believe Freddie meant Mahatma Ghandi; not Indira Ghandi.

          • Warri Boy

            You mean Ghandi Ebele Jonathan?

  • Wähala

    …and did ISIS stop beheading innocent people because the Sultan of Sokoto wrote them? Oletsejafor has no moral pedestal to stand and comment on the Boko Haram because he is part of them, he plays the “religious wing” in this evil administration and is as culpable as Dumbo in committing crimes against humanity. After 2015, Oletsejafor has plenty to answer to with regards to his role in massacring 20,000 innocent Nigerians and rendering over 2million homeless. Red Monster pastor… Ole!


      We all know you support the insurgence because that is the oxygen which keeps your APC alive.The good will triumph over evil.

      • Wähala

        Old line, try something new. Dr. Davis told us who’s behind the Boko Haram, they held a meeting in Chad with your moron in broad view. This fried-hair pastor is their Spiritual Leader, Modu Sheriff, their political strategist… while Asari, Kabiru Sokot, Aminu Ogwuche, Al-Mustapha et al, are their gun-runners. Thugs like you are mere internet vuvuzela, agidi brain posting what Wendel Simlin gives you for crumbs in return. I know all of you, your mumu is Gbomojomo, the terrorist who bombed Nigeria on Independence Day… and the tout Nigerians will sink into the soakaway come 2015. Oko-oko!


          Psycho !! You will finger the Pope as boko-haram sponsor soon because you are running out of options. NWA MKPI !!

          • Wähala

            I will “finger” your mother very soon… forget the Pope!


            You have already lied yourself and your mediocre brand out of relevance….MKPI ALUSI !!

          • Wähala

            What’s “ALUSI” ??
            That word is, ‘Arushi’ or Aru na ala Igbo. If you’re going to mess up my language, why not stick to English or Pitakwa Pidgin you aborigines grew up speaking? Back to basis… then, tell the presidency to disband the crew set up to monitor my every cough. Dumbo cannot because I provide employment to miscreants and ex-militants like you whose daily bread depend on pay-per-comment. A few days ago, you were all protesting non.payment of egunje at Punch. Seems you’ve been settled that’s why names like, @the truth, @Otile, @Bad_Luck Nigeria et al, are back infesting this site with your wacko contributions. Baztards. Amoral clowns!


            I doubt if you are really an Igbo man. Don’t you know anything about dialect,do you assume that all Igbos are from Imo….Mgbo….mgbo piafu kwa gi isi !!

          • Wähala

            Hahahahahahaaaa chai… Igbo and Ibo don suffer! You don’t have to be from Imo, Abia or Ebonyi to speak the real dialet, we simply learned from the original speakers. Like I’ve said, I was born and raised in Eko, but I’m darn sure more Igbo than Anyim Pius Anyim… and like Joe Igbokwe, I never leave home without my red cap! LoL!

          • Martin Ezimano

            Oritsejafor is on point…charity should begin at home.

          • Jafaru Isa

            Correct sir.
            Even a donkey will know that.
            Playing politics with serious issues is all they do.
            Very sad.

          • Wähala

            Did Bishop GoDoWell write Henry Okah and MEND to stop bombing Nigeria?
            Even a Gorilla knows he did not so, leave the Sultan out of your moron’s incompetence. Iyabo Obasanjo wrote the BH to swap positions with our kidnapped girls, did they ever reply her muchless, agree to her offer. Next, you will tell me Iyabo is no longer a virgin that’s why they declined her… you-know-what!

          • Wähala

            Did Bishop GoDoWell ever write MEND to diffuse their bombs? Charity in that case began in Potiskum I guess. Oletsejafor is a common criminal relevant because it’s una turn-to-schop. After 2015, he will be an inmate at The Hague and, shikena!

          • Otile

            This Yoruba impostor again. I have severally warned you to leave me out of your gossips and falsehood. We are tired of putting up with your rudeness. Everywhere you make your rude comments, one can see words like: dumbo, clown, clown prince, imbecile, odeku, crumb, baztard and derogatory remarks about peoples’ brain. Are you never tired of your childish peevish behavior? Nonsense

          • Baba Messi

            “What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”

            “But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them. For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander. These are what defile a person”

            *don’t expect Wähala to give what he doesn’t have. When he writes all those dirty things exposing the type of person he is, he is just bringing all the mess from his ‘storehouse’.
            Keep advising him from now till eternity, he just won’t get it. ONLY GOD Can save him. He needs your prayers really.

          • Baba Messi

            Mallam wahala, you really lack decorum. The more obscenities and immoral innuendos you apply here makes me believe more and more no sane and decent person should actually attempt a convo with you. I wonder at you fellow APC ‘friends’ who seem to see nothing wrong in your vulgar and abusive language.
            It’s sad. PDP is a rotten party, but if being a member of APC would mean associating with despicable people like you, count all decent people out.

            *@Tawanda, avoid any communication with that gutter fellow. I am aware he goofs a lot and it is tempting to expose his folly, but after you do that, I advise you to let him be. His apparent poor upbringing will not allow him appreciate the need for civility here. He can’t give what he doesn’t have. The more foul language he releases here, the more I realize he is not the kind of person any decent person shld engage in a discourse.
            He deserves our pity really.

          • Wähala

            You are on your own, Tawanda cannot afford t ignore me bcos he will die of hunger… simply put.
            As per your innuendos and moral pontification, I quoted the guy and your putrid mind went racing into pornography. See yourself? My advise to all Crumbies is… Go on strike! stop responding to Höly Wähala lets start today to see if my lingua wouldn’t be kosher. Finally, you, @the truth, @T-bone Incommunicado et al, are frauds who write and vote for yourselves… as if PT offers odeku to best commentators. Again, biko, leave me in peace… barawos!

          • sharp shape

            Ha ha ha lol !

          • sharp shape

            Please ignore the retard ! Silence they say is golden !

    • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

      Dear Sultan
      you are copying a prominent Syrian Sunni cleric Muhammad al-Yaqoubi on CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.
      Al-Yaqoubi said he has signed an open letter to al-Baghdadi that “refuted the ideological foundation of ISIS, banning every Muslim from joining it and making it clear that this is non-Islamic, anti-Islam, and we must put an end to it.”

      Dear Sultan which of ISIS addresses and post code did you send the letter to?
      what is stopping you from writing to your brothers Boko Haram since they are operating from your back yard?

      Dear Sultan you are not SMART………

      • Dumbo

        Sultan is simply writing to your criminal CAN president Oritsejafor of a known address. No need of posting to sambisa. The message will get to Shekau thru Oristejafor.

      • Todocampista

        This guy is a bloody genius! Apparently only muhammad al-yaqoubi can write an open letter after acquiring patent rights to all open letters? Anyone who writes an open letter from now on is a copycat! Bravo! Definitely a front runner for a nobel prize this guy.

  • _Proudly Niger Delta

    “His Eminence said he wrote a letter to ISIS, I have to truly congratulate you for that because that was a very good move,” Mr. Oritsejafor said…

    ‘‘I didn’t know about it until today and I am so glad it happened. But I want to appeal that you also write to Boko Haram because Boko Haram is worse than ISIS…‘‘They have killed more people than ISIS, they have caused more atrocities than ISIS; they need to be written to as well, it is very important it will help.”

    True true, Warri no dey carry last. This is why I love my beloved Niger Delta. Direct, frank and blunt…and like Bros Jona, Oritsejafor gave no ‘Damn’. Nonsense!…For too long we failed to engage ourselves in continent Nigeria and so some persons whether tipsy or completely drunk opened their mouths and announced that they would spill blood of Dogs and Baboons if they lose elections…Imagine the impudence!…but it was ONLY Sir Dokubo who gave a most appropriate response when he declared: “We shall help Buhari to sufficiently soak the blood on the street…It shall be bullet for bullet”….and since that time, Buhari has not made the mistake of issuing such useless threats again.

    Terrorists dey for backyard, some even dey inside your house, then you dey write letter to millions of miles away. Which kind sense be that? It is just one tribe in Nigeria that is causing the problem by aligning with these non tolerant North…but NEVER again will such nonsense of past years be tolerated. Bros Oritsejafor, God bless you. True true you are a son of the soil. ‘Meegwor Bros!’

    • sharp shape

      Thanks the reason why we should go our separate ways and end this suffocating British fraud !

      • Dumbo

        We are more eager to separate from criminals and children of prostitutes like you. Please fast track.

        • sharp shape

          It’s easy to know that you are the product of violent rape perpetrated on your smelly illiterate under aged mother by thugs and miscreants ! Hey bingo catch good dog good dog omo ale !

    • Ogom

      “Direct, frank and blunt.. “.. You mean “mannerless and unthinking”?

  • the truth

    You are quick to condemn isis and issue a partial fatwa on them, but you can’t issue the same condemnation to boko haram. In as much as this call is good, pastor ayo is not seen in public light as a man of strong morals and he should muster the courage to be quiet at this time. Please the separation of religion and state is necessary in nigeria

  • Psalm 35

    “The Truth Will Set You Free”

    In a space where people find it hard to say any form of truth, I commend Oritsejafor for speaking this truth.

    Why write a letter to ISIS when your home is on fire ?

    Hypocrisy must be condemned and ultimately discouraged.

    • Todocampista

      Write a letter to who? Shekau? Through which medium? I sense a trap.

  • Frank frederick

    Reading comments from the mallams above: Abdulaziz, ahmad, the dangerous bigot Amazing2012(he showed his aggression the day late murtala’s son indicated interest in running on PDP ticket) and the deranged mallam wahala, we begin to catch a glimpse of why the insurgency has not abated. Yes, I also believe Oritsejafor has lost credibility, but it amazes me that the Bigots mentioned above DO NOT FIND IT STRANGE THE SULTAN HAS WRITTEN TO ISIS ABROAD BUT HAS NOT DEEMED OT FIT TO WRITE BH HERE????

  •  мσνιc

    Nice one there Mr CAN,the sultan will write the letter but you will be the one to deliver it.
    How many times will he beg bh to stop all these madness? I guess you are not in Nigeria when the sultan is pleading bh and condemning their activities.
    Oh I forgot,you are in south africa clearing your goods(weapons).
    Tell your president to act like a man,tell him crush them.

    • Alcindo Satori

      the sultan should just do the needful; tell boko haram to stop their nonsense. maybe you should do the same ‘cuase your brothers are murderers.

      • Ogom

        Tell your president to “do the needful”, man-up and stop making excuses.

        • Alcindo Satori

          what excuses? what have you done for Nigeria lately?? you wey dey talk? Clown with a hand-me-down mentality.

          • Ogom

            Your father is a clown.. In fact, you come from a whole dynasty of esteemed clowns.

            The president should grow a pair and “do the needful”. That is HIS job, not mine.

          • Alcindo Satori

            Ha!! Shoooo!!! Neanderthal can write? Shiver me timbers!!!!! this is the 10th wonder of the world for sure.

          • Ogom

            .. and on and on.
            It’s like primary school all over again.

            The president should man-up. Enough people have died while your ceremonial Commander in Cheif makes excuses.


    The Sultan is playing the usual Fulani games on his naive western audience,he wants to be seen as an anti-terrorist Czar so that when he knocks on their Embassy doors,he will be given special attention. The truth is that he spent more than 2 years after the UN building bombing and the Church bombings before this man opened his mouth to condemn the violence.
    If he has contact to write ISIS,then we believe that he has the flat number ,full address,post code or zip code of the Boko-haram leader. They are playing games with the minds of white men,we Nigerians know that the essence of the insurgence is to undermine and remove the Christian at Aso-rock by hook or crook………and that’s not gonna happen !!

    • Wähala

      Stop displaying archaic idiocy online…
      Ever heard of “open letter” to so, so & so?
      The Sultan is not the C-in-C and can only lend a moral voice which the Boko Haram do not honor anyway. They killed Emirs and Imams who do not subscribe to their brand of Islam so, Sultan is only playing his role as the Spiritual Leader of Nigeria’s muslims. His words are not “orders” …kapisch? Speak for yourself and not Nigerians, hear? Bigot. The essence ofus coming together here is to debate why your moron must continue gulping ogogoro at the Villa while thousands of Nigerians lose their lives. Deal with that without una usual ethno-religious prism…


        Taa, mechie ezeh ule !! The Sultan is the leader of the Muslim uma in Nigeria,he wrote in that capacity. As the leader of the most populated Muslim country south of the Sahara he ought to play a public and major role in fighting the war against Boko-haram,the man is an ex-soldier so why is he afraid of coming out in public to rebuke the terrorists ?
        The late Emir Bayero of Kano openly condemned the killers and was more public with his disdain for the terrorists.,Instead this one at Sokoto with his family are preaching “SOFTLY SOFTLY” even as northern Nigeria gets bombed out of civilisation !

        • Wähala

          didn’t they just advise you to ignore me?


            Ich macht dich kaput….glaub mir !

          • Wähala

            wie bitte?


            Warum nicht ? Ich bin dein Gott !!

          • Peter

            Hei, you guys should speak in the language that we can understand.

  • Holy Warrior

    It no longer makes sense to discuss Islam in hush tones if it has the capacity of being used for genocide.
    That is the point ALL Nigerian Leaders; including President Jonathan, Pastor Oritsejafor and Sultan of Sokoto,
    are missing. Islam is the cause of today’s genocidal crisis. Islam must be discussed frankly and in the open
    for limits to be placed on Islam’s potentials for genocide.

    To respect a religion is NOT the same thing as accepting genocide. Under the United Nations Charter, genocide is
    declared an international crime. Every person is authorized to fight and defeat genocide. Murderers in Boko Haram
    don’t need reconciliation. They need slaughter. Until President Jonathan comes to this logical conclusion, this
    5-year war against Boko Haram will continue for another decade.

    Boko Haram appears insuperable but it is not. Opportunistic raids are techniques any rag-tag militia can use.
    Boko Haram can’t hold any territory permanently, after five years. Is that a fighting force in military terms? No!
    The Christians in the central and southern regions might soon be provoked to carry the battle to Boko Haram.
    At that point the world will see that the fury of usually restrained Christians is deadlier than the bluster of Muslims.

  • Maria

    Please, this question is for those of you in Nigeria driving. Since the global oil price has fallen, has the pump price for petrol in Nigeria dropped or is it still the same?

    • coomasie

      It is still being subsidized..how will it drop?

      • Chris1408

        Subsidized by who and for who? Once upon a time we refined our own gasoline in Nigeria, and Nigerians paid the lowest for gasoline in the whole world.

      • Maria

        South Africa for example subsidizes pump price to a ridiculous level. Petrol is much cheaper in South Africa than Nigeria… yet their pump price still follows global price fluctuations. So,how come it is only in Nigeria that the global oil price does not reflect in the local pump price? The subsidy is fixed at certain percentage or does it also fluctuate as global crude price fluctuates?

        • Chris1408

          Even if crude oil is $1 per barrel, our wicked rulers will still exploit Nigerians at the pump price. Their new mantra is “Austerity measures”


          That is not how my mind functions,I rather make sure I am always loaded so I buy at any price. I always think about how to accumulate money(ego),I do not think about prices !!

    • Chris1408

      Nigerians don’t ask these type of questions from their wicked rulers. They keep waiting for God to deliver them

    • Wähala

      Forget it. I can tell you that in Germany it’s €1,18c/lt. from €1,31/lt. last week…
      But in Nigeria, Dumbo is spoiling to again increase pump price early next year. Dem call am, “Austerity Measure”!


        Bluder lugner !!

        • Wähala

          Call anyone you know in Germany and verify, it’s that simple!
          Ignore me nah! Didn’t your fellow morons advise you to just ignore me? IGNORE ME!!

          • Maria

            Why are you responding to that fraudster? He is here to propagate falsehood and deceive the faint-hearted.


            Is that why you rejected my honest advances ? You see,you have a total misconception of me,if you agree for my regime,you will be hob-nobbing with movers and shakers,people who make things happen.
            Make sure you do not listen to riff-raffs like @Wahala…..he is a common street pimp,he is poor !

          • Wähala

            I know @Maria in person from our SNG days in London where I met Pastor Bakare, Prof. Soyinka, Sowore, Ribadu, and so many good people who fought for your moron to become Jaja of Abuja…
            Bury your fantasies fast, she is married with kids and is a feisty, no-frills frau with little patience for sun-dried arid clowns like you in 3rd. World Nigeria, regardless your ill-gotten wealth. Agbero way, “I get money baby, chop and show me your wrestling skills in bed…” Hahaha, guess why I call her @Mariacron?


            Wetin concern you ? Abi she no get mouth to talk ? Even married women leave their husbands when they know it’s me !

          • Wähala

            She replied to me and you gate-crashed into our rapport… now you want to know wetin concern me ba? My beef is you. Weren’t you just lecturing me on morality? Vulgarity and public decorum? See why I insist you’re a fraud… “even married women leave their husbands when they know it’s (you!)” Trust me on this, @Maria will not take a look at a local trader like you. Guess why? You leave in 3rd. World after getting deported from Switzerland, while she’s British born & bred, still lives there… Even the Ijaw President you’re sweating for cannot swim across the Atlantic much less a thug from Onitsha head-bridge like you. Again, bury your fantasies… but dreams are free! DIDINRIN!!!


            Switzerland is too cold for a beautiful woman like that. I would very much like to introduce her to the right crowd at home.I wonder why she mingles with losers like you ?

          • Wähala

            mach ich!

          • Guguru

            All of you on this forum are so funny. I just enjoy reading all your comments as it brightens my day and fills it with fat laughter. LOL!

          • Olu Ade

            Tawanda or wetin you call yourself, can you please do me a favour, log out and don’t come back until you talk to the little people in your head. When you fix your head and stop your ethnic and Jonathan bigotry, then, we can have a reasonable discussion. End of the Story.

          • kammykazee

            Ha ha, you finished guy.

          • Otile

            Yoruba impostor, you are disgusting. Yeah, during a prayer breakfast in Kandahar you met Sultan of Sokoto, Imam abu Qaqa, Mullah Omar, Osama Bin Laden, al Bashir, Imam Shekau and the head of al-Shabab. Stop bragging, nobody is interested in your vain bragging.

            Next you will tell the world that you are Igbo because you can speak Igbo. Then you will turn people off with you foul words like: moron, clown, clown prince, imbecile, dumbo, hippo, and a whole heap of unspeakable insults. Nonsense

          • Kamal Kamoru

            He feels anyone residing in Europe is ‘better’ than those living in a ‘3rd’.
            Smh..smh! Hahaha! See his local mentality?
            Irony is, he doesn’t even behave half as civil as those he says live in ‘3rd’.

          • Peter

            You mother fucker, you sure Maria is married? To say that you know her means both of you are having it hot. I jealous you wahala. Carry go and bring her home with you and join us at Eagle Square on 29th May 2015 for the swearing-in ceremony of Dr Ebele Azikiwe Godluck Jonathan for the second term as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

          • Wähala

            his life depends on crumbs which is pay-per-comment basis according to Reno Omokri.


            Bad belle !

      • Olu Ade

        …and in south New Jersey, USA petrol started falling from $3.55/ gallon in June to $2.59/ gallon as at today Monday, Nov. 24…and it has continued falling daily. Which way forward Nigeria?

  • Abubakar Sfada

    Haha ha, machinegum precher less clap for u, famfam-famfm, oh oh les talk, hlo machine gum precher can u expain to us how u own a privetjet? Oh I remainber ur childrens are oil gods in naija, oh. Oh this machine gum precher he sabi born Richard children owwh, abeg machine gum precher an occasion like this try to send a correct christian leader like bishop kuka an the other who those nt have hand in politics, nt u.


      Haba Aboki !! Quota system education is a tragedy……you cannot communicate in simple English,better write in Arabic then !



  • Dansia

    Boko Haram lost the Jihad the day the U.N Security Council passed a unanimous resolution,
    declaring Boko Haram anathema in the whole world. Boko Haram has been in throes of death,
    since then, by taking aim at fishermen and at people watching soccer at a viewing centre.
    Boko Haram has lost the capacity to launch any Jihad – it is now a nuisance group of murderers.

  • Jossy

    Fellow Nigerians, do not be deceived into believing that any political party is officially sponsoring boko haram …atleast without proof. Our failed leader’s will do anything possible to divide us for their personal gain by any means available to them, and we must not fall into that trap. Like i said before- when IBB attempted to contest for primaries against jonathan they brought all sort of stories that “he is a boko haram sponsor and initiator of Halliburton scandal” but immediately he dropped his ambition that was the end. He became a saint in the eyes of his pdp accusers and jonathan described him as a “true Nigeria leader”.
    With these kind of politicians that talk from both side of their mouth only for the sake of election is enough reason to believe the exact opposite of their claim. I hate to believe that the real boko haram sponsors are in pdp, they are untouchable because they are stake holder’s in the party. Yes, If they were to be in APC they would have been arrested long ago, especially now that the police has officially merged with the PDP. So think my people, flush your heart from tribal and religion sentiment and vote a true president that can rid nigeria of corrupt leaders no matter how highly placed.

    When the above is done, money mean’t to buy army weapons to fight boko haram willl not be stolen (security will improve). Money mean’t for power will not be used to fund re-election campaign or buy bullet proof cars which means power situation will improve. Asari dokubo or tompolo will not threaten you or the life of anybody (not even pepper seller) because he will sure face justice. some northern imams will not be bold to preach hate or religion violence because nobody will be above the law. 7 assembly member will not attempt to impeach speaker in a house of about 24members. laws will work effectively because the police will operate without merging with the ruling party and there will be war against indiscipline. Energy focused on killing opposition will be directed on creating jobs, improving health care, road, schools and all that. All these and the rule of law should be the focus of a responsible government not promoting impunity. APC is not a party of angels but comparing the performance of their state governors with their pdp counterpart will show a clear result.
    Pdp is an exclusive club of a selected few -corrupt cabal that are currently above the laws in Nigeria. We deserve a country where everybody will be equal before the law be it dangote or okada rider- Only war against indiscipline can bring back this order. It’s your right to vote anybody of your choice that will not take your right away after the election. Think again before you vote. don’t sell the future of your children and grandchildren.

  • Mallam Mahdi

    Jossy I personally accuses Jonathan for sponsoring boko haram reasons: 1. FG Insisted on emergency rule for 18 months and that is the highest level of devilish act of BH history, 2. Chubok girls saga how can over 250 human being being transferred to a distance of more 300km in a state that is under emergency rule without consent of security officers? 3. 9.3million USD for armory saga 4. The recent arrest of head of vigilant group by dss. 4. 64000 security personnels were deployed during Ekiti election while 74000 securities were deployed for Osun election, but only 15000 securities were deployed to Borno Yobe and Adamawa.

  • Otile

    There is no need jailing the sex workers arrested in Abuja. The beautiful ones can be
    distributed to Wähala, my friend Abubakar tundemash, and a few other
    vocal APC advocates so that they can leave us alone.

    • Guguru

      Silence. LOL!

  • Ogom

    I’m flabbergasted.. This so called bishop thinks the best way to solve the Boko Haram crisis is to stick his finger up the Sultan’s nose? How is this provocation helping, really?

    How does one “write to ISIS”? To whom will such a letter be addressed? If it was an open letter, why wasn’t this reported in the press? Even Oritsejafor said he “only heard of it today” and yet, he immediately opened his mouth to judge and provoke?

    The man lacks wisdom.. Home training, even!

    • Alcindo Satori

      no… you lack wisdom

      • Ogom

        And you lack home training

        • Alcindo Satori

          and where has your home training taken you? besides being a boko haram apologist

          • Ogom

            You actually never, never address the issues. Your job is to attack people and drag them down to your vacuous bigoted level.

            I’ll state my case again:

            “This so called bishop thinks the best way to solve the Boko Haram crisis is to stick his finger up the Sultan’s nose? How is this provocation helping, really?”

            Deal with that.

  • Sharia_Haram

    We now know that ISIS and Boko-Haram are Muslims. Right? No more claiming they are not Muslims.

    The killing of non-Muslims started with the first Sultan of Sokoto: Usman Dan Fodio in 1804. They are determined to kill non-Muslims who they believe will be voting for GEJ in the north. Sultan of Sokoto should be proactive and come up clean.

    No Allah but God.

  • Gbaa-m Okpana-eze

    Islam…religion of peace. Eziokwu!

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    If indeed the SULTAN wrote a letter to ISIS as claimed in this report then something is wrong somewhere. We are roasting in Nigeria from the mayhem being unleashed on innocent, poor, rural people by Boko Haram and yet an adherent of the Sultan`s calibre in a leadership role busies himself with writing a letter to whoever in ISIS.?

    • Alcindo Satori

      Ask them!!! na your papa born you my man. can you imagine that? sultan writes to ISIS to taper down, but yet keeps mum on the boko haram issue. the guy is culpable for sure.

      • Lawan Momoh

        Yes, I keep wondering if Sultan deemed it fit to write ISIS and yet was advocating amnesty for the more deadly BH in Nigeria. I feel it does not go together? Truth must be told irrespective of our religious leanings.

    • Onike24

      The Sultan wrote to ISIS as in a letter written by 120 Islamic scholars across the sectarian divide, challenging the theological basis of an Islamic Caliphate. ISIL is unfortunately rather organized and by the way provides support both Materially and Morally to BH.

  • abbadd

    Ayo the arms smuggler raising eye brows again in an attempt to rally the Christians behind him to continue his game of lies and deceit. It is a shame an arms smuggler and money launderer is the CAN president in Nigeria. Let he AYO write to BH also they will listen in fact he should go to BORNO to speak to shekau and advise him. GEJ alongside AYO are the mastermind of Nigeria’s insecurity.

  • Todocampista

    First of all he has condemned BH’s actions on multiple occassions. Secondly ISIS is a more open organization with leaders out in the open and writing to them is not a problem because they even have blogs and websites and are easy to reach. But boko haram especially for the sultan is a more delicate subject, if he were to write to them who would he write to, and if he claims to have done something of such would you not start asking questions like who he wrote to and where they are implying that he knows them or even start calling him a sponsor? Let’s not just speak simply out of prejudice if truely we claim to be tolerant of others and start to see things from their point of view and perspective. I am not saying the man is without short comings, but this is not one of them. And to the noble pastor, do not try to assert yourself as a leader or earn your followers trust after you may or may not have lost it considering recent events by belittling or undermining another leaders actions, let your actions speak for themselves.

  • Guguru

    When a man tells you he hears God’s voice, you better find him the nearest psychiatric clinic because such statements are cry for help to resolve the voices they hear inside their head. This is what is happening to all these religious people and their leaders.

  • jamesbond3

    Boko Haram is practicing the real Islam. The same with ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

    • Guguru

      Really? So, the Crusaders who went to Jerusalem to slaughter Muslims between the 10th and 12th century in the name of God were probably doing the will of Jesus Christ, correct? Nothing is more dangerous in this world than when people claim they are acting in the name of God or claiming to provide some sort of salvation to an entity or ideal. Religion has been a perfect cloak for violence perpetrated by men with psychological issues that went largely untreated.


        Can you please explain what brought Muslims to Jerusalem……was it not the same bloody Jihad ? Have you ever heard that Christians invaded Mecca or Medina ? It was Muslims who invaded Jerusalem killing Jews and Christians,destroying temples and building Mosques on top.The Temple in Jerusalem is still a source of conflict because Muslims destroyed it and buried some guy from Muhammed’s family there and built a Mosque with a golden dome there. The Muslims did the same thing at Constantinople (Istanbul) converting the biggest Catholic church into a Mosque by force.

        • Guguru

          Jerusalem has traditionally had Muslims. So, what are you talking about? So, how does any of your comment justify the violence from Christians? Did Christ encourage violence? How different are you when you act like the person you detest?


            Go and read your history !! Jerusalem was built by King David and Prophet Muhammed was born more than 200 years after the death of Jesus. After the advent of Islam,the Jihads started and Jerusalem became a target because it was the capital of Judaism and Christianity which the followers of Mohammed saw as a threat.Muslims invaded and occupied Jerusalem several times in history,hence their presence there.
            That is exactly why Israel have reoccupied East Jerusalem since 1967 and may never withdraw !!

          • Guguru

            You actually saw David building Jerusalem, right? The Jihad started what again? LOL!

            So, I ask you again, “And do you mind explaining to me why Christians burned fellow Christians
            to the stake during the period of the “Inquisition”? Which Muslims
            encouraged Christians to slaughter fellow Christians?


            The inquisition was a sad water-shed in Christianity but during the middle ages ,the religion started a reformation which removed a lot of repugnant practises in Christianity including inquisition and witch-hunting.
            Islam still sticks to practises written down a thousand years ago hence the unrestrained resurgence of violence in Islam !
            Your first question is unreasonable and does not deserve an answer !

          • Guguru


            Oh, so you admit that Christians committed atrocities against humanity, correct? What makes my first question unreasonable? You made a claim and I asked a related question for clarification purposes? What about the Christians who have been slaughtering the Muslims in the Central African Republic? What do you have to say there? What about the MEND organization who are mostly Christians who blew up a part of Port Harcourt refinery which k8lled 7 people this year?

            “Christian militias freely admit that theirs is an exercise in vengeance,
            an eye for an eye, and they will not stop until they have “cleaned” the
            country of Muslims. On Monday, UN human rights investigators in CAR
            announced they would investigate reports of genocide.”

            The Guardian, March 2014, “Christian militias take bloody revenge on Muslims in Central African Republic”

          • nija pikin

            Go and ask netanyahu or any other Israel zionists to show you the grave of his or her grand parents or great grand parents he will take you to Poland or Ukraine or Hungary or Russia but a palestinian Arab will take you to the grave of his or her great grand father right there in Jerusalem or even next to the plc where Issa is born, upon all the jaws did to the son of Mary Christians romance the jaws as if what the jaws did to Issa is rigth Jesus died for their sins indeed,


            There are “Ashkanezi” Jews who returned from Europe but there are also a lot of Jews who stayed back in Israel and other parts of the middle east and north Africa despite the persecution. Circumstances of history does not erase ones origin or religion !

          • Aminu

            But all Prophets are brothers because they share a common faith of Islam,believing in the divinity of a Holy God the Jehovah Jesus peace be upon him inclusive according to this verse from bible ‘O children of Israel your God is one so worship him alone’.This goes to say all places of worship built by any of the Prophets of God belongs to the Muslims


            Which “bible” are you quoting from ? Islam was not in existence when our books were written !!

          • nija pikin

            Yes but islam existed when the content of the origional bible was altered


            There is no mention of “Islam” in the Christian bible………there was no alteration in the bible rather the Christian interpretation of certain aspects were reviewed and some repugnant practises eliminated.

          • Otile

            Wallahi. The devil is a liar. This is blasphemy.

          • Onike24

            These people know nothing! Yet they defend the very people that have made them educated illiterates! Shame!

        • abuasmau

          If this is so what makes you want to align with the Jew who professes that Mary mother of Christ is a whore? If the Christain would care to read his scripture his closest ally would be the Muslim and not the Jew..


            Jews are entitled to their belief and it is not for Christians to judge Jews or other religious beliefs . We leave judgement for God !!
            Most of Christian scriptures have origins in Judaism as well so if we disagree on one issue,it should not be a source of conflict !!

        • nija pikin

          Issa AS the son of Mary and prophate of God preaches peace but there are Christians who seat in their government houses and order the bombing of innocent Muslims across the world their actions are against the teaching of the son of Mary isn’t it, they have no difference with Isis and book harm.

          • Buhari_is_Boko

            they order the bombing of terrorists who delights in killing defenseless people

          • nija pikin

            At least the suicide bombers die with their victims as a sign of respect unlike the west and the zionists they only send missiles to their homes and term them as collateral damage a good example is the last Gaza Israeli massacre where women and children’s were murdered by Israel army supported by some western powers, such actions is what fuel terrorism across the world am not condoning suicide bombing or terror mark you. So Isis, Bh, Israel, alqaida, western powers are all similar but with a little difference.

  • sadiq

    Ayo. stop deceiving ur self am sure u are more closer to shekau than the sultan. shekau is one of those people CAN use to sponsor to egypt to go and learn Arabic so dat they distablize islam as CAN did in the case of metasine. so Arms smugler shut up ur mouth.

    • Lawan Momoh

      Sadiq, if your assertion about Ayo Oritsejafor is true, then it means you are reducing we muslims including your veryself to morons, cause I can’t understand how somebody will use me aginst my conscience, my faith and my beloved country. But one thing I know, Nigeria will surely survive this.

  • tuco

    If Sultan should write to BH, then you Orisejafor or whatever you call yourself should also write to the soldiers, to raise their heads, to act like they have balls, to stop shitting in their pants and wipe out the ragtag mother-f*****s, that’s your job as well. Common local hunters are far way better than your once upon a time gallant soldiers. Soldiers that billions and trillions of naira of tax payers money have been spend on their training and so on, cannot even overpower a handful of ragtag armed bandits, coz BH are nothing but armed bandits and criminals using the good name of Islam to perpetrate their atrocities. Its shameful.

    • pampam

      I am laughing in Arabic…lol. I am not laughing at what you said but at you. You just told us that it is the duty of the pastor to write to the army…pathetic!

      • tuco

        Ok then tell me is it the duty of the Sultan to write to BH???. Btw the sultan and the pastor who is even the more likely suspect of funding, sponsoring and supporting BH?. It’s pathetic for you as well of not able to read the writing on the wall.

        • Buhari_is_Boko

          if he can writre to ISIS, then why can’t he write BH right in his domain

          • If Bling Bling pastor can buy arms for the NA why cant he write the NA…pathetic you say?

  • warry

    BH which has a long name in Arabic which i cannot pronounce has been operating in Northern Nigeria for decades.The Jonathan Govt tried to proscribe and declare them a terrorist organization earlier.Prominent leaders of the north refused and there public statements are there.Today the same Jonathan and a Pastor are now the sponsors of BH in the North to bring down the Government of Jonathan and kill the Pastor and fellow christian.If this is how well Nigerians can reason, this country is finished.Moreover the ones reasoning like this say they are not clueless and that they are the best in Nigeria

  • Dan Fulani

    Gun runner.

    • Buhari_is_Boko

      how many virgins have they promised you in hell?

      • Umar Dendi

        How many slaves did they promise you for supporting Boko??

        • Otile


          “Fighting is obligatory for you (Muslims), even if you dislike it” – Quran 2:216 “O believers make war on the infidels (non-Muslims) who dwell around you, let them find harshness in you” – Quran 9:123. “When the sacred months are over, kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” – Quran 9:5.
          “Fight against Christians and Jews that believe neither in Allah nor in the
          last day…and do not embrace the true faith” – Quran 9:29

  • tsunami1earthquake

    The Sultan will not write the Boko Haram, even if it would be an open letter, because there is a grand design to undermine the integrity of this nation. He probably is part of this conspiracy. It is a tossup as to his involvement since we have now seen that the President of Chad is part of this conspiracy; and the Sultan of Sokoto is an influential Nigerian that could be in cohort with the Chadian President in this nefarious grand design.

  • favourtalk

    Since he knows them, let the orisajafor writes the Boko haram too since he was the one that benefitted most in the GEH administration. So, it will be very wise fo hims to wirte. Let the can president do the needful also.. We need a president who will be open with the nation not he one dat plays on the intelligent of the country people

    • Lawan Momoh

      You are part of the people that never want peace for this country. Can two wrongs make a right? The Sultan himself was the one that said he wrote ISIS on the need to stop their wicked acts and Ayo Oritsejafor is now appealing to him to do same to BH which is more deadly than ISIS and instead for all of us to support this peace initiative, you are casting aspersion again. This will not help us in any way. Let’s not take joy inseeing BH killing and maiming our brothers and sisters.

  • usman

    Is it not pastor ayo’s plane that caught by south african authority with illegal money for illegal purchase for arms either to sponsor boko haram or to use it for killing muslims in 2015 like how anti balaka did in central africa? But look at him calling sultan to write to boko haram, na you go tell them because they are working for you

  • Konkobelow

    Islam is the problem with Nigeria today, pure and simple. Face it and don’t refrain from discussing Islam as the problem.
    The aspects of Islam as a religion don’t threaten security, no, not at all, it is the outward aspect of Islam as a genocidal manifeso that must be curbed. Until those genocidal aspects of Islam are banned, there will be no peace in Nigeria.


    The Sultan is a Coward…

  • Wise Head

    The Sultan has written to ISIS to stop their killings. He left the greater problem at his very feet to attend to a minor problem in far away Syria and Iraq. Well, that is not even the most thorny issue now. The Sultan should also write to General Buhari to sign an undertaking that his supporters will not resort to bloodshed if he loses the 2015 Presidential Elections. We have lost so much blood just because of the desperation of one man to rule Nigeria whether Nigerians vote for him or not. He should start now to tell his bloody-thirst almajiri followers that they should not destroy lives and property if he loses. And Buhari must be personally held responsible for any blood shed by his followers.

  • Umar Dendi

    Abeg. This Gunrunner is not serious!
    What Good will it do? “Clerics in the good books of BH” ?????
    Any cleric their good book is part and parcel of the problem.. just as He is

  • Rommel

    When an army runs away constantly from the battle front,what does it mean?

  • Dr.Dan

    The Sultan instead of addressing Boko Haram in his backyard he is concern with ISIS in far away Iraq and Syria. What sought of hypocrisy is that.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Oritsejafor is not worthy to be called a CAN President; he has so bastardize that religion that many has lost faith in it. He has use the religion to cause divide than unite Nigerians. Shame on hin.He should learn to be objective.

  • Dan Arewa

    I think Sultan should first write to you Mr Oritsejafor to stop giving your private jet to arm smugglers trying to re-arm the same Boko Haram. I wonder how shameless is this man!

  • deeks

    if Mr Oritsejafor will stop using his plane to move weapons then boko haram will stop and all the killings

  • iyke

    Greetings to the general public,


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.


    Prices of cars below..call 08142710826 REV STEVEN BELLO FOR YOUR CHOICE OF CAR.]#’/.,

  • wode

    Sorry to say, this Orisejafor is just an irresponsible clown. The way he talks and deals never show any respect to the office he holds. When has he become one of the spokespersons to the Government? I don’t think there is any part of the press conference held by JNI that makes reference to him or the CAN. So, why the spontaneous attack (I won’t call it response) to the Sultan. He is part of the problems we are having in this country.

  • Dan maikoko

    The Nigerian insurgency is both criminal and religious. No govt can tackle the religious issue in the insurgency but a responsible govt must tackle the criminal issue and protect its citizen. This Ayo has no moral right to talk to the Sultan or anybody else about Boko Haram. Ayo was caught procuring arms for what he says is the govt at the black market. What ever way we look at it Boko Haram will end up the greatest beneficiaries of such arms. Because it does matter if the arms are handed over to the ill-motivated Nigerian Army (headed by a clueless commander-in-chief) who run at the sound of Boko Haram weapons and leave an entire barrack with all vehicles, arms and ammunition to the terrorists , or (as some alleged) the weapons are handed over to Boko Haram through helicopter drops or direct supply.