Why alleged Nyanya bomber was cleared by Court

Aminu Oguche and INTERPOL officials on his repatriation back to Nigeria in July 2014

A federal judge who on Monday struck out terrorism charges against Aminu Oguche, the suspected mastermind of the Nyanya bomb attack in Abuja, said his decision was based on lack of “diligent prosecution by the state”.

In a ruling Monday in Abuja, the judge cancelled a two-count charge instituted by the federal government over the April 2014 attack which killed more than 70 people.

Mr. Ogwuche, a suspected Boko Haram member, was accused by the Nigerian government of being behind the attack.

The blast at the Nyanya Motor Park occurred during morning peak hours as residents were hurrying to work.

The government said Mr. Ogwuche fled to Sudan after coordinating the attack.

He was later repatriated to Nigeria to face charges.

The Nigerian police had filed a two-count charge against Mr. Ogwuche, but the case could not proceed due to bickering between the police and the State Security Service, SSS.

At the resumed hearing Monday, the prosecution counsel was absent from court.

“This criminal charge is hereby struck out for want of diligent prosecution by the complainant, Inspector General of Police and his prosecutor,” the judge ruled.

The judge did not however order Mr. Ogwuche’s release, an indication the state could file fresh charges against him.

But Mr. Ogwuche has already challenged his continued detention, asking the court to compel the SSS to release him or charge him anew.

On Monday, the judge also granted an oral application by his lawyer, Ahmed Raji, to allow Mr. Ogwuche’s family members visit him.

The judge ordered that two family members, and three attorneys from Mr. Raji’s chamber, be allowed to see the suspected bomber.

The application was not opposed by the counsels representing the SSS, Clifford Osagie, and the Attorney General of the Federation, Taiwo Abidogun.

The judge also ruled that Mr. Ogwuche be given medical care while in custody, and if need be, be referred to the National Hospital.

The application on his continued detention will be heard December 5.


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  • Wähala

    Mass murder of 75 innocent bystanders is crime against humanity especially tinged with terrorism which the world is at war with at the moment. Since IGP Suleiman Abba was busy burglarizing the House of Representative and bringing tears to the eyes of Lawmakers, the Nigerian Govt. should submit Aminu Oguche to the ICC for diligent and urgent prosecution if the cruel Dr. Dumbo is not behind this travesty. Amn. Oguche committed pre-meditated murder, a first degree crime that attracts the death if it were in Texas, US whose system of government we claim to emulate. This Justice must be disrobed, his shameful acceptance of the time-worn system of Govt. prosecutors avoiding court is proof of his complicity in the evil plot to deny justice to victims’ families.

    Al-Mustapha sat in Kirikiri Prison for 15yrs, was tried, convicted and sentenced to death… only for Dumbo to pardon him so he can train the masked ninjas hiding under DSS jackets to harass Nigerians. Charles Okah, brother of since-convicted terrorist and arms smuggler, Henry Okah, is still sitting in Kuje Prison awaiting trial. Does, “lack of diligent prosecution” not favor him? Fact is, the father of Oguche is a senior PDP stalwart and financier. His cousins are the sons of the CBN middle manager Dr. Davis told us about, also a major PDP mover and fundraiser. This injustice reeks of 2015 politics and Nigerians are sick and vomiting from Dumbo’s insensitive use of innocent lives as pawns to remain in power. His vile & disdainful disposition to the law, his incessant abuse of powers vested in him, his detachment from the grassroots… are just a few in a plethora of impunity and lawlessness that is the hallmark of his drooling leadership with neither vision nor focus. Therefore, to #DumpDumbo2015 is an urgent and moral necessity, a national call to duty. Nigerians owe it to us…

    • Onanefe Boboweirikomo

      …all it took was a benign threat of blood on the streets should he lose the next election…and from that day till now, your life has not been the same again. Evidence from scientific research supports the general belief that inherited cowardice has a direct and inverse relationship (in terms of effects) to degree of susceptibility of humans to being overwhelmed by trepidation as a consequence of threats however harmless.

      But the effect we see amongst your people is novel. Educated or not, male or female, very few have proven to be immune to this rather incurable blight. But that this phobia occasioned by the treats, drives you to this level of senselessness as displayed in your comments is maniacally bewildering. I can only hope you get a cure before it is too late.

      • Wähala

        Threat from whom? A coward who pissed on himself in Cotonou crying until his mentor bailed him out. Aborigines are not associated with bravery that’s why you watched in drunken gaze as Abacha hanged your hero by his balls upside down. Where’s your Ogidigbodigbo of Africa today? MEND terrorist, Henry Okah, nko? All chained to jail floors and you’re here mouthing-off at a superior mind. Ediot. Has Dumbo visited any of his war zones till date? A clown who cannot even visit your swampy Niger Delta because a common crook threatened to cage him if he dared. So much for Aborigine mouth-making. You’re just another urchin on Amnesty handout from Reno Omokri, I will be here to make sure Dumbo gets a heart attack before he is sent to The Hague to face multiple crimes against humanity… this chap was freed bcos Dumbo is scared he will be exposed before D-Day. Stupiid drunk like you, biko go back to picking crumbs in the kitchen, my time is precious… Oponu!

        • Adisa oloko

          I am laughing ooo! I am still laughing! Army dey run for civilian thugs called Boko Haram, dey complained they not well renumerated, not well armed with nuclear weapons, even sef your foreign minister dey complain say US no sell them sophisticated helicopter that y army cant defeat Boko Haram. They even beg US for drones. I go die for laughter!!! Now sophisticated hunters with bow and arrow and stick dey pursue Boko Haram probably because they are well renumerated with 2 square meal a day and they have capable witchcraft as their airforce. I thought its only in cartoon Garfield that an overfed cat is been pursued by rats! You na no go kill me with laughter! As if thats not enough, your police and attorney general cannot even prosecute a obvious bomb terrorist that even Sudan can help prosecute. Police are back on road busy collecting bribes from motorist. Attacking house of rep members. Abeg police need sophisticated super computer joor thats why! They need drones to catch the guy the next time. They also need a budget of $1billion. Make una no kill me with laughter!!!! As if that not enough, una dey attack una sef about what Uthman Dan Fodio did in 1809 (100 years ago)!!! Abeg i change nationality before una kill me with laughter

      • Frank

        Good one! Keep it up!

  • DD

    I thought we had an attorney-general called Adoke. Oh sorry he’s busy chasing oil wells and how to “deal with” Tambuwal.

    Very incompetent govt!

    • Durosanmi Peters

      Adoke is a misfit as attorney-general. He does not have the requisite knowledge.
      All lawyers know this obvious truth but President Jonathan is attracted to mediocre.

  • the truth

    In as much as this is the beauty of democracy, a free judiciary devoid of influence from all quarters. This case should not end here, the shady work of the prosecution team is baffling and worrisome, a killer should not be let go. Innocent until proven guilty. This case needs to be re-opened.

    • tundemash

      If only your Abuja paymasters would focus their PDP police to concentrate on chasing terrorists instead of political opponents…. just maybe .

      A yeye police force that got some fake “intelligence” to invade the House of Rep but has no intelligence report to prosecute an accused terrorist is at best a boys’ scout police.

  • warry

    i am shocked ,who is to decide whether the police or state security service should prosecute or work to gether.Definitely this cannot be the end of this matter

  • tundemash

    Dumbo’s PDP police are busy chasing Tambuwal.
    Emperor Dumbo is busy chasing rats while “Rome” burns !

  • koko

    How come Sahara was never blocked by PT? He uses whatever language abusing every one.

  • koko

    I meant to say Wahala please. Why is he being treated like a special one?

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    Now any Nigerian who continues to support this MOST EVIL, MOST WICKED AND MOST CORRUPT JONATHAN has the blood of the 75 dead Nyanya Oguche’s bombing and upwards of 30.000 dead Nigerians MURDERED under jonathan’s watch while Jonathan said he had been treatin Boka haran and his bomber associates with “kids gloves” for nearly 6 years! Jonathan is TRULY THE DEVIL INCARNATE and all his supporters and evil supporters!


    Jonathan and his evil doers continue with your evil doings but know that nature in his fury will judge you all.

  • Guguru

    The government of terrorism under Jonathan are trying to help one of their recruits to escape justice.

  • Ahmad

    So this is the so called ceasefire deal between the BH and FG? Mark my words, very soon Oguche will declare for PDP/TAN membership to make the bargain complete.

  • sulaiman Kazeem

    Nigeria…Nigeria…. Nigeria………. What an unimaginable judgment. Man can be set free by the judge of this world but no one can escape the judgment and wrath of God. There is an adage in Yoruba that says two people cannot be faked by lie, if the person listening to lie does not know, the person saying it knows that he is a liar.

  • Mamapikin

    Abeg free the guy ojare. This is the most the loquacious Ms. Ogar of the SSS, the equally dumb Police IG, the corrupt Attorney General and the unscrupulous and manipulative Presidency can come up with? Oh my God, this country is worse than a failed state. What we have is not a country, but a complete basket case, under the leadership of “opportunists, thieves and political bastards”

  • Sharia_Haram

    If the judge is a Muslim, don’t expect justice. The killing of non-Muslims started with the first Sultan of Sokoto: Usman Dan Fodio in 1804. They are determined to kill non-Muslims who they believe will be voting for GEJ in the north. Sultan of Sokoto should be proactive and come up clean.

  • opportunity

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  • favourtalk

    That’s the same thing he’s doing with the boko haram, they’r freeing them also after many lives lost in the country. We need a better nation with a better leader not the one that plays card with the lives of the ordinary citizens which they sworn an oath to protect. We need a new change

  • Smith Scott

    Nigeria police fought DSS to prosecute this guy all because the person controlling Boko Haram who has the police in his hand knows how to present weak allegation. If DSS had been allowed to do their work, you will see 100 counts of cases against this Boko Haram boy. You know who control Nigeria anyway. This was same guy that was treating to kill more Nigerians and said he was born to kill non believer in International Airport.

  • Smith Scott

    Obama knows better. One of the reason why they said they will never sell arms to Nigeria. A corrupt president – dead on arrival. I used to support this guy GEJ, but he is so weak that I have to distance myself from him. Yesterday he went to apologise to Chad President after fews days of seeing missile met for Boko Haram in the hand of his younger brother. After deceiving you about Chiboke girls. What a fo*l as president.

  • Ette

    The God of judgment will put the blood of innocent NIGERIANS they are killing upon the heads of this government. Azazi has said that PDP is boko haram and since Ogwuche is part of their killer squat sponsored from the CBN, they are shielding him from prosecution so he does not spill the beans by naming them. Wicked people. May God deal with you the way you are dealing with NIGERIANS. Amen.

  • Jonson Adekule

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  • Niyi

    A nation where all kinds of criminals and criminalities including mass killers are allowed to thrive will end up collapsing into total failure. Sentence the terrorist to death and kill him slowly by chopping of his hands and legs at a time untill he dies an agony. Another option is to throw him into a boiling furnace of oil or into a zoo as food for lions or tigers. The man deserves to die in a slow and very painful way.