Obasanjo inciting Nigerians against Jonathan – Kashamu

A fugitive leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the South-west, Buruji Kashamu, has accused former President Olusegun Obasanjo of inciting Nigerians against President Goodluck Jonathan.

Mr. Kashamu, who is wanted for drug-related offences in the United States, said Mr. Obasanjo’s statement that President Jonathan had performed below average was “self-serving, unjustifiable and totally unwarranted”.

The former president had spoken last weekend in Abeokuta while addressing book writers as part of activities marking the Ake Arts and Book Festival.

“I rate this current administration below average,” Mr. Obasanjo said in response to a question about Mr. Jonathan’s performance.

The former president also said he deserved credit for helping an individual from a minority tribe become Nigeria’s President.

“Rather than take blame for bringing Jonathan to power, I should be taking credit,” he added.

However, Mr. Kashamu said, Sunday, that contrary to the former president’s claims, Mr. Jonathan has performed above average and deserves a second term in office.

In a statement made available to journalists in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, Mr. Kashamu said it was ridiculous for the former President to publicly denigrate his successors to score political points.

“If this is how he wants to regain his lost political relevance in the South West, then it would be counterproductive,” he said.

“It is utterly nauseating how he catches on the slightest opportunity to publicly cast aspersion on the President Jonathan, with the intent of inciting the people against the President and swaying public opinion against him.

“We thank God that since he turned his back on the PDP, the party has been repositioned and we have been winning elections fair and square,” he added.

Mr. Kashamu said, “It is high time Obasanjo is reminded that he is not the only former leader in this country. If he is not content with tending to his chicken and farm, at his age and level, he should commit himself to causes that will outlive him. He should be told to shed off the implacably cantankerous image that he has cut for himself and take on a more enabling character trait.”

The PDP chieftain said the Boko Haram insurgency being witnessed in Nigeria started under Mr. Obasanjo when the former leader allowed the introduction of ‘political sharia’ in some northern states.

“Now, Boko Haram says it is fighting to have (the) country governed with the same Sharia criminal codes,” he said.

Mr. Kashamu listed some of the achievements of President Jonathan to include Nigeria’s rise to become the largest economy in Africa, diversification of the economy, and improved power generation.

He appealed to Northern leaders to support the president to end the Boko Haram insurgency.

“Our respectable Northern brothers and sisters should know that the wave of insurgency in the North East is doing more harm than good to their long cherished values and common heritage, and the sooner they rally round to arrest it, the better it would be for them and indeed all Nigerians,” he said.


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  • Spoken word

    Buruji or whatever your name is, please go back to America and face your drug dealing charges.In current day nigeria it is the thugs and drug dealers and their accomplices that wield all the power.This cannot continue, we want our country back.

  • Seemeseetrouble

    “What we are facing is not just militancy or criminality but a rebellion and insurgency by terrorist
    groups which pose a very serious threat to national unity and territorial integrity. Already, some
    northern parts of Borno State have been taken over by groups whose allegiance
    is to different flags than Nigeria’s.”

    “There is a systematic effort by insurgents and terrorists to destabilize the Nigerian state and test
    our collective resolve. These terrorists and insurgents seem determined to establish control and
    authority over parts of our beloved nation and to progressively overwhelm the rest of the country.”

    ……….President Goodluck Jonathan

    (May 14th, 2013)

    • Jaga

      @ Seemeseetrouble,

      For a country in depression on all indices and with violence overcasting it,
      Goodluck Jonathan is not Nigeria’s best option out of 170 million others.
      He does not have or show clarity of thought on any matter of public policy.

      Jonathan is a detritus of Nigeria’s decay and enabler of corruption by omission.
      Anyone deceived by PDP’s endorsement of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is not wise.
      A country in distress needs a deep thinker with honest to goodness profile.
      Goodluck Jonathan is lacking in all these things; and, even the PDP knows that.

      • concernednigerian

        And who is that ‘deep thinker with honest to goodness profile’ that you think is better than Jonathan in addressing the issues of Nigeria. Don’t just throw words around. Back them up with facts and figures and offer recommendations.

        • Observers

          The answer lies with APC. without listing names, we have them in quantum in APC.

          • concernednigerian

            Then vote for APC and allow the rest of us to vote for PDP. What we are tired of is the abuse of the person of Jonathan. Was Nigeria a better place before his accession to office? The country depends almost exclusively on proceeds from petroleum for which only a section of the population suffers the effect of Petroleum exploration yet the cacophony of noise from those certificated in shying away from productive endeavour is deafening. There was a time when Nigeria boasted of such agrarian output as cocoa and groundnut. What went wrong? Can the Presidential candidates in APC guarantee unfettered oil flow in the event of victory in 2015? Are those Presidential candidates not the very ones at the helm of affairs previously? Were they able to turn Nigeria into a paradise? What are they coming to do now that they were unable to do when they were in office? On corruption, the revered Chief Awolowo was rightly or wrongly indicted by the Coker Commission. The military struck in January 1966, according to them, because of corruption by the political class. How old was Jonathan then for him to be tagged the harbinger of corruption in Nigeria? Play politics without maligning your opponent. To thyself be true.

        • Adetayo Adewale Adebowale


    • Ide4u

      What has GEJ done about what he said? Sleeping ai Aso Rock, all day all night, wakes up and start blaming APC

  • Musa

    Obasanjo is an alleged terrorist. Also, a terrorist is the Chadian President aiding abetting Boko Haram

    • Observers

      Is he not a product of pdp? You can now see what we have been lamenting that Jonathan is playing politics with boko haram while he is deceiving you gullible ones that boko haram will be defeated today, tomorrow next tomorrow. Boko haram is the Islamic terrorist wing of pdp which will help perpetuate them in power. More revelation emerge.

  • sammyctu ode

    buruji or whatever you call yourself, it’s only a criminally infested country like Nigeria that criminals like you can have the nerve to talk. You have a big drug charge hanging over your neck so if you are sure that you haven’t committed any offense, go to Chicago and defend the charges. Your partners in crime- jonathan and pdp will not protect you forever and soon, you will be extradited to USA where you will be in chains and your fat black ass will be abused and you will be wearing dippers for the rest of your life shameless drug baron and criminal.

  • Herald

    “Where was General Olusegun Obasanjo’s ‘discipline’ when he hosted me severally
    in his Hilltop mansion – taking me into his bedroom and his innermost recesses?
    Where was Obasanjo’s ‘decency’ when he accepted donations from me
    to his church and for other concerns?”

    “Where was Obasanjo’s ‘gumption’ when he mounted the rostrum to sing my praises
    – praying for me as he did in May 2010 during a reception for the former

    Minister of Commerce, Senator Jubril Martins-Kuye?”

    “Where were Obasanjo’s so-called principles when he used me to fight Gbenga Daniel?
    Where was his self-righteousness when i took the PDP structure from Gbenga Daniel
    and handed it to him (Obasanjo)? Where was Obasanjo’s ‘decency’ when he brought

    Gen. Adetunji Olurin to me and asked that i should roll my structure behind his (Olurin’s)

    governorship ambition?”

    …………….Kashamu Buruji

    (12th January, 2014)

  • Encore

    “Where was General Olusegun Obasanjo’s ‘discipline’ when he
    hosted me severally in his Hilltop mansion – taking me into his bedroom
    and his innermost recesses? Where was Obasanjo’s ‘decency’ when
    he accepted donations from me to his church and for other concerns?”

    “Where was Obasanjo’s ‘gumption’ when he mounted the rostrum to sing my praises
    – praying for me as he did in May 2010 during a reception for the former
    Minister of Commerce, Senator Jubril Martins-Kuye?”

    “Where were Obasanjo’s so-called principles when he used me to fight Gbenga Daniel?
    Where was his self-righteousness when i took the PDP structure from Gbenga Daniel
    and handed it to him (Obasanjo)? Where was Obasanjo’s ‘decency’ when he brought
    Gen. Adetunji Olurin to me and asked that i should roll my structure behind his (Olurin’s)
    governorship ambition?”

    …………….Kashamu Buruji

    (12th January, 2014)

    • Ms. Tom-Laywer (England)

      Dear Editor,

      Excuse me. i need to get understand something. According to newsreports on Premium Times,
      we know there were two [2] court proceedings in London, England, where Kashamu Buruji appeared.
      The United States government also appeared to deliver all its evidence against Kashamu Buruji.

      After reviewing ALL THE EVIDENCE the British Judge found conclusively that Kashamu Buruji
      was NOT the person involved in the drugs-running cartel in America as alleged by the U.S government.

      Now, is there any other evidence that the U.S government had but failed to tender in London?
      If there is no new evidence, why does the United States government now want a new trial in America?
      Does is mean America does not have any faith in the more civilized and more credible British courts?
      If yes; is it not a rule of law that an acquittal once pronounced – even in error – binds all courts worldwide?

      • Dele Majekodunmi

        @ Ms Tom-Lawyer,

        No fresh evidence can restart a concluded criminal trial.

        • Bade Olatunji

          Well, not quite so, Sir. Fresh evidence – which could not have been reasonably got
          at the time of the trial – could restart a criminal trial if the accused person is still under
          a continuing punishment for a crime that is now disproved by the fresh evidence got.

      • Magenta

        Jonathan is harbouring international criminals that present his him as unserious in the committee of nations to our collective detriment

      • igbokwenzuku

        There’s no such rule anywhere that states that “an acquittal once pronounced — even in error— binds all courts worldwide”. What I think your referring to, however, is the Double Jeopardy Clause (feel free to Google it’s meaning).

        Buruji is a fugitive from justice in the U.S. Most of his cohorts have been incarcerated. He played a fast one on the U.K courts by falsifying his identity to get his freedom. All the evidence against him cannot be presented at this time until he is brought before a Magistrate if competent Jurisdiction in the U.S. If that ever happens, Buruji will NEVER see the skies of Africa again.

  • Maria

    Every criminal now has mouth… if it was OBJ that is president, this drug dealer will be all over supporting him. But I bet you, your days as a free man are numbered. You will return to the US to serve your jail terms…

    • bikky


  • Truthometer

    What is this drug dealer talking about?

  • Akindolamu

    I am Yoruba, but this your name Buruji Kashamu is very strange to me. We Yorubas take pride in our names. But Buruji Kashamu? I cannot just figure this name out. The name sounds like the mashing together of words and names to confuse foreign embassies-the way drug dealers mash up their names to sell dummies. So anyway since you are Buruji Kashamu, just go and face the drug charges against you. Okay? Take my words on this- In Yoruba land we are ready for a cheat and criminal like you and any party that puts you forward to lead them. Buruji, you can go and work for them in their oyele (oil) rich areas, the oyele (OIL) in their backyard, but if they (PDP and their OIL man) put you forward to lead their campaign in Yoruba land, we will be happy for that because we are ready for you. No criminal or drug baron shall lead us or be given an inch in Yoruba land. Se o gbo Buruji? Lo sofun awon Oga e elepo. meaning that You hear Buruji? Go and tell your masters, the OIL master! Buruji ko Kashamu ni!

    • Garden-City Boy

      What about “TINUBU” Can you tell us what it means/

      • igbokwenzuku

        Okoro boy mind your business when it comes to yoruba affairs.

      • bikky

        Tinubu means” comes out of Plenty” If you are not a Yoruba person,you will never understand yoruba,even if you were born in Lagos.

  • blackdove

    You this criminal. I am not a fan of Obasanjo due to his role in not Supporting Abiola,s mandate, and his lack of tolerance towards political opponents. However for your information, Doyin Okupe threw the first punch when he falsely claimed that his god Jonathan is the best president of Nigeria since independence.

  • Jika

    Who is this guy???????????

    • Tunsj

      A drug dealer wanted in the US.

  • marc umeh

    In peace time and in anothet country Jonathan would have made a perfect president,
    But Nigeria is not at peace. It is facing an existential threat. The level of corruption is mind- boggling. Oil thieves are having a field day. Women with their babies spend nights in the bush evading BH. Unlucky ones are killed. And some people insist there is no problem!!!
    Finally, if oil price keep dropping , the level of incompetence in the country will at last be exposed.!!!!!!

    • Olaiya D.

      Goodluck Jonathan can’t be a good president of any country.
      He doesn’t have the mental abilities or cognate knowledge.
      Development is not building universities or tarring roads.
      He does not know what development of a country means.



  • Edward Osadebay

    It is only in Jonathan’s Nigeria that a celebrated drug baron can dance awilo on the political stage.

  • MushinSpeaks

    The fugitive that cant as at today visit the US is saying some bullshit about OBJ! In a sane country, he should be behind bars serving his jail term!

  • goodman

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  • bikky

    Fugitive Sir,Buruji Kasamu MON,FRCN,TAN,OBJE,GEJS,ONYO,PDP,DRUG BARONISTIC etc. Sir, I love your comments maybe one day president Jona will be able to smuggle you to America to complete your assognment. You and Doyin Okupe will continue to dance in the public market in order to seek relevancy in the public.It is a pity that Yoruba generation is parading people like you as a yoruba PDP leader,anyway Baba Obasanjo will continue to be relevant in as much you(Chief Kasamu) is calling yourself a political leader in the South-West because there is no place for you politically in South-West,in fact ‘am sorry for this generation. Nigerian Here is Time,Vote wisely.

  • Okey Ugwu

    Well articulated but then a word is enough for the wise, it is left for president Muhammad buhari to capitalise on this opportunity presented by Zuma’s visit and invitation to renegotiate for a better socio economic relationship between the two giants of Africa