19 Ekiti lawmakers write Okonjo-Iweala, others, against dealing with Fayose’s “fake” Commissioners

The 19 Ekiti APC Lawmakers

The authentic Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Adewale Omirin, and his deputy, Adetunji Orislalde, have said their purported ‘impeachment’ by seven of their colleagues on Thursday cannot stand.

The described their removal as “unconstitutional” and vowed to resume duties on Monday.

They spoke in Lagos where they were joined by 17 other All Progressives Congress, APC, members of the House to address a press conference.

The 19 lawmakers APC also said they had written three federal ministers asking them not to have any dealings with the three commissioners purportedly approved on Monday by their seven colleagues, who are members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The lawmakers also dispatched another letter to the state governor, Ayo Fayose, faulting the approval of the appointment of the commissioners by seven of their PDP colleagues.

The letters were signed by all the 19 lawmakers.
Copies of the letters were sent to relevant heads of department and agencies under the Federal Government as well as the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN.

The commissioner-nominees, whose appointment was ratified by the seven PDP lawmakers, are Owoseni Ajayi (Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice), Toyin Ojo (Finance) and Kayode Oso (Works and Transport).

The nominees had served in those capacities between 2003 and 2006 when Mr. Fayose presided over the state.

Amid tight security provided by the police on Monday, the PDP lawmakers reconvened the House in the absence of the Speaker and the deputy, both APC members, and approved the appointments of the nominees.

They also confirmed the appointments of 12 advisers to Mr. Fayose and reconstituted the caretaker committees of the 16 Local Government Areas in the state.

But in separate letters to the Attorney General of the Federation, Mohammed Adoke, the Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and their Works counterpart, Mike Onolememem, the 19 APC lawmakers, told the ministers that the Assembly had not confirmed the three commissioner-nominees, in compliance with the provision of Section 192 (2) of the 1999 Constitution and that they are not recognised as commissioners in the state.

They said the House received a letter from Mr. Fayose seeking confirmation of the nominees, which was read of the floor on November 11 and it therefore considered the letter and deffered further consideration until a future date when issues relating to the manner of presentation and content of the request would be satisfactorily resolved.

They said this was the situation until November 17 when seven members of the House with the force of the state mobile police detachment and armed thugs invaded the House and purportedly held a session that screened the nominees.

The lawmakers told the ministers that they had drawn the attention of the governor to the several constitutional breaches committed by their seven colleagues.

They listed them as Sections 96 (1), which deals with the quorum for sitting in plenary and 192 (2), which deals with the appointment of commissioners.

“We have advised the Governor that the consideration, screening and confirmation of…..that purportedly took place in the House of Assembly on November 17, 2014 is extra constitutional, illegal, criminal in nature and therefore ultra vires.

“Take notice that the Ekiti State House of Assembly is yet to confirm …..in compliance with the provision of sections 192 (2) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The House therefore does not recognize…. as a Commissioner in Ekiti State.”

In the letter to Mr. Fayose, the 19 lawmakers reminded the governor that the House could not consider his request for the confirmation of the commissioner-nominees when it received his letter and therefore deferred it “until a future date when issues relating to the manner of presentation and content of your request to the House were satisfactorily discussed.”

They said that was the situation until seven members, under the governor’s directive, sat last Monday to confirm the nominees’ appointments.

They noted in particular the presence of armed thugs with instruction from the governor to inflict bodily harm on the members and parliamentary staff who resisted the invasion.

.“We are constrained to bring to your attention that the said confirmation process by the seven members including three non-members (who were recruited to shore up the number of members in an attempt to form a quorum) is unconstitutional, illegal, and may have elements of criminality.”

The lawmakers also said that Order 13 of the House rules explicitly states the process of summoning the plenary session while Order 27, under which the illegal sitting of the seven legislators took place, only envisages a situation where the Speaker and the deputy were not around and not where they were unlawfully excluded.

They also drew the attention of the governor to Section 96 (1) and 192 (2) of the Constitution.

“The cumulative effects of these provisions is that the consideration, screening and confirmation of your nominees that purportedly took place on November 17, 2014, is extra constitutional, criminal in nature and therefore ultra vires,” the lawmakers said.


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  • Robert Johnson

    I am convinced in my heart this Fayose of a Governor, will not and cannot do anything to justify his coming back as Ekiti Governor. Why is his life and living enmeshed in controversies? Thought he was elected by the people to end the elitist governance style of Fayemi? With 100 days of his governance gone already, what will be his stewardship after 4 years, I tired ooo.

    • Smith Scott

      Because APC is made up of people that make any region they loss ungovernable for the winner.

  • Okikiola Beckley

    So they actually brought in thugs to make up the numbers because what we have here is 19 and the total number of the assemblymen is 26,we are left with 7,yet they claimed 10 voted. This is very criminal and I think the lowest I’ve seen in our democracy.

    • endingNaija

      Okikiola Beckley, you are right only to an extent. I think you should be more comprehensive. So this is the addition to your correct rhetorical question. So President Jonathan and the PDP in continuation of the militarization of Ekiti state in anticipation of the 2015 elections to be rigged by PDP in Ekiti state actually brought in three thugs who are not members of the Ekiti state assembly to make up the “PDP 10” for Ekiti state assembly. So three thugs plus 7 PDP members a party led by President Jonathan allegedly “impeached” the speaker of the Ekiti state assembly and the deputy. 7 PDP members “formed” a quorum out of a 26 member Ekitie state assembly. This is he full story Okikiola. With this photograph, Nigeria is becoming an interesting country under the ruler ship of President Jonathan and his party-PDP

  • mike

    In pdp 16 is greater than 19 so if 7 is much much greater than 19 or 26 or so then, why should we be surprised.
    However this should be a strong signal to pdp. Their numbers are thinning by the day. They cannot muster majority to do their illegal biddings anymore. “Change” is really gaining grounds.

  • Maria

    This is democracy according to the illiterates in aso villa.

  • Otitokoro

    Before we all start blowing grammar all over again on a very simple matter, I have a simple solution. Let the PDP led by President Jonathan at the national level and the PDP in Ekiti state and the PDP inside the Ekiti Assembly produce the names and photographs of THE TEN members who sat to “impeach” the Speaker Omirin and his deputy and who approved the three commissioners. I think this suggestion is simple, timely, not costly and instant. This will save both sides a lot of resources. So PDP, Ekiti state and at national level, the ball is in your court.

  • Maria

    Is deeper life not ashamed to be associated with the hoodlum in ekiti governor’s house?

    • Spoken word

      pentecostal churches obviously don’t have any shame.We all know that, there is no need deceiving ourselves.

    • Chima

      @Maria, your previous comments now can be explained. When did you backslide or did you convert to another religion?

      • Maria

        I am a christian…but I no longer have anything to do with extreme views on religious matter… I am a liberal now.

    • Smith Scott

      Church is for the sick. The strong don’t need physician. Go ask Christ what he was doing with Zachaus the tax collector and ask him why he allow another tax collector Matthew to write the first book of new testament.

  • Spoken word

    In a sane society Fayose would have been cooling his heels in jail. Unfortunately in present day Nigeria, the thugs are the leaders.We have foxes guarding our hen houses.

  • Ebola or Gej

    19+7=26, How comes 10?

  • endingNaija

    As we all digest this development we should not forget what President Jonathan and his PDP have tried to do of recent in Yorubaland. In a most evil manner they brought what is completely alien to Yoruba space to Yorubaland in order to so to say capture what is their demented minds -the “Yoruba Christian” vote- to do this they introduced an evil and strange concept to Yoruba polity- the dubious dichotomy “Yoruba Christian/Muslim”. On this platform that evil was coordinated bt the New Media Adviser to president Jonathan -“Pastor” Reno Omokri. To do this Reno Omokri used the following “names” to do his evil-the truth/otile/oleku/Tawanda Incommmuicado/Pet/ etc. My question is: having failed in their dubious design of creating the evil phantom-“Yoruba Christian/Muslim ” what have the names (otile/oleku/the truth/Tawanda/peter2000/Temmie/pet/mani_kay/mpitikwelu/ “Pastor” Reno Omokri use on this platform got to say about the crime and evil their party PDP is committing in Ekiti state presently by bringing three thugs to act as member of the state assembly?

  • Tufiakwa

    Why can’t these so called lawmakers deal with the fact. While your different constituencies elected you to the House, the whole state elected a governor of a different political party. Just do your job and let the governor do his for the good of Ekiti State. That’s the democracy you tend to be preaching. However, you want to have your way and Thiefinubu’s way despite the clear choice of Ekiti people. Lagos already has its own legislators, you cannot legislate for Ekiti State from Lagos, under the directive of cash and carry Thiefinubu.

    • endingNaija

      Reno Omokri, you are trying to dodge the question-right? First, you did not use any of your previously known names (like the truth/otile/oleku/Tawanda/Pet etc) for this your post, you invented a new name for this story in order to hide the fact that you are the same person. But you cannot hide. Why? You and I know one another. We have been pulling this for a while. So because you are a dubious person, I will help you to return to the issue-show us the names and photographs of the TEN Ekiti state assembly members who “impeached” the speaker Omorin and his deputy, and who also approved Fayose’s commissioners? Since a “journalist” covered the sitting of the “EKITI TEN, let that “journalist” inform on their names and show us the photographs of the TEN he took while “covering” “their proceedings. That is a simple request.

      • Tufiakwa

        I am not Reno Omokri or whatever his/her name is. The problem with you, your type and the so called lawmakers is that you cannot accommodate other views or other people because you and your people think you know it all. What I have asked for is simple: accommodation of each other’s camp despite political differences. Now, I challenge you to try, just try to accommodate another view.

        • OsunBold

          You are Reno Omokri … by their stupidity, we shall know them!

        • endingNaija

          Shut up! you are “Pastor” Reno Wendel Omokri-the New Media/Facebook Adviser to President Jonathan of PDP- I know you. Shut up and invent another name, and I will catch you.


    This time around, Fayose will leave office in worse ignominy than his first time as Governor. Why? Because he has refused to learn the lessons of history. He claims to be the first Governor, either in Ekiti or elsewhere, to win re-election after impeachment. Well, he will soon become the first Governor in Ekiti and elsewhere to be disgraced out of office twice. When God has been kind to you, the least you can do is to be humble, reflective and, for a public official, carry out your duties with the fear of God. Fayose has done none of these, hence is heading for bigger shame this time!

  • favourtalk

    That’s what is called PDP. What a shameful party that doesn’t care about the transformation of the country, they shame the nation in series of ways and bring down the country. What a nation, we ar surprised at the incident of this country. Kind of surprise to the nation. We need change everywhere or is that not the same ekiti that was peaceful for the past four years under Fayemi??? PDP is a party of chaos

  • MushinSpeaks

    Nice move; we must not allow rascality to reign! Its so sad when those that are supposed to uphold the rule of law are the ones bending it.

    PDP-a shameful, anti-development and anti-democratic party should be condemned by all Nigerians.

  • Smith Scott

    You can now collect your salary from APC office.

  • Truthometer

    That is PDP mathematical magic. 7 will always be greater than 19 in Ekiti, depending on the interest at hand. They also tried this mathematical formula during the Nigeria Governors’ Forum’s election where Mr. Jang’s 16 votes was greater than Mr. Amaechi’s 19 votes. PDP is equally looking forward to win the presidential general election with this mathematical formula. Nobody should be surprised by these sets of people the late Fela referred to as, VIP (Vagabond In Power). Clueless Dumbo and his evil party, PDP are ready to shred the constitution and tramp on people’s blood to fulfil their political ambition. You can see Gov. Shema of Katsina (PDP), preparing his followers for genocide with the coded language of “smashing the cockroaches”. Under the instructions of Dumbo, you can also see the Nigerian police (the armed wing of PDP), teargasing and causing confusion and embarrassment in the National Assembly yesterday. Patience too, the president wife is dictating who is going to be the PDP flag bearer of some states. The question is, why are they behaving in these despicable manners? Someone said, it’s for power and money.

    • Peter

      The truth is that Ekiti State is now a PDP state and the power of incumbency must prevail over and above the opposition APC whose legislators were rolling up their sleeves to impeach Gov Fayose. Rather than play along with the new governor to develop Ekiti State, the legislators were busy dreaming how to unseat the governor and at the same time stifle his bill to appoint new commissioners.

  • Otile

    Mohammedan looters and parasites do not care about who they hurt, whose
    environments they pollute, all they want is to impose a Fulani on us and
    let the flow of oil continue.

    • Akindolamu

      Otile na Reno Omokri, I hope you are still sane. This story is about Ekiti state. All Ekitis are Yorubas. Suddenly you brought in “Mohammedan” and “Fulani”. We Yorubas are not Fulanis. So how come you said that they want to impose “Fulani” on Ekiti state assembly? Are you saying that Dr. Omirin (who is APC and who has been the speaker of Ekiti assembly before Fayose (PDP)) is a “Fulani”? In your demented mind are you saying all Yorubas are fulanis? Or since your insanity and the insanity of the PDP and the Jonathan 2015 campaign team knows no end and since you did the same thing by creating “Yoruba Christian/Muslim” in order to get “Yoruba Christian Votes” are you then saying Yorubas in APC are “Fulanis” while Yorubas in PDP are not? Can you see how insane you PDP people have become?

  • Adewonuola Alase

    I find it difficult to comprehend why people refer to these so called APC people as ‘progressives’. I can’t see anything progressive about them. These legislators were elected to do a job for a period of time and a governor was also elected to do a job; I don’t understand why they want to constitute themselves as impediment to the progress of the state. Instead of doing their jobs, they keep going up and down and having meetings with the biggest criminal in yorubaland (Tinubu) on how to impeach the governor (Fayose) that was overwhelmingly voted in by his people (16-0). The problem I have with APC leaders is that they are bad losers. When they lost in EKiti, it was rigged ‘photochromically’ and INEC was called names. When they won in Osun, it was victory for democracy and INEC was praised. I have my fears for Nigeria and the opposition parties if these terrible APC people won in 2015 at they federal level. For example, they rigged Obanikoro’s son out of the LGA chairmanship position in Lagos state, even through the courts (as usual, on technicalities) and no one said anything about it. If it was PDP, Lai Mohammed would not allow us to rest. For those saying Fayose was impeached during his first term, I want to tell you that in the face of the law, he was not. It was Obasanjo that got rid of him. The panel set up by the then Ekiti CJ, cleared him of all allegations. It was the judge appointed by the house (who is not recognised by the constitution) that set up another panel that indicted him. We all know the rest (state of emergency). Fayose has shown that he is smarter than these bunch of jobless people and they have themselves to blame. They should bury their faces in shame because they have disappointed the people. They are even afraid of going back to their constituencies because the people are protesting against them. The people voted for their governor; please, respect their choice.

    • Akindolamu

      Adewonuola or what do you call yourself. You have every right to raise everything you have said. But one thing that is crucial is Ekiti state today. Since you are a PDP member, please do us a favor. (i) Write out the names of the TEN people that sat in Ekiti assembly to impeach the speaker Omirin and his deputy.(ii) Make a list of the SEVEN PDP members out of these TEN. (iii) Make a list of the THREE thugs who joined the EKITI PDP seven to form a “quorum”. Finally, DISPLAY as the APC has in their case- the PHOTOGRAPHS of all the TEN “members” who sat to approve the commissioners and who ” impeached” speaker Omirin. Please do these things if you are honest.

      • Adewonuola Alase

        Mr Akindolamu, the least I expect from you is ‘being polite’ in your response. I am not a member of the PDP to start with. Secondly, making lists after lists is of no importance in this matter. What is important is the people should do their jobs and not make Ekiti people miserable because they believe people should have voted for their candidate as the governor. Unfortunately, their man lost and they find this difficult to swallow.

        • Akindolamu

          Adewonuola, Shut up. You need to learn how not to be dubious by FAILING to face the fact. You need to face the fact that the PDP brought in three THUGS who are not members of the assembly to sit on the proceedings of the assembly in order to create the dubious impression that a quorum was formed. That act on the part of the PDP is sufficient for you to call your party to order to follow the rules and stop being criminal in its actions. That is a party led by President Jonathan. If you cannot do this, then you are DISHONEST, you do not deserve anything but being told the truth. So shut up . Why? You are DISHONEST person-period. STOP PRETENDING.

  • Steve Oladeji

    The idea of politics is something else in Nigeria, for the last two months since Fayose was elected and sworn in, he has been manipulating the political arena of Ekiti state, and his hypocritical has no bound. He started by criticizing his predecessor; now it is the turn of elected members of the house, using police and army to harass them. Thank God for electronic media, when the Ekiti law makers appeared on the newspaper in Lagos, the governor through his media secretary denied they are not the members of their parliaments, now that they are caught lying to us, the question we will like to ask them is how could 7 members impeached the speaker.

    This same method was used by PDP in Rivers state, where 5 or 6 members hijacked the house, the same method they tried to use for Tanbuwal removal, they think they’re sleek, we know their plan and their is awakening across the country, we are not your slave, your party has been in control for the past 15 years, all we get is promises upon promises, you even have gut to introduce stomach infrastructure, I will like you to point to any achievement recorded by any PDP control state, instead most of them are having pending criminal cases of misappropriation of state fund, those who enjoy the dividend of democracy are their close associate, and those are the one turning to bull dog on the social media, they think they can bully us to submission. Come December by the grace of God, PDP time will be expired.

  • tolu

    apc will fail at the end. but the so called law makers shuld know that all what they ar doing now will soon become history. we all know that they are trying to frustrate FAYOSE. but they ve missed it. look at the way ekiti law makers ar being controlled by tinubu olori buruku and amaechi. they ar disgracing themselves not ekiti people.